FarmVille GIFTABLE Mystery Gift!

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FarmVille GIFTABLE Mystery Gift!

Posted on January 21, 2010 10:55 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

An exciting new giftable has been added to FarmVille.

FarmVille Mystery Gift Icon

FarmVille Mystery Gift Giftable

You can now gift your FarmVille neighbors a Mystery Gift! The only way to get one of these Mystery Gifts is as a gift from one of your FarmVille neighbors. Please note, that these Mystery Gifts will not count towards the They of Mystery Ribbon because they are not Mystery Boxes.

FarmVille Mystery Gift Notice

So what all FarmVille Freaks want to know . . .

What did you receive in your Mystery Gift?

FarmVille Mystery Gift Facebook Message

:::Spoiler Alert:::
Some confirmed Mystery Gifts include:

  • 1 FV$ (farm cash)!!!
  • 1 Fuel Refill
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • White Chicken
  • Grey Tabby
  • 1,000 coins
  • 20 XP, 25 XP
  • Banana Tree, Passion Fruit Tree, Olive Tree, Pomegranate Tree
  • Sheep Topiary, Buffalo Topiary, Elephant Topiary
  • Stone Mailbox
  • Horse
  • Brown Cow
  • Baby Calf

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530 Responses to “FarmVille GIFTABLE Mystery Gift!” »

  1. IrishEyes Says:

    1 FV$ !!!!!!!!

  2. Su Says:

    I got 20XP

  3. chris Says:

    I got one free fuel refill.

  4. LaurFarmer Says:

    I got a FV BUCK! (and a horse, and a free fuel refill, and a brown chicken).

  5. sara Says:

    1 gas refill here

  6. Matt Says:

    I got two so far.. I recieved a mailbox, and 20 XPs…

  7. Ram Says:

    this is great.. I got 1 fv Cash!!! ultimate!

  8. amanda Says:

    Got 20 XP one time and then a pomegranate tree another time.

  9. Rob Says:

    I got 1 FV$ – Finally listened to everyone and gave us another way to get FV$

  10. Ryan Schrader Says:

    I got a hot air balloon!!!

    I also got 20xp, 1 free fuel, brown chicken, 1 free farm dollar, and topiary art.

  11. karolyn Says:

    Got 1FV dollar, and 1Fuel Refill

  12. Monika Says:

    Goat topiary!
    1 Farm Cash!
    1 Fuel Refill!
    Date Tree!
    Passion Fruit Tree!

  13. kaytee. Says:


  14. Suzette Says:

    Received 1 FV$!

  15. Justin` Says:

    well i’ve opend a few so far,
    one fuel refill,
    one hourse,
    one olive tree,
    one w/ 25 Xp.

    so far that’s all i’ve gotten ill keep ya’ll informed w/ the next ones to come tmrw

  16. adam Says:

    1 FV, wow thats pretty awesome….I hope that stays on the gift ables for awhile

  17. fragment Says:

    lol 20xp … this is rediculus

  18. Di Says:

    1 gas. 20 xp

  19. nicholas Says:


  20. LaurFarmer Says:

    I also got a grey tabby and a date tree. I bet that everyone only gets 1 FV buck. It would be cool if we got more, but can’t complain!

  21. Sheena Says:

    1 FV Dollar & 1 Fuel Refill.

  22. UglyPigeon Says:

    20XP, olive tree, calf

    the FV dollars will be great :D

  23. Sami Says:


  24. natalie Says:

    i got 20 free xp!

  25. sasha Says:

    i got ,

    1 FV cash
    buffalo topiary
    elephant topiary
    1000 coins

  26. Bob! Says:

    Yay, finally y’all will stop complaining about FarmCash… HOPEFULLY!

  27. Bryan Says:

    I got a hot air balloon, a buffalo topiary, a fuel refill, a duck topiary, an olive tree, and a pomegranate tree, a chicken, a banana tree, a horse, and a FV dollar.

  28. Johana Says:

    i got
    - 20xp
    - grey tabby
    - farmville flag
    - Passion fruit tree

    no fv$ yet for me ill send some pictures

  29. Monika Says:

    20 Free XP!

  30. Jam Down Farmer Says:

    Got Banana Tree, 25XP, Sheep Topiary, $1FV…Nice

  31. callum Says:

    20xp, brown cow, horse, pommegrenite tree, 1 feul, 1000 coins, hot air baloon and 1 farm cash is what i got

  32. Nico Says:

    It’s like Christmas again! :)

  33. aldwin Says:

    i got a hot air baloon (the multi color one from before). yay!!

  34. keto-farmer Says:

    20 XP here, but ones i have sent have produced FV$ too =]

  35. letty Says:

    20 xp and 1000 coins

  36. aldwin Says:

    ^ balloon :D

  37. christ denn Says:

    . . .whew!!! but only 1 buck of fv cash… so sad… =(

  38. JD Says:

    i want the ballon!

  39. Tim Says:

    The first box opened is a good one containing 1 FV dollar, 1 fuel refill or 20 XP.

    The rest are prizes like Horse, Chicken, Olive Tree, Duck Topiary, Stone Mailbox, Buffalo Topiary, 1/5 Fuel, Date Tree Banana Tree, Duck Topiary, Passion Fruit, Elephant Topiary…

  40. Jose Says:

    Confirmed from my gifts:

    Hrey tabby
    Hot air ballon
    1 fv
    1000 coins
    Stone mailbox

  41. Hai-Roey Doron Says:

    3 diffrent figure of trophies
    white chicken
    banana tree
    passion fruit tree

    please send me mystery gift, add ur link so i’ll send one back
    (link removed)

  42. Suzi Says:

    free fuel and 20xp!

    add me as a neighbor!!!!

  43. Xermine Says:

    thank god Fv cash!

    (link removed)

    send me and i wil send to anyone who posts their links

  44. Tim Says:

    “Awesome special once in a life time limited edition Hot Air Baloon that will only be avalable for one week this July, 2009!”

    Until we decide to release it again!

  45. Monika Says:

    1000 free coins!

  46. amy Says:

    1/5 fuel
    1 fuel
    not happy with it

  47. Christian Viñas Says:

    1 FV only?!
    common.. Zynga Gods!!

  48. Elmose Says:

    1 fuel refill… come on, I want FV$ instead!!!

  49. mariam Says:

    got 1 fv cash yuppie….. i m sooo happy

  50. O. Iserbyt Says:

    Received 1 FV$!

  51. Charly Says:

    On my Farmville the giftable mystery boxes are not counting towards the “they of mystery” ribbon. This happening to everyone? Cause I thought with this gift the ribbon was actually attainable. But if they don’t count it…lame.

  52. Robyn Says:

    Hot Air Balloon, calf, passion fruit tree, 20xp, horse and…
    Great!!! only icky thing is the calf, but farmville cash is cool.

  53. Belle Hawk Says:

    Why are u ppl complaining?….they are giving away 1 FV for free!! that to me is pretty good thing!!!…..

    And is this mystery box permanent? XD i hope it is!! :D…

  54. eldi Says:

    20 XP

  55. Michael Says:

    I got a horse, 1 fuel refill and a farmville flag.

    Unfortunately its a mystery GIFT not a mystery BOX so it doesn’t count for the Thy of Mystery ribbon.

  56. Dave Says:

    I opened 10 mystery gifts total……………. i got 6 fv $ ,4 fuel refills ……wow!

  57. tootee Says:

    got so far:

    1,000 coins
    20 XP
    1 Fuel
    duck topiary
    pomegranate tree

  58. Kira Says:

    I wouldn’t mind it counting towards the ribbon but yes, I am definitely happy with this. :D

  59. mariam Says:

    i want ballon…. :(

  60. Daniel Says:

    Cash, and Baby Calf.

  61. Joanne Says:

    How embarassing zynga! These are not even worth the hassel you made them to be to open and then be forced to go to the gift page and then back to your farm after each gift! I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figure your going to irritate people when you give away items you charged them a ridiculous amount for in the first place and told them it was a “limited edition”! And dont tell people to “become a fan” to get the 24×24 and not be able to deliver! Funny how spending the fv dollars is a piece of cake but everything else is a hassel!

  62. Jemilla Says:

    i got a brown cow :)

  63. stephbabeyo Says:

    I GOT SOME FV$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Eric Says:

    I don’t understand why it would count towards to ribbon, unless they change the numbers to something crazy high. Wouldn’t seem fair for the people that actually paid money to receive that ribbon. Plus it isn’t really a mystery box as we are used to on this game, it’s just the same as a present without having to put it into a tree and then open it from the tree. Seems most of the stuff I don’t really need, but cash would always be good. I’m thinking there might be a 1 FV$ limit per day, until I hear otherwise. Seems like Farmville is crossing over alot of the ideas from other Zynga games. Collections from MW, and now the mystery box from Fishville. I don’t mind myself, but I’d rather receive the walnut trees myself.

  65. Anna Thomas Says:

    do i need a tree?

  66. Smith Says:

    “Wouldn’t seem fair for the people that actually paid money to receive that ribbon.”

    Ummm…it’s a free, online game. Why would you ever pay money for it? Honestly, anyone who purchases their $FV has wasted money. If you want to pay for a game, go to GameStop and get Halo 3, COD:MW2, or Sims 3. At least those games are worth the money.

  67. Matt Says:

    so how long before someone figures out the “Multiple FV $1 gift” glitch? (crosses fingers)

  68. UglyPigeon Says:

    whoaaa confirmed hot air balloon? sign me up!

  69. Kim Says:

    So far, got cash and a horse…not bad, finally, some free cash!

  70. Tim Says:

    Please, continue to complain about the people who are complaining. This is FarmVille Freak not let’s-all-be-sane-minded-people-who-always-live-in-moderation.

  71. Eric Says:

    Apparently we are all freakin’ crazy about trees, given how much resources are being applied to trees, seems like we get a new one every update. I don’t mind too much, but it seem animals have really been getting the half ass treatment when it comes to adopted animals and coin animals. Of course the cash animals are great and I try to buy when I can. I have to admit I am getting a bit tired of trees. It is good to have more realistic trees now. I’ve already deleted the cherry and plum trees from my farm, I thought they always looked silly. When my farm had a bit of snow fall, all of my banana and date trees died off. Which I don’t care, we don’t grow bananas in Tennessee anyway, silly Zynga…

  72. Meredyth Says:

    Brown Cow!!

  73. Carter Says:

    I got 1FV$ from first try now if people say thata zynga are EVIL… :D

  74. Marianne Says:

    I kind of agree with Eric. Although I like the different trees, I would prefer the animals get updated. I was really hoping Zynga would release the rumored llama. So looking forward to that.

  75. Sonu Patel Says:

    hey guys can u all add me on facebook
    no one is sending me mystery gifts!!

    so far only one a banana tree!!

    u all can add me and send me please!!

  76. sm Says:

    A dog would be great but I’m sure that’s not in these boxes and likely coming much, much later. Am I ungrateful or what? Got expansion, got a few cool new items and now I want something else already I can’t have yet!

  77. James Says:

    I got 1 FV and fuel too.. glad they brought fuel back.
    Awesome about FV (long awaited)

  78. Nancy Says:

    1FV $ and Olive Tree

  79. love???? Says:

    villa yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Jake Says:

    3 other things I have received
    Duck Topiary
    FarmVille Flag
    White Calf

  81. PJBEAR Says:

    Got 25 xP and Brown Cow
    I am a fan of Farmville – depsite this no 24×24 available to me BOO HOO!

  82. mhh Says:

    i got a brown cow

  83. melly Says:

    brown cow
    brown chicken

  84. Nicole Says:

    I’ve gotten 1 FV Dollar, 20 XP, a Passion Fruit Tree, and a Pomegranate Tree. Too bad these don’t count towards the “They of Mystery” Ribbon.

  85. namie Says:

    i got 1 FV$ but i need more mystery box coz it looks cute so anyone would like to be my neighbor? lol

  86. Delinda Says:

    1 fuel refill and a pomegranate (sp?) tree

  87. JasonB52 Says:

    So far in my mystery gifts I have recieved:

    1 Brown Cow
    1 Buffalo Topiary
    1 20 XP

    Free stuff? I’ll take it!

  88. Ted C Says:

    Should be able to get the FIG TREE again : (

  89. schumitza Says:

    well i don’t know about you but it seems i cannot send gifts at this time. i choose a gift, choose friends (several actually) and the message error says that i need to choose friends?? wtf? it never happened to me before.

  90. uglyaliencow Says:

    1 FV(love it)
    1 banana tree(hate it)
    passion fruit tree(hate it)
    goat topiary(ok)

    Hot air balloon is making me jelous, I want one!

  91. Belmin Says:

    Hey hey i got 46 FV cash and lvl 70 and now i have 56 and i can buy MANOR

  92. FarmvilleAddict Says:

    Balloon… I so want one, I always wanted one since I started farmville,

    I got one fv cash, this is cool only if there would be more, if there is only one total for each person, I rather know now, so i would ask my friends keep sending them, lol.

    Has anyone gotten more than one $FV?

  93. Javs Says:

    i got duck topiary, 1 refil, chicken and a elephant topiary

  94. Greg Says:

    i got 25 farm cash :) :D mwhahahahaha

  95. bumblebiam Says:

    i got a brown cow

  96. Bruno Says:

    2x Brown Cow,2x White Chicken,1x 20 XP,1x Banana Tree,1x Passion Fruit Tree

  97. The Barnyard Prince Says:

    I’ve got 20 FV Cash in total

  98. Marta Says:

    I got a calf

  99. Lauraaa Says:

    I got a hot air balloon, sheep topiary and 20 xp :D

  100. Ann Says:

    I got a duck topiary, which wasn’t on the list yet

  101. michael Says:

    hot air balloon, donkey, 5fv dollars, gold fountain, calf, and santa’s workshop

  102. Nicole Says:

    I got a fv cash my first one, then it tells me farmville has lost my info! WHERE ON EARTH DID IT GO?!?!?!

  103. Lia Says:

    only got 20xp…but looking forward to the other mystery gift from my neighbors..^^

  104. francis Says:

    got a free cah

  105. Paisley Says:

    I hope they keep this, and maybe they can put new stuff in them like ever month

  106. Arnav Says:

    Am I the only one who got a goat topiary :O?
    Looks like the first are just good ones then it goes to normal things
    i wish you got more fv cash. I really want a Mystery Chest :(

  107. Andy Says:

    im supppper pumped that it gives FVC. Thats awesome, probably the best thing ever….

    unfortunately, it doesnt count towards mystery boxes ribbon.

    im not complaining – because as i stated, this is probably the best thing ever.

  108. ruben Says:

    1 fv, white chicken, brown cow, chicken topiary

  109. topmark Says:

    I got a Date Tree

  110. Paula Guimarães Says:

    this one is so cool! 3 mysterys so far got: 2 fv and 1 olive tree! :D i’m just waiting for mor :D

  111. fable Says:

    I’d opened 11 mystery gifts… no FVC…

    20xp x2
    Date tree x5
    duck topiary x1
    horse x2
    pomegranate x1

  112. daydreamerss Says:

    Got a brown cow.. Weirdd.

  113. Daniela Says:

    1 FV dollar
    1 banana tree
    1 white chicken. Oh no, not another one!!!

  114. vicky Says:

    i’ve opened 37 mystery gifts so far…..and not a single FV Cash…it’s crap

  115. Beau T Says:

    so far 1 fv cash elephant topiary, brown chicken, donkey, stone mail box, & Pomegranate tree… so far

  116. GLord Says:

    Just got gift #10 so far and still yet to see any cash myself. I’m starting to hate chickens though…. seriously.

  117. Huey Says:

    FV-Cash, brown chicken and a horse

  118. Monika Says:

    Farmville flag!

  119. Matt! Says:

    Woot 2nd option for farm cash!!!!

  120. AIKANE Says:

    A FV flag… :-/

  121. Anna Says:

    FV Cash
    Hot Air Balloon
    Pomegranate tree
    Date tree

  122. Marcelo Says:

    i got 1fuel, white chicken, goat topiary and duck topiary (add to the list)

  123. Greg Says:

    My first 40 or so gifts. No fv$ -.- I love the calfs/cows though :D

    - 20 xp
    - Olive Tree
    - Goat Topiary
    - Elephant Topiary
    - Banana Tree
    - Duck Topiary
    - Grey Tabby
    - Passion Fruit Tree
    - Calf
    - Pomegranate Tree
    - Grey Tabby
    - Horse
    - Chicken
    - Calf
    - 1 Fuel
    - Passion Fruit Tree
    - Hot air balloon
    - Horse
    - Buffalo Topiary
    - Olive Tree
    - Chicken
    - Pomegranate Tree
    - Farmville Flag
    - Horse
    - Brown Cow
    - Passion Fruit Tree
    - Pomeganate Tree
    - Brown Chicken
    - Goat Topiary
    - Calf
    - Calf
    - Chicken
    - Chicken
    - Horse
    - Horse
    - Brown Cow
    - Elephant Topiary
    - Banana Tree
    - Horse
    - Horse

  124. Santhosh Says:

    i got 2 times 20XP each

  125. Good Farmer Says:

    Hot Air Baloon?? Not fair it was limited one :(

  126. Cazells Says:

    I am dying for a hot air balloon!! Got chooks & trees so far

  127. nikhil Says:

    opened two and 2 gas all the time

  128. angie Says:

    got 1 Fv cash /, 2 horses, 1 date tree, stone mailbox, elephant and duck topiary so far :)

  129. Gerben Says:

    had an banana tree, and xp so far

  130. Mish Mosh Bosh Says:

    Ive opened about 50-60 gifts today; this is what i received:

    4 hot air balloons
    3 chickens
    9 grey tabbies
    8 20 xp (160 xp)
    10 25 xp (250 xp)




    ABOUT…. 26 FARM CASH!!!!!!!!

    I WAS LIKE OMFG!!!!!!!


  131. Luiz Says:

    I got 2 brown cows 1 goat topyari 1 fv cash and 2 date tree

  132. Zlatko Says:

    OMG I don’ t have luck dude I opened about 40 and nothing wortless :( Only 1 gray tabby no fuel no fvc :( I am so unlucky I need 8 more fvc to buy sauna :( I want that sauna badly lol I hope so I will got some cash until this limited decoration expire :(

  133. Pranshu Says:

    Finally something noteworthy that will encourage people to have more neighbours….

  134. Norocos Says:

    I got 1 FV cash and 1 Date Tree

  135. Sally Says:

    anyone one know if this is a limited feature cause i dont want to wake up in the morning and see its gone now

    Got 20 gifts, 15 FV $ and some other useless stuff
    Everyday 20 gifts would be like heaven on farmville! hope hope hope it will stay a while

  136. Etrit Says:

    i got 1/5 of fuel:S and some topiaries lol

  137. Susan Says:

    I got a brown cow.

  138. Alfandi Says:

    I open the mistery gifts got
    2 brown cow
    1 hot air ballon
    1 pomgranate tree
    1 calf….

  139. Shahzade Oglan Says:

    2 Fv. grey tabby, hot air baloon

  140. Edie Blue Says:

    I got a calf, a date tree, a white chicken and 1 free fuel refill so far!

  141. ZoZi Says:

    1fvcash :) and Duck Topiary

  142. Helen Says:

    Love opening the gifts, it’s like opening the mystery boxes although the prizes aren’t as good obviously. What do people expect for free?! Got 1FV twice, 20XP, grey tabby, other not so good stuff. Living in hope of a hot air balloon! (surprising what different people regard as good versus bad gifts)

  143. Angela Says:

    I got a hot air balloon, goat topiary, buffalo topiary x2, elephant topiary x2, exp boost (20) a white calf, passion fruit trees x2, a brown cow, and a horse…. so far

  144. Lori Says:

    I got 1 Fv cash but I swear its not there I have the same amount as before =(

  145. Cleopatra Says:

    In my mystery gifts there were these items:

    grey tabby
    duck topiary
    elephant topiary
    1 fuel
    date tree
    banana tree :-)

    I want a FV cash!!! This new feature is great!!!

  146. Aiko Says:

    … still dyin 4 a hot air balloon :’(

  147. Tim Says:

    There are also 1/5 fuel refills that should be added to the list of possible items.

  148. Gash Says:

    i got baby calf…lol

  149. Barbara Says:

    Had 2 calves, 1 horse, 1 fuel refill so far… :-)

  150. belmin Says:


  151. Khaye Says:

    add me.. no one’s sending me mystery gifts also :(


  152. Stefan Says:

    Think its possible to get a mystery box?

  153. adriana Says:

    I got a chicken, horse, and duck topiary so far…

  154. Evargas88 Says:

    I’ve got a Brown Cow on the list, so Brown Cow is now confirmed too!!!! Even when it’s not so cool at least I didn’t have to wait for one of my neighbors to find one! At this point I don’t know what happened to the ugly ducklings, brown cows and black sheeps! I mean, they are not showing up like “lost animals” anymore!

  155. MomOf4inFL Says:

    I have gotten a FV flag, 1 FV cash, and a horse

  156. Nik Says:

    1 Fuel refill, 1 Hot Air Balloon, 1 Calf, and 1 banana tree

  157. Tina Says:

    I just opened some mystery gifts and I got 2 things you don’t have listed here yet: a Duck Topiary and a Calf

  158. Renee Says:

    calf, 1 FV cash, and a white chicken

  159. Bora Says:

    i got 2 fv cash and many of the usual stuff ,i want the hot air balloon :D

  160. Bora Says:

    @ Lori check yr gift box it must be there ;)

  161. Cool Guy Says:

    can you really get brown chickens from these? because all ive got is 20xp (wich is bad)

  162. Matt Says:

    Can I say.

    People are moaning over the gifts you can get from this box, DONT OPEN ONE THEN

  163. Adam Says:


  164. mashhod Says:

    i got a manor and 56 fv cash

  165. steven Says:

    and date tree!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. mikeMaster Says:

    1FV $
    1 HORSE
    20 XP

  167. Jeff Says:

    got a duck topiary too… add it to the list

  168. callie Says:

    I got 20 XP
    Olive Tree
    Banana Tree
    Goat Topiary
    Brown Chicken

    That’s pretty messed up if there is only 1 random chance to get a FV dollar, 20 XP or 1 fuel refill. Everyone’s gonna complain about not getting the 1 FV dollar and getting the other stuff instead. While I love free stuff and I NEVER complain, it is pretty messed up that some people get that and others done since it’s the hardest to obtain.

  169. ray Says:

    Got an Olive tree
    baby white calf
    brown chicken
    1 FV cash

  170. Jane Says:

    I got calf! add it to the list

  171. Martin Says:

    Mystery Gifts can get FV$ which can buy Mystery Boxes/Crates, which can get the They Ribbon. Pretty cool I think.

    Mystery Crates do count towards the They ribbon no?

  172. Vinicius Says:

    Date Tree, Calf, and Goat Topiary

  173. Amit Kurtz Says:

    I got brown cow

  174. MrPk Says:

    I add
    Goat Topiary
    1000 farmville coins

    to the list ;)

    By the way, 2 days ago i got FUEL from Brown Mistery Egg. This fuel tank was bugged and for 2 days the item had no name on Gift Box. Today it become 1 Fuel Refill. Anyone got fuel again from Eggs?

  175. cupcakee. Says:

    i got a calf, a horse, and 20xp x3.
    i reeeeeeeeeeally want a hot air balloon ! x

  176. Berger Says:

    Some of these ppl are full of it. I have opened 13 gift boxes and received:

    3 White chickens, 4 Calfs, Pome Tree, 25 xp, a Buffalo a Horse and a Duck Topiary, a Cow and a Horse.

  177. Allie Says:

    wait witch air ballon is is ? the one with the sheep or the one with the cow ? but so far i got : 1 tank of fule , a calf, NO FV, 2 elephant things and i have 14 fv i relly want the sauna !!!

  178. JohnT Says:

    Duck Topiary =P

  179. Alison Says:

    date tree, 20 XP

  180. K Says:

    I got really excited thinking I would be able to do the mystery box ribbon… this is like the tree presents

  181. K Says:

    @MrPK.. someone opened one of my eggs and said it had fuel in it too.

  182. namie Says:

    i love the MB pretty cool color too lol….anyone here wants to be my neighbor coz i need more mystery box hahaha

  183. Michael Says:

    I got a hot air ballon, 1 fuel refill, a duck topharie, 2 horses, a white chicken, banana tree, a grey tabby and 20 XP! I WISH I COULD HAVE GOT SOME FARMCASH!!!!

  184. Milan Says:

    I got 20xp, brown chicken, brown cow, elephant topiary and a horse

  185. Klwor Says:

    I have received 1 fuel refill, a goat topiary, and a brown chicken.

  186. paige Says:

    i got 20 xp :-P i wanted a fv cash

  187. Lela Says:

    I don’t like this Mystery Gift business. First of all, I auto sent all gifts back to my neighbors when I got them, but every time I opened a MG it took me to the screen to send a gift and that was a wast of time since I’ve done it already.
    By the way, that page never opened properly, it always came with that cow the says “Oh no, refresh your page” thing. After 13 gifts of that I was going mad.
    The gifts themselves are more less useless. I only appreciated 20XP and 1 fuel. The rest were as follows:

    2 white chickens (that I don’t keep anyway)
    stone mailbox (that I already have)
    2 topiary (that I hate)
    a calf (have too many already)
    3 fruit trees (OK I guess)
    2 times 20 XP (great)
    2 times 1 Fuel (great)

    With the site being so sloooooow today it took me an hour to get and open all this gifts, a real waste of my time.

    I must say that I was very, very happy to be able to expand to 24×24 and thank you Zynga for that.

  188. Flavio Duarte Says:

    I got a goat topiary

  189. Billy!!!!! Says:

    I can’t believe they brought the balloon back!I want a balloon so bad!

  190. angie Says:

    I got a date tree and 1/5 fuel and a brown cow. I noticed that they were not listed.

  191. ZOE Says:

    hI aLL, I GOT :

    I really want the balloon and LOTS Of FV cash – please can people add me on facebook and send me the box? i will do the same
    zoe johnson

  192. Tim Says:

    “You opened a mystery box and found Jesus! Find Him in your gift box.”

  193. shannnnnnnnneeeeey Says:

    i got a flaming 20 xp i was like nooooo i want a fv ! or a balloon :(

  194. Rob Says:


    Christ! (no pun intended). Jesus in the mystery box? That’s bloody fantastic. All I got in mine was a coupon for a free IPhone.

  195. Tonya Says:

    My mystery gifts turned up:

    1 (1) Fuel Refill
    1 Horse
    1 Olive Tree
    1 Brown Chicken
    1 Duck Topiary
    2 Baby Calves

  196. Billy!!!!! Says:

    I’ve opened 26 boxes so far but still no Balloon! I’m pulling my hair out! ahhhhh I do not want to miss this opportunity!

  197. Jensen Vercauteren Says:

    got a duck topiary…

  198. Paul Says:

    got a balloon yay!

  199. Matt Says:

    Ive had -

    5 Hot air balloons
    2 Duck Topiaries
    2 Horses
    1 Calf
    2 Brown Cow’s
    1 Elephant Topiary
    1 25Xp

  200. mary Says:

    fv cash, buffalo topiary, chicken and brown cow. wish they would jackalopes or mooses in them……that would be awesome!

  201. angelaaaaax Says:

    what the hell i didn’t get my FV dollar… it disappeared.

  202. Billy!!!!! Says:

    Five balloons! jealous!

  203. Bethany Says:

    1 FV Cash and 1 Chicken

    This is Stellar! Thank you Zynga Gods!!!!!

  204. Char Says:

    LOL @ Tim (#44)…anyone know how long this gift will last?

  205. kees de groot Says:

    i got a calf! IT DOESN’T SAID A CALF

  206. Maresa Says:

    I got a Calf!

    I also got some other gifts, but calfs weren’t on the list yet. :)

  207. woody Says:

    Why can’t I open my mystery box?

  208. jonathan Says:

    I received:

    1 FV Cash (in the very first one)
    2 Ballons
    1 FV Flag
    1 Brown Chicken
    1 Calf
    1 Grey Tabby

    I guess only 1 FV is available for farmer, no matter how many boxes you open.

  209. Edd Says:

    Please add brown cow to the confirmed list of gifts!! :P

  210. Edd Says:

    Please add also BROWN CHICKEN to the confirmed list of gifts!!

  211. La Griffonne Says:

    I got a Farmville flag. :(

  212. Mike Post Says:

    I got a brown cow!

  213. mich Says:

    i got brown cow

  214. Linda Says:

    Everytime I go to requests, and accept the mystery gifts, it takes me straight to my farm and no gift in my gift box. What the heck? These people are definately my Farmville neighbors. I am afraid to accept anymore in case they disappear like the others, total of 12 I have lost.

    By the way I did receive 20 fuel refills from a gold egg yesterday.

  215. Matt! Says:

    The 1st one I opened got 1 FC hope I can get more though

  216. RainyShadow Says:

    That miserable 1FV$ comes with a nasty glitch, on purpose?


    A friend lost 40FV$ while emptying his coop. The first golden and the first black chickens each took from his cash as if they were just purshased!

    So long for “good” $inga…

  217. Farmfreak328 Says:

    goat topiary

  218. Aileen Says:

    I got a grey tabby, few topiaries and a horse, my friend got a rock stream, a lil waterfall made of rocks, its quite nice.

  219. Alkis Says:

    Today I got 10 mystery gifts and 6 of them had 1 farm cash,total 6 fcs!!!!!!!!6 fcs in only in one day!Thanks farmville gods!

  220. KOSTA Says:

    this is the list
    farmville flag
    black manor (1% only about 10 people can get a black manor out of 80 million people)
    and last 10 farmcash

  221. jai Says:


  222. George Says:

    I love the Mystery Gift, today i must have accepted almost 35 of them and I have found all of the things that can be found inside it.
    I would be very happy though if it contained baby elephant as well but ok! ;)

  223. josuexdxdxdxd Says:

    got 1/5 fuel refill also

  224. trevor Says:

    sooo glad they gave us another way to get the balloon cause i started after the giveaway….now if only there was some way to get one of those lawn jockeys… ;)

  225. chippy Says:

    i want a hot air balloon too! :)

  226. Farmer Doe Says:

    Got 10 fuel refill, 20XP, Chicken, Goat topiary, FV flag

  227. Dragonfyre Says:

    Haven’t got any Farm Cash yet…and I want to buy the moose!

  228. omar Says:

    i need a mistery boxes!! add me :

  229. omar Says:

    ohh sorry mistery gifts!! XD

  230. Linny Says:

    i got 1fv 3 elephant topairys and a brown cow

  231. zack Says:

    got a mystery box in mystery gift lol

  232. Gerben Says:

    also duck tobiary and goat tobiary
    had also one with 50 xp

  233. aritrix Says:

    1 fv$, hot air balloon, and white chicken YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

  234. Cesar Says:

    got 2 brown cows, 3 horses, farmville flag , 1 FV cash, duck topiary, pomegranate tree

  235. Jenn Says:

    I’ve gotten
    several treed, horses, goat and buffalo topiaries, and best of all FV cash—helped me tip over into expansion without having to use the coins I am saving for a villa.
    Happy as a clam for free stuff

  236. Erwin Says:

    @ Kosta:

    Seriously? Isn’t that just some bull story to make the natives restless? You get 10 Farmville cash, a Farmville flag, an Elephant and a Black Manor while nobody else gets any of that, except for an occassional Farmville cash?

    The best I got was one hot air balloon, one x experience points and loads of stupid animals and topiaries… Are you sure you aren’t mixing this up with some other gift?

  237. Mr.Doni Says:

    25 xp, buffalo topiary, horse :D

  238. Boris Says:

    what? they’re giving away a hot air balloon that was once a 1st anniversary gift from farmville?? that’s unfair :(

  239. Władca Says:

    I have got brown cow :)

  240. josh Says:

    opened more thn 100 gifts and got 1 fv cash and no hot air ballon

  241. bjorn Says:

    the one who says i got more than one FV is lying.+the black manor is also not true. more than one balloon is possible because i saw it on a friends land.

  242. Gom Says:

    Items which may be found within a mystery gift include:
    Brown Cow
    Grey Tabby
    Brown Chicken
    Pomegranate Tree
    Banana Tree
    Passion Fruit Tree
    Date Tree
    Olive Tree

    Elephant Topiary
    Buffalo Topiary
    Duck Topiary
    Goat Topiary
    Hot Air Balloon
    Stone Mailbox
    Farmville Flag

    1/5 Fuel tank
    1 Fuel tank
    10 Fuel tank
    20 Bonus Experience
    1 FarmVille Cash
    1000 Farm Coins

  243. phoebe Says:

    i got a goat topiary! i dont see it on the list-forgot to take a screen shot though….

  244. jesseka Says:

    So far i got:
    1 FV$ x 2
    Olive tree
    Stone Mailbox
    Buffalo topiary
    1 fuel refill x 3
    1/5 fuel refill x 5
    20xp x2
    Horse x 7
    brown chicken x 3
    Farmville flag x 2
    Passiofruit tree

  245. callum Says:

    i got a goat topiary

  246. Ninjerk Says:

    I opened the box and got an STD…

  247. Crystal Says:

    20 XP.

    Poor Ninjerk. Maybe your next gift will be a syringe of penicillin.

  248. Crystal Says:


    As far as the person receiving the black manor, I was wondering how long before we got trolls on this wonderful site. I guess next we will all be a bunch of stupid, pathetic losers…???

  249. salom Says:

    i got 500 1 fv $

  250. Anya Says:

    I’ve found a bycicle too!

  251. fvfreak Says:

    yes i love this and farmvillee!
    is this the suprise for rasing 1 million dollars for haiti ?
    i cant beleive farmville raised 1 miillion its amazing !!!!

  252. me Says:




  253. Flannel Says:

    I got 2 brown cows

  254. Randy Says:

    20 Fuel Refills.

  255. VeggieCookies Says:

    WTF!! I have gotten about 10 freaking chickens from these boxes and one 1 fuel. This is so stupid. =[ ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES A FREAKIN CHICKEN!

  256. ℓᴕяδ Ƈѳὖℓϯħλᴙδ Says:


  257. MooMooMoo Says:

    No cash, I’m sick of sheep topiaries and pomegranate/banana trees.

    I did get 20 xp and a gray tabby.

    Must have bad luck with the Zynga roulette wheel.

  258. Cody Says:

    this is B.S……….i have opened about 50 of the mystery gifts and all i got was:
    grey tabby(5)
    brown cow(9)
    Brown chicken (9)
    1000 coins (2)
    20 xp(1)
    pmagranite tree(14)
    treees were the other gifts :(
    im very unlucky no fv cash and i really wanted hot air ballooon but i didnt get 1

  259. tehpron Says:

    i got a ballon yay my 10 box opend

  260. VeggieCookies Says:

    I just opened up 5 more boxes….. and all chickens…. Am I doing something wrong? hahaa I hate the damn chickens!!

  261. Graham Says:

    Ugh this is so annoying. I had this same problem with the Xmas presents. I opened over 300 gifts for Xmas on here and got NO mystery boxes. Now, I’ve opened over 30 of these mystery gifts and have not gotten any farmville dollars or even any of the experience.

  262. Cathy Says:

    Stupid stupid stupid to have ANY chickens in this! its supposed to be a mystery and chickens are so over rated everyone has 1000′s of them i started selling them i am so sick of them. Anyway this is what I got
    grey tabby
    white chicken UGH
    brown chicken UGH
    Buffalo topiary
    1 FV cash!
    farmville flag
    date tree
    pomagrante tree
    1 fuel refill

  263. Nicole Says:

    Been getting good stuff! Since last night I’ve gotten:

    1 FV cash
    1 Hot Air Balloon (those are huge!)
    1/5 fuel refill
    1 fuel refill
    20 XP
    duck, buffalo, and some other topiary
    2 horses
    a chicken
    a bunch of trees
    A FV flag

  264. roadie28 Says:

    brown chicken

  265. Javs Says:

    Graham, i understand you
    exactly the same happened to me
    no mystery box in Xmas
    just like 15 refils in Xmas
    and now i cant get cash nor balloon nor grey tabby nor refils (just the first of 1 refil)

  266. Kathy Says:

    Duck topiary and brown chicken are also in the mystery gift boxes…

  267. D-DUNES Says:

    i just got a farmville flag =]

  268. Fahad Says:

    1 fv cash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  269. KenAlog Says:

    Got only 20 xp at the first time I open MG.
    But Now, My Farm always Restart when I move or put a new item.

  270. Ricky Says:

    I just keep getting Brown Cows. Awesome.

  271. Matt Says:

    Am I the only one who is upset that they released the “limited edition” Hot Air Balloon again?? Why would they do that????
    I was one of the million players that got it when it was released, and I really don’t see the point of buying any more “limited edition” items if they’re just going to re-release them later..

  272. VeggieCookies Says:

    I hate chickens so much. I hate them irl and I hate them virtually!! How would I want them in a MYSTERY BOX!! I keep getting them!! Everything gives you chickens!

    lol. I wouldn’t mind getting another animal like a horse… but NO MORE FREAKING CHICKENS!!! RAWR! hahhaa..

    Dude. They need to do a circusville!! Have tigers and lions and such and you be the ring master. hire clowns to do tricks.. anyways getting off topic. sorry. yea i hate chickens.

  273. Sreejtih Says:

    hmmmm i got a famrville flag too..and calfs

  274. AddictedToFarm Says:

    1 FV
    1 fuel refill
    2 grey tabbies
    lotsa trees
    lotsa topiaries
    lotsa white chickens

    i want more FVs and the balloon

  275. Miss Says:


    && let’s exchange mystery gifts =D

    See ya

  276. Sarah Says:

    I got a 1 FV !!!

  277. HaZZel Says:

    I get FV cash, 2 duck topiaries and passion tree :D

  278. Katee Says:

    Add me :) il send mystery boxes if u send in return.

    I got:
    1 Hot air balloon
    1 fuel
    bunch of trees
    white chickens
    bunch of topiaries..

  279. khim Says:

    me i wanna get HOT AIR BALLOON THATS ALL.!

  280. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    I’ve gotten so far:

    Goat topiary
    Elephant topiary
    Duck topiary
    20 xp (twice!)
    Hot air balloon
    Banana tree

    I hope they DO let you get more than one FV… that’d be SWEET

  281. khim Says:

    guy the hot aira balloon is true after i wrote that i want that i opened my one mystery gift and got it.. thank lord.. he heard me,

  282. khim Says:

    a wanna get fv cash!

  283. Etrit Says:

    I GOT ONLY Junk some stupid topiaries and sh$T animals!
    The only good thing i got yet is a hot air baloon! i want some FV$

  284. cupcakee. Says:

    any pic of people getting hot air balloons?x

  285. Santhosh Says:

    i got
    2 20XP each
    3 Brown cows
    2 white chicken
    1 farmville flag

  286. stat Says:

    I just got 4-5 Topiarys,and 3 mailboxes.This is getting little boring.

  287. Holly Says:

    I opened rougly 50 presents so far and haven’t yet got a FV cash :(

    I got a lot of useless calfs i have hundreds of, topiaries that are out of fashion now and trees that I don’t want. Sucks!

    The only thing I can make use of however, is the fuel!!! Please I would love some FV cash!

  288. Shahzade Oglan Says:

    I got today more mytery boxes so i got:

    2 FV cash
    2 Hot air baloon (i did sell one for 0 cash:) cause i had no space on farm)
    3 brown chickens
    4 Brown cows
    xxx Topiarys (buffallo..)
    1/5 Fuel refill
    1 Mailbox stone
    xxx trees (olive, date…)

    I want Black manor:(((

  289. Rory Says:


  290. Bora Says:

    i lost all my gifts i accepted ,what’s going on ? :((

  291. karan Says:

    i hv opend so many of dem but i havent received any hot air baloon..!!

  292. Jessi Says:

    i’ve gottten 2 hot air ballons.

  293. angel Says:

    ..i got a brown cow…

  294. dado86 Says:

    I’m dying for air balloons :(((((((((((((((

  295. dado86 Says:

    is there some triks to get balone?please help

  296. rnbfeelings Says:

    Hmmm I’ve opened like 100+ presents and all I’ve got is crap lol! Except this one time the hot air balloon :( i want cash!

  297. kevindp Says:

    there’s a duck topiary and goat topiary too got many,
    but didn’t get a hot air balloon, pff :p

  298. John Says:

    another confirmed myster gift…Duck topiary

  299. John Says:

    ooh and a brown chicken

  300. Motino Says:

    I’ve gotten:
    1 Fuel Refill
    Duck Topiary
    Baby Calf
    Date Tree

  301. 28000000 Says:

    i got a old barn!!!

  302. Sven Says:

    so far I got:

    1/5 Fuel
    Duck Topiary
    Goat Topiary
    Brown Chicken
    White Chicken
    Date Tree
    Banana Tree
    Hot Air Balloon

  303. martell osman Says:

    i got a goat topiary
    and a duck topiary

  304. mariah Says:

    I GOT:
    1 CALF

  305. Markita Says:

    I got;
    1 fv $
    1000 coins
    goat, bull, elephant Topiarts
    white chicken
    olive tree
    banana tree
    pomagranate tree

  306. Markita Says:

    Hot air balloon and gray tabby as well (:

  307. Judith Says:

    a goat topiary!

  308. Knottydon Says:

    Has opened so many mystery boxes tonight my hands hurt!!!

    Topiaries: Goat, Bull, Elephant
    Brown Cows
    Banana Tree
    Passion Fruit Tree
    Date Tree
    Stone Mailbox
    Fuel Refills
    FarmVille Flag

    Not a single Farm Cash nor XP

    I really don’t understand. Am not a lucky person at all.

  309. Carlijn Says:

    Brown Cow, Goat Topiary, Duck Topiary, Date tree, rest has been mentioned in the original message

  310. lisandro Says:

    i got

    2 goat topiary
    1 brown chicken
    1 calf
    1 farmville flag
    2 stone mailbox
    1 horse
    2 white chicken
    2 grey tabby
    1 banana tree
    1 buffalo topiary
    1 passion tree
    1 20 xp

    no farmcash and no hot air ballon

  311. Paul Says:

    i got my hot air balloon. yay. i iz chuffed. remove them now and put new stuff in em!

  312. dado86 Says:

    jeee…finally … after I opened the 100,000 gifts I found so much desired air balloon :) :)

  313. ann Says:

    Ayone who says have obtained more than 1 FV is a troll.

  314. JD Says:

    still haven’t gotten fv $1 or ballon =[

  315. angelaaaaax Says:

    It’s ONE Farmville Dollar… big DEAL. Don’t feel bad about NOT getting it… it’s really NOT that exciting. =/ 20 FV $ would be… or 100? Never going to happen, though. I really want the Hot Air Balloon. x.x

  316. damex Says:

    I only got one 1FV. and many trees

  317. lisa Says:

    I’ve got a pomegranate tree, a date tree, a banana tree, 25 EXP and a horse.


  318. Lil_missay Says:

    i got goat topiary,passion fruit tree,stone mailbox,1 fuel refill,and 1 calf!

  319. neel latchman Says:

    ive gotton 200 fv cash 19000 xp and lots of decorations that i sold for about 20000 in total

  320. Lady West Says:

    I have received all except for the gray tabby & the balloon. I hope to get those soon. This is a nice treat!

  321. Josh Says:

    Its really exciting opening these gifts, its like Christmas all over again. :D
    My first gift i opened 1fv cash, then a topiary, like 3 trees, and a horse. Way to go Zynga for keeping the game exciting. I want a hot air balloon really bad!

  322. fvfreak Says:

    is this suprise for raising money?! its the best

  323. Hannah Says:

    Small Pond!

  324. Cody Says:

    ok i have opened about 100 boxes and gotten :
    *(2) 1 gallons of gas
    *(3) hot air baloons
    *(30-40) pomagranite trees
    *(?)(alot) horse
    *(10ish) grey tabbys
    *duck topiarys
    *buffalo topiarys
    *elephant topiarys
    *goat topiarys
    *bannana trees
    and much more
    please do me a favor and click the link below and send me a mystery gift……….i promise ill return the favor. THanks a billion

  325. Cazells Says:

    I must have opened 100 gifts, no Farmcash & no hot air balloon, so sad!

  326. Debbie Mcleod Says:

    I’ve heard alot of people complaining about how they re-released the hot air balloon. Never beleive anything in farmville that states it is limited edition. Personally I have spent more money then I will ever admit buying mystery boxes at 16 farmcash a pop for limited edition items, because I wanted to have “rare” items. You know like the donkey, float and carousel, that everyone now has tons of for free because they released them in the gold eggs. Or how about the lamb and alien cow-that everyone got for free in xmas gifts. I will never buy a “limited edition” item again. It appears if you have the patience, everything eventually will be free-so stop buying. Those of you stating you have received farm cash multiple times, I don’t beleive that for a minute. I have opened hundreds of these-and Zynga has set them up the exact way they did the xmas gifts-you’re only going to get the “good stuff” in the first few-the rest is all the same old crap we’ve all been selling for months lol

  327. Raza Says:

    I got two hot air balloons, 20xp and a bunch of buyable/giftable/adoptable junk over about 20 mystery gifts. Mostly junk over the last 10 ones, which makes me wonder if it’s not like christmas presents where in that you can only get the worse prizes after opening the first few.

    Hope they add some sort of trade function soon. I don’t need those balloons.

  328. V Says:

    I got 2 brown cows, 2 buffalo topiary, 1 duck topiary, 1 stone mail box, 1 FV cash, 1 20XP points, and 2 calves. I love these mystery boxes! Although i really want a balloon! :-)

  329. V Says:

    oh yeh and a farmville falg!

  330. UglyPigeon Says:

    I keep getting olive trees. Just olive trees. Hahahahhaa.

    Debbie – the alien cows were never for $FV cash, they were coins. And I’m happy I spent money on the stuff I did – like an orange maple tree, alpaca (my favorite thing on the farm!), oxen, hollow tree, and redwood tree. NONE of those things have ever appeared again. So spend wisely ;)

  331. Pam Says:

    All I’m getting is those darn trees, mail boxes and brown cows! I want a hot air balloon! That’s one of the reasons I don’t get mystery boxes, they put stupid things in them like chickens. I know the ones are just gifts so your not losing anything, but still would be real nice to get a real big surprise. Got to get back to farming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  332. Andrew Says:

    1/5 fuel refill

  333. FarmvilleAddict Says:

    For the people saying the lose their gifts, I think I know why that happens
    some of the gifts are thank you gifts , those gifts will disappear for the following conditions:

    1. the person has already sent you a gift that day,
    2. if the person has reached gift sending limits
    3. if the person is not at the level to send the gift

    this is because when someone receives a gift they have an option to send that gift back to you as thank you, however if one of those 3 happens you will still see the gift in your request page, but when you accept it it will not be taken to your gift box and you would go straight to your farm.

  334. Airon Says:

    I got:
    A Hot Air Balloon
    1 FV Cash
    1 Date Tree

    Pretty Awesome!

  335. Being_Lola_star Says:

    1FV$, a chicken, a date tree, a banana tree and a bunch of stupid topiaries.

  336. Lizette Says:


  337. Chelsea Says:

    So far I have gotten

    20 XP
    1 fuel refill
    hot air balloon
    white chicken
    goat, buffalo, and duck topiary
    pomagrante tree

    i think thats it…

  338. babyboo Says:

    i opened 15 and didnt get any FV$ mney..
    i got a bunch of trees and chicken anf one fuel refill

  339. FarmvilleAddict Says:

    I opened like 100 boxes, and I was only getting trees, topiaries, and chickens, I was getting so frustrated and about give up these boxes which took so much time, and all the sudden I got a hot air balloon, which was surprising because I was thinking you would only get them on first tries, so I opened some more prizes and I got a second balloon!!! I thought so maybe if I open more prizes I might get Fv cash, but hasn’t happened yet :(. I don’t get how so many people get like 15, 20 cash while I haven’t gotten a single dollar out of 100 boxes!!!

    I don’t mind the trees so much, but what’s with those CHICKENS, it has become so sickening, mystery boxes worth 16 fv had gold chicks in them for two series, which was so disappointing . I already had like 80 of those and spending 32 cash to o get two more was so frustrating, and again for christmas, in the mystery eggs and in the mystery boxes, I would rather see a hale bale than chickens now, so sick of them. lol. I think some of the farmville developers are REALLY in love with chickens.

  340. George Says:

    I am sick of chickens and brown cows as well!!! lol
    It would be interesting though if we could get some black/golden chickens as well.
    I have opened almost 80 mystery gifts til now and I have got 2 brown chickens.
    Today, I received my second hot air balloon and my third 1,000 coins.
    I have only got 1 FV cash so far.

  341. FarmvilleAddict Says:

    @ Kosta (comment 220) who said he got a black manor:

    lol, how do you expect anyone to believe you when you can’t even do your third grade math,

    1% of 80 million is not about 10 people, it is 800,000. That is just hilarious! lol

  342. K. Says:

    I only get topiaries and trees:(
    nothing else

  343. Zlatko Says:

    num 328

    Yeah man fact about Kosta is fulish :S!
    I opened about 500 gifts so far and got only 3 tabbies that is only worth what I got nothing else! I got 5 hot air baloons but it is stupid a lot of calfs chickens topiaries cows horeses and other stupid stuff like trees!
    I want same fvc badly to buy this sauna :S

  344. murat Says:

    Out of Sync error means that there is no communication with FV server in order to save the game. I get this every 30 sec! And Zynga has not given any official answer about it. So spread this words and this Facebook Page to all your friends. Let’s do something about it!

  345. Jolanda Says:

    Ik kreeg 1000 coins druk op accept en weg was het. Het is er niet bij opgeteld!!!.
    Waarom niet de uil er terug in doen in de mysterygift of de olifant. Voor 1 keer

  346. Jolanda Says:

    I got 1000 coins press accept and it was gone. It is not added.
    Why not bring the owl back into the mystery gift or the elephant. For 1 time please

  347. Rafterfan Says:

    The best so far XP
    the worst – chicken

    Would love to get FV$!

  348. Henrik Says:

    Date tree, banana tree, grey tabby, 20 xp, 1 FV cash, elephant & buffalo trophy, brown cow (i think) :)

  349. BIG ANT Says:


  350. NyxBorn Says:

    Duck topary:(, hot air ballon :)

  351. kimo Says:

    20 xp :d

  352. Ian Says:

    BIG ANT: If you are opening a gift of a gift (you receive a gift, you send a thank you gift in return, and that person sends a thank you gift back) it will not work. Also, I don’t know if Zynga will read this post hear your pleas for help, so you might want to send in a support ticket. :)



  353. fvfreak Says:


  354. Myles Says:

    i got a farmville flag….

  355. Tom Says:

    1 FV Cash
    Olive Tree
    Pomegranate Tree

    Really want a hot air balloon cos i started after the givaway

  356. Megz Says:

    I also got a goat topiary. :)

    Among all the other things already listed.

    Calfs too. Which was good, cause I needed one more.

  357. Kayla Says:

    I’ve gotten a few things but one thing that is not on your list is a Duck Topiary

  358. Kaytee Says:

    ^^ They said that opening up the Farm Expansion to 24by24 being available early was the surprise? I think… unless I misinterpreted the pop-up a few days ago…

    Also I was hoping that you could get mystery boxes in mystery gifts ~L~ silly perhaps but I want They of Mystery but won’t buy FV$ with real money to do so… the Christmas gifts had afew but I didn’t know to save them.

  359. farmboy Says:

    You can never have more than 1FV$ on the mystery gift. Every user will be rewarded 1FV$.

  360. none Says:

    i got a white calf : [

  361. FVFREAK Says:

    So far i got:
    1 Hot Air Balloon
    1 FV Cash
    2 Date Trees
    3 Horses

    I guess im pretty lucky considering the worst thing ive gotten are trees. AWESOME

  362. grandpa6 Says:

    First, for those that wonder why their gifts disappear, it is probably because the friends are using the “thank them by returning a gift” button when accepting gifts. DO NOT USE IT or it is guaranteed you will lose your gifts – there is a problem with it – use the old method by gifting from the farm instead. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND SPREAD THE WORD.
    Now, insofar as the mystery gifts are concerned – yes, I have had 1 fuel refill, 1 balloon, 1 x 1,000 coins and multiple stone mail boxes, plus 2 times the 20 XP points. HOWEVER, most of the gifts I get (and I have had over 350 since it started) are poor excuses for gifts – they are the same items you can get through the market on the farm. If I wanted these items (chickens, horses, topiaries, etc) I would have gotten them long before the mystery gift came out !! As a matter of fact, I had gotten rid of 50 horses just recently because they took up too much room on the farm – now what do I get in the mystery gifts? Why horses, of course – had 8 out of 15 gifts :( Also – cows out the ying-yang. You would thing that Zynga would come up with something to keep us farmers interested, rather than give us the same crap day in and out, not to mention the “out of sync” messages. Oh well, there is always hope for a better tomorrow …..

  363. ADG Says:

    Personally I didnt like any of the above gifts..Since you need to use the seeder and tractor they should offer more fuel in the gifts…

  364. Henry Says:

    I got 20 XP
    Hot Air Balloon
    5 x White Chicken
    3 x Calf
    1,000 Coins
    Goat Topiary
    Buffalo Topiary

  365. Mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    I got everything but grey tabby and farmcash!!!!!! COME ON FV!!!!!!!!

    I got:

    2 hot air balloons
    2 of each trees (i think)
    1 horse
    and about 2 of each topirary
    1 calf
    and 2 white chickens
    and 1 brown chicken. COME ON FARMVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!


    oh and for all you pplz who said you can only get 1 FV, either my friends lying, or thats not true because my friend said she had gotten five farm cash from mystery gifts (as in five separate mystery gifts)

  366. Matt Says:

    Ive had -

    5 Hot air Balloons
    50 + Tree’s, Calves, horses, Topiaries etc
    1 Xp
    1 1,000 coin bonus

  367. Joey Says:

    Well, im not gonna go over everthing ive opened, as ive opened upwards of 50 boxes. I can confirm the particulars people are interested in. I’ve gotten the grey tabby, the 1 fv cash, 20/25 xp points, 1000 coins, 2 hot air balloons and an ENDLESS supply of duck toparies! Among additional junk as well obviously. One thing that irritates me is this is supposed to be random, however once u get 1 fv cash, the 1000 coins, and the xp points, NONE of these items can be obtained again. Its PATHETIC these people who claim to have gotten more than one of any of those items. I mean ur really lame enough to lie about getting multiple fv dollars? LAME

  368. Rob Says:

    @Joey – I can honestly say I have gotten the 1,000 coins three times now.

    I have opened about 60 boxes and still have only gotten the FV$ once and the XP once. I am yet to get a balloon, which is fine with me because I already sold the one that I got during the limited one weekend only exclusive chance to get them last year. I just got my first gray tabby.

  369. John Doe Says:

    i got a date tree and a FV cash.. yay.. its like christmas except you can open it whenever you want.. lol…

  370. tina bellis Says:

    i love the idea of the gift boxs but hate what they have put inside of them the first box i opened was fuel which i did love but
    i havent had any fv cash at all
    fv has fixed theses boxes as they did with the xmas tree everyone got 1 new year eves drop ball so same with this
    i have opened loads of theses and i am sick of seeing chickens and calfs and topiary i just would love to have a fv cash but my god why o why do they put adoptable animals in them and calfs they are 2 a penny

    has anyone else noticed from when they changed the link sharing we have had a lot less eggs out of our coop and not many showing up on live feed to hatch why do they do this they bring in feed chickens feature so u have a better chance of having an egg then turn round and do something to stop u having eggs and they have done it less eggs than before we had feed the chickens feature i dont understand fv at all any more they are being greedy and selfish and what they have put in the golden eggs when i do get one to hatch is really rubbish

  371. Katie Says:

    I keep getting hot air balloons.. I have four of them and they sell for nothing. I don’t know what to do with them. I think they were somewhat pointless. I liked the farmville bucks and xp though.. as well as the coins.

  372. Lorraine Says:

    I’ve opened several gifts. I’m not sure how many because I’m not keeping track. Most of the gifts I’ve opened so far have been topiarys (sp ?), brown cows, chickens, horses, calves and trees. I have enough animals as it is, so I’m just selling all the ones I’m getting. I also got a few stone mailboxes and a couple Farmville flags (which I already had both of those). The best gifts I’ve opened so far have been 2 hot air balloons (I did sell one of those), 1,000 coins, and 1/5 fuel refill.

    I don’t believe any of the posts of people saying they got 10,20,30 FV cash. I can understand maybe 1 FV cash, if you’re even lucky enough to get that. You’re sure not going to get 20 FV cash. That would never happen. You could open 500 of these gifts and never get that amount of FV cash.

  373. Lorraine Says:

    Tina – I’ve noticed that we’re getting less mystery eggs, too. I have 30 friends and when I fertilized and fed their chickens this morning, I didn’t find one mystery egg. I’m not seeing my friends posting mystery eggs either.

  374. Katie Says:

    This was said by Joey “once u get 1 fv cash, the 1000 coins, and the xp points, NONE of these items can be obtained again.” This is untrue.. I have received 1000 coins 3 times.. it’s a matter of luck.. I’ve opened maybe 40 boxes are so.. sold most of the stuff trying to get enough coins to unlock the 24×24. 500,000 coins was ridiculous..

  375. Lorraine Says:

    I’d say the 10 most recent mystery egg links I’ve clicked on from the news feed have been another chicken. I don’t know what’s up with that.

  376. mariah Says:

    I have not got any farmville cash…all i have got was like 15 brown cows and 20 calfs

  377. Adam Says:

    IF YOU STILL HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE, LOOK UNDER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  378. PAT Says:

    I received 1 FV cash on the first gift, so I got my hopes up. Oh well. So far I’ve gotten cows, horses, calves, stone mail boxes, duck, sheep, buffalo and elephant topiaries. And way too many trees. 1000 in coins, 20 XP and some fuel refills. That’s no too bad. But enough with the topiaries. And it’s a little annoying to get things like the mail box and topiaries when apparently I was stupid enough to purchase them in the past. Gifts should be special. I’ve gotten dozens of these gifts so far not even one hot air balloon. They really need to get more creative.

  379. Tim Says:

    Adam: Get excited over nothing much?

  380. JD Says:

    30 gifts, still no ballon =[

  381. Searkan Says:

    have opened more than 30 gifts,
    first i opened 1 fv… i suprised but nat same gpne..
    trees, chickens :(.. , topiaries :(…. always disapointed..
    and still have not got second fv , and hot air balloon…
    waiting..with no hope..

  382. Jessica Says:

    I want fv$$ !
    My sister got a hot air balloon :( !

    i’ve got:
    - lots of brown cows
    - lots of horses
    - white chickens
    - trees…
    - topiary stupid = hate those!
    - fuel <3
    - calf

    just want hot air belloon + fv$ +fuels

  383. Laura Says:

    Pat & JD – Don’t give up hope….I have opened about 50 of these and had given up all hope of a balloon (thought it was like the christmas prezzies, best prizes were on the first day then all normal gifts). But late last night, my last box, which I had saved because they are a pain to open…..and there it was, a balloon! I can’t believe I was so happy to get a balloon that isn’t even real, ha ha. And now, where am I going to put the thing??!

  384. amanda Says:

    to all the people saying you cant get more than one fv cash its not true i watched my boyfriend open 3 boxes in a row and get 1fv cash in each one . i myself havent got a single one yet . it is random .

  385. Billy!!!!! Says:

    It took me 32 boxes to get a balloon.

  386. Ashya Says:


  387. maj Says:

    almost 30 gifts having brown cows:(

  388. Denise Says:

    2 FV cash
    white chicken
    5 trees
    4 20 xps
    2 25 xps
    the rest …crap

  389. uglyaliencow Says:

    I got FV just once, never again, i hope to get more! I think thats the rarest. Btw, I was so happy to get my first hot air balloon, wow its beautiful, then I got another one again, it covers the view, so I had to put them in corner, right most, but its bad that if u want to sell, its only 0 coins, how come a beautiful thing like this of no value. I will rather put them everywhere then to sell them for nothing. Someone posted, that got 46 FV cash, only one person, i guess its a joke.
    ( I dont want to get brown cow and chicken, they sell for 15 coins and 20 coins, resp, only)

  390. Dragonfyre Says:

    Still haven’t gotten the cash…really sucks…

  391. Dude udsgklhzcfgvcnbjr Says:

    GIVE US A DOG!!!!!

  392. Władca Says:

    You forget brown chicken and duck topiary

  393. annomymous Says:

    1.20 XPs =)
    3.pomagranate tree
    4.Horse again!!
    Andd otherr stuff. I 4gott what elsee…

  394. Diana Says:

    woot, a hot air balloon and two trees! it’s a great day:)

  395. Liam Says:

    i got a jackolope ? i didnt think you could get these :)

  396. Jessi Says:

    u got a jackolope from the mystery gift liam?????

  397. Liam Says:


  398. Adam Says:

    TIM: lol i was just trying to get the person whoever runs this site, to see it.
    and say “Adam from farmville discovered bah blah blah..” lol :P

  399. Brooke Says:

    I want a hot air balloon (the multi color one) I would buy one with FVC just to get one b/c I missed it the first time around. Yet, still I haven’t got one in a mystery box, I have been through I’d say 50 mystery boxes and still not got one, all I keep getting is horses, white chickens, trees, ect. stuff that I don’t even want and end up having to sale…Ugh, I am getting so angry all I want is the hot air balloon, I don’t even care if I get FVC or not, I just want the balloon. It seems like the very first one I opened I got a dollar FVC but after that it’s been gifts I don’t want so has anyone got a hot air balloon besides it being the first mystery box u opened?

  400. Jason Says:

    @ Brooke.
    i got one on about my 5th mystery box and im shattered that i havnt got FV cash but hey its the luck of the draw..
    just keep on trying it will come eventually

  401. Michele Says:

    hi ! so happy to have mystery gifts BUT , since today when I try to put in my gift box I’m redirected to my farm and Ilost all my gifts ?? an idea ?? I would be very happy if someone have same pb or idea to fix the pb !
    thx a lot and good game good luck !
    (PS it’s my birthday today and I lost all my gift …. bad omen !! )

  402. Raymond Says:

    i’ve been playing farmville for a while now and i have got some good stuff for farmville but sometimes i think that new items are to much or crazy about the price and i’ve been looking at images about farmville n i seen stuff that havnt been in farmville like ( dogs , blue turtles, and much more.

    and that just for startes if you want more n more people to play it you need more gifts n more excitments n should be able to see each other on each others farms like the world number 1 game (habbo) so if you edit farmville it will maybe get hits

    All i hear from people is omg how prices are too high n how hard it is to get higher levels over 30 i know its a game with diffiuculty but come on its over board

    people who play farmville maybe might not have alot of money for farmville cash like come on if you want people to buy stuff that cost fv cash you should give farmville gamers fv in gifts once a month.

    Anyway Its all good the grafficts are alwsome n other stuff so i hope you take my advice .

    thank you good bye :) raymond davis . i love farmville

  403. Farmaniac Says:

    Opened about 50-60 gifts and received just one FV$ and no balloon. I’d rather have walnut trees now I think.

  404. Dragonfyre Says:

    Something that irks me about these gifts is that some of the stuff is giftable–horses, trees, etc.–so what’s the point of giving a gift that has a chance of being one of those items? If your neighbour wanted you to have those items, they’d send them.

    These Mystery Gifts were too-good-to-be-true…I’ve gotten no Farm Cash, everything else either being an animal, tree or useless decoration, all of which require me to spend time rearranging my farm, which I currently do not have time to do. I got the balloon, but it’s worthless, in my opinion. Zynga needs to have some exclusive items in these boxes, possibly the chance to get more than one Farm Cash per user…I’d like some better gifts than what I’m getting…I know I shouldn’t be complaining about getting free stuff, I’d much rather get regular gift items normally, than what I’ve been getting recently in the Mystery Gifts.

  405. TZ Says:

    I have a question:
    Will I still be able to open the mystery boxes when they are no longer available as a gift? (they are supposed to be removed from the gift sending tomorrow)

  406. lynsiedangerous Says:

    I want a hot air balloon!!!
    all i keep getting is goat topiaries and dumb banana trees.
    i did get 2FV$$$ tho..but I have opened over 40 gifts and havent gotten any more FV$

  407. Anu Says:

    I got Fv, XP, horses, topiaries, fuel refills, but no balloon :-(

  408. Ava Tarium Says:

    yep, got all the stuff from this page
    1x fv cash and 1x balloon, and 10x other items lol
    i see that most people got 1 fv cash in first gift

  409. jl Says:

    i got 1fv, a hot air balloon nd 3x 1000 coins nd 20 xp

  410. jackw Says:

    I got a hot air balloon but it is too big and I went to sell it but it said “do you want to sell this item for 0 coins?” What’s that about? Even the miniscule zen garden got a few hundred. Why can’t I get coins for the hot air balloon?

  411. Natasha Says:


  412. Dragonfyre Says:


    When the balloon was first released, it only cost 10 coins…so it’s worth nothing if you sell it.

  413. leiam Says:

    add me plz i really would like some mystery boxes

  414. Rin Says:

    finally i got a hot air balloon last night! (^_*) after open 20 gifts.. and now i want FV cash! XD

  415. sab Says:

    I have opened 40 blue mystery boxes. I got only trees, topiaries and chickens. If Zynga keeps sending tons of chickens than I don´t understand why we are allowed only one chicken coop…. I would love to find hot air balloon….. Is this this gift time limited????

  416. Ian Says:

    I got a brown chicken!

  417. maria Says:

    i got 1000 coins a horse and 1 farmville cash

  418. France Says:

    Hi Farmers.
    By what I read on this page,Zinga should open an auction barn soon for all those unhappy people that get stuff they don’t want. I love the mystery gifts,people don’t know what to send…it’s perfect. Specially the gas,the money.It’s a good think we can sell the gifts because I hate those topiaries and are the only things i don’t keep. Since FV sends soo many chickens as presents maybe they should also give some chicken coops.Can’t buy more then one so it would be appreciated. Still love it.Thanks Zinga

  419. faith Says:

    duck topiary

  420. Holly Says:

    I got like… 3 Duck Topiary’s and a thing for 250 Experience points. I was hoping it would be kinda better, but the Exp. is good to have.

  421. uglyaliencow Says:

    @TZ, I think you would still able to open mystery box, I have a friend who is not into farmville and just a week ago, she opened her christmass gifts, lol, so I think once you have it, you will still be able to open them at later dates.

  422. gerson Says:

    i want fv cash… :(

  423. Dan Says:

    Opened over 100 of these 2 fuel, and not a single FV$. These gifts are lame.

  424. Joseph Says:

    i got a pomegrate tree,elephant topiary,and a hot air baloon and not a single fvcash

  425. farmerjoe Says:

    the people who are complaining that they didnt get a single fvcash, prolly got it as their first prize from opening their first gift. but didnt recognize it or it somehow misloaded and didnt show up.

    as far as i know, you can only win the fvcash once via mysterygifting per account. and its usually the first prize you’ll win.

    ive opened over 200 mystery gifts and only gotten it once.

  426. Madeleine Says:

    I got
    3 pomegrantate trees
    2 buffolo 3 elephant 2 goat toperies
    1 hot air ballon
    4 horses
    10 chickens
    5 stone mailboxes

    maybe some more but i catn remeber :)

  427. JOY Says:

    i opened almost bt got no cash nor balloon!!!

  428. Dan Says:

    Has anyone gotten MORE than one Farmville cash?

  429. Adrian Says:

    you guys would not beleive this but my little sister got a bed and breakfast in a mystery box. the one that costs 60 fv cash!!! i was like OMG OMG OMG YOU LUCKY B**** Lol Good Luck Trying To Get It!!!

  430. Timothy Flynn Says:

    Well I see nobody got brown chicken’s out of the mystery presents, I got all the items listed and 1/5 fuels as well; I still have 200 more presents to go or more Face book only tells you 100; but I get 100 a day. I haven’t even used all those fuels from free fuel week. Damn Farmville slow down and let us catch up for a couple weeks.

  431. Jessi Says:

    i have gotten brown chickens from the mystery gifts

  432. jesseka Says:

    i’ve opened over 350 mystery gifts.

    and this what i’ve gotten;

    - 21 Brown cows
    - 27 horses
    - 13 stone mailboxes
    - 4 fv cash
    - 6 hot air balloons
    - 43 white chickens
    - 19 1/5 fuel refills
    - 11 elephant topairies
    - 23 goat toparies
    - 28 buffalo topairies
    - 37 date trees
    - 26 pomegrate trees
    - 2 passionfruit trees
    - 16 olive trees
    - 8 x 1 fuel refill
    - 14 x 1,000 coins
    - 5 x 20xp
    - 46 calfs!!!! argh
    - 7x 25xp

    i still got like a hundred gift boxes but im so over them they all contain s***

  433. Tina Says:

    I’ve received everything but a hot air balloon…still hoping I get one before they are gone! :o)

  434. Tina Says:

    I’ve received everything but a hot air balloon…still hoping I get one before they are gone!

  435. Ajay Says:

    All of them XD

  436. Farmer Jane Says:

    Hey guys.

    I have received about 4 hot air balloons. It seems that you must open about 10-12 mystery boxes in a row, so you need the room in your gift box. Bad news for those that are keeping collectibles. I would give your self room for 15 gifts, just in case. When you have 15 boxes on the farm, open them all in a row. This is how I got all of my balloons. Good luck, and Happy Farming!

  437. ryan Says:

    this sucks i only get horses

  438. Marsha Says:

    I got (2) $1,000 coins

  439. marica yawa Says:

    i hawe got 2 hot air baloons :)

  440. FV ADDICT Says:

    Got 1 brown chicken

  441. Cora Says:

    How come I only get topiaries ? You all seem to receive nice things !!! :’(

  442. FV ADDICT Says:

    brown chiken

  443. BZP Says:

    i got 5 gas refills, 1,000 coins 2 horses/ 1 gold chicken and a like 5 mailboxes

  444. Dragonfyre Says:

    Opened 14 in a row:

    Olive tree
    Brown cow
    Buffalo topiary
    Passion fruit tree
    Banana tree
    1 fuel refill (best thing I got)
    Brown chicken (x3)
    Date tree

    And still, no Farm Cash, coins, or experience.

  445. che Says:

    i got 3 hot air balloons..

  446. Ang Says:

    Do they expire or not load if you don’t open them right away? I have a ton and was going to do them all at once, but they aren’t showing up in my git box. Farmville has been pretty screwy lately…

  447. Justin Says:


  448. Jaya G Asnani Says:


    I got Heart Teddy and Hot Pink heart hay bale from giftable mystery box.

    Wow Mystery box has new items for valentine’s day :)

    This is coool!!


  449. Justin Says:

    i got a wise bear

  450. Ursula Says:

    Today I got an ALMOND TREE!

  451. Shadow Says:

    Got a Heart Teddy, Hot air Balloon and an Almond Tree ^^

  452. Denise Says:

    I got something new, a grey teddy bear, a teddy bear with a pink heart valentine shirt and a hot pink heart hay bale. I only received the XP a few times but still get the 1000 coins quite often. Would post a pic if I knew how.

  453. John Smith Says:

    Well…. for those who complain about mistery box… I just opened 4 of them within the last 2 days without buying FV cash, trick ?.. noup just made 4 accounts, and got them to level 12… math time.. when you start you got 5 FM cash, plus 11 levels = 16 FV Cash then you send yoursefl a mistery box ^^ right now I have 2 accounts waiting for the new mistery box muahjaha

  454. Veggygirl Says:

    Did anyone notice for the last two days that the mystery gifts where handing out extremely amazing gifts I kept telling my friends to not send me the valentines cards and stuff wanted the mystery gifts.

    I got a total of 100xp’s, $50 FV $ kid you not 4 20 gallons of gas= 80 in gas, a porcupine, pink cow, 10,000 coins, chicken coop that works I did however delete it, don’t want to get banned :) walnut tree, tree with a swing…..Grey horse, to name a few……so happy……… that was not the mystery box these came from the gift you gift your neighbors.

    Today it’s back to normal trees, and what nots

  455. Katie Says:

    I;ve gotten Acia trees 3 times and Farmville Flags 3 times…

  456. donna Says:

    all i have goten are banana trees at the most five of themthe rest are topiraries

  457. donna Says:

    the mystery box makes me mad

  458. Gina Says:

    I have gotten various trees, horses, cows, cats, chickens, 2 hot air balloons, stone mailbox, 20xp, a wise bear, and a heart teddy (same as giant teddy?).

  459. kendall Says:

    Whoops, my mystery gifts that are given to me are disappearing before they reach my gift box….boo hoo! What gives?

  460. JAmes pauklson Says:

    add me and send me a mystery gift

  461. Ang Says:

    Mine keep disappearing too – do they expire???

  462. Maya Says:

    I got a huge bear wearing a pink heart tshirt today… I opened one yesterday and got the same..

  463. Brandon Says:

    I actually got a wise bear from the mystery gift I have never seen it before!
    Have mods email if you want a picture or questions.

  464. Emily Says:

    I got an almond tree!!!

  465. Deidre Says:

    I have gotten lots of goat and buffalo topiaries, and some Date and Pomegranite trees

  466. Jennifer Says:

    I got a pink cottage!!!!!!! Saved me like 60,000 coins!

  467. Judy Says:

    I received an Almond Tree

  468. Joel Says:

    I got:
    1 FV$ :D
    Countless numbers of horses
    Brown chickens
    Banana tree
    Pomegranate tree
    Apricot tree etc.
    2 Wise bears (boring)
    About 5 FV flags! :(
    Brown cows
    20 XP

    More animals in these would be cool. Something like a Pink Patch calf would be great!!!
    Oh, and XP is great too! :p

  469. Joel Says:

    @ John Smith it’s people like you who ruin the game.

  470. anonime Says:

    I’ve got a almond tree and a hot air baloon… :)

  471. virgis Says:

    i got 27 golden chickens!!! yay!!

  472. artie Says:

    I like French Fries

  473. Jens Says:

    can u still got the hot air balloon

  474. Heidi Says:

    I got a “Wise Bear”. It is a grey teddy bear from a mystery box.

  475. daniela Says:

    lo unico bueno es el billete y el globo lo demas son una cochinada

  476. Lynne Says:

    I am so sick of the mystery boxes! They are no mystery, thats for sure. I wonder what will happen to the gifts that have chickens in them now that I got rid of my coop. They will probably be empty. Yay. Animals and topiaries. At least the topiaries sell well! Thats more than I can say for the animals.

    I did get 1000 coins and a hot air balloon in the first few boxes. The coins were exciting. I already had a balloon.

    I know it sounds ungrateful–maybe it is! Anyway, it’s Boring. Change it up once in awhile. Do something different. Im ignoring them now. Too much aggravation to mess with for such poor gifts.

  477. Jen Says:

    I got a “wise”bear from the mystery gift box. It is the same as the lil white, light brown and dark brown bears but it is grey.

  478. jasper Says:

    - Hot Air Balloon
    - Grey Tabby
    - Wise Bear
    - 20XP
    - 100 Coins (or something)
    is all the stuff i’ve got so far

  479. symon316 Says:

    i got 1/2 fuel refill
    hot air baloon

  480. kehf Says:

    Just opened up a gift-able mystery box and received an almond tree! A good surprise.

  481. sharon Says:

    got the hot air balloon once. that stuff takes big space. however lately, i am getting junk stuffs like valentine bears, wise bears and heart shape hay bales from the mystery gifts. I want cashhh!!

  482. jordan nye Says:

    i got a hot air balloon and 1 free farmville cash moneyMONEY

  483. JOSH Says:


  484. Michael Says:

    got a hot air balloon

    a heart teddy

    and 7 free FV$

  485. Farmville Freak Safeer Says:

    i got two hot air balloons 6 FV$ by opening only 12 in the rest i got tree promegnt……………….blaw…..blaw……blaw

  486. Ashlee1228 Says:

    and this what i’ve gotten;

    Brown cows
    stone mailboxes
    fv cash
    white chickens
    1/5 fuel refills
    fuel refill
    buffalo topairies
    pomegrate trees
    passionfruit trees
    olive trees…. I HATE TREES!!!
    1,000 coins
    brown and white calfs… hate those too

    a freind got the humming birds while opening his first mystery gift!!! grrrrrr

  487. gul Says:

    ooooo wow 1fv cash y not 5
    thats lame

  488. lisaR Says:

    I got an almond tree

  489. mandas Says:

    I got a Saanen’s goat

  490. Kaiya Says:

    I have way over 200 animals on my farm. I have a full upgraded chicken coop that is full. And also have about 40 chickens outside. I have way to many calfs. Dx I’m glad to say I own 6 green calfs though. =] I’ve been opening mystery gifts for a while, and have opened to many to keep track of. I have recieved everything, and other items not included on the list. I have not once recieved farmville cash though. =[ I'm happy enough for my farm though. =] If you want a neighbor that posts a lot, add me. =] My email is

  491. jubbe Says:

    I GOT 2 WHITE GOATS! 7 GREY CATS! a bunch of horses and date trees

  492. oznow Says:

    Did the gifts change today? I got a bird feeder and a white goat today?

  493. Jayser Tan Says:

    I got a Ossabaw Pig,Saanens Goat… kinda rare i think ^^
    And some are common. ^^

  494. Osama Ahmed Says:

    i opened 10 mystery boxes and all FV cash Whoo-Hoo

  495. Farmbob Says:

    Saanan’s goat, breadfruit tree, and mandarin tree today.

  496. richard Says:

    i got MANOR!!!

  497. saeren2210 Says:

    i got almost everything mentioned

  498. SuzieO Says:

    Laura, you have probably figured out by now that when you accept a mystery gift you don’t have to go to the gift page and then come back to your farm at all.

    When you open the present, you have automatically accepted it and when asked if you want to go send presents to your friends, just click “cancel” instead of “accept”. The gift goes into your gift box and you don’t leave the page. It’s fast and easy. I made the same mistake as you for bit and couldn’t figure out why they made accepting a gift such a long drawn out process and then I was told by a friend that the “accept” button was not referring to the gift but just to whether you wanted to go to the page where you send out gifts.

    It is very misleading because when you open a gift and then see a button for accept…you want to click on it but in this case the accept is only about sending back a gift.

  499. Lauryn Dorne Says:

    i duno wut u r all complaining about? I have got heeeeeaps of them i lost count but these are all my prizes

    Ossabaw pig
    Saanens goat x3
    Brown cow x3
    Tabby cat x2
    1000 coins
    FV cash x2
    Breadfruit tree x2
    Fuel refill
    Mandarin tree

    I personally loved the gifts but i like the animals on here….most people don’t
    I mean sure they don’t make much money but they make ur farm preeetty and if you don’t buy decorations or animals what do you spend extra money and space on???

  500. Nando Says:

    Has anyone else recieved Almond trees?? I’ve asked my friends to O NLY send mystery gifts and have recieved 7 thus far and while I appreciate them, I have 21 of each tree and want another 14 more. I haven’t seen on for about three weeks now and wondered if anyone has any info on the duration of its inclusion or if I’m out of luck (and it’s finished)

    Thanks Freaks ;-)

  501. BZP Says:

    i got 5 FV$ ?

  502. JW Says:

    Opened over 100 Mystery Gifts for the last 2 days and still got no FV cash… All useless stuffs. How lucky do you have to get the FV cash..

  503. Steph Says:

    I got 1 FV$ the first time then a grey tabby cat and then a BreadFruit Tree and then a Ossabaw Pig!
    Very happy seeing as you get thenm for free!!! :-)

  504. Quaglio Says:

    The best I got:

    3x Almond Tree
    4x Breadfruit Tree
    2x Ossabaw Pig

    It’d be nice if they put an old mystery box, as the first or second, no?

  505. Quaglio Says:

    Don’t be liar, Richard! Manor???

  506. southlandgirlB Says:

    i got a birdfeeder, tons of saansens goats and osabaw pigs but no FV cash…….and trees

  507. Little Pikachu Says:

    You can also get:

    Mandarin Tree and Saanens Goat

  508. jack Says:

    i cant believe it a GREY TABBY !!!

  509. earl joshua Says:

    at the first time u open the mystery gift u will received 1fv cash once a gift and the rest of the gift u will nver received again the 1fv cash……….

  510. Kim Kailing Says:

    Mystery gifts are no longer a mystery. I thought they would change regularly but not so. I have received so many topiaries that I could open my own shop. I am tired of the same items that can be gifted daily like chickens, cows, goats. One of my friends received a trellis of red flowers with humming birds flying around. She said one of her friends received one too. She has not received another one and I have not received one nor has anyone else I know. This was a mystery gift and not one that you purchase. I questioned her over and over to confirm it. Why doesn’t everyone get something so beautiful in a mystery box. It is supposed to be a mystery. Believe my mystery boxes have ceased to have any mystery to them. I just sell everything. I don’t mean to just complain but the term “mystery gift” makes you think of something cool that you have not seen before. I know you can’t make every box unique but you could put more thought into these like the beautiful red flower trellis with the humming birds. I would give anything to have one of those.

  511. dip Says:

    I opened over 200 baxes & never got a fv cash

  512. dorkyrunnergirl Says:

    latest- black pigs, and Jack fruit trees… :)

  513. babu Says:

    HI listen everybody, i got each ten gifts , belive or not i got it just clik on the gift for different gifts.

  514. T-snizzle Says:

    i got a black pig thrice

  515. Ahmed Says:

    I want the BLACK PIGS!!!

  516. Jo Says:

    I got weathervain, sun dial, jackfruit tree, fuel….

  517. Midori Says:

    I got black pig, weather vane, passion trees, small mossrock, jackfruit trees. opened 10 boxes

  518. Midori Says:

    Also got a Fancy Topiary, Stone Planter

  519. DumDumDum Says:


  520. anne Says:

    Jack fruit tree, black pig, weather wane, sun dial, stone planter, Xp, coins other common trees and chicks

  521. Midori Says:

    Got a No Crow sign today

  522. Midori Says:

    Also a No Gopher and Garden Sundial

  523. Jedward Says:

    I got 100 fv cash out of one mystery gift!

  524. Onionval Says:

    I’m finally at level 60 and intend on quiting after level 70. The mystery boxes aren’t a mystery and it is so much harder to get the uncommen and rare collectibles. I’m spending too much time on the farm instead of doing the more important things like take my kids to the park!

  525. dj Says:

    gt 2 fv$ gt 4 black pig n bare otha fings =D

  526. Hamad Hazaa Says:

    Hello guys theirs new gifts !

  527. pasxalitsa Says:

    Chinchilla, Black Pig, Saanens Goat, Brown Cow
    Walnut & Cashew
    Flower Bike, Garden Sundial, Signs (No Fox, No Crow, No Gopher), Green & Pink Pinwheel, Lil Yellow Wagon, Weather Vane
    1 FV, 1.000 Free Coin, 20 XP, some fuel (I don’t remember how big)

  528. fvfreak Says:

    i gt all of these and a harvester too!
    worth 30,000!



  530. zvonko biljna Says:

    big like