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Farmville Mystery Box

Posted on October 20, 2009 7:48 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Mystery Boxes have been released in Farmville!

Every purchase of a Mystery Box promises exclusive Farmville prizes that you cannot purchase elsewhere or be gifted.

Farmville says that every “prize is a winner” but what you get may or may not be worth 15 FV$ to you.  The only way to buy Mystery Boxes are with FV$.

This is how it works: Purchase a Mystery Box in the Farmville Market (found under the Decorations tab) for 15 FV$. Then, place the box somewhere on your farm. Take a picture of this step if you want to capture the memory of your Mystery Box because it’s about to magically disappear. Clicking on the box will give you the option to “Move” or “Open” box. When opened a whirlwind of blue vapor and sparkles will pop out of the box and reveal your Mystery gift!

My first experience with the Mystery Box Prize yielded 1 RED Bicycle. It differs from the yellow bicycle that can be purchased in the Farmville Market only in color. It is virtually the same bike except it is rendered a different color.  I was left disappointed only because I was expecting something a little bit more spectacular.  But who knows what else is out there for Mystery prizes?

What Mystery Prize did you get? Send me a pic of your Mystery Prize to FarmGoddess and we will feature it on Farmville Freak!

Mystery Box In Action

Mystery Box In Action

Farmville Mystery Boxes Announcement

Farmville Mystery Boxes Announcement

Mystery Boxes Cost

Mystery Boxes Cost

From Farmville:

“Howdy, y’all! FarmVille released Mystery Crates today and I gotta tell ya, I’m already gettin’ some GREAT STUFF outta these things. I wish I could keep it all for myself but it’s just too good not to share… Speaking of sharing, …Sweet Seeds for Haiti has raised over $500K to date for children and their families. Keep up the great work!”

Mystery Box Information

Mystery Box Information

Location of Mystery Boxes

Location of Mystery Boxes

Mystery Box Red Bike

Mystery Box Red Bike

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350 Responses to “Farmville Mystery Box” »

  1. Jason Says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I’m quickly becoming tired of these gimmicks. In my opinion the a vaulting / gifting system and expansion are the only two items that the game engineers need to be concerned with. Not pink cows, limited time poorly animated plant monsters, sparkling enlarged crops and mystery boxes.

    The game it’s self is enjoyable, Zynga’s tactics and priorities are not.

  2. Mark Says:

    I think this is a GREAT tactic Zynga is pulling off for a number of reasons:
    1) Encourage people to pay for FV cash, which will in turn pay for the Developers which will in turn keep the game going
    2) Everyone loves surprises
    3) Risk is involved, but you love risk
    4) You actually will get a unique item that not many people will get

    1) Too expensive, I’d rather pay 50,000 coins instead of 15 FV cash… They should make it like how we pay for expansions
    2) You might get a crappy gift, like a red bicycle. Who wants that, especially for 15 mutha effin FV CASH???
    3) Not everyone likes surprises


  3. Ajia Says:

    Yeah there kind of doing a crappy job, even though i really enjoy the game. These mystery boxes are a joke.The one time that i actually do use my coins ( being that theyre so hard to come across and i have only have 10 now) I buy one of these stupid boxes and all it was was a stripped rest tent. if i could i’d ask for my coins back.
    they really need to get it together if they want to keep their loyal players smh.

  4. farmgoddess Says:

    Well said Jason- Amen.
    Come on Zynga gods, VAULT already!!!!

  5. Oldskooldiva Says:

    So a friend brought one and she got a lounge chair, which i thought was pretty crappy,
    but i love surprises so i got one and got a hot tub which i thought was pretty awesome!

  6. Jason Says:

    I should probably just take this to the forum, but the discussion is here so I’ll continue it here.

    @ Mark – You have many valid points, however I’d like to challenge one.

    In your pros column, you say…

    ” (Zynga’s tactics) Encourage people to pay for FV cash, which will in turn pay for the Developers which will in turn keep the game going ”

    Which I agree is their motive, but they have 60,685,629 active monthly users and hold 5 of the top ten online app developer spots (As of 10/20/09 *). Also, Farmville is maintained by a small group of 15 people. Now I don’t know how much they are making off of FarmCash but I can only imagine that at least 0.25 percent of those users would purchase FarmCash at the minimum going rate of $5. Which comes out to roughly $750,000. If 3/4 of a million dollars is not enough to pay 15 people for 4 months of work and have them continue to provide the best gaming content regardless of what the future holds, then they are ridiculously greedy and I’m in the wrong business.

    * According to

  7. Jeff Says:

    Got a Big Tree with a Tire swing. Thought that was pretty cool!

  8. Matt Says:

    I got a FIre Pit, a stirped rest tent, a red bicycle, and a country style table thing. They are all awesome. I have no room though… i have about 45 pink cows no joke and about 35 brown cows.I also have a hanuted house.

  9. rachelle Says:

    I got a tree swing ! :)

  10. Josh Says:

    15 Farmbucks lol. They are really milkin’ it aren’t they!

  11. Mike Says:

    Got a tree swing too

  12. Big al Says:

    i got a tree swing, 2 fire pits (TALK ABOUT PISSIN ME OFF) and a striped tent.. talk about a waste.

  13. Michael Says:

    Here’s the item list inside mystery box :
    Red Bicycle – 30 XP
    Stripped Rest Tent – 60 XP
    Lounge Chair – 50 XP
    Picnic Table with Cloth – 60 XP
    Fire Pit – 80 XP
    Tree with Swing – 150 XP
    Hot Tub – 150 XP
    Gold Gnome – 200 XP

  14. Ally Says:

    I got a hot tub! nice!! hahaha

  15. Ummairah Says:

    i got only a red bicycle. i want my cash back!! 15fv cash for only a stupid red bicycle??

  16. Scott Says:

    I got a Golden Garden Gnome and 200xp. :)

  17. laura Says:

    I got a red bike!! a tad dissapointed but i enjoyed the surprise!!
    I need more room now i havent a space anywhere now for anymore gifts i have 38 in my gift box, im hoping the expansion will be unlocked soon!!!!!!!! my betting is it will only be able to be purchased with FV though!!

  18. Nat Says:

    my friend got a golden gnome, a tree swing and a fire pit. im waiting to get more farmcash and i gonna try only 1 time

  19. Darren Says:

    Check out my blog for images of all the possible items and the probability of getting the item.

  20. Danhil Says:


    I LOVE IT!!



  21. Ziv Says:

    @Jason: then apparently you don’t know how much money it costs to develop a webgame that incorporates multiplayer in this way. you always have to innovate (which actually they aren’t doing much in FV) and keep the game bug free. it’s not cheap and I’m guessing that 750,000$ cover their expenses but doesn’t generate a lot of income.

  22. Dom Says:

    I don’t have enough farm cash, and I dont want to buy one. If they had prizes like buildings that are really cool like a groovy cottage then i might consider buyin’ one!

  23. Matthew Says:

    I think they probably get more money than that because people hate to click their crops, so FV$ are good for gas. I’d like to see an option for a permanent 2nd and 3rd, maybe 5 gas tanks. That way you could always have 750 units of gas refill. If they make the 22 x 22, that’s 84 parcels of land being added. 1 gas tank will almost harvest and plow that space. And if you want to use FV for XP, you are better off buying a Gazebo than anything in the mystery box. The decorations should generate more XP for the ones you buy with FV.

  24. Tricia Says:

    It is because of the 200 exp that people are willing to buy the box for a chance to get the gnome? If that is so, isn’t it better to buy something else like a flamingo topiary, at least 100 exp is guaranteed for the same 15 FV cash

  25. Lynn Says:

    Well I splurged and I got a lounge chair which goes well with the rest area chair, which it was a golden Gnome, or violet green house or hot tub, would be nice ifit did something special like glow or sparkle.
    It’s all good fun.!

  26. Josh Says:

    I agree w/ Jason.. They are milking this thing wayyy too much Even if 750,000 isnt to cover their cost think about how much revenue they make from adds and things posted on the internet, yea facebook may take some of that but They off pretty well.. besides somepeople dont actuacually wanna waste Real money on this game so using FV Cash is kinda of a waste…

  27. Grof Says:

    I got myself a red bike for my first mystery box :S To bad… I was expecting something else…for example something totaly diffrent…like a realy old pickup truck or something like that …wouldn’t be cool

  28. nick Says:

    got a Picnic Table with Cloth
    really disappointed

  29. sebastian Says:

    well i hope its not a white house fence

  30. Mark Says:

    I don’t think it’s about being greedy, and like what Ziv says, it costs a lot to develop a web game. I am a web developer but made a simple flash game that was not even 1% close to Farmville, but just the graphics alone took forever. Also, the concept of Farmville didn’t come over night, talk about hours of brainstorming, testing, people arguing, laughing…

    Plus, if I were a developer of Farmville, I’d be thankful people are willing to pay real money on this free game…

  31. Josh Says:

    I think their doing some kind of bull shit that just gets rid of our fuckin’ farm cash.

  32. Raisah Says:

    I got a gold gnome and 200 XP….awesome!!! and todays my bday yaaay

  33. austin smith Says:

    i got a groovy villa my second try if u have the dollars i recommend buying two!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. farmgoddess Says:

    Really? Then send me a pic and I’ll post it. Yeah, I didn’t think so :)

  35. Danhil Says:

    want me to send a pic of my Violet colored greenhouse?

  36. cricketboss Says:

    the mystery gifts that you can expect to receive include a red bicycle, a stripped rest chair, a lounge chair, a picnic table with cloth, a fire pit, a tree with a swing, a hot tub or maybe a golden gnome.

  37. luke Says:

    i got a hot tub this time. i wanted a gold gnome though :|

  38. kookumpa Says:

    I think it is not good or bad options to this game just a kind of thing like a lotto.
    I don’t have enough FV now and I trying to collect it for a treehouse :)

  39. Jack Says:

    Its a joke seriously i dont buy farm cash i got a mystery box expecting something awesome and got a striped rest tent wdf :/

  40. Kate Says:

    I never buy FV$. I think that it’s a pathetic waste of good money, especially if you are a working and earning graduate student! And my parents would never pay for this kind of thing! (I would never ask them money for such frivolous expenditures). The only FV$ I use is the one that accumulates over time after gaining a level up. I know that its not much. I think that the creators of farmville have done an awesome job. But, I also think that if they want to keep their game going, they will have to do a better job with respect to the FV$ thing. Those that rise the highest also fall the hardest!!!

  41. brownbeauty Says:

    Okay .. so this is a complete waste of 15FV cash. First time I thought it’d be cool and fun, I got a lame ass red bike.. like who the fuck needs that? Second try.. I got a damn Rest tent.. much better isn’t it? If you guys are putting in a item worth 15FV cash.. atleast put some good rewards in it.. it takes about 15 levels to get that much fv cash.. so stop being greedy and actually be fair.

  42. FarmvilleGuy Says:

    id rather pay 300,000 coins for a fuel refill then 65farmville cash
    mostly because i have a 20×20 so i need the tractor and seeder and harvester to do my stuff quickly

  43. Rob Says:

    um, it’s a game?
    And you didn’t really spend $15 (I guess, unless you bought your FV cash)
    In 2 years, if you think back and are still really really angry about all that time you spent saving up those farm bucks, only to spend them on a bike, then there’s something seriously wrong, and it isn’t the game.

    I think this is the greatest thing ever.
    I got to trot around, pretending to farm, and now I have a box sitting there, that I COULD, but will never ever open.
    The possibilities are endless, as long as I don’t open it.
    Though in my imagination, there is a golden gnome in there!

  44. Ducky Says:

    I saw that someone got a turtle out of theirs? It’s so cute! Not worth the risk for me, personally. Unless that’s the next wandering animal.. Does anyone know?

  45. Callie Says:

    I got a red bike… fml

  46. Jennifer Says:

    I broke down and got a mystery box. I was very disappointed to get a rest tent! I could have purchased 30 rest tents with my coins. It is “special” in the fact that it has red stripes on the top! Who needs red stripes! I would have never spent my farmville cash on something so unspecial. Now I have 2 farmville dollars left and a damn tent!

  47. Jason Says:

    Remember how, way back in post #6 I was saying Zynga was making at least $750,000 in revenue from FV Cash. Wow was I wrong. I just read today that they plan on clearing over 150 million dollars this year.

    One Hundred and Fifty Million dollars (in Dr. Evils voice).

    They’ve made a cool million in the last month alone on the “Sweet Seeds for Haiti” (half of the proceeds going to Haiti of course).

    I’d say their doing well.

    If anyone’s interested in the article…

  48. Andrea Says:

    I got a hot tub as the coolest one yet, like you said its a gamble. so either you get good or bad stuff

  49. Donna Says:

    I got a HOT TUB… so happy I did NOT get the other stuff… I would have been upset also. Maybe the Hot Tub would have been worth it…but like you all, I would have been upset over a stupid RED bike or chair

  50. Donna Says:

    Ooos …I ment to say…maybe the fire pit would have been worth it

  51. Abby Says:

    I got these items in the order listed:
    1. Lounge chair (loved it, because it fit with a theme on part of my farm)
    2. Sriped rest tent (seriously disappointed)
    3. Hot tub (right on! Awesome!)
    4. Fire pit (yes!)
    5. Golden gnome
    6. Picnic table with cloth and food layout (another disappointment, since I already had a picnic table and picnic blanket)
    7. Hot tub (as cool as this gift is…I don’t need two. I sold it)

    Thank goodness I didn’t get that red bike, I would have freaked. I figured once I got the hot tub twice, I might have reached close to the end of what is available, although I knew a tree swing was an option because my friend got one. I do agree that the boxes are way too expensive, and the option to buy them with coins should be an option. I can understand that they are doing it to make money. But not everyone has the money or means to buy them. I just like the game, and I’ve donated my share to the creators just becasue I’m addicted to the Sorry for those that got the bike..ugh. They need to remove the bike, picnic table, and striped tent..seriously bad gifts for the 15 fv dollars…Happy farming everyone :-)

  52. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Says:

    The turtle is the next wandering animal, one showed up on my farm today.

  53. Dylan Says:

    I got Golden Knome

  54. fddd Says:


  55. Reid Says:

    i got 5 hot tubs, 4 lounge chairs,4 fire pits, and one picnic table

  56. lisa Says:

    i got a firepit which is pretty sweet.

    my friend got a tire swing, i’m envious.

    never woulda taken the risk if i knew shitty things like bikes and rest tents were in there.

  57. Brian Says:

    This is to funny reading this. First of all the figure of 750,000 was just a guess. Also the number of people running the game too. People are turning it into fact.
    I play the game and like it as long as I stay ahead of my family. I am on level 41 now and there is really nothing left to do. I have two of the million dollar homes and 6 other of the white homes. I need more space but it will not really do much good. They need to make more items to get so there is something for people who have passed all the levels to work toward. Who is at the highest level so far?

  58. Jennifer Says:

    I agree with Brian. The Dairy Farm is kinda’ cool just because you can save some space by putting your 20 cows in one building; calculation on the $Farm coins is the same as individually harvested. So, maybe adding the same idea for the sheep and pigs.

  59. Ollie Says:

    i got a striped rest tent! Very dissapointed although I dont really play much so ill just wait for when my FV’s go up. By the way… Does any1 know how they go up cos I actulually dont hav a clue!!!

  60. Every Days a Holly Day Says:

    In my first mystery box was a fire pit and in my second was a hot tub. I’m very happy with what I received. I always thought that if you bought 8, you would get 1 of each..but after reading previous posts i guess that isn’t true.

  61. Mark Says:

    I will be brief and to the point.


    1. FV are needed for WAY to many purchases with little or no return, and they are extremely difficult to earn.

    2. Harvester is a huge investment, only harvests 4 squares at a time and requires fuel with FV dollars. Again, hard to earn. Suggestion: Make the harvestor harvest EVERYTHING that is ready.

    3. Decorations and buildings are nice but give no value in return. Suggestion: Put your animals and equipmwent inside to get more value in harvesting. (Nicer space better production)

    4. Farming is fun but there is no other objective or point to anything else. Suggestion: Make every purchase build upon itself in value.

    5. Coins are fairly meaningless other than buying more seeds. Suggestion: Make coins an option for every purchase not just FV.

    6. Animals are a pain in the butt, occupy to much space and yeild little. I sell them to keep room for crops which make more money. Suggestion: Higher Yeild.

    I generally believe you do not bring a compalint without a suggestion and have offered a few but you guys are the gamers and need to put on your creative juices hats. Otherwise farmville will become an “also ran” game in the near future.

    I love the concept and check crops everyday. How long it will hold my interest at this rate is hard to say. This is a game that appeals to many ages and generations so come on guys get creative!!!!

  62. Mauro Velazquez Says:

    I got a puppy?wth? I wanted the Swing tree or the Bathtub!! aghh FARMVILLE i hate youu!

  63. Farmville Player Says:

    I received 2 golden gnomes, 2 hot tubs, 1 stone fire pit and 2 country picnic tables. I love this game!!!!! A friend of mine bought one and received a lounge chair. He was mad!

  64. becca Says:

    i got a stupid table with a cloth on it. really, i mean, who would pay 15$ for a tablecloth! I put it right next to my other picnic table, just so everyone could see how stupid it looked.

  65. NanaSooz Says:

    Good to see this list. I do not see a puppy on it but I have gotten everything to get and duplicates. Now I can quit buying. I know there is no more.
    As for the complaining about having to spend real money. The people creating this wonderful past time have to get paid a salary. Quit complaining. No one is forcing you to spend your real time cash. It is your choice.

  66. adam h Says:

    i got a HOT TUB mystery box i love the mystery box woop woop

  67. Donna Says:

    I got a wooden sign “mystery sign”… when you hover over it ir click on it, (I don’t remember) a cotton bud appeared and it says I will get double points for all cotton crops. Of course I proceeded to plant cotton like a mad woman….. when I harvested, there were no extra points rewarded. Me<= sucker

  68. DefStatic Says:

    I have to say, the only one of my neighbors who did this got a Tree Swing, and I thought that was pretty cool. I was almost going to get a mystery box (I have managed to do enough crappy surveys to save up a ton of FV$) but after reading the list of what you can get, I am very glad I did not.

    If this was like 5 FV$, I would say it is worth risking getting a sub-par item, or the risk of a great item. But for 15 FV$, that is ridiculous to expect to get something you will very much not even want.

    I also think the whole FV$ thing is ridiculous. Someone mentioned how much potential real $$$ Zynga is making (a lot of their games are just designed off the basis of the others) plus take into consideration all the ad $$$ and revenue from people doing the tricks to get more FV$. I think every item should have a FV$ price and a COIN price. Not too mention some of the items are way out of price. 9 FV$ for a fake pink flamingo? 16 for a country flag but only like 25XP?

    I think they have really dropped the ball on this mystery box thing, as well as the whole FV$ idea. But other than that, great game. Especially for those of us out to create something unique and not just level level level.

  69. fritz anthony Says:

    well.. that mystery box is really a risk.. id rather spend all my coins than to use my farmville cash… think about it…

  70. driedjello Says:

    golden gnome baby!

  71. JASMINE Says:

    I LOVE FARMVILLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am allways on farmville ,,,, the only reason i am on this website is cos i am waiting for my blurberries !!!!!! x

  72. Garbiz Says:

    w00000000t got a HOT TUB, mystery box was well worth it after all =)

  73. b cvbcv Says:

    Me, I have a TRee swinging it’s very cool! IM mhappy

  74. Hotlolz Says:

    lol red bicycle for 7,500 coins?

    because real 20 cash is for 10k…dairy farm

  75. XieXie Says:

    Are the mystery boxes still available? I don’t see them around anymore!

    I already got a Hot Tub, Stripped Tent, Picnic Table, and Fire Pit. Is there a limit as to how many you can purchase?

  76. ooguesswhat Says:

    Silly me..I fell for it hook, line, sinker.. Kept thinking more stuff would be added. NOT!!! I bought several… 2 hot tubs… picnic tbl w/ cloth… 2 gold gnomes (hate them and sold)… tire swing… lawn chair… stripped tent (already bought one). But today I don’t see the box… has it been removed? LOVE LOVE LOVE Farmville. and also YOVILLE.

  77. Farmaniac Says:

    yes, the box is gone. Perhaps after the initial rush people were a bit pissed off with their ‘prizes’. There was nothing remarkable. The fire pit’s nice and the hot tub would have been too had I got one but golden gnome? Really? Why not a rare tree or animal? Or a gooseberry bush? Something useful and worth 15FV. Maybe they’ll bring it back with better stuff.

  78. Lucy Says:

    I really really hope they bring them back – I didn’t get the chance to buy one :(
    I was gonna buy one the day they went aswell because I finally had enough FV :/

    Does anyone know if they will bring them back? x)

  79. Sandra Says:

    I bought it few minutes ago and got a Manor, that costs 56 FV…. so i guess iz’s back and has new gifts ;)))

  80. Kimberlee Says:

    New boxes today! Just bought one, got an Acai tree…..

  81. JOHN Says:

    New Mystery Boxes ….
    I got 20 fuel refills and 500XP

    now it says sell next to it. If I sell it will i get the box back to try for something else or get my FV$ back? somehow I doubt it.

  82. Jake Says:

    Hey, Just got one of these boxes toady and I got a manor. It also came with 1000 XP.

  83. Rasmus Says:

    I got a white owl! :D.. and 700 xp :O.

  84. JJ Says:

    I got a Manor! WOO HOO! That’s a saving of 40FV Cash!

  85. April Says:

    I didn’t take pictures…didn’t even think of it. I got a Manor, which is well worth it, but I already have one so it didn’t really benefit me. It’s still in my “Gift Box.” Sure wish there was a way to gift items out or sell them to othere like in YoVille. Hopefully, that feature will be available soon…

  86. annie Says:

    i got a gazebo… and 500 xp…

  87. Amber Says:

    I got 20 fuel refills and my son got the acai tree. It was cool but i wish i could have gotten something to put on my farm.

  88. Kim Says:

    shucks..I got 20 fuel refills..just my luck…wish I had received the manor!!!

  89. Kensuke Says:

    should have read your comment, kim.
    I got 20 fuel rfills, too..

    zynga people owe me 16 FV$!!

  90. kaij Says:

    I just got 30 Fuel Refills and 800xp. Well i guess thats ok, as 30 refills cost 55 Tokens! and the 800 xp was nice! Pitty i cant sell the fuel back for more tokens!

  91. blowme Says:

    do you think the amount of space you give it could have something to do with wat you get

  92. Dee Says:

    After paying FV Dollars for the Spaceship (and buying 20 alien cows) it does nothing but glow a little. I thought maybe the cows that give milktonium would fuel the spaceship to DO something. Harvest every fifth crop or something. I guess I will not waste my FV dollars on any more stuff unless I think it is worth it for decorations. I am disappointed that the developers do not have the imagination of most of the players. = (

  93. Farmaniac Says:

    Gave it a go and got the manor and 1000XP :)

  94. Mooh Says:

    I can’t really decide if i’m happy with my mystery box or not. Got the large pond and 600 XP which is great considering i needed the XP but i really think i should have saved my FV cash or bought a larger farm.
    ah well

  95. Axine Says:

    My 1st box i got a white gazebo and my second i got an acai tree today. my friend got a large pond last night.

  96. Maria Says:

    1st time I reveiced a Golden Garden Gnome ( cool )
    2nd – Stripped Rest Tent ( shity )
    3rd – Large Pond ( o.k)
    4th – White Manor House ( sweet )

  97. Axine Says:

    I got 3 white manors, 3 white gazebos, 3 acai trees, 3 sets of 20 fuels, and one large pond.

  98. simo Says:

    i got a white owl (YEAAA) 700xp!!!

  99. austin Says:

    i got a manor. i almost shit myself

  100. Nicole Says:

    My husband and I both got a Manor (both our first boxes and about an hour ago)

  101. Eric Says:

    I got friggen Fuel. 30 Gallons for 16 fv!!!!!!! That friggen sucks. Needless to say, that was the last mystery box I will buy.

  102. Rocking Says:

    I got 20 Fuel Refills and 500 XP in my mystery box which are 40 FV cash… m happy :)

  103. xMissing Says:

    20 effin’ fuel refills.
    what the bloody hell?!
    I was excited about everything ELSE
    god dammit…

  104. xMissing Says:

    gahhhhh this is so stupid.

  105. page Says:

    just got my first one ever after saving 16 FV from jsut playing and not paying, and i got a manor :D

  106. Laura Says:

    Bought the new mystery box (version 3- november 2009)

    got a water tower
    boyfriend got a donkey

  107. Nemanja Says:

    I got large carousel and i am happy :)))

  108. tracy Says:

    I got a silver stream trailer the first time, then a FV float the 2nd.

  109. kat Says:

    we got in the new pink box a animal merry -go- round!! cool!! love farmville

  110. Craig Says:

    I got a zen garden… not exactly thrilled. :(

  111. DK Says:


  112. Julie Smith Says:

    I lucked out. I got a carousel with farmville animals that moves (very neat) and a donkey. No word yet what it yields, but I’m gonna guess hair probably.

  113. cpando Says:

    Opened up 2 pink boxes:
    1. Got a water tower and lots of xp points :)
    2. Zen garden–It doesn’t even look nice : |

  114. Josie Says:

    New Pink Mystery Box –
    I got a Silver Streak Trailer and 500 Exp
    I got a Donkey and more Exp
    I got a water Tower and more Exp!

    All Cool!!!!!

    I want to buy another one! But If I get a duplicate – well Drat!

  115. FellowFarmvilleFreak Says:

    How are people getting so many FV cash dollars??? especially the ones who are buying MULTIPLE mystery boxes. Please do share your secret! (unless you are all paying real life money for it??)

    I got a fire pit from the first version of the mystery box and after that, I am still trying to save up enough FV for an other mystery box.

  116. Riki Says:

    what the hell?? i don´t want to buy that, FOR 15 FW$!!!??? i don´t want to spend my cash in that!!!

  117. Dan Says:

    a friend of mine got a MANOR!!! its price’s 56FV!

  118. harsh Says:

    i got an animal float.. similar to that farm float.. its ok.. not bad but nothing great…

  119. JP Says:

    i got a silverstreak trailer & i thought it was a crap but after reading here i thought i was more lucky hihih.

  120. jeseka Says:

    got a watertower

  121. Mimi Says:

    got a funky donkey and a carousel
    love it<3
    the Mystery Box prizes r getting better at least

  122. annelouise Says:

    I got a silverstreak rv and I love it. It took me forever – now I have no fv!

  123. ali Says:

    i couldnt afford one and when i saw that the pink one had a donkey in it i was so mad.i wanted the donkey.i wish you could gift items you already have

  124. Becky Says:

    I got a Pagoda and 1000 XP! SO happy :)

  125. ucopia Says:


  126. HS Says:

    New Green Boxes…
    I got a Groovy Barn and a Green Toolshed… not very exciting!

  127. Star Says:

    Oh Im lovign it, I got a groovy barn, a pagoda, and a treehouse *meep* im so excited :D

  128. Jillian Says:

    Treehouse…… Was hoping for a manor….. now I have NO farmville $ Imma go cry myself to sleep now

  129. Don Says:

    I got:

    Black Manor


    Groovy Barn

    50 Fuel Refills

  130. sebastian Says:

    i love it! i got a Pagoda for only 16 FV dollars!!!!!!!!!! very happy and exciting

  131. rich Says:

    i got 2 pagodas and 50 fuel refills. wtf am i gonna do with 2 pagodas?! lol

  132. Cari Says:

    I got a groovy barn. Dissappointed… :-(

  133. rich Says:

    just opened 2 more a black manor and another pagoda lol

  134. Kota Says:

    I got a groovy barn
    green toolshed
    50fuel refills
    black manor

  135. rich Says:

    i think u should be able to gift ANY item that you own and i think each person should be able to purchase additional farms that are linked to that acct. :-)

  136. djsarah Says:

    i got a black manor house!!

  137. Jake Says:

    I got a pagoda and 1000 XP :)

  138. sun Says:

    I got a black manor and 1000 XP. verry happy

  139. jae Says:


  140. martha Says:

    I got a stupid holiday sleigh from the new mystery box – very annoyed! I come to Farmville to escape the holidays :-(

  141. Jack Says:

    i got 3 boxes! 1 was gifted to me. i was bored at work so threw some money at the game.

    the first was a toybox, which opens and closes (joy!)

    the second was a huge gold sleigh, which i put my reindeer in front of :D

    and the third, the box that iw as gifted, was a huuuuumungous “gold fountain” with the farmville duck sitting on top. its animated and almost kinda gleams…

    i can sell it for 2.5k but i think ill be hanging on to these! :D

  142. clashcityrocker Says:

    i got a tinsel tree.

  143. clashcityrocker Says:

    I got a tinsel tree.

  144. sibel coskun Says:

    i got a groovy farm

  145. Kota Says:

    I did a good bit of these.

    I got:

    Gold Fountain

    Platanium Gnome

    Tinsel Tree

    Gold Sleigh

    Holiday Gate

    I thought they were cool at first. Then i think it was a waste.

  146. shaine Says:

    i got a stupid holiday gate! arrgghh! i’ve wasted 16 fv cash! i got ahead of myself and made space for a MANOR!!!

  147. LoliFV Says:

    Lol I Got a Villa :$

  148. NoName Says:

    Its easy, if u dont like the way thar zynga have to collect money u can go to play another game.

    Sorry for my bad english xd

  149. Gore Says:

    i got a silver streaker trailor its pretty cool

  150. Danelle Says:

    Okay…I just wanted to add my two cents to the debate.

    Some people are saying that they don’t like some of the things that Zanga has done such as pink and brown cows and other gimmicks…I will admit I love the animals. I am even new and missed alien cows, plant monsters, and elephants…but it adds excitement to the game.

    I am not big on decorations, but was tempted to buy a mystery box anyway. That means the mystery box is doing its job. It also seems that a number of the prizes are cool in some people’s eyes but not in others.

    All in all, I am thrilled with the gimmicks that they are doing. Even the Christmas tree that has everyone sending a million gifts that we have no idea what they are and once your tree is full you have nothing to do but sell your gifts at five coins each (have had enough gifts to fill three and a half trees now…)

  151. sirmata Says:

    only red bike??

  152. moonsovereign Says:

    I got a gold sleigh! :)

  153. bella Says:

    man i have just earned enough FV cash to buy then new blue mystery box, but im afraid of getting something crappy. ive heard that people have gotten bikes and i dont want to waste my hard work on it…, i know none of you care to read this but typing it and posting it just makes me feel better.

  154. bella Says:

    :[ i did it. i got the blue mystery box. i got a snow globe:[ [: but at least i didnt get a bike!

  155. FinalFlash Says:

    got a golden chicken

    better then nothing

  156. ARGGG Says:

    I got a freaking Treasure Chest!! A treasure chest!!! WTF do you do with a treasure chest. It made me angry, so I turned around and sold it for 2000 coins. What a deal I got, paid 15FV$ for 2000 coins. Mystery box totally NOT worth it!!!

  157. xaviwasabi Says:

    I got a super spin ride!!
    That i already bought :/
    God Dammed programers, if i already spent $ on that shit why u have to let us lose our $ on the same item you MF!!!

  158. Farmviller Says:

    I just got a gumdrop tree that was only worth 600 XP. Which I could have just bought one from the market and got 2500XP!!! ugggggg

  159. Moonsovereign Says:

    Got a golden chicken today :)

  160. stacy Says:

    got a super spin ride.. already have this!!! wtf!
    waste of a blue mystery box

  161. lrarae Says:

    I will never do another mystery box again. I wanted a tinsel tree and ended up with 3 platinum gnomes, 2 fountains, I sold one because they take up so much room, 4 gates, sold a couple of those too, and a treasure chest. Never did get my tinsel tree.

  162. Suzanne Says:

    I got a snow globe. Looking at the other gifts.. I feel lucky

  163. Zach Says:

    I GOT 50 fuel refill

  164. Unknown Says:

    I got a Manor.

  165. christian Says:

    mytery box is great

  166. Chris Says:

    i got a super spin ride. I was hoping for the 50 fuel refill.

  167. Daniel Says:

    Hehe, first I got a big christmas tree then I got a white barn. :)

  168. Mav Says:

    2 golden chickens!!!!

  169. XaviWasabi Says:

    3 Gumdrop trees in a row !!!
    if i have just 5 seconds with the FV programers ill shoot em!!!
    dont waiste your $ on this shit!

  170. Julia Says:

    Well, here I go: My experience with the mystery box:
    What I really wanted is a Platinum Gnome ( I love those little suckers! :)

    I did fall into Zynga’s hands and I gave in when they offered me FV$ for a discounted rate of 16 dollars for 115 FV$, so I bought it. And here is what I got from it.

    I got 50 fuel refills, ( I do not have any machine to use it with, and I’m not planning to buy one ).
    I got a gold chicken, ( which I have like 35 of them, because I love the egg making and got a little crazy with them :)
    I got a Gumball tree ( it’s ok I could have live without it )
    I got 2 …..again two…. snow globes right after each other
    I got a Barn ( I’m happy with that because I can store all that crap in there ;)

    I think I paid my share to the Zynga family :)

  171. Julia Says:

    I forgot to mention…. I also got a super spinning ride.

  172. aryana Says:

    i got super spin ride for a blue mystery box..

  173. aryana Says:

    the secret to have more mystery box is make other account and save farmcash in every level since at first it is easy to be in next level or purchase haybales cost 100 to get xp then it will easily make you in high level.. then if you already save enough farm cash for mystery box then purchase it and send to your real account. you just to make yourself neighbours in that account :)

  174. Anwar Says:

    I got the super spinning ride from the Gift blue Box

  175. Stella Says:

    I got 50 fuel refills!!! Def worth it!!!

  176. Stella Says:

    Even better this time. I got Santa’s workshop :-D

  177. ry Says:

    what are the items in the new violet mystery box? any idea?

  178. aryana Says:

    i got frozen pond for violet mystery box :)

  179. venus Says:

    i may be out of topic.. but i got my 3 fire pit, 5 hot tubs, 10 gold chickens, 3 of 20 fuel refills just by hatching my neighbors golden eggs..:) no need to spend real cash

  180. kayte Says:

    I won a singing dancing lady and 750 XP !!!

  181. karissa Says:

    i got a ginger bread house :)

  182. kathreen Says:

    i bought a mistery box cuz i was really tempted
    i had 30 fv cash , but i was like why not!
    so i got
    a bunch of experience
    and 50 fuel refils which is actually worth 65 fv cash
    so .. that was amazing because i only paid like 15 fv cash
    butt .. i don’t even have a tractor haha

  183. preet Says:

    i got a donkey

  184. Jamal Says:

    I can not find the Send Button for any items in the Market.. Why this happened?

  185. tbobs Says:

    i got a holiday sleigh a500 xp

  186. GAby Says:

    i got a stupid Santa Gnome! OMG i’ve wasted 16 fv cash!

  187. Ivan Says:

    I got Gingerbread house, it gave me 1000xp and i can sell it for 7500. It`s not that bad, although i expected something like a Manor or even Vila :D

  188. Richard Says:

    I got a Black Manor and 2000 xp. Totaly worth it.

  189. pratik Says:

    Is the mystery box is gone permanently…..plz bring it back

  190. shilpa Says:

    i got a porch swing in the yellow box… its so not worth it………… wat a waste….

  191. Patrick Says:

    I got Santa`s Work Shop with 1,000 exp and sell for 10,000 coins

  192. jamie Says:

    i got a ****** *** red bike !!! :@

  193. Patrick Says:

    I got an a block Manor with 2,000 exp its worth

  194. Lexi Says:

    I got a frozen pond (it’s pretty big!) and 650 XP from a violet gift box.

    I didn’t even buy the mystery gift though, I got it from a present! :)

  195. Mi6lethaltool Says:

    Patrick post a pic of the Block Manor!!! :D

  196. Adin Says:


  197. JOshua U. Says:

    I GOT A DANCING SNOWMAN AND 750xp i got in in christmas presents

  198. Tammy Says:

    Got a stone well. Kinda cool. But hoping for something much better.

  199. Le Says:


  200. Xermine Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to take photos from the screen like above???

  201. tushar Says:

    opened 12 mb ………1 black manor………1 santas workshop……….2 gingerbread homes……………………..4 golden gnomes………………2platinum gnomes………………1 santa gnome…………………2 * 65 fuel refills

  202. emrah Says:

    i bought 5 mystery boxes : golden fountain…………….manor………….santas workshop……………gingerbread home…………….rock stream…….

  203. Debs Says:

    Does anybody know what’s in the new mystery box??? i don’t wanna waste my fv $

  204. Debs Says:

    And I did waste my fv$ :-(
    1 Welcome sign and 1 giant bell….. so be jealous…..

  205. Lorena Cullen Says:

    Well, I got 1 mystery box in one of the gifts of the holiday tree. I opened and I got a big gingerbread house and 1,000xp. So I think it is pretty awesome!!

  206. Bob Says:

    Just opened 3 new ones and got 2 lighted snowman family decorations and a stone animal statue. I don’t like getting same thing so they need to fix this. If there are 5 separate items I should get a different one each time.

  207. Mi6lethaltool Says:

    #9 MB got me a $%^&$%%& Snowman Family!!!
    I just want to shoot those fu$%^!!!!

  208. CJ Says:

    Does anyone know how to send a mysterty box as a gift? Or can you?

  209. Al Roy Says:

    i opened more than 200 presents; 90% of the presents were ornaments and cows:(is there anyway zanga could vary the presents content? It’ll be nice if after opening 20 presents u get a free mystery box, cos it aint easy to get this presents (depends on your neighbors if they are kind enough to send you one)

    Be nice if Zanga makes Mystery box for coins or for certain amounts of presents:)

  210. Justin Says:

    i got an alpaca in the most recent mystery box also a big bell a welcome sign and an animal statue i think the alpaca was worth it but the other stuff not so much

  211. Gema Says:


  212. lucy Says:

    i received a blue present from one of my friends and i opened it. it said i just wona mystery box. i was soooo happy cause i got it for ree. i opened it and got a golden fountain.

  213. Dunaka Says:

    I got a Santas Workshop from my first one. And i got the mystery box it came from from a brown present!

  214. Shitkid Says:

    I got a Gingerbread Home and 1000XP from my Mystery Box…
    That’s a big difference.

  215. Julianna Says:

    I do not know if this happened to anybody or if its important but when i got on level 19 it said i have unlocked i dont really remember everything but it said i unlocked a hedge some topiary and a bird there was more but i forgot but is there suppose to be a bird????i looked in the store for animals it wasnt there so i checked topiarys too see if there was a bird but there wasnt….is there suppose to be a bird its not a animal not a topiary….please please reply i want to know if this is suppose to be there….

  216. Julianna Says:

    i got a silver gnome and earned 400XP….=( i wanted santas workshop or a goleden sled…=(

  217. David Pankratz Says:

    Yeah, I won’t be buying any mystery boxes – I decided early on that I’d not spend my hard-earned cash on the game, and once I get started spending money on it, it won’t end. So, I guess that’s one set of ribbons I won’t earn any on, which is too bad – I’m only missing four blue ribbons.

  218. paula Says:

    Hi i bought the farmville cash through my phone credit to get one more out of curiosity… though i do think its expensive but i can also see why they have done it to get a bit of money bk and at end of day its gace me hours of free entertainment… so whats £5 i couldnt go into a computer shop and buy a game i like for that….

    However i have opened my box and inside i got a snowman family (similar type of thing to the lighted box they that had over christmas) it was also worth 300 xp points, granted the prizes could have been better or that they could have gave people the option to buy them through the coins bit id have happily used 100,000 coins to get a few boxes.


  219. Julie Smith Says:

    I got three alpacas (one in each box) and two crappy neons that I sold for a couple hundred dollars

  220. karissa Says:

    im pissed i got 2 mystery boxes & they were the same it was 2 jack in the box & today i bought mystery box & got fuel :(

  221. kyle Says:

    like wth you get a red bycilcle when you pay 15 FV and people can gift you a blue one for free :@ dumb thing waste of working up on FV

  222. Jaclynn Says:

    I placed a mystery box on my farm and its still there and its invisible,, I dont understand why I cant open it or move it. I thought when I opened it that it just disapeared but now that im trying to put stuff there im seeing that its still there and id like to know what I can do about it,, please help.

  223. gurra Says:

    i got santas workshop first time and a platinum
    gnome second time.
    ;) pretty nice

  224. nath Says:

    on december 19th i opened one and got 1500 xp and santa’s workshop!!!!!:)

  225. Anthony Says:

    I purchased a mystery box just a few days ago…thought I’d get something “unique”. Was I ever so disappointed when I opened it and got a gold chicken, now keep in mind I already have 100 gold chickens and what the heck is unique about a chicken…it didn’t have 4 legs. I sent them an e-mail about my concern with a response that “Mystery box items are selected randomly”. What a joke! As much as I enjoy the game, the mystery box is a real joke!

  226. Dragonfyre Says:

    I’ve only bought one Mystery Box (got a Hot Tub), and regretted it, because of the storage option that came later…I got two in the Christmas presents–Gingerbread House and Sleigh–but overall, you’re gambling. It says you’ll get a special item at a fraction of the cost…if the item you get is worth 25 or higher cash, it’s worth it, but otherwise, pointless. For example, Santa Gnomes were 18 cash, and you could get them for 16 by opening a Mystery Box…if people wanted one, they’d wait two more levels to buy it…I’m not gonna buy another one, unless they have only good items in it.

  227. jordz Says:

    i got a donkey….
    so what?
    i got an ornaments..
    useless…very much disappointed..
    i got lighted gift box…
    many of them, no space to place..
    i got you.
    u got me?

  228. Azz Says:

    well… two months ago a got a stupid violet greenhouse (even though i already have two normaly ones) and violet aint my colour… and now i just got a boring old platinum gnome – this is just a insult

  229. bumblebiam Says:

    what the violet greenhouses look like? i really wanna know

  230. Bob Says:

    I got a jackalope, deer, Buffalo and a peacock today!!!

  231. Charlotte Says:

    On X-mas Eve I got a Santas Workshop!!

  232. adrianrei Says:

    I wanna get a villa

  233. trevor Says:

    i got a gold sleigh and a gingerbread home but i got one more thing dont remember

  234. britsinger Says:

    platinum gnome- 300xp

  235. Amer Says:

    During the gift time i got few lighted gift box
    want to know if we can open it is that possible
    plzzz help

  236. Louissa Says:

    i just brought 6 of the new mystery boxes released today

    i got 2 donkey’s

    3 stone wall wells

    and 1 very nice Rock stream

  237. J Says:

    lol 3 stone walls? 2 donkeys? lol i can get them without paying 15 fv cash ha ha ha ha

  238. D'Laverne Says:

    Wow Finally….This mystery box is off the chain…golden fountains….hot tubs….stone streams and wells…You listened to us this time ……..I finally am satisfied with what I got from the mystery boxes…2 hot tubs….a golden fountain…..and a stone well…I wanted them all…..and the sauna is freak…..thanks….keep the new buildings coming….now finally I fell like life beyond the villa is possible in farmville….

  239. JhonnyBoy Says:

    I think it is really aweosme i got a mystery box in one of the christmas presents and got a SANTA’S WORKSHOP!!!! SWEEEEEEEET!

  240. farmville strategy guide Says:

    I wanna get a villa

  241. mystery boxes Says:

    id say dont buy mystery boxes beacause you can get something not good

  242. eric Says:

    i got 1 stupid refill.

  243. Bryce Says:

    I jst purchased my first ever mystery box, well i got 2 from the christmas gift promo, but this was the first one i actually spent FV$ on. It was the red and yellow one tat ends in 2 days. I got an outdoor fireplace, which i thought was pretty cool, it s prtty big, but it sells for 1250 coins, and i got 400 XP. During the christmas thing, i got 2 golden fountains! i solde one though, and kept the other

  244. Tricia Says:

    I got a snowmobile. Now that’s sweet !!

  245. Marcus Ku Says:

    I got a Watter Fall!

    (mystery box 16 FV Chash)

  246. Jon Atkinson Says:

    i got a porcupine rather got a watermill or water fall but ok

  247. Veggygirl Says:

    @ Tricia What I don’t think so…….. a snowmobile never heard of that one are you sure? my friend buys them all the time sucker for spending money on FV. She got a neat pond, mass waterfall, small rock pond. kilim fire pit and a ton of other BS.

    I saved up and got the Manor awhile back. it’s ok seeming I really don’t want the Mega house all my neighbors have one.

    They need new houses and less water features.

  248. Vishtaspa J Irani Says:

    I got a Koi Pond.thats a large pond with unique fishes. then i got a waterfall frm d other one. Im quite satisfied.

  249. KAsds Says:

    What is in valentine mystery box?

  250. Alice Horn Says:

    Arrggghhhh – I didn’t have to read every post to figure out that many FV users have confused (or don’t know the difference) between ‘Mystery GIFTS and Mystery BOXES. The mystery gifts are accessible through gifts – and one sends (or receives) a ‘mystery” gift (as opposed to a specific gift being chosen), at no cost. The mystery BOX is accessible through Market, Decorations, and yes, it does cost 16 FV cash…you do NOT have to purchase., although ribbons are awarded based on number of mystery boxes purchased. I also received a Koi Pond (kewl!) in my mystery BOX. I’ve been looking foward to ‘purchasing” another Mystery Box – but will wait until V-Day is over – I don’t want to chance a ‘heats and flowers’ type item. You can’t equate quality of contents of mystery boxes with quality of contens of (free) mystery gifts.
    BTW, a bit off topic, but am I the only one that thinks it was tacky of FV to launch building these horse stables just B4 launching V-Day valentines? FV should allow users to send one of EACH category daily – not be forced to choose between sending a ‘regular’ gift, a Valentine, or working on the horse stable. I’d bet there would be an increase in use if we were allowed to send al 3 categories of items daily!

  251. KAsds Says:

    I bought 2 valentine ones.. WASTE of money.
    Got a bird on a stick and a love chest … both not worth the money and useless + small.

  252. Veggygirl Says:

    Anyone get any of the newest mystery valentines boxes/gifts, would like to know what they are before I waste 16 FV $ on one.


  253. flinpenn Says:

    i bought 3 and got a fancy carrige, a white stallion and a love chest.

  254. Veggygirl Says:

    thanks think will wait for next week. was hoping for more items can use all the time on my farm :)

  255. Adrian Says:

    Stupid farmville. My mystery box had a stupid mini bridge with water under…its hideous.

  256. alma Says:

    so as far I can see its not good idea to buy valentine’s mystery box prizes are not worth it?!

  257. keron Says:

    i got a fountain and a santa’s workshop from it im lucky

  258. Sabrina Massey Says:

    I have spent about 100 dollars to purchase FV$ and I love the mystery boxes. I feel that since it takes so long to accumulate FV$ or we are paying for the gifts by purchasing FV$ then if we get duplicates or an undesired item then we should have the option to gift that to a neighbor. I think that would be very cool.

    Or perhaps we should be able to gift and exchange all items or offer to purchase items from other players like in monpoly. It would make the game more interactive with your neighbors.

  259. uglyaliencow Says:

    what’s in the new mystery box the one released today?

  260. becca Says:

    I got two of the new boxes, the blue with red ribbon… I got a lake and a bed and breakfast!

  261. Lous Says:

    I got the lake and the bed and breakfast as well. Very nice, it’s just a shame this are items you can buy as well

  262. KAsds Says:

    got the lake aswell… too bad i allready had one

  263. david Says:

    get me 15 farm cash now or i’ll stop playing fv

  264. david Says:

    and i mean it

  265. Caty Says:

    I got an acai tree, pinto horse, and bed and breakfast.

  266. Fábio Says:

    Got a Lake today from a mystery box. Really liked it!!

  267. KAsds Says:

    In new box – 10 fluel refils. (Even golden egg gives 20)

  268. NSgameGOD Says:

    i had opened around 45 boxes .. si got some of them as – a gold fountain , a love carriage, a manor , a lake , bed and breakfast , 2 alcai trees, some 20 fuel refills and some 10 fuels .. , a snow globe , 2 gingerbread home , 2 santas gnome, a white stallon , pinto horse , klin , deluxe fire pit , mystery chests , 2 frozen ponds, a white barn ans many many more … i can give some boxes .. if someone can give me olympics stuff .. add me .. on facebook … if ur wish :)

  269. NSgameGOD Says:

    i forgot about dancin snow lady , 3 sledges …

  270. NSgameGOD Says:

    and a waterfall from a older one … opened just now …

  271. Playa Says:

    I opened about 20 mystery boxes and got….

    Water Tower,Gold Gnome,Groovy scarecrow,Water fall,deluxe fire pit,frozen pond,Cardinal,Fancy carriage,Mystery Chest,Gingerbread Home,10 fuel Refills,Pinto horse,Bed n breakfast,White Barn….

    I just Love opening mystery Boxes….[:D]

  272. mystery boxes Says:

    just wait until there is a good mystery box

  273. Tomo Says:

    I got a nice foot bridge :-) it’s quite small but looks pretty, I do like it! It has a litte “water like” thing under it so you can place it next to your pond. Unfortunately they can not be combined but they are looking good next to each other :-)

  274. alexis Says:

    where are the new mystery boxes for this week?!?!?!?!?!

  275. cindy Says:

    storage cubby and a mini greenhouse

  276. Kim Says:

    I got a wooden bench with a black and white sheep; a deluxe tool shed; a storage cubby; and humming birds

  277. brian Says:

    what does the storage cubby look like? Is it cool?

  278. Jeremy Says:

    Doesn’t sound too good this week…

  279. Jane Says:

    I got hummingbirds, fancy carriage, a stallion, a porcupine, an acai tree and a lake..

  280. KAsds Says:

    mini greenhouse, swing pench with white and black sheep and humming birds

  281. KAsds Says:

    i have an idea.. add me to your friends in facebook, for farmville, those who do buy mystery boxes.
    So you can see my farm and items from mystery boxes and i see yours (then i know if they look cool or not )
    Name : Epp Villa and write please a note “for mystery boxes” when u add me. :)

    Got mini greenhouse, wood swing with 2 sheeps and humming birds

  282. SEKEN Says:


  283. dimispol Says:

    well i think i am so lucky,
    in 4 boxes that i opened i found
    1 rock steam
    1 water fall
    1 porcupine
    1 luxury tool shed

    all of them are awsome…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. D'Laverne Says:

    The cabana looks so nice and villa style accompanied, but the rest of the thing in the mystery box was not worth taking the chance for the cabana…Bring back the cabana in another way. They look great with the villas

  285. lessa Says:

    got a cabana

  286. Namson Says:

    The only mystery box i ever bought was the first one (1st generation) and i got red bike got so disapointed so i never wanted to buy another mystery box but maybe in the future i will just waiting for the box worth to buy xD

  287. jimm Says:

    i got green gazebo

  288. jimm Says:

    and a high kick horse

  289. cindy Says:

    got a green farm house! it’s cool!

  290. abinesh Says:

    its a cool game

  291. Pat Says:

    Missed the hummingbird bush would love to have one. Will buy if available – or please rerun for spring item, Febuary not hummingbird time.

  292. KAsds Says:

    fireplace, wood swing with a duck and koi bond.

  293. Lita Says:

    A Koi pond and 500xp

  294. Justin Mark M. Lim Says:

    How can I earn so many Farm ville cash so that I can buy lots and lots of mystery boxes? I hope that all of the fans of Farm Ville can have a free mystery box. I hope it is 3 mystery boxes to be a winner. Thank you…

  295. pokemon nerd Says:

    i do not like bikes so im not opining meine wan i will bye it

  296. PAPA Says:

    koi pond.alpanca….in this week…..

  297. kevin Says:

    I got a

    buffalo & ox – mystery animal
    4 alpacas – mystery chest
    green mallard,green farmhouse- mystery box on st. pat’s day
    ostrich,butterflies,white peacock – mystery wings

    thanks farmville ….ur great… =)

  298. rawhool76 Says:

    farmville big trick: to get all fv mystery gifts and items that come with fv…just make fake ids..a fake id gives u 5 fv at start and with each level u gain 1 fv and very swiftly u can make 15-16 fv or 27 fv and add them neigbour to your real id and send mystery gifts like mystery wings at the moment…u can gain 200-500 xp also wid acceptance of each gift…

  299. Sim Says:

    I bought two mystery boxes and one was a Christmas Sleigh and the other was a Platnuim Gnome (lame) So I sold the Platnuim Gnome for 5000 coins! So I’d say if your gift sucks just sell it for a fortune

  300. KAsds Says:

    NEW box.. todays : squirel (sitting on a wood),

  301. KAsds Says:!/photo.php?pid=5275519&id=521353065


  302. Emily w Says:

    i got a baby elephant and 10000 xp

  303. wendy Says:

    I got a sprinkler gnome along with a “They of mystery” bonus of 10,000 coins and I think 100XP. Next box was an RV camper.

  304. shady Says:

    bring cardinal back

  305. phalvyah Says:

    I got the Mallard lounge (1 table n 4 chairs) on my Mystery box! :-)

  306. Judy Says:

    What is a Mallard lounge, anyway

  307. phalvyah Says:

    Mallard Lounge: round, short wood table with 4 chars. Chairs have white duck cushions and chair-backs have mallard duck cut-outs; also, table has a small suck shaped fire grid in the middle.

  308. phalvyah Says:

    Mallard Lounge

  309. phalvyah Says:
    Mallard Lounge

  310. koko Says:

    I want to share with you something I bought my mystery box and pushed it open out your gift box is full please use some items from your gift box before opening the mistery box help

  311. chantz Says:

    I got a weathervane house and 400 xp!

  312. 5'u Says:

    wow!!! i got a MALE OSTRICH….

  313. jamie Says:

    I just got all excited thinking what could my chances be? What could I possible end up with?… After reading peoples post i was scared.. Thank GOODNESS i did not get a fuel refill package or a darn red bike… But I won a elpahant fountian! I am not an elepahant fan and don’t know what an elephant has to do with a farm but at least I can brag about having something that most farms don’t have! LOL
    You should try it the surprize of the mystery gift is what makes it fun, take a chance people you only live once!

  314. phlavyah Says:

    I got the stupid elephant fount too, after getting a clover leaf fountain, a flower and a heart fountain, the elephant one was very disappointing…

  315. ILce Says:

    The reason why I’m not playing this game anymore are the mystery boxes.Otherwise it was very interesting game, but you need to buy all 30 of the Mystery Boxes for the blue ribbon with real money, it would cost about $80 USD.For that money I can play some Ps3 Game :D
    Is not that ps3 game will be better, simply you are ripping of the people.Which is not RIGHT.

  316. Javad Says:

    I got a Clock Tower, looks a bit like big ben (UK) very pleased,

  317. krysanne Says:

    i opened a mysteryBox and received a Stone fishtank! :)

  318. wendy Says:

    I opened a mystery box yesterday and got a “no gophers” sign. Useless, and nothing special, IMHO.

  319. Patrick Ungs Lv.62 Says:

    Opened a purple mystery box and receved a Gardan Statue (statue of a duck w/ cowboy hat riding a horse. purple flowers surrounding) and comes with 150XP. Sells for 750 farm coin.

  320. bulina Says:

    I found the „no gophers” and „no crows” signs in mistery gifts, are you sure it was a mistery BOX? Did someone open a new purple one? I’m afraid to try….

  321. bulina Says:

    I found out some other items in the purple mistery box:
    * Lavender Victorian House- 400 XP
    * Purple Mane Pony – 350 XP like a pink pony but purple :D
    * Sphynx – 300 XP like a thin white hairless cat.
    * Purple Frog – 250 XP so cute…
    * Antique Cart – 150 XP (like a bread cart but with pink and purple flowers)
    * Garden Statue – 150 XP (exactly as Patrick said)
    I like the sphynx and the frog… but I don’t have enough fv yet.

  322. JK Laing Says:

    Got a Watermill, a White stallion, a Footbridge, and Hummingbirds in the new Mystery Chest. Yee Haw

  323. Brandy Says:

    I got 2 white stallions and a male ostrich… lol.
    And a month ago, I got a brick cottage and a stone fishtank. I saw what my friends got too, and I must say I don’t really like these mystery boxes, I don’t think I’ll buy them again. I’d rather breed some rare foals. LOL
    Happy farming everyone!

  324. Christine Says:

    I got a Golden Garden Gnome and 200xp

  325. Guy Says:

    Duckling fountain and a White Stallion in May 2010 and couple months back a Tree Swing a tree with a tire to swing in :P

    I’m pleased with the Duckling fountain and the White stallion.
    My gf took a watermill

  326. Joshua Rayo Says:

    bmli ako ng mystery box pangit ng nkuha ko!!!TAE!!!

  327. Farmville LOverr Says:

    i bought 2 and they gave my pretty good stuff i got a clock tower and a grain silo i thought they were pretty awesome heres the link to see my farm (while your at it will you fertilize and feed my chickens)?

  328. Karen Says:


  329. avaughn Says:

    how to get a farm ville cash on face book i just gotta buy my wish list the villa Tuscany

  330. neil Says:

    i have been buying the gift boxes a lot since 7-11 promotion started. there are a lot off good things in the mystery boxes. just make sure if you buy all of them you get them all at once. if you dont you will get the same things which really sucks. but often there isa lot of things with water! i love the water stuff!

  331. KLS Says:

    french farm house & moose

  332. mlh Says:

    moose, vacation house and french quarter house

  333. meghan allen Says:

    Once i got a animal crate and i got a buffalo which i love and was totally worth 16 farm cash. Yesterday i bought the mystery box wrapped in green and i got a vacation home. I was hoping for the shamrock inn but im happy i didn’t get the moose or the doe because even though there awesome their not really worth the 16 farm dollars. Farmville crates can be very interesting.

  334. valentijn Says:

    I got a mini amphitheatre.. wtf… its huge and 300 xp

  335. Penny Says:

    I cant buy mystery boxes any more?????

  336. Madison Says:

    mystery boxes are now the mystery game!!!!! which is 5 FV more expensive!!!!!!!!!! :(

  337. Lone Plagarist Says:

    No Mystery Boxes anymore? Does anyone know if this is temporary? Does purchasing the more expensive Mystery Game count towards the They Of Myster riband?

  338. Bobo Says:

    The consensus is that the Mystery Game does NOT count toward the ribbon,
    which means there is currently no way to get the ribbon. Kind of dumb, isn’t it?

  339. Matthew Says:

    at different times and different mystery boxes i have gotten the wildflower waterfall, the teal Victorian, and some sort of fluffy bunny which i think all of them are worth the farmville cash mainly because i don’t need it for anything else. I think that all of you complaining about the risk should just shut up. You don’t have to buy it so if you think it’s stupid then just shut it and leave the people that want something to spend their FV cash on some variety and surprise. BTW i love Farmville, best online game i’ve ever played. :P

  340. Laura Says:

    Lol, heard ya can get fv cash from posting on this… xD Here we go…!! ;)

  341. juliana Says:

    i need more fv

  342. Ras Says:

    Wow, a golden gnome is the best available price for a mystery box?
    And gifts out of mystery boxes are “unique”?
    Great to know, coz i just got a golden gnome for nothing, whatsoever. It was randomly in my gift box!
    And i still had all my FVC!

    In addition i’ve get 25 Farmville-Coupons, which i could trade for 8 FVC. Also I downloaded that Zynga Toolbar and got 10 more FVC.

  343. Says:

    if anyone needs a neighbor im available add me u like thanks

  344. Says:

    if anyone needs a neighbor im available add me u like thanks

  345. Samanthia Says:

    How do you get the Mystery Boxes?!?..I’ve tried!..Also, why does everything “cool” in Farmville have to cost FVC?!..I save and save and save just about all of my FVC to get Limited Edition Items, then I have no more FVC!!..Why can’t we have the decision between FVC and coins?!

  346. J. Says:

    There are no mystery boxes anymore, but now there are Mystery Games! I played one and i had a Pied Peacock. An animal.

  347. Grace Croft Says:

    Thry need to get rid of so many things being paid for with farm dollars. I can’t afford them. Now the iphone takes over to get certain items and I will never have a iphone. I don’t think this is right. We don’t have a prayer of getting those items. Get rid of those special delivery boxes. They are a total waste. I don’t even accept them. The mystery boxes have some nice things for the first time. I love the little blue butterflies.

  348. Kelsey Says:

    Guys stop complaining. Everything has to be paid with farmville cash, you can’t deny it. But as you know already some companies are giving away a free farmville game card for promotions. That’s how the system goes.
    As usual if you hurry up, you will snag them for free.

  349. i Says:

    my friend got 325 cash!!

  350. liza Says:

    hi im trying to get the “THEY OF MYSTERY” ribbon but i can seem to find where are the mystery boxes at,can u please help me and let me know where i could find the mystery boxes thank you…