FarmVille Expansions: How many FarmVille farms do you farm?

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FarmVille Expansions: How many FarmVille farms do you farm?

Posted on January 21, 2013 2:49 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Travel Farms

FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm is the most recent example of FarmVille game expansions. There’s already talks of the next FarmVille destination farm being Atlantis themed. Zynga has been rolling out new FarmVille destination farms about every three months, so we’ve become accustomed to the idea of new farms, but not everyone is happy. FarmVille players are divided between those liking the idea of having new farms and those that don’t and would prefer addressing existing FarmVille issues first.

Since no one is forced to visit or acquire a new FarmVille farm, it seems kind of silly to say no to a new farm, even if you don’t plan on utilizing it. You can go ahead and claim your new destination farmland, and then completely ignore it or farm there happily.

With at least nine major farms, and several mini expansions going on such as Sunflower Meadow and Angler’s Pond no one is expected to keep all of their farms actively running. Most players choose to only farm a handful of farms or rotate which of their FarmVille farms they keep active. Of course, there is no right way and what’s right for you is for you alone to decide.

With that being said, we are still interested to know – how many FarmVille farms do you actively farm? Take our FarmVille Freak Poll below and tell us what you think about additional FarmVille farms in the comments below-. Are you for or against more FarmVille farms?

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7 Responses to “FarmVille Expansions: How many FarmVille farms do you farm?” »

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I only actively farm on 3 farms at a time. Home Farm, English Countryside and 1 expansion. Currently that is Enchanted Glen but normally it is Winter Wonderland. However this plan will change to 4 farms as I really love Enchanted Glen.

    I don’t bother with Angler’s Pond, what exactly is the point of it? I want Sunflower Meadow (but that thing is crazy expensive) but not for farming. I just want a place where I can easily display my sheep collection.
    Most of the new farms are boring, I barely touched Lighthouse Cove and Haunted Hollow. Mistletoe Lane I hardly bothered with because I already have a fully functioning winter farm. Jade Falls and Hawaiian Paradise I played for a while but got bored of them both. Most of the time I will activate the new farm, and only try the quests if there is a prize I particularly want (sheep) and then never really bother with it again. Lighthouse Cove is currently being used as a dumping ground for building projects I can’t really be bothered with.
    That being said I probably will have to start playing those farms again so I can access the shipping licenses so I can move some stuff around. But once I’ve done that I will probably not bother with them again.

  2. Jim Baron Says:

    sending stuff from the English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland, Hawaiian Paradise, and Jade Falls farms to the home farm and includes the space to put everything on the home farm – this would include the:
    bedazzled cottage
    building materials
    chicken coops
    coconut currency
    imperial shipyard
    jade coin currency
    land plots
    land treasures
    market stalls
    mountain palace
    polar train station
    sea plots
    sea treasures
    snow treasures
    stone fortunes
    sweet shoppe
    tea garden
    terrace plots
    tiki bar
    volcano reef
    water plots
    and any other things

  3. Karl Says:

    None. Got tired of all the errors and quests and new animals and trees and buildings and all the new building materials. I left Farmville about a month ago. I suddenly found out I have lots of free time and better things to do with it!

  4. Farmer Julie Says:

    My beef is that the farms I already have work less and less. It takes a good 40 minutes or more to load the game, if it loads on the first try (usually not).

    My English farm loads maybe once bi-monthly. The sheep pen there does not work, trying to open it always freezes the entire game. This has gone on for a good year.

    Lighthouse Cove is now getting the same problems. I have eggs there that have not hatched in months. No turtle babies grow up, after I feed them, they just become unclickable babies that are stuck forever. I cannot use my Dragon Lair. Most of the problems are all in the same corner, it’s the Bermuda Triangle of Farmville.

    My home farm also takes hours to load. I haven’t been able to breed horses in months, which was my favorite thing to do in Farmville.

    With every expansion, everything slooooooows down more. I cannot rearrange my farms, they barely run to harvest a couple things. Using a farmhand is a risk, it can lock the whole game up.

    And the quests assume we use all the farms and have transferable storage.

    The angler’s pond thing is stupid, why not just make another game? It’s like they are trying to bring in as many elements as possible to attract people to the game, but they are just annoying the ones that already play.

  5. Josh Says:

    My Home Farm 50×50 with a 5×5 Combine is my Crop Mastery/Goal Crop Requirements Farm ( 2473 Plots)

    My Lighthouse Cove 48×48 is for Orchards (151) & Animal Pens (5 of Each)

    My Winter Wonderland 38×38 is my Junk Farm for Temporary buildings & decorations Things like:Baby Play Pens (For the never ending Foals & Calves) , Bonsai Gardens, Dragon Liars, Unicorn Islands, Extinct Animals Pens, Animal Pens, Bloom Gardens, Dog Houses.

    Unless there are goals for a specific farm I rarely do any work on the other farms.

  6. WayneJ360 Says:

    Kari Its funny you havent played in a month but still check this site ;)

  7. Margo Reppert Says:

    Home farm is for quest crops or mastering, English countryside is where I display all my fairy themed, rainbow and other things of that nature. Don’t know if Enchanted Glen will ever have enough space to move them over. Also my herb garden is there so that’s where I master the herbs. Lighthouse Cove is where all the extra buildings are because there’s lots of room. The last LC quest was impossible to complete and I will not be doing any more of that kind of month long, super hard quest. Winter Wonderland has all my holiday and winter stuff and is a place to master crops if I need the space. Jade Falls I completed the shipping license, but don’t like how the plots need to be laid out. My bonsai garden is there, so I will go there to complete those trees. Hawaiian Paradise is impossible to complete the shipping license so I don’t go there. Haunted Hollow I have the extinct animal pen so that’s the only reason I go there, to make the animals. Mistletoe Lane I’m working on completing the shipping license. I do love Enchanted Glen because of the fairy theme but it’s filling up fast once I placed all my animal enclosures. I like to level up the restaurants and make recipes. Atlantis sounds like it might be a fun one. After that, who knows. I stopped playing other Zynga games because they wouldn’t load or they incessantly locked up. Currently, Farmville is behaving on the most part. If things get bad enough, who knows…