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Official FarmVille Freak Zynga RewardVille Guide

Posted on March 5, 2011 11:32 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Introducing RewardVille

Not too long ago FarmVille Freak told you about Zynga’s upcoming RewardVille. You can reference that post by clicking here. RewardVille is a special Zynga rewards program that will reward its player with zPoints for playing. Now, RewardVille is finally live and available to players! Note, it is slowly rolling out so not all farmers have access just yet.

Zynga games that participate in the RewardVille program include:

  • FarmVille
  • Café World
  • CityVille
  • FrontierVille
  • Mafia Wars
  • PetVille
  • Treasure Isle
  • YoVille
  • Vampire Wars
  • Zynga Poker

Earning Points & Redeeming Prizes in RewardVille

The way this reward program works is as you earn zPoints for playing your favorite Zynga Games zPoints are accumulated and traded in for zCoins. You automatically earn zPoints for playing Zynga games. However, you must register with RewardVille to transfer your zPoints into zCoins.

  • Earn up to a maximum of 80 zPoints per game per day.
  • Earn up to a maximum of 300 accumulated zPoints from all your Zynga games per day.
  • Earning zPoints increases your zLevel and earns you zCoins.

You can then take your zCoins and redeem them for special exclusive prizes in RewardVille such as the FarmVille Porch Home.

To see a spoiler of all the current RewardVille prizes for FarmVille visit the link below on FarmVille Freak.

Link: FarmVille Freak FarmVille’s RewardVille Reedemable Prizes

These exclusive prizes are not available in the FarmVille Market. Note, you will recognize some of the prizes as past FarmVille Limited Edition items. Here’s a great chance to get these items for free if you missed out on them the first time around.

RewardVille FarmVille Porch Home

After redeeming a prize in RewardVille, refresh your farm in FarmVille and check your inventory for your redemption prize.

Zynga RewardVille Notice

After signing up for Zynga’s RewardVille you will automatically earn some free zCoins as a thank you bonus.

RewardVille Thank You for Joining

If you help the Zynga Gang, you can get rewarded with a special prize by completing the following steps:

  1. Register with RewardVille
  2. “Like” RewardVille on Facebook
  3. Bookmark RewardVille page
  4. Recruit friends by sending for help

FarmVille Help Zynga With RewardVille

What do you think about RewardVille? Will you participate in Zynga’s RewardVille for FarmVille?

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84 Responses to “Official FarmVille Freak Zynga RewardVille Guide” »

  1. laurie Says:

    i did not get my porch home

  2. Diane Wixted Says:

    Great add-on for free!!!!

  3. Arvs Says:


  4. Cindy Says:

    I was leery about it but yes! It’s the real deal!!

  5. Becky Mackay Says:

    i have been tryin and tryin to get my reward from this rewardsville thing and well when i conect with facebook i do not get anything bbut everyone i knwo has been gettin theres and i am wonderin why i can not get my reward

  6. Tinu Says:

    I am still getting the same message.

    “Zynga RewardVille is rolling out over the next few weeks.

    Keep playing our games on Facebook, and keep an eye out while you’re there for our big launch!”

    Hopefully it rolls out soon. I always hear about these rollouts but I never get picked for these rollouts lol.

  7. Mercedes Says:

    I want in!!

  8. Linda Says:

    Got my porch house. I was wary of it too, but it’s the real thing and covers all the Zynga games

  9. ratorr2 Says:

    No thanks. Lately, the more I play Farmville the less I like it. I keep getting messages that I’m collecting too fast or too many, and I don’t even like the other games much. I have nothing against the way other people play, but if Zynga are only after certain people who cheat then why am I always being penalized.

  10. harold hahn Says:


  11. Mrs. Terry Says:

    Well this won’t work for me because I can never log on to ZYNGA via “Connect with Facebook”. It always redirects me back to the same page with “Connect with Facebook”

  12. Mad@FV Says:

    can someone post a link, i cant find out where to go to get this?

  13. Trix Says:

    I totally dislike the need for [recruiting friends]! I do not do any of those {deals} so no house for me unless it’s comes up on the market..

  14. DEBBIE Says:


  15. Craig Says:

    I got mine and claimed all the free items from the other games to level up.

  16. Martha Poynor Says:

    I’m with #10. I have exhausted my friends list using them for an 2 expansions. The rest of them just don’t want to play. They are exhausted with me asking them all the time just to be able to play a computer game.

  17. Michelle Says:

    I agree, if my Non Farmville friends wanted to play,they’d be doing it already. They don’t want/need me to harass them into playing. Requests to non FV players suck in all Zynga games.

  18. alba Says:

    how do i get the rewards??? do i need to sign up for something? i dont get it

  19. Carter Says:

    So what do we do in Farmville to get points and how much points do we get

  20. David Says:

    The thing I like about this so far is that you can get two trees (Mandarin and lychee) that have not been availiable for ages. You can get then for Z coins (not sure how you earn these) and I was able to buy 5 Mandarin trees with the coins I had available after logging in/signin up.

  21. Aimee Says:

    I love farmville. I don’t think we should recuiting friends for expansions is right and I think we should get more FV cash for keeping our farm up and leveling up but I think I would like this new Farmville Freak because I do love my farm. I’m game!

  22. barbara Says:

    It won’t let me recruit friends nor send the gift so I guess I’m out

  23. debbie Says:

    you can get the free house for farmville and all other games without asking other friends to sign up

  24. amy pearrow Says:

    you don’t have to add people that don’t play, you ask people that are already playing to join the rewardville, not to join any games. i like it

  25. Bobbi Says:

    where do I sign up??

  26. Marion Buyondo Says:

    I heard that the reward system does not work for people who are at lvl 100 in Farmville since they do not earn any points beyond that. Is it true?

  27. Renee Says:

    When you get xp, you get the points. Just play the Zynga games like always.

  28. Gloria McCown Says:

    Great idea if it works – i read above that some people have not received the gifts they bought – i have not bought anything yet – just waiting to see if it works out – good idea – i like it

  29. joe Says:

    i got everything ive wanted right to my gift box… pretty cool

  30. Bevrely Says:

    The link is right above farmville.I don’t beleive anyone who says they didn’t get the porch house or the first 3 items. just click on the popup thing that you will check later. The more zynga games you play yes the more reward points you get, I have no problem inviting people to it, It is fun good prizes and well worth it.

  31. Sha Says:

    I’m Lvl 140 and got the porch house and the willow tree so, yes, it does work for those above 100. The only disappointment is the tree is just a decorative item. It cant be harvested like willow sold for farm bucks.

  32. alba Says:

    ive only gotten the house …howe do i get the other two things?

  33. Mel Says:

    I’m confused, they are calling this new, but I’ve had it & been using it for several months! Surely I’m not the only one.

  34. befgrgdfg Says:

    i want a madarin tree. i wish 2 but it looks like we can only get 1 of each

  35. Tom Says:

    Anyone else having trouble sending that mystery gift? The window appears on the bottom of my screen and I can’t click send.

  36. Maria Williams Says:

    At all of you who don’t want to recruit – I did it – it only listed the ones who are already my farmville neighbors —- for those that don’t know what to do with the game watch their short video – they will be bringing more info later….

  37. Bonnie Says:

    You also get points for playing the other games..I was just in Cafe World and as I clicked on things that give Experience points I watched my number above go up as well..I got my Porch House last night. I too was skeptical until I re-loaded into my Farm and there was My Porch House in my Gift Box.. :-) I’m going to get the Tree House Mansion today as soon as I move a few things around lol

  38. Michael Valdez Says:

    Marion Buyondo Says: I heard that the reward system does not work for people who are at lvl 100 in Farmville since they do not earn any points beyond that. Is it true?

    This is just not true. I have received some really nice gifts from friends and every time I harvest I get more points. Naturally, there is a daily limit.

  39. Ralph Says:

    I’m with Tom,the send popupthingy is so far down my screen I can’t send it

  40. Kezzlle Says:

    off topic; have any of you guys recieved a message from England from a girl that says that she will need help with making cheese? She also gave me Farmhands. I refreshed my farm and the plane and the sheep appeared and the end of my farm like in the previous messages.

  41. Leslie Ann Says:

    If you want to share something on Farmville and do not see the “send” because it’s at the bottom of your screen, then keep hitting tab on your keyboard until you see it. Works for me all the time! ;)

  42. Fred Says:

    Security Sense by Fred Woloszynek: 3/5/11 Zynga RewardVille: Why would you give your Account Id. to a third party? I have seen a number of people Like the Facebook RewardVille. You should note that this is not the RewardVille by Zynga. It is just a Facebook page collecting your Facebook Account Id with the Like command. You can go directly to

    It seems that someone may have placed a hacker’s pod [Point of Departure] for FarmVille at Collecting Facebook Account Id. that play FarmVille. With your Account Id. and your Friends list a hacker can now post a FarmVille SCAM to not only your Wall but also to your Friends from you.

  43. Echo Says:

    i LOVE the fact that i don’t have to add new neighbors and that i’m not required to try to get those not interested in the game to join!! that’s the best part!!

    and yep, i got the porch house. am going for the tree house one!!! that is to die for

  44. Beans Says:

    I tried going to, and there’s nothing above the “farmville” like someone said above. Can someone please help me and tell me how to sign up? Thanks!

  45. MaddMadamMim Says:

    If you would like more information about this, please visit Zynga’s official pages. They even have an English Countryside page on FaceBook.

    You only need to play your Zynga games as you normally would. The points accumulate automatically, and you will get notifications when you level up.

    It’s a new feature, very few have had it for a while which I imagine was somewhat of a test-run.

    We try to make our posts as informative and clear as possible. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments!

  46. Equus Says:

    I got a willow tree, but the points don’t seem to be going up as I play the game. Also, I sent to 5 friends, but I did not credited for doing so and it wants me to do it again.

  47. Meg gallup Says:

    I can’t send the free gifts or the requests because the ‘publish’ button is buried. i am great with the rewards. All for it. But so far I find it hard to navigate. and not quite self explanitory.
    And i wish I could publish.

  48. melissa Says:

    i recieved 160 reward coins, some of my friends are only recieving 10 and then another 10 in bonus.. how much did you get and what determines how much you get at the start of signing up?

  49. Andy Says:

    I’m liking this and it actually made me start playing Cityville again. BUT, has anyone else noticed a slowdown in the game play? I’ve played at home, Starbucks and now at school and the farming is much slower than normal. Only thing different I can think of is the tracker above for this new Rewards program… Hopefully this is just temporary.

  50. Kathy Says:

    Cut the crap, Zynga. This is just more BS. IS this what’s making things slower and/or freezing? Just quit adding things when you don’t have stuff fixed yet. DUH.

  51. Prince Masood Says:

    i got my first porch home……………

  52. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I have seen none of the mystery gifts received from neighbors using Rewardville added to my total. Believe there are still kinks to work out.

    Did get the house, trying to level up to get me some lychees.

  53. Doug Says:

    Yawn, it’s mostly recycled items from the past.

  54. court Says:

    ive still not got the rewardville thing, do i have to do something to get it or does it show up automatically? are they just slowly rolling it out to players? cause i usual get stuff on my farm quick

  55. Farmer B Says:

    Just go to It wasn’t available to me until this morning, so maybe it’s a slow roll-out.
    I’ve already collected the porch house and bike shop. This is going to be FUN!
    If you can get in, how to “like” and collect items is explained clearly.

  56. farmer boy Says:

    Answer to number 5 all the way up there u have to pass level 10 and u start getting reward points

  57. Ebbie Daylin Says:

    @42. is correct for the fan page.

    I’ve got my porch home. Learned that if I harvest one plot at a time in FV I’ll get the zPoints quicker than harvesting my usual block of 16. I hit the limit (80pts?) but there’s always tomorrow. I think you get the zPoints anytime you earn experience in any of the Zynga games you play. I only play YV and FV so it will take me a while. Someone said these are old items but I’ve not been playing for a year yet and so this will give me a chance to get some of those old items that may never come back out! And that treehouse mansion is awesome looking! I think this is wicked cool! I just got it yesterday so for those that haven’t gotten it, just give it time. Learn all you can from others sharing info.

  58. lizamaboo Says:

    So far it works as in I did get my porch home! Pretty cute…

  59. Joan Says:

    Ever since I started participating in Rewardville my farming has really slowed down. Every action takes forever to complete and I’m thinking of disallowing Rewardville to see if it helps speed up my farming. Anyone else having this problem?

  60. Stormy Says:

    i haven’t seen this anywhere. where can you access rewardville?

  61. patty shores Says:

    thank you for rewardsville,,

  62. patty shores Says:

    i have no comment yet,as i am new..

  63. Melba Says:

    All it let me do is like the page but would not let me go any further. I did not get the house like the rest of my friends . I can not find out where to register for this rewardsville, please tell me how and where to go and register…………..

  64. Tom Says:

    Get point from Poker BUT have no idea hopw to get them from Farmville…All it says is play the game ??? So please let me know….Also assume 8 friends can send you gift points per day…I have gotten some but it does not seem they are being added on my total ???

  65. esther Says:

    How to get zCoins from playing farmville?
    I only play farmville,
    i dont like the other games,
    but i gain zPoint really slow,
    how to gain them faster?
    Please post a guide of how to get them.

  66. oneapp Says:

    Ever since I started participating in Rewardville my farming has really slowed down. Every action takes forever to complete and I’m thinking of disallowing Rewardville to see if it helps speed up my farming. Anyone else having this problem?

    Joan – i am having the same exact issue, the slowdown makes the game almost unplayable (fertilizing friends farms via facebook is completely out of the question as every single action takes nearly 30 seconds to complete (fertilize one plot, wait – repeat). as to disallowing rewardville, i did that and it makes little if no difference in gameplay. i noticed that rewardville is still on the top of the screen and still registering points even after disallowing rewardville. i wrote to customer service and they’ve been no help so far, told me how to disallow rewardville, but like i said it makes no difference as it is still actively working. they told me to change my browser, but i don’t want to do that and shouldn’t have to because they’ve essentially infected my computer. i wish i could go back in time and NOT sign up for this thing, but now it seems that it’s too late. at least i can still play farmville directly through and not have to go through facebook. :(

  67. Bastian Says:

    Every time I accept a reward box a friend sends, once the page loads and I am suppose to collect it, it says I maxed the limit for the day… even if it’s the first one I collected in 24 hours.

    Same goes for my sister and other people I know, sometimes they can collect 1 or even 4 boxes, but then it says the limit has been reached, all the while underneath it says something like 1/8 or 4/8. Be nice if it worked correctly.

    I think it’s a good idea, but wish it was a bit less clicking. 5 clicks to accept one gift and return it, plus waiting to login with the FB page and another moment or two to wait while loading once accepted.

    Nice, but a bit on the slow side and tedious. It’d be way cool if they could make it a little easier/simpler and work on that accepting gift issue, but neither is listed on the rewardville known issues at the zynga site. Well, not that I expect the part about a lot of clicking, but you know what I mean.

    Remember those other rewards they did a few months back? Where you could accept and send all on the same FV/zynga reward page? That worked much smoother, but just my opinion.

  68. Nachiketa Prasad Says:

    can anyone tell me , how to go to next level in rewardville farmville zynga ?
    please answer this question on my mail or send me the message (answer) on my Email :

  69. Nathalie Says:

    I hate that you don’t get points from playing at I want a wide screen, not that crappy Farmville/facebook old small screen!

  70. Debbie Says:

    I did not receive the porch house either, I clicked on the free gift, and it told me it would be in my gift box. I was just wondering maybe my gift box was full so it didn’t make it? I don’t really care if I get one or not, but there are other things that I would like to earn. I guess I just need to make sure my gift box is not full before I decide which one. If there is a way to retrieve it, could someone let me know..thanks.

  71. Furyian Says:

    I can’t connect to Rewardville through my home PC – it just keeps cycling through the “Sign In” screen…and when I’ve asked Zynga about this…they send me a form letter telling me they’ll “look into it” and to remember to “keep sending those gifts”…*sigh*

  72. Alice Says:

    I cand get bonus the page keeps refreshing but i got on another pc and i got the porch home,why the page keeps refreshing i cant sign in

  73. Ryuzaki Hideki Says:

    Rewardville doesn’t work
    it keep refreshing i cant sign in

  74. Madelon Says:

    Great idea. I built up quite a few coins and levels. I was hoping to use some of the items to decorate in the EC. Forget it! This is really a waste if all you can do is put stuff from rewardville on your already overloaded main farm. Such crap.

    Also, this limiting things to EC or main farm is really annoying, Open an egg, get an orange butterfly,,.,. yeah right. You have to take it back to your main farm to use it. What? Don’t they have butterflies in England.

    If you are going to introduce a whole new game, introduce a new game, but don’t claim the two are connected when they are not.

  75. Adrian Broderick Says:

    I have the same issue as Ryuzaki Hideki has
    Rewardville just keeps refreshing over and over and I can’t sign in or do anything

    I seem to have all these points to get rewards and some of my neighbours I can see have the Day Care Centre available through rewardville but I can’t log in??

    Does anybody have any ideas, I’ve tried a few things but I just can not access it.

  76. Cheryl Says:

    This won’t work for me because I can never log on to ZYNGA via “Connect with Facebook”. It always redirects me back to the same page with “Connect with Facebook”

  77. alana weldon Says:

    its realy good

  78. meg gardner Says:

    i have problems with loading rewardville cant get my free gift fot cafe world altho i did get both farmville and frontierville on my 1st day on. now i cant accept gifts send gifts or get free gifts the screen flashes back and forth from home page to blank white screen then back to home page any one know how to fix this so i can play rewardville?

  79. tea Says:

    i have 400 zpoints and zynga rewardville doesn’t work..its a fake page ..and thats only for us to play every day…but it doesn’t work in reallity..ZYNGA STOP PLAYING WITH US..!!!

  80. pankys Says:

    ive got d same problem as everyone else…it just keeps refreshing and i cant sign in!! chp thng!

  81. ginger emery Says:

    this does not work for me as the page refreshes over and over again….i switched my browser to see if that would help…it does not….this is such crap…..zynga either make the program work for everyone or get rid of it….im gathering all these points and cant even use them….

  82. maisie Says:

    does anyone know how many zcoins you get from leveling up in rewardville?

  83. laura zidel Says:

    i have been trying to bookmark rewardville but have been unsuccessful so far can anyone tell me how to accomplish this

  84. Nancy Says:

    wont let me sign to the site rewardville .what can I do ?I try to sign with my facebook but wont let me .help
    thank you