FarmVille Introduces New Limit to Facebook News Feed Collection

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FarmVille Introduces New Limit to Facebook News Feed Collection

Posted on January 19, 2011 2:37 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille FaceBook Notice Error

A new limit to FarmVille items you are able to collect off your Facebook news feed has been introduced.

The new limit will allow you to collect up to 125 things from the Facebook news feed per day per user.  Many of you have already started experiencing notifications as a result of the new limitation after attempting to collect a news feed item. This new limit was introduced to lower the effectiveness of the illegal snagging of FarmVille news feed items by snag bar and other apps such as Gamer’s Unite and FarmVille Snag Bar that automatically collect farming rewards for you. It impacts all available snag bars.

You may have noticed that it’s been a little difficult to score anything off your Facebook news feed and part of the reason is due to the amount of players using snag tools to suck up all your free FarmVille news feed items way before you even have a chance to click. While this new limitation certainly levels the playing field, it will also directly affect all of you FarmVille Freak News Feed Stalkers! If you stalk your news feed all day scouring for free farmin’ goods  you will also be limited to collecting 125 things per day from your Facebook news feed.

We want to hear your feedback FarmVille Freaks, especially those of you who feel strongly about this change! Do you think the new 125 limit is fair?

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466 Responses to “FarmVille Introduces New Limit to Facebook News Feed Collection” »

  1. DarkFarmer Says:

    This very well may be the straw that breaks the camels back for me. FarmVille has been making it more and more difficult and frustrating to play lately. Putting a cap on the amount of things I can collect will have the same effect it’s had with other games, people will stop playing! It’s one of the main reasons I dislike Frontierville and don’t bother collecting stuff for it.

    It’s unfair that we’ve spent all this time building up a good list, of 300 neighbors and now I can’t even collect something from each of them a day! What about all the water? I grow 10 trees a day, so if my friends want those 10 watering cans, and a few of the trees, they’ve now used up 10% of their daily collect limit?! I’m sorry FV, but this is a terrible move. there are SO many items to click on, being limited is just going to piss off your very loyal gamers. Lately I’ve been regretting the $ I’ve spent on FarmCash, now even more so! I highly suggest you reconsider this change, or many of the long time players are just gonna give up and leave.

  2. Green Wolf Says:


  3. Jen Says:

    This is infuriating! Why should legitimate players be punished for the misdeeds of snaggers?

  4. shannon Says:

    Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous to do this when orchards, watering cans, Cupid’s Castle , parts, etc. are all needed at the same time!

    Just a really stupid move. I have never complained to Zynga about anything before but this absolutely takes my breath away!!

  5. Sherry June Says:

    Wow, you just gave me the reason I needed to stop playing farmville. If I have a day to watch the news feed that’s what I want to do, not be limited at all, goodbye farmville!!!

  6. CatherineCee Says:

    Good news for most or those that are playing only one Zynga game…i may have to cut a few games loose to accomadate the new limit.

  7. JulieD Says:


  8. Jen Says:

    DarkFarmer: you said it!!!

  9. Karen Says:

    If 125 items a day isn’t enough, I may need to get a life. :)

  10. Chamberly Says:

    There is a problem with filling out this reply, when you press tab, it bring me down to the bottom of the page-like.

  11. Kitty Pittman Says:

    They want you to collect like a million items to get good rewards and now they’re gonna limit my clicks? Give me a break FV…..

  12. Karen Says:

    I started experiencing troubles with this new limit system the first moment I turned on my computer today. I could not accept anything from the wall. All I got was the stupid message you mentioned. Once again Farmville is cheating out those that use a “snag bar” (never heard of it) they should block those people not limit those who play honestly!!!!!!!

  13. Chris CLucas Says:

    I regularly check my friends and neighbours to see if they are using any of these snag bar facilities, if they are then I delete them from my friends and neigbhours. I don’t use any type of snag bar and I don’t think others should either, but I don’t like the limitation being imposed on us.

  14. Merrilee Says:

    Better yet, why not STOP all the snag bars????? This is totally NOT fair to all the players who do not use the cheat sites and snag bars!!!!!!!!!! Get real Zynga, I know if this happens, I will not be spending my money anymore on farmcash!!!!

  15. It's A Game Says:

    DarkFarmer, it sounds like you need to get a job. It sound like all you do is play Farmville. I play everyday, but I dont play all day.
    It’s a flippin’ game. Go outside, it feels good.

  16. Karen Says:

    It says it’s a limit for Farmville items. It doesn’t say anything about any other games.

  17. Chris Says:

    I agree with DarkFarmer. I collect items from the newsfeed off and on all day and I don’t use a snag bar. If I’m restricted to 125 items then I guess I just won’t play as often. It’s not fair to those playing legitimately.

  18. Janilee Says:

    This is crap. I hate Snag Bars and Gamer’s Unite! It’s horrible when honest game players are punished because of the few that cheat! It’s rude.

    I also stopped playing for a while because of the game always needing to re-load. Now faced with this, I’m regretting getting back into playing. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and it makes me sad when I start to regret it.

  19. Elaine Says:

    This will be very helpful for some reasons and maybe a pain in the neck for others. It’s too bad the cheaters have such an impact on the game at all, but we kind of guessed it was going to come to this eventually.

    I do hope that Zynga implements some way to track how much we’ve claimed so that we have more of a choice of what we choose to claim from the news feed. (ie: bushels or building parts or collection items). If we can see a tally of what we’ve already claimed, it will help out immensely.

    If it includes the gifts we receive in requests, that might just suck buttermilk in a big way.

  20. Jeremy Says:

    Wow, I must have stumbled into the nursery today with all these cry babies. 125 is fair, it could have been worse. If you have decent neighbors sending you gifts every 4 hours, you could easily have plenty of things to build/grow with. If you don’t like it, don’t play and stop the freaking bitching!

    Farmville Forever!!!!

  21. Allie Says:

    This is what happens when people cry like babies over GU and the snagbars. Keep complaining and see what they take from us next. Obviously zynga didn’t see an issue with snagbars or they wouldn’t have created one of their own.

  22. auntrainey Says:

    Instead of getting together with Facebook, and removing the cheat programs, and the cheaters, they do this to those of us who DON’T cheat? Ya right.
    I guess a lot of us will eventually quit, and it’s nobody’s fault but the idiots at Zynga.

  23. Tammy Says:

    Im done with farmville if this keeps up!!!!!!! Getting ridiculous now!

  24. patte wakefield Says:

    I have seen gifts disappear right in front of me, this is a unfair practice when some (most)of us work hard for the gifts we get…Thank you for doing this

  25. jeanette Says:

    Do they remember we do trees now and have to have 5 million water cans a day? No I don’t think this is right. Snag bars situation is if you have a nabor who uses them get rid of the nabor. Oh wait not enough room on my farm to bury anyone tho.

  26. dave Says:

    you are kidding right Zynga? a daily limit on what on eggs water cans? this is such bullshit fix your game, you only care about making money yet you keep screwing the ones who buy your shit..whatever

  27. Marianne Says:

    I think this is okay, and am glad you are finally doing something about those farmers who use cheating methods. But I do have one concern…how do we know we actually have 125 items? Is someone keeping tally? It’s important we know exactly how many we have since it will be limiting us..and maybe water for the orchard might be more important than that gold egg on the feed.

  28. Sherry Says:

    I’m against Gamer’s Unite and any programs which a user can pre-set to snag items while they go to sleep, go out shopping or whatever. If they want to play the game, they should be at their computers playing actively! However, this limiting idea sucks and it won’t solve the problem! I’m sure if the people at fv thought about it a bit more and took off their blindfolds, they could come up with a better way of stopping these auto-collect programs.

  29. Jen Says:

    This is insane, I play just about all day, do not use any cheating bars and don’t think it’s right that they limit us as to what we can take….especially when you have building projects and can’t take anything….nice job zynga!

  30. Orit Says:

    Well this takes the cake! seriously? they have us collecting materials every week just that would put us at our limit! this is a sharing game what is the point in playing it with a freaking limit? the regular player is already screwed over with the fact that every thing worth having is with fvc so now this? I quitting.

  31. Mands1971 Says:

    I don’t think there should be a limitation especially when there are decent gamers out there who do not use those snag bars and I don’t think it is fair that the legit players should be penalised for cheaters who have a snag/game bar. I don’t think this is a good move at all. Big mistake, huge mistake and people will start to stop spending the money for fv cash {which by the way is pretty outrageous in the respect that people who can’t afford that all the time can’t get some of the items for a LOT of coins and the expansion available for coins yet} and ultimately it will sotp people from playing. Not good!

  32. Michael Spence Says:

    This is ridiculous, this will harm ordinary users more than snag bar users. They do realise that because of facebook limitations snag bars can only search every 30 seconds! So ordinary users are harmed by this.

    I think FarmVille is purposefully trying to lose as many users as possible as this is terrible. I’m contemplating quitting FarmVille because of the ridiculous amount of bugs the game has!

  33. jezzy Says:

    I can’t even imagine needing 125 different things off the feed. At all. I imagine on a good day I get maybe 35, and half of those just sit in my box, like nails and boards and junk.

    That being said, I can understand people being annoyed, especially if they play multiple games. After all, this game encourages you to post every single thing under the sun, and encourages you to have 14,000 neighbors to share said crap with, so what’s the point in having so many neighbors if you can’t even accept what they share?

    It’ll be interesting. But hey, way to go snag bar users, you ruin it for all of us.

  34. sunny Says:

    i couldn’t agree with darkfarmer more… i have a great list of neighbors and i play off and on throughout the day! i breed. i grow trees. i love to play. 125 posts a day? are you crazy?
    why am i been punished for idiots and what they do? i comb through my feed whenever i return to the computer… i do not use any snag tools or any game bar… i can’t believe this new rule!
    i’ve had nothing but problems this morning with my farm… and the glitches have gotten worse… NOW THIS? absolutely ridiculous!

  35. Esther Says:

    we need watering cans 10 per tree, animal feed 20 a day, and to help others lots a day, and then specials like gifts lots so if farmville continues to be stupid like frontierville i will stop playing it as well

  36. Nq. Says:

    Okay, I think the deal is very simple:

    Anyone and everyone that is using any of the snag bars should be banned for life from any games and their account should be closed without refunding invested money.

    Forget the limit, this is what should be done.

  37. Steven Says:

    Relax people. Just be more aware of what you are collecting.

    Build snowmen. You still have 2 weeks. I have 20 of them and it pays 90 water…. and counting for another 2 weeks.

    Accept only the gifts you want and ignore the rest.

    Try playing a little more strategically, without the use of snag bars.

    And remember, you will now have a chance to collect the impossible posts…

    And lastly, stop your whining already….

    3.2 million xp signing off.

  38. Hunnie Moretti Says:

    I think this is overkill to say the least. Why punish the legitimate players because of “snaggers”? If you really want to make this fair for all, you really need to develope a program to block the snagging sites from accessing the news feed. This seems like a more logical solution to me. I should be able to play the game as much….or as little as I please.

  39. gail Says:

    This is a total bummer. It is the main reason i quite playing Treasure island. I find plenty of items, even if some players use the snag bar. Farmvillers combat this themselves by eliminating players who are known to use the snag bars.

  40. dawn graves Says:

    this is a great thing !! i am a breeder and i love the idea because some people just hoard things and not allow others to get the items :D

  41. Lizette Says:


  42. Sheila Says:

    Punish the snaggers. Not those of us who play by the rules and don’t cheat!

  43. Jeff Says:

    Eliminate gamers united snag bar and it WILL even out the playing field and everyone will benefit not just the cheaters. 125 items a day is plenty of free stuff for your farm!

  44. auntrainey Says:

    Here is the email to send to them

  45. Debi Says:

    So because some people choose to cheat we all get punished? I think they could have come up with something better than a limit to take care of the snaggers.
    I guess I will have to be dropping my gameplay on a few other games as well. This is really going to make it difficult to play Farm Ville along with any other game we choose to play. It’s bad enough we are already limited to how many gifts we can send. I have to pick and choose who to help each day since we were required to have so many neighbors to expand farms and such.

    BAD IDEA!!!!

  46. Honest_Abe Says:

    Why Cap Instead of blocking the Snaggy Thingy? Don’t give it access and we’re done!

    There are fifty million new things to build every day… Zynga shouldn’t think we have nothing else to do… this is relaxing for an hour or so, and besides we put up with their annoying pop ups… to plant a field you have to stop 50 times to post stuff… put an end to that will ya?

  47. Gloria McCown Says:


  48. Angelina Says:

    hate it. I play fair, and so do my neighbors. ridiculous!!!

  49. Laura Says:

    I strongly disagree with the idea of the limits…what for? to keep ppl from snagging free, imaginary stuff. Resulting in the game being more frustrating to the people who like to play it.

  50. MiH Says:

    This is what I’m getting now:
    “Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!”
    This really sucks!!!!!!!!!
    Then why should I have neighbors? They are starting to be useless…
    I think they should find another way to block people who use snag bars, not this! I never used anything like that and now I’m losing a lot of oportunities…
    This will only discourage me from playing… I’ll do my daily things, collect all I can and don’t play for the rest of the day…

  51. JulieD Says:

    For the people saying this is fair, the neighbor limit is 300, This limit means you couldn’t even collect ONE THING FROM EACH NEIGHBOR per day.

    How is that fair?

    It takes 10 water cans PER seeding to grow them up and that doesn’t mention the 445453434 expansions on the pig-pen. turkey roost, castle, etc etc etc

    I don’t use any snag bars and I am a stay at home mom who plays off and on most of the day, it is 100% unfair to limit how many items I am allowed to take from MY neighbors and friends on MY news feed. Why the hell don’t you just find a way to BLOCK the snag bars from your game? THAT would at least punish the people who are doing the cheating instead of people just trying to play the game it was meant to be played.

  52. Caroline Says:

    This is absolute madness …. I grow at least 10 seedlings per day for my friends to collect. In order to collect the watering cans for them would take me to 100 of my 125 gift limit. Plus building new orchards needing 30 pieces. Not to mention the buildings – the new cupids castle needs around 150 pieces to fully expand.

    What about bushels? I use my craft building 3 times per day. With making 6 items each time, I need around 150 bushels per day. The majority of which I currently get from my neighbours postings and from their stalls. There’s no way I’d be able to collect this many bushels to allow me to level up if I can only collect 125 items from feed.

    If this is a permanent feature that is being implemented, then I don’t think I’ll be playing for much longer. I do not see why the legitimate players should be punished for those who decide to cheat using an automated snag bar.


  53. RMarie Says:

    I think it’s stupid to limit players to 125 items, and I have no problem with ppl using any snagbar, it’s not cheating, someone out there was intelligent enough to create something that give players an edge… it’s not cheating if everyone can use it, it’s a free tool to help players who don’t have all day to stare at their facebook newsfeed… I don’t personally use one cause I don’t take farmville that serious, thats probably why it’s not a big deal to me!

  54. Candy Says:

    As a relively new member to Farmville I feel the limit of 125 is too low —- as someone has already said Mystery Seedlings take ten waters to grow, a new project has just been introduced that requires obtaining parts, etc. Perhaps a limit of 200 might be a bit more understandable. I do not believe in what is called “snaging” as the game should be played fairly —however, would appreciate fairness from the creators otherwise this game will not longer be any “fun” for a newcomer.”

  55. Karen Says:

    This SUCKS! Zynga go after the dang cheaters and leave us players who play fair the heck alone…I’m furious over this :(

  56. mary Says:

    They can’t solve the snag-bar problem by limiting links. Go back to the drawing board and find a real fix to snag-bars, but the real player already has enough to put up without additional limits put on them. A solution to a problem shouldn’t hurt in anyway the players you’re trying to protect.

  57. Shannon Pharoah Says:

    I think this is a very stupid move by farmville i no longer play frontierville because of this kind of thing and now to limit the stuff we collect i to grow the trees and share them and water and more like the calfs and foals i breed..I don’t use a snag bar to collect gifts etc but i have one for collecting the gifts people send me via free gifts.I get so many that it is hard to click one at a time in many of the games i play..Hope they reconsider this move or it will make other players mad and leave the game

  58. karon Says:

    personally i see nothing wrong with the new limitations. My goodness if all you have to do all day long is sit and collect farmville items then you all need to get a life. 125 items per day is more than enough for anybody after all it is just a game not real life. I check constantly for snaggers and gamers on my friends list and delete them immediately as they are nothing but cheaters. this helps control those cheaters too so we all can have a fair chance at PLAYING the GAME.

  59. JulieD Says:

    Well said Mary, I totally agree.

  60. Teisha May LaCerra Says:

    Are you freaking kidding..WTF… Why do the honest game players need to pay for all these damn cheaters out there. Why instead of makeing us pay for there laziness you guys figure out a way to not have cheating tools.This is absolutley ridiculous. Are you guys tring to find ways to make us stop playing your damn games?I think this is B.S. and it SUCKS.

  61. Roe Says:

    This is ridiculous…wrong move Zynga…the game is frustrating as it is with all the problems….you just made it even harder to play….Lately I’ve been regretting the $ I’ve spent on Farm Cash, now even more so! I highly suggest you reconsider this change, or many of the long time players are just gonna give up and leave.

  62. Sandi Says:

    I don’t use cheat I think the limit should be if you use cheats then limit them to 125 items…… not the rest of us who play fair

  63. amjo Says:

    Why should legitimate players who collect things manually be limited just because of snag bar users?!? I have never used a snag bar and don’t have any fv neighbors that use them. It just isn’t fair that they impose limits. With collecting watering cans, building materials, items to redeem for prizes, foals, xp, and consumables, I can see 125 not being a big enough allowance on some days :(

  64. Gayle Cassidy Says:

    This is a terrible move for the avid farmville players, who play BY THE RULES. We have worked hard to level up and accumulate what we have legally. As smart as the technicians are surely they can come up with a better way to stop the illegals using snag bars. HOW ABOUT BLOCKING THE PEOPLE PLAYING THAT USE THE SNAG BAR FROM PLAYING THE GAMES? Oh, no you won’t do that cause you want to make money off of them. Which is the lesser evil Zynga? And with all the issues going on right now, such as, the ever needed watering cans when sent to you during growing seedling, that are not given to you when you click and it takes you directly to FV instead. HELLO, ARE YOU LISTENING ZYNGA. THIS WAS A TERRIBLE MOVE. We all try to help each other gift and regift, or all my neighbors do. We are NOT children, so don’t start treating us as such. Also, you have created so many items that have to use same materials that it is impossible to build/create unless you are able to get FREELY from your neighbors.

  65. rocky Says:

    This limit is wrong as now it affects being able to even helping neighbors with barn raising’s and sending other help request. Disable the snag bars but don’t punish the rest of us. If Farmville does not change this I will be done with them.

  66. Cydni Says:

    Well – that’s it for me. I am soooo done with this game. Zynga continually finds ways to make the game more complicated for us and limit us, yet they want us to spend farm cash on nearly every single item they introduce. No thank you!! I will not spend any more time or money for these greedy jerks of people to get rich off of. When collecting watering cans, building supplies & these soon to be valentines, 125 posts will be gone in a heartbeat then we get to sit there the rest of the day and look at all the great posts that we’re missing because we reached our max. Here’s an idea. If you’re so worried about the cheaters, do like a lot of us users do & delete & block them, except Zynga could ban them from playing. That would be the fair thing to do instead of punishing all the people who have helped make these people their fortunes, while playing FAIRLY. So so so so ANGRY!

  67. Justin Says:

    This is ridiculous…snag bar or not…think of it this way…Farmville and Zynga push getting neighbors CONSTANTLY for us to expand or do other things. So now you have a bazillion neighbors, which you can only send 50 of those neighbors gifts because there is a limit on that.

    So now your bazillion neighbors are posting a bazillion things because there is one of the Zynga activities going on (such as the Valentine’s Day castle right now) and everyone is posting Bricks, Nails and Boards. So you try to scoop up as many as these are you can because you want to get your castle done ASAP. Now, if you need to get all these parts off the wall because you don’t hoard them, you need to collect a grand total of…wait for it…117 parts, which means if you want anything else that day, you’re now limited to a grand total of 8 other items from your news feed.

    This is the definition of an oxymoron….please, collect as many neighbors as you can, but when you want to help each other out, you’re now limited to how much you can.

    Don’t forget the fact that Zynga’s quality has been in a tailspin for a while now:

    Features that have been promised but never introduced
    Constantly buggy new features
    Losing Items that were in your giftbox

    The list goes on and on…and then..if all of this ISN’T enough to boil your blood…you get on to the fact of FarmVille cash and how damn expensive it is to get anything that’s cool in the game that isn’t for coins.

    If you calculate the real money you spend on FarmVille cash, for even the option that gives you the most for your buck, you still spend (on average) $40 or so bucks for EACH collection. That doesn’t include the mystery game (which can be a complete ripoff).

    So now tell me, Zynga, will this 125 limit completely break FarmVille and finally cause that bubble, which has had so much other stress on it, to pop and FarmVille go the way of MySpace and other things like this?

    Something tells me it will, but time will tell.

  68. Caryl Says:

    Its the best idea ever! stop all those cheaters and snag bars YEAH !!!! Playing fair is good why would you need to collect more than 125 per day??????? LOL

  69. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Definitely the WRONG day to implement the limit with 117 parts needed for Cupid’s Castle.

    But if it ruins gameplay for those with snagger applications, I’m all for it.

    I won’t be posting my pink lamb until my clock cycles.

  70. Patty Grumbine Says:

    Are you kidding me? 125 items a day!!!! We have a lot going on while farming and do you honestly think it’s fair to limit to 125 items? Who the heck pulled that number out of the air? Have you played FV?? Obviously NOT enough to know that 125 items will give us a very short amount of time even playing this game. Work out your bugs and be fair to those of us who play fairly and shouldn’t be treated like 2 year olds!!

  71. SISSY MARIE Says:


  72. Jaye Says:

    Man, just after I put real money into the game, Zynga is blowing it

  73. Anna Dalley Says:

    Absolute BS – a lot of us play all day – well not anymore and if they think i’m gonna join another Zynga game – THINK AGAIN!

  74. Dewey Says:

    Zynga has a lot to learn from real developers like Blizzard Entertainment. In the time I’ve been playing they’ve made more missteps than any company in the gaming business I’ve ever seen. Reminds me of Atari, good games ruined by illogical decisions and bad management. Zynga needs to learn to not piss off their playerbase or that that playerbase will desert them rapidly.

  75. Vicki VanHorn Says:


  76. Chris Says:

    this is stupid , this also places a limit on all those people who like to sit and enjoy collecting and sharing all they can….. once again Zynga has FAILED to take into account the actions and frequent playing that lots do and only focusing on the snag bar… I have no problem with people using it as its not cheating and never was its just a ” tool ” and therefore should be allowed to be used by those who choose to do so. I will be leaving farmville soon as all these new methods Zynga chooses to try to for us into emailing and sharing the game just to reap rewards .. I have spent over $500 on my FV farm and my partner has spent close to that aswell and we will be finishing up and moving along soon as zynga continues to listen to the whingers who have thousands of friends and get more items than anyone else anyway.

  77. vickie Says:

    ok first, Jeremy, that statement is rude. Speak your mind without insulting others.
    I don’t know from what I read, is this a facebook limit? or a farmville limit? if it does include other games, it will change the way alot of people play.
    Either way, we have had no limits before, so of course everyone is gonna be upset of a sudden change.
    i do hope there is a way to track our number of items and when the reset time is. they do that on frontierville. oh and for those of you that haven’t played frontierville, the limit for collecting goodies there is 30. they even have a limit of 50 for helping others.

  78. cheryl butler Says:

    I guess it all depends on how big your farm is and how many orchards u are building. I have 20 something orchards and i need watering cans all the time. With the chicken coops, horse stables, dairy farms, collections, and everything else we find on our farms to post, we should not be limited to 125 items. I post 4 to 5 foals everyday, plus xp, trees, collectables that i find when plowing and such, plus the fuel, how do u expect us to only collect 125 items? I have about 275 neighbors. You have already put a limit on how many gifts we can send a day. I do not use any snag bars, but i do play everyday. Zynga, this time you have made a huge mistake. How many gamers do you want to lose? think about it.

  79. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Badawi Says:

    Players must be able to collect what they want and as much as they want. If somebody wants to stay 24 hours behind his computer it is up to this person. Everybody is free to spend his own time doing the things he likes. It is normal that a player who spends more time at a play get more out of it than a person who spend only 1 hour.

    Through the people out of the game who are quilty of illegal snagging. First give them a warning because it is not always clear what is a legal or a illegal app. If they still use it eliminate them from the game.

    I think or no I know for sure that real Farmville players will go to play other games and leave Farmville because you take all the fun out of the game

  80. Debi Says:

    To those of you who feel 125 limit is enough for your farm, Good for you.. Maybe you don’t understand that this is not all about FARMVILLE. It is for Facebook feeds. There are people who are physically disabled out there and do not get to leave their homes much. Playing these games and making new friends is a big part of their lives. I have 4 friends who are such individuals. They play multiple games and putting a limit on the feeds is just not fair to anyone.
    Besides, those that use the snag bars are the ones cheating, and I’m sure they will find a way to get around the limit so those who play honestly will be the only ones affected here.

  81. Shelly Says:

    Obviously Zynga is aware of the various snag bars out there. Obviously the use of said snag bars is not OK with Zynga. So instead of putting limits on everyone…why doesn’t Zynga put up a page where Farmville users can report anyone they know who is using a snag bar and Zynga can give those people 24 hours to remove the cheat or have their account disabled.

    125 feed items is not enough…especially with the amount of materials they are requiring for buildings….such as the new cupids castle! and that’s not even counting the 10 watering cans needed PER tree!

  82. han Says:

    Feeds limit?, time limit?… is this some kind of temporary or permanent insanity? that we all have to put up with ridiculous issues here? most of us all adult here no one 18yrs old can afford to play fv believe me it is too pricey!

  83. Danny Says:


    ok first off i play way to much but if they do this ill go to another game ive added 200 people to my facebook who i dont know so i can play this game. and to keep me from getting stuff i want or need it is pathetic and if it stays i go and sadly to say i went to my pay pal to see what i have spent on the game and its over 800 dollars in 3 months but im not spending another dime till i see whats going to happen


  84. Candy Says:


    I neglected to mention that it would have been helpful to have had this information before the limitation had been started, if it has. What time of day was this limitation initiated so that players know when to start counting what they have taken from their neighbors.

  85. christine Says:

    I’m a casual player, so I really don’t see the fuss with the limits, personally. That said though, I do hate the snag bar users, and I feel like this really won’t help that at all – choice items are still going to be claimed instantly by the bar, no matter what the limit is. I agree – ban snag users, or write a program that blocks the bot entirely. Spend some of our money to improve things for once, Zynga, I’m sure there are programmers that can write such a thing.

  86. Josie Says:

    I agree with the #1 post…this too may be the straw that broke the camels back. I agree with getting rid of the snag bars etc. to slow the gamers down but to limit those of us who play legally is unfair. I spent two hours this morning going onto my wall catching what I could so that I could play…so that I could get crops needed in my crafting buildings, so that I could build up my orchards, so that I could build that new valentine building…I had other things to do at home but this is my recreation. It is totally, absolutely unfair to the rest of us….Go back to the way it was and figure out something different. If this continues, I too may be gone.

  87. Gulfhills Says:

    This makes me sick!! I don’t use a snag bar, and I know I haven’t collected 125 items today! It won’t let me get anything, I’ve lost a lot of bushels and building materials.

  88. Eva16 Says:

    So first, we don’t have an expansion yet. Secondly, you’ve already restricting sharing by ensuring that certain items cannot be taken unless you are neighbors. I agree that THAT was a good move.

    But. This. Is. Not!

    There are neighbors who happen to share more than hundreds of things per day, and by limiting it to just 125 items, I guarantee the loss of MANY players.

    The main concern for everyone will be how to water mystery seedlings. So either increase this limit by a considerable amount, or else keep it to One Watering Can per seedling! Your choice Zynga. Stop taking the lazy way out!

  89. Moonix Says:

    What a load of ****!
    Once again people cant play fair so it spoils the fun for us honest players.

    Zynga doesn’t give a damn about its players anymore, its all about the money

  90. Unjoyful farmer Says:

    So a limit of 125 per day in an effort to block the Gamers Unite snag bar and their ilk. Great, so we’re being punished for the misdeeds of the cheaters. For the record, I do not use any tools to collect items for me, and I have already gotten the “too much for today” message. Meanwhile, it takes 10 cans of water to grow a tree, 9+10+10=29 parts to build an orchard, 11+45+60=116 parts to build cupid’s castle, and 16+1+3+1=21 parts to build a snowman. Oh, and you can only send 40 gifts and 40 requests for help per day. Assuming I grab 125 watering cans/nails/bricks/boards and no eggs or collection items or, I kid you not, feed, and all 80 of my gifts and requests are building materials and watering cans (and I actually get that many fulfilled per day, unlikely), I can manage to get enough stuff to do what? Grow 20 seedlings? Okay, so I got most of my seedlings grown, but I don’t have any building materials, I did not complete any collections, I did not get any eggs, nothing from stables, no calves, no trees, no decorative items. Yep, loads of fun.

    Dear Farmville (not to be confused with Farmville Freak), Don’t pump up how much stuff is needed to effectively play and then slam a lid on how much people can take (and share) per day! Isn’t the goal to get us to play more? This is in direct contradiction with that goal. I’ve managed to play effectively without using snag bars and, yes, by dumping the friends who I find are using them. Just sign me frustrated and fed up.

  91. chris Says:

    Wow! I am stunned that people are complaining about this. With a job and a relationship (with a real live person) I can’t imagine spending so much time on a game that 125 items is not enough. Why do you have to build everything in one day or grow so many trees at once. For those of you who say you will leave the game if this keeps up…go, do something else. Last time I checked no one was forcing you to play. Farmville is a fun diversion, it releases stress…but it is just a game people!! Get a grip

  92. Shelly Says:

    ** add on to previous comment

    I think the true way to fight the “cheaters” who are using snag bars is for those of us who do not use the cheats, simply delete anyone on our list who does. That way eventually, the people using the snag bars will only be playing with other cheaters!

  93. han Says:

    feeds limit, time limit… is this some kind of temporary or permanent insanity? that we all have to put up with ridiculous issues here? MOST OF US ADULT no one UNDER 18yrs old can afford to play fv believe me it is too pricey!

  94. steve Says:

    why dont farmville just limit the players that are using a snagbar or crappy GAMERS UNITE, if i find a friend using one of them i ask them to remove it, i ask first as they might not know what it does! but if they get shity or dont reply i just remove as a friend SIMPLE, So to FarmVille DONT limit me as i DONT CHEAT and play ALL day and i may concider stopping playing if i get limited so just limit the cheaters but ask them to remove it first and if they dont limit them jobs a gooden :D

  95. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    Email Zynga… We as non cheating players have to demand that they resend this or we stop playing. I am not gonna be penalized for playing the game the right way.. I get the notice and I have not claimed but 3 items…then I couldnt get anything..anyway.. please email them..We have to show them that a majority will stop playing it this continues…What the hell am I supposed to do just sit and watch the stuff I cant have go by?? I dont have any neighbors on these sites either I do not allow it..Big SCREWUP this time….

  96. PATRICIA Says:


  97. Pieter Says:

    I think 125 is too low a number.
    If this is the only way you can think off to stop the snaggers, so be it.
    But looking at how many items you need to finish Cupid’s Castle, you are going to need more then 125
    If 125 was enough then I wouldn’t have hit the ceiling now, would I?
    This spoils a lot of the fun, more then the snaggers do, really, because I weed those out once I find out who they are. Kind of feels like the whole class getting punished because of some rotten apples.

    I wonder how long it would take a snagger to reach 200 for example.
    And if the clicks you make to help someone, e.g. barnraising, are going to count as well?

  98. Heidi Raun Skjold Says:

    Absolutely ridiculous, you need 10 water cans to 1 tree….. and all need nails, brick to the new castle, it stupid sorry

  99. Carol Says:

    I can barely collect anything as it is because my giftbox is overflowing with mastery signs and assorted things I have no place to put since my storage is also maxed out. Why don’t they expand storage or give us the expansion first????

  100. Serena Jackson Says:

    I feel that if you have a loyal game playing person who sits and snags the items from the news page, that the site should appreciate that.. Why punish them..Don’t forget we have a lot of shut- ins who spend all there time on Farmville and who deserves to be able to snare these items legally.. I think by punishing the people who use the snare bar is the problem not the players.. Its the players who go about there business and come on for an hour and than cash in the items..I have 1 neighbor who cashes in the collectables for almost an hour each day from all he has snared on the bar..

  101. Terry Says:

    There is a need for this. But I feel like if you can collect it gamers should be allowed to collect it. I’m not talking about the snag bar either!! I think everyone should have to physically click to collect!!! But no limits shouls be applied. I also want to comment about Frontierville, the news feed for my neighbors never posts on my news feed. I wish they would fix this for me or tell me how to fix it. I can’t collect anything unless I go on my other account and see what is posted. It really sucks that Zynga can’t seem to get it right!

  102. liz Says:

    Hell ban all those using cheat apps and bot programs I am sick to death of them…I don’t care how much money they may spend with you…probably a huge Zero cos they cheat and wouldn’t spend real cash anyway…find them and be rid of them, but please…..we need to get stuff! Not all of us have money to buy cash for watering cans etc and depend on what we can get from our neighbours. Hey and on that subject…why can’t you be a little more like farmtown where we can buy stuff with coins as well….I have millions of coins with absolutely nothing to spend it on! PLEASE guys I love this game have got to 100 without cheating but need a little more incentive now to keep playing!

  103. Bonnie Retalic Says:

    I think the limit is TOTAL BS.. they give you goals to complete…. like the Castle for example… you reach the limit just collecting boards / bricks and nails… way to go ONCE AGAIN ZYNGA.. … I think this is it for me…. bye bye farmville

  104. Libby Says:

    I say get rid of the cheaters instead of punishing the people that enjoy this game because of the neighobors and friends that enjoy constructing a Farm! You are so smart you can’t figure out how to get rid of the snag bars and cheat sites????? I don’t understand that. You sure can mess up this game sometimes which is enough in itself to get someone a little tiffed off!

  105. Mark Trotman Says:

    Just perfect Zynga , this is really gonna make it fair for us all…. Lets see SNAGBARS.. 110 gifts off feed, ME.. 15 gifts off feed.. yeah that is really gonna help out your players that depend on the gifts their friends post to help each other out… IF YOU WANT TO FIX THE PROBLEM.. DO NOT LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF GIFTS ABLE TO CLAIM ON A DAILY BASIS.. FIX YOUR LINKS OR WHAT-EVER NEEDS TO BE CHANGED SO THE FREAKING SNAGBARS CANNOT CLAIM THE GIFTS BEING POSTED……. Come on now all you so called designers of the game can come up with all the stuff for the game, but cannot fix the links so that the snagbars cannot claim them.. give us a break.. FIX THE LINKS NOT PUNISH ALL YOUR HONEST PLAYERS…….

  106. Kitty Says:

    If they don’t take the limit off I probably will quit farmvillle. That is what we farmers do….harvest…

  107. Jodee Says:

    I hereby pledge to quit playing this game. Between not getting any more farmville dollars after level 100 and now this, I just lost interest.

  108. the snagger Says:

    Im tired of all those bit*hes who always whining about snagbar(s).
    I use it because I have to use it if I want to play. It snags only what I need (all the collection items and goods) because I need fuel, MANY FUEL. Im not some low casual noob who plays once a week.
    Im an almost level 120 daily player, Im playing since the beginning, and im not willing to play FV without vehicles. Playing FV without fuel is pain, and I will leave immediately if I ever run out of fuel.
    So zynga go and F*ck yourself once again !

  109. Libby Says:

    125 a day? Haha I think I must manage to collect 10 or 15 at most each day.

  110. ratorr2 Says:

    You got it DarkFarmer!!! Plus, if you don’t like people using those snag bars then take them off your friend list and replace them with someone else. Neighbors are a dime a dozen if you know where to look and there is ways to see who is using those snag bars and who isn’t. If they want to cheat at the game then let them cheat on someone else’s feed.

    I think Farmville needs to stop this nonsense and concentrate more on the things we do want like the expansion or more/better coin only items.

  111. Shelley Says:

    This really sucks! The only way I’ve been able to complete things in farmville is to get the stuff off the feed! If I put out a request and neighbors send them it gets lost when I try accepting the gift. When they send thank you’s because they received something of mine those also get lost. So my 2 options are direct gifts and snagging stuff off the feed. Even today with the castle, I cannot go into the castle and request parts – the game freezes and I never get to send out requests! So this would totally stop my ability to complete anything in farmville and any reasonable time frame. I also help a lot of my neighbors with things they need, and in return you may get one for yourself. Those types of items in Frontierville count towards your total, so now you would have to really think twice about HELPING your neighbors! Come on…this is supposed to be fun, working together, helping others and enjoying what they have to share. This is turning into a dictatorship with them wanting total control over what we do. Time to rethink if it worth playing any longer.

  112. DudeMan Says:

    It is the beginning of the end for FarmVille. They should target the snag tools instead of this stupid “fix.” Of course, this will be the one fix that actually works. Bye-Bye FarmVille :)

  113. Trish Says:

    totally agree…the game has become filled with ridiculous features. (Seems they are trying to target a new audience where the age bracket is under 12 or something, with all the silliness they keep introducing). And now this? With orchards and watering cans, building materials, eggs, the Rare Collectible for the collections……even just playing in the evening….I can’t say I’ve ever counted the number of items I’ve claimed on the game feed….but 125 does seem like a fairly LOW number especially factoring in Bushels and Watering Cans. The number of items I’ve ever garnered in a day probably doesn’t come close to 125….but still….this seems like a rather unfair limitation placed on an already stressed out group of avid players.

    Maybe they are trying to close up shop on the game?

  114. sandy kaaiai Says:

    You need a total 117 items just to upgrade the new castle, which leaves 8 items to gain from home page, not enough to grow a tree with watering cans, not enough to fill a animal throuth with feed, not enough to fill a pond with ducks or a pig sty with pigs. figure out for yourselves how many items a person might need in a day… duh

  115. steve Says:

    @ chriss well arnt you the lucky one if you did have a JOB AND A WIFE why bother to waste THEIR time by posting on here at all, we little fib there init tut tut, im to ill to work and cba with a relationship!! so get back to your REAL life n leave us REAL players be :/

  116. Todd Says:

    It sounds to me like they are taking the “Play with your friends!” part out of it. If you want to complete a building, or even water your seedling, you will end up paying cash for them.
    This is just another way for Zynga to get your Hard earned money!
    Isn’t it bad enough that they don’t help you when you try to contact them?
    Zynga does not care about the people that play the game, just how much money they can get from you before you decide to quit!

  117. mad Says:

    on a very active news feed, 125 can rewards can be collected in less than 60 minutes. that’s rather limiting. guess it’s time to quit, or just be really selective about what’s collected.

  118. Karin Says:

    Are you kidding me? I’m already at my limit (no I don’t use a snag bar), can’t finish my stupid cupid’s castle and these moron’s at zynga are forcing me not to play until tomorrow??
    How does that make any sense???? Instead of punishing honest playing people, they should hire someone who has enough computer knowledge to block snag bars.

    Facebook and zynga is going to lose a lot of people including me since I can’t collect anything else for today. See ya!

  119. B&B Says:

    At this point Zynga should allow us to collect more than 3 bushel from each other and send gifts to our friends everytime we wants. farmville was getting quite boring before this……. this is just the ultimate suicide for zynga

  120. tina hayes Says:

    I don’t believe a limitation to be fair..the amount is too low considering the watering cans,building materials and everything we to friends have met their limit already and the day is only half over..face it..these games aren’t completely fair as it is..if someone can afford game cards,get more xp’s for items they purchase. than others that can’t buy game cards..we can customize our postings,..etc..and no matter what limitations are established there is no way possible to make games’s a GAME

  121. IrishGirl Says:

    I think this is utter crap! I dont use snag bars or anything of the sort but I do a hell of a lot of clicking to get what Ive gotten and to limit the number of items needed especially when there are the orchards that need so many things, the trees all need 10 cans each, the new cupid crap, soon valentines day mailbox will need clicks, the foals, the seedlings, the trees, eggs, fuel, etc it is just simply not fair to limit the number of clicks.

    I agree with the person above who said it may be time to get a life.

    bad move Zynga, very bad move.


  122. Jean Fisher Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with DarkFarmer (#1 comment). You’ve FORCED us into obtaining more and more neighbors with the land expansions and special events (most recently, the lamb). There is already a limit on the number of gifts I can send to my neighbors (you say it is a Facebook limit….). Now, you are telling me that there is a limit on the number of gifts that I can collect????!!!!! If my timing is right and I manage to collect an egg, a watering can, a gift, a lonely animal or a foal/calf, and a building material from one neighbor, then I can only collect from 25 of my 200 neighbors? Why do I need the rest of the 175 neighbors that I can’t send gifts to and can’t collect anything from? And, OBTW, THERE IS A BUG IN THE GIFT LIMIT SOFTWARE – I have not collected 125 items today! NOTHING went into my gift box from the first time I played this morning, and now I am getting the message that I have hit my limit! ONE THING WE CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON: A NEW FEATURE, A NEW BUG!

    I have been a loyal player (Level 100), recruited MANY players, and spent a lot of money on this game! If you are having problems with the hackers, then you should find a technical way to deal with them, not punish the people who have supported you!

  123. Margaret Says:

    I wonder did Farmville say it was because of the snag bar or did this unofficial site determine that? And if you delete people just because they are listed on the GU website you may be losing the bast farmer you ever had as you can be a member and not use the snagbar. Believe it not some people actually use the GU website for the information aspect.

  124. MR.GNOME Says:

    100th comment yay!


  125. Lacie Says:

    What is a snag bar, anyway? I’ve never heard of one, just the zynga game bar. Laaaaaaaaaaame! Like so many other people have said, why punish the honest players instead of just the cheaters? At least I don’t collect more than ten items a day, haha. Not exactly a farmville FREAK, but I’m really getting freaking tired of Zynga making it harder to play. :p And with the millions they make, they can’t get decent shit together? Like, good servers and stuff? :ppp

  126. Cathy Says:

    Oh well I will limit my time on Farmville, and stick to my other FT game, at least they don’t have you scanning the feeds for stuff, and you can have 8 farms now~ There is plenty to do, to keep busy, and if you get bored, you just go to the market, and get a job working for someone, that you can also chat with at the same time…FV can just sit in limbo with my over 200 breeding horses, and other legally gotten things, 100′s of trees, and my crops that will never wither, maybe I will write a message in my crops for Zanga….

  127. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    The cupid castle uses 117 items … do I have water for one tree… nothing more to do today.

    ByeBye FarmVille ( level 90). – I think I turn back to The Sims ;o)

  128. Linda Smith Says:

    Let me see if I understand this – I can no longer have enough water cans, collectibles, and building supplies unless they are gifted to me and still get eggs, foals, etc. All because some people feel the need to cheat!. And, this all happened in the middle of the afternoon with no warning. When should I start posting again since many of my neighbors are also probably close to this limit. Right now I am so angry! I think we should have had advance notice. Now I have a half built Cupid castle! I suppose this includes clicks to help neighbors, so do I help them or try to finish my castle? By the way Chris, I am married with 2 kids and have a full time job, but am getting the pop-up of reaching my limit of rewards. If you want to play 5 minutes a day go ahead, but I’d like to finish my castle and water my trees!

  129. Eva Says:

    For those of you who are saying 125 is enough in one day or telling others to get outside or get a life, why don’t you???? YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ANYONE HOW THEY SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIVES!!! If you had a life you wouldn’t be trying to tell others how to! I am disabled, and FV is a way for me to connect with friends and have fun, do things I can’t do in the real world. If this goes through I’ll find something off of FB to do! It is not right to punish everyone, why not just cut off the farms who they know are using the bars???? I put out alot of trees for my neighbors and 125 in not nearly enough to cover them! You can tell me how to spend my time when you yourselves are wheelchair bound, but until then DON’T GO THERE!!! This will be the end of it for me ZYNGA!!!! Seeking gaming ELSEWHERE! :(

  130. Kirsten Says:

    I think it’s bullcrap. I can’t even take materials from the gamefeed to complete that stupid cupid’s castle. Now they’re also affecting the fair players that are clicking their asses off to get some right stuff. I think I’ll quit playing if these stupid features continue. I spend real money on the game because I like it so much, but I think this is the last drop. My farm is constantly going out of sync, I can’t take my trees out of the orchard and so on. I’m pissed off by this.

  131. andreta Says:

    look dont point your fingers at me calling me a cheat.. YES I USE SNAG BAR cause i sit in my farm and breed lil rare (well what use to be rare) horses and pass you all the foal.. ALL MY FRIENDS KNOW IM ON IT.. and i rarely use it but im getting tired of the neg comments….see FARMVILLE YOU MESSIN UPP HERE AGAIN>>> too muxh frusteration already adding new things and no way to collect them.. i post daily how to see who uses snag and post daily that i am using the application… gheesh they are gonna find a way around this too …

  132. Kandileigh Says:

    If everyone wants to boycott snag bars what about the farmville snag bar by zynga? it does the same thing as the gamers unite snag bar basically. Ive used both. neither one really make a whole lof of difference. If im sitting at my computer I can claim from the feed a lot faster than either. the snag bars are helpful for those who can not sit at the computer all day long waiting to snag. everyone talks about what is fair. but they are only interested in what is fair if it benefits them. Im on gamers unite and I use the snag bar and the farmville snag bar and I have yet to make it to level 100 after all of this time. Common sense would tell you that if a snag bar was a cheat then Id be way ahead of the game. Its the bots out there that people use that is the cheats. Ive had a few people say something to me bout being on GU yet these people hit 100 liek a couple of weeks after the levels got added and when it comes to collecting stuff like presents. I managed to get to around 500 and there were so many that was in the thousands. the snag bar doesnt do all that its accused of its the bots out there that are the issue.

  133. Jackie Says:

    Really? I can’t believe that there is now a limit as to how much free things we can except from our friends. With so many neighbors and items to share it wont take long before the limit is reached. A couple of watering cans, trees and supplies for building you are done for the day and play is stopped. Most of us dont have the extra money to spend on FV or even want to spend the money. So my suggestion, instead of spending time on creating a limit for all FV players, maybe Zynga could come up with a way to stop the snag bar cheaters so that all is fair on the news feed.

  134. angela Says:

    i am getting frustrated with this also i spend money on fv dollars and they disappear and then the games dont load we are limited in the gift box and now we are limited in collecting and helping others i might as well delete my games i have had to cut back because of the loading issues and all with any of the games and i really only play 4 of the games now if it continues i may be playing none.

  135. Erik Says:

    let Zynga fix all the glitches first before they put a limit to the game feed
    70% of the free gifts are lost “GIFT NOT FOUND”

    its no fun anymore to play ZYNGA games thy limit everything

    let them put a limit to the items they sell for farmcash and let us buy them for coins

  136. Sarah Says:

    Well, I played farmville for a while. Every other post was someone posting about the darn snagbar. Everyone for the past 9 months complained about this stupid snagbar. I don’t use it. Not everyone is going to be happy with the choices Zynga makes so maybe we shouldn’t spend real money on a game and maybe we shouldn’t become so obssessed that blood pressure rises. It is ridiculous to get yourself so worked up.

  137. pixie lee Says:

    I don’t think this is fare-not everyone cheats! You put new things on here so we can enjoy the game but then limit us to how many we can receive-come on we have orchards, cupids castle- the stages we have to go through- then you stop us!!
    What point is there to play the game if you can’t get gifts to finish the things we started ! This stinks-alot of us are on here all day because of various reasons so let us play and receive unlimited gifts-figure out a different way to get rid of the snag bars and the other cheaters !!!!!

  138. Cynthia Says:

    When you need 117 building parts to completely upgrade the latest building, only 125 doesn’t make sense. That leaves me with only 8 watering cans that I can grab off the feed today? That also means that I can’t claim any bonuses or any collectibles. I can monitor my feed and grab over 150 items in an hour and a half with over 500 farmville friends.

  139. betty Says:

    i dont cheat but i have went up to 106 and have 200 neighbors and then u pull this cap its not worth all this hassle y do this to the ones that dont chect

  140. farmville player Says:

    All who say snag bar is not fair-please why is not fair it is your choice how you spend your time Ithink snag bar is bets on fb farmville shuld make one too so if we all use snagbar we save our time and we are all same.I think why to press each share as a idiot all day if you have machine to do it look it is same as in life we have machines for all we need for wash clothes dishes car etc why to do something manual if maschine do it better and faster.And in toolbar you have otion to help neighbors to send them gifts they need i do not see nothing bad in toolbar.

  141. KennyandCrystalCosby Says:

    Ok Zynga,You Have Really Stuck Both Feet In This Time.Stop And Think How Dumb This Really Is…It Requires 10 Water To Grow A Tree,The Cupid Castle You Just Put Out Requires 117 Items To Complete,Orchards Require Building Materials ect… Do You See Where I’m Going With This.You Have Just Made It Impossible To Complete More Than One Or 2 Tasks A Day If It Involves Any Amount Of Materials.You Say It’s Because Of The Snag Bars And Gamers.”IDEA” BAN THE USE OF THESE CHEATS YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF….People That Spend Actual Money Will Be Alot Less Likely To Do So If You Continue To Do This Limitation.Many Of My Neighbors Are Already Talking About Quitting Farmville Because Of This. So If You Want To Stay The # 1 Game On Facebook You Better Re-think This And Do So Fast.You Seem To Harp On Security So Much ,Then Secure Your TRUE Players And BAN These Cheats. Thank You For Your Time.

  142. Jasmine Converse Says:

    Well, If you wanted everyone to leave Facebook..Then your about to get what you wanted. You have people on here that plays Farmville every single day cause they may be disabled or can’t get out or like a dear friend of mine that is paralized. And you want to give them 125 gifts and say” SEE YOU TOMORROW” Your about to lose alot of your die-hard players. I for 1 will be leaving if you keep this up. The difference between you all and me is..I think about the ones that wakes up and looks forward to playing this game cause they have nothing else to do. WAY TO GO FACEBOOK! What’s next? See ya when you stop this mess. If not ..Have A Bad Day!!!

  143. Teresa Strand Says:

    I am so angry about this new edict! Penalizing all players for the few is just wrong! I would like to ask everyone playing to check your neighbors for “bad applications” and remove them! If we are all diligent, we can eradicate this problem ourselves! The point of playing is to give enjoyment to those involved…..if you take away the enjoyment, soon there will be no players.

    I too, am now sorry I paid anything for Farmville Cash! I’m frustrated by the nonsense and the game has begun to be less and less fun.

    Thanks Zynga!!!

    Really well thought out!!!!

  144. Aaron Says:

    Just have to adjust what your snag bar snags now. Set it grab just the rare stuff instead of just every single freebie. Funny how they waste time putting a limit on it, instead of making it so we can gift any item to any specific player (ala Frontierville). To all those complaining about ‘cheats’ and such, unplug the computer for a while and go outside, I promise the sunlight doesn’t hurt that much.

    64k items snagged and counting…

  145. Cherie Says:

    Zynga, you have just made a very serious mistake! Do you honestly think those that develop the snag bars and other cheats won’t have a way around this within 24 hours??? Then, those of us who don’t use any of the cheating techniques will be the ones penalized!!!

    Farmville is looking more like Frontierville every day…limits and missions leading to boring.

  146. Vicky Says:

    Im confused is the limit for a total of 125 for me per 24 hour OR is it 125 per each of my neighbors per 24 hour?

    So I can collect 125 items from jane and then another 125 from joe and so on? or is it just a one time 125 total for all my neighbors?

    Sorry to be ignorat about this just want clarification.. Thanks! :)

  147. Kimberley Says:

    I have removed ALL ZYNGA games until this is reversed.

    Level 100+ FV player!

  148. JewelTones Says:

    I can understand why they’re imposing a limit especially if it’s to curb the snag bars. Hmmmmmm…. what was it everybody was always saying? “Cheating doesn’t hurt anybody. Why do YOU care what cheaters are doing?” This is why. Because — in the end — it’ll bite everybody in the butt.

    I’ll be dropping a line to Zynga’s Customer Support about this to make my opinion and concerns known, and I hope others do the same. But in a weird way, farmers brought this on themselves by cheating, snag-barring, and hoarding.


  149. Mar de Wendt Says:

    What, 125 items a day? I already use that amount for watercans. I don’t use a snag bar but are beeing punished for others. I will never ever spend another Euro (to by Farm Cash) here again. I know what this is. You want us to be in need (for water, nails, bricks and boards) so you are hoping that we will spend more real money at FarmVille like for the watercans and so on. NO WAY. I don’t like to be ripped of.

  150. Juliette Says:

    wow, what a nonsense… sorry zynga, but I think this is the wrong approach towards cheaters… There are already links to help users to find out if they’re neighbours use such a stupid tool as the snagbar – then simply delete them and you’re free of cheating neighbours…
    please get rid of this limit.

  151. Angie Says:

    That’s great, Zynga. Congratulations on punishing the innocent once again. You suck for that. If I wanted communist Farmville, I’d play the Chinese version. That’s all.

  152. Renee Davis Says:

    OK so 20 feed bags…40 slops…10 cans per tree.. say you do ok 5 trees 50 cans..that right there is already 110 that means I can collect only 15 other items for the whole day? this includes helping others where you get a gift in return? This means you cannot build anything else that day not even an orchard or upgrade anything? How entirely unfair! so I guess no more truffles for anyone! that saves 40…um no more trees that will save up to 50 um no more animal trough that will save another 20..hooray I guess then may be I can play for a whole hour before I am shut out! this stinks! I do not cheat and MY GAME HAS BEEN LIMITED! Thanks a lot zynga/farmville for ruining my day! I think you ought to boot the cheaters not punish honest players who spend ALOT OF FV DOLLARS to play and enjoy this game! I am thoroughly disgusted with this!

  153. Cheryl Says:

    Zynga, you are bunch of flipping idiots. You try to bring a sense of competitiveness to the game, i.e. “So and so has earned more mastery stars than you,” and “So and so has collected more [insert items] than so and so”, and NOW you make that competitiveness IMPOSSIBLE with these new limits. What incentive is there to participate in the collect/redeem holiday activities? The only reason I participated was to see how many of whatever it was I could collect, not for the corny-ass redeemable “presents”. I’ve been saying for a while now that I need to reduce the amount of time that I spend playing Farmville…well, I’m about to go cold turkey because I am DONE, SOOOO DONE.

  154. Bobbie Smith Says:

    This is totally unacceptable, ban the cheaters, and let us play our game!!! Can’t believe they would do something like this

  155. Debbie Says:



  156. Suzanne Says:

    By limiting the amount of items we can get from the feed you are ruining the game play for us. We now need to get so many water cans, building parts, pieces for limited collections you have just killed the game for us. Do you realize how many building parts you need at once? And 10 watering cans for every seeding??? You make us collect items like feed, seedlings, watering cans, trees, animals, eggs, building parts etc and then you have the gall to tell us we can only collectr a small portion of what we really need? This is grossly unfair and will make me reconsider even buying more fv and playing at all. Stop the auto cheat sites and let us enjoy this game instead of creating more and more obstacles for us. There is no reason the penalize your loyal paying and non paying customers. Shame on you!

  157. kirin900 Says:

    I really think this is unfair! i mean i dont spent all day collecting stuff, i’ve mastered all the seed so now im just looking for the mastery of the trees i have a pretty good selection of neighboors from who i can click and get water cans and trees sometimes. i dedicate like 1 hour to farmville playing & collection stuff but i go to my friends walls got the stuff i need now I CANT? come on!

    ZYGNA is just doing it worng, i tolerate when they said i will not get any more free farmcash when i level up after lvl 100, i tought thats a good way to avoid cheaters but now seriously WTF?????????????????????????????????????????


    i study marketing and i can say as everyone knows the bussiness is NOT the FREE STUFF zygna!!!! your bussiness is all the people who play the game! ‘cuz you can use that data base for advertising and get real cash income, and the other part of the bussiness is people who spent their real cash in FV cash, why are you trying to limit something that doenst even gets to you? just to be a FAIR game? if you do want to be a fair game then give me farmville cash when i level up i mean leveling up from 100 and above is hard.

    ALSO…….keep your promises!

    1- Give us the goji berry!!! i start playing cityville just o get it! we reach the 100,000 users and nothing happens that was like 2 weeks ago!

    2- release the 28 * 28 expansion, you guys said “a couple of days after new year” whats a couple of days?

    3- Like 6 months ago you said frmers with level 100 or up will get a nice reward with every level they gain insted of farmville cash, still give us NOTHING!

  158. Rachel Says:

    First of all, if people are actually complaining about the 125 limit then sorry, more than likely they ARE using some sort of snag bar. If they are NOT using a snag bar then they’re spending way too much time on FB playing Farmville in the first place. Worried about getting materials for buildings? Hoard your special delivery boxes in your gift box like I do, you’ll complete any build or expansion within minutes!! Stop complaining people, we’re lucky it’s a free game unless you CHOOSE to BUY Farmcash!! Sheeeesh!!



  160. donna Says:

    I feel the limit of 125 per day is unfair. If FarmVille would concentrate on getting rid of 3rd party applications and Gamers Unite/Snag Bar it would make much more sense than to limit the people who do play fair. What happens after everyone has reached the 125 limit – those applications are getting everything else! Plus….they can collect the 125 per day and the people who use them can also collect 125 per day so who is really losing with this new thing? Certainly NOT the people who use applications to take everything – they are in fact getting more! What is the point of playing and playing fair when we are the ones who suffer for it……..not encouraging fairness at all. I agree that this just may drive people away from the game!

  161. Josie Says:

    Just discovered that when I have had my 125 rewards I cannot answer a help request from a neighbour or if they sent me slop, I cannot have it…this sucks….I will wait a few days to see how this all plays out but I really feel they have crosses the line, throwing the baby out with the bath water and punishing all of us who play fairly.

  162. Shannon Says:

    I too think the limit is crap and I’m sure the people that are always whining about snag bars and such are a good reason why we got a cap put on us. It’s a game and I think a lot of people have forgotten that, All I see posted here lately is people complaining about one thing or another for example ” I’m not posting this or that anymore because no one ever thanks me ” WELL GEE GOLLY GEE WHY THE HECK SHOULD YOU BE STROKED FOR PLAYING A GAME???? if you spend a lot of time breeding or whatever and need a AT A BOY for it and your not getting it, then DON’T DO IT!!! STOP WHINING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!


  163. DarkFarmer Says:

    @ It’s a Game – Thank you for the suggestion. I do have a job, 2 in fact! Since I’m stuck at my computer 45-60hrs a week, Farmville is my hobby I can do on the side. Outside is great, I spend every weekend with my family going to Disneyland, the park, the beach, and all other sorts of fun adventures. But way to go being so judgemental, you must be a REAL Joy to be around.

  164. ratorr2 Says:

    Yes, I’ve cheated a few times but that’s only because Farmville has made it too hard or impossible to get things any other way. But, in return, I give a LOT back to my neighbors because I was able to get these things and now my neighbors benefit from it also.

    Back when we were finding Lost Turtles on our farms I searched for two months to get one and couldn’t find a single one. I had to go to one of those pages where people can post and collect items like this and was finally able to get one. Of course Farmville had to stick their big fat nose into it and now we can only collect from neighbors and no one else. I’m tired of Farmville telling use how to play and cranking out 95% of items for FV$ only. Everything else on there is just lame or you have to collect a ton of stuff to grow/build/buy/acquire.

  165. Wendy Says:

    Guess they have made enough money off of me so they said, hey you spend $50 a month on this game but oh now you can’t collect the items you need to play so buzz off. I can’t be at my computer at an exact every 4 hours to do gifts and don’t know of many people that can so I rely on the news feed when I have 20 or 30 minutes to sit down and grab what I need. Needless to say I was off the news feed at around 9pm last night and have not been able to collect anything today at all.

  166. Gayle Cassidy Says:

    To Chris post number 90. What you may not understand is, yes this is just a game but, there are thousands of people who are unable to work, or leave home due to illnesses etc. This is a great past time to have when you are forced to stay home. Thankfully you don’t have that problem but, millions do. So, to lots of people this fills that time, and not having the money to purchase fv cash, this is a way to be able to build, create, and expand your farm. So, try to look at the other side for the ones it does mean a lot to. YOU never know when it could be you on the other side. This is simply a ploy by ZYNGA to be able to get more money generated to them. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, MONEY, MONEY,MONEY. EMAIL ZYNGA EVERY DAY TILL THEY CHANGE THIS. I haven’t had time to receive 125 items and it will not allow me to receive anymore plus, for the second quest it will not give me credit for the 6 people who helped me. THE ISSUES WITH WATERING CANS GOING TO MY FARM HAS BEEN THE SAME FOREVER AND NO CHANGE EVEN WITH EMAIL, LIVE CHAT, SO THEY DO NOT CARE. BUT WE CAN EMAIL, EMAIL, EMAIL, DAILY.

  167. farmville player Says:

    Goodbye farmville – zynga play you alone now

  168. dawn Says:

    Don’t be so hasty blaming gamers unite snaggers. petville has had this limit since the beginning everyone needs to go to FV, scroll down to SUPPORT and bitch to live-chat person. AND post on FORUM can u imagine how many days it is going to take to grow a sapling now!? LOL / GGRRR

  169. sam Says:

    well, now I don’t have to feel bad about all of the the bugs I’ve exploited to get items and cash.. this if fing stupid and yet I’m still going to play this addicting yet frustrating game.. I hate farmville but can’t stop playing it but at least I’ve never spent real money.. at least we still get to look forward to zyngas crappy style of coding that allows for us to make up for their stupid limitations and charging of real money for animated animals and houses.

  170. Kim Says:

    #37 Who the “H” wants 20 snowmen on their farm?
    The limit is crazy, with all the clicking we have to do for, animal feed, water cans, and building materials (orchards or buildings) that is not realistic.
    With the eggs being so lame anymore(which to me use to be the best part) and the mystery game that’s 20/22 fv replacing the 16fv mystery box its becoming quit the bore…
    I’m halfway through level 99 and 100 may be my last.:(
    Calling b&@#%ing, call it whining, it is what it is and its disappointing!

  171. Carol G Says:

    This is so unfair I will quit playing farmville.Ask for a refund of all my farmville cash I purchased.It takes a total of 135 items just to complete cupids castle.What about when you harvest your buildings and want to share items it won’t let you if you used up 125 items.Or for the seedlings it takes 10 watering cans just to do 1.And for all the spas,bakries,wineries and etc you need so many bushels to complete the goals.You will lose a lot of avid players and not make any money on farmville.

  172. Lexi Says:

    You need 20 or even 40 animal feeds per day to get two animals from the feed though.
    If you have more orchards (I have about 20) and you get let’s say 10 seedlings, you need 100 cans to grow them… so that’s all I can do per day? Maybe I’d also want to collect a egg or two.You’re telling me that I can’t?
    If this goes on … then I’m saying goodbye!

  173. anon Says:

    Zynga doesn’t have the ability to control what apps are added to facebook or block feed catchers without blocking real users. Otherwise they would have done it already.

    Feed catchers are what has been driving the requirements for gifts up in the first place. Think about it if, players didn’t participate in features that required 100+ gifts they would see that as a fail and stop requiring so many. But because a enough players are completing the features with feed catchers to finish the buildings… all they see is how many people are finishing, not how they are doing it. That asking for 100+ gifts to finish a building is a reasonable number for the average player.

    Limiting the feed collection should limit the feed catchers and make it so that you can receive more gifts without it getting taken in the first 30 seconds. Yes it sucks, but what is the alternative solution?

  174. Dot Says:

    This is BS!!!! FB knows who is doing the snagging with the auto bots so why don’t they lock them down till they get rid of them instead of penallizing everyone!!!!!!!!!! Heck some of their stupid buildings that we have to build require up to 60 items so now we have already taken up half of what we need to build that item. I pay for FV when I want special items so now I’m going to be penalized with this stupidity!!!!!!!! Bad enough the good items keep coming out as FV dollars and not the freaking coins that we keep building up when the heck are they going to fix that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, I think what they have done here is found a way to potentially lose a lot of people on FB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Kit Says:

    This is crazy….I used 105 nails, bricks and broads from news feed just to do the castle and that only left me with 20 for everything else….Impossible….This has been the worst change Zynga has made.

  176. Marilyn Says:

    I disagree with the new limitations.
    Why should we be limited to collecting off the feed just because of the people who use snag bars.

    They should be the ones punished, not the regular players who honestly collect items off the feed.

    As mentioned above, if you are collecting water, let alone the other items, you would reach your limit very quickly.

    This new policy will certainly slow the game down, and I can see you will soon be left with only the snag bar / bonus collector players, because the rest of us will have quit playing.

    Put some thought into these policies. You might find you are targeting the wrong people.

  177. Benjy Says:

    Soddin useless seedings that require 10 watering cans… now you limit us to collecting feeds to 125 – when you help friends and collect what you need… ive hit that limit in an hour n a bit helping out a handful of core players on my farm… This SUCKS!

    Sort it out Zygna or start loosing alot of players

  178. Eva Says:


  179. Dave Neighbors Says:

    I am badly disabled with Multiple Sclerosis.
    I Can’t do much of anything anymore & have filled my days with Farmville since I found it over a year ago.
    all I do is scan the wall & watch TV & now you’ve ruined it for me!
    back to TV I guess since I was not aware until I hit the limit that you had set one & it is ONLY 4 PM.!!!!!!!!!
    I have Never used a game bar of any sort (Cheaters!) & an VERY ANGRY at having to PAY FOR OTHERS LAZY GREED this WAY~!!!!!!!!

  180. Andrea Says:

    That is all good if you are setting the limit for the right reasons. But what about the people who have been playing and did not get there stuff from there friends but are told they hit there limit today I for one did not get my stuff and there are alot of other people who did not get theres either.

  181. Deb Says:

    I just cannot believe what I am hearing here. A new castle that takes 117 parts to build. A single tree takes 10 watering cans… when everyone has only special seedlings planted such as Balloon Crops, and there are no bushels to make your goods .. you collect from the feed. I knew eventually something had to give with the cheaters. I had no clue, all honest players would be affected. This could all just be settled so easily. Facebook only needs to shut down and close ALL the cheating apps…. I understand Zynga is trying to help out the honest players.. BUT this isn’t the way to go. Alot of my friends don’t have that many people are their friends list, including me now…. so gifting all this stuff is out of the question. My gifting is also limited to 30 items sent twice a day. Not sure about others…… this is blowing my mind !!!

  182. melinda affleck Says:

    I am a shut in that enjoys popping in and out of my farm at all times of the day and night. I do not use a snag bar but I do enjoy capturing items from my friends. This limit totally ruins the game for me. I hit my limit this morning before mid day. Now what? sigh

  183. Mark Fulcomer Says:

    why not just ban the sites for the snag bars and other cheating sites instead of penalizing the honest players? also, for those that post” first” you are morons, you get no special prize other than the “i’m a Jerry Kid winner” grow up

  184. Bob Says:

    Come on its not about the snag bar they could stop it if they wanted..its about the $$$$$$$$$ they have gotten so greedy

    I bet after I snag my 125 items to be fair to everyone… they will still let me buy for Farm Cash whatever I want

    Just Saying

    this makes me want to use a snag bar not discourage the snag bar..they need to stop smoking whatever it is they are smoking and wake up before there little “cash Cow” dies a natural death

  185. Ben Says:






  186. Miranda Says:

    I just play this game for about 3 weeks and i put a lot off time and money in it.
    This is it. I will stop playing this game.

    Do not ever change something good.
    The good people have to suffer from the bad.

  187. Shirley Clandfield Says:

    This is a bunch of hogwash! Surely there is a way they can stop the snagbar users without penalizing the honest players.. I for 1 am thinking about quitting the game all together,, if it’s not 1 thing it’s another,, Shame on you Zynga for taking a fun game and making it such a pain!!!!

  188. Jade Says:

    Some people here need to get out more – 125 free items per day should be more than enough for anyone, even if you play other games apart from Farmville. I probably get around 20-30 per day, and that’s more than enough. If you’re sad enough to refresh the news feed 24/7 and claim every little thing, then that’s your problem, not Zynga’s.

    That said, perhaps Zynga should have invested into banning cheaters instead.

  189. spirit Says:

    Why hasn’t Zynga looked into stopping the cheater bars. I’m just wondering if you are doing this to get people to spend more Farm Cash. Your not are you. I assume there won’t be a limit on what we buy will there. Please say it ain’t so Joe. Maybe it would make everyone alot happier if you found a way to get rid of the cheating other then limiting everyone. TY

  190. Tina Says:

    That is about the dumbest thing Zynga has come up with yet !!
    As it is, I’m having a hard time finding collection items (haven’t seen a cultivator or ladybug in weeks). With all the buildings, orchards and animal stuff to tend to – it’ll take forever to collect enough stuff to get it done. Also, WHO keeps track of the amounts already taken and let’s me know when I’m close to reaching my daily limit?

    As for the crybabies who whine about the snag bars, so what??? look them up and delete them from your friend list if you don’t like it. I personally don’t give a rat’s behind how much they snag. It’s all FREE and plenty to go around if Zynga doesn’t screw around with it!!

    I may have to go back to crocheting afghans. I think tis is the straw that broke the camel’s back and if they keep this new rule in place I’ll have to quit playing.

  191. Assds Says:

    Another BAD MOVE from zynga. It’s a trend now.

  192. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    Email Zynga. this is beyond stupid. Do you think they went to gamers unite and told them to stop. Has anyone reported been banned from play. It states those things will happen in the rules. Zynga needs to stand behind their own rules, if not why have them. Here is what I collected today..20 boards..20 bricks..20 nails..water for 5 trees. 5 eggs, 2 foals, 3 trees and 5 feed for trough. so I am done ..I am not gonna sit and just watch all the stuff I cannot have go by. I cannot even help others like I usually do. Which adds to alot. So if they can limit me on the items I can get honestly off my wall, then I will limit them to ’0′ Fc from me…. Please let them know how you feel about this ( dont cuss and act like a fool either) If you have neighbors on the cheat sites get rid of them, if people wont friend them or add them as neighbors, they have no one to play with. i have links for the sites if you need them message me and I will give them to you …EMAIL…EMAIL…EMAIL..

  193. Michelle Says:

    I think 125 items is more than enough. I know how frustrated many of my friends are they can never get my items. I dont use snag bars or keep anyone on my friends who does so that doesnt colour my view. It will be nice to see us having to choose to take what we really need vs. just grabbing everything,

  194. Stephanie Says:

    Many FV players look at the snag sites for their neighbors and un-friend anybody they find. If individual people who are playing the game, inviting others to join, looking at the ads, and buying FV cash can do this, WHY can’t the folks at FV (or even Zynga, for that matter) do this on a larger scale? My gosh, hire a person or two to do this. The Farmville and the Zynga empire are HUGE, why are you punishing your customers for something that should be your responsibility to control? I know you shouldn’t have to; these snag bars and cheat sites are just awful and they make people think it’s okay to cheat, but we shouldn’t have to either, and many of us have been, on an individual basis. This has been frustrating me in Frontierville, too, and it makes an otherwise fun game really frustrating. And, in cases like the seedlings, it’s making a difficult gaming situation near impossible. 125 items may seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly, and if I’m sitting here clicking, that’s my business. I’m not cheating, I’m playing. If this is what I do with my time, again, my choice, my business. Thank you.

  195. Sherri Says:


  196. Ozzy Says:

    Awful, awful, awful
    I spent over $1500. in 2010 w/ real $$… and would have spent that or more this year. I will no longer be spending any of my real $$$ to Zynga. This is the worst thing you have done ever 125 per day. This is the Straw that just broke this Camel’s back. I need 125 water cans just to get through my orchards. Guess all the time, effort and FV cash I’ve spent on my orchards and farm in general was a waste of my time and money. Only get 125 things for free now….. Unbelievable !!!!

  197. farmerb81 Says:

    Sorry, Zynga! You’ve collected enough money from this player today!!! Try again next lifetime when you stop pissing your players off!!

  198. Jen Says:

    This sucks bad idea WTH thats not fair your ruining the game for everyone there shouldn’t be a limit on what you can accept thats not right and NOT fair this would be one good way to lose alot of players who p[lay everyday farmville used to be fun now its not Thank you Zynga for making it not fun anymore

  199. Green Daisy Says:

    You want to be mad? Be mad at the people who use snagbars – it’s cheating! And be mad at the people who CREATE snagbars too! People like me, who watch the feed for items they need or want – we’re playing the game the way it’s MEANT to be played. Bots – AKA snagbars, bonus checkers, whatever – they are against the TOS of FarmVille. Yeah, I’m not pleased to be limited to 125 items per day from the news feed, heck I can get that many items in an hour. BUT I do it MYSELF, in person, sitting here at the computer, clicking the items myself – & yeah, I miss out on a lot of good stuff, by taking the time to click LIKE or leave a comment of TYVM, but c’est la vie. I’d say eliminate the limit, but I think it’s needed – maybe it’ll get rid of the cheaters, to a good extent. If so, then great!

  200. cc Says:

    I think I like it… Someone I suspected from using it and a lot of his friends just got to feel the limit… I sit and click here all evening to collect stuff for the cupid castle, and still not got over the 125 items… so… still if the snagbars just could be disconnected it would be better. One more question… won’t they find a way around it? And will it work properly so all have the same limit ?

  201. Jurghen Says:

    What about the EXPANSION let’s talk about THAT , WHAT about COINS for FARMCASH ! Everything is FARMCASH in FARMVILLE NOW ! WE can at least work HARD FOR FARMVILLE CASH , after level 100 we are with our ARMS TIED ! :-(

  202. Bo Says:

    What sucks is that I have neighbors who are playing honestly, but THEY have neighbors who cheat…so the items MY neighbors post are gone within 3 seconds. I don’t get why people would even WANT to cheat…isn’t half the fun looking for stuff through the feeds?

  203. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    @ Ben.. If you are so tired of the stuff posted on here why are you back? you must not hate it enough to stay away. I was asked to come here and voice my opinion, and I have done just that. if you dont like the things posted here, dont come here. Pretty simple.

  204. daniel Says:

    Sooooo. they ONLY do this AFTER they roll out the Cupid’s Castle which requires 12+45+60 freakin’ materials to build it??? Umm. let’s do some math here.. that’s NEARLY the limit of obtaining feeds, which I may remind you that most of the feeds, you don’t know WHAT building material you’re going to get.. Then add into that equation that the AE SD’s are giving watering cans, ossabaw pigs, owl statues and everything else under the sun that we don’t NEED or WANT.. hmm.. I think it’s a recipe for ENCOURAGING US to BUY to FINISH these items.. spending more money than we already DO on a game that elicits more money to play than the ordinary computer or online game EVER. Zynga once again is using excuses in order to make us part with hard-earned money, in exchange for more excuses for glitches that are the SAME glitches over and over again in a “BETA” game.. that has long surpassed regulations for what constitutes BETA definition.

    And they wonder why we turn to 3rd party applications in order to bypass such ongoing stupidity and rude-hog-or-die tactics.

  205. Gurk Says:

    Zynga, this is it!

    As long as this limit will be in place, I will stop playing the game.

    I get seedlings and watering cans (not so valuable ) from the wall, and a lot of clicks, just to make level 2 trees (a little more valuable, Zynga sells them for FV cash, no?) ,

  206. Sue Says:

    With all their technical expertise you’d think Zynga would find a way to block criminals without hurting honest players. This is a poor “quick fix” solution and as usual the real players are penalized. It’s bad enough to deal with all the sync problems and slow play that now there is this limitation. Wake up, Zinga.

  207. Hannah Says:

    I gather that this only limits accepting stuff from the feed, not accepting gifts from friends or helping friends, sending things, etc – if so, 125 isn’t so terrible. Right now I find that most good things from the feed vanish within 5 seconds anyway, except for posts from people with very few friends. I agree that the Zynga programers should find a way to disable snag bars, but meanwhile this may let us normal players get better stuff from the feed. I’m willing to give it a try.

  208. Red Dawn Says:

    I want to see MORE STORAGE SPACE for all the Christmas goodies to stash. I want to be able to TRADE WITH FRIENDS for things we each need. Playfish games do this: they also offer more than one screen, (farm) at certain levels. That means, instead of expanding, you get a whole new farm, AT CURRENT LEVEL.

  209. pandabear Says:

    i just have a question. does the 125 gift limit include inbox gifts/bushels? or is the limit only for the news feed?

  210. Carlos Says:

    I play without cheats and this isn’t fair this limits me drastically and won’t allow me to longer enjoy the game I’ve spent plenty of cash and so has my wife if this isn’t removed asap I will quit farmville and mass PM on facebook and try to get all my friends to quit as well over (7000) and 300 FB Neighbors. Don’t stand for this crap people!

    Zynga I hope you enjoy losing money because this is what your about to do. You just shot yourself in the foot with this crap if in 24 hours this isn’t removed I will follow trough with what I said. And hope others will follow my example.

    I’ve already posted this on the offical forum here.

    Join me and complain get this crap removed asap people.

  211. Johanne Says:

    Can you tell me how I can do my things with that limit, I play Farmville and someday I need more than 250 watering cans just to do my seedlings that’s without counting the rest I need to do everyday !!! Ridiculous to limit us, you should take care of the cheaters instead of having the fair players pay for them !!!

  212. Tina Says:

    I’m not complaining for one I love farmville I spend my money on fv cash and no one makes me do it, but I love the horses and I love to breed them and give them to friends. I also have candycane eggs and mystery eggs that come out of my coop everyday I dont receive them my friends do. People who are not your friends cannot steal your stuff. However I do think that you should be able to buy watering cans then and not with farmville cash. I do not want that counting towards my limit which I’m sure no one does. I help plenty of people on this game when they need a board or a nail and that counts toward your 125 limit too. If your not receiving anything for being kind then eventually people are just gonna stop helping and only take what they want off the feed and thats not fair. Close down gamers unite site if your so worried about hacking and people taking things and stop punishing the honest players who do like to play the old fashioned way:)

  213. Nightly Farmer Says:

    The new 125 limit of items you can get off the feed as a response in part to users of snag bars “grabbing up” all items before non-users have a chance to get them is just inane. Zynga has apparently succumed to the complaining of non-users and attempted to “level the playing field”. My question is this: Why then did they come out with their own Bonus Bar? In trying to appease those that claim ‘snaggers’ are cheaters without first looking into how GU or any other bonus collectors works, they’re willing to alienate long time players who have built up a network of friends and neighbors and play the game consistently. But yet, they crank out situations to lure more players i.e. the sheep and lamb re-union.

    The various bonus collectors, including Zynga’s own, operate manually, meaning the bonus is only available if no one has claimed it. With the limitation, those bonuses go unused. Even with the snag bar from GU, it cycles once a minute, but if you have 300 friends and only one item available on the post, it will be collected under a two seconds. That’s just mathemetics. So to all the complainers, educate yourselves before accusing users of cheating.

    Even with very selective ‘snagging’, which in my opinion should be done anyway, the enjoyment of the game for the length of time you want to play is impacted. If you prefer to play games all day, that should be your personal choice, not mandated by a feed limitation.

    With the amount of items necessary to complete a given project i.e. the newest Castle build, water for seedlings and bushels for crafting, it will severely limit those that are avid players. Even helping neighbors will be impacted, as a dairy raising is 100 coin reward and helping with quests also gives the sender a reward. In conjuction with the gifting limit of 50, which is the only alternative left to get items needed, it amounts to my farming time being very limited and gives me the incentive to quit. If that was Zynga’s intent – mission accomplished.

  214. Trish Says:

    This is getting to be rediculous now ,,makes me not even want to play farmville anymore , they can stick it

  215. Michele Says:

    I do NOT like this one little bit … I bust my backside helping out everyone who posts in my feed but seldom to they ever send a single gift back … the only way I am able to build or accomplish anything at all is from what I am able to pull out of my feed. There are days where I don’t pull a total of 10 items, other days where I probably pull several hundred, depending on what is happening in the app itself. If I am willing to put in MY time and MY money (and YES, I have spent a LOT on this game – check the email addy) then what gives you the right to penalize me for that? I’m not using some cheat program (and you can check that too!!). I already quit Frontierville, Cafe World and Cityville over stupid crap like this … are you going to force me out of Farmville as well? I can find other apps to play (I’ve been looking at a virtual garden program that looks like it would be a lot of fun) and i will be more than happy to spend my money on an app that does not penalize me for being an avid player. You need to fix this and fix it FAST … or you’re going to lose a lot more than just me … you’ll see.

  216. em Says:


  217. Danny Says:

    Who this sucks i cant even help people or get truffles that people send back to me its pathetic i think im done with this game

  218. Laura Clay Ballard Says:

    I think I’m done with farming. I’m a level 107 and have never cheated. I do click a lot!!!! This is NOT right.

  219. Alexis Oehrtman Says:

    I’m all for it if that means people can’t use their snag bars. I can live without collecting more than 125 posts, I mean for me to sit here and be here long enough to collect that many, I think I’m spending too much time at the computer. LOL. But I hate snag bars and cheats, so bring on the spoilers. :)

  220. BOX Says:


  221. Darlene Gable Says:

    Look, most of us have jobs, we have limited time we can spend on the “farm”. We should not be limited as to the amount of things we can get off of the feed – which usually has problems anyway.

    Like many, I spend a few of my hard earned dollars on FV Cash, since we no longer get any for leveling up (I mean, its a cyber game for heavens sake, not like your out anything for giving a few cash now and then)

    And isn’t the Farmville Snag Bar just as bad as the GU one? I mean come on,,its a game,,,everyone has the right to play it the way they want. And if this is not true, then Zynga should charge for playing the game, and I bet they lose more than 1 million players.

  222. Dawn Says:


  223. Steve Says:

    I don’t use a snagbar, but I am a homebound senior and I sit and monitor my feed all day, this along with way too much farm cash I have purchased has helped catapult me past level 100 in roughly a year, I had enough of the Special Delivery boxes saved up to rapidly complete the Valentine’s castle almost completely within a couple of hours.

    I send out literally hundreds of gifts and answer requests every day, but now it seems my neighbors will have to fend for themselves.

    That said, Farmville has given me something to do to keep me from going stir crazy, unfortunately I will have to start using that money I have been spending on Farmville, Treasure Island, FronterVille & most recently Cityville on non web based games and more software driven games.
    I haven’t played Halo in a while anyway.

  224. Jacqueline Andrews Says:

    Don’t understand what you are talking about snagging and snag feed?

  225. Jeremy Says:

    The thing that farmville has going for it is its addictive nature. Of course the liquor store worker tells the drunk that he can’t serve him because it’s illegal despite the fact that he probably would like to in order to make more money. With farmville there is no illegal, yet Zynga wants to take away the fuel that feeds the addiction. I could claim 125 items in the first 2 hours of the morning. Now there will be no reason for me to sit around and feed the addiction all day. Great job Zynga on Prohibition 2011!

  226. Rhaine Says:

    AS far as I am concern FV, This isn’t be fair for those people who have been working so hard in their farm just to find a leisure time with them/me.This news only belongs to those of the snaggers and cheaters so why would the innocent one suffers?.My suggestion is to block those cheaters and snaggers so that there must be a fair play.Efforts are made for us to be satisfied while playing these game but if our efforts were made to be wasted then We have no reason to stay and play again.Pls do not allow this kind of application in the game.Maintain the same game as we are using before.

  227. jennifer Says:

    i quit. how can you play with that kind of limit? with all the things you need to collect in order to play the game, how can you play with that kind of limit? why would you put a limit on a game that depends on friends feeds? i wont play unless they lift the limit. hope they are ready for all the people who are going to quit playing.

  228. Carolyn Champion Says:

    I think that,, rather than punish those who play fair…. you should find a way to prosecute snaggers!!!! There must be a way to tell that they are ‘snagging’….. please give them a warning…. and if they don’t adhere to the warning….. kick ‘em out!!!

    It’s just not fair to those of us who play fair and hard!!!

  229. J Harmon Says:

    This is totally crazy….You have 300 neighbors and you can’t collect not even one thing from all of them….I will completely stop playing and never buy FV dollars again if this is not changed….Cheaters win again…..Do away with the snag bars and cheaters not the honest people that play……This better change in a hurry TODAY or Farmville will be history for me…..

  230. Queen Of Hearts Says:

    lol. Im semi exicted about this new feature because now i at least get a chance to collect some things without them being gone within the 1st second of someone posting it and i swear its true they are gone in seconds lol.
    But also i think farmville is doing that because we are getting alot of freebies through news feed instead of wasting our f.c in the markets like they want us to

  231. Gabriella Herhoff Says:

    o if I collect 20 animal feed a day, 5 truffle what you shared back, 5 fuel what you shared after visited my farm, 10 collectable, 5 eggs, 5 calf, 10 bookmark reward , 5 lost animals…need 40 pigslop, or at leas bushel to make pig slop, 5 xp, 2 arbortist and 2 farmhand…and 6 watering cans, thats it for a day… it enough for us? Please comment….ah yes, and building parts, Valentine stuff collecting……125 not enough at all, how can we play the game now?

  232. Dianne Witter Says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want more than 125 items per day; what would you do with them all? This is a great move to make items more available for everyone.

  233. Piper137 Says:

    From my experience today the limit was also put on how many requests I could accept. I have great neighbors but now can’t accept their gifts after I reached my feed limit all I got was errors in my requests for FV. I don’t think Zynga should “level the playing field” If people are against feed grabbers or G.U. let them make the choice to delete them off their lists, or whatever they choose. In reality the G.U. users is a small percentage compared to the amount of people playing.

  234. RMarie Says:

    to Eva post #158…
    and everyone else saying using a snagbar is illegal…
    There is nothing Illegal about using a snagbar and there are no LAWS about it!!!! you ppl are making yourselves sound stupid…

    for the record i don’t use a snagbar… and could care less if ppl do… it’s a game ppl, an online game and while it might be fun and it might be all you have to do, it’s just a game, just like scrabble or monopoly…

  235. uneek Says:

    I think this is totally disgusting as I play fair and anybody that is using that snag bar on my neighbours list is history I delete them and only play with fair people. Zynga you can tell who are and who aren’t using these damn things so please don’t tar us all with your rotten brush!!! Leave us honest players alone and go get the snag bar cheaters who can’t sit their damn lazy asses at their computers like us hard working farmers!! this is bollocks!!!! I spend my damn good hard earned money on this game too but you are giving me more and more reason every day to kick this game to the curb and find somewhere else to spend my money and have fun!!! CLEAN UP YOUR ACT ZYNGA ONCE AND FOR ALL GIVE US A REST FROM ALL THESE DAMN OUT OF SYNC AND ERROR MESSAGES !!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!

  236. Nukie Says:

    Instead of complaining here, head on over to the Zynga Farmville forums and post your complaints there. At least there is a chance of someone listening from Zynga. The more people that complain about this terrible limit, the more chance of getting it reversed.

  237. rene'e tackett Says:

    I think this is unjust and unfair to all of us who play FarmVille and play it fair. It should not be us who get punished for the ones using the auto collectors, snag bars and such (i.e. Gamers Unite). I think that Zynga needs to weed through and pluck out all the people who ARE cheating and leave all of us who play fairly alone…WITHOUT limits. I am a breeder on FarmVille, and I have spent well over $100 in the last couple months on buying the special horses out of the market alone…I will NOT be spending another cent on FarmVille until they take this limit on all of us off. This is absurd to have been put into motion to begin with.

  238. Gabriella Herhoff Says:

    Dianne Witter…just count please….

  239. gabi Says:

    i get that message after one reward clame. why’s that? i can’t claim more than one reward? can someone tell me why i get that message “hello farmer you’ve claimed all the rewards….” after ONE REWARD?

  240. Aven Says:

    I’m not sure whether the limit is fair or not. I know I hunt desperately for watering cans but I suppose I can only glean 20-30 a day from 40 active neighbours, Similarly, I hunt for goods to top up my fuel resources. Say 20 of those. I’m guessing I don’t come anywhere near 125, but it’s bad for players with masses of neighbours, and I imagine we all used humungous amounts when the Holiday Gifts were around.

  241. Georgia Says:

    should be raised to at least 250, I only have 50 neighbors, I do not want more neighbors, I do not use snag tools either. I do just fine.

  242. sally Says:

    name and shame the gamers united ppl… delete them from your friends list… simply email them tell them u intend doing so and after 24 hours remove them, most ppl on my list didnt even know they were but are still there.. so now they are gone!!

    i pay hard earned money to play my game, i should be able to grab watering cans and building parts from my 300 neighbours to benefit me so that i in turn help them!!

  243. Terresa Says:

    Well Zynga will not be seeing anymore of my money thats for sure until they put the feed back like it was. This is completely it for me with any of their games I am blocking all that I play. I have a lot of neighbors who need help leveling up and I can’t even help the ones who need it cause of the stupid f-ing limit so I am so done. Zynga you have really screwed the dog on this one.

  244. Kathleen Says:

    Now you have gone too far! If you want to punish those that cheat and we all know you can tell who is using these sites, then suspend their accounts! Do not punish those of us who play fair. If I want to play 24 hours you do not have the right to tell me what nor how many items I may collect. I work my farm, I work my neighbors, I work the feed. I earn what I have. I don’t cheat. When a project comes up to finish we have the right to help our neighbors. That is what this game is about however, you seem to want to force us to have to pay to finsh the projects. I will not! I purchase special breed horses, I purchase items for my farm. I will never pay to finish a project that I could finsh by working for it. The F in Farmville nolonger stands for Fun. You are sucking the fun out of the game. I put up with out of sync, re-loading oh and how about sorry can’t pull your farm in today. Well enough. Go after those that cheat not the players who play the game. If this is how it will be well, then I am done this this game.

  245. concerned farmer Says:

    man this is so not fare to us farmers that dont have enough room in our storage and we have some things in our gift box to save them this is so not fare for us … think fv should give us bigger land for coins and give us more storage if they are going to limit the amount of things we are allowed to get from the news feed : ……… (

  246. ronnie Says:

    This is the End of farmville…. this will kill the game

  247. Joyce Says:

    Not a good idea farmville – maybe you need to impose a “like” button or something that a person has to hit to be able to get the tree, watering can or whatever.

  248. Jeanne Says:

    I didn’t even know this was going to happen and I put up my foreclosure sign. Have fun with a silly virtual game tying up hours and hours of you life. Took me a while but glad I am getting out of it. Have reality to live

  249. Farmer Jill Says:

    Geez, maybe I should start using a SnagBar and getting all 125 a day now instead of my 20 to 30! ;)

  250. neo Says:

    that’s not fair never and this limits must be removed…….this game willn’t be my favourite game and i will quit if this continue for the next two days

  251. Mike Says:

    this is simply a financial move for zynga
    they using snag bars are reason but all they want is limit us so for those who can afford will just buy the parts.
    they could just put an auto like system that whoever gets your stuff you know who did it

    if they are doing it simutaneously then they are snag bar users and have to delete them. thats plain and simple they have tags who gets what and what they send each other why not auto like it.

  252. Assds Says:

    Got the message already.

    They could have at least given a week’s notice just so we knew it was coming…

    Now I have a huge freaking castle to build and still missing 13 materials…

    *deletes castle*


  253. claudi Says:

    i think it’s not fair. i’m playing FV since more than a year and i have spent some money for it. and now they are stopping the game after 125 items????
    not only the items from feed are blocked, also the help requests and gifts. and after one hour, if i collected and helped 125 times i should stop playing??? or do they want me to pay for building materials that i can co on???
    hope, they will change because i’m in love with my lvl 106 farm!

  254. Kathleen Says:

    This game is suppose to be about playing and helping your neighbors. I can not help anyone nor collect. If you want to stop the snagbars then stop spending so much time screwing up this game. You have been slowly taking the fun out of Farmville.
    If I want to play for 24 hours and work my main feed you have no right to not allow me. It is my farm my game my time my effort. I am not using a snagbar! You are trying to force me to purchase from you. To finish items that are suppose to be free. Items I work for. This will not happen. I purchase the special breeds for breeding. I purchase items for my farm however, I will never pay to finish a project. If there is going to be a limit then I am done with Farmville. The F no longer stands for Fun. Oh and just because I don’t get an item doesn’t mean someone used a snagbar. It means I did not click in time. Fair play. I miss a lot every day. There are not just 12 or 24 people clicking on these items up for grabs. So you can not always blame a snagbar. Guess we will see what happens. This is such a disappointment

  255. Hector Says:

    Everyone says they will stop playing but suspect you’ll be waiting for the updates like the rest of us! I have spent money on FVC but won’t call out Zynga on a fan site to change the policy. For those of you not liking the new change then don’t buy FVC. SIMPLE. If enough people do it Zynga will resort to changing the rule. No harm done and they will probably give you 50FC for your troubles. Then will see who is still playing.

  256. Bryan Says:

    Total BS! Zygna this move will put farmville under for sure now! HA…..HA!! Stupid MFer’s!!

  257. ana Says:

    well maybe they try to stop greedy people i use snag bar to collect things… it collects from old posts which were published in the morning so i dont waste time going thorugh them… i set it to collect just what i need NOT EVERYTHING I SEE… so i collect aroun 30 items per day with it… what bothers me are people which stalk my profile nad grab everything i publish i know it cause they press like immediately i publish and then they sell everything they take… i redeemed for a thanksgiving boat two times and one woman grab both and sold them and she had more this dishes than me… now tell me if that is not greedy??? i WOULD NEVER TAKE AN ITEM I DONT NEED JUST TO SELL IT WHEN SOMEONE ELSE CAN USE IT..

  258. crappycrap Says:

    Well, this is ridiculous. I got 300 friends, too @ silly sally – you don’t seem to have a calculator, all the gifts or most of them will expire now. And if you have no life thinking fv is about staring at a feed all day clicking without any tool that’s your problem. The bars are the only thing that allowed people to play who have a job as well. But oh well, it’s over now, as many said, no point in playing anymore. Wonder how they will earn money if only the jobless people are left to play their stupid games :-).

  259. Echo Moon Says:

    this is a very huge disappointment Zynga!

    Very BAD move. You have more honest players than there are cheaters. Yet you are punishing your honest players more than the cheaters. Why? You say to equal the playing field? In a sense yes it will. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are hurting your honest players even more. With all the buildables, quests, gifts ect honest players are going to be hard pressed.

    Why in heavens name can’t you disable the snag bars and go after the cheaters???? That would surely take care of the problem.

    Punish them, not us!!!

  260. Sherri Says:

    Trouble Receiving Reward from News Feed
    Updated 01/19/2011 02:28 PM
    Our FarmVille team is aware that some players are experiencing an issue where you are not receiving your rewards after you have clicked the news feed to claim them. We are investigating this issue and will update you as soon as possible.
    We really appreciate your feedback and we work hard to quickly resolve issues our players report. If you are experiencing an issue while playing FarmVille, you can help by taking the time to “Vote” on the button below, this helps our engineers prioritize and quickly improve the game play of FarmVille.

    Complaints working? I think maybe.

  261. ana Says:

    maybe now it will stop greedy people take everythin they see and my friends which play less often will have a chance for something from my profile… till now i had to lock things just for working people because people which dont work stalk feed all day… how many eggs do you need??? ok for beginners but for high level players like me i dont pick eggs foals and stuff for what??? to hoard??

  262. dave Says:

    Zynga says the limit isn’t true, this is part of the chat I just had with them…..
    [01:34:03 PM] dave: evertime something new comes out everything else doesnt work
    [01:34:11 PM] Sandra A.: Well Dave this is really out of my hands. Remember I am just an agent I will send the complaint to the Development Team so they can improve the game
    [01:34:23 PM] dave: i understand that
    [01:34:50 PM] dave: but this 125 limit has got to go
    [01:35:03 PM] dave: everybody is pissed
    [01:35:16 PM] dave: is this true or just a rumor?
    [01:35:41 PM] Sandra A.: I know that the game is not the best of the world and it has glitches. I already explain you the problem with the feeds that you cannot collect. I know everybody is pissed off with Zynga and they got mad with us.
    [01:36:08 PM] dave: yes we are mad
    [01:36:27 PM] Sandra A.: I understand
    [01:36:37 PM] dave: is this limit true?
    [01:37:29 PM] Sandra A.: No
    [01:37:37 PM] Sandra A.: We are just having problems with this

  263. adam Says:

    this makes me REALLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i used to spend my day on my facebook wall getting free stuff from the post from my 100+neighbors and well now i got nothing to do all day i got my “limit” in about a hour *mad face*

  264. Katbalu Blight Says:

    Well this new limit just made farming much easier. Slop for pigs…gone. Tree seedlings…gone. Posted bushels on feed…gone. Freebies from buildings such as calves, foals, arborists, helpers etc…gone.

    So what is left? Grow crops, feed animals.


  265. RonniePennington Says:

    I think it’s pathetic. Okay this mean’s my life is over. I use a snag bar because it’s the only way to get anything on here with other snaggers. So what? Why moan, you ruin everything you moaning old buggers!!!!

  266. Shel Says:

    I too find this totally ridiculous and uncalled for. Again the cheaters are ruining it for the rest of us who play fairly. Spend our FV cash to gain specials and share with the neighbors we have gained. Many of us who have over 100 friends or more and enjoy sharing our special gifts with them and now we are limited? That is gonna turn alot of people off to spending money on FV cash if we can’t use it to share with our co-farmers. I believe you will lose alot of “paying” players!

  267. whatupfool Says:

    hmm lets see i spend 100′s on this game every week. i breed cows, & horses. I grow & share trees. i have a lot of le stuff. i spend 100′s on the mystery game to get just one item. Do you really think zynga would delete a player like me.

    i use the snag bar so what i don’t sang everything. i only snag up to 2 animals each then un select it so it wont sang it anymore. i don’t snag eggs, trees, collections, lonely pets hell i don’t snag a lot of stuff. having the bar has allowed me to play other games and do other things without missing those items im looking for plus it helps all my neighbors by clicking there help posts. i am able to sit and click every post with out the bar if i wanted. the bar only snags if your logged on facebook & its turned on. so when im not on i miss a lot of stuff and the bar misses a lot of stuff sometimes also.

    i bet if all the ppl who are against the snag bar used it for just one day and saw all the stuff they got and all there neighbors got helped so there neighbors always send to them and always help them i bet u would all change your tune. i don’t keep it a secret that i use the bar i have lost neighbors but the neighbors i have are great. they always help me because i always help them. they always send to me because i always send to them. so me having the bar doesn’t matter to them.

  268. Astrid Says:

    block the cheaters zynga. i don’t know itf that’s possible, but don’t punish the fair players! Really, this is the worse move of this game. forntierville frustrates me out enough and now farmville?!

    I thought the game was to interact with your friends by sharing and helping your friends?? By the end of the afternoon, everyone will be out! No need to play during the evening.

    We need our friends’ game feeds! Otherwise I could have just started an account without adding other farmville players..

    this game is not real fun anymore :(

    (I checked my account again and the GU players have again gained in number! They’ll be off my friendslist by the end of the morning)

  269. shaggy Says:


  270. Ivy J Says:

    I spent way to much money on this game, now they take things of my farm I **PAID** FOR, and will not give them back or refund me farmcash. I also get to many errors and now this.

    Bye bye farmville.

  271. em Says:


  272. adam Says:

    the way this is going so far they are going to limit how many itmes i can collect each day like o either 30 crops or 30 animals every few hours im done with farmville untill they remove this limit

  273. Joe Travers Says:


  274. MR.GNOME Says:

    tell em dark farmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. Joyce Says:

    Okay Farmville friends – go to the forums & use the “contact us” & let them how you feel – I did & I told them to post the “delete gamers link” & let us decide if we want to keep gamers on our farms – Bob & I check this link once or twice a month & kick off the cheaters. it’s our responsibility – not theirs.

  276. susie ques Says:

    Love how they put this out the VERY SAME DAY thy have a new constructible building…NIce Zynga…NICE

  277. Loulou Says:

    Shaggy, it’s clear lol.. no need to use the caps and scream it! I could barely read it because of the caps!

    I understand the snagbar frustration and spending 400 dollars a month???????? Holy cow.. I haven’t spent a dime on this game and I am not planning to.

    ~ Loulou ~

  278. Donna Says:

    I just delete the neighbors on Gamers Unite. Don’t punish ALL of us who play ethically! I probably will quit with this new restriction. Thanks cheaters for making all of us suffer.

  279. Danny Says:

    I just realized no one is going to be sending me materials for my castle or helping me with my barn raising cause they will be saving there 125 times for stuff they want. The more and more i look at how they did this the more i realize they didnt think it through and will have to reverse their decisions or they will lose 50% of there player base before next week. Those Clicks to collect or help will be a sacred as Farmville Bucks. What a pitiful way to have Ruined such a fun game by such a small fix that went bad.

  280. Farmer Jane Says:

    How can you tell when someone is using a snag bar to delete them as neighbors?


  281. mari Says:

    Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!

    I`M SOO MAD >:-/

  282. Lexi Says:

    As some people have stated,and this really has got me thinking.
    ZYNGA is NOT doing this to limit the GU Snag Bar users.They are doing this to get EXTRA MONEY!!!
    Because if you get/snag 125 items and still need to finish a tree/building/need doggy feed/etc then some will BUY it,and of course,the limit will be set only for the free items you can get,I bet that if you want to spend FARMCASH then you can get endless stuff.
    And beside,if they really wanted to,they could have coded the reward links,so that the Snag Bar wouldn’t get them or started banning/deleting/penalizing the people who use it … yet,my account is ok and also the accounts of my neighbors who all use the snag bar…

    So if you don’t like the GU users,just DELETE them from your lists,I bet they delete the people who are against them using the snag bar,of theirs.

  283. ronnie Says:

    shaggy u talk out your bum mate i dont cheat ive spent money and yrs of bulding my farm and now i can only collect 125 gifts the castle to day took 100 building items i group and harvest lots of trees i use 10 on each tree so withing 30 mins i cant play for the rest of the day R.I.P farmville they have killed the game

  284. ekk Says:

    Why can’t they get rid of the cheaters using the snag bar (which I have no idea what that is…never heard of it)? They got rid of the extra chicken coops that people had instead of punishing all of us and taking chicken coops away all together…why don’t they do that w/ the snag bar? I thought 125 would be enough at first until I realized it’s the middle of the day and I’m already past my limit. And a lot of my neighbors are in a different time zone so they’re posts don’t come on until later today.

  285. Jeanne Says:

    It shows me as a “Snagger” but I am not. I remove myself from there and the next thing I know it is showing that I am “using again”. I promise I don’t “use”

  286. Jack Says:

    finally someone has thought about this and what it is really for……they could care less who gets the postings…..just want you to spend more money

  287. Nina Says:

    I don’t mind Zynga putting a limit (even though the limit could be a bit higher) but what I don’t like is that they count helping neighbours with for example barn raisings is counted in with the 125 limit as well…that sucks…

  288. adam Says:

    i am kinda curious about something could anybody that hates this idea put a thumbs up and who likes it put a thumbs down on here lol

  289. nikki Says:

    this is what might be it for me.. so because of players that use those snag bars use players who get all our stuff from the feed and our awesome fv friends we are gettin punished too. i dont like it one bit. farmville is becoming not very fun anymore.i will play for a week and then i am done i think.. wait to go farmville and zynga

  290. sexy lady Says:

    i think its fair everytime i try to get something in 2 sec its gone so shut up cry babies stop cheating im glad its done happy as ever ty farmville

  291. Farmer Jane Says:

    This wll mean MORE gamers tempted to use snagbars so they dont miss out.
    More cheatin’ stealers gettin’ in on the act.

    WHY DONT ZYNGA BAN / BLOCK the bloody snagbars. That will save all our woes.

    Zynga !!! You are supposed to have a host of I.T brains there – so surely this is not a hard thing to do.

    You make snow & lights appear.

    Why not make SNAGBARS DISAPPEAR.

  292. sam Says:

    This is crap, how can the snagbar be cheating when ANYONE can use it , if you don’t know how to install it just send me an email and i will explain it for you!

  293. Tit Says:

    Would it mayby help to send a request around to all farmerfriends asking them not to play farmville until they change limit to a higher number?

  294. Joanne Says:

    THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! I cant believe how dumb you are zynga (actually I can because you have proved it over and over). Once again EVERYONE GETS PUNISHED EXCEPT THE ONES THAT ARE ACTUALLY WRONG! You must be on crack to think your going to keep players with this kind of strategy..YOUR the ones that keep forcing us to get MORE neighbors and YOUR the ones that keep introducing items that take huge amounts of materials to finish and or maintain! Its not rocket science to figure out the amount of players your going to loose, the A.M players will be done in an hour and the P.M players will be done in an hour, who the hell is going to play the other 22 hours of the day?????? Zynga, YOU HAVE A SNAG BAR!!!! and now you want to say that its to keep it fair? MY NEIGHBORS AND I HAVE DELETED ANY SNAG BAR USERS WITH NO HELP FROM YOU, SO WE SURE THE HELL DONT NEED YOU “TRYING” TO HELP US NOW!!! Your the problem, not the solution!

  295. Bob Says:

    Oh I didn’t know I had to await moderation lol. That’s good, now I can tell you stupid fucks directly that I’m starting a movement to take down your site for advertising cheats. Have a nice day bitches! :)

  296. Rosie Says:

    Wow! 125 items is a lot of stuff! And, if you need more building material, dog treats or bushels you can ask your neighbors to gift them. Plus, add in all the normally gifted stuff and you’re making a haul!! I really don’t see the problem with this limit.

  297. M H Says:

    How can you tell if someone is using a snagbar or other site?

  298. Sparky Sledge Says:

    According to the jerkweeds on Zynga’s livechat, this is NOT TRUE.
    According to them they are simply having feed issues, but are denying having set a limit on how many feed items you can collect.
    I’ll reserve my judgement.
    From where did your information come?

  299. gretchen miller Says:

    I shut my snag bar off while I am at work….and when I amsleeping……go figure….I wrk hard for a living …..This is bull crap! FV cankiss mybutt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. Lillian Says:

    I know a lot of people who have spent money on their game. Then Zynga change the rules, will they refund the money if the game is not what people paid for. Because others cheat the honest are penalized. Not fair at all. A lot of people will stop playing.

  301. adam Says:

    to #264 ok lets break it down the adveradge player has aprox 100+ users ok and lets say you want to help 20 of them with barn raisings thats 20 now you got 105 left then you want to collect some building meterials that you need about 150+ per building so you get about 35 from the feeds that leaves you with about 70 then you see some animals you want then your down to 40 collect some bushels down to 10 collevt some animal feed, some trees, some pollinated seeds some stuff from the collictions some items from the thanksgiving table/christmas tree/halloween candy….etc and then some shovels……..

    crap lets go back we are already over by 400 items so i guess lets just go back and just get one buidling item a day and ill get my vallentiens day built by 2012′s valientines day

  302. Angela Says:

    Zynga has really screwed themselves now. Limiting how much people can play is going to turn people against Farmville.

  303. Darlene Gable Says:

    I have read all the posts, and I must say,,the biggest bitchers are those that do not understand what the GU nor the Farmville snag bar does. It does not take anything off of your farm or from your gift box. I would suggest you read up on these before you condem others.

    Lets say you have 300 neighbors, and those have 300 neighbors, do you really think your chances of getting something are good? Think again – do the math. Especially when there is only ONE or maybe 5 items that are available. Farmville puts the limits on whats available.

    And the “snag bars” are free, anyone can use them, its not cheating. Most of us don’t have time to sit here hour after hour to get what we need.

    I spend good hard earned cash on FV Cash,,but I will no do so any longer. I can’t do squat with 125 items a day, especially since most of it is trash that I don’t need. And being a business person, I don’t have time to sit here all damned day.

    And limiting us to sending 50 (and sometimes only 40) gifts a day when we have 300+ neighbors? Get real,,yeah, its a game,,but geeze let us play it the way we want to.

  304. tammy Says:

    you know there is just to many people whining about things like how come this person gets all this stuff and miss out on all of it why cant people just shut up and leave things alone…..its just a game its not real life…..its just disgusting

  305. Ben Says:

    Zynga Posted THIS

  306. Tfoxy Says:

    OK, I am not one of those people who has a ridiculous number of neighbors that I don’t know nor do I have time to constantly check my Facebook feed. However, it seems that if Zynga can tell how many items you have collected, then they should be able to tell if you have one of these cheats installed. I really think they should figure out how to go after those individuals instead of impacting people who take the time to look at Facebook and collect items the honest way. I think we can all agree that it is a pain to collect items manually and could be a job in and of itself. I personally freak out when I see my gift box hit 100 or more items. But if someone wants to collect the “legal” way, let them.

  307. El Mariachi Says:

    I go with Lexi on this one. They claim to do it for the snag bars, but imo it’s just another money trick … and a simple way to balance the load on their servers cause of it getting overcrowded by citiville. Facebook has this option called grouping. using this option makes it simple to make your wall posts available for a specific group. That way you can choose the people you want your rewards shared with and the snag bars are out of sight. Sure it’s not waterproof but at least a lot better than a 125 limit.

  308. gretchen miller Says:

    Ok so you only get 125 gifts a day…..sooo you can not help if someone needs something like bushels , chocolates….etc…..that really sucks

  309. Jim Bob Says:

    This is one of Zynga’s best ideas so far, and I completely agree with it. Why on earth would you need more than 30 or so things per day? You’re all incredibly greedy. At least this feature will stop you from sitting and refreshing your news feed all day like braindead saddos. I’m sure you’ll find a way to survive if it takes two days rather than one to complete the Cupid Building.
    Some people are just pathetic.

  310. tammy Says:

    i totally agree with you Tfoxy this is just redictulous i have never used one of those snag bars and dont even want to….they are stupid but i have had alot of people complain saying this person is collecting way to much stuff its like ok well its up there for grabs or people would even post it….

  311. Tammy2 Says:

    Honestly who gives a crap about people who use a snag bar? Think about it. This is just a game, even if they level up faster it is the more bonuses they share with all of us it’s not like any of us gain anything tangible from playing this game. We just blow a lot of our time! If Zynga was so concerned with stopping cheating they would stop people from breeding multiple foals, but they will not because they make money from that and people would stop buying the horses if they did!! So stop your pissing and moaning about snag bars and being an honest player!

  312. assds Says:

    @Sparky Sledge:
    The info came from here:

  313. TjanesShadowWolfe Says:

    This is bloody ridiculous…. To you dickwads that are saying this is fair, and the rest of us need to get a life/get a job : NOT ALL OF US CAN! Some are stay at home moms, some are disabled, some care for their family members with disabilities, some are RETIRED! Me personally, I have a job and I take care of BOTH of my parents. I don’t have many friends outside of the net as a result, so there isn’t much of a life FOR me to have outside of a little bit of gaming. I think at one time I may have clicked like on Gamers Unite cause I used their forums to learn easier ways to play ALL the FB games I play, but I don’t use the snag bar. I usually “Like” a post if I claimed something from it so the person knows I got one. I already only play FrontierVille once every 4 days unless something new comes out. CityVille once a day to supply franchises, and about an hour goes to Mafia Wars.

    This isn’t right or fair to those that play fairly, and if the crap doesn’t give from Zynga soon I may quit FV. My Game play on Zynga is about as limited as the games themselves are, so I don’t believe it fair that I can’t get crap off the 2-300 neighbors I have due to a STUPID limit. Thank you Zynga for giving me even MORE reason to find another method of wasting my spare time and money!

  314. Michael Starkey Says:

    This limit is the Stupidest thing Zinga has done…If you what to stay in bussiness , you better go back to UNLIMITED…. Lots of people that play your games say the same thing…It is not fair for people that play to have fun..LIMITS is unfair…I got over 125 friends. I would be done for I got started…All you have to do , is get rid of the Dame Snag Bars…What is so hard about that..?????????? ZINGA , YOU ARE THE PROBLEM , NOT PEOPLE THAT PLAY TO HAVE FUN…We all can go to where there is NO LIMITS…I`m wasting my time telling you this ,I bet…THANKS FOR NOTHING….

  315. Brad Says:

    Simple for those who play fair
    This really sucks!!!!!!!!!

  316. Imladris Says:

    All this is, is Zynga’s move to collect more REAL cash from the players. Whether you have a snag bar or other such programs or not, 125 articles is 125 articles–no more. So, it’s totally illogical and deceptive for anyone at Zynga to say this move is to prevent snag bar users from taking excessive gifts.

    What the creators of Farmville are not taking into account is the element of satisfaction a player gets from collecting these game feed items–it’s an essential part of the game! You collect 40 or 50 animals and sell them for FV coins, or get bonuses to increase your money, or collect needed building materials or items for projects—all of this is virtual—who among us players actually has $5,000,000 in the bank? Who can grow watermelons in four days or build a house in one day? Our farm is one place we can go to fulfill our need for satisfaction, to see the money mount up day by day—it’s a perfect gift for those who will never see that money in their hand in reality—NOW the company is taking this away! BAD MOVE ZYNGA!!! You are screwing over your players big time with this new limitation!

    If you have a problem with snag bars and similar programming, then warn the players using them that they will be deleted, then stand by your word! Don’t punish those of us who spend our own time squirreling on the game feed to get more items.

    Also, while there are plenty of players who pay real money into the game, there are many who simply love the game but cannot afford to pay grocery/gas/rent money into it. As it stands now, you have PLENTY of ways to extort money from players without using this kind of deceptive ploy. AND you are not living up to your promises: where is the 28 X 28 expansion, for instance?

    Take care of your players, the ones with cash to spend and the ones without it. I rarely spend money in FV, but I have recruited others into the game who will. It evens out for you!

    Get rid of this irritating and irrational limitation as soon as possible!

  317. Cathy Says:

    I think it is pretty ridiculous and I do hope they change it or at least greatly increase the number of items we can get. Does anyone know at what time the new day starts in “zynga-land”?

  318. Cynthia Says:

    @285 Jeanne Says:
    Posted on January 19th, 2011 at 5:18 pm
    It shows me as a “Snagger” but I am not. I remove myself from there and the next thing I know it is showing that I am “using again”. I promise I don’t “use”

    That search tool that can be used to see which friends ‘like’ Gamers Unite is misleading. Its been mispresented as a tool to find all of your friends that use Snag Bar. Unfortunately, if you are simply a fan of Gamers Unite, you will appear on that list, even if you’ve never used or downloaded that Snag Bar. I have friends that have had to ‘unlike’, Gamers Unite so that neighbors would not delete them, even though they were not Snag Bar users. I had to do the same thing. Its unfortunate, since the site itself has very useful information.

  319. ronnie Says:

    what alot of your r not getting is that useing a snag bar is allowed by zynga there not doing this because of snaggers there doing this so when u run out say 1 watercan u cant get any u will have to buy them with FV cash stop blaming the snaggers when its totall Bull another way zynga has found to make u spend more FV cash so FU zynga

  320. Jay Says:

    as someone who enjoys the game, is a paying customer, and has been playing the game for over a year now… this is the shittiest thing zynga has pulled with farmville. having so many items is the reason FV has me sitting here playing the game. i’ve earned EVERYTHING else possible, gifts is all whats left to do for me! and they’re taking it away! why not just raise the # of people who can grab the shit off the wall? that way the whiners get what they want, and the ‘cheaters’ can be happy too. change it back, zynga. i gotta go, my cows are mooing.

  321. nick Says:

    ive gotta say this:
    the limit is bs for sure, but you all hating on snagbar users is pointless. Even before snagbars existed i found it very difficult to collect items, as the avg fv player has around 400 friends. Its like a kindergarten blame game. So you didnt get that new foal? blame snagbar?? or blame people who constantly refresh? The argument on who’s fault it is, is pointless.

  322. brittany Says:

    Has zynga lost their mind?????!???!?!?!?! The 125 limit may be fine for people who dont play often or for people just starting to play the game but for those more avid players this is not going to work, i send gifts and collect gifts all the time off of the facebook wall not to mention i breed foals for people to collect now they can not collect all the foals they want for the fear of going over their limit, zynga you have really lost your f***ing mind on this one and if you dont change it SOON i can guarantee your going to loose alot of players and money! There are alot of things farmville players will put up with but this is not one of them! Are you seriously trying to piss off your players??

  323. susan Says:

    this is so stupid , due to all those cheaters on those snag bars THANKYOU for not allowing us to collect what we need when we need them. but you get what you want. YES THE CHEATING WAY THANKS A LOT

  324. Jac Says:

    Well I can only say Zynga, you have surpassed yourselves tonight with this one!
    125 limit is nothing when you have 300 neighbours.

    I doubt for one minute this is in the interest of the genuine farmers who do not use cheats or snag bars and if ZYnga is so against snag bars then why did they invent one in the first place?

    I can look in my store or my holiday tree and I can tell you at one glance who is using snag bars and cheats so why can’t the employees at Zynga?

    Let’s take a closer look at this 125 limit shall we?

    Tonights latest release – The Castle needs a total of 97 materials to complete. Then there are the missions, again click, click, click – one chocolate for me and one for you.

    Oh dear I need some bushels for my winery – No I won’t ask for help because that will come out of my limit! No goods made today

    Dang I 10 watering cans to grow my seed – click, click, click

    Disco Ball tree on the news feed – click

    Bubble Gum tree on the news feed – click

    New foal on the news feed – click

    White page, wheel spinning – refresh page, repeat, refresh page, repeat

    Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!

  325. karen Says:

    I just read on FarmVille that helping your neighbors with barn raiseings and such, does not count against the limit.

    But, the fact they set the limit to 125 is pure crap. This limits gifts for those of us who click for each and every reward we claim. They say they are doing this to stop the snag bar – yet those people are STILL getting 125 rewards a day for doing NOTHING. They will just change the items they want to collect. They have to find a way to find out who is using these snag bars and BAN them from the game – period.

  326. Désirée Says:

    It’s just not right to punish them who took a lot of time playing a fair game! Just remove all the snake tools or whatever they call it! No limitation for them who play a fair game!!!!

  327. william Says:

    i have had it, i went to my farm at 7:15 on wednessday night, whats this, i lost 4 rainbow chicken houses, 40 watering cans, about 30 trees that were on my farm,cupids castel, and a chicken coop!!!!!!!
    i want to sue farmville for this!!!
    waisted about 400,000 coins on this, and 30 FV cash!!!
    screw zyang!!

  328. fallenangel1098 Says:

    Well, maybe this limit will control the cheaters collection bars. Perhaps the non-cheaters will actually get a chance to to collect some of the items on the news feed.

  329. Cherease Says:

    OK FV Nice try, but dont think you chose the right solution to stopping cheaters. I am actually offended that you limit mine and my Friends gift collections. OK You are stopping the cheaters from getting all the game feeds but you are also stopping the innocent ones. Are you calling me a cheater? Are you calling my friends cheaters? Seems like it. Will not take long for me to call it quits

  330. nick Says:

    see, the problem AFTER YOU BAN THE SNAGBAR USERS will be the people who are on all day. Are you all going to whine and complain about them too? After you ban them, itll be the people who constantly refresh. And even after you ban them, your competing with hundreds of others to claim an item. BAN!!! screw it! ban everyone, maybe then nobody will be cheating.

  331. Virgie Smith Says:

    I was wanting my life back and now you zynga have given me good reason to say goodbye to Zynga’s FarmVille!!! Limit the honest players and keep shoving new features at us at the same time???
    I think you are trying to make more MONEY and sitting back laughing at the scrurry over your most recent changes!!! And I don’t think anything the playes say will affect your changes one iota!!! So, I’m done here!

  332. Gail Gould Says:

    There are a BOATLOAD of people PAYING REAL MONEY to play this game, and I think it is “ILLEGAL” for them to limit ANYONE who PAYS to play!!!! I have an attorney friend looking into this because they TAKE money for a SERVICE and they didn’t LIMIT that Service, and now this???? NOPE, it is ILLEGAL!!!!!

    If they want to get rid of snag bars, then they need to get one of their Tech’s to do NOTHING but work on FINDING and BANNING them, it CAN be done, but it would be a full time job.

    They TAKE MONEY, but they give NOTHING in return now!!!!! Not even Staff to FIX the REAL PROBLEM instead of making everyone who plays a clean and honest game SUFFER because of it.


  333. Therese Rinkel Says:

    I’m very disappoint with the 125 limit!!! I do not use automated software and I only played for about 1.5 hours this morning and already I’ve hit my limit for the day. I even question if I collect 125, I know that I collect far more then 125 in a day, because I play for several hours a day, especially on the weekend. I don’t always get everything I click on, but I know that is just part of playing the game. I’ve enjoyed playing Farmville for the competition, but may end up playing a lot less, and my husband and I will end up spending less money or none.

  334. liz Says:

    DON’T FIX THE GAME, FIX THE PROBLEM!! ~~~~~For anyone looking to contact zynga about the new limit—1-800-762-2530 then press 3
    PLEASE REPOST~~~~~ Call Zynga and flood customer service phones.

  335. Kanawhaco Says:

    Thats it. Hell with Farmville. and I spent alot on fv dollars. but its ok. going to file a complaint with the calfornia attorney general office. they want too change the rules well I want my money back. everything I brought with fv dollars are on my farm and they can stick them where the sun dont shine. I want my money back., go too calfornia attorney general office and file a complaint or if you in usa any state attorney general office websites and download the form.

  336. betty Says:

    ok i started fv months ago said i didnt want to then i got hooked on play everyday all day sometimes i have met alot of ppl on here and enjoy playing and helping everyone i have 200 neighbors and i try to visit each farm everyday i also give what ever item they need i also congrat them when they move up a level and now i make to 106 and lord knos it gets harder and harder to move up u guys pull this crap go see who has snag bars and bonus checker delete them i have and i enjoy playing but putting a limit on it means everyone is going to be out for them selves and the hell with their friends and neghbors wth get it straight let the legal players play punish the ones that chet this is so freaking bad im about to say the heck with fv and stay the heck off the economy is hard enough without u adding to this heck some have to use coins or rely on neghbors and friends to help dont give more crap we cant get enough to build geeze

  337. Gabriella Herhoff Says:

    Ive got 70 neighbours, can not take even 2 things per person….I used up my limit for today for now…..can not play the game…..

  338. Luicee Says:

    Oh wow. Ok call me a cry-baby if you want, but i hit my limit in one hour. I don’t use any cheats, i HATE the snag bar users, but i never whined to Zynga about them.
    I didnt even delete them from my list- i just hide some posts from them if it’s something “good”

    I feel SO STUPID for spending so much money recently on this game… only to have my play limited basically to one hour a day :(

    It takes 48 or so bushels at a time to fill 6 Barrels and i always get my winery going 100%.

    Thats almost 300 bushels a day right there.

    I have 8 orchards.. so thats 80 watering cans or so- plus the ones i get from friends..

    I know i was using more than 100 cans a day of water.

    Not to mention the stupid seasonal things they want us to build.

    This is nuts. Everyone i spoke to hit their limit in a hour or less – so i guess we do have to go find something else to do, but i promise it wont be a Zynga game. No how, no way.

    Thanks for the great site, Farmville Freak, you are TRULY #1 ;)

  339. Gabriella Herhoff Says:

    actually never heared about snag bar, and have no idea how to find out who using it from my neighbours….

  340. kathy minardi Says:

    I have just deleted my farm and my sisters farm I hope more do the same these bastards deserve what they get.

  341. Luicee Says:

    oh- and if it were truly an attempt to “help” why would they have upgraded the giftbox to a limit of 500?

    They obviously had no issue with us collecting FIVE HUNDRED items a day… but now we only get 125?

    Something is very wrong with the cover story :(

  342. Barbara Says:

    Come on, we needed 117, items just to upgrade our new cupid houses, and the chocolates, and what about the breeders and their foals, and yes i have 100 seedlings in my gift box waiting to be watered. I have wonderful neighbors who all work together to get a job done. you are screwing us over, why fix something that dont need fixing. delete the gamers, apparently you can find them, and get rid of the bars. why punish us who love the game and also deal with the kinks and that DAM COW!!!!! that shows up just about everyother day…. do us right Zynga and leave well enough alone…. your hurting the good and honest people here.

  343. Dolly Tucker Says:

    It’s unreal that you have put those of us who play fair on the same level playing field as the people who have snag bars! I will NEVER buy another farm cash i also refuse to spend the ones i have! when i harvest my farm i will leave it fallow. I am insulted that those of us who play fair are being put in the same category as those who cheat! I hate FV now!

  344. Luicee Says:

    I just added it up-
    to keep 6 barrels full 6 times day with recipes that take 8 bushels each is 288 bushels.
    8 seedlings a day is 80 watering cans.

    Right there i go thru 368 items without anything “special”

    My friends give me special trees and foals all day.

    Then there are the seasonal items… like the stupid castle.

    So no, 125 a day is NOT enough.

    Unless bushels and water come out of the equation…

  345. Brenda Says:

    Holy crap now I’m not allowed to make my bakery items because I’m not allowed to claim any bushels!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOTAL BULL CRAP!!!! Punish those who use the snagbars not us who don’t.

  346. Gabriella Herhoff Says:

    its 1:45 am at the UK, and seems the new day starting now at zynga land, as i tryed to get a baby turkey and accidently got it… i used up 1 from the 125 now:)

    let me think what I need….i wont start the pink castle coz someone sad needs 100 materials…..wont making trees as 5 trees need 50 watering cans…, wont collecting anymal feed as needs 20 daily,too much….no, forget the pig slops, as needs 40 daily….bushels?? No way…..collectible? for what? to get some coins and xp? for what? No place to put anything there anyway….lets collect only eggs for cheap presents….. I really dont know how to play this game now………

  347. Maggie Soto Says:

    It’s nothing but stupid this limit!!! And I would like to ask all those snaggs haters to try at least one time any snag bar and then decide if it’s cheating! They do not know what are they talking about! I run the snag bar one time in the morning when I sign in my account and I get at least 100 items that NOBODY TOOK DURING THE PAST 18 HRS!!!!!! I am stealing something??? No way!!!! I am taking what nobody wanted!!!! I do have a life and a job and a family, so I can’t be all day long siting waiting for what I need!!!! That way I can get coins to buy what I need!!! Don’t see any problem at all!!!! Well, I do have one now: ZYNGA AND ITS LIMIT!!!!

  348. tanya Says:

    i think this is total bull !! punish those that are using the snag bars and cheat sites….NOT those of us who play fairly and abide by rules!! why should we have to pay a penalty for playing fairly ??? guess i am right in line with the others who play fairly who are going to stop playing now !!

  349. Jasmine Converse Says: start getting rid of all these cheaters…

  350. kathy Says:

    Until the 125 limit is lifted, i wont be back on the farm. Just like all the others posted here before me, that alone in water is a necessity. Then theres the many many many bushels, oh and lets not forget about actually “helping” out neighbors and buying products from their spas, wineries, bakeries….thats come to a screeching halt FAST! On average, i purchased over 50 items a day from folks bakeries etc. (I dont need the fuel from the items I purchase, but I do like to help my neighbors when I can in any way I can.)….that leaves me…85 to play with, between water, nails boards bricks, barn raisings, the occasional cow or foal…..125 is a ridiculously LOW number to impose on the players. Just when i was really starting to enjoy my orchards…..oh well, theres other games out there, guess its time I go find one. Good luck all, have fun. I will miss you.

  351. LMEDLEY Says:

    Ban the snag bars instead!

  352. Tammy Says:

    I am really upset about this limiting of items on the homepage that we can get in a day…I have been playing this game for over a year now and have disagreed with a lot of the things that we have had to deal with as players. I don’t think it’s fair that some things can only be obtained if you have an iphone, or the fact that so many of the items to purchase for your farm cost so much FARMCASH if you want them. Not everybody that plays this game has a ton of money they don’t know what to do with…Now to add this limit to peoples playing is total crap…I guess that Zynga is just like the rest…get ya in, have you spend money, build up something you really enjoy working on add then slap you with a bunch of limitations. I just wonder what’s next!!! I am seriously thinking about quitting Zynga altogether. I’ll just go back to playing online games that don’t do anything but let you play them and have fun!!!!

  353. LMEDLEY Says:

    WHY aren’t the snag bars being banned instead?

  354. Connie Says:

    I am so upset! I am a retiree and I spend a lot of time on Farmville and play “honestly”. I have reached level 112 by being honest and working hard at getting neighbors and playing by the rules. Today I couldn’t fill my tables because I couldn’t collect enough bushels. I couldn’t finish the cupid castle. I just sat in front of the computer watching all the postings that I usually got “honestly”. I also communicate with all my neighbors regarding their postings. I got a lot of farm dollars for Christmas and wish I hadn’t now as I would quit tonight but I will use them and then decide what to do. You give us all these projects to collect for and now you want to limit us. I don’t understand it. There are cheats in everything but don’t punish the honest players and I’m sure there are more of us.

    I’ve heard a lot of farmers on my feed tonight saying they are done. It’s too bad.

  355. Kimberly Says:

    It’s a penalty that the vast majority of us don’t deserve. While Zynga is limiting honest, loyal players, the way I see it, the cheaters are still 125 items ahead. They will still be “allowed” to unethically collect 125 items. They’re not really stopping the cheaters, they’re penalizing the true players of the game. I don’t have the answer to this issue, but I know that this isn’t it.

  356. LMEDLEY Says:

    I deleted my pig sty,, it had 5 Javalin pigs that I paid real cash for, it seldom ever found truffles on any active players farms,, so I very seldom ever got any returns from it I had 5 Javalin pigs in it too I got those by paying cash to try to get a stallion,, never got one until Christmas,, and I have been playing for almost a year now trying to get a stallion. My Pig Sty never once gave me ANYTHING at all except 1500 coins,, never got gas, never got any of the suposedly great things it says you will get! I have a few friends who have 300 freinds and very seldom am I ever able to get ANYTHING good off thier walls unless I make a specific request,, yet I post all my good stuff everyday and always purchase goods from them but they SELDOM if ever buy any from me or visit my farm to fertilize my crops or send me gifts because they have no time to help all 300 of thier freinds who just send them everything they need and do all thier work for them. 300 people sending 900 things to them every day seems to be quite a bit while people like me with only 10 active freinds have to struggle and works our butts off just to get some darn gas!!!!! Maybe the solution would be to just allow all those who use the snag bars only play with EACH other and those who do not, only able to play with each other!!! THAT would level the field!

  357. Gabriella Herhoff Says:

    just imagine 3 sisters….they are playing farmville, neighbours to each others only…….Kate,Eve and July…They all shering 100 things daily ( as I did)….Kate take all what Eve sharing and just can take 25 from Julys etc….that is looks unfair already… what if Kate have 70 neighbou and so??? That is just stupid….

  358. Mandy Says:

    If I see this message one more time, I will quit the game.

  359. Tash Says:

    This is 110% completely fair!! Why should hard working farmsvillians have to give up items to people with snag bars, however a better solution would be to get rid of the snag bars, but atleast this solution sill still be affective and for that im highly thankful!!!!

  360. ruSh.Me Says:

    Okay if Snaggers are cheaters, so are Breeders, ban them too?

    Zynga thinks-

    Psst.. Breeders spend real FVC on horses, we can’t ban them! Those free-dolers snag bar users, who don’t spend any real money, we should ban them! After all, we take a hypercritical moral high ground calling snag-bar users=cheaters, and breeders=not, just because they spend real money!

    Hmm.. I probably won’t quit the game.. Just till I don’t get bored! :)

  361. Herman L Rinkel Sr Says:

    NEW LIMIT – you can only collect 125 items from the news feed each 24 hrs.
    FarmVille Introduces New Limit to Facebook News Feed Collection | FarmVille Freak – #1 Unofficial Fa
    A new limit to Farmville items you are able to collect off your Facebook news feed has been introduced. The new limit will allow you to collect up to 125
    about an hour ago •
    Herman L. Rinkel Sr WHY? This limit is not even reasonable for all the activities provided in the game!!! If this policy continues as stated, I see no reason to continue playing this game. I don’t subscribe to any gaming software to enhance my position. I simply like the competition with fellow players. Limited rewards limits competition and for me limits my interest to continue.
    If this is due to Gamers Unite or other similar parasites there are other ways to solve this problem instead of limiting legitimate players as myself. If this is not the case and you wish to continue this policy; then, I, friends and family members will limit or no longer play the game.
    I have spent good money to play and be successful at this game. I seldom watch TV and enjoy this game immensely. I know it will be hard to give it up; but, there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. It appears this will be the case with me and Farmville.
    I’ve heard concerns from FV staff about competition and people who can’t get gifts. There are two parts to this statement. First, if competition is bad, then FV should not create it. Let’s get rid of all collectibles, trees, presents, shovels, etc. That way we don’t have to worry about competition. Second, I believe all of us have trouble collecting gifts. Somebody always has a faster computer, faster internet, faster modem, etc. That is what makes game playing a challenge. I know, I’ve done it for years. I will never be the best but I will always do those things that are legal and acceptable to win. I continually upgrade my online computer gaming system.
    I grew up in data processing and software development. There are many ways to stop gamers without punishing your loyal followers. One such was is to simply reject those players who are members of sites like gamers unite. And, yes this is not difficult to do.
    I’ve now been playing FV for a year +. I will soon be 64 and found FV a way to escape the ever increasing daily challenges of politics and the economy. Now it appears that I will need to add social gaming to this list, at LEAST as it pertains to ZYNGA.

    Your Sad follower,

  362. Mindy Says:

    How about they quit whining about gifts.. and start focusing on making game play more fun instead of a pain in the ass?
    I’ll admit that I run my snag bar twice a day, in 20 minute intervals. Once while i’m up in the morning getting ready for work, and the other when i come home. on the other hand; there are people that run theirs 24/7. i got mine ONLY because i couldnt get ANYTHING from my neighbors, no matter how fast i clicked. here it is almost february, still NO coin expansion and i refuse to pay FC for something that we, as farmers, have earned. all we’re getting is froofy castles, replicated decorations [that we have no room for], and its all crappy unless we want to take our hard earned money and pour into this game. if things dont change within the next month, i too, like many of yall, will be blocking all zynga games from my facebook. its just become a cash cow and a headache.


    S.V.P. Enlevez ce reglement stupide, vous aller nuire a notre jeu. Chercherchez plutot un truc pour enrayer les tricheurs. Nous n’avons pas a payer pour eux. On reveux notre jeu comme avant.

  364. LMEDLEY Says:

    If Kate had 70 neighbors does Kate visit those 70 friends walls everyday, does she visit every neihgbor’s farm every day, does she buy goods every day from their crafting buildings everyday, does she visit thier market stalls all 70 of them every day, does she send 70 pig slop every day, does she send 70 snowballs every day does she return 70 gifts everyday, does she send 70 surprize packages every day, does she harvest 70 coups everyday, does she feed 70 animal troughs everyday, does she post what she finds to those 70 friends… NO she does not have time,,, all she has time for is collect her own stuff from the 70 freind who sent her all this same stuff! SHE DOESN”T EVEN HAVE TIME TO OPEN ALL OF HER GIFTS EVERY DAY Then when a tree is grown or an egg is found on her own farm who gets it? WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THREE HUNDRED FRIENDS???? THAT IS REALLY WHAT IS “JUST STUPID” (Gabreille) ,,,,,, NOT THE HONEST PLAYERS WHO DO ALL THE WORK FOR THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!

  365. Jan Says:

    I like it! There are people with 1000 and 2000 friends which is insane. They have that many because they are selfish. I have enough active fv friends that I can gift them and send things for all. If you can’t get enough through your gifts and the limit then you’re over the edge

  366. Jeanne Says:

    I can’t believe what you have done Zynga to Farmville. Are you punishing us for playing the game? Is that why you changed it so we can get only limited gifts? THAT’S NUTS. WHAT DID WE DO TO YOU ALL THAT YOU FELT THE NEED TO TREAT US LIKE A BUNCH OF KIDS. Yes we love the game a lot. It’s fun watching things grow and just having fun sharing with each other but it seems someone on the team there at the head office doesn’t want us having fun. Come one PUT IT BACK TO WHAT IT WAS so we can get the gifts and send gifts to our wonderful friends and neighbors. It’s crazy that you would punish us for having fun. Shame. I hope you do correct this immediately so that we can get back to our fun time together. Well that’s my beef for this evening. We should all get 5 extra F.V. cash for the punishment that you have given us and for thinking we have been bad people. This is a wonderful game so don’t louse it up for us. I know you want us to have fun so come on take a fun pill and let’s go and have fun. Thank you.



  368. Giselle Says:

    I am fairly sure they are limiting the collection items to 125 a day so that people will spend more of their real money to collect or buy items they need..Zynga is taking away the joy of their games by making people pay in one way or the other..or they wont progress with the free items just like yoville..grrrr…Why put free games on when in the end u become addicted and start paying real money for them…I may as well buy a video game from the store.
    So Zynga get your act together and let people collect off the feeds as much as they can or want…we all want to progress in the games

  369. Robert Says:

    It is about time… This or something like this should have been done a long time ago.
    We all also play FrontierVille and we can only take 50 gifts in a 24 hour time limit and no one has ever put a bi-ch over it, So why should FarmVille be so special. I am LvL 102 on FarmVille and any time I get new neighbors I will go check if they even like Gamers Unite, BYE, dumped and blocked… I dont care who they are, why they are. I have even blocked my own family members…… Thank you Zynga…. Should have been done a long time ago…..

  370. andreta Says:

    Funny cause i know how to link my feeds so let me get this right… we can only collect so many things as like in frontierville.. hmm i wonder why i dont play farmville.. FIX THIS ZYNGA…

  371. niquedaone Says:

    ok i dont get it i keep seeing everyone saying why cant zynga just delete and or ban people using snag bars well let me tell you why.

    first off lets use the gu site as example. they have a snag bar. but that is not all they offer. you can find game tips from all sort of facebook games,neighbors,& gifts. it can collect ur posts off facebook so u can click them in gu. you can send gifts to friends from gu. if you go to the site just once it will list you as being a users of gu. like most things facebook you usually have to link or sign in with facebook first/also when using sites that can link to facebook. so if all your doing is trying to get game tips or see the latest farm stuff or get neighbors how can zynga ban/delete those people. that would be like banning every one who uses farmville freak for checking out the unreleased items. unless zynga can get on everyones personal computer to see who actually has a snag bar installed i dont see it happening.

    just a note most ppl dont realize they are on gu until someone tells them & the only way to get off is to go in facebook applications and delete the access that was given. some people click links without noticing some links automatically add their self’s even if you dont continue. so as long as facebook lets then have access to their site there isnt much zynga can do. you would think that if it was so wrong facebook & zynga would be having a major problem about this because facebook is the one who gives these sites access to users walls. zynga banned users for using bots on cityville to get coins so im sure if it was a serious issue to them people would be getting banned and booted left and right.

  372. picosita Says:

    It’s not fair when we have to gather so many fucking material for shit they makes us built. We can’t get bushles.. They will get NO more of my money. ADIOS fucktards at ZYNGA… way to make many players leave…

  373. mdvasu Says:

    its not fair to limit the collectable resources.the prices of goods and other things in fv are sky high and earning farm cash is very hard and time taking job.when this is the condition any player playing at a lower level will scavenge in the news feed.we are ready to hunt but is farm ville ready to reduce the prices of goods?we become scavengers due to the scarcity of farm cash and is felt by most of the players.if they want to restrict us from over scavenging the feed, then give us opportunity to hunt and we the players will show them how good we are.(ZYNGA) if you think this will give everyone a level turf then give us a reasonable environment.HEY!!! ZYNGA!!!…. are upto the challenge? or will you chicken out? god bless the players. players unite.

  374. Heather Says:

    DarkFarmer I 100% agree with you and I posted it both on farmvilles facebook page and in an email to zynga as did many others. I to now totally regret ever buying farm cash for this game.
    I got on for the first time in 20 hours and was unable to collect any gifts or send gifts to friends from the news feed. I use no snag bars or collection tools not even farmvilles toolbar so I wrote and complained and I must say they did fix it fast so I could send but that does not fix the fact that we have a limit. Once you are to that limit and cannot help your friends or even yourself the game is no longer enjoyable. I to am ready to once again give up farmville.

  375. Carol Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, now you are punishing those of us that play fairly because of the actions of those that cheat. I delete anyone who uses a cheat site but with water, building materials, collections and eggs this is unreasonable. Cancel the accounts of those who cheat and leave the rest of us alone, I am regretting all the money I’ve spent over the last year and half and I think the wallet is closed now.

  376. Loyal and Honest Player-Misti Turso Says:

    I havent been playing from the start like so many have. But I have been playing since April. And I have not once used any kind of cheat method to get anywhere in my games. Except in Cafe World… I used the cafe cash that I bought to complete a catering order before it was gone. Sadly I got a 2 star rating which was a first for me. But I have never used a cheat app to get anywhere in my games so how is punishing me for NOT using one making things fair?

    I have a lot of neighbors, but its hard to get the help you need sometimes when a lot of them are inactive. not to mention your bugs that when you do try to send something to sometimes it doesnt always make it. Ive been trying for the past two weeks at least to get a dang snowman hat… but no matter how many times I ask Im not getting one in return. And why is that you ask… all because of how you have it set up. We can only ask those that you want us to ask. So I have to hope and pray that I get an active player to send it back and then I have to pray it even makes it to me.

    Your limit to how many items we can send each other makes things even harder because there is so much crap that you make us collect. Like with the building and such. Well since at most I can send out 50 special boxes, I send them out in hopes to get them back because they have proven to be useful to me. But I dont even get back half of what I sent out to people. So now that leaves digging through the feed to get the other stuff I need. But putting a limit on it means that it will take me even longer to get what I need.

    Lets see what all you have out for me to collect for me…

    Nursery Barn-Level one doe… 10-nails, bricks, boards, and 9-bottles
    Pigpen-Level one done… 12-nails, Bricks and Boards
    Turkey Roost-Level one done… 7-bricks, 7-Nails, and 10-Boards
    And now the newest Item: Cupids Castle-Level one done… need 7-nails to complete 2 level. Then there will be 20 of each needed after i have done that.
    Seedling-10 watering cans each
    If want to make an orchard- 10-bricks, nails, and boards.

    Its bad enough that I have to pick and choose what to work on when it comes to the boards, nails, and bricks. Christmas time… we had to build 2 items that took a ton of items to do in the first place. So that took away from us being even to consider upgrading any other building. And now your putting limits on to how much I can collect to help me out since most either wont help me because they have gotten to where they dont like your game and want nothing to do with it OR they cant help me because your helpful links get lost somewhere along the way and I never get the help I need.

    So tell me who is getting the shorter end of the stick on this half @$$ idea of yours?

  377. lisa Says:

    Why not just ban the stupid snaggers and leave us legit people alone. Don’t punish us for something the cheaters did.

  378. Debbie Says:

    I had a sports injury, confined to mostly sitting for 6 months. I am about 75% better. I spend most of my waking hours, except 2 hours exercing and 1 hour housework on Farmville. I have spent about $250 real cash on a game I became addicted to. I seldom need the gifts I receive, they are gifts the gifter wants. I am level 108, started playing 7/1/10. I think this is a wonderful way to stop the addiction. I have stopped posting. I did not post 2 peppermint trees, 2 bubblegum, 2 hazelnut, and 3 ornament trees. I will not return gifts. I am now going to finish mastering the remaining 20 crops and call it quits. No more neighbor or friend interaction. I am not helping others, when I can’t get what I need. I have 0 FC at the moment, and will not purchase any more, even though I was going to in order to get the new trees. Thank you. Also, I have a few friends who use Gamers Unite, they will just make their selections to get the top 125 items, it wont stop them. It will be harder than ever for regular person to get a special item. Thank you Zynga. I think the GU and snag bar users should have a 1 minute delay, then if a person playing doesn’t select an item, a person using a snag bar can get left over items. Most snag bar users have over 500 – 1000 friends.

  379. Loyal and Honest Player-Misti Turso Says:

    Though now that I think about it Im starting to wonder if this isnt just another way for them to get us to spend cash on their games. By limiting how much we get if we want to finish things in a timely manor then we have to be willing to spend cash on it. Well I spent enough all ready on them and I feel stupid for doing so.

    Seriously whats the point in having so many neighbors when you can only help out a certain number anyways. Whats the point to have a max of 300 when you can only send 50 gifts… that leaves 250 people that dont get a gift from me when your putting things in the game saying that 67 of my neighbors have been working hard on their farms why not send them a gift. well since I can only send 50 the other 17 hard workers wont get any help from me. Thats not fair.

    Whats really sad is that they are doing all this to us after all the crap we have to put up with when it comes to their games to begin with. All the glitches and bugs. World of Warcraft is a huge game and yea it has its bugs but they fix theirs as quickly as they can and they dont add more problems after fixing one. Yea they did the the begining when the game was first put out. I know I have been playing since then pretty much. But the have manage to get to the point where there are few bug each time something new is released. I get that with a game there will always be at least one bug/glitch. But you take your games way past just a few. in fact you take yours so far into left field that most of us dont even bother going after the ball.

    So tell me how putting a limit on us, after all the crap we have to deal with and yet we still try to play, is far to us that play honestly. If you ask me you should be rewarding us for staying as long as we have through all your problems. And instead your punishing us honest players. Its no different than them wanting to take guns from the people who do as the law tells them all because some nut didnt care about the law in the first place. How is that far to the one who is obeying the law? its not.I didnt go out and shot anyone so why should I be punished for it. Look at this way as well… when your 8 years old and someone does something but yet you got in trouble for it even though you didnt do it… is that fair you got punished for what the other person did? No I didnt think so.

    So you need to recheck your half brain idea here. I know for a fact that if you can program things to be a certain limit then you can program it to where it only targets those apps and not us all. You think we are stupid and we are not. You treat us like we are kids and alot of us are not. We think we will just be ok with this and keep playing and paying for your game but I can tell you now… keep punishing those that are honest and loyal players and they will get tired of it and forget your game. I being one of them.

    Then you have to as yourself why is my game no longer popular? One answer… and one answer only fits this… because you didnt care to take care of your good players.

  380. Sweet Spirit Says:

    What makes me laugh about all of this… is…. The Farmville gamebar is the EXACT same concept as the snagbar… HELLO! HAHAHA

  381. mdvasu Says:

    hey CHARYL(post no 68) if u think its a good idea then i feel sorry for u.hahaha i can’t imagine you playing. with this limit we all can finish some of the buildings that need immediate attention, by the time we turn 60 yrs old. Most of us play b/w 3 to 6 hrs and would like to use that time playing properly.we use these games to de – stress ourselves.we dont have time to think what to collect and when to collect.more over i and most of my friends live in different timezones and will be left handicapped when our neighbors ask for help.this is the most stupidest idea i have seen.a 5th grader can get zynga a better result and solution.I wish(happy journey) zynga for starting the countdown to Farmville’s nemesis “THE END” hahaha

  382. Loyal and Honest Player-Misti Turso Says:

    Here is another thing you should think about before making this permanent thing… players dont like playing games that arent any fun. How fun do you think it is to have to sit there and watch things go by that you know you need to play a game but cant get because you reached a limit. Sorry but thats no fun to me its why i hardly play frontierville now. Its no fun when your waiting for things to grow so you can do something in your game. by letting us collect things from the feed unlimited it gave us more to do with your game. what happens when I reach my limit on collecting… I cant plant anything because I have to wait a day for things to grow and all my stuff has been collected from all ready… I dont play your game. Which means your game gets very little attention now. is that what your wanting from us? is so your getting your wish. because I know I dont like playing a game when I cant get anywhere in it. And I know Im not the only one who feels this way.

  383. ferny Says:

    cari amici di zynga,colleghi contadini…
    è inutile dire che ormai il gioco è diventato esasperante
    items che spariscono,fv cash che prendono il volo nell’etere
    nessuno ci risarcisce per questo
    ora ci limitano anche sulle pubblicazioni dei nostri vicini…mah… sara che è il gioco piu famoso della rete grazie anche alla pubblicita che si fanno e che gli fanno i giornali..
    solo 1 cosa signori di zynga…
    ricordatevi che la migliore pubblicita è il passaparola degli utenti che usano il vostro gioco..
    contadini scontenti = meno giocatori
    meno giocatori = meno intrioiti nelle vostre casse!!!!
    prima di fare gesti affrettati da contadino virtuale vi chiedo solo 1 cosa…

  384. Goldilocks Says:

    I’ve stumbled across this limit yesterday.
    I think, it has advantages as well as disadvantages.
    First of all, I agree: In general, they shouldn’t block anybody in playing if they DON’T use snag bars. Of course, one could use the links like the one on this site ( to see, who of their friends are using snag bars and block those friends from getting access to the free items (that’s what I do).
    But still, having imposed a limit of 125, being a fair player, is not the best move, as we all have to collect so many items these days in order to comply with all those extensions, etc.
    Also, if such a limit exists already, I’d AT LEAST need a counter to be able to track, how many items I already have collected during that FV-day, which might not begin/end as the one in my timezone.
    Personally, I don’t usually have that much time to sit there, just playing a bit during the evening, and gather more than 100 items per day, I’d think, but if I do have the time, I easily pass that limit as I have quite some neighbors, who play frequently. Here,I also agree with some of the writers above: If the limit of neighbors is at 300, a limit to collect items at 125 is just not the right ratio. Isn’t one of the goals of Zynga (and other game producers) to get us promoting their game by adding neighbors? This would become less appealing with this limit, as we have less advantages from adding this many neighbors. It’s contradicting! Think of this: Yesterday, I passed the limit already with only three very active neighbors – why should I have 300 neighbors?

    All in all, I hope, this is just a temporary limit as long as they don’t have found a better means to get the snag bar users to refrain from this sort of foul play!

  385. terri rumer Says:

    as far a the limits due to snag bars,,we do run checks on our friends,, then delete any that show up on the list,,so they are gona be playing by themselves soon,, you know i started to spend cash on this,,but i see it as a greedy move on your part so we will buy more fv cash,,,i don`t think so,, i started playing other games yesterday,,they were just as fun to play as fv,,,,, so good luck i`m heading elsewhere to spend my money where ican get as much as i want,,i`ll take care of snag bars myself,,after all ,,i just have to check often and delete them,,hahaha,,so my money will no longer be there to buy FV cash,,later

  386. terri rumer Says:

    i don`t need any trackbacks,,,,, i will only play to help out neighbors,,i`m thur ,nobody even the creator of this game should beable to install new rules once you start it,,,good luck i think you are gona lose alot of fans,,, later

  387. brendan Says:

    hey, i found this yesterday and wanted to share….you can multiply your trees….

  388. Mike Says:

    I have spent several hundred dollars in the last 2 month’s on this game and will not be spending another penny. There is more than one problem with this game not just the limit. I love how all these people scream about “cheaters” and when Zynga tries to do something they complain about that too. By the way CHEATING? how is it cheating when it is available free to everyone. The holier than thou attitudes from the bleeding hearts out there is what caused the limit. You cried for something to be done so now you got to deal with it. Like the old saying goes be careful what you ask for you just might get it. Some of my best neighbors I have use a snag bar and if they didn’t I wouldn’t get as many cool things as I do. That also goes for all of you who gripe and complain about “cheaters”. Just remember everyone will never be happy with this game but at least you can be proud that your complaining got something accomplished, you ruined the game for everyone not just the ” cheaters”.

  389. Isa Says:

    I am conflicted on this. I ran into the “limit reached” message last night and was annoyed. However….if their goal in doing this is to shut down the effectiveness of snagbars – great! BUT….you have to know that those snagbar people are already working a way to get around it and will have it solved soon. Then who does the limit effect? Regular players and the cheaters keep cheating.

    Dishonest people will always find a way to be dishonest – remember, locks on your house only keep honest people honest.

    Maybe I need to reevaluate my gaming habits.

  390. Gin Says:

    I have been working hard on my farm for a few years now..I am a retired person that spends lots of times making it nice.I have participated to everything you gave us….spa..trees…pigs..expentions etc etc etc and have been honest…..I thing the best thing for you to do is to get rid of all them snag bars what ever they are and let us play peacefuly…..but that limited thingy sorry but I will find me another site to play……Internet is full of them !!!!!

  391. Ry Says:

    Maybe I’m just a different sort of farmer but 125 doesn’t seem that bad to me. Then again I only have about 15 active neighbors (Most of which use snag bars) I see people complaining about the amount of water and Animal feed they HAVE to collect in a day and I can help but think “Why?” You don’t HAVE to get anything in a day. I log in. Harvest my crops, Plant my seeds, exchange goods in my winery and get back to my life. I don’t care that my friends use snag bars, and I don’t blame the snag bars for this happening. I blame the snag sites that you can go to to get whatever you need from others feeds

  392. Mandygurl Says:

    All the peeps complaining and saying they are honest gamers make me sick. It is a game! The snag bar is available to anybody who wants to install it. Get off of your pedestal and grow up.

  393. Matt Says:

    @ Robert

    You block your own family members for having the snag bar on.

    You sir are one sad sad individual and i think if i was your neighbor i’d block you way before you blocked me.

  394. Robert Marquis Says:

    I am a straight up honest player and have spent a lot of money building my farm I think this is STRAIGHT BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. 5Celcious Says:

    if you dont like gifts disappearing in front of you then DOWNLOAD THE SNAGBAR YOURSELF
    besides, i dont really care, its not like i HAVE 125 things to collect, i have like 5 friends that actually PLAY FV.
    your game is losing popularity.
    my friends used to play in 2009-early 2010, BUT THEY ALL QUIT.
    all i do now is participate in special events and collect stuff (using my snagbar),
    farmville isnt that fun, and why would you want to spend REAL money on a GAME is beyond me.

  396. Phridae Says:

    I got this message today and I’d only collected about 10 items.

    The limit means nothing to me, I don’t collect 125 things a day at all, no where near that.
    Then again, FV is just a hobby I enjoy some times, not my life.

  397. sk8ingqueen Says:

    I am glad that all of you are so upset and are going to stop playing. That leaves more items for the true players that play by the rules no matter what those rules are. This is an evolving game and the way we play has to change to keep it fresh. How many times have you tried to grab something from the wall, seconds after it has posted, and it was already gone?! This will limit that, and to those who say they need the building parts and watering cans, you only need 30 building parts at a time, most of the time. That is under the 125 limit is it not? Those who use snag bars are cheating. You are not doing the work of hunting down and getting these items, your computer is doing the work for you, that is an unfair advantage! The argument that not everybody has time to sit and go through the wall to get items has been thrown in my face before, so what? Get what you can when you can and be happy with it, or stop playing the game. The more that leave, the more there is for others who want to play. Stop threatening and just do it!!

  398. Vicki Says:

    are you people seriously blaming Gamers Unite for this? I know its always easier to blame someone else, but you have got to realize that the majority of the Zygna games have limits on them. Frontierville, Yoville, Cityville, etc etc all have limits on how much you can receive each day. You really need to get over it. Do you really collect 125 a day? I dont think I do, but if you have time to sit there and stalk your feed all day and get more than 125 items then apparently you have too much time on your hands.

    I could say that its just another ploy for Zygna to get you to purchase their items with real cash, a lot of impatient people out there who wont want to wait until the next day, they will pull out those credit cards and buy the remaining what they need. So see I could start that nasty little rumor also. So stop with the stupid witch hunt and realize how ridiculous it sounds.

  399. Vicki Says:

    Oh and those who are spending real cash on a free game? Why? And another thing the Farmville snagbar is the same thing, same concept…

  400. Tinian Says:

    A while ago I went to the gamers unite site to try to learn how to tell is someone is using the snag bar. Unfortunately when I “liked” the site it installed the group on my profile. Other players can look up and “see” that I am a member of this site. I went ahead and deleted, unliked and did what I could to get them OFF my profile. Unfortunately my name still shows up on the gamers unite site even though I do NOT use the bloody snag bar. This leads neighbors to falsely believe that I use a snag bar. *sigh* … Even after I deleted them off profile and did all I could to “get rid” of gamers unite I am still on it. I just hope my game habits and integrity speaks for itself.

  401. joe Says:

    i knew this was coming, thanks a lot you snagbar a***oles!!!!! you ruin everything for us, cheating, every limit is because of you cheating a***oles!!!!

  402. Frank Farmer Says:

    Im level 109 , and have marstered what can be marstered.. on the way with sign 21 in trees… this limited will be the END OF FV for me…

    first the killed the amount of FUEL that we got when items was shared

    and now the put on limted on the amount of things we can take….

    I N S A N E ……. GOODBYE FV

  403. Rick Says:

    I troll the newsfeed quite a bit, have even used a snagbar at one time though not now. But I will tell you this, 80% of what I have clicked in and have gotten trolling the newsfeed or the snagbar was over 7 hours old, not seconds or minutes old. Only reason I have missed getting less items was when the number of my neighbors up way up to 300. I dropped back down to under 90 neighbors and I started getting more recent gifts from the newsfeed. Still most at over 7 hours old and up to 18 hours old. Not much snagbar snagging going on when it sits there that long. With less neighbors, when someone posts something, I have a better chance of getting one, don’t think snagbars have much to do with it. The decrease in neighbors did it, made sudden posts easy to get, don’t have to compete with 300 neighbors to get one. This limit is very unfair to anyone, and everyone cause after all, it is just a game, it isn’t real. People should be allowed to collect all the want. And like I said, 80% or more of what I click on and get is over 7 and up to 18 hours old, so if snagbars are getting everything I sure haven’t noticed, I mean, there should be nothing over an hour old if people are really snagging like it is clamed they are. Stupid.

  404. joe Says:

    vickie, the sole reason FOR THIS LIMIT is BECAUSE gamers unite!!!!!! research!!! google is free you know!

  405. Marilyn Says:

    I am getting very fed-up with all the restrictions!!! A limit like this serves no purpose what so ever apart from frustrating the player. Why introduce challenges where we HAVE TO collect a certain number of items then restrict us to the number we can collect? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!!

  406. Krista M. Says:

    If anything, I feel that Zynga, which initiated this limit entirely to ‘level the playing field’ with the snag bars, should only place the limit on snag bar use. These guys should be smart enough to figure out a way to put a limit on just the snag bar so those who do NOT use it won’t have to be punished. And if a person using snag bar reaches their daily limit, then they’ll just have to troll the feeds like everyone else again. I wrote them a letter with the suggestion that they just change something with the snag bars. I think everyone should suggest it to them. Maybe they’ll change it. Personally, I hate snag bars. I breed foals for friends and put them on my feed, and before any of them have a chance, snag bar folks snatch them up seconds after posting. I’ve have to start going through time-consuming process of posting the link to myself, then putting a status of which foal it is and leaving the link in a comment, just so snag bars won’t get a hold of them! It’s ridiculous. Zynga doesn’t have to set limits. They just need to tweak the power of the snag bar.

  407. Elaine Says:

    It is my understanding that this limitation affects only those items posted in the NEWS FEED. It shouldn’t affect what you receive as gifts from your friends (such as Special Delivery boxes that yield not only watering cans, but also a ton of building supplies if you need them). So if it’s only going to limit you from the News Feed, I’m thinking that’s not as bad as if they limited EVERYTHING including gift requests. I only have 51 neighbors and honestly don’t know how I’d keep up with more. How in the world can you possibly tend your neighbors’ farms if you have 300 neighbors? You can’t be fair in any way to that many neighbors. You can’t send out enough gifts per day even if you stay up 24/7.
    Let’s see how this falls out, folks…. Zynga stated that the 125 is a starting point for them, but they remain open to adjusting that number if it’s warranted. Please go to the Forum and READ what the official statement of the limitation is.
    remember. The game is in BETA. It’s a work in process. It’s got its ups and downs, but it’s still my favorite game.

  408. catrina Says:

    i’m fine with it.. i can’t collect 125 things a day anyways… things are taken so quick I’m lucky if I end up with 10 things a day… maybe this will even it out for other players who are not spending every sec of the day looking at the news feed or using some type of cheat to grab everything…

  409. Mary Says:

    This change has come because of all the b*tching about the snag bars!! It’s the b*tchers own fault!! No 1 understands how the snag bars works, they can only search once PER MINUTE!! It’s no worst then sitting on the news feed refreshing constantly. The bar collects items that haven’t been claimed from like 15 hours ago and if they r not claimed that item goes to waste and no 1 gets it!! People who do have the snag bar re-gift items they don’t need back to farm friends who may have missed it from hours ago. The problem is that not all items collected can be re-gifted. There is nothing stopping every single person from having a snag bar. It’s not cheating when u r collecting unclaimed items that nobody wants including all u b*tchers. Plus did u ever stop to think that a lot of items r being gifted only to certain people from the customize feature right within Farmville. It will show up on the feed but u can’t accept it cause u have not been listed to get it. I can block any person I want from receiving anything posted on my feed, send it out to everyone, or I can choose just to share it with a few friends. Are all people who use this Farmville feature cheating as well?? This move by Zynga is only going to make people use this feature more often and u b*tchers still aren’t going to get more items cause a lot less will be posted for all to receive. If Zynga made it so people can re-gift everything they receive in their gift box there would be more stuff for people to get instead of it going to waste!! I tried the snag bar then deleted it cause I found I got more and better stuff from sitting and refreshing. I missed all the good stuff when I used the bar because it only searches once every minute and everything was gone in that minute!!!! I don’t care if my farm friends want to use the snag bars because it doesn’t give them any advantage over me or anyone else for that matter but it does help everyone who happens to be their farm friend. It just means that I will get what I need faster cause they gift to my feed faster which means I complete all jobs faster, and the truth is we all benefit from the people who have snag bars (including all u b*tchers) cause they take all the neglected gifts and reintroduce it back to the feed from hours earlier!! I at least took the time to get all the facts when it came to the snag bars and it is my conclusion that everyone has the same opportunity to collect items no matter the method they use. All I can say is THANKS to all u uneducated b*thchers for screwing Farmville up for us all and I won’t be playing if there is a limit on collecting items from the feed cause it will take forever to collect all the things I need to get anywhere in the game with the high number of items needed to acquire to build anything or sustain the buildings or features I already have. When all u b*tchers r stuck with just a frame of a building cause u couldn’t acquire all u needed to finish it in time remember u brought it on yourselves!!!

  410. player1584 Says:

    this is not the limit i got this before when you get this msg just restart the page that shows it after that it will show you if you got it or not

  411. terry gorman Says:

    This was a stupid move! We spend all our time getting neighbors & can’t even collect something from each? WTF is this all about??? It’s just NOT RIGHT! I am fuming inside because of this….Think about this & please, do something about it & get the cheaters off!

  412. Rhonda Says:

    You say it don’t stop when people send fuel and stuff b s it does I as of last night had not been on the computer for over 4 hours and a friend passed me and sent the fuel and guess what it said I could not collect . So why lie to us why you want more money so we have to buy it well guess what when my 135 fv cash is gone so am I I will not play a game where I am lied to after paying money yes over 150 bucks this year alone because this is all I can do after having 2 heart attacks and then open heart surgery . You just want us to use money to line your pocket sorry my money can be spent on other game’s You sure know how to screw people thanks a lot.

  413. Ginger Says:

    I have been playing Farmville since September 2010. I am now at level 80. I have not used any cheating bars or gift grabbers to obtain any of my gifts I have received. I have 74 neighbors, all at different levels, and we all play pretty much the same way. We share, we gift, and when we need an item; we send. Most of us have a crafting unit and we buy most days from the Crafting Stall.
    I have NEVER bought a Farmville Card. I was gifted two of them, at Christmas, and used them to send gifts from The Market Place to people who I wanted to give something extra to during the Holiday Season. I spend some time on the computer, morning, afternoon and evening. I time my crops and everything to coinside with my alloted time on FV. I think that limiting the number of items that are able to be collected is a very unwise decision on the part of FV. How can the players, at lower levels, contend and aspire to reach higher levels if there are restrictions put on our collections. Right now, we can figure out ways to get coins instead of feed for the food trough, we can figure out how to get better mystery eggs from our chicken coop and we can figure out ways to get extra XP from our neighbors by fertilizing or plowing. If all this is restricted then we are not going to be able to play as we have been and that is going to be a hinderance to the newer players. I think that the players using the gift grabbers should be made to give that up; or not be allowed to play. I think that FV should work out the bugs so that I don’t have to e-mail them twice a month with the gifts I have lost. If things were to go on as they are now, and reputable people are playing the game, then I don’t see any reason to change things. There is one thing I would change: since FV has perpetuated the fact that you need all the neighbors you can get; then we should at least be able to send them each one gift per day. Right now we are limited to being able to send 40 gifts. I keep a list of those I send gifts to, so that I can get the rest on the next time allowed. Let us play the game as it was intended to be played. Don’t start putting rediculous limits on things now.
    Thank you for allowing me to give my opinion.

  414. Leena Vallinkoski Says:

    Hi! I am honest person. 125 “gifts” don´t be enought to me. I suggest that everybody have to push “tykkään”, I like. Maybe it´s help. I hope so! =)

  415. Marla Says:

    I originally voted to have limits but increase the number (way higher than 125!!!) but after reading through the comments others have posted, I change my vote to NO LIMIT. There are too many items we need daily to keep everything on our farm going. I work full time and I don’t do too much else besides FarmVille (and take care of my family, of course). I, too, constantly check my neighbors to see if any use snag bars and dump those who do even if they say they are not using them (several Gamers Unite neighbors claimed they used it for other things but not snag bars). If I can’t put too much time into playing I don’t get what I need. If I do put in the time, I don’t want to be limited to what I can collect because I USE IT ALL. Rescind, rescind, rescind, rescind the limit IMMEDIATELY!!!! You will lose loyal players instead of the cheaters, who will continue to play using their snag bars. And we are already being “tested” with all the problems we have experienced over the last year or so: loading problems, gifting problems, OUT OF SYNC problems (worse now than ever before). Sometimes I just walk away from the computer because it gets so frustrating. For the haters who will say, “get a life,” I have a lot on my plate, I assure you. Playing FarmVille used to be what I did for relaxation, but now it has become another STRESS in my life. Don’t punish us; rather find a way to kill the snag bars, even if you have to do away with your own in order to do so.

  416. mk Says:

    125 is more than enuff man….
    u cant hatch egg when uve over than 500 things in ur gift box u_u”
    they shouldnt limit gift box

  417. Berta Says:

    Bunch of whiners “I can’t get anything” usually those are the people with 300 each of foal and a 100 each of everything else bunch hoarders. I can out click any snag bar, Does Zynga take into consideration that these “I can’t get anything” people may have slow PC’s, Slow connections or maybe the even have dial up? Who the hell would even attempt to play this game on dial up anyway? Or maybe they have few neighbors.

    You win some you loose some I have missed a ton of stuff at times who cares there is always more and the more friends you have the more likely you will have more.

    I really don’t care they set the limit I just wish they would free up water and building stuff everything else can stay in a limit if that’s what make the MAJORITY happy.

    What you will never see is them putting a limit on Farm Cash items buy all ya want we will make more.

  418. Doc Says:

    The new limit will definitely shorten my playing time, not sure as to what others think of it. May look for something else/game to get involved with.

  419. u32 Says:

    irst of all, excuse me… English is not my native


    Snagging is frustrating, but sorry… it exists already and will be forever cause of invention of the bar and lazyness/gread by the peopele as is in any other situation in this world.. How do we deal with it fair ?. Hard to say, but Zynga’s most brilliant employee caomes up with this solution: Let’s limit the feeds/shearings to 125 i.e. That will be the end of the snag bar ? I’m afraid not… let’s get back to it and keep reading.

    This is my case of FV Gaming: I can easily pick that amount (125) within 2-3, max 4 hours which is the max a day playing , sometime rarer. This means i have filled my limit and have to either be bored for the rest of my day, or maybe i’ll be looking for a new ZYNGA GAME ?

    As a programmer in the same situation as Zynga employees, i perfectly understand the preassure and the picture. Though, the truth is that they just care about their earnings. Here’s an example of how it really is…..

    You may not care since you’r not a ”snagger” and barely, or just about to get free on your gamings collecting habbit just cause you don’t care too much to reach the ammount set ?

    THIS IS HOW IT WILL WORK. The XMAS-gifts set as an example. We all know that 500 gifts was the magic nr. to redeem the Snow Stallion. If that was now, we simply had to use 4 days to make the stallion become real… right ? THAT is if we did not care about gathering nothing else at all those 4 days.

    AS is inow, we have to concider about what we need, just not CLICKING away on the feeds, but weigh what we do… right ? IF we want to accomplish such a thing as the new Valentine building, we need to gather 138 materials. We may ask for some, send as gift to hope the neighbours send back ? They might, but often not as they want something else. What we rely most on, is the wall of feeds ??

    The top and most affortabel redeeemable costs 500 like the “snow stallion”… I need 4 days. 4 to be clear. Read above!!! DO I PRIOR THAT or thit or thut ? Ialso want some COLLECTIBLES that gives me XP. I need ANIMAL FEED each day, PIGSLOP each day. How can i make it all with the limit of 125 ?

    I did… DELETE my pigpen, today… my Animal through! I can’t afforth them running. NOTICE THE PIGPEN EXPANSION WHILE AGO. I don’t make sence. Double it with slop gathering while the amount of allowed collecting is limited ? MAKE SENCE ?

    YEAH, Zynga may have choosed the wrong path to defeat the “snaggers”

    I’M living in NORWAY, have friends from all over the globe. Different time zones, diff times of the day to be online. I Guess ther’s always be a snagger online my time 24/7.

    ZYNGA FAILS THOSE WHO PAY REAL MONEY TO HAVE FUN BREEDING HORSES, calfs etc. I pay for real to buy what i can’t rely to catch on the wall (now even less chances) They are to though right now cause they earn big box, feeling cocky about it all like chiefs in common.


    Snagging is frustrating, but sorry… it exists already. How do we deal with it fair ?. Hard to say, but Zynga’s most brilliant employee caomes up with this solution: Let’s limit the feeds/shearings to 125 i.e. That will be the end of the snag bar ? I’m afraid not… let’s get back to it and follow me lower down this page!.

    ZYNGA… 1 WEEK TO CHANGE POLICY ( You will have full access to my pc to see if his “crap” came as hidden as sual. Not this time.


    I’LL quit with all… That is FV, Poker, Treasure and Mafia

  420. Judy Says:

    stop the snaggers not the legal players just trying to have fun with the farm.

  421. Mary Says:

    There’s a simple solution to people who hate users who use the snag bar….DELETE THEM!! Find players who don’t use one. YOU ARE IN CONTROL as to who u want as a farm friend!!! STOP B*TCHING and be proactive, it is within your control to play the game YOU want to play!! Let the snaggers play with the snaggers and play the game the way THEY WANT to play it, because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR GAME!!! There are enough players on both sides that u don’t need to be b*tching your SELF RIGHTEOUS CRAP to the masses and causing problems for people you don’t even know!!! Lets also not forget all the poor people who join gamers unite to get info, and make new friends for themselves who don’t use the snag bar that r being falsely accused of cheating when they r not, and if u r going to gamers unite to see if any of ur farm friends belong to that site u can now be falsely accused of using the snag bar cause u have to join the site to check and I hope u do get accused and someone deletes u just so u know how awful it feels to get wrongly accused of something u r not doing!! LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! If u don’t live by this rule KARMA will bite u in the butt just like it’s doing now!!!!!!!!!!

  422. sheron Says:

    I have no problem with people using snag bars, who cares. they get a bunch of junk mostly.

    HOWEVER, when FV has just unveiled the duck pond, the cupid’s house, a new quest, and with trees needing 10 waters each, it doesn’t seem like a smart move to impose a limit on how many items you can take off the feeds.

  423. TERESA INGRAM Says:

    Once Again I say not a smart move………..Not at all……All my friends are looking for new games to play……..This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of……course if u could depend on even getting the gifts that are sent to you, which who knows the cow has always lost the bits!!! Which there is a limit to how many you can even send per day……….Thats a joke………Now u cant get the stuff off the feed you want……How many people do u think is going to invest time in playing the game.. Much less anymore money………….I spend sometimes 50 bucks a week on here NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!! NOT UNTIL THE LIMIT IS LIFTED!!! What is it Cust Care says…….Our goal is to get you back to playing our game!!!!!!!! BS this is getting to stop playing………….When u hit your limit your not going to hang around you will eventually find another game to play and I assure you it will be with a different Company..YOU REALLY SHOULD HAVE PUT MORE TIME AND EFFORT INTO TRAINING YOUR CUST CARE REPS…….TO RESOLVE ISSUES AND TREAT PLAYERS WITH RESPECT……..INSTEAD OF LOOSING THE PLAYERS THAT YOU DO HAVE…………..I HAD A REP EMAIL ME WITH A SOLUTION TO NO PROBLEM THAT I HAD EMAILED ABOUT…….WHEN I ASK FOR A MANAGER AND EMAILED HIM BACK NO SOLUTION MY HORSES ARE STILL STUCK IN THE STABLE…………..BUT YET I AM STILL PLAYING BUT NOT FOR LONG! WHY NOT LIMIT THE ONES THAT USE THE SNAG BAR SURELY THERE IS A WAY TO TELL WHO IS USING IT??????????? LIMIT THOSE PEOPLE OR DO AWAY WITH SUCH ORG AS GAMERS UNITE!

  424. TERESA Says:

    2 minutes ago ·LikeUnlike · Comment
    5 hours ago · Like · Comment

  425. Todd Says:

    Ok THAT’S IT! I have had enough of EVERYONE blaming the “snag bar” users, and saying that it’s THEM that are taking all of the items off of the feed yet then you turn around and COMPLAIN that you can’t click on your 300+ items a day off the feed. YOU people are the ones that make it impossible to get items off the feed….you know who you are….the “page refreshers” “hunters” AKA GREEDY

    My 2 brothers that live with me USE the snag bar and I can ASSURE you that they only collect things like a foal ONCE in a while or maybe a collection item. They DON’T collect watering cans or building parts because they use the Special Delivery Boxes like EVERYONE else should. None of US have a problem building with the SDB, and it’s done in a day 1/2…..if that. Same thing with watering seedlings….USE the SDB, and do you REALLY need to water 276 seedlings? As for collecting bushels off the feed….If you don’t have a bushel for something you need…..GROW IT! IT’S FARMVILLE! That’s what you’re supposed to do here…GROW THINGS!

    I am a level 104 and I have played fair since day 1 HOWEVER I DO NOT terrorize snag bar users and blame them for everything. Do you know who “I” delete from MY accounts? Greedy people. If I breed my horses and the same person constantly collects EVERY horse and/or bonus (and NO they DON’T use gamers unite) THOSE are the people I delete. I may have even deleted some of you whiners.

    I look at it this way. You all wanted something done about the so called “cheaters”. Well, here you go. You got your wish. If it’s ANYONES fault it’s YOUR fault AKA THE WHINERS

    OH AND FYI to all the people that say they delete anyone just for being associated with gamers unite is just plain wrong. Just because someone belongs to gamers unite DOES NOT mean they use the snag bar. All of you are kicking and screaming that you aren’t being treated fairly….well do you think falsely accusing people of cheating is being fair? “I” don’t think so

  426. Mandygurl Says:

    Ha you should all quit using your washers and dryers too. That’s cheating in real life. Oh poor you not being able to get a virtual egg that is going to be something you more then likely already have ten of.

  427. Kathy Says:

    This game has been fun. I’ve met lots of fun people thru this game. But this is ridiculous. Do you mean to tell me that instead of blocking those with the snag-bars, you figure it’s easier to punish the gamers who actually put some thought into the game….. I don’t get it. Am I missing something here?? WTF is the MATTER with you people?
    I honestly don’t scroll through the feed, looking for gifts or prizes, but if someone has the time to do that, let them. In the meantime, it was you, ZYNGA, who would only let me expand my farm if I added 70 neighbors. Then you decided to only let me send gifts to only 1/2 of my neighbors, restricted how many I could help out every day, you offer these humongous buildings that need 20 ea. of boards, bricks, nails and whatever else, THEN you tell me I still need to upgrade 2 more times to make the building fully functional.
    And then there’s the cow that keeps showing up and loses all my stuff that I’ve been trying to put in my gift box. Each gift takes forever to load, by the way.
    So now, you’re imposing a limit as to how much I want to collect? Don’t you guys have something better to do, like, oh I don’t know, say FIXING the glitches rather than punishing the gamers who potentially keep you employed?

  428. supervixen17kt Says:

    stupid move farmville. how can you possibly limit the amount of FREE gifts we collect from our OWN feeds? on what planet is that right? it is MY farm, MY feed, and i should be able to collect as many freakin’ things as i want. i DON’T cheat by using snag or whatever, but even if i did, who are YOU to say what i can and can’t collect and how many of whatever? you may have created the game, but you charge up the butt for special items, make it impossible to get the good stuff without purchasing farm cash, and i’m sorry but i’ve spent a lot of my own money on that farm cash and i SHOULD be able to collect whatever gifts i want for that, and AS MANY AS I WANT!!!!!

  429. CHRISTY Says:

    this game has been fun. I’ve met lots of fun people thru this game. But this is ridiculous. Do you mean to tell me that instead of blocking those with the snag-bars, you figure it’s easier to punish the gamers who actually put some thought into the game….. I don’t get it. Am I missing something here?? WTF is the MATTER with you people?
    I honestly don’t scroll through the feed, looking for gifts or prizes, but if someone has the time to do that, let them. In the meantime, it was you, ZYNGA, who would only let me expand my farm if I added 70 neighbors. Then you decided to only let me send gifts to only 1/2 of my neighbors, restricted how many I could help out every day, you offer these humongous buildings that need 20 ea. of boards, bricks, nails and whatever else, THEN you tell me I still need to upgrade 2 more times to make the building fully functional.
    And then there’s the cow that keeps showing up and loses all my stuff that I’ve been trying to put in my gift box. Each gift takes forever to load, by the way.
    So now, you’re imposing a limit as to how much I want to collect? Don’t you guys have something better to do, like, oh I don’t know, say FIXING the glitches rather than punishing the gamers who potentially keep you employed?

  430. Josh Says:


  431. Pardalis Says:

    I have to agree with a number of people who have said it, if you have friends that have the bar delete them and also now this one is the most important.

    People complained about Snag users, that they can’t get anything, snag bars are ruining the game for them. Everyone knows they can’t pick out those who use it since people may share a computer but may not all use it. So this was the only logical way to solve the problem. Now snaggers are limited but you are as well since Zynga can’t differentiate between the two. Maybe if you PROPOSED OTHER WAYS for Zynga to solve a problem rather than just constantly bitching they wouldn’t come up with solutions like this which limit honest players.
    I have to agree that 125 is a crap limit, looking at trees taking 10 watering cans, buildings taking upwards of 15 building materials and recent redeemables taking from 25-500 items. Granted you can have items sent to you but if you ask me I don’t want to have 100+ friends just for a game, reminds me of myspace.

  432. EvilCookie Says:

    It’s funny to me that to a lot of people it seems tha those who sit at their computer all day waiting for posts to click are honest and good and those who don’t have time for that are evil. Actually it’s not as funny as it is very sad. Get a life people, you’re not better than others if your entire life revolves around Farmville and you actually pay money for pixel animals and objects.

  433. amarana Says:

    I read about half the posts here and I can’t believe how many people are whining. I am almost at level 90 and I don’t collect even close to half of 125 feeds in a day. I am not able to anyway, for the most part. It is not a problem with MY neighbours, it is a problem with neighbours of neighbours. Some of my neighbours have no idea what a snag bar is. They don’t know that there are people hoarding things off their feeds. I delete the ones who I am never able to collect from a feed they post. What’s the point of having them as neighbours? All of their neighbours are snagging things. Some of us have come up with ways to eliminate problems with our own neighbours but as I said, it is a problem with the “neighbours-in-law” if you will. Zynga has to do what they can and I doubt it is as easy as just “blocking the snag bars” or wouldn’t they do that? I don’t need a snag bar and I have a husband, kids and I am in university so I am not about to sit around all day long to collect things so maybe implementing this will help people like me enjoy the game. I understand about the watering cans, etc. I have several orchards and I need all of those things as well but I am not going to stop playing Farmville over this! If anything it will help.

  434. Anne Says:

    obviously Zynga wants us to spend more real money…well I too regret any money spent and if limit interferes with my game I’m outta here…didn’t have a problem with “cheaters” but have a major problem with glitches like ducklings etc etc etc etc………….bye bye Zynga

  435. Anne Says:

    WOW…congratulations on creating negativity Zynga and taking the focus off your frustrating game! I ha ve used Gamers Unite to get around your many errors such as asking inactive farmers for items NOT for snag bar. Funny how I never have a problem using cash in your game!!!!!! My neighbors are the best…you are the problem.

  436. Angel Says:

    It is so unfair with that limit…how are we gonna collect valentines when we also need that water….give us a break 1 stupid tree takes 10 watering cans…..please remove that limit or you can be sure you will loose a lot of players…people are already so very angry

  437. Nye Says:

    It is a pain in the butt on a slow day. However, when you have things like cupid’s castle and halloween baskets and holiday trees where you need to collect all these gifts, it becomes a major thorn in the side. 125 limit? seriously? I collect 125 gifts in less than an hour!! especially with this valentine day stuff out now. And what about my watering cans? You need so many of those. I am terrified to harvest my orchards because of how many you need. In one orchard harvest i can get up to 20 seedlings, thats 200 cans right there instantly. Farmville is just getting on my nerves right now ><

  438. Farmer V Says:

    125 items should be more than adequate. It’s a game. Why not enjoy it instead of trying to collect, grow and build everything so quickly? Personally, I think Zynga should calm down with all the new releases. It’s no wonder why everyone is so crazed about collecting so much stuff!

    If I ever get the notice that I’ve met my cap on items collected, that is my sign to get up and walk away… and get a life!

  439. Pete Says:


    I have said it before, I use a gamebar in chrome from time to time, it is farmville wall manager. What it does is .. yes automatically snag items for me… but if used responsible it is a very good tool.

    I only set it to get items that I really need and since each post of a foal or calves usually give off 5 I only take one. And I do not “snag” to just “snag” it has the options to “snag” only things I need. It helps me out when I need to gather items, but I do not use it all the time.

    Another thing though is it is not a all “evil” tool. It also allows me to collect and respond to all my wall to wall items and reply with help and gifts. Also the “snag” responds to all my friends items, gifts, gas, whatever a neighbor needs it responds and gives them the items they need. So when I use it I benefits me and my other neighbors.

    I don’t think it is cheating if used properly… to tell you the truth a lot of the people now “cheat” without a tool bar… they can right click and save a link and send it to their friends (for foal, calves, etc.) before they post… so then when they do post GUESS WHAT… you click and all the items are gone… even a snag bar is not that quick…

    So I understand how people feel about the snag bar things but they do help out and they do not just “steal” eveyone’s items.

    This whole cap is stupid anyway because Zynga is only cutting themeselves on this one…

  440. lalit Says:

    instead of limit zynga should have taken strict steps against who use snag bar or gamers unite or other cheating applications, i think limit if it is to be there should be increased.this way only legal players are suffering. thanks

  441. jayne Says:

    for ppl who say this is cheating because a computer does it for you than all i can ask it why do you think thats cheating????? now days there is so many apps that people use to make life easier and quicker, some people dont have the time to sit there for hrs n hrs looking through there feed for items, so they set the snag to get the things they need like fuel and building materials, because there are so many things farmville keep bringing out that you need ridiculous amounts of material to build them. just to build and upgrade the stable you need 250 items!!!! the cupid castle 119 items!!!!! that is just crazy, they need to start making it a bit easier.
    i dont really see the snag bar as cheating, just a fast helper, and if you really think about all the things you use day in day out that makes life quicker and easier that you use but could do by hand then would you call that cheating…. no that isnt, ITS JUST MAKING LIFE EASIER!!!!
    i know some people abuse the snag bar and set it to collect everything that there neighbours post, now that i do not think is fair. that can be 1000′s of items a day. but you will find most people using it use it fairly

  442. Bridget Says:

    Gamer’s Unite owns Zygna. Big conflict of interest there that FV players are paying for. No one new can get anything much because it’s all taken by the snaggers, so that prompts new players to figure out how they are doing it. Then they do it. Pretty soon, it’s common place and who wins? Gamer’s Unite and Zygna. Not you. Congratulations, predatory behavior has entered the game world. Not the first time, folks, and not the last. It’s a game. Stop spending money on it and see what happens. I recommend everyone start snagging instead, and reverse the predatory behavior. It’s the big wigs that bought each other out. They can afford to buy real cows and paint pink patches on them. Seriously, stop spending the cash.

  443. Margaret Says:

    No this isn’t fair because every time you turn around farmville is doing yet another promotional thing… something else that needs building and maintaining. right now the valintines box. the duck pond, the greenhouse, not counting eggs xps animals needed and coins shared. then they want to limit what we can do. we are getting punished for cheaters. now they doing the england thing… so i figure they just want us to come in play one hour and then stop for the day because what it will be before long. So i do hope this all changes really fast or ill go back to pogo games or something sheesh…..

  444. Natalie Kollee Says:


  445. Lizette Says:

    SOME OF US ARE SERIOUS FARMERS WITHOUT CHEATING, SO WHY ARE WE NOW BEING PUNISHED…. MAYBE WE SHOULD BOYCOTT FARMVILLE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  446. Sheila Floyd Says:

    If it is illegal to use snag applications, ( as stated in Farmlle rules) why are these members being allowed to participate in farmville in the first place??? We know which neighbors have these applications,so can we not report them to Zynga and Zynga delete them??

    Us deleting them as neighbors is really pointless, because they will do the same thing to other members and it keeps going and becomes a vicious circle. Zynga needs to handle the problem, not us members that play fair.

  447. Jamie Says:

    I realize it’s just a game, but my husband is a combat wounded veteran, and we have a little 15 month old at home so lately I’ve been able to play and am being affected by the limitations. I don’t use cheats and I have a large farm with a lot of neighbors. So I try to get all of the supplies I need, i.e. watering cans, feed, building parts and such. Now I can’t seem to even get caught up.. I am beginning to regret the money I’ve actually spent on this game.. You don’t see xbox telling people they can only play for an hour do you? NO! and if they did people certainly wouldn’t spend 70 bucks on a game would they? Gees what’s next? Thanks Zynga way to piss off your paying customers!

  448. Sly Says:

    I am having a problem with people taking items off my wall and not pressing the like button so I don’t know who is getting it. I have 35 orchards and produce some nice seedlings and post them to the wall to let people know what type of seed it is. When I post specialty tree’s once again there gone and no post on the like is there a site I can get a tracking item for the feed to see who is taking my stuff. I only have 135 friends this seems weird and selfish I was given a link to see if any have snag bars and a few are on that site. Does any one know if there is a feed to show who is taking your items it would be much appreciated to see this so I can remove and block them. thanks so much Sly

  449. Maria Says:

    The collector I use, is just that. A collection of gifts, that are posted on my friends wall’s btw, for anyone to click on. It’s just that they are all presented on one page, in a matrix style with icons to help you identify what you are looking for. Also, if you click on any of these said icons, you are given an option to gift back and ‘like.”

    I wouldn’t call that a snagger, or even a cheat program, and if that is why there is a limit, it’s insanity.

    As for the limit, why is it when I go to visit/work my farm, I’m immediately given a pop-up which either forces me, or allows me to skip, sending my neighbors “special deliveries.” I have no problems with that, but after the ‘accept gifts’ notice comes up and I click send gifts back and exit that screen, yet another send this amt. of farmers a special delivery gift, but only limits me to a certain number this time, and then tells me that I’ve ‘sent the maximum number of requests with this application at this time.”

    Fix all of your damn issues already, and get the EC here after all of this BS going on! I lost a lot of good gifts tonight because of this…

  450. Aquariae Says:

    I am getting very unhappy with this latest ban by zynga. For most of us players at high levels, there are very few items we need and to prevent us from getting them is very annoying. I am also turning off FV and have decided that this game is no longer worth getting FV cash to buy special items.

    I understand the snaggers are a problem but as players we can use the various links to see who has liked the application and just delete them. Its not that hard to get these people off my friends list so its really my responsibility not to play with these people.

    Zynga… if you are trying to make your games unplayable, you are doing a great job.

  451. Damfino Says:

    I’m completely against the snagbars, and I honestly don’t see a problem with their being a limit as to how much one can acquire from the feed every day.

    I do, however, have a problem with this extra “time limit” Zynga seems to have put in place. While I’m limited to 200 items per day, it seems I am also limited to how many items I can collect in a single hour! THAT is truly ridiculous.

    Now, I know that the snagbars are fast and that this little tactic was probably implemented to curb them, but seriously, I use a strategy when collecting from the feed. I right click and “open in a new tab” so that I can keep track of where I am on the feed. It’s extremely frustrating when I’m going through trying to collect the bajillion items that are required to play, and I get 15 items before being presented with “Whoa! You’re collecting items too quickly!”

    It’s at that precise moment that I picture myself giving the Zynga crew the finger.

    To top it off, I don’t know how this is going to stop the cheaters. Their little snag program is STILL going to be able to claim X amount of items for them every hour, up to 200 items per day! HOW is that helping anything?

    Legitimate players are being punished here. Zynga needs to rethink this.

  452. Damfino Says:

    Sly – It doesn’t matter what orchard you get the seedling from, it becomes random once it hits the feed. Meaning, a seedling from a Disco Ball Tree orchard could end up growing into a Silver Maple.

    Also, I don’t understand what is with everyone’s obsession with the “like” button. I click it here and there (mostly when I want someone to know I helped them out with something), but I’m selfish if I don’t click “like” after snagging a watering can from someone? OK. Please. This game takes enough time and energy as it is.

  453. Tina B Says:

    Considering FV requires so many items in order to expand, water, feed, etc. I feel the cap isn’t fair. Just think about it…FIVE love potions to instant breed, TEN to bottle feed..that’s FIFTEEN items just to produce ONE ITEM! The same goes for watering trees, collectiing items for random FV missions & don’t even get me started on the expansions. If there’s gonna be a cap put on then maybe Zynga should think about reducing the number of items it takes to complete one task. This is ridiculous! May just be the end all for me!

  454. Esther W. Says:

    I am seriously thinking of quitting playing this bloody game!! Every time I turn around they are placing limits on collecting or giving out, etc. I’ve sent a few messages now about things that need fixing on the game on my account. They don’t seem to care, because no one seems to want to give me an answer & return my messages. Lazy bums!!

  455. anonyomous Says:


    My snag bar is at 170 and still collecting.

    Even if this limit is true, it’s just another way of them trying to get money out of us. Oh I need wrenches and I can’t collect anymore or be gifted anymore? I guess I’ll just have to buy some with real FarmCash. Yeah right! I’ll be damned before they get any of my actual money.

  456. anonymous Says:

    Oh, just thought I’d add. I’ve been collecting more items today (same day) both snagging and clicking and I must be well over 300 items today and it hasn’t stopped me. Maybe it is hourly? Maybe Zynga isn’t stopping me because I’m a new player to farmville (Lvl 29) but when I get to higher levels then it will limit me?

    All I know is this limit isn’t affecting me at all…

  457. denodenesh Says:

    fb bb

  458. Donna Eakins Says:

    Limited? With everything that we need to collect??? Totally ridiculous and not fair at all. It’s hard to find neighbors that aren’t on “cheat sites” ………. why don’t you just start booting off those that USE cheat sites! that would help us all a lot cause then we could GET most of what we need. But limiting? Been there done that with FV and it was awful!
    NO NO NO!

  459. Kerry Hardy Says:

    is ZYNGA reading these?!?! with all the technology out there, you should be able to fix these problems! I read alot of these comments, and as I don’t have those kinds of problems, I’m still dismayed.
    I didn’t play FV all day, I didn’t spend $$…and I still USED to have fun with just playing the game! The reason I quit playing? IT’S NOT FUN ANYMORE! I don’t even know what happened. All of a sudden there was a problem with sending & receiving gifts/requests, which made it difficult completing missions before they expired…and not just for me, my neighbors too. I’d see a message saying FV is having technical issues with this & that, and they are “working on it”…well, it’s STILL a problem, it’s NOT fixed.
    Pretty soon, all Zynga is gonna have, are the cheaters playing FV. But if that’s all they want….then that is just sad….

  460. Marjorie Jenks Says:

    This is infuriating! Why should legitimate players be punished for the misdeeds of cheaters and; snaggers? Instead of doing a limit for those that do not cheat, you should put more effort into blocking the people that use a snag bar, instead of punishing the people that play fair. How do you expect us to finish the long long quest if you put a limit. Some one needs to use their head……You will loose more than you will gain.

  461. judy ramsey Says:

    I’m pretty sure my Farmville days are numbered, I think this is a stupid move on your part. It should stay unlimited. You’ve allowed us to play with no limit. we like it and some of us play for hours on end collecting what we need. Now you are putting restrictions on us. You’re going to decide how much YOU want us to collect. This is a game, I play games because I enjoy them. I tried Farmville and liked the game right away. However when rules are changed and restrictions are put on gameplay, it becomes a different game. And when things are changed in a manner that resembles a child being punished, it’s a slap in the face and the enjoyment I felt goes up in smoke. So good luck with pleasing yourselves, you can catch me on a webpage that had rather please its members. I’m sure you’ve noticed your steady decline in recent weeks, well this will probably put you in a free fall.

  462. judy ramsey Says:

    Some of the post I read are baffling. Calling a player a cheater for using a snag bar is something I don’t understand. I could care less who uses what. It really does not affect me. And saying you’ll delete any neighbor who uses a snag bar is totally childish. Are you the snag bar police? I’ve downloaded a snag bar before, but I found out most items had already been claimed by the time it was snagged, clicking proved to be much more productive. FARMVILLE IS A GAME, PEOPLE!!!! I fail to see how any intelligent adult lables anyone a cheater when playing a game that has no winners or losers!! I play farmville to build my farm the way I want it, to collect the trees I like, grow the crops I want and place the animals where I want to. I’m not competing with anyone and I didn’t think anyone else was either. The appealing aspect of the game is you can do your farm anyway you like at any pace you like. This is for all the idiots with their finger on the delete key, My farm is in America and in America we have the right to choose. If I want a snag bar, I’ll download one. I DO NOT have to play any way other than the way I want to play. If you don’t like the snag bar, don’t get it, if you don’t like cows, don’t get any. And please don’t be stupid enough to think anybody cares if you delete them. Your way of playing is not the only way, Hitler. Well I know you’re busy, snooping on your neighbors and trying to run their lives. Don’t forget to tell them how they should vote.

  463. C Adams Zangenberg Says:

    Sorry about the clicking, it’s 4:05 Wednesday morning in Copenhagen. my fingers get a nervous twitch, please forgive me! I just thought that I could have edited my comment about my two items that are missing, the peacock, and the large flower sheep (lamb) (ewe). The spots on the field are patches of missing plots, as if they are still there, but one can not get to them. as if they are floating in mid-air and there is a shadow and circular shadow where the missing plot is.If the missing plots were planted, when they do reappear, the plant harvest hasn’t grown at the same rate as the rest of the harvest. so one has to harvest twice with missing patches and hope the other comes back at a time when one is home to save it from withering.

    I hope the other comment has gone through, about the none-working or the not registering garden sheds. The perfect bouqet (bunch) of flowers float off into the air, as usually, but not into the garden shed as they should, but into the void! That sounds spooky!

    Sorry again for the nervous clicking of the mouse!

    Thanks for your attention!

  464. C Adams Zangenberg Says:

    Okay, I did apologize for the clicking, and if you did not received the 2 comment, here it comes again in a quick summary, as it is 4:30 in the a.m. in Copenhagen. 2 weeks before mother’s, I purchased a peacock, and a large flower sheep. Couldn’t fit in the sheep shed, so into storage they went, but not there now. There is no proof of purchase as it was farm cash accummilated over the years. Plus the purchased FVcash.

    There is also the mention of the plot floating in mid-air and not having the planted havest grow at the same rate as there rest to the harvest. Thought it was Zynga’s new fairy/elves game to give the farmers more grief, or maybe fun for the programmer who enjoys seeing people look like fools!

    Then there is the the sheep’s wool not registering, and I purchase 10 more for the gathering of wool, for the crafting quest and the breeding quest! Have not seen a bundle of wool since I put the sheep into the shed Actually the harvest of the sheep in the shed, does not register in the cash count So I have stopped gathering the sheep i the shed’s harvest. What’s the point it not functioning properly anyway.

    I must add, I am really missing the function of the garden shed and the perfect bunches of flowers. I purchased a second garden for the tower cove farm, too. Not registering, the floating perfect bunches of flowers, which just fade off into the void. what a shame! Would be nice if you could get that function back , again
    thank you for considering my complaint


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