FarmVille Confirms Super Bowl Theme Will Return

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FarmVille Confirms Super Bowl Theme Will Return

Posted on February 3, 2011 10:12 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Referee Cow (Farm Bowl 2010)

An inside source at Zynga has confirmed that the FarmVille Limited Edition Super Bowl theme will make a brief return to FarmVille.

We can expect these items sometime very soon as the Big Game is this Sunday.

You can check out all of last year’s Super Bowl themed items by clicking here.

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51 Responses to “FarmVille Confirms Super Bowl Theme Will Return” »

  1. blake Says:


  2. GDub Says:

    that sucks i have a few i was hoping they would stay off the shelves so mine remained rare…. even tho they don’t breeed. maybe they will this time around?

  3. craig owen Says:

    first equals no life.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I hope they bring everything back this week, I wasn’t playing last year! Plus a couple of new items for people who were playing last year!

  5. Sharon Says:

    They sure do like to leave things until the last minute.

  6. Mary Ann Says:

    YEA! I’m really looking forward to put a Steelers flag on my farm. OnlynIf it is for coins and not cash or if it is a giftable item.

  7. Linda Marks Rogers Says:

    What I don’t understand is, who gives a crap who post’s first. This is so juvenile to me. I have been seeing this for so long and decided that it was just as juvenile to make a comment, but couldn’t resist tonight. Come on already, seriously? As far as the super bowl stuff, I just want a Steelers flag for COINS!

  8. lee Says:

    im not really a fan of either team but i am of football and i would want to put both flags on the farm as long as they are for coins wont was fv cash on them

  9. Packers! Says:

    Go PACKERS Go!

  10. Max Says:

    Hopefully it will be a mix of everything from last year and new things. Hay thare is a unreleased football areana in the wiki. I wonder if thay will finaly have that out. But that areana might be farmcash. What a intresting Friday update we have in store.

  11. anon Says:

    how about releasing summert fun for us in the uk…who gives a crap about the supabowl????………i no i don’t!

  12. gooooooosbumps Says:

    v day stuff cool!!! super bowl stuff cool!!!!! chines new year stuff cool!!!!! whats next!?!?!?!

  13. anon Says:

    and where is the expanstion 4 coins……..more details 2 b released yeah rite more like ur still stallin zynga!

  14. Tyler Says:

    # 10 I would assume England theme.

  15. Cedric Says:

    i got 1

  16. gooooooosbumps Says:

    hay 11 do you think a space them,australia them,prehistoric them,summer them,ocean them,fairy tale them,african safari them,india them,recycle them
    7 days of summer 2011 them and all holiday thems!!!! :)

  17. Tyler Says:

    ^ I was just basing that prediction after the recently unreleased England sign. lol

  18. gooooooosbumps Says:

    oh but all these thems sound cool!!!!! now just more land more room for tress a sheep pen and rooster and hog (chiks piglits) oh and lambs and baby uincorns!!!! :)

  19. h Says:


  20. ruSh.Me Says:

    I only got 1 referee cow, last year! Will try and get more! Ans also that Yellow Jersey wearing cow too! :)

  21. gooooooosbumps Says:

    oh themed baskets to like the ( v day box) and mystey box,chest amd animal too mystey game!!!! :)

  22. Sean Says:


  23. gooooooosbumps Says:

    new animals in the animal feed thing and just new anmals and tress with thems!!! “)

  24. gooooooosbumps Says:

    babys grows up to be the same animal that it is!!!!

  25. EveDallas Says:

    WHAT ABOUT THE SHEEP!? I would LOVE one of those sheep with the foam finger on their head. I am soo happy that they are going to release stuff for the superbowl! yay!

  26. Keitha Harris Says:

    Yes,please….Steeler stuff! And thank you for the ducklings. ;) Will the pond expand to allow more of the ducks to be displayed?

  27. marvin3O Says:

    are we finally gonna get the referee calf?!!?1 the referee cows are the only ones that don’t breed…. what’s up with that?!

  28. Ken Graniczny Says:


  29. Laura Says:

    Gotta cheer for the AFC now that the Patriots are out!
    It’d be funny to see a cow with a cheese head though LOL!

  30. Elise Says:

    Again something old…

  31. Berry Geerlings-Folkerts Says:

    I think it is just plain Uggly YUCK

  32. Neil Says:

    Got one last year.

  33. Trish Says:

    …….maybe they will give everything from last year away for free this year! (said sarcastically).

    I think it’s ok that holiday items, special event items are brought out of the “vault” and placed in the market again….just hope Zynga has enough sense in the future to at least offer those same items at the same prices they were released for in the first go round. My guess is they are doing this primarily for new players (how many of those do you know?) that missed these events the first time. And, that’s ok….

    My complaint is giving these away essentially for free when we worked hard for the Coins to purchase them, or worked hard for the Cash that purchased them.

  34. karen Says:

    Awesome!! My Packers flag will stay on my farm year long!

  35. buddah610 Says:

    What is with the “first” thing? Who cares! I guess I’m “LAST”!!! Should I cry? I already have two referee cows and I did not get the sheep but should have since I have started to collect every kind I can get!!! Same with horses.I also am still flying the NO flag because of the tragedy there.But,I don’t really like the other stuff. Have a good day Booker’s!! Podcast tonight concerning coin’s for land.I bet it will be a fortune or not at all!!!

  36. Pete Says:

    add me pete tookey and it is going to be around 3 million to 5 million i did math

  37. Paula the farmer Says:

    Anybody else getting this message….

    Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim too many rewards from your friends at once! Try again in an hour.

    On top of the crappy limit we now have this. NOW WHAT???

  38. Anonnagon Says:

    They better add some new items too, for the people who got them last year… Oh farmville, you make me LOL

  39. vilinaty Says:


    How about a little bit of originality ?? Please Zynga??

  40. meles Says:

    Yawn. Superbowl is not watched outside the USA, so no great excitement here.

    How about a cow that plays cricket?! Trust me, there will be a demand from England, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc etc.

  41. Nick Says:

    Instead of bringing back all the old junk from last years superbowl. how about bringing out the greenhouse and what ever charles was talking about in the podcast a few weeks ago!! :(

  42. srinidhi Says:


  43. BS Says:

    Different topic: There’s a bunch of the new crops on the market. Went out of sync when I tried planting them though.

  44. bohus Says:

    Where are the World Series related items…or is Zynga strictly football oriented?

  45. Sheri McNeil Says:

    I would like to see the expansion for coins. They haven’t left us much time with the superbowl stuff. Where is the greenhouse? Really not liking the 125 expansion either.

  46. sharon Says:

    Just a little note: If you are going to comment on something, learn how to spell! It is not a them…it is a theme!!!! Misspelled words make you look like an idiot!

  47. Aji Says:

    Who cares about superbowl

  48. LKM Says:

    Have anyone else’s referee cows from last year disappeared? Mine are nowhere to be found!

  49. DEB Says:


  50. Meh Says:

    10:30 EST

    Football tree (decor only) and outdoor grill in the market. That’s it. No flags, nothing.

    I hope this is just the first wave. :(

    No giftables yet.

    Football tree 6000 coins, outdoor grill, 900.

  51. Regius Says:

    What’s a “super bowl”???