FarmVille Freak Anti Cupid Party (Kestral) Master Quest Guide

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FarmVille Freak Anti Cupid Party (Kestral) Master Quest Guide

Posted on February 9, 2012 10:34 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 1

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 2

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 3

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 4

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 5

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 6

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 7

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 8

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 9

The Anti Cupid Party (Kestral) Quests are now live! This set of quests can be completed on Home farm and are not exclusive to Winter Wonderland. Also If you need information for other current FarmVille Quests, be sure to click on the FVF Quests tab located at the top left of our menu bar on the home page.

Good luck with your questing and be sure to share this post with your farmin’ friends!

Disclaimer: The quest guide is as accurate as time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. We will update this guide as soon as we are aware of changes. See an error? Let us know! Send an email to  or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Master Guide

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 1: Love Is In the Air
Requirements: Get 4 Black Rose Bouquets, Harvest the Cow Pasture & Harvest 50 Flowers
Rewards: 125 XP, Cupid’s Stinky Pig & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 2: Sours for the Sweet
Requirements: Get 6 Boxes of Sour Candy, Harvest the Stinky Pig & Harvest 75 Aloe Vera
Rewards: 150 XP, Puckered Porcupine, & 3,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 3: Anti-Anti
Requirements: Get Anti Valentine’s Day Cards, Harvest the Puckered Porcupine & Harvest 100 Corn
Rewards: 175 XP, 3x Farm Hands, & 3,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 4: It’s a Trap
Requirements: Get 8 Party Invitations, Harvest Stinky Pig Twice & Harvest 125 Jalapeno
Rewards: 200 XP, Anti Love Giraffe, & 4,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 5: Cupid Cakes
Requirements: Get 8 Cupid Party Cakes, Harvest the Love Giraffe & Harvest 125 Pineapples
Rewards: 225 XP, Black Heart Gnome, & 4,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 6: Decorated for Detriment
Requirements: Get 8 Cupid Party Decorations, Harvest Puckered Porcupine Twice & Harvest 150 Fruit Crops
Rewards: 250 XP, 3x Arborists, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 7: Like Fish In a Barrel
Requirements: Get 9 Party Games, Harvest Love Giraffe Twice & Harvest 150 Cranberries
Rewards: 275 XP, Anti Cupid, & 5,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 8: Like Arrows
Requirements: Get 10 Like Arrows, Master Stinky Pig to Level 1 & Harvest 150 Red Tulips
Rewards: 300 XP, Turbo Charger, 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quest 9: Cupid Love
Requirements: Get 12 Cupid Candies, Master Puckered Porcupine to Level 1 & Harvest 200 Soybean
Rewards: 325 XP, Mr. & Mrs. Cupid, & 6,500 Farm Coins


Request Links:

A note from Recently, Zynga has changed the way that we shared Gifting/Request Links with you. We are aware of the problem and would like you to know that it is out of our control as we are not Zynga/FarmVille. is a fan site ran by FarmVille players.

Will you be working on the Anti Cupid Party Quests? 

What do you think about the FarmVille Anti Cupid Party Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort?

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66 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Anti Cupid Party (Kestral) Master Quest Guide” »

  1. Pam Says:

    I don’t want any more quest for a long time…they take to long to finish. It’s not fun anymore—>it’s WORK!

  2. Jeanette Says:

    no more i havent even finished the other 2 yet!!! im beginning to hate farmville… give us more fuel to get this stuff harvested!!! grrrr to u fv

  3. Brenda Says:

    Excellent – not a single prize that I want. I can skip this quest. :)

  4. Jaymie Says:

    another bloody quest?! seriously why cant they give us a break and bring them out after awhile it’s just boring now!!!

  5. Mary E Says:

    I don’t care for this set of quests. It is negative, and the rewards aren’t worth the effort.

  6. Dennis Roehlk Says:


  7. whitelotus Says:

    I don’t why they keep getting Arborists or farmhands they do work when you have everything in orchards or pens. Luckily I only like up to the giraffe then no more.

  8. whitelotus Says:

    * sorry I meant DON’T work

  9. Janet Campbell Says:

    Is anyone having problems getting their quest requests published on the newsfeed?
    Cann’t finish quest because of this

  10. reading lady Says:

    Thanks for this. I certainly wish you were still able to post the links so we could ask for these things, but I understand it’s FV which has blocked your ability. Is there any way you can “go around” their block legally??

    I can’t even get into my game, and I just keep getting the response that they are “working on it.” How terribly frustrating!!!

  11. Maple Syrup Says:

    I like it. No mastering animals that takes four days (I have a glitch in my animal pens…grrr) and I love the pink porcupine and giraffe. …and no huge harvests A good quest! :-)

  12. Angel Says:

    Sucky rewards.
    I ain’t doing this quest either.

  13. flmdrpeena Says:


  14. Kirt Says:

    Only to get the Gnome, then no more.

  15. Trisha Says:

    the items you get for finishing this quest is definitely not worth. Once again way too many quests being out at one time. Absolutely no time to plant the things you need and want for other things on your farms. Really need to stop with some of these quests. It’s getting to be way too much and not fun anymore.

  16. mini2z Says:

    Super Pineapples don’t work

  17. Nicole Says:

    Thank you very much!

    As far as the corn in Quest 3, will Butter & Sugar Corn count, or only the regular (3 day) corn?

  18. Bob Thompson Says:

    Will they ever fix the links for the quests so that we can post again. This is very frustrating and I believe could be an underhanded way for participants to pay their way out of quests…

  19. Gtmb Says:

    Um . . . where are the links to request items? Are they no longer going to be available?

    Thank you.


  20. mia Says:

    what a load of rubbish – will not finish a single one of these. don’t want anything

  21. ruth Says:

    on quest 5 it doesn’t register super pineapple plant regular ones

  22. Golden Gnome Says:

    Zynga would slow down. Two missions (now three), ask for Valentine tunnel, ask for Valentine countdown, build tree mastery table, animal mastery table, etc.

    Valentine countdown won’t work. I sent out two posts, get nothing, my friends said, the page saying that my asking expired a minute later than I posted it. Tried to help to my friends, but I get the same message “Sorry this feed is already expired” – in less than a half hour.


  23. jewell brabdt carver Says:

    i just wish to god you would stop with all the quest. i am not the only one that is really tired of them. give us a chance to plant and master the crops. the way it is now you can’t get any thing done because there is a quest every week. so please stop.

  24. jessica Says:

    where are the items links so i can ask for the items needed that are required to finished the quest. I’m seeing it for the other’s but not this one!

  25. Hayley Says:

    I like the quests but I was very frustrated when I planted the pineapples and they didn’t register in the quest part. It’s a 2 day crop and I have to start over. Has anyone else had the same problem?

  26. Maureen Says:

    Why are the quest links for the master guides not working? Even the ones with underlined green words are taking you back to facebook’s farmville play page. I notice that the new quests that you have posted including the anti-Valentine have no green access points. What or when did I miss that facebook must have cracked down on your excellent service to us players. Thanks

  27. FarmGoddess Says:

    Please note, the Request / Gifting Links for these quests are no longer working. This is due to changes made by Zynga and not us. We are aware that they are not working, but it is out or our hands. This goes for all sites, not just us. Thank you for your understanding. We hope this changes, and will keep you updated accordingly. Thank you, FG

  28. Angela Says:

    I’ve given up on the quests because FV was just going crazy with them but since I hate Valentine’s day I decided to check this one out. But I’m only working on it until I get the giraffe (ok maybe the gnome, I love them, lol). FV is more fun without having to focus on 2-3 quests at a time. And the 12hr corn does count for the 3rd part

  29. sami Says:

    corn,,,,?its need level i’m at level 19…:(

  30. countrybob Says:

    Posole Corn worked.

  31. farmer Rox Says:

    for the love of god please quit bitching about the quests. it’s so simple if you don’t like them DON’T DO THEM. you do not have to participate in the quests to play farmville.

  32. foppy Says:

    i can’t post requests..pls. fix it zynga..

  33. She7enne Says:

    @ Nicole: try the Posole Corns @ Lighthouse Cove (=12 hours)

    @ everyone: if you had read the note above correctly, then you would have noticed that Farmvillefreak is NOT able to provide the links because of the policy of Zynga/Farmville …. If you do want their Gift/Request links please complain at the address of Zynga Support, but knowing Zynga/Farmville, they want to make it us gamers rather difficult than easy

    it’s ridiculous that they want us to grow pine apple, it takes 2 days to grow…. then again, we are able to grow more of them every 12 hours, if ye have enough land… but them prizes/gifts aren’t that attractive except for the pink porcupine and the giraffe, the stinking pig isn’t that bad either

    was able to do the Lunar New Year Quest 15 times, could have done them more…. but guess Zynga/Farmville restricted it to max. 15

    I am glad that they make these quests 14 days, 1 week to prepare everything, and then another week to harvest all every 12 hours :-P

    happy gaming,

    keep on smiling :-)

    it’s just a game !!!

  34. imma Says:

    Wha i can not get any my request,post on facebook,i dient not got any the valentines gift,post on facebook.I lost lost good gift ,i thank FarmVille Zynga need fixer this problem.

  35. judy Says:

    When I click on picture it sends me to farm. It does not bring up anyone’s name I can ask. I’ve missed some quest because of this and am about to loose 3 more. It’s discouraging when you work hard to get everything you ask and then miss getting the item especially when you need only one. How can we get the quest if we can’t ask for help? Farmville facebook is doing the same thing. Excuse my language but I’m screwed!!!

  36. Moose Says:

    Warning if you not planted the pine apple yet use regular pineapple not super. My super pineapple is harvesting now and it did not count for the quest. oh well glad i sailed thru the first part of this quest so i have enough time to fix this mistake. it would be nice if they would tell you this when doing the quest.

  37. AhBella Lei Says:

    I am done with the quests, I think some of these prizes are stupid and a complete waste of time. Not to mention all the errors in the last month with Zinga and Facebook fighting over rights! Like I said these are stupid and annoying as ——!

  38. S Says:

    hahaha i agree with someone who called the quests “WORK”!! However for me it is a fun game when I go back home after my retired work at my office.
    And Indeed the quests are so many….. I even have no room to stock my things.
    BTW thank you Farmville Freak, You give me so useful information so that I can finish the missions asap. :)))

  39. Sazzle Says:

    It’s not as simple as ‘ just not doing ‘ these quests,the reminders build up at the side and completley slow the game down to the point of not been able to do anything else on the farms.We need a ‘opt out’ button or for Zynga to stop doing them all together. It’s not fun anymore,it’s work with zero wages. And as for this one fekking waited for 2 days for my super pineapple to grow then they don’t work for it and have to wait another 2 days … Sort it out !!!

  40. Misty Says:

    Completely sucks! I harvested the pineapple required for #4 and it didn’t apply it to the quest…. this sucks, guess im done with this one them

  41. Kemi Says:

    The Anti Cupid Party Quest disappeared from the left side of my page on my farm. Does anyone know how to get it back? Or possibly start it over? I really want to do the quests and get the prizes… Someone please help!

  42. Susan Nolan Says:

    Please still post the pictures of the request items – even though we can’t click on them to get them.

    They are very useful for seeing what we need to collect from the newsfeeds and also for clearing out our gift boxes of unused items.

  43. Florabunda Says:

    I’m sooo tired of asking for things! Where’s the invention gone? How about visiting neighbours again?

    3 Quests at a time is 2 too many – and with Valentines and Xmas specials it’s distorted our own goals. So thanks to FVF I can see what’s coming by way of prizes and have decided to stop at Level 4 on the Anti Cupid Party Quest- with the giraffe. Btw – does anyone think that the High Five machine was worth 12 stages of quests to get?

    Thought not:)

  44. Rebecca Hilliard Says:

    Just a little heads up for anyone who IS working on this quest. In Step 5, do NOT plant super pineapple. It won’t count. I found that out the hard way. Just plant regular pineapple and you should be ok. I let you know in a couple of days. GGGRRRRR

  45. Rebecca Hilliard Says:

    Actually, after reading comment #40, regular pineapple may not work either….hmmmmmm

  46. tamsie04 Says:

    I had the same problem with the pineapples…I planted the super pineapples and it didnt work…now I’m annoyed. Has anyone had this work with reg pineapple maybe?

  47. margriet Says:

    Regular pineapple works…can we do this quest more than once? Finished mine, would love to do it again, but no popup…

  48. Jessica Says:

    Great, everyone keeps saying super pineapple doesn’t work but I’ve already harvested over 200 regular pineapple & not a single one counted (I did not have super unlocked so I know it wasn’t super that I planted). I’v replanted & if it doesn’t work today I give up on this quest. I refuse to buy my way out of anything, I’ve only ever gotten FV cash free & I will not waste it on a quest.

  49. Teri Says:

    You should know that on Quest 5 I believe – you can’t plant Super PINEAPPLES – they will not count towards the goal, only the regular pineapples do!

  50. Michelle Says:


  51. chardona Says:

    I LOVE EVERY QUEST!!! I participate because I can and I want to no matter what the rewards are. I love a challenge and I love the strategic ideas I get every time I complete a set of quest. I don’t have time to whine and complain. I just get the job done!!!!

  52. imma Says:

    It so wortheless when you cannot even post request for items you need to finish Quest.Or when you help others,it is not fun anymore to playing FarmVille anymore.It is 2 i have this problem.

  53. Shoal Bear Says:

    After all the issues they have had with Farmville, Zynga even turned off wither for a bit, you would think that they would extend the time on some of these quests. I agree with others that they need to stop some of these quests and allow us time to rest from them. How can we work on mastering some things if we are constantly growing crops, etc. for quests? I am hopeful that once Valentine’s Day is over, they will give us a rest before they start the St. Patrick’s Day quests…but hope is fleeting…

  54. ramcam6 Says:

    I liked it very much when you put a link so we could ask our individual neighbors for the items in the quest like Sour Candy, Party Invitations etc. as well as posting the request on our FB wall. A lot of times the request on the wall gets covered up by other things you share and it gets harder to get the quest items. Why were we able for awhile and can’t anymore? I don’t feel it was cheating, do you?

  55. Peter Says:

    Well, good news for anyone who’s on step 5…they’ve apparently eliminated the pineapple requirement. I guess Big Z didn’t configure their counter correctly.

    Maybe I’m just slow, but I just hit step 5 today…and I could use some mastery stars for pineapples anyway…

  56. Amanda Says:

    They got rid of the pineapples? All I have to do is harvest the giraffe, and get the cakes. Planted pineapples though. LOL

  57. Jessica Says:

    I think there was a glitch in the pineapples for a while, I harvested both regular & super pineapples & got no credit for the quest but today, more than 24hrs after giving up on the quest I suddenly got credit for them. A lot of my friends did too.

  58. Paula Sue Says:

    This one is not worth the time and trouble, especially since we were not able to post items needed for the quest. I am still waiting for 2 black roses from the FIRST part of the quest. My stuff is not posting!!!! Not to forget, THE REWARDS SUCK FOR THIS QUEST!!!

  59. Ivana Says:

    Last quest for me, probably..It is too long, and I cannot post to my wall…what is the sence?

  60. shirley forget Says:

    i like doing these quests,if they would only fix it i can’t post my quests for help.please help

  61. Dave Monk Says:

    How can you be too late to accept requests that are 15 seconds old!
    OK so they are having posting problems, but you’d think they’d have the common decency to re-instate the farmville freak links until they got the problem sorted

  62. leovelyn d taborda Says:

    i need 1c more time round please accept my request and granted immediately………


    i have been stuck on level 9 of the anti cupid mission as well as 2 other missions for 4 days now . it wont give me credit for the items which my friends send me … I cannot finish and i think it sucks after all that work .

  64. DiMitRa Says:

    Hello. You don’t have this new quest at the Hawaiian Paradise. This with the suitcase i mean!

  65. DiMitRa Says:

    One more thing.. please don’t PUT SO MANY QUESTSSSSSS!!!

  66. Sue Benson Says:

    I will not be doing this quest. The rewards are not worth it. I would like to see more unwithers, instant grows, and larger XP amounts to make it worth my effort. Who needs more pigs, gnomes, etc. Give me a finished orchard or something substantial for all the hours and hard work that goes into laboring these quests to completion. I work fulltime at my job 40+ hours a week, so the completion of these quests are a real commitment. I love playing farmville and having been at it for years now, but Zynga has to do better than this!

    Sue Benson, Cape Coral, Florida