FarmVille Asks Farmers for FarmVille Valentine’s Day & Anti-Valentine’s Day Theme Suggestions

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FarmVille Asks Farmers for FarmVille Valentine’s Day & Anti-Valentine’s Day Theme Suggestions

Posted on January 13, 2011 9:43 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Unreleased Rose Vase

In a new community poll  posted on the official FarmVille forum, Community Manager Lexilicious is asking farmers to give their feedback for 2011′s Valentine’s Day in FarmVille! They would like to hear your opinions on not only a Valentine’s Day theme, but also an Anti-Valentine’s Day theme.

Now is your chance to offer up your ideas to the big Z and who knows just maybe your suggestion will make it live into the game.

Please go to the FarmVille Forum and make your suggestions there. We would love to hear your feedback here on FarmVille Freak in the comments as well, but remember you will need to make your comments at the official FarmVille Forum. Click the link below to visit the forum.

FarmVille Forum- What do you want for Valentine’s Day 2011 in FarmVille?

You may remember that not too long ago we shared with you some Valentine’s Day unreleased items, you can view them again by clicking here.

From Lexilicious:

“Hey Farmers!

Valentine’s Day will be upon us in the near future and the FarmVille team wants to know what Valentine’s Day themed items you would like to see in game.

We are also looking for your thoughts on new V-Day Themes (Anti-Valentine’s Day anyone? )

So if you have an idea for a Valentine’s Day item or new theme you would like to see in FarmVille this year, please post in this thread and let us know!

Please avoid spamming this thread with off-topic discussion and make sure to follow the forum rules at all times when posting.

Thanks everyone!” (Source: FarmVille Forum)

FarmVille Lexilicious' Valentine Day Idea Forum Post

What would you like this FarmVille Valentine’s Day theme to be like?

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103 Responses to “FarmVille Asks Farmers for FarmVille Valentine’s Day & Anti-Valentine’s Day Theme Suggestions” »

  1. Phillip Says:

    bring back the White Stallion

  2. brent Says:

    How about something buildable.. And things that don’t cost so much farmcash. Spending farmcash on things if often rewardable.. but after seeing everything that floods into the market costing farmcash turns out to be a bit rediculous. I want affordable things. Cool things for coins… not lame ice statues.. Who really wants those when we dont even have any room on our farm cause the EXPANSION still costs a fortune. But ideas for valentines… probably ancient greek

  3. alicia Says:

    How about a rooster for the coops!

  4. gidget kelley Says:

    I think it would be cool to have like a tunnel of love with the swan rides and love animals like the love birds and such

  5. Ashley Says:

    Last year during Valentine’s, I bought the Pink Hair Pony…. I think it would be cute to come out with a Miniature Pink Horse that everyone would be elligible to get by redeeming their Valentines Cards, just as we did with our presents during christmas, to get the Snow Stallion♥

  6. TorontoFarmer Says:

    Don’t do it people!! They make money off your good ideas and you don’t get a friggin’ penny! They want my ideas, they can pay me for them.

    But I’ll freely donate this one, show us some more love and STOP jacking up the prices of everything.

  7. Ronda Pennington Says:

    I think for a Valentines theme,,,,,,would be great to bring the white stallion back with a red rose headband and let the foals grow up t be be the same (TOO CUTE) What a wonderful idea…….!!!!

  8. fawn padilla Says:

    How about having a buildable chocolate fondue fountain by collecting building supplies and chocolates or build a chocolate factory that will produce candy for sale similar to a crafting barn… you could offer different types of chocolate candies for sale. You could also have a craft barn for flower arrangements and they would be for sale…

  9. Wanette Weaver Alba Says:

    How about a church????,a lot of people get married on Valentines Day,what better way than a build-able church

  10. Sara Wallace Says:

    how bout some fv love by giving us 20 free fv cash. new room and the duck ponds to actually work would be nice;)

  11. Rogue Robot Says:


  12. Mary Ann Says:

    Would like them to do a winter wedding theme that is somewhat simular to the the wedding theme that was done last summer. Also would like them to bring back the Valentine mailbox that they did last year.
    How about exchanging cupid’s arrows or love cherubs for some type of special collectables? Also would like to cardinations (Different colors like pink, red, white, yellow, and purple if possible) as a limited time crop where you can get mastery points.

    While we are on the topic of what we want to see in farmville I have this question: When are they going to finally release the 28 x 28 expansion for coins? It has been at least a month and a half since they released the 28 x28 expansion for 120 farm cash and not all of us who play farmville do not have or want to spend 120 farmville cash to expand their farm to this level and I’m one of them. I have checked each day to see if they have released this yet but have not. I’m a patient person but I’m at the point that I need to expand my farm to use some of the things in my giftbox. I would really like to use the bears, snowflakes, snowdrifts, ect. and incorperate them into my Valentine’s & Winter theme I have on my farm right now that I set up from some of the stuff I had in storage from last Valentine’s Day earlier tonight.

  13. Darlene Says:

    I have lots of gifts I received 2-3 -4 of when playing the dart game or mystery boxes I think we should be able to gift them to our friends as a GIFT…I KNOW lots of friends have had same issue of ITEMS from DART & MYSTERY BOX duplicated let us share them. PLEASE~~ it would open up lots of storage if I could share some of my items.


    STOP MAKING SOME OF THE REALLY CUTE CROPS VANISH SO FAST…CUPCAKES…BALLOONS….Would be awesome to plant for birthdays! Special occasions.

  14. Cindy Says:

    spiders GIANT spiders that put webs on you trees and when you clean your trees you get coins and MASTERY. Not so much a V-Day thing but whoever saw a farm with no spider webs somewhere. How about a Horse that when you reach MASTERY it gives birth to a totally different animal with hearts on it.LOL

  15. pattewakefield Says:

    Maybe some more horses and cows with love (hearts)

  16. Joy Says:

    I think “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”, is a good theme.

    Using a “heart shaped” and colored “HOT AIR BALLOON” fill it with chocolates, valentines cards, flowers, candy kisses, real kisses (red lips) or sweetheart candies (with sayings on them),or any combination thereof.

    I think the ULTIMATE PRIZE would be:
    RED / WHITE Stallion (with a beating heart).

    Other prizes could be:
    Box of Chocolate,
    Chocolate Chicken,
    Special Rose Seeds for a Mastery,
    Chocolate Factory to make and master candy,
    Florist shop to grow and sell bunches of flowers,
    Balloon shop to supply balloons. (Various colors and shapes.)

    For the Anti-Valentines I would think you would do somethng along the lines of:

    Stepping in chewing gum, sitting on melted chocolate, picking up crushed or wilted flowers,

    Balloons flying away so they can be posted for someone else to catch (this is my favorite and goes with the theme above).

    Joy Bosworth (FV Level 100)

  17. Mary Ann Says:

    Just had a thought on how to do the cupid’s arrows-do like the snowball fight that is going on right now. You would be asked to visit your friend farm and then asked if you want to have a cupid’s arrow shot to them and then you have the choice if you want to shoot one back or not.

  18. stacy Says:

    how about a flower bouquet that can be built up and harvested for something cool.

  19. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Masterable specialty roses and a sheep shed.

  20. chelle Says:

    How about bringing the previously unreleased Pegasus into the game by making it the main item to trade your gifts for :D. I am sick of waiting for it lol.

  21. Doris Says:

    The best thing they could give us for Valentine’s Day is the 28 X 28 expansion for coins !!!!!!!

  22. Doris Says:

    Oh NO, not shooting cupid’s arrows when you visit farms – anything but that!! I’m so tired of the snowball throwing – it slows down my visiting and fertilizing soooooo much!! Can’t wait till they stop that!! Dumbest thing they ever came out with!!!

  23. amiyo Says:

    ZYNGA ,i think from my behalf that the spotted stallions in the market can make a good one on this valentines .
    or any 1 free giftable cash item to any 1 of the friend can also make it exciting…
    or many love themed items never released..
    thank u

  24. pandabear Says:

    classic magical fairy tale valentine theme with a breedable pegasus and goth/emo anti love theme with lotsa black and pink.

  25. Cathy Says:

    For sure the Pegasus as a special price. Maybe a silver shining Pegasus or a white purple one thats animated somehow (spreading wings, rearing…)
    An animated Fairy that blows hearts.
    Like the butterflies – a bush where lil fairies fly above)
    A rose pavillon or a rose tower that looks like one from a fairy tale.
    A special kind of rose seeds, limited crop, pink-white or purple-white
    A cupid gnome or a cupid scarecrow, animated.
    A pink or purple swan (usable on the duck pond).
    Another castle, fitting to the theme.
    Heart-shaped lamp in an old french style.

    Best idea ever: A beautiful Big magical tree that can be harvested for Farmcash OR a wishing well, that can be used for making wishes and getting special items, fitting to the changing subjects over the year.

  26. Freaker Says:

    new farmville duck relised!/photo.php?fbid=177144302324767&set=a.101551909884007.3064.100000875944412

  27. Fay Says:

    Please please please
    bring back the

    PINK PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mike Says:

    For a crop that meets both Valentine/Anti-Valentine, how about candy hearts and broken heart (or withered hearts)?

    Because love is so unpredictable, harvest and wither times have variable times.

    Another way to split the crop is random crop dispersion (full hearts/broken hearts).

    In order to earn the mastery sign you must both.

    In addition, a special co-op can be formed “Love is crazy” which would require large amounts of both full and broken hearts (maybe another crop or two)

  29. dandylion Says:

    cupid gnome, red rose crop, chocolate crop, chocolate fountain, love birds, swan heart, hmmm what else?

  30. Jazzcat Says:


    I love cat and sheep, so a special cat and a special sheep would be nice !

    Maybe a seed and a special tree as well.

    But more item for coins and not for farmcash, or for not too much farmcash. Please !

  31. avee Says:

    we want pegasus on this valentine ….
    plz put it in the market ….
    its so so lovely…

  32. Jacob Says:

    For the Valentines mailbox, don’t bring out the same lame stuff; ewe’s, fountains, etc. would love the Pegasus as ultimate prize, Hot Pink Chicken, Chocolate Scuplture, Rose Knoll, Love Tower, Vase of flowers, Purple Roses, Love Hearts Crop, Pink Patch Stallion, Love Unicorn, Choc Box (a giant box of chocs, that when opened reveals a chocolate cow inside with a giant belly, which smiles cheekily) etc. And a gift of at least 5fv would be nice.

  33. Neil Says:

    How about the 28×28 expansion for coins. that would be a sweet gift. it will also let us build some of the new stuff that we dont have space for, like the duck pond.

  34. Jacob Says:

    And does anyone else think an extinction Theme would be nice? A free Archaelogical Site, that needs shovels and brushes, and when finished with Magic Liquid, becomes a full grown T-Rex. And an Extinction Mystery Crate, Mammoth (Rare), Diplodocus (Rare), Stegosaurus (Uncommon), Velociraptor (Uncommon), Triceratops (Common), Diictodon (Common). Also a Pterodactyl Mountain for 16fv which is decoration, Brachiosaurus for 18fv, Baby Velociraptor for 100,000 coins, Archaelogical Tent for 50,000 coins, Tar Pit Duck for 12fv (a bony duck swimming in a tar pool), Tar Puddle for 3000 coins, Archaelogist Costume for 5fv, etc. Sorry for rambling, just thought I would share my thoughts.

  35. william Says:

    how about a chocolate heart tree that cost 10,000 in stead of farmcash
    a game like the christams one. we have to colect cards and candy for valentiens
    free farmcash to share the love with us

  36. FARM Says:

    BLACK ROSES ,NOT for farmcash ,they put all the top thibgs for farmcash .Its valentines day have a heart COINS ONLY

  37. scott Says:

    Bring the pink haired pony back and the white stallion also

  38. Tina Says:

    White horse with a red rose in the mouth, pony with hearts on the body

  39. dawn Says:

    After seeing a lot of people go through way too many balloons to get the new horse Zynga should do something extremely nice-lots of pissed people and they are losing players over stuff like that.

    off topic– my snowman have shrunk to tiny tiny size, they are about the size of the chickens.

  40. dawn Says:

    Valentine’s day represents “love”, Zynga should let us trade the useless crap we’ve gotten in the mystery game for somethings we really want, I don’t need or want 6 ducks.

    also for v-day winged creatures, anti v-day-horned creatures (couldn’t think of anything else but horned). I’m sure with a month to go Z* already has something, they are probably getting ideas for next year, if any one is still playing.

  41. Sharon Says:

    Would love to be able to plant red roses for mastery; would love to see the red rose fence back; heart shaped pond; bridge with love swans or ducks in a french boat running underneath; red rose mailbox; would love Europe theme (Paris); and would love Russia theme before winter is over. Love the chocolate fountain idea is a good one.

  42. nm Says:

    The thing I liked most of all this Christmas was that when you redeemed your presents you sent extras to the friends you wanted to have them. I can not tell you how it ticks me off when someone redeems something just cause they can and they sell it. I would like to send my friends that want the extras from my hard work. I hope they keep this in place as it was an awesome idea.

    I loved the two ducks sitting on the bench kissing. I got a whole bunch of them and I’ve never put them in storage. I would like more kissing animals on a bench or maybe a swing that I could mix in with them. I like the tunnel of love idea someone posted and I totally agree with someone that said we should have a crafting florist to sell our flowers. I like the idea to produce a valentine tree that maybe grows hearts and flowers or maybe even for an anti valentine one that grows black hearts and black roses. Would love to see diff. colored roses as well to plant. Loved the fire and ice roses and yellow roses from last year. Maybe they could add purple roses as they are rare that would be nice. I also like the idea of the love birds,butterflies or faires. Maybe a white stallion with two hearts on it’s flank along with a matching female that nuzzle together when put side by side.

  43. shabnam Says:

    i will love anything..after d coin expansion..plzzzz..n dont give everythin for cash..we cant afford ol f dem..:(

  44. gooooooosbumps Says:

    mystey game or mystey animal could be cool with White Stallion rare rooster rare ram uncomeen hog uncomeen yellow duck commen male rabbit

    mystey game or mystey animal with odd animals mexicon hair less dog rare okapi rare uncomeen platypus uncommeen capybara commen echidna commen aye aye

    mystey game or mystery animal oddes 2 with cassowary rare tapir rare sun bear cub uncmeen kiwi uncmeen sloth commen frill-necked Lizard commen

    mystery game or mystey animal with dangerous animals baby tiger rare baby rhino rare hippopotamus uncomeen crocodile uncomeen grizzly bear cub commen komodo dragon commen

    more coming :)

  45. FloydieGirl Says:

    I fancy a Kiss Tree one that is covered in puckered lips, that starts off pale pink and slowly grows to deep red when ready for harvest, if put into the orchards this could turn into a foil covered chocolate heart tree like the mint candy tree, but lots of multi coloured shiney hearts. Multi-coloured foil chocolate heart mastery crop, red rose crop. Clothing pink or/and red deedly heart boppers, red/white heart dress/suit. Love Moo (instead of ewe, lol) cow and calf with hearts or a bull?? White fence with red rose swag and a gate to go with it, I want gates!!!!! My animals are fenced in with no way of getting in or out, in my mind anyway……. Masterable rose bush or tree. Unicorn with hearts, although someone above put the pegasus, that would also be equally as cute! Most of all (apart from 28 x 28 which I hope comes a lot faster then V-day!!!!!) I would like foals to grow up the same in adult as they were in foal, most miffed my snow stallion foal changed into a black horse….Hurrumph….. Also I love the idea of the buildable chocolate fondue/fountain from above XXXXX

  46. eveline Says:

    Idea for a new crop: Belgian witloof (= chicory), pronounced “with love”

  47. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Prehistoric them
    Australian them
    Medieval them
    Ocean them (cool water landscape, grow kelp, have coral trees, and fish-like animals)
    Fairy Tale Theme
    African Safari theme
    Classic Southern Plantation Theme

  48. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Ugly Duckling finds love! You could do an daily plotline (with maybe an item every day, or a prize of some sort, like the winter countdown) about his love story…It can be like beauty and the beast, once he gets his kiss from his <3, he turns into a swan! Or she turns into an ugly girl duckling

  49. gooooooosbumps Says:

    i would love a skunk in love with a (pink) cat and give them some hearts animation over their head.
    no kidding I LOOOOVE Pepe Le Pew!

  50. gooooooosbumps Says:

    A chocolate crop or Cocoa tree.

    Love birds.

    Lace fencing.

    Mailbox to collect Valentines from neighbours. Or a heart to collect cupid’s arrows from neighbours.

    A “kissing” frog.

    A proposing gnome on one knee

  51. gooooooosbumps Says:

    I want a weeping willow for Valentines day. Most beautiful tree ever

  52. gooooooosbumps Says:

    for sure a Cupid sheep

  53. gooooooosbumps Says:

    A horse that has hearts coming out of it. Similar to the Candy Cane and Candy Corn Ponies

  54. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Also candy hearts could be used as a crop or tree as well.

  55. gooooooosbumps Says:

    a new skunk a new female, but I want it to be purple

  56. gooooooosbumps Says:

    A cupcake tree or crop

  57. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Yes PLEASE bring back the pink pony and the pink patch cow and hot pink pig!

  58. gooooooosbumps Says:

    I like the LE crops.
    Candy hearts would be cute. The ones that say stuff like LUV U.

  59. gooooooosbumps Says:

    cupid horse A skunk with wings that flies in place

  60. gooooooosbumps Says:

    alpca and donkey

  61. gooooooosbumps Says:

    How about a pink haired stallion

  62. gooooooosbumps Says:

    A Redhead Duck for our pond

  63. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Albino animals – translucent white fur & PINK eyes

  64. gooooooosbumps Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Valentine’s Day chicken, either…. something new to breed up in the coops. (Same for St. Patrick’s day!)

  65. gooooooosbumps Says:

    elephants. Pink Elephants.

  66. gooooooosbumps Says:

    How about a white cow with red hearts on it, or a bright red horse with Be My Valintine written on the side of it , or maybe red hearts coming out of it’s mouth.

  67. gooooooosbumps Says:

    I would love to see a Space Theme star wares them and diseny them

  68. gooooooosbumps Says:

    chocolate animals. Or maybe a heart unicorn

  69. gooooooosbumps Says:

    mystery box!!!!

  70. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Superbowl them
    Lunar New Year thme
    Mardi Gras them
    St. Patrick’s Day them
    easter/Spring Time them
    April Fool’s Day them
    Earth Day them
    Arbor Day them
    Cinco de Mayo them
    Mother’s Day them
    fathers day them
    Halloween Event them
    Thanksgiving Event them
    Winter Holiday them
    New Year Event them

  71. Janet Says:

    Maybe THAT is why Farmville is closing today for “Maintence” Could be Valentine stuff, OR Expansion for COINS!!!

  72. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Presidents Day them
    Martin Luther King Day them
    Memorial Day them
    Independence Day them
    Columbus Day them
    Groundhog Day them
    Fat Tuesday them
    Kentucky Derby horse race them
    Father’s Day them
    Sweetest Day them
    Australia Day them
    Boxing Day them
    Show Day them
    Three Kings’ Day them
    Flag Day them
    Black Friday them
    Day of the Dead them
    Children’s Day them
    Constitution Day them
    Clock Day them

  73. manu Says:

    What about, let the baby animals grow up into the animals they are!? So NO black horse out of a new year foal, but a new year horse!

  74. Marilyn Says:

    Nobody buys the dogs because they serve no purpose… I been buying them waiting for them to breed… If not soon… I will not buy anymore!!


  75. danielle Says:

    they had a pink pony last yr i think would be cute with one that spits out hearts and comes from the free gifts

  76. gooooooosbumps Says:

    i hope every thing on this page comes out!!!! :)

  77. gooooooosbumps Says:

    unwither ring come back but chepper and can you it for your self

  78. addictedfarmergal Says:

    goosebumps…you copied and pasted ideas from the FV forum page. just sayin.

  79. felicia Says:

    I really want a pink/black horse for the anti valentine theme, and a pink/red horse for us Valentine’s day lovers, black rose crops, or red rose crops, a heart castle(I missed out on the shamrock one last year) just any kind of cute horse/stallion would be awesome, with some cool buildings, and some ducks that don’t cost a bunch of farmcash, 16 fc for a duck? Really? You can almost get a horse for that, if they were cheaper I would buy a couple, they need to be like 8 farmcash. Maybe a heart tree, that breeds a lovebird tree. Yada yada, I could go on, I’ve been a little dissapointed with the Christmas items(not the holiday tree collections, just the for sale farmcash items) They were a little boring. Maybe some free cash, just a little, like you should have done with that free present under our tree this year, instead of a cow it should have been like 20 farmcash, you guys could afford it. I’m done rambling now.

  80. crizz Says:

    So Pink is hands down one of my favorite and i was born on V-day So i too have a few ideas::

    I want Owls. I Know I Know. But the Animation on the owls is hands down the best, Pink and Purple Owls! That hold Love notes in their beaks or better yet, Show up on your farm WITH Notes and gifts than you can keep some of you would like That would be sweet.

    Also I Love the pink hair pony, Maybe that would be a good re-release, since Zynga is bound to re-release some stuff. Also think about a Hot pink pony with just one heart on her side or something like that, The pink hair mini is a good idea for 16 FV$ no more than that. Purple Mini perhaps. I also think the Unicorns are always fun.

    Some cool crops like Multi color Pink grass, Chocolate crops. lol

    I really liked the Christmas tree set up, 6 small prizes 6 big ones and 1 Awesome one. Something like that i have tons more ideas but, I doubt anyone will read this far !

  81. theresa dimento Says:

    i would love to see a heart shaped pond trimmed in roses with maybe a fountain in the middle of it with cupid on top of the fountain i think that would make a nice piece to add to my fv collection

  82. Sherri Says:

    I would love to see a Cupid Sheep or choclate sheep with red hearts.

  83. Mala Says:

    I would like a pink horse with red hearts(like the autuum cow).. or a candy heart tree which makes seedlings of a gingerbreat heart tree :)))))))

  84. V Says:

    pink pink PINK! I have a girlie pink themed farm, so the more pink items, the better. I will keep them on my farm year round.

    Some ideas…

    -bring back the hot pink hay bales!!!

    -a big pink hot air balloon

    -a pink LE crop or two…I like the pink in the alpine roses best. Or pink hearts. I have an unwither ring, so I want to keep a pretty pink crop on my farm year round also.

    -pink heart topiary

    -hot pink cow

    -all pink pony

    -a pink duck, to go along with the new duck pond

    -a new pink tree

    *more storage please! I love my holiday decorations but I’m running out of storage for them. it limits what I will buy if I cant put it in storage and use it again the next time the holiday rolls around. ALSO, please let us store holiday themed animals! My mistletoe donkey, santa cat, pumpkin sheep, etc. look out of place on my farm this time of year. :S

  85. gooooooosbumps Says:

    addictedfarmergal i know i whanted other people to see and that i loveed those ideas and some are my ideas to

  86. gooooooosbumps Says:

    or maybe a devil cow

  87. gooooooosbumps Says:

    a light pink swan would be fun to have too.

  88. gooooooosbumps Says:

    it would be nice to have a special tree that gives us farm cash or animal!!

  89. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Love Cow (like Kelly Green, but with hearts instead of clovers)
    -Hot Pink Elephant
    -Chocolate Sheep
    -Luv Ewe 2 (Hot pink)
    -Pink Unicorn

  90. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Egypt themes (Pyramids, sculptures, Houses etc.)
    India Theme 2

  91. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Rosebush-5 Valentines
    *Lovely Surprise (Valentines Day version of the Harvest Surprise/Winter Whimsy)-10 Valentines
    *Luv Ewe-20 Valentines (trust me, the Luv Ewe’s return will be inevitable)
    *3 Hearts Fountain-30 Valentines
    *Pecking Ducks-40 Valentines
    *Cupid Gnome-50 Valentines
    *Mini Eiffel-100 Valentines
    *Cupid Crow-125 Valentines
    *Black Swan-175 Valentines
    *Pegasus-300 Valentines
    * long leg rooster 500 valentines

  92. gooooooosbumps Says:

    In the same vein of the 2010 Holiday Tree, we should be able to select whoever we send freebies whenever we redeem a prizes from the 2011 Valentines Box.

  93. gooooooosbumps Says:

    The Animal Habitat Theme Month! It would focus on giving farmers cool animal buildings and/or other habitats to help us organize, store, and decorate our farms all at the same time! The buildings should follow in the theme of the pig pens with cute animations for the animals as well as details that show what animal lives there (food, shelter materials, etc)

    I would like to see the game offer different styles of some of the buildings too, like, say, a fancy stable, a country stable, one made of brick, etc, etc. It would be nice, too, of some of the options were extremely customizable for the gamer (where we can pick construction material, color, roofing look, etc like Zynga does for Frontierville). It would also be nice to see consolidation in expansion of buildings like the dairy barns so I don’t have to have 2 or 3 of them.

    I should note that not everything has to be a building or ‘house’. For example, for squirrels you could have a decorative, large oak tree where you could “store” your squirrels much like you have the pond for the ducks. That was our farms aren’t just a sea of buildings from shore to shore.

    1. Stable expansion. I only buy 1 horse of each type and I only have 2 slots left. So pretty soon I think those who love to breed their horses will be forced to choose which horses they keep and which they start deleting, which doesn’t seem right, especially when the horse is Farmcash. Expansion is definitely needed.

    2. Sheep Shed or sheep sheering shed

    3. Rabbit hut

    4. Peacock shed

    5. Ostrich shed

    6. Deer shed

    7. Unicorn temple/Fantasy animal temple/house

    8. Elephant shed

    9. Goose Shed

    10. Panda Shed

    11. Swan house. I know the duck pond hold swans but I’d like a place to hold swans by themselves.

    12. Aviary. This is a perfect opportunity to expand on the *other* harvestable birds as well as introduce new ones AND add a function to the game for the collection or production of something else like…. hatchable eggs we can get from the aviary that actually produce birds and that we can gift to our friends and also get one to keep for ourselves. You can even make it a several step process: get the egg, hatch the egg, feed the chicks…..

    13. Llama pen

    14. Reindeer/Moose/Elk house

    15. Monkey House

    16. Goat pen or Goat house

    17. Donkey/Burro hut

    18. Elephant sanctuary

    19. Chinchilla house

    20. Baby animal shed. I know we have the nursery barn, but a lot of people don’t like it, don’t want to grow their babies into adults animals, etc., and just want a place to store their foals and calves without losing them, but yet clear off some much needed space on their farm.

    21. Cat house (ha ha, but no seriously)

    22. Turtle pond

    23. Penguin pool

    24. Chinchilla house

    25. Egret/Flamingo/Like Bird pen

    26. Squirrel house

    27. Skunk house

    28. Bear den

    29. Fox den

    30. Panther house for the adults and babies

    Also, how about a River Runs Through It theme where you can design-your-own river during a month and open up not only animals, river-related decorations and housing, but also animals animals you can place IN the river along with some water-growing crops.

  94. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Ideas for a “Along The Nile” Egyptian Theme:

    - Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramids are buildings after all)
    - Egyptian Temple
    - Egyptian Barn (built of brick or stone like the Pyramids)
    - Egyptian Tool Shed (built of brick or stone like the Pyramids)
    - Egyptian Farmhouse
    - Egyptian Villa (New Design, not the same layout as the original and Tuscan Villas, maybe have sculptures of Anubis at either side of the main door? )

    - Camel!
    - Red Arabian Mare
    - Mummy Cow/Calf
    - Hyena
    - Great Blue Heron
    - Pharaoh Hound (LE Dog Breed)
    - Egyptian Mau (Perhaps another adoptable cat breed?)

    - Sant Tree
    - Lotus Fruit Tree
    - Nehet (Sycamore Tree)
    - Giant Willow

    - Nile Oasis
    - Pharaoh Gnome
    - Scorpion Pile
    - Great Sphinx of Giza
    - Scarab Beetle Hill (Equivalent to the ant hill)
    - Sand Dune
    - Animated Quicksand
    - Quicksand Warning Sign
    - Anubis Sculpture
    - Pharaoh Sculpture
    - Plow Cattle
    - Cobra in a Basket
    - Egyptian clay Fence
    - Temple Gate
    - Golden Temple Bench with embedded gems
    - Water templates (plots of “running water” with the space range of 1×1 plot to make a functioning Nile River instead of hay bale art.)

    - Fodder
    - Fava Beans
    - Sorghum
    - Castor Oil Plant

    Ideas for a Spaniard [Spain/Barcelona] Theme:

    - Spanish Hacienda
    - Spanish Casita (Small farm house)
    - El Castillo (Castle)
    - A Replica of La Sagrada Familia (Church, equivalent to Allegra’s Abbey)
    - The Local Panaderia (Bakery)
    - El Mercado (Shop)
    - Académia de Baile (The Dance Academy, Dance and Music play a big part in Spanish culture. From Schools to nightlife and the yearly Barcelona Music Festival)
    - Restaurant

    - Andalusian Horse
    - Merino Sheep
    - Wild Boar
    - Spanish Fighting Bull (Another adoptable with a twist, its aggressive nature will require the farmer to wrangle it with neighbors like the Mustang. A farmer can’t adopt more than one. And make him “put out” … a lot!) –> Make the feature work!

    - Palm Tree
    - Montezuma Cypress tree

    - Magic Fountain of Montjuic
    - Plaza Real
    - Lamp Post
    - Fence
    - Gate
    - Bench
    - Human Statues!
    - Guitar Boy Gnome
    - Cable Cars? (They can move from one side of the farm to the other, depending on how big people want it? Make it customizable with Farmcash.)
    - Pool
    - Zaragoza Falls (Water feature replica)

    - Sugar Beets
    - Legumes
    - Fodder Grasses

  95. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Could you please put some new animals for the season in the animal trough and change the gifts from the turkey roost?

  96. gooooooosbumps Says:

    NEW CO-OP prizes would b e nice

  97. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Hi i would like a home for my farmer, where we can decorate the inside of the home

  98. gooooooosbumps Says:

    Fire & Ice Roses PERMANENTLY (Definitely a must!)
    PINK Champagne for the wineries, wedding cakes for the bakeries & love perfume for the spa’s.
    Current cats to be females, and an ability to get male cats, put the two together in a little heart shaped cat-basket, when harvested, produces a litter of kittens to be shared with neighbors (like with the piglets), and ALSO be able to name them like with the dogs!
    A heart-shaped strawberry with cream crop.
    Holding your wedding on FarmVille & inviting neighbors, like with the New Year’s barn, only it can be a small chapel building & limited to 20 guests. Then be able to post that you & your partner are now married, and share a nice gift with your neighbors. Also, there’s never been a church building available as far as I can recall. A chapel would be perfect.
    Some pink vehicles? There’s a pink tractor, but not a pink seeder & harvester. Pink biplane? Also loved the idea that someone posted, to let the plane write a message in smoke on your farm, hovering there at the top.
    A multitude of flower decorations, but rather than making available only certain colors, let the farmer choose the color. That way everybody gets what they want.
    The ability to change the color of ALL our buildings – and make them all rotatable!
    Bring back some donkeys!
    Also, the theme is Valentine’s after all… Why not have a small little section of sending cute Valentine’s from secret admirers? Add a little romance!

  99. gooooooosbumps Says:

    bring back the Cupcake crop, Fire and Ice Roses (both with crop masteries), Luv Ewes, and Cupid Gnome

    - candy conversation hearts, chocolate covered strawberries and red roses as crops we could master.

    - Champagne for the Winery!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Weeping Willow – level 1 tree to a Weeping Cherry – level 2

    - lace fences, wishing well, love birds, God/Goddess statues, the skunk idea, a cupcake sheep, and 2 sheep sharing a plate of spaghetti.

    I would also like Zynga to think about some of the other suggestions such as the 50 state flags as well as Egyptian and mythology themes.

    We also need more vehicles. What about a water truck to water our seedlings or a recycling truck that would delete farm plots but nothing else?

    How about a money tree that would give us farm cash for playing continuously for a specified number of days?!!!!!!!!!

  100. gooooooosbumps Says:

    More Ewes please!, and themed horses/stallions?!

    Anti animals could be black since I don’t actually have any black animals on my farm D:
    Horse/Stallion could be black with a red main that flows into hot pink tips?
    The ewe could be black with red glitter stars on those headband things with the springs like the St Pats and Easter ones?

  101. gooooooosbumps Says:

    mystey them and animal them all animals and all mystey stuff ( boxs games)

  102. gooooooosbumps Says:

    more land and ad more room to put trees in the o

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