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FarmVille Freak – #1 Unofficial Fan Page – FarmVille Tips, FarmVille Secrets, FarmVille Cash
"I can't stop watching my crops!" – FarmVille Freak

Farmville Freak Newbie Help


Welcome to FarmVille!

In FarmVille you can plow, plant, and harvest crops to earn money to further expand and improve your farmstead. You can also harvest trees and collect from animals.

My Farmer

You can change your farmer’s appearance by clicking on your avatar. This will display the avatar customize screen, where you can modify physical attributes such as skin or hair color and various facial features, as you did at the beginning of the game.


By clicking the arrow button, you set your farmer to walk. In this mode you can walk your farmer to anywhere on the screen by clicking that location. This is the default setting and can be used to open object menus (to move or sell trees, decorations and buildings) and use the contextual commands (For example, clicking plowed land to seed or fully grown crops to harvest).


When you click on the hoe or Multi Tool, you enter Plow mode. Now you can click on any fallow land or clear ground to plow it. Each square plowed costs 15 coins and gives you 1 XP (experience point).


If a square is plowed, you can seed it by clicking on the plowed square. This opens the Market where you can choose which seed to use. The mode is changed to planting and you can click multiple plowed fields to plant that seed again. Seeds cost different amounts depend on the level needed to unlock the seed and how long it takes to grow. Most seeded crops awards 2 experience, but crops that take less than a day to grow only award 1 experience (and future types may yield no experience). Plan ahead by planting crops that will become ripe by the next time you can check your farm.


Crops can take from 2 hours to 4 or more days to grow before they can be harvested. Click on the ready crop to harvest it. Harvested crops are immediately sold for coins. Care should be taken not to leave the fully grown crops too long or they will wilt, becoming spoiled and useless. Crops will start to wilt after a period of time equal to their growth, so a 1 day crop will start wilting after 2 days have passed since planting.

Level and Experience

Actions like Plowing, Planting, Helping Friends and Buying Farm items (buildings, trees, animals) award experience points. As these points accumulate the farmer raises his level and more items are unlocked.


Click the Market Icon to open the market menu. From here you can purchase a variety of items:
  • Seeds
    These are the seeds used to plant crops. The higher the level needed to purchase a seed, the more coins can be made by harvesting and selling it.
  • Trees
    These are fully grown trees that when purchased can be planted where you desire when purchased or given as a gift. Trees take 2-5 days to grow a crop of fruit, and after a crop is harvested a new crop starts growing. Fruit from trees will not wilt. You can sell Trees (either bought or gifted) at Level 7.
  • Animals
    Some animals can be purchased from the market; others can only be given as gifts. You can sell Animals (either bought or gifted) at Level 7. Animals will yield products to be sold every 1 to 5 days.
  • Buildings
    These items can be used to decorate your farm, and in the future may have game effects on the farm. At present they award Experience when bought.
  • Decorations
    These items like fences, wagons and garden gnomes will help make the farm more complete. They award Experience when bought.
  • Expand Farm
    You can purchase additional land to expand your farm.


You can receive gifts from your friends as well as send them gifts. Usually gifts are trees or animals. Send your friends gifts often, and they’ll be sure to return the favor!


By using the MY NEIGHBORS page you can invite a friend to be one of your neighbors. Your friend must accept the invitation.

Visiting and Helping Neighbors

All Neighbors are shown in the list at the bottom. By clicking on a Neighbor from the bar, you open a menu that has an option to visit that friend. When visiting a friend you haven’t done a job for that day you will get an offer to perform a job to help that player. Performing a job awards experience and money. Invite new friends from the INVITE page and invite friends to be neighbors from the MY NEIGHBORS page.


  • Mute Sounds
    Turn on/off sound
  • Mute Music
    Turn on/off music.
  • Toggle Graphics Quality
    Turn on/off anti-aliasing (picture jaggies)