FarmVille Flea Market Removed: Say goodbye to Claire (for now)

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FarmVille Flea Market Removed: Say goodbye to Claire (for now)

Posted on June 7, 2012 2:05 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Flea Market Welcome Notice

Some disappointing news for FarmVille farmers especially those FarmVille Freaks that never got the opportunity to be visited by Claire- FarmVille has decided to remove the Flea Market feature!

Have no idea what the FarmVille Flea Market or Claire is? Click here for the original post plus examples of Flea Market trades.

The Flea Market was on an extremely slow roll out to players and it seems as though only a small group of players actually had it probably due to Zynga testing it for bugs and feedback. There was a lot of positive feedback from players that had been visited by Claire and made Flea Market trades. However, there were still kinks involved that Zynga would like to resolve before they consider this feature to be a permanent part of FarmVille. Removing the Flea Market from the game kinda seems like a temporary decision on Zynga’s part, but we’ll have to wait and see!  I’m still mad at Claire for never visiting my farm. What about you, how do you feel about the removal of the Flea Market feature from FarmVille? Be sure to Take our FarmVille Freak Polls below and share this post with all your farmin’ friends who are wondering what happened to Claire!

Here’s the announcement from official FarmVille sources, FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell, below:

Howdy Farmers!

After listening carefully to everyone’s feedback, we’ve turned off the Flea Market feature, so you’ll no longer find Claire visiting your farms. As you know, we’ve brought this feature out very slowly and we have actively watched how Farmers who have had access to Claire responded, and how the feature worked out in comparison with our expectations.

We’re certainly very happy to see that a great number of Farmers are interested in trading! The Flea Market has taught us that we have a good number of things to resolve before we can consider a feature with trading a permanent part of FarmVille. Due to that realization, the Flea Market has been removed from the game.

Thank you for your interest, participation, and feedback on this feature.

- FarmVille Grimwell (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

How did you like FarmVille’s Flea Market Feature? Are you sad to see it removed from the game? Leave us your feedback in the comments below and take our FarmVille Freak Polls!




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135 Responses to “FarmVille Flea Market Removed: Say goodbye to Claire (for now)” »

  1. Magda Says:

    I have never met her…

  2. Rob Robert Says:

    Love to know why players such as I (there since day 1) never even saaw this feature yet they tested it out on who? People joining that week?

  3. Karen Andrews Says:

    I liked the flea market so I wish it was still around!

  4. cathy Says:

    that does not surprise me or the thousands of others who never got her while other friends got 100s of cash

  5. Sherry Says:

    Goodbye?! I never even met Claire! She never once visited my farm… :(

  6. mega Says:

    all i can say to this would be censored, so i will not say (write) a thing.

  7. LadySorrow Says:

    I thought of and submitted a similar idea a few years ago, basically giving the opportunity for us to trade items for other items between neighbors. I really hope that this concept gets further modifications and is reintroduced to the game. It’s a great way to get rid of items you’ve bought with Farm Cash that you no longer want without losing what you’ve paid for it.

  8. ED Says:



  9. 129c Says:

    To translate………

    Hi farmers,

    Since we introduced the flea market feature, sales of FV cash have dropped so we have no choice but to get our greedy hat back on as soon as possible.

    We at Zynga understand that everyone liked this feature more than any other. This is why we have removed it without notice.

    Happy farming!

  10. Heather Says:

    Whhaaaat! )’: Why??? I LOVED the flea market.

  11. Alicia Says:

    Rather than selling to an NPC, it would be nice if we could either send items from our farms/storage to friends (sort of like the regift feature) And/or have a auction house type thing set up where we could list our items and have people bid with either coins or cash .. and have the coin-to-cash converter I’ve seen mentioned as (hopefully) being implemented one day.

  12. maja troost Says:

    Its not fair for the people they had never get the fleamarkt.So wy are you turned off?There are people who get over 100 fv cash, but the people ( including me) they never get it doesn’t have fv cash or something else.Hope you will give those people something for this .

  13. Wanda Says:

    I enjoyed getting Claire on my farm. I will miss her!

  14. Toni Says:

    I saw her, I never got any cash, it was coconuts. She bought a spaghetti sheep. It was really not a big deal at all and the rewards was not that much. I would love to know who got cash.

  15. tops Says:

    Fast Travel – yay we like – REMOVED
    Flea Market – yay for ppl who had her that got fvc – REMOVED

    whats next Farmville – REMOVED

  16. Toni Says:

    PS I would love to be able to sell or even give away trees grown from seedlings that I have no use for. Seems a shame to harvest them, water them, only to sell them.

  17. Frances Says:

    Who is “everyone” who gave feedback? Sure wasn’t me or alot of other players as we didn’t even get to see this. I think it is unfair that only some seem to get to use the flea market and then give their opinion…what about all us other players? I think all of us that weren’t able to see Claire should be compensated since those others with opinions to take her off got to sell stuff for farmville cash. Let’s play fair and give us something and then let us give our opinion…fair is fair.

  18. Jack Bauer Says:

    I loved this feature. I made over $200 farmcash and unlocked my shipping licenses and jade thanks to her. I hate that they took it away. Bring it back!

  19. MapleSyrup Says:

    Bummer………….figured it was too good to be true…. :(

  20. Diane Morrow Says:

    I loved this feature!! Dont take it away!! I looked forward to selling an item for FC every 3 days… I purchase FC so to get some for selling an item I have a lot of was a nice feature.

  21. Jo Ann White Says:

    I’m sorry it’s been removed, I was really enjoying sending gifts to my neighbors. I will certainly miss it.

  22. toomuchtime Says:

    This makes me very sad…Claire was the only reason I could afford early access to Jade Falls. She will be sorely missed on my farm :(

  23. Michal Says:

    someone got loads and loads of $FV but others got nothing (me, for example…)

    well done, zynga *thumbs up* (/irony)

  24. Linda Says:

    Please, please keep the Flea Market!!!! I love being able to keep buying trees- I spent every cent and then some, that I received!!!!

  25. vixxycrowe Says:

    The post didn’t say it wasn’t coming back at the end it said that the tests showed them that changes needed to be made. She may be back. As for me I buy farmcash the only claire i got to see was a coin claire… i don’t need coin and i’m not selling my expensive fvcash items for a low amount of coin…that just isn’t right. And maybe that sneak preview for coin to fvcash deal is their replacement for it to make it fair for everyone dunno.

  26. marcvader Says:

    she visited my farm every 3 days i wanna say, so disappointing! i was able to save enough for an unwither ring, if it ever pops around anytime soon
    add me for farmville neighbors (just send a message letting me know cause i recently have a stalker)

  27. vixxycrowe Says:

    I think the real reason they took her out is a lot of people that play free got the farmcash claire…heaven forbid if people get free farmcash. I think honestly they couldn’t figure out how to make it random enough so that the farmcash was a rarity and removed it because of money. They’ve never hid the fact they like to bleed people dry haha.

  28. vicki Says:

    Well, she visited me and all I ever got were coconuts while most of my neighbors were getting FV Cash. Sent 2 emails to support and had 2 responses that what she gave was random – either FV cash, coconuts or coins. But I know for a fact – if you started out with FV cash that is what you got every time.. same with coconuts.. and I had 1 poor neighbor who only received coins each time.

  29. ROSE Says:

    I wont miss her,, all she ever wanted to give me was coconuts,,while others got FVcash, for the same things, if i could have , i would have used her to toss cocnuts at,, didnt need coconuts,

  30. Laura Says:

    Claire did not visit my lvl 96 farm at all, but she did visit my daughter’s lvl 32 farm quite a few times during her short stay… and this is what I think happened:

    “As you know, we’ve brought this feature out very slowly and we have actively watched how Farmers who have had access to Claire responded, and how the feature worked out in comparison with our expectations.”

    What I think this actually means is people who never buy farm cash (my daughter) loved being able to sell stuff and actually receive FARM CASH instead of coins, but they didn’t immediately turn around and BUY new stuff from the market that would automatically pop up as soon as they received their farm cash from Claire!! People like myself who have spent real money to buy farm cash never got a glimpse of Claire on their farms. It seems like “how they expected the feature to work” is a nice way of saying sorry we didn’t get enough people to take the bait and get them to spend what Claire was giving and make them want more (in hopes to get people that never or rarely ever spend real money to start doing so). I was amazed that they even offered this feature at all, but not surprised in the least that they decided to take it away. I have a love/hate relationship with this game.

  31. Ruby Lane Says:

    I’m pissed.
    I never got it.
    Many players had it for almost two months at one visit every 3 days. Some were earning 40-60+ FVC per visit.

    I pay for FVC when I can. I can’t now because my parents don’t have the money for it.

    I’m happy that people in other countries who never could buy the FVC finally got some!

    However, I think we should all be given some sort of compensation if they are taking the feature especially since I have the chatlogs from agents who told me it was going to be a permanent feature!

  32. Mags Says:

    Played since day 1, and enjoyed hte flea market since day 1 too…well good feature
    Tho i do think farmville only removed it cause people were getting FC without buying it.

  33. Carin Says:

    I, for one, am glad they turned it off. I’m sorry that the folks who were benefiting from it are sad, but come one, folks – how is this fair? They need to fix it. Of course, the folks that were getting FC offers from Claire don’t want to see her go, but they were a small minority. And I really don’t think it had anything to do with whether you bought FC or not or what level you are – the formal Zynga FV forum had a running thread on this topic; all sorts of folks were getting the market.

    It may come off as sour grapes, and to be honest, I suppose, to a degree, that would be true; I just think it grossly unfair that some folks had it and most folks didn’t. That’s just not right.

    And when they fix Claire, they need to make the radomizer more fair, too – sometime offer FC, sometimes coins, and sometimes c’nuts (and now jade). That also wasn’t good – some folks always getting FC offers, while others who did have the market were only getting coin or c’nut offers.

  34. Momma Stabes Says:

    Ok there seems to be some confusion on what “Claires job was” I did get to meet her once a week for about 3 weeks FV cash was never offered only coins I am pretty sure that the people who did meet her all were offered the same thing FV coins only. so for all you people out there whining about getting something for nothing it would be good to get your facts right tysvm.

  35. Eric Says:

    That really is too bad! I loved seeing Claire every 3 days. That was one good thing Zynga did for (some) farmers. I sold a stupid black chicken for 24 FV cash and several of those boring Silver Maples for 32 FV cash. I will miss her but hope Zynga will bring her back soon!

  36. Michelle Says:

    Never saw Claire on my farm either – some of my friends have gotten up to 200+ FV cash from the visits – It was a totally unfair promotion – I contacted Zynga(farmville) at least 4 times about the flea market and was given 4 different reasons as to why I hadnt seen it on my farm – Not sure if they even knew what the real reason was…

  37. Princess Says:

    I read your comment Mamma Stabes.

    Whilst Claire never visited my farm I am doing my friend’s whilst she has no internet connection and Claire was there for at least 4 weeks and she only ever offered FV cash but low amounts – think 16 was the highest.

    I was looking forward to this feature reaching my farm :((

  38. PATTY BATH Says:


  39. Dan Says:

    Good to see the discriminating lady getting the boot. The game has been going down the crapper and another reason I have mainly stopped playing.

  40. alli Says:

    Nope, she never visited my farm..that sucks!

  41. Shane Bruce Says:

    Claire only visited farms of players who did not check in often enough to keep up with the new coconut currency. She visited my farm twice when I was not actively playing Farmville. If you played everyday, she did not visit. It worked by trading old items on your farm for coconuts. However, you could only trade one item per visit and that item would be removed from your farm. Do not be mad you did not see Claire, she wasn’t that great. It seemed like it was to help players who did not play for awhile get coconuts for lack of playing, but it really wasn’t that great of a feature.

  42. joe Says:

    I knew this would be gone as soon as I saw that they are going to allow trading coins for cash (for a subscription). I was able to receive 400 fv cash during her visits. I am lucky, but…it is also a bunch of bullshit that not everyone was given this opportunity. .

  43. russell Says:

    Claire seldom offered me FC more often she offered COCONUTS and sometimes coins.

    My last trade was a Pink Dragon for 9000 COCONUTS. I had to check to see if I had multiples and if it was mastered before I accepted the trade.

    Most of the offers were not worth the time it took to consider.

    If they bring it back, I hope that they will allow the player to choose what Items they want to sell and for what currency.

  44. Sam Says:

    I had the flea market feature and like the idea but the fact that some people only got farm cash while I got only coconuts every time it popped up kind of made me mad. So hopefully they will fix the bugs so everyone can have a chance at getting Farm cash.

  45. Josh Says:


  46. Elizabeth Says:

    “Trading old stuff for Farm Cash” – yeah right! That never happened for me and I am mad as hell about it too. While others were getting 100s of FV cash, I only got measly coins. I had filed complaints after complaints with Zynga and got the same inadequate responses – that it is totally random. I even complained it was discriminatory that some players only got FV cash and others measly coins. For me no big lose this feature has removed. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  47. Cass Says:

    Well I seen her but never got to trade things in for farmville cash only coconuts thats odd I guess I wouldnt have made it for Farmville cash but kept it to trade in stuff for coconuts

  48. reincloud Says:

    ya know what’s really sad? I bet 99% of us *expected* to get fucked somehow with this new “feature.” When was the last time they “released” a new “feature” that you were really happy about, that worked correctly? yah, me too.. There are SO many things that don’t work correctly, or only work right part of the time, on my farm that I REALLY FREAKIN’ WISH THEY’D FIX EVERY EXISTING “FEATURE” BEFORE RELEASING *ANYTHING* ELSE!
    I can’t believe what a POS this game is, frankly. If you got ANY other computer game, platform game or even a phone game, you would be SO mad if it had this many bugs/issues/idiots designing it. You would probably say “WTF? that game is UNPLAYABLE, why would I waste my time and money on THIS crap?!!” Demand your money back and never play it again.. I don’t know why we all haven’t done that with FV, but seems to me like the time is here.

    I used to love this site, but they just keep selling out more and more.. =\

  49. [kby] Says:

    Of course it’s removed now. I just thought I’d figured out how to maximize how much I get from her while minimizing the impact of what she takes!

  50. kathleen baker Says:

    well i liked having Claire visit me she was very generous, like got a golden chicken i 18 f/cash… very good deal, and i saw her regularly ..shame that it has to go.. Kath

  51. GFab Says:

    Never got this feature either. As a matter of fact I haven’t gotten the Leader Board feature either. So nice of Zynga to put stuff out for some people to benefit from and others not.

  52. Felix3322 Says:

    Listening to feedback?! WTF Zynga! This is the best thing you put out sense the GAME its SELF! I loved this! Why on earth would you take it away It worked perfectly (Unlike most of the other stuff) and it did something that we ALL liked. Were they losing o much FC sale money? Okay fine, so Drop the prices for items we sell and make it once a week! It would still be amazing!

  53. JG Says:

    I never got a visit from her and it was very upsetting, but one of my best FV friends got LOTS of FC from her which he used to buy lots of trees, if she will no longer be visiting him then that is bad news for me also as I have gotten a LOT of good trees from him thanks to him buying them. Since he most likely won’t be anymore that will make it a lot harder to get the trees now. So in an indirect way I will miss her verrrrrrrryyyyyyyy much!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:( I hope they will bring the FM back soon but when they do for goodness sake PLEASE MAKE IT SO IT IS AVAILABLE DAILY FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

  54. Guy Says:

    This is the most unfair thing they have done in my opinion. I have played this game for nearly 3 years and spent cash on the game (too much) and I never get a chance to see this feature and collect cash. I know two people that made over 600 FV cash on this.
    I wrote e mailed support and gave them a piece of my mind. I am considering quitting the game now. I know I have spent my last dollar on the game.

    Get real It is all about greed to Zynga and it has gotten worse since thy went public on the stock market.

    FED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Cynthia Says:

    Well I hope they fix their glitches and bring it back. friends and I have been saving things for each other waiting for the day.

  56. Aravind Says:

    I am sad to see claire go. I got 71 cash through claire visiting my farm and purchasing items from my farm for cash. I hope she would be back. Now I have enough cash to try Jade Falls. :-)

  57. Natalia Says:

    I’m so mad about this. Been playing for 2-3 years and I never ever had her visit. I’m so glad that to know that this is how loyal players are treated even when they do buy farmcash on occasion. They are never ever getting a penny from my own pocket again.

  58. Ginny Says:

    Well, I, for one, am glad that the flea market is gone! I have been bugging zynga to remove it from my farm, because every time Claire comes to my farm, I am reminded that one of my neighbors (who is too cheap to spend real money to buy FVC), gets FVC from Claire, while I get offered to sell my items for COINS! I spend real money to buy my FVC, and I did not even spend them to purchase items for my farm; I used them to finish my quests so they don’t overlap! Meanwhile, my cheap neighbor didn’t even spend the FVC that she got from Claire on her quests, but bought decorations and whatnot for her farm instead! And she kept on sending requests and posted the same request links over and over for days to finish her quests! WTH! Besides, what will I do with those stupid coins that Claire offered me? I have more than 150M coins and 120M coconuts! I can’t even use them to buy the things that i want for my farm! So I told zynga, give me FVC, otherwise remove the stupid flea market from my farm! But zynga did not remove it, so I STOPPED PLAYING Farmville! They’ve lost one loyal player and customer, too, since I have also stopped buying FVC from them!

  59. billie Says:

    The flea market must get fixed asap; how unfair is it many people paid Jade Falls entry with Claire’ visits while others didn’t see her at all??

    I had Claire all along; on a beyond average deal: She bought stuff for lots of coins, but every 3 days she’s buy the same things again. She never made me any FC offers.

  60. Anju Says:

    Hey Hey Thats certainly not fair. I loved Claire and loved to trade with her. She was my only source of earning farm cash. Unlike my sister in US who gets to earn farm cash through advertisements we are a poor lot here in India. For once i was richer than my dollar toting sister. Now I will be poor again. hey zynga please restore this feature again

  61. Rob G. Says:

    Never came to my farm.
    Not one time.
    Every time I would contact Zynga about it,they said be patient that it would roll out to everyone soon.
    I guess they LIED to me all this time.

  62. Karl Says:

    My wife was regularly visited and she always got FV. Max vas 56 FV for a peach palm. She got over 400 FV from this.

    I never got a visit from that ****.

    We both play daily, so it was not a matter for playing regularly or not.

  63. Lyn Says:

    I was visited by Claire. It was great. She bought items from me and I got FVC in return. My theory is that Zynga removed it because of giving away the cash. They would lose money if they gave away the cash. It was great for me because I am one of those people who does not want to spend my hard earned money on a game.

  64. Pooh Says:

    This is my feedback that I posted to Zynga after reading about Flea market closure (and I mean every word of it):
    I just read the article for the Flea market closure. I can’t express how disappointed I am to hear this news. This was the best game rollout by you and still it ended. I had been waiting all day for Clare to show up and now, I read the article on your support page.
    I could purchase early access to Jade falls just because of the FV cash that I got from the Flea market. I have been buying FV cash items from the market only after trading items with Clare. Now, I am so sad that I won’t be able to enjoy the game as much as I did with the Flea market feature. I have been a loyal farmer and playing Farmville daily. I love this game irrespective of all the bugs/glitches. I considered myself privileged that the Flea market feature was given to me when so many of my neighbours didn’t have it. I appreciate this gesture and hence, please accept this as my feedback and request to relaunch the Flea market feature soon but now for everyone.
    Could you pls tell me if there are any plans of relaunching this and if yes, when would it be? Please come back to my query. Thanks.

  65. Larry Miller Says:

    The best thing that ever happened on Farmville, and you dumped it because of a bunch of impatient whiners!!? What were you thinking. I would very much like the Flea Market back. See how many people who had it really liked it and reinstate it please.

  66. Diane Says:

    i’m pissed about this…Never visited but my sister had her and she made over 300 FC since she got her. (Happy for her)

  67. Paul Hirsch Says:

    I liked Claire. I liked trading old stuff.

  68. Bluey Butler Says:

    I really enjoyed trading with Claire and I found it very helpful.Please bring her back.Thank you

  69. Snezana Krcic Says:

    Cao!!!!!Ne znam kome da se obratim al ja nisam imala tu mogucnost da dobijem market -FLEA MARKET….ne znam razlog al zelim i ja da imam mogucnost licitiranja kao vecina farmera.

  70. Tanya Says:

    I’ve been playing for years now, and I did have the pleasure of meeting Claire. In fact, it made me want to play more. Every 3 days I sold something to her that I didn’t even want or miss, and I got lots of Farm Cash! I hope Zynga brings her back very soon!

  71. Rui Says:

    I was one of the ulucky one to never have met Claire. Some friends were more furtunate then me. Some got cash, some coins and while other coconuts.

    Even with the bugs i think Zynga should try and fixe this and make it permanent.
    Im not going to be greedy and say just for cash. Why not alternate with the 3 choices, now 4 because of jade farm.

  72. Siria Says:

    I visited Flea marked as often as I could! I will miss it!

  73. Betsy Says:

    I never got to see Claire on my own farm :( but was so looking forward to it because of what I saw on my partner Rons’ farm. I think it’s the best feature you have come up with. Please resolve the issues so we can all have this opportunity to improve our farms. Thanks for your time. Betsy

  74. Tanya Says:

    Wow, Ginny, calm down please. If someone got free FVC, that isn’t nice for you to begrudge them of that. Saying someone is cheap isn’t very nice because not everyone has tons of extra money laying around to spend on games. Maybe they wish they could. Also spending money on things for your farm that you get to keep forever isn’t stupid; it’s smart. I do think they need to make the feature available to all players to make it fair.

  75. Guest 1 Says:

    Too bad…. I liked having the extra FV Cash. :( Oh well… no more spending FV cash for me. Buh-bye!

  76. Christina Says:

    I LOVED Claire. I looked forward to the visits every 3 days and getting rid of multiple items, getting farm cash and buying new items. PLEASE fix it and bring her back!!

  77. Lisa Says:

    Of course they took it away!! I GAVE us farmcash!!! GRRR!!

  78. arlene sharp Says:

    I would have loved for Claire to visited me, I patiently waited but she never came and now she never will, I feel cheated because I never got the opportunity to receive farm cash which I really could use. You stopped the game before a lot of us had a chance to play. Not good FarmVille!!!!!

  79. Sue B. Says:

    I hated this feature. I met Claire and she stayed around my farms all the time and NEVER offered me farm cash for anything one time. Always coins which, since I’ve been playing since almost the beginning, I don’t need. All the while I heard about the hundreds of dollars in fc that some neighbors were getting. It was annoying.

  80. Bronwyn Mazzie Says:

    I for one enjoyed it I did not enjoyed Zynga taking my 66 bucks which I made off the flea Market I made 85 bucks that day I was left with 19 bucks When I asked for an refund they were uable to verify it and therefore are unable to refund it I had to buy 310 FV cash to get Jade Falls

  81. LuisFilipe Says:

    It’s the new world. You pay and some one will say what you get. Not w

  82. Mark Says:

    Claire purchased my first born. But at least she paid a handsome price for it! :)

  83. Barbara Butler Says:

    Claire’s flea market was a fantastic item.I do hope you bring her back as I was able to use the farm cash to buy other items etc.
    Please please re-think your decision and do what is best for the players.
    I looked forward to seeing her every three days once I’d twigged what it was all about!Eager to see what she wanted to buy off me.
    Here’s keeping everything crossed in anticipation of her return!

  84. hector buitrago Says:

    i´m very upset to learn that Claire had been removed from farmville, i even feel like stop playing the game :(

  85. dr z Says:

    I got visited by Claire, as did my wife. She’s only level 40 or so, and all her trades offered were in farm coins. Mine were in farm cash. I think Zynga expected this to be a way for them to get players to delete their massive cache of stored items, but that isn’t how it worked out for them. They probably realized that the dent it put in their profit margin was too big and so they decided to trash it. I am 99% certain we will never see this feature again. Zynga has -nothing- to gain from it, just like Fast Farm Travel. They lose their advertisement for buying early access to Jade Falls if they enable FFT, so notice how they were “fixing” it and now its just… gone? There are some great artists and innovative thinkers over at the FarmVille studio, but man, the people in charge are sooooo stupid. They ignore the feedback from players and hope that people are already addicted enough to keep playing (read:paying) anyway!

  86. CHERYL Says:

    I was never offered cash, only coins. I never got around to checking if the price in coins was same or different than if I had made a decision to sell an Item. I won’t miss the feature at all. If they would bring it back and offer cash I would use it!

  87. Charlotte Says:

    This is beyond stupid. However in my opinion the unfairness is not in what she offered to you, but the fact that the majority of players did not have access to it.
    I never got Claire on my main farm (and I never buy FC) but my other account (sport team mascot which also “plays”) did! I made quite a bit on my second account which I used to send sheep over to my main account.

    Claire was useful, however it was also rubbish. I mean yeah I always got FC offers but she kept wanting to buy the same 2 animals (which I didn’t want to sell), she NEVER changed what she wanted. I had to spent a lot of time growing mystery seedlings in the hope she would decide to buy the new trees instead. Thankfully she did. And if I switched to Winter Wonderland or something she would disappear until I went back to my home farm!

    TL:DR, I’m really annoyed this feature is gone. I had some experience of it and it was kind of useful. Zynga need to get the butts in gear and fix this and make sure everyone gets it this time!

  88. Mirka Says:

    noooooo , i want her to stay :-( just fix it so everybody will get her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don’t remove her …pleeeeaaase !!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Stabby Elf Says:

    Best feature FV has released in a long, long time.

  90. Grant Says:


    There are four farmers in my house, and I can tell you that it WAS totally random.
    Not how much you play, not what you buy, not where you live, etc.

    O can’t believe the quotes from people above actually being “mad” and how “unfair” whatever was, whether you were visited or not, and what you were offered if Claire showed up.
    And people actually CALLED Z-Support asking, “WTF?” because so-and-so got something they didn’t?

    Just because you perhaps weren’t able to enjoy a feature, it’s not “unfair”, it’s “unfortunate”, and all the complaining via a phone call is ridiculous, and probably ruined it for those that WERE lucky to have this opportunity.


  91. marjan Says:

    WHAT!!!!! FVCASH??? i got only coconuts… those zynga is realy discriminating other people… beginning to hate it and think of quitiung the game.. just like the fvcash tree that was only for americans.. they should gett punished for discrimination on the internet..
    im so angry.. i play everyday , last 3 years and what do you gett.. nothing..
    if you make a game possible for everyone in the world, then you make the bennifits to for everyone because everyone is the same.. they play all that much.. and its not fair the one getts all and the other nothing

  92. Mooshki Says:

    I made almost 300 FC from Claire. I think it’s incredibly unfair that they didn’t roll her out for everyone.

  93. Fortuosity Says:

    I only ever got coconuts and didn’t even play Hawaii. Great deal. If they mixed it up that would be better. FV cash one time, coins another, ect. We’ll see what they do.

  94. dr z Says:

    To anyone who says the flea market was not fair:

    I don’t have an English Countryside farm, and Zynga won’t even let me pay for one.

    the couple hundred farmcash I got from Claire < another entire farm.

    So quit crying about it.

  95. valerie Says:

    People here are complaining that players who did not spend money got Claire on their farm. Well I can tell you I spend money on FV $ and i GOT Claire on my farm . She paid me very very well in FV $ !!!! I think it was purely random who got Claire . IF zynga had a set in place A system to who got her i think i would pass out. Zynga tends to fly by the seat of their pants . IF claire being knocked out has upset you then get rady to be really friggin mad . They are going to convert our FV coins for cash BUT WE HAVE TO PAY A 10 USD PER MONTH FEE FOR IT . ZYNGA IS NOT GOING TO GIVE ANY PLAYER A TRUE BREAK EVER . THEY ARE IN THIS FOR PROFIT SAD TO SAY BUT TRUE . SO BEG COMPLAIN WHAT EVER WONT WORK . IF THEY DO GIVE US ANYTHING IT IS VERY SHORT LIVED LIKE CLAIRE . ZYNGA CARES ABOUT THEIR BOTTOM LINE WAY BEFORE THEY CARE ABOUT OUR BOTTOM

  96. China Says:

    I personally hate to see claire go!! Although I do not think it was fair that all farmers didn’t get her..she was AWESOME! I was actually waiting for her this morning…..I have made between 300 and 400 farmcash from her. I have played for a long time and spent real money on and off. Darn Zynga for giving us something great to take it back. Now I wish I horded more of the cash she gave me. PLEASE ZYNGA BRING CLAIRE BACK TO ALL FARMERS!

  97. paula Says:

    I had this from the start and found it to be really good. I had several pals trees that were level 2 (grown from seedlings) and the market gave 32 farm cash for each 1. Sad it’s gone but it did mean I was able to go to jade falls early and expand.

  98. Teskovic Says:

    Meh..what a bummer =(
    I was always so happy when i saw that smiling face of her..
    Could finally buy some stuff.. was this just a trick to let us get used to the feeling of not being too greedy and spending FC so that we now spend real money to buy FC?
    Cheeky sneaky bastards…

  99. Luicee Says:

    OMG! NO!
    That figures… the first thing the get right in a long time…
    and they yank it…
    I got 30 FV Cash every 3 days (or more on some items)
    for absolutely useless things i had oodles of… like Maple trees and sheep!
    FREE sheep we made in buildings…!!!!

    WHY ZYNGA?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    PLEASE BRING BACK CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even tho she nearly crashed me every time she landed, i loved her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Luicee Says:

    Are you KIDDING ME???
    People filed complaints because they got coins???
    Instead of Cash? Seriosuly?
    No wonder they removed it.

    Brilliant move telling them how you got early entry into Jade Falls thru Claire…

    No wonder they took it out- they must think they lost a lot of money… that people who would have paid to get in Jade Falls didnt pay….

    Yea right,,,, but why tell Zynga that?

    Why complain that your neighbors got something nice?
    Can’t everyone just be happy, for once?
    No, and they took Claire away… I totally see why now…
    I will be very surprised if she returns since it seems the main glitches it’s whiney b*tches.

    I have never been so disappointed in my fellow farmers ever before.
    The only good thing i can even see is if people like GINNY actually do quit over it….

    Did i REALLY just read someone complain about how her neighbor who had never been able to afford FV Cash spent her Claire money??
    O M G
    That borders on evil to be so petty and nosey and just … WOW

    They game is designed for us to request parts by posting. How DARE you be angry at your neighbor for requesting parts instead of spending her first cash ever to skip thru quests…

    What is wrong with the world? It’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun…
    Farmville Freak’s page is usually fun… What the heck happened?

    How could the best feature ever… that gave some players what they always asked for (free cash) be so maligned by so many???

    The world has real problems and real issues… I really hope they find a way to redirect their energy into solutions and criticisms for real issues,,, and not virtual ones…

    It’s ….a…. (FREE)……..

    on FACEBOOK… Nothing more.

  101. loui powers Says:

    NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Bring Claire back please!!!! I love the flea market and hope it comes back SOON!

  102. John Says:

    My wife was visited by Claire and earned over 500 farmcash in the duration of the flea market release. Claire came to my farm but only offered me coins the entire time. Needless to say, if farmville wants to beta test releases, they need to hire a beta team to test everything out (Because with all the money they make, they can certainly afford it) and release it to everyone once they have the kinks worked out! That is Zynga’s biggest problem! They release before they think! I am very upset that I was never able to get any farmcash from claire. I was hoping that they would rotate the flea market where each time, she offered something different (example) 1st visit. Farmcash 2nd Visit. Coconuts 3rd Visit. Coins 4th Visit. Jade, and then it repeats. That would be a sensible choice I would expect from a company. They wont offer farm cash everytime, so those die hard players that have to buy every market item will still need to buy farmcash instead of being able to earn it all from claire, left and right, those who cant afford farmcash or refuse to buy it can have a little bit to buy something nice every time she comes and offers cash.

  103. Linda Copeland Says:

    The Flea Market option in Farmville was the only way some of us were able to obtain FV Cash!!!!!!! Big disappointment in seeing Claire go :(

  104. Pooh Says:

    This is hopeless. I never got any reply from Zynga yet. I want Claire back so badly. I can’t believe I feel so strongly about a game and the loss of a feature in the game. I feel stupid to care so much. I have been playing daily since more than a year except for my vacations… Well, who am I kidding, I try to find net/wi-fi even during vacations!!!
    My family and friends call me FarmvilleFreak and ocassionally advise me to get out of the game a life.

  105. Beth Says:

    I will miss Claire! She visited me every three days.Some of my friends never even saw her but they were patiently waiting.What a rip off.FV is always taking some thing away from us :( Bye Bye Claire I will miss you!

  106. stephen Says:

    I want Claire back!!!!!

  107. heather doiron Says:

    please come out with a way to locate animals on different farms!! when a new quest comes out and you have to master a certain animal to one star it is some times near impossible to find that animal! takes way too much time already without having to hunt over and over again. come on zynga this should not be hard to do!!!
    thanks for considering :)))

  108. Judy Says:

    Bring back Claire!!!! Get rid of all these ridiculous quests, and needing 50,000 various pieces and parts to complete some usless idiotic thing like your “Lighthouse cove”, or your “aquarium and volcano”!!!!

  109. Radhika Says:

    love to see claire again ….sad that feature is no more active …pls introduce again:)

  110. eugenie Says:

    claire’s market did visit my farm but i never got any of the big cash offers like she offered many of my neighbors and some of my neighbors never saw her. she was the only reason i was able to keep up with the trees coming out in the market every 3 or 4 days now that she is gone i will not buy anymore until i can earn more free fv cash i have spent my own money on the trees i am a true blue tree lover in farmville but it has cost me a pretty penny so unless there is more free cash no more trees

  111. Megan :D Says:

    MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved trading my stuff with her! Especially since I could get like 20 FV bucks outta her for a gold chicken haha…I’m guessing they were losing money??? Oh well.

  112. Lakshman babu Says:

    I love to trade old items for farm cash.. but now she is not avail… im so sad of this

  113. ocheeslice Says:

    This was one of the better features of Farmville. I’m sad to see it turned off.

    I got a couple hundred FC from her. She liked buying spaghetti sheep for 68 farm cash and I sold quite a few to her.

    I agree with others that say that Farmville dropped this feature because of a drop in Farm cash sales. If I was collecting 68 farm cash every three days why would I spend real money to buy farm cash?

    It was terribly unfair of Farmville to not roll this out to everyone. So on that note, I am ok with them pulling it. Everyone should have gotten it or no one should have it.

  114. Lisa Says:

    Had no idea i was one of the chosen few to have a flea market experience have played since the beginning and i was really excited on every 3rd day, was dissapointed to lose this option as yes saved me a fortune bought lots of great things. Bring back claire she was great!!

  115. Rae Says:

    I loved the Claire visits. I am so very sad to see her go. I would have been happy if I had been able to get some coconuts from Claire instead of some of the FV cash. My daughter didn’t get any FV cash from Claire at all… in fact all she got was coconuts!
    and a cousin only got coins… So I can see there were a few flaws… I hope Zynga can figure out the bugs and send Claire back to us! Now that I know she’s gone I will definitely be more cautious with how I spend my FV cash. I was using a bit to grow the gnomes, but now I think I’ll quit and just grow them regularly. Maybe Zynga could actually let her trade things instead of always giving cash, coins, etc… I would have even loved to trade for other things like building materials, or trees, or even insta-grows to grow my farms with for the quests… There are so many options! Please don’t take her away forever. :(

  116. Deynam Says:

    I loved Claire, the cartoon flea market lady that gave me cartoon cash for my cartoon stuff. Wow.

  117. stephen Says:

    i had her visit every 3 days it was great helps save you real money bring her back please

  118. mel Says:

    Based on our feedback? Who would have given bad feedback about trading item for Farm Cash?!!!! So annoyed that they’ve removed the feature. Waaaah!!!!

  119. Amber Avery Says:

    Bring claire back………..I’d loved her

  120. Pooh Says:

    I want the Flea market feature back!!!
    I miss Clare visiting every 3 days and buying the worthless things off my farms for good amount of FV cash. It was way better than the FV cash tree. I used to get about 40-60FV cash ever week as compared to 10FV cash every week which the FV cash tree gives.
    I got a reply from Zynga on my feedback and they gave me 40FV cash for free for being a loyal farmer (I truly appreaciate that!) but they didn’t reply to my question that when the ‘flea market’ would be launched. I doubt if they would do it soon or at all!
    Pls Zynga, give us all the flea market feature!

  121. Monique Says:

    I think they removed it because they were loosing money… why buying farmcash when receiving it from Claire? I had no problem with Claire she visited my farm at 3 days intervals and she had good deals (I was changing farms when not and she was there on any of farms), and I received immediately that cash. No technical problem, no freezing no nothing.

  122. dumbkykong Says:

    she used to visit every third day… i’ll miss her… hope she gets back soon… *sniff*

  123. amanda Says:

    i loved the flea market option on farmville i hope you guys bring it back.

  124. DelennDax7 Says:

    I loved the Flea Market. I always was offered FarmCash..I’m not surprised it was made no sense from a business point of few. No need to buy FC, just wait 3 days & get some for free.

  125. Bobinovich Says:

    Am gutted – I only ever traded animals & trees I’d mastered thus kept mastered items on my farms ready for that purpose, so I suppose I may as well sell them off now :(

    My cynical side tells me this was more because people wern’t buying FV cash as much than due to supposed bugs… I know I never experienced any problems in the dozen or so transactions I did for FV cash *sigh*

  126. Cari Says:

    I am very disappointed in farmville. I think that they want you to spend your own money on the game, therefore not giving you any way to earn Farmville Cash. The put the Serve Tree out and then took it away. Now Taking Clare away. I did not even get the chance to trade. If you are going to come out with a new product, make it fair and don’t take it away before it even gets started good.

  127. steve Says:

    The flea market was a great tool.. please bring her back !!

  128. lilly ward Says:

    i have never got the gopher garden i would like to have one

  129. Angelique Says:

    I’ve been playing FarmVille for almost 2 years, so ppl that are pissed cause they think only new players got this feature are wrong.

    Claire visited my farm every 3 days like clockwork. I am sad to see her go. I liked being able to get cash for old trees I’d already mastered. She did want to buy my hard earned quest prizes a lot though. . .

    I used most of the FV I got from her to help me move along in the quests. I hope they bring the feature back soon!

  130. Angelique Says:

    I’ve been playing FarmVille for almost 2 years, so ppl that are pissed cause they think only new players got this feature are wrong. Also I have purchased Farmcash several times before so I do think that Zynga did a good job of making it random.

    Claire visited my farm every 3 days like clockwork. I am sad to see her go. I liked being able to get cash for old trees I’d already mastered. She did want to buy my hard earned quest prizes a lot though. . .

    I used most of the FV I got from her to help me move along in the quests. I hope they bring the feature back soon!

  131. Cassie Says:

    I loved the flea market and miss it…

  132. Linda Says:

    I MISS Claire soooo much! Please bring her back! I so looked forward to her visits!

  133. ute panzer Says:

    i wish flea back, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. earnestine hicks Says:

    i hade a freind that hade clair,i loved it so i came home and keep waiting never got it,would love to get it ,i dont think its fair for the ones that didn,t get it. and im a very big fan of farmville. love the game yours truly earnestine


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