Farmville Releases Sweet Seeds for Haiti

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Farmville Releases Sweet Seeds for Haiti

Posted on October 2, 2009 12:41 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Charity alert! Today, Farmville released “Sweet Seeds for Haiti” which is a crop of Sweet Potatoes.  This is a new concept for Farmville. They are advertising within the game and directly asking for money donations.

Good News: The Sweet Potato crop NEVER withers, harvests in 1 day and yields 3 XP and 125 coins, promises a special gift with purchase and finally, benefits charity.

Bad News:  Must be purchased with FV cash! It says 10 coins, but it then prompts you to pay 25 FV cash. If you do buy these seeds,  you can only plant them for 1 week.

In my opinion, if they had to ask for FV cash, then it should have been less. 25 FV cash is a lot when FV cash is already difficult to come by in this game and not many people will be willing to let it go. If this was strictly for charity, then why are they keeping the other half for profit? If they are going to ask Farmville players for $, then they should at least let them vote on the charity it benefits!

Thoughts? Will you purchase the Sweet Seeds for Haiti seeds?

Here’s the scoop directly from Farmville:


“Salutations, y’all! Today, FarmVille is proud to release “Sweet Seeds for Haiti”. In this event, y’all will be able to purchase Sweet Potatoes that NEVER WITHER, yield XP and 125 COINS PER HARVEST! Even better than that is the fact that 50% of the proceeds will go to helpin’ children in Haiti. What could be sweeter than lending a helping hand to children in need? You’ll also get a SPECIAL GIFT with your purchase so hurry on over to FarmVille and check it out!”

More Info on Sweet Seeds for Haiti from Farmville:

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the 7th poorest in the world. Zynga’s mission of connecting the world through games is enhanced by our opportunity to support the health and education of these children and their families. For additional information on the recipient organizations, please see and

FATEM is a non-profit organization based in Mirebalais, Haiti, and originally organized to bring information technology to the people in the region, thus helping with the economic advancement of the area. More recently, however, FATEM recognized the need for a sustainable means by which to support the general education of Haitian children and to ensure that these children have the necessary meals that will permit their young bodies and brains to learn and grow.

FONKOZE, based in Port-au-Prince, is an alternative bank for the poor. It is Haiti’s largest micro-finance institution and is committed to the economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti and to the reduction of poverty in the country.

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48 Responses to “Farmville Releases Sweet Seeds for Haiti” »

  1. Dr.GreenThumb Says:

    This is so lame, i wish it was just like alot of coins rather than FV$ :(

    scamm :(

  2. Susan Kishner Says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  3. p3sti Says:

    Thanks for posting this article. I totally agree with your argument that if we are asked to spend our own $$ we should be allowed to choose the charity we wish donate to! This is kind of getting ridiculous. FV started out as a great game with lots of potential.

  4. Gentlewomanfarmer Says:

    It's not lame. You can *purchase* FV dollars which generates actual US$ for the charitable donation. What, pray tell, are the charities going to do with FV dollars? And what say, you were going to write off your FV dollar donation on your 1040?

  5. Johan Söderberg Says:

    I think this is disgusting. Zynga should pay 100% of whatever they raise from this campaign!

  6. Phil Says:

    Kinda silly

    If you're gonna be all charitable, why not just give it directly to a real charity that doesn't claim half the money?

  7. Caleb Says:

    I'm sorry to see so much negativity over something that is 100% optional in a game that you don't have to pay anything to play. I don't even have a problem with Zynga keeping 50% of the proceeds as long as they are up front about it (they have costs they have to account for after all). I myself will take part in this with the 25 FV dollars I've "earned" while leveling up. I get to help people without spending one thin dime and get an in game gift which, by the sound of things on here, is going to be pretty uncommon. I could care less if people donate or not but it's pretty sad to see people complain about something like this.

  8. farmgoddess Says:

    I think many people are turned off by this because before Farmville was just a light-hearted game. I am down for helping out with charities and bringing awareness and exposure to charities in need. However, at what point is too much? Everyone has their own agendas and I do not want to see Farmville become a venue for political affairs. But like Caleb said, it is "100% optional" no one is forcing you to do anything and the choice is entirely yours! Either way, I've liked seeing everyone's opinion about this, continue on. :)

  9. Farmstermind Says:

    They shouldn't write 10 coins, they should write 25 FV cash, it's really not fair, they aren't going to earn a lot of money out of this to help a charity…

  10. JullienneQ Says:

    I love Farmville!!! Yes coins is easy to learn compared to FV

  11. Cata Says:

    The sweet potatoes are heaven. If you have the 25 FV cash, it's the best deal you can do! If you plant all your field, then delete everything, then plant again, delete again and so on you can make about 35000 XP during the 7 days. I just made my 20k XP in 4 days.

  12. robin Says:

    did baby elephants always have tusks or is this new?

  13. farmgoddess Says:

    I agree. The 10 coins is a little deceiving.

  14. farmgoddess Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and link. Great article!

  15. farmgoddess Says:

    Awesome! I know some who do the plant and delete method for XP as well as bails of hay add and delete.

  16. Dan Says:

    "Talk about sharing the sweetness! 129,000 farmers have donated over $323,000 to the SWEET SEEDS FOR HAITI effort in FarmVille! The opportunity to give back ends October 15th!"

    Farmville Newsfeed Quote…. I am glad I participated in this event…the crops have been an awesome XP booster and over a 1/4 million dollars to hungry kids. I hope they do similar events coming up in the near futiure, I will participate for sure!

  17. tracker Says:

    I would use the 25 FV cash that I've earned through playing (which is all I've earned since I started playing) IF the seeds were a permanent thing (or even lasted a few months or something), but they're only for one week. That's pretty lame if you ask me.

    Add to that, that they're only donating half of the proceeds and it's even lamer. Do they not make enough off this game already that they need to tout a charity to make more? Charity does not equal profit.

  18. farmgoddess Says:

    I was hoping that they would do a charity event for Breast Cancer, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'd definitely donate to that!

  19. YuGabe Says:

    Don't be so lame. The FV$ you earn ingame for no one penny spent is FREE for you. That's why Zynga's donating only the half of it, because half of the people will spend their FREE earned "cash" to it. You can't make money out of nothing. Zynga will get nothing out of that one only, believe it.

  20. A1172144 Says:

    I believe the topic has gotten so many people off the topic. They soon forget the ideas, concepts, and meanings behind Zynga.

    They as a company, as a Whole could give two craps about the homeless kids in U.S.A., the Foster Kid’s down your block, or even better yet… Some kid from Africa, Philippines, China, or Alaska.

    They are here as a Company to make money. They could give 2 hoots less about the person that you know down the block. They were approached with a Business deal, or the C.E.O. has a soft heart for something about Haiti.

    I have spent about 1K on completing their vendors ads on Mafia wars. Did 1 cent go to anyone within 5K square miles of me? I doubt it.

    So all the bleeding heart’s about Haiti, and all the Jump on the Bandwagon people, should step back for a second and think.

    What is Zynga doing for you, in your near neighborhood?

    They gave you a game. Play It… Live It.. But if any of you believe for one second that this is not about Business, you need to get your head checked. I believe you have a Concussion.

  21. Hugh Jass Says:

    I wouldn’t mind spending FV$ on it if there was a way to activly get FV$ in the first place! :(

  22. roy Says:

    Quit your bitchen. It’s doing a great thing for people that really need it regardless.

  23. Tom Says:

    I think it is a great idea. As far as picking the charity you want, I think they should expand the charity offerings, maybe its own section.

    Some suggestions.
    Dog/Cat = SPCA
    Orangutan = Orangutan Habitat
    Various Crops = Seeds of Change

  24. Felipe Says:

    if i donate 25fv, i can plant sweet potatoes only for a week or i can plant for ever?

  25. farmgoddess Says:

    Only for one week.

  26. Debbie G Says:

    So what is the special Gift if you do it?

  27. Abra Kalola Says:

    The benefit to raise money for the Haitians is a shining example of how to transcend squandering precious minutes away into a worthwhile effort for these people that are on the brink of survival unlike you people who who take your time and comfortable life for granted. I was leery of the “Sweet Seeds” offer as I wasn’t sure that the money would truly reach the Haitians. Now that I have read more about it, I think it’s a fantastic idea and because Zynga has been up front about donating half the profits, well okay. They are probably a very affluent company, so it would be nice to see them do something like Paul Newman’s line of food, another charity he launched with his daughter Nell. YES, I HOPE ZYNGA DOES THESE OFFERS TO RAISE REAL MONEY FOR REAL PROBLEMS. BRAVO, WE WILL SUPPORT YOU IN SOCIAL CAUSES WHICH REACH BEYOND SOCIAL GAMES! lWe all know the world needs to turn technology around to doing some good for once.

  28. Abra Kalola Says:

    What I mean by likening it to the Paul Newman grocery line is that he donated 100% of the profits to charity because he had plenty of wealth. This whole thing has really turned my mind around about the potential of computer games which I used to think were a completely selfish endeavor from player to developer. Now I’m not so sure that is the case.

  29. Sheena Says:

    What was the bonus prize thing?

  30. Farmerman 21 Says:

    How exactly does spending our FV cash get turned into real $ ?

  31. Gary Says:

    I may be cynical but if you really think about its just a scam. I mean there isn’t proof that they are actually giving half of what they earn and they could be lying how much they actually earned vs. their profit *cough* i mean target. Its just ridiculous
    I’d bet my arms and limbs that this sweet seeds thing will never end and if does I’m pretty sure they’d find some other charity to help. (To be honest I never heard of Haiti)

  32. Marcus Says:

    To all the negative people that comment about the donating and playing Farmville. How about this for a good idea, because your are so lame to give a little money to someone in need. Don’t play the game, or buy the seeds. If you want to donate to another organization, then by all means do so. But I don’t think you will, people like you are what’s wrong with the world. Those who don’t care to give a little, to help another.

  33. Asif Says:


  34. hassan Says:

    thank you for this post farmville

  35. samantha Says:

    i am so happy i was apart of the first donation for sweet seeds for hati i bought sweet corn because i helped he pople there and now rthey even went throuht an erathquake so the money i gave will help them so much <3 u farmville peeople lets tell farmnville top make another crop for hati
    peace <3 farmville and help hati

  36. breezygirl Says:

    i did not participate in the first programs but i will definitely contribute now, only because now 100% of the proceeds will benefit Haiti. the original 50% donation bothered me.

  37. Asif Says:

    What is the right harvest time of Sweet Seeds for Haiti???1 Day or just 6 Hours??? please anybody confirm it ??? I read it in mostly blog as 1 day harvest time but in farmville its written 6 hours….anybody please confirm it what is real harvest time???

  38. FarmVille Farmer Says:

    The harvest time for Sweet Seeds for Haiti is 6 hours.

  39. Liz Says:

    The fact that some people consider this “lame” disgusts me. I’m sorry that you don’t like giving away your “hard-earned” Farmville cash, but frankly, there are people that need it far more than you do. What will you use your 25FV for? To buy a nice FV house? Get some holiday exclusive objects? Maybe buy a new freaking animal.

    Would you like you be reminded why Haiti needs this money? They need it because their country was completely devastated by an earthquake. So while you sit there, using your FV cash to buy some stupid Farmville accessory, remember that you could have been making a tiny sacrifice just to give some money to people who really need it.

    Every donation matters. Every. Single. One.

    As for the people who have chosen to donate, I commend you. It’s important that people understand when certain things are more important than Facebook games.

  40. Rocky Says:

    That was so kind of Zynga. Zynga group is not only creative on creating games, they also have a great heart.

  41. Gin Says:

    I wonder how people thought the 10 coins was misleading…If you read it it’s just showing that it’s a low cost ingame amount to lay down the crop and you get 125 coins which is an enormous gain compared to most crops and it can be laid down every 6 hours. You always have the choice to not do this event. Why is it people always want to complain about stuff that doesn’t even matter. If you are going to complain about something do it about things that you don’t have a choice in. Complain if you got horrible customer service if you had an ingame problem but why cry about a business doing a charity event? It might not be the exact charity I would choose on my own however it doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthy cause. Would I like to see a charity that actually involves helping children in the United states since that is where I reside…sure thing I would…but it doesn’t mean that I would stick my nose in the air about this particular charity.

  42. Leszken Says:

    Charity can hurt people when beneficiaries learn that someone will solve all their problems. I understand that other peoples suffer makes us sad, but if you want to help someone give him fishing rod and show how to use it instead of giving him a fish. In example look what did Haitian government after earthquake? It was grumbling, that UN troop didn’t brought safety to Haiti.

  43. killer Says:

    It bothers me because every time I load farmville I have to look at beady eyes and black faces begging for a handout. I already have to deal with that when I go into town, let alone from another country that refuses to help themselves. I’ve been able to block the outside ads but haven’t been able to block the ads in the flash frame.

  44. Marcus Says:


    Are you really going to come out with these outrageous claims without reading what Zynga intend to do with the money? They are giving the proceeds to FATEM, an organization that seeks to create economic independence for Haiti through better education and healthcare opportunities. Whatever your cliched fishing rod vs. fish analogy was trying to say is laughable. No one is trying to give the Haitians a cushy or comfortable life, but provide them with clean water, vaccinations, and schools for their children so they can be better off than previous generations. Ignorance is contagious, so maybe next time don’t just listen to what Mommy and Daddy were saying at dinner about politics.

  45. Pasko Says:

    I love playing Farmville and think its nice what they are doing for Haiti.


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