FarmVille Freaks Report Loading Issues March 17th, 2011

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FarmVille Freaks Report Loading Issues March 17th, 2011

Posted on March 17, 2011 10:07 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Sad Cow

Tonight March 17th, 2011 FarmVille Freaks are reporting major game loading issues! A lot of frustrated farmers are receiving the following error message:

Oh no! It looks like all the bits got lost on the way to your computer. Please refresh your page.

With early signs of FarmVille English Countryside premiering, players are getting anxious about the potential slew of issues that could pop up.

UPDATE: FarmVille Community Manager Stumpgrinder has posted to the Official FarmVille Forums about tonight’s loading issues. It has not yet been decided if the normal stop to crops withering & puppy hunger will be instituted.

About half of our games are down (or at least the majority of people being able to access them). We’re investigating now. If there isn’t a resolution fairly soon we’ll see about unwither & puppy hunger.

FarmVille Stumpgrinder's Official Statement

Source: Official FarmVille Forums

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306 Responses to “FarmVille Freaks Report Loading Issues March 17th, 2011” »

  1. DANA Says:

    YES! Ugh

  2. Maeve Says:

    Tired of “bits getting lost” and having to “save and not close my browser”. Farmville fix the regular farm FIRST, then start English Countryside.

  3. amy herald Says:

    i can’t get on…think they are working on the english countryside?

  4. Jill Says:

    Yup. Can’t load Frontierville either.

  5. Julie Falletti Says:

    Can’t load any games tonight not even cafe

  6. Epic_Wifey Says:

    Happened with me a few times but after a few tries i got it. Also can’t get Cityville to load either

  7. cott Says:

    yes big time…maybe a big release up coming ?

  8. Jan Says:

    That silly cow in bits

  9. james Says:

    this is hopefully the role out of English farm

  10. Paula Says:

    For the last hour I have not been able to load the game

  11. LeDiable Says:

    it’s true, but only in Faebook, in still works

  12. Jeanne Says:

    If I get that “lost bits” cow one more time I’m gonna scream………

  13. Jen Oberholtzer Says:

    Can’t load Farmville, Frontierville, and now having trouble with Cafe World. Not sure I even want to try Cityville.

  14. STELLA Says:


  15. macav Says:

    Can’t grow my trees – now can’t reload game boo hoo :-(

  16. ratka savic Says:

    Can’t load Frontierville either :(

  17. Servant of Christ Says:

    Yep, getting it here too…

  18. Tina Says:

    Farmville, CityVille & FrountierVille are all doing the same thing on my end. Must be a Zynga problem all around.

  19. Barbara Says:

    I thought we killed the bit cow last time you brought something new out….

  20. penny Says:

    not loading

  21. Jan Says:

    It’s been slower than dial up for hours

  22. Lisa Says:

    Mine wont load I either get try again or the cow saying sorry bits were lost it wont let me send or accept gifts from my wall either :0(

  23. carol webb Says:

    can’t get on any games, life and country life lite,farmville what is going on?

  24. Lori Roffman Says:

    I can’t get in says bits are lost refresh . I want to play on my farm !!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. melanie jennings Says:

    games don’t load and can’t collect gifts…sigh

  26. faith bernards Says:

    Same here…getting the lost bits cow. :-(

  27. Susan Says:

    Farm keeps going out of sync and can’t reload. Quit crippling one game while working on something new….perhaps the English Countryside.

  28. Marie Says:

    If I try to click a reward on my wall, OMG it pops up with the stupid cow saying bits got lost and to refresh. Well it takes 3 or 4 times to get anything to come up. Either that or it says .. error try again

  29. Donna Says:

    I can’t collect gifts or get anything from the feed without getting an error telling me to try again or the darn cow!!!

  30. Sylvia Says:

    Yep all i’m getting from farmville is the sad cow that says sorry the bits got lost on the way to your computer,and ive tried several browsers :(

  31. ratka savic Says:

    Can’t load Farmville

  32. lorie carter Says:

    if you want people to play your game make sure it works first…

  33. MrsFarmerM Says:

    Yep…I can’t get anything off the feed. I just get the cow bits…
    I think mine must have gotten lost on the English Countryside…maybe it will be on eternal pause!

  34. Eva Pedersen Says:

    Bits got lost on the way to my computer! I can’t get on my farm and I’m losing all my basil : (. Hopefully all will be fixed soon. Thank you.

  35. albi Says:


  36. Doretha Adams Says:

    Well really bad things. cannot load farmville or frontierville and cannot send or receive from facebook. Hopefully Zynga shuts off withering in the games.

  37. Susan Says:

    Yes, I was having problems loading FV, but I think it is working okay right now.

  38. Tenshii7 Says:

    I was able to get on my farm and collect from feeds about 30 minutes ago. Now i can’t collect from feeds or get on my farm. Uhh i hate when this happens even though i understand since Farmville is still beta.

  39. Cheryl Says:

    Lets make corned beef w/the cow!

  40. Beth Says:

    Yes, I’m unable to load my farm. About 15 minutes ago, all attempts to acccept feeds get “lost bits…refresh your page” and now I can’t get to the farm at all. Zynga must be making more “enhancements”!!!

  41. Dennis Says:

    Have had trouble for 2 days now with all their games

  42. Lydia Poirruer Says:

    This is a very annoying issue….. Please help! Thanks

  43. khsled bobos Says:

    yes, Can’t load farmvaille

  44. Taryn Sims Says:

    Cannot load my farm UGH

  45. YarGEr Says:

    Hope its for the better, cause ‘the bits have gone lost’ S-H-I-T is getting on my nerves, its pretty anoying

  46. J. C Says:

    been experiencing loading issues with farmville…my past experiences indicate that usually Zynga is releasing something and it usually affects FV loading on

  47. greta Says:

    no farmville nor cityville, zynga has issues as always

  48. Sharon Lee Says:

    I can get into farmville but I cannot get into cityville or frontierville.

  49. Trisha Says:

    I am having trouble with my farmville loading all night…….

  50. Katie Says:

    I have been having so much trouble loading the game and when I finally can get on I get the out of sync message and get popped off. I have also got that “saving my farm, do not close browser” message. It is getting so frustrating I have almost given up trying to play at all.

  51. glenda harris Says:

    fix my farm before you start a new one. you are not playing fair to us because you want us to finish all this stuff on our first farm. please give us a chance before you start making us a new farm where you will want our cash to spend on the new one.

  52. Linda Says:

    ADD ADD ADD…..
    Fix what’s here Mr. ZYNGA!!!! Forget adding! Jeeze!!!!

  53. Cassie Says:

    yep… before that happened I tried to collect the first tree of at LEAST an hour and it said that I needed to slow down cause I was collect to many of that type of bonus and I needed to wait for 55 minutes…

  54. Pat Griffith Says:

    bits get lost cannot get gifts from gift box
    - need to refresh and and get gifts again and again

  55. Dawn Says:

    you can take that lost bits cow and stick it know where.. i cant collect sits there and thnks about it then i get that cow.. i cant get my farm to load either.. come on guys get it together.. this is getting really old !!!

  56. Michelle Watt Says:

    Yay! Can’t load my farm and my crops are probably withered by now. I don’t even want the fvec so why do I gotta deal with this crap if I don’t even want it?

  57. Martin Says:

    Oh no! It looks like all the bits got lost on the way to your computer. Please refresh your page !! continual message being received when you try and claim from the News Feed. Forget about English Farms if this is any example of what we are to expect.

  58. james Says:

    btw my origonal farm is my baby, my pride, my joy. If Zynga run down their genuine game then thats it, Im finished. Jury is out over pause aspect of having 2 farms, just know this – English farm shall be the one on pause.

  59. Beverly Says:

    Mt farm is going out of sync and it keeps telling to refresh y page…I have seen this enough for one night. Please fix the problem. Thanks.

  60. Joelle Says:

    Same here, but I cleared my cache and am now fine :-)

  61. Laura Says:

    I’ve not been able to load farmville for over a week now & I’ve tried all different ways and npthing works!!!

  62. Mimi Miller Says:

    Yes, the Cow is definitely back.. :(

  63. Joyce Says:

    none of the games will load again it never fails when they start adding new stuff everything else gets goofed up and you can’t do anything

  64. Evelyn Says:

    problems, problems, problems! Please fix it!

  65. Joachim Says:

    several Zynga games doesn’t load : farmville, frontierville, cityville only badly.

    to contact zynga support on their forum is not possible – tells me “no access”

  66. Bunty Mackenzie Says:

    Meeeowww Purrrrrrrrr :-) I cannot cannot very well either I am in Tasmania. Thank you :-) Pussycat kisses just for you! XXX

  67. Lisa Says:

    Had to reload multiple times but its working now…

  68. Linda Says:

    Can’t get any of the Zynga games to load tonight. Was on earlier, now can’t get back on.

  69. Geanie Says:

    Only been on a few minutes and everything I try to do brings up the darn Dow. What is going on.

  70. Jill Says:

    Farmville is not great tonight but Cityville is impossible… will not load at all. It keeps saying to refresh your browser but never opens up…Grrrrrr!!!!!

  71. Marianne Says:

    Keep losing my bits now but prior to that it simply froze up my computer to the point that I had to shut down entirely. Even my pointer seemed to be on a pause go method and reacting very slowly. Please help! I have lots of neighbors in need of help on their farm : )

  72. Jens Says:


    I can´t load my Farm and also some other Zynga Games since 3 hours . It sucks !!!

  73. Sea Mac Says:

    Can’t get into FarmVille or Frontierville. FarmVille loaded twice, but then fails.


  74. Burke Says:

    Can not get on Farmville or Frontierville WTF???

  75. Meryl Marleau Says:

    Tired of getting betsy the cow saying bits lost or a blue circle ( not responding) or page going white getting fed up with whole senario hopefully it’s fixed soon

  76. Lauren Says:

    Hi, my farm isn’t working on Facebook but loaded for me!

  77. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Not getting in, my Facebook feed is less active than it usually is at 3AM my time, and my Zynga toolbar is mostly empty. It was stuck on Fuel Bonus 0:00 for about 30 minutes, now that’s gone.

    FVEC implementation not going so well?

  78. deb hensley Says:

    nothing will load keeps saying refresh over and over on all the games

  79. jennpepper Says:

    Can not get into Farmville on facebook… works…=oT

  80. Linda Peterson McDaniel Says:

    All that I am getting is a sad cow when I try to load. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Take Care and May God Bless You All!!! Thank You For Your Help!!!

  81. Dee Kelley Says:

    Only game I am having a problem with is Farmville. It will not load and it repeatedly goes into bit mode if I try to collect anything from my friends that are not having issues.

  82. sharon Says:

    none of my games will load

  83. yvette ayala Says:

    come on what know,can’t get anything or go in my farm.that cow keeps coming up,,FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!

  84. Tawnya Says:

    my farm will not also load this is making me very mad!!!! I think they should give us all cash!!!

  85. Stephanie Helm Says:


  86. Patricia Says:

    been having issues with my farm not loading. stop adding new things. your adding way to many things at one time. finish one project before you start another. this is an on going issue. please fix it.

  87. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah, cannot load mine either. Annoyed, tried it with Explorer and my usual FireFox. Fine, gonna try to treasure hunt. Or go to bed. sigh.

  88. Michelle Says:

    Cannot get into most of my games farmville,frontierville,cityville, and also can’t send any gifts. What is going on?

  89. angel Says:

    yep this sux i harvest and it posts as something completely different on the feed- and then i get the refresh ur page or the sad cow

  90. Steven Gravett Says:

    Can’t load my farm!!

  91. vicki Says:

    I have been having trouble loading also same as everyone else jsut started about an hours ago for me 10:15 .
    Frontierville has always been an issue quit playing as it is too slow !
    Maybe adding to much to fast !!!!!!!!

  92. Holly Says:

    Keep seeing that dumb cow….. Ooops! >:{

  93. betty wilds Says:

    Can’t get to the farm or claim posts from anyone. Sadly, NONE of my OTHER GAMES are LOADING EITHER. ????

  94. Valerie Bullock Says:

    Same here, unable to load, finally load farm and then it goes to saving farm do not close or little bits got lost! Please fix this problem.

  95. nancy Says:

    can’t load my farm, my gifts are geetting lost and it sux….bbbboooo!!!!

  96. Bugsley Says:

    Too many “green beers”, tech support will all be having hangovers tomorrow….

  97. Lori Madden Says:

    I am having trouble loading farm and bits getting lost and have lost alot of gifts too.

  98. Melissa Williams Says:

    Farmville is still advertised as a Beta….

  99. kbearjams Says:

    Have not been able to get in, I just get the big fat cow who lost his bits! I’m sure my crops are dead by now!!!

  100. Leslie Says:

    Have tried many times in the last few hours – farm will not load. Get the cow message when I click on shared items. My accumulated xps no longer appear on the neighbor bar on my farm. There is no excuse for such poor performance in this game. How about Zynga perfecting Farmville before veering on another tangent.

  101. mary colburn Says:

    i can’t get on farmville at all either and my crops will be ready in an hour

  102. johnni Says:

    bad enough cityville steals my buildings and money now i cant even get on the one game i play. why keep bringing on games if the ones we like dont work just sayin

  103. Richard Rupprecht Says:

    Trying to get on the farm, have crops ready and cant do it

  104. Jo Ann Says:

    Happening with a lot of the games – CityVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars – very slow loading, FrontierVille. CityVille will not load at all! I thought it was something to do with Facebook myself. Having trouble collecting from posts too on a lot of the games…

  105. michelle Says:

    Farm would not load for a couple of days, now bits are getting lost crops withered, harvests missed and I miss my farm.

  106. Sonja Says:

    If I see that cow one more time………………………………………..arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! How am I supposed to spend my farm cash if I can’t get on my farm

  107. Nanna2 Says:

    I am unable to load my farm and my crops are ready!!!! And these are NOT free seeds!!! I used my FV Coins!!! Hope I don’t get ripped off!!!

  108. kathy Says:

    My husband and I can’t load our farms or accept anything from the feed..i keep getting the little bits cow… It is time to turn off unwither and puppy hunger. I have tried 2 different servers. The Zynga’s must be celebrating St Patrick’s Day!!

  109. shannon Says:

    dumb zynga, i don’t even have the energy to harvest all my orchards.

  110. FarmerS Says:

    I am having the same problems. I logged in and out of Facebook. I logged into and that seemed to stop the problem. Each item I’d click on in my newsfeed would be lost in FB and also loading my farm in FB and not, the bar would load to about 99% and then stop loading. GRR.

  111. Diane Berry Says:

    the dreaded cow, and lost bits and pieces.. please refresh your page.. So sick of this! If this is the prelude to English farm it BITES!

  112. Gramma Says:

    farm won’t load . my neighbors say the same.:(

  113. laurie danberry Says:

    can not load my farm turn of whither please

  114. Joe P. Says:

    my farm has also been loading slow, but so are other zynga games! Anyone else having a problem telling you need to “unwither” crops that aren’t withered or even planted! Fix the issues or i am done and i was looking to playing the english farm, but not if they can fix the problems on this one!

  115. Susheila Says:

    Can’t load Farmville or Frontierville. Can’t seem to accept gifts either….guess they are all getting lost. sigh….

  116. TAMME Says:


  117. Maria Says:

    Unable to log in, the silly cow and her “bits” don’t let me! H E L P! VERY UPSET!

  118. Mary Says:

    When I try to log in all it gives me is that sad cow, But when I tried on the I got in but lost most of my nieghbors

  119. belinda Says:


  120. Sylvia Pugsley Says:

    I can’t load any game,not even cityVille!! Kind of stinks as this is my time for my games and I am loosing money every time this happens and we sure dont get any real money from Zinga for putting up with thier problems!

  121. Susan Says:

    I can’t get into farmville or frontierville. I hope I do not have to pay to unwither my crops in both games.

  122. Brad Beaird Says:

    Lit’ bits and my BBQ sauce need to meet on my BBQ grill. lol

  123. ecarwile Says:

    11:18 est
    can’t open Farmville or frontierville. Lost bits and other error messages on both Firefox and Chrome. Running verrrrrryyyyyy sllllloooooowwwww. I can get on Hatchlings it seems to be ok but then that is not zynga. I complained earlier this afternoon but it has gotten worse tonight. Think I leave you all to the zynga monster and turn in.

  124. aida Says:


  125. Debbie Lowdermilk Says:

    Hey does anyone know what is going on? I can’t load farmville or cityville at all the sad cow for farmville says to refresh or bits were lost. When are they gonna fix this? Help!!!!!

  126. michael manges Says:

    here we go again you would think with all the games zygna would be able to keep this from happening. farm won’t load still have expanding dialouge boxes.maybe we should organize a day without zygna games

  127. Andrew Rossi Says:

    I thought it was my laptop! Cannot load Cityville, ( which is not unsual) Farmville and Cafe World… what the heck? Lately it seems the games are getting a bit stale… is this because the big Zee is getting ready to roll out the English Farm? Hope there isn’t an English Guernsey telling us to wait for bits and pieces…. urgh

  128. TJ Says:

    I always dread each new holiday and now English country side because that means PROBLEMS galore for our everyday farming….can’t the techs make sure this works BEFORE they make such a mess of everything?? Many of us spend a lot of time with this silly game and it’s so frustrating I am thinking of just quitting :(

  129. Dottie Robes Says:

    Farmville not loading sometime. When it does it is slow, very slow.

  130. thimert Says:

    It is of no use to complain because no one ever listens. It’s been bad and slow all day.

  131. beth brady Says:

    have crops to be harvested and a bed to crawl into…better not be withered come morning…else may have to drive across bay and have a word with zynga, personally!! lol

  132. louise caudill Says:

    Between my neighbors names not loading for free gifts, telling me my session has timed out, and now this blasted cow I am ready to quit all Zenga games!.. Please fix what you have before you start something else!

  133. Lisa Says:

    Way to go FV! We are all so excited to get a NEW FARM when you can’t even keep this one working. <~~~ sarcasm for those who do not recognize it. (and yes I am aware this page is not related to ZYNGA, and has no control over what FV's issues are.. so before someone feels the need to tell me I am just venting.) In fact, I would like to thank those at FarmVille Freaks for always keeping us up to date on all things FV.. maybe you guys should be running the show over there. O.o

  134. Moebed Says:

    It’s not just FarmVille; I also can’t get into FrontierVille or CityVille….

  135. nicksneeners Says:

    I just read this post and right after I went to load my farm and guess what happened?
    No loading on my farm either so whats going on?
    I hate that bits cow tired of it popping up on my screen

  136. ecarwile Says:

    have you all noticed that all the games that are not working are zynga?

  137. mary Says:

    Zynga needs to appoligize for the issues with 100 fv cash!!!


  138. nicksneeners Says:

    I agree with another post for all the aggrivation,I think it would be nice for some farm cash compensation

  139. mary farley Says:


  140. Annette Says:

    Cannot load farm or frontier

  141. elizabeth campbell Says:

    I cant get fv,ftv or cityville to load..No idea what they are doing over at zynga..Someone hit a wrong switch lol?

  142. joe Says:

    just keep getting the ‘lost my bits’ BS. reload several times before the farm loads, REALLY slow the once on keep getting ‘saving your farm’ crap too

  143. Julie S. Says:

    How about a poll choice for “Intermittent Loading Issues”. ie… one minute it’s working, the next minute it’s not. Rinse. Repeat. ;-p

  144. FarmerS Says:

    My prior comment is STILL awaiting moderation from 8 minutes ago and there are posts out after mine. I didn’t even swear ;) I just said, I have been having the “bits not loading” and cow message on Facebook. I logged out and went on through and was able to get one thing off the feed, but now its back to the errors. No one is posting anything b/c we don’t want it to get lost. I don’t want the E.C. farm; I like the one I have!! Don’t get ahead of yourself, Zynga. Every time I turn around something new is popping up and causing chaos.

  145. Joshua Tappe Says:

    I say while they decide to cripple their universe (YET) again here for a while, we all go play Castle Age(or whatever else) for a while. :-)

    Feel free to join me. :-)

  146. seanc77 Says:

    i got it loaded, they seem to have added a my activities tab

  147. joshy Says:

    will not load any zynga games !!!!!!!!

  148. Crispy Lee Says:

    Farmville ain’t loading for me. Sucks.

  149. sparks Says:

    i think they should give us some free cash for not warning any of us ahead of time>>>

  150. Toni Says:

    Nothing, no Cityville, Cafe World or Farmville

  151. Katie Says:

    all their games are having loading issues right now! It drives me nuts that this is happening more and more and more and more! We should have know…they are coming out with a new farmville game, mafia wars has something new, and so does all the other ones I play. It would be nice if they would just fix problems instead of adding on things when they can’t handle what they have now. Wonderful…crops should be die now!

  152. Jennie Stoumbaugh Higgins Says:

    Well, yeah, major problems, can’t even the home page, to work, or profile page, and most diffently not the Farm,
    not to mention i got a malware, trojans, off facebook today also. off of the mario jungle adventure,

  153. StableStuffer Says:

    It seems to be a FaceBook issue. is working

  154. Teresa Says:

    I hate that cow!

  155. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    FVEC is just gonna be double the headache. they cant get one game to run smooth and consistently. Im not doing the FVEC if one farm is stopped .makes no sense to me to do it that way. And Im having no problems on my farm

  156. kelley Says:

    No farm or cityville tonight, nothing is loading. When farm did load as soon as I tried to collect anything it crashed. Its my night off and I wanted to get relax, bah humbug

  157. Silvia Says:

    cant load my farm or any other game:-(

  158. tim Says:

    i can’t post any thing or get on at all pzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fix it

  159. kamal mojid Says:

    hi .i have a problem loading firmville and city can some one to solve this problem .thanks

  160. karen Says:

    Having to do things over and over,just to get FV to work, keep refreshing and that darn cow and it’s lost bit’s is driving me nuts, it’s slow and unresponsive, and I wish they would fix the share / post boxes !

  161. shari Says:

    ok zynga your pissin me off cant get farmville cityville or frontiereville and i gotta harvest alot of things this is b.s.

  162. Sandra Coutts Says:

    No problems with farmville but can’t take anything from the main feed without “getting the cow!!!”

  163. Chuck Weltz Says:

    Farmville mystery seedling grew up and vanished. WHY????????????

  164. karen Says:

    Must be an issue with Zynga is general, can’t imagine that if they are trying to do something on FarmVille, that it would affect all the games.

  165. JoAnn Says:

    The cow shows up when I try to load my farm also.

  166. Lisa Ann Says:

    Can’t get Farmville OR Cityville to load tonight – VERY VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!

  167. Lucy Says:

    Might as well put in my 2 cents worth too. Everything was fine until about an hr or so ago. Now Bitsy keeps showing up instead of the farm, Frontier says an error has occurred & Cityville keeps enhancing. Someone said there’s a Flash plugin update, but I doubt that’s the problem since my ‘puter’s totally up to date & the issue’s so wide spread. Anyway, a lot of us will be even more unhappy if our crop are all withered. Zynga should disable withering in all games until they fix the problems.

  168. Lissa Says:

    I am able to get into my farm through but it isn’t doing me much good. All of my animals and buildings were ready but I didn’t get any popups when I harvested the buildings and the animals weren’t harvested when I used a farmhand.

  169. Vicky Says:

    I can”t play..Farm Ville- Frontierville-Wildwild west…!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Hannah Says:

    So I wasn’t having a loading issue until I saw this “take our poll now” ad come up on my wall… now i’m angry

  171. Farmer Big Red Says:

    They seem to update at 9 pm my time. The market and events. Seems like their ‘day’ starts then. It’s 8:33 my time. The loading issue has been getting worse and it’s just with Farmville links/loading. I’m thinking they are updating like made right now for the market and FVEC.

  172. DalisDOLL Says:


  173. jeanieeast Says:

    I agree with all of the others. I am tired of not being able to help my neighbors or loading farmville, cityville and frontierville. It is getting very frustrating and am ready to give up. We don’t need new games just the ones we have to work. get it together. I also agree with the fact that we should be compensated with farm cash for our troubles.

  174. Cheri Says:

    yep, can’t get on, or on vampires or on cafe world, but all my non zynga apps work fine, even tried restarting my comp, usually works

  175. Vicki Marie Bales-Humble Says:

    Yeah I have been having issues and just said forget it and am playing a non Zynga game

  176. martinez Says:

    hurry up…fix ittttt now…!!!! hellooo

  177. melanie Says:

    was unable to load my farm for about 3 days! I emailed zynga and as expected got no reply!! Not very good customer care skills obviously! Finally i got it to load today then when i exited to go to my home page to see any posts from friends,it would not load again. Have given up trying now.. :(

  178. Patty Says:

    Sick of the Your Bits got lost stuff too……….This is the only place , out of all the places I’ve played, when an addition is added, it messes up everything else. Is it the programmers /developers or just who keeps this mess going on every single time.? Maybe they need to find people that know what they’re doing. Can’t even grab a darn water can off of my feed,,,,,,,,,,,,I get the above or “Error on this page” And it gives me a try again button. The load bar is slower then heck too Going to break my keyboard from pounding it out of frustration. They need to make sure our crops don’t rot too !
    And I totally agree !! Why are they adding stuff when they can’t fix the stuff that’s already here? They’re just making themselves more work, because now it’s another place that they’ll have to fix on top of the regular farms…..and all the other messed up places…

  179. Erma Says:

    For most of today, I have not been able to publish anything from farmville.. Ugg, why play it when I can’t share my gifts and such with my neighbors!! Please get it fixed soon.

  180. novalswife Says:

    I am unable to get on my farm either from Facebook but I can get on at
    At this point I am unable to get into any Zynga games.

  181. tbbwolf Says:

    looks like both of them are having big time troubles with their BITS

  182. Felisa Says:

    I had loading issues with all of Zynga’s games so something is going on. I just Hope they fix it fast and none of my crops wither, or food go bad..

  183. cody Says:

    i can’t get on my frontierville or my farmville it keeps showin me the cow and then frontierville keeps tellin me to reload the page its frustrating

  184. Joy Says:

    Well Well ~ Here we go agian.

    My suggestion is we call off Friday, Cut up the COW into Ribs and Steaks, Plow us up some spuds, Shuck us some corn, Grab the wine, beer and saki from the winery, get the cakes, pies and cookies from the bakery’s, throw on some perfume from the spa’s, get out our new Irish Dudes, put us on some of that HoDown music and throw us a shin-dig.


    Might as well we ain’t going nowher !!!!!


  185. allan donovan Says:

    I can´t load my Farm and also some other Zynga Games

  186. becky Says:

    Can get on thru but unable to collect gifts from any of zynga games!!

  187. Maple Says:

    It’s not just FV. In fact it’s not just Zynga games. Many are experiencing issues with loading. I can get into Farmville but only through I really wish they could get their collective you know what together!!!!

  188. Syrorange Says:

    Not only am I having issues with Farmville, also CafeWorld and Frontierville. What is going on with the Zynga games??!!

  189. ankit saboo Says:

    i am expecting 2 types of error
    Error while loading page from FarmVille”
    and 2nd-
    “Oh no! It looks like all the bits got lost on the way to your computer. Please refresh your page.”
    both of them do not load on refreshing
    i am having a double loss

  190. Darnell Says:

    I do believe all the trouble is with Facebook this time… If you want to play Farmville then just go to and you should have no problem playing the game.

  191. vicki Says:

    i cant get onto my farm which really sucks. Why are we having so many problems? Is it because of the new game. When is that coming out?

  192. Dawn Says:

    Are you really that surprised? This happens all the time. We can moan and groan all we want but nothing changes. They will put a band aid on it and we will continue to have issues. That is part of the world of Zynga.

  193. John Grant Says:

    The Lybian Goverment took over Zynga! Famville is Doomed! I demand 50 farm cash for my troubles….

  194. Bonnie Says:

    It’s NOT Just Farmville…My CAFE won’t load either…Now I’m losing dishes to spoiling because of it :-(

  195. Becky Says:

    I just really hope my stuff isn’t going to wither. I’ve got muffins to bake dangit!

  196. exmodians Says:

    I’ve been having issues with Farmville for two weeks now. First more than half of my items in my gift box disappeared, then eggs would get stuck when hatching them.

    I lost my promotional Porch House that I got from joining RewardVille. I lost a duck pond that was in my gift box, a windmill, a bunch of ugly ducklings that I had kept there for several months.

    Zynga is beyond irresponsible. We should direct our complaints to Facebook and see if they can offer another game company as an alternative to Zynga because Zynga is woefully incapable of living up to the demands of the hundreds of millions of Facebook users all over the world. They just don’t cut it!

  197. Cheryl Shipley Says:

    Well it was working earlier but it went out of sync when I tried to harvest and now the cow with the message. :(

  198. Rogue Robot Says:

    Don’t get your hopes up about FVEC, the moderators on the Zynga forums are saying point blank that it is NOT coming tonight.

  199. Kimberly Says:

    I cannot load any Zynga Games! I would love to see the new English Counrtyside but you should really have all your other games in working status before working on that one! There are alot of Angry Game players! I Play three of Zyngas games and i cant get into any of them!

  200. Holly Says:

    I got on to my farm….. SEVERAL TIMES…… TO DO THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Orchard harvesting is a mess. I harvest, send the post, and my screen never recovers from its darkened state. Was doing several at a time in the beginning but I lost 4 posts because it wouldn’t finish the first. Did get the seedling/watering cans myself, but I like helping out my neighbors and some of these were the new trees that gave seedlings. Some take their chances when I harvest, others wait till I water them. I can do one thing, leave my computer for about 10 minutes and it might be finished when I get back, COME ON. I’d swear I was using my dad’s dial-up and that went faster.

  201. QUAZE Says:

    I’m so freaking pissed!!! I was working on my farm, re arranging and was done and started planting… god, now plots our going to be off… so pissed!! everytime I get a chance to play, shit happens….

  202. maureen Says:

    Can’t get to my farm, junk will be wilted in the am. :/

  203. Mike Says:

    Can’t access through FB, but access through is alive, albeit rather slow.

  204. raayan Says:

    bits got lost……….. fix it now
    my crops are about to get wither

  205. WIll Says:

    no frontierville, no cityville, no farmville, unable to collect gifts for the last two hours!! crops probably withered by now!! time now 11:50pm NYC time :(

  206. Donna Says:

    I can load Farm, but can not not accept gifts. Loading is very very slow. Looking forward to new farm, but sure hope there aren’t scads of problems with it, or causes problem on FV!! Facebook doesn’t seem to be working well either, very slow when you click on anything. I am just going to give up and hope everything is fixed by tommorrow!!! Good nite all you freaks!!

  207. Gina Dawson Says:

    i was supposed to get $20 farm cash today as a bonus out of my e mail but cant connect so wtf…guess im beat ???

  208. Paula Vuicich Says:

    Farmville isn’t the only game I can’t load. When I did finally get the game loaded, the drop down window to publix to someone’s wall is so large the the publish button is not visible to click on. It is hidden behind my neighbors at the bottom of the farm page. Frustration…………………..

  209. E. E. Barton Says:

    At least the damn game won’t kick me off for collecting 2 much water! I have been put 2 bed early every other night this week!

  210. Kathy Says:

    It’s not just FarmVille… It’s ALL of the Zynga games. FIX IT!

  211. Melanie Says:

    My regular Farmville farm isnt loading, however, the Farmville Chinese farm is loading and working just fine. Wonder if they’re adding the English Countryside tonight. ;)

  212. slglock Says:

    Maybe they have frozen our farms now, to force us to play the New game.

  213. Emilie S. Says:

    I was on for a while and harvested morning glories but the bushels it said I found seem to have disappeared…

    I’ve hardly been able to share anything since this morning–the little boxes time out. I’ve tried to collect bushels and things from my FB wall and I keep getting the lost-bits cow…

  214. phyllis holmes Says:

    My friend Dehla washburn has been having problems for the last few weeks. I have just started to have problems. Tonight it took her 3 hrs. just to feed 10 cows on Frontierville. Buildings don’t load, coins and stars don’t add up. Fix this pretty please.

  215. cheryl Says:

    ok farmville freaks look at it this way everytime something new comes out in fmv it has problems maybe just maybe we will wake up and be able to finally play england countryside maybe its a sign i hope

  216. Debora Says:

    Farm won’t load, keep seeing same cow looking back at me. Miss my farmville. FIX IT PLEASE!!!

  217. Amber Says:

    I have the latest flashplayer plug in so thats not the issue its zynga in total. Hopefully my crops don’t wither while this bs is going on.

  218. Chricket Says:

    I really am sick and tired of all the loading problems…. FarmVille is getting to be like a bad Texas Two Step One step forward and two steps back. I use to love playing the game, it was relaxing, not so anymore. Now, it’s just sad.

  219. Barb R Says:

    Not only will Farmville(more like Brokeville) not load now – I lost my gifts, my requests, my clothing i bought, and was not able to request today’s spring whatever because the send/ request button will not work…Way to go..

  220. pete Says:


    major updates on some games, which are related to the new FVEC

    But due to problems it will vbe rolled out

  221. Ali Says:

    I can load my .com game but not my Facebook game. As long as I can play one of them, I don’t care.

  222. slwhaley Says:

    so this is what i just found out, because i was going to play a non-zynga game…

    Wild West Town
    OK Update to delays people are having: All our servers are showing fine. What we are noticing is that when we ping the facebook servers there is a massive delay. So all those people saying it is other games too, you were correct, its facebook having the issues. I will update in 15 minutes when I know more.

    everyone keeps complaining on this page, and zynga isn’t reading it.. if you have issues then go to their page and put in your BGC’s … you may get a response.. i always do…

  223. Grannyj Says:

    I can get onto my farm by going to….but not from FB…..

  224. Johnny Says:

    I like to know when will you be ready to go on farmville i need to take out my cops before thy go bad on me ok thank you so please let me know when it will be up and going so i can take my cops out all right and again thank you

  225. Robin Says:

    I am having loading issues. I can’t gey anything to load…instead get the cow

  226. terry Says:

    I cant get on FV is 11:00 pm Central time…i lost bits

  227. Marlyce Says:

    It’s horribly slow, got on my farm but had to refresh like 10 times to get there then again while I was trying to farm,,,,,,it’s getting old! How bout fixing one farm b4 adding another!

  228. terry Says:

    I hope my crops doesn’t wither …

  229. Proteeti Says:

    I can’t even accept items from friends’ news feeds! When will this be fixed? It’s most frustrating.

  230. Michael Says:

    Damn wanted to harvest after duty….. damn damn damn

  231. Janet Overocker Says:

    Perhaps this “outage” is due to the enhancements that USUALLY transpire on Tuesdays & Thursdays. There has to be some major programming work to make both the regular farm & the English farm mesh together. Just a the meantime I’ll just be patient. The game will still be here tomorrow. There are millions of dollars to be made by Zynga after all.

  232. zeehsna Says:

    i am facing the same problem
    i dont want this because my crops are just about to get wither
    fix it as soon as possible………………..

  233. HenryLCR Says:

    Kinda wish I hadn’t planted raspberries 3 hours ago…

  234. Glow Says:

    I can get into my farm, but doing stuff on my farm is a no-go.

  235. Amber Says:

    on a lighter note rewarsville works….. sorry had to throw in some sarcasim

  236. Andrea Clifton Says:

    sigh no Farmville, frontierville, wild west, paradise Isle what a crappy night, well gonna go watch movie on netflix. We should get an extra day for the green roses and the products we make with them, 21 days left I think………..

  237. B Says:

    Won’t even let me collect game items off my friends’ walls for any Zynga games.

  238. Elaine Says:

    I am so very tired of all the glitches Farmville please fix the problems you have before you start something new, can’t send gifts ,can’t request gifts, can’t get neighbors names up to send them gifts,game continually needing to be reloaded out of sink and it’s not just a “clear your cashe” the answer you always give
    Sooooo very tired of it I love this game and my FV neighbors

  239. sarah Says:

    I was able to get on once, but was interrupted with the saving browser(which of course never ends) I wasn’t even able to get help for whatever that daily thing is. Looked like some kind of stone arbor or something like that. I HATE trying to get people that don’t even play to try and help me get the item. This SUCKS!!!!!

  240. manda Says:

    thank you farmville for not only freezing my computer to where i had to force re start, but for also not giving me my gifts , i had 35 i now have 0 since u guys apparently took them away, but now u wont load… errrrr

  241. nancy Says:

    Been having loading issue with all 3 of my Zynga games for several weeks but worse since Monday this week. Have lost gifts, placed gifts that then disappear, tended items only to have it crash and then have to re-tend.

    On top of all the “plug-in unresponsive” messages I regularly get with all the browsers, I’ve come close to throwing my computer out the window a couple of times. Is there a gamer equivalent to “roid rage?”

  242. John Says:

    yes- you cannot get on Farmville right now – Withering and puppy hunger is off

  243. Cheryl Shipley Says:

    Howdy Farmers! We are currently experiencing intermittent errors with the game. We have disabled wither and puppy hunger until the problems can be resolved. Thank you for your patience! on

  244. Tammy Says:

    It is now 12:14 am, here in Pennsylvania. I have not been able to get on my farm, or even get items off the feed, for almost 2 hours now. I certainly hope my crops don’t all rot!! Zynga help, please!!!

  245. Sheila Says:

    I agree with Darnell, I think its more a facebook prob. works no probs

  246. Sarah Says:

    :( im busy so i plan out when i will plant & harvest. this is going to ruin my plans. boo! hopefully they fix it soon, I feel like it has been down for a while?

  247. Michelle Doucet Says:

    its not zynga, my other games doing same thing….FB is being updated!!!!

  248. manon cocotte Says:

    farmville et cityville rouve pas jai perdue des fv 50 je commense a pas trouver sa drole

  249. Michelle Says:

    If I see that damn cow again, I’m gonna blow it to bits!!!!! Zynga needs to fix issues with all there games before working on the new ones, i mean, really, they have teased us enough about this English Countryside!

  250. Echo Says:

    i’m having a bbq at my place tomorrow night. on the menu is Bitsy the Cow!!!

    She’s old, worn out and only good for the stringy beef she might provide. That is, if she doesn’t get LOST on the way to the spit!!!!

    Gods above and below! i am so tired of the bullcrap started a farm in Farm Town. for sure don’t know where it’s going but at least it’s planted, growing and i can harvest.

    Have hardly touched my farm in farmville today. maybe that is a good thing?

  251. manon cocotte Says:

    farmville et Cityville rouve Pas jai perdue des FV 50 JE commense a etre tanner et je trouve pas sa drole

  252. cedric Says:

    farmvill is killing me

  253. Andrea Clifton Says:

    Howdy Farmers! We are currently experiencing intermittent errors with the game. We have disabled wither and puppy hunger until the problems can be resolved. Thank you for your patience!

    and also I just read NO EC not coming out tonight.

  254. Echo Says:

    sad!!! they can’t fix any of the number of problems that farmville has BUT can hype and talk about rolling out another farm game.

    like a little kid. one toy breaks so they have to have another one.

  255. Arleen Says:

    I hate that cow! Can’t even get anything off the feed without her showing up!

  256. alex Says:

    gonna go play farm town…

  257. Amber Says:

    ok so this means I have to stay up later then I wanted to just to make sure my crops don’t wither because you can rest assure as soon as the problem is fixed it’s going to be turned back on and I might be asleep and get screwed on my crops yaaa so excited … not

  258. Santana Thomas Says:

    Yep, can’t load any of my games either! I’ve been having issues with cityville for about a week now where I’m constantly refreshing it! Ugh!

  259. Mike Says:

    #243 Echo: I’ll bring the beer and chips while we cook the cow! A great friend bought me an FV card for my b’day went to load it, got the fv cash and now its gone. Damn Zynga said they can’t do anything about it because of the glitch. DAMN FOOLS!!!

  260. SHERYL SPIES Says:

    I cannot get on any of the games, I hope you will unwither my crops in frontierville and if I can’t get on soon my crops in farmville will be lost too.

  261. Cindy Says:

    This sucks! If your going to turn off the puppy hunger and wither, what are you going to do about the 12 days of spring thing. You have to get on every day and post if you want the prize at the end!

  262. cailyn smith Says:

    its more than just zynga games people. It is a facebook server problem which is affecting games all around

  263. Michele Says:

    They better put in unwither… along with unspoil at cafe world… and unwither on frontierville and cityville!
    So frustrating!

  264. Villemar Says:

    Can’t even use the workaround. The game is totally Fubar. Oh well, no FV for me. Probably a good thing.

  265. Stephanie Says:

    All I know is I buy enough Farm Cash to pay somebodys paycheck tonight!! They better be working!

  266. StarScream Says:

    I logged onto Facebook around noon today (thursday 17th) and was on all day. In the afternoon I noticed that FV didnt want to load and I would have to hit ‘refresh’ repeatedly. I also noticed that after I went to several neighbors farms, feeding, fertilizing, harvesting the leprechauns cottage, etc. it would post it on the feed but none of the gold or extra animal feed was in my gift box. Needless to say I stopped tending to my neighbors farms. Did I contact Zynga about it? No. Why? For almost 3 weeks now I cant get the majority of the gifts my neighbors send me, especially from one neighbor in particular. I’m also having to deal with ’23 neighbors (for example) have sent you gift requests and I click on the notification and theres only showing 1 gift. Where’d the other 22 go??? I’ve gone to live support about all this and they claim they are working on it. But so far theres not been much of a fix to it. I don’t want to sit and consider all the bushels, cows, chickens, pigs, shovels, hanging flowers and SDPs I’ve lost because of this. I also don’t appreciate opening a mystery egg the other day, getting 1 free FC and then 2 hours later Zynga just took it away from me. One second on it was on my FC total counter and the next it was gone….I love this game a lot but not when its not running right. …

  267. ratorr2 Says:

    I’m really starting to hate that cow!

  268. kristi Says:

    everytime i see that sad cow telling me it lost the bits i feel violent….

  269. Servant of Christ Says:

    “We’ll see about puppy hunger and unwither”… PLEASE! JUST DO IT! Man Zynga and their “Customer Service” are a pain!

  270. Darrell Says:

    What about Co-Ops that go from gold to dust, any plans on holding that up along with the puppies and withers!

  271. Nel87 Says:

    who cares about english farm crap, itll prob suck and just be more waste of time, stop trying to update everything farmville is a fine game in itself.

  272. Choky Says:

    1st comment..:D..finally beat you all looser..haha

  273. Dianne Says:

    Having trouble with all Zynga games! Gave up even trying to at least return gifts sent…since they r all being lost too! Come on Zynga fix the problem for us all r at least turn on no withering & how come u never turn on no hunger for Fishville for our fish! Not once have they ever done that when Fishville won’t load! Why is that? Also why isn’t fishVille included in Zynga RewardVille for prizes…that is one game that most of us who do enjoy playing it don’t have as many neighbor’s & could really use a few special gifts for our tanks..not to mention it is the one game that u have the least amount of gifts u can send out too! :(

  274. Alison Says:

    Your programmers are trying to get the games to do too much. In the middle of plowing or planting and it comes up “send a gift” or “so and so needs help”. Many times I’ve just finished visiting my neighbors so I can’t do anything. Enough with the prompts. Why not have items go to a list and after you finish what you are doing you can go and see if you found something while plowing, or want to send a gift. It’s frustrating to get where you want to be on the farm and the page resizes and your back on the other side of the farm.

  275. maxine Says:

    I am so tired of all this crap, they want us to spend our hard earned money on these games but we do not get good service in return. I have lost business on cityville , they just disappear into thin air. When i get an oopps we cant save your city i lose between 2 and 5 thousand coins each time and so far they have not replaced any of it. Why on earth do they think we need another farm? They can’t even keep the one we have running right!! I completed the green roses bundt cake and did not get the mastery sign, i know i have planted way more orange dasies then is necessary but the count never changes. I think we should all send them an oopps and not play any of their games for a couple of days and see how they like that, maybe then they would have time to fix all and i mean ALL the issues. This is just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. Mary Says:

    Cow. Again.

  277. VADIRAJ Says:

    Its back farmville freaks.. yeah :) just enjoy :)

  278. Jenny Says:

    thank you – Farmville is working now – the farm – access to all neighbours – everything – you have made my day – smile

  279. 129c Says:

    Out of sync for two days now. :-(

  280. Neil Says:

    I love it.

    Maybe Zynga will finally see the light and try a little system test before releasing untested software.

    Nope. They have on their rose colored glasses.

  281. Sheila Says:

    last night I posted that I thought it was more a facebook prob with all the games. this morning….I have several things that facebook changed. the 1 main thing…the game request part on the right side is gone. I have nothen there now but pokes and events. that just tells me that facebook was messing around and keeping gamers from loading anything from the games, cuz I didn’t have any probs on last night

  282. StarScream Says:

    I need to correct something in my post last night. When I said ‘so much for going to my neighbors farms’, I didnt mean it to sound so selfish!! I love helping my neighbors and always keep watercans, nails, boards, bricks etc, in my gift box just so I can help my neighbors whenever they need something! I was happy at least my share feeds were going on the feed. It was just annoying I wasnt getting what I was suppose in my Gift box. Going to farms is actually a PITA with all the constant pop ups! And I just wasnt in the mood for it yesterday. I love my neighbors!!! ^_^ So anyone who read my other post and thought what a jerk I was, it was not meant!! Sorry!!

  283. Nicole Says:

    My farm has been going out of sinc for 3 days now, I can’t do a thing! So frustrated. does not work for me either:((

  284. Nel87 Says:

    still buggy and having some probs loading it up a few times :( Thanks new english farm or w/e is causing this >.< was working so well all the time before..

  285. sharon c Says:

    i thought it was just my computer but i see now it was every one who had the same issues

  286. Rose Says:

    How do I get them to fix the issue of not being able to send of receive gifts for the past week or more?

  287. jan Says:

    Ok, for the last hour or so , my farm will not load….
    says I need to upgrade flash,,I just did that not too long ago..
    is the English farm doing this? I have had so many problems since it arrived
    as do many I am sure.

  288. annie Says:

    Is anyone having problems with crops on farmville england? i planted 8 hour and 12 hour crops last night that should be ready now and they are only on 3%

  289. js Says:

    My farm has not loaded since Zynga launched “English”, Zynga has been no help what so ever, anyone have any suggestions to help make it load? Just enjoy the game, not a computer expert.

  290. Elmarie Says:

    It’s been a week now (again) that my Farmville game will NOT LOAD!!!! Had the same problem a while ago, it got right for a few days and now again I can’t get into my farm. Please, fix it!!!

  291. damiano Says:

    city ville arriva al 98% e non carica errore 28 chi sa risolvere il problema? grazie

  292. June Says:

    I cant seem to be able to open my gift box,and with that being said how can i even play the game.

  293. a38u Says:

    Wow  <3<3<3 I just got Unlimited fv cash from this website <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3   

  294. Susan Says:

    Loading issues on farmville help

  295. roze Says:

    That my farm does not grow and I can not buy anything I have found that some friends have the same problem please help and thank you

  296. steve Says:

    FV has to be one of the most buggy games i have ever played in 25 yrs of gaming…. If its isnt one thing its another heres a clue zynga fix the game first before you add more sh!t…

  297. Gunjan Says:

    my farmville page is not showing the loading….

  298. Khadijah Zakiyah Says:

    My orchards in EFV won’t fully load. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? I have cleared the browser cache, run virus scan, disk defragmenter, disk cleanup AND also tried logging out my facebook and logging in using different web browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer); I normally use Google Chrome, but nothing seems to help. My market stalls also won’t load…Well actually the stalls and orchards load but I can’t see them; all I can see is shadow circles where the orchards, stalls are supposed to be. I’d really appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to fix this. Restarting my computer also doesn’t help. I really need to be able to see my orchards so that I can add trees… It’s so time-consuming and annoying to have to look inside the orchards every time I need to place a tree because I can’t see what’s in them from the outside. PLEASE HELP!!!

  299. deloresgraley Says:

    lost over $2m and fv cash..i hit share and i have to restart..i cant share with friens..sometim it takes 1 hr 2 farm 0n home farm..why..please fix

  300. clarissa Says:

    I cant get on farmville on my one facebook account but I can from my other facebook account. WHY???????? please please fix this im tired of having to go the back door way to play on my farmvile. I want to play on my farm right from my facebook. Not have to go through the back door way.

  301. lorenzo Says:


  302. lisa Says:

    i am finding this very frustrating cant play on the farm got a new laptop for christmas and cannot load the farm please help ….

  303. harland eichhorn Says:

    it has been 6 days of nothing but feed issues I keep reporting it to have nothing done I’m not getting all gifts sent and when I send stuff I don’t even get the send bar at times…:-(

  304. harland eichhorn Says:

    it has been 6 days of nothing but feed issues I keep reporting it to have nothing done I’m not getting all gifts sent and when I send stuff I don’t even get the send bar at times…:-( WHY REPORT I DON’T SEE MY LAST COMPLANT ON HERE


  1. FarmVille English Countryside NOT Premiering Tonight | FarmVille Freak - #1 Unofficial Fan Page - FarmVille Tips, FarmVille Secrets, FarmVille Cash
  2. FarmVille English Countryside NOT Premiering Tonight | FarmVille Freak - #1 Unofficial Fan Page - FarmVille Tips, FarmVille Secrets, FarmVille Cash