Missing FarmVille Game Requests on Facebook!

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Missing FarmVille Game Requests on Facebook!

Posted on February 6, 2011 9:29 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Watering Can

Some farmers, including myself, have reported that their Facebook Game Requests have gone missing! I personally clicked my Game Requests tonight and lost about 100 Free Gifts and/or Requests.

With so many buildables like the new Greenhouse and tree growing it is very difficult to play without the help of neighbors. So what would a good blogger do? Research! I went directly to FarmVille Live Support to ask some questions, although that ended in a standard response. See below:

Sarah T.: Hi, my name is Sarah T.. How may I help you?
CabbagePatchKid: For quite some time now I have been losing about 90% of my gifts. It has been very difficult for me to complete things, now especially with the 125 bonus limit.
CabbagePatchKid: Only a few of  my gifts show up in the in game gift center, so all my neighbors time and mine is being wasted. Now as of tonight, I click on game requests and they all disappeared, and it continues to do that ( on facebook).
Sarah T.: Do you know what is exactly missing?
Sarah T.: I am sorry you are missing items.
CabbagePatchKid: I have lost a lot of gifts! Especially a lot of special delivery boxes, probably close to 100 this evening.
CabbagePatchKid: Why are game requests going missing from Facebook?
Sarah T.: We are currently working on getting this issue resolved with Facebook.

So it seems this is a Facebook issue, but there is some speculation among FarmVille Freaks that FarmVille is transitioning to accepting gifts only through the in-game message center.

FarmVille Freak wants to know!

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154 Responses to “Missing FarmVille Game Requests on Facebook!” »

  1. beverly blake Says:

    and would like cinnamon trees returned or refund my money

  2. glenda harris Says:

    i lost over 100 fv game requests and want them back. this is not acceptable.

  3. dave Says:

    i’ve been loosing requests for weeks hundreds of them, and of course zynga says their working on it

  4. Michael Says:


  5. mini2z Says:

    There was a glitch with FV & FB – it allowed you to accept your gifts in the FV message center and then go out and accept them in the FB game requests.

    This only worked for, water, SB boxes and stuff like that. This is NO more as of yesterday (possibly the night before but I was out of town) This worked for me until Thursday night/Friday morning.

    If someone sent a request you could only help in one or the other.

    I have had lots of bushels lost in the past week and find that if I accept via the FV message center I seem to get most items.

    BUT my small cinnamon heart trees are missing… STILL

  6. Brian Says:

    one of my neighbors posted a duckling on my wall, but when i clicked it said it was already claimed, which didn’t make sense.

    plus when i send requests for duckling help or greenhouse parts, i select multiple friends, but it only sends to a couple of them, no all that i selected.

  7. Liliana Says:

    I would like the gifting to be similar to café world and cityville, where you can accept the gifts through the message center and they actually disappear in the facebook game request center…

  8. Mary Says:

    I read in the farmville forums that now if you have over 25 request you will lose them bacause the message center will only hold 25 from now on. So you have to keep the request below 25 all the time.

  9. barbara holford Says:


  10. Michael Says:


  11. Andrea BELLATO Says:

    i have lost over 100 gifts each day so far 3 days worth

  12. Pamela Dadlton Says:

    Over 200 gifts gone ………just gone

  13. kathy Says:

    I lost $10FV cash, missing gifts, game out of sync really bad today. i lost 10,000 coins as well, take off the limit of 125 we shouldnt have a limit at all.its not fun to play after you reach the 125 limit.

  14. Julie Falletti Says:

    This is nothing new !! I have had this problem for weeks and what I have lost is overwhelming. Just for example I lost 49 watering cans in 2 weeks and the bushels I need for my spa too many to count.17 bushels of Iris 12 bushels of peppers and on and on and on. I have taken a log of what I didn’t get but I might as well use it for toilet paper. now that they are trying to fix it they show up on face book requests but you go to the game to accept and they are not there. Then you go back to face book to pick them up and they are gone. Wish I could play this game somewhere else.

  15. Linda Says:

    for the past 3 days when I have to ask for help with my ducklins I will click 30 to 40 names, but when the send window pops up. only 5 are listed. now the same is happening with my greenhouse. is anyone else having trouble?

  16. Beth Says:

    My gifts show up for cityville (which I don’t play anymore) but not farmville.

  17. mila Says:

    I also lost two Cinnamon Heart trees today, they just disappeared from my Orchard when I put inside the regular Heart Candy tree … What should i do now ?

  18. gina Says:

    yes..this happened to me earlier in the day..then gifts started up from way back to thanksgiving..and then about 30 request for i-hearts multiple asks from same people,which i know is not right…i need all my special del. boxes and my neighbors need there stuff as well…..

  19. Kathryn York Says:

    I’d also like my FV cash returned for the straspberries I bought that went missing…I keep getting the runaround. In fact, they give me the runaround on everything these days. My farm is totally SCREWED UP AND NEEDS A TOTAL OVERHAUL!!!! I’m playing less and less these days b/c of the issues I’m facing…is that what FV wants … to lose it’s farmers? Cause that’s what’s happening.

  20. kathy Says:

    forgot its not posting each level as i go up it has done this 2 times now. and take the gamers unite off so we all play fair, i delete neighbors if they have to cheat and they take everything and when someone gets a gift they should have the curioty of clicking on like so we all know its been gone.

  21. Justmeherbie Says:

    Something else that DIDN’T happen was I completed all three levels of the nacho crop, when I go to the “seeds” it shows I mastered it, but a notice didn’t appear, I didn’t receive the bonus or the mastery sign… so I planted and harvested the crop one more time, to make sure, and nothing…. that seems to be the norm for new crops… and Zynga…

  22. Michael Says:


  23. sandra Says:


  24. dawn Says:

    people lose sd boxes because players load farm and then accept and send gifts with the pop up, under the pop up is the send neighbors a sd box. Players don’t realize that if you already sent a gift and then send same people a sd box they won’t be able to accept it, you can only send a person 1 gift every 4 hours.

  25. Cindy Says:

    I have lost all my new seeds, I was planting when the game went out of sync, and when I went back 600 new seeds gone! then went to the feed to try and collect some to replace some of what I lost and got this message: Hey there, farmer! You’ve claimed all the rewards you can from your friends today. Try again tomorrow!
    This game is getting very frustrating!

  26. doretha adams Says:

    All of my requests are gone and so are my husband’s. As of this morning– there is nothing there. Would be nice to be able to complete projects and get watering cans with the special deliveries. I cannot help anyone or even help my self now. People are sending items and nothing is there. Sorry but it seems to be getting worse instead of better.

  27. Craig Says:

    Actually I do the message center in FV first and then go back to FB and claim them again and 99% of the time I got the ones from FB as well as the ones I got from FV message center. :-)

  28. Amanda Says:

    I had 7 gifts inside the farmville app. And had 73 gifts requests on facebook game request. And I chose to go to the farmville one first. Well needless to say I lost 73 gift requests and got a big ol’ 7………..

  29. jezzy Says:

    My requests on facebook said I had like 60, but my in-game said I had 15. This was after both were at 0 the day before. So I figured I would accept the 15 I could in game (it’s faster, my preferred method), then go do the rest via facebook. After accepting the 15 in game, I went out, and ALL of the rest of the facebook ones were gone. I know a lot of these were requests from my neighbors to help with their greenhouses and ducklings and valentines.

    Not a happy camper. I apologized to all of my neighbors but I worry they will think I was ignoring their requests on purpose.

  30. Jodi Says:

    I didn’t get the nacho mastery sign or bonus either. Did some checking around, and it seems alot of other farmers didn’t received theirs.

  31. betty gibb Says:

    I understand that there will be problems that will have to be fixed when new things come along. I respect that; but wish that this did not happen. I had to sell 3 of my orchards as I could not get a caramel apple tree out of them without it returning to the orchard and farm going out of sync. Do not think that this is right – I did report it at the time and nothing was done. I still have one that is tied up with a caramel apple and will be selling it when I get the tree mastered.

  32. Lisa Says:

    I would like my Pink Cinamon Candy trees back also….. I paid for the and would like them returned.. No there not in my gift box…

  33. KathyDJ Says:

    Most of the ones I find missing are from people who do not understand the game. I post 3 watering can feeds from my snowman and the same person clicks on all 3 and has the option of sending a thank you gift each time. You are only going to get the first one. Same thing a couple days ago when visiting neighbors and collecting valentines -friends clicking away on my posts and sending me a valentine back at least 10 times -it’s not gonna work.

  34. SUSAN garrison Says:

    I have lost gifts for the lats 2 weeks it’s been an on going promblem with Framville it’s getting to a point I don’t enen want to do it any more,it comes up all the time game out of sync ,just the other day I lost over 99 gifts they just disappeared,I am getting fed up,I go and get things from other farmers and they don’t show up in my gift box.

  35. suzieo Says:

    Brian # 4, that is not a glitch… if the people you are sending to don’t show up after you select their names it just means it’s too soon to send to those people.. that you have sent them something or asked them to send you something within the last 4 hours.

  36. sharon k mauger Says:

    yes i also lost my cinnamon tree also along not able to give and receive gifts on my google chrome from facebook.

  37. Niki Says:

    my gifts have been missing for a couple of weeks and i paid to get the 28×28 farm with farmville cash

  38. Mary Says:

    I am so glad that x-mas is finally over! Why can’t we do one special occasion at a time?
    My Valentine castle is a real pain – half the time it is so big you can’t do anything w/ it.
    Or – it’s not there at all – it’s just a plain circle (same w/ my duck pond and orchard).

    The trees have really gotten out hand – we need larger farms to put them on!

    Special deliveries are a joke – how many butterflies, tricycal flowers, owles, old bikes, pigs, lawn chairs and agian trees can a person use?

    What are we suppose to do w/ all of the stuff in our gift boxes that you keep saying “Your not on this yet”?

    The game is getting stressful instead of enjoyment

  39. neneholub Says:

    I have lost harvested bonus for crops spent 30,000.00 on a seeder and it all the sudden disappeared. Had to spend the money on a new one again and hope it doesnto disappear.. That was the money I was going to spend on a harvester. I was working on my horse barn and construction parts disappear.. I am very disappointed and only go in every now and than now because of it.

  40. Tala Says:

    At first I thought most of my gifts had gone missing, too! But I watched close, and noticed that, yes, they are disappearing from Facebook as I accept them through the Zynga messaging center.

    I know this is how it should have worked from the very beginning, but not having many neighbors, I relied on the double gifts glitch. Good thing I didn’t have my heart set on pink swans…

    I will never again achieve the “500 collected” item for the holiday basket ever again!

  41. niquedaone Says:

    it use to be you could go to the in game center collect gifts then go to the facebook gift page and accept the same free gifts therefore getting twice the gifts.(this really helped with the black rose seeds). lately when you accept the gifts in the in game centers the gifts then will disappear from the facebook page because they have been accepted and vice versa. if you are losing gifts from the facebook gift page it may be due to accepting them in the in game centers.(i did say if). some gifts are going away from the facebook gift page but then i see them turn up in the in game center after this happens. i know it happens with cityville a lot.

  42. Brittany Says:

    same for me. i dont have as many neighbors as alot of my friends do and the double gifts glitch was really helpful with building and seedlings. i like the seedlings and everything but i only need 2 or 3 not 6 or 8 every two days. now i’ll get nowhere on those. @19. Tala : same, i will most likely never get the pink swan now, and the greenhouse will take forever, i lost 80 SD

  43. Verna W. Says:

    What is going on . lost gift request, game freeze up or runs soooo slow.

  44. Marilyn Brown Says:

    It is know longer fun playing FarmVille. This limit thing has taken the fun out of playing. This makes me not play as much. I don’t like all this building. If you want us to build then that should not be part of our 125 limit. By the time I build the Greenhouse I had used all mine. There is way to much to keep up with now, we do have a life you no. I also lost all my water and special Delivery boxes from my gift. I lost a 1,000,000 Belted cow once when you took a building away, I never got the cow back nor the money. I have also lost fv cash. This keeps up and I will just quit playing.

  45. Carol Says:

    My gifts have also been missing for a couple of weeks and I lost my Cinnamon tree, it went into my gift box once but when I put it into an orchard it disappeared and has not been returned. I’ll think long and hard before spending FV$ on another tree if this is what happens as being over level 100 I no longer get any $ for leveling up. I agree about the cheat sites and I delete anyone who uses them.

  46. Elaine Says:

    I want my 40+ SD boxes back and I want my Cinnamon Heart tree (that was a GIFT from a friend) to STAY PUT on my farm! I sent my friend one also and that has disappeared too.

    The Requests page is totally screwed up. Not just FarmVille stuff, but Frontier as well. AND I have a bunch of requests from games I no longer play and are NOT Zynga games. When I click to hide them, they’re back when I return to the requests page.

    Some of this has to be a Facebook issue. BUT. Zynga needs to get with the “program” and fix their own glitches.

  47. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Isn’t it interesting that people seem to have had no problem using a glitch that allowed them to collect double gifts – ie get twice the gifts they were entitled to yet. Yet there are complaints if people use the Gamer’s Unite bar to collect the items they are entitled to from their own feed.
    I know which I think is cheating.
    However the double gifting glitch has now been ended.

    For those people who say they won’t be able to get things or take a long time to complete because they don’t have many neighbours – I would suggest they increase their neighbours. I have about 6 friends who I actually know and 250+ game neighbours with whom my only contact is the game.

    I have in accepting strangers as neighbours only had one person that I was not happy with and it was very easy to delete and block them.

    I think if you are young – under 18 for instance, then limiting the people you add to those you know is wise, or limiting them to your own sex perhaps. But for more mature people I really don’t think that adding other gamers is a problem. Particularly if you take advantage of the FB privacy settings and keep your neighbours grouped appropriately.

    When I started playing FV it was quite easy to do it with only a very few neighbours, but I think now that it does need many more to be able to play effectively. Unless you take the option of paying FVC to complete things.

  48. Charlie Says:

    My Farm Cash is also coming up missing today…1 at a time Ive lost about 5 today..I think it’s happening while watering but not sure!

  49. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Marilyn @22 – you don’t have to do everything at once you know. If people think strategically and use the 125 limit wisely it makes the game more interesting, no less. Choose what you want to work on and do that – ie complete the greenhouse and then go back to collecting the Valentine gifts. Or do the gifts first because they are time limited and the greenhouse is permanent. Its a matter of choosing.

    And remember you don’t need to collect bushels from the feed if you are using your limit for something else. If someone has posted a bushel that means they have them available from their market stall and you go and get them when you are ready to craft and item, or collect one if you need it for a new harvest.

    See it as a challenge and adding interest not as a negative.

  50. Michael Says:

    I lost 250 delivery boxes in two days. That’s a huge hit.

  51. Korina Says:

    I don’t even have a zynga message center on my farm to accept my gifts. Zynga has been “investigating” the issue for the last 3weeks and it is “top prioity” What a joke. 1st….no ZMC
    2nd..caramel apple I trees cannot be removed from orchard w/o an oos error (10fv $$$ for 2 of them)
    3rd….cinnamon heart trees missing (10fv$$$ for two of them)

    yet they keep coming out w/ new stuff??? I don’t get it.

  52. Sandy Bell Says:

    This happened to me yesterday NITE>… i lost about 125 gifts and requests in 2 days… I usually get 100 to 125 gifts a day….. IT is really crappy and ps my orchards still go KING KONG size if i move them…. why dont they get this game right…..?

  53. stephen quesada Says:

    the problem i have been having is that my ” ask for help” feature for chicken does not work. please help not sure how to get a hold of anyone please help

  54. Brenda Says:


  55. Michelle Says:

    Well here is my theory on why they have gone missing: I think if you accepted the gifts using the “FarmVille Resquest” icon that appears when you open the game the requests disappear so you cant get the same item twice.

    I use to accept my gifts using the “FarmVille Request” icon then wai a few hours and accept it under all my request and I would get two of the items. I think FarmVille did this so we cant get two items with one request.

  56. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Stephen @53 ‘ask for help’ for chicken? Sorry that doesn’t make sense to me, I haven’t seen any chickens that we need to ask for help for.

  57. Dawn Says:

    i too have lost hundreds of gifts and requests and when i go to accept a duckling it tells me i cant accept it..takes forever to load my game..if it even loads at all and when it does the whole farm is screwed up..have had many problems with farmville for a couple of weeks now..sent my complaint to zynga and they said they would have a response in 48 hrs..better do something…how are you supposed to play the game with nothing?

  58. Cindy Says:

    I have no one to ask for help with the new seedlings, when I click on the ask for help button, I do not get a friends list to chose from, and it is the same thing on my free gifts page, go select a gift to give a friend, then go and choose friends to send too and I have no friends lists there either.

    I purchased the giant cinnamon heart tree and the cinnamon heart trees the day they came out in the market, they are in their own orchard and have yet to produce a seedling!

    You really need to start putting more coin items in the market, instead of 95% of everything being for cash! I finally quit buying farm cash as all I am doing is boosting up the prices for other players who can’t afford them. and why in the heck an I paying for a small animated picture for any ways?

    It’s getting to the point where it is not fun any more!

  59. KenzieDogg Says:

    It loses gifts due to the stupid request center on farmville. I guess that since it made sense, they would screw it all up. OH well, back to accepting things one at a time through facebook….

  60. Steve Says:

    I’ve watched one family member give up on Farmville and Facebook already over their recent problems, and I’m not that far behind. Their are plenty of other sites that seem to run without near as many problems as Facebook has had of late.

  61. Sandy Bell Says:

    Yes others have pointed out you could DOUBLE UP on gifts by going first to FV and the new gift box, then going to FB and recieving them again. but what I am TALKING about is not this……. when you are in FB games excepting gifts it says you have say 100 to get, you start after a few excepts the rest just UP AND POOF away….. that is not the ones from FV… i get about 20 gifts a day in FV box, the games box I get about 100+, why do only about 24% of the gifts go to FV box and all seem to go to FB games? this is a LARGE GLITCH…… now it is just messed up…..how are we supposed to build anything with no gifts?

  62. Brittney Says:

    I lost over 100 gifts today…..I excepted 1 and the rest just disappeared.I didn’t except them from the message center first they just vanished.My farm cash is also disappearing 1 at a time.I have now lost 4 farm cash.This is really frustrating and I think that I will be quitting farmville!!

  63. Stephen Says:

    Using the Zynga gift centre won’t help – the missing cans etc. come from wall posts.

  64. Trish Says:

    IF Zynga does transition to only being able to accept gifts In-Game…then, they really need to make sure it includes ALL Game Requests that have not been accepted. Not just those that transpired during the last 10 minutes. (ok…10 minutes is exagerating, but it has appeared for quite some time now that only the most recent gifts show up in-game.) Older requests that were sent to me while I was not online playing do not appear In-Game for me.

  65. Deanetta Says:

    I want my gifts back please

  66. synthe Says:

    “I read in the farmville forums that now if you have over 25 request you will lose them bacause the message center will only hold 25 from now on. So you have to keep the request below 25 all the time.”

    Oh God, I hope this is not true. I usually get over 25 in no more than 3 hours. I cannot keep an eye for requests all the time!! I I also lost about 100 last night. I hope this is settled soon.

  67. CHRISSRO Says:

    My gift from facebook disapear when I am accepting gifts using Zynga center (in game), I think that is the reason , so is not a problem

  68. Flo Says:

    Thank goodness I am not the only one having this problem… I also have the same problem for a couple of days now

  69. Cougarah Says:

    The truly irritating thing is that the requests for help that we send out to grow a duckling or hybrid seed, never get to our neighbors for them to assist us. And this is not a time sensitive thing. My wife can request my help sitting right next to me and I NEVER get the request. Neither in Facebook/Games or the FV in game message center. I guess I was lucky to have saved 300 SDs to build the 117 piece greenhouse. In either case, Zynga needs to address the issue of the missing posts/requests.

    Another complaint I have is the timed harvesting of posts. I manually click all my “spamming” for valentines or building parts from Facebook and I often get the “Slow down pardner…” warning. This condition they have set with the intent to limit the use of bots and programmed harvesting has hurt more honest players than bot users.

    Zynga, Eliminate the 125 harvest limit, deregulate timed post harvesting, and return game control to the users…

  70. RENJI Says:

    I used to accept gifts via message center.. Today it showed no messages and when i returned back to game request page, its all gone… No gifts there… Zynga, Please fix this soon..

  71. Synthe Says:

    I found out that this happens when I load my farm while having unanswered requests. You have to accept and send back gifts BEFORE loading your farm or else they’ll disappear. Also requests that will lead you to your farm, like the new Greenhouse ones, will cause your gifts to disappear too.

  72. Nathalie Says:

    Lost about 78 gifts tonight. AGAIN.

  73. Amanda Says:

    I lose all my farm gifts whenever I accept to help with greenhouse seeds. This is the only time it happens and it didn’t happen before so I think the problem may be with the new seed requests.

  74. Sara Says:

    I notice that some of my requests that are in the Gift Request area are not in the Farmville Message Center.

    I use either or. But if they are going to specifically one or the other, they need to make sure all requests are going to show up.

    But all my gift requests are missing.

  75. fosci Says:

    Is it me, or is it fixed now?

  76. Mei Farmington Says:

    I can not stand the Zynga Message Center. While some may find it easier to accept/return gifts in batches, I prefer to do them individually because it helps me keep track of which friends I’ve returned which gifts for already. Sometimes I’d rather save Friend X’s gift until I’m able to send her something back and not have it lumped in with every other gift of its type. I also prefer being able to see if there is a note attached, such as, “Here is the Blah you requested. Would you please send me a Whosit if you have a chance?”

  77. Dawn Says:

    This is in no way a complete fix for all your issues. But I have found that removing the farmville application in privacy settings and then reinstalling does help. You do not lose any neighbors or gifts removing the application. Do not block it. Blocking it you do lose gifts.

    Another issue to look for is super chicken level 10. If you had this chicken in you coop he is now invisible and can not be removed.

  78. keiji Says:

    I prefer Zynga in-game message center! The problem is that I have to look first on Facebook.com to read messages my neighbours send along with the requests!

  79. akane Says:

    i’m hit by this too =(

  80. Maliaka Says:

    My cinnamon trees and 5 fv just disappeared from the farm the first time it happened the trees were back in the gift box but now gone missing for 4 days
    return the trees or the fvs for it

  81. febrian priantina Says:

    bring back my gift fv again plzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz !

  82. Gordana Says:

    Why I am loosing my FV cash, I lost 1 FV cash I didnt purchase anything , after 2 hours again I lost 1 FV cash and again I didnt purchse anythig!

  83. Alysha Says:

    I had a rainbow chicken and today it disappeared and it’s really rare to get one. i would like it back asap

  84. debbie Says:

    here it is a month later march and still the gifts disappear. i might get to accept one or two when they just disappear into the twighlight zone. right now im at a stand still really cant do much without gifts

  85. Janet Overocker Says:

    The free gifts are just that. “Free”. It has been difficult to get the new farm built up without them and limiting what you can take from the feed. Here is a suggestion: Don’t punish the people who play the game with good old fashion clicking. Put a stop to the infringement of the snag bars. Are they not the reason the limit was instituted in the first place?????
    I’m still waiting for the replacement of my white stallion that went missing when the black stallion foals were changing into full grown stallions. Numerous e-mails with the “we are currently working on resolving this issue” always the answer. I am also missing items from my storage that I paid “real cash” for. To name a few, my frozen pond with the frog wearing earmuffs. My Christmas toyshop..lets see what else..my little brown ermine..my cinnamon heart tree…it goes on & on with the game. How about all those neighbors you took away from me & have never let me add new ones? I show up on their farmville neighbor’s list, but I can’t get to their farms. I’m a level 108 player with under 300 neighbors. Its a good thing I have plenty of friends that I can collect from.
    I know that I’m preaching to the choir here. You’ve all experienced the same thing..but all the same, thanks for allowing me to vent.

  86. Terry W. Says:

    I have lost over 200 mystery rewards points from the FarmVille Rewards Points Mystery Game. And 200 FarmVille dollars from the NetFlex offer Thanks for listening. Terry W.

  87. Elaina Says:

    I have lost all gifts for 6 days. Please get this issue fixed.

  88. Jeannie Says:

    today is May 6th and gifts have been vanishing sense Feb.? So in 3 months time they cannot or WILL NOT fix this problem???????

  89. billy bob Says:

    when will they fix this i just accepted 98 gifts and i dont where to find them

  90. Satin Sheets Says:

    Today is June 5th 2011 and things are still not working right in the farms as far as sending and receiving gifts …I click on a gift and it looks like its being received but never shows up anywhere and to send back has became impossible …I am checking different ways to get someones attention to have this fixed …maybe if the investors were contacted they may notice how important it is to have this little item fixed …Just making it known to you that my page has this problem ..

  91. Debbie Wright Says:

    I dont even Know where to start First I cant Reach any of the games I play or can get on the untill some one sends me a gift request and i am getting tired of all this I have had FB to take 2 barns so i went on and took diffrent things came home from work and turn on my computer and get on FB then 20 to 30 times in a hour lost connection of some crap like that WHY cant they fix it and this new chat They can keep it Give me the old one back

  92. Mara Hill Says:

    My Game Requests button is missing on the left hand side. I cannot reach the games I play regularly because it only lists two games. I have over 100 gifts to accept in my games. The button will appear if you are coming back to your page but only for half a second! If you aren’t quick you can’t catch it and there is no way to get your gifts. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this or I’m through.


  93. Lisan Gagne Says:

    ….I USED to be able to help neighbors AND receive gifts under the game requests . I WAS able to choose the game I wanted to be displayed , etc, FV , CV , YV….It now has disappeared due to “improvements” . I will no longer play since I have to go to my wall and scroll down for hours just to accept a bag of feed or to help a neighbor with a quest . I say “PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!!”……………….Im done playing til it is fixed , I will also add , activity from my neighbors have ceased and complained also ……………Thanks for all teh so called improvements!……..

  94. Liz Fox Says:

    for more then a week now, I have Not been able to receive gifts from the FarmVille Game Request Posting, becauce the Game Request page is not there, I would like to have it back, otherwise the Farmville game for the Home Farm and the Englist Farm is not worth playing, if I can no longer improve my Farms. Can you tell me what has happened to the Game Request Posting for Farmville??????

  95. sandy tripp Says:

    my gifts are still there although i can’t get them and or send return gifts. Can u help

  96. Leslie Says:

    if you’ve been away from your computer for a few days or had computer problems and your request have stacked up is there a way to clean them up and get rid of them. I have way to many and there is no way I can catch up and get them off my list so they are maintainable now. I have well over 100+ and they just keep stacking up on me. Please Help. What can I do, as of right now there are about 80+ in my Farmville and 20+.

    Thank You

  97. Yvonne Edwards Says:

    With the latest change in FB I am no longer able to see my game requests or receive my gifts from there what is wrong. My Son’s account was not changed?

  98. dawn Says:

    I would like to be able to have the chance to finish changles for the england farm to be able move from on farm to another.When people have prombles with the computer and when the get it the computer back and the find out the changles has stop they lose the chance just like everyone that had the chance to finsh the should make any one that has not be able to finish a chance to finsh it.

  99. Barbara Allen Says:

    All of a sudden all my game request for farmville just dissappeared and I want them back.

  100. Mary Says:

    When i post a request, like the horse saddles, in farmville, it doesn’t post to my page, EVER! i have to get these items from feed of other players, too time consuming, why won’t my clicks for these items post to my page, every thing else under the sun does!!!!

  101. Crystal Morrison Says:

    I have had this issue for over a month and contacted zynga 6 times with no help, they didn’t even give me fvc, go figure!!!

  102. Lydia Says:

    I am having trouble accepting gifts and sending them too.

  103. Bev Pinkston Says:

    I lost all of my gifts, I would like somehow for you to make up for that….?..I would greatly apprecaite that…I can’t open the page to look at them…Thanks You…Bev

  104. gene poythress Says:

    I have been losing Game Request gifts for three days, need them back,, can not get from all games.

  105. charlene haworrth lemmon Says:

    when ever i go to my game request all i get is a blank page i cant get gifts or return them,it has been like this for a few weeks. please help me . how do i get that page back?

  106. gabe pastore Says:

    i have been trying to get my farmville game requests for a week they keep piling up by the time i may get in all of them have expired!!!!!!! THANX FACEBOOK!!!!!!

  107. Varga Says:

    Still not receiving Game Requests…Have lost many….Site reverts back to Farmville game. Anyone else? or suggestions??? Will probably not make deadline for tasks. :(

  108. linda botes Says:

    farmville requests dissappeared from facebook! Can you please fix it. Thanks!

  109. sharon Says:

    I cannot get to the game requests it does not work so i cannot accpt gifts or help friends, and most of the time cannot post or share anything, totally getting discouraged and soon gonna quit this game….what is wrong with it, we need it fixed….

  110. Lori Says:

    farmville can become really frustrating sometimes-tonight is just that-i requested slippers for one of the current quests. I can see the post on my facebook account page but its not showing up for any other farmers or friends-arghhh-i can’t finish this quest and once again i probably will not finish this quest line..

  111. debra schilkowski Says:

    i cannot recieve my farmville reguests can yoy help

  112. donna brister Says:

    Can not get my farmville request icon to work.

  113. Laura Chant Says:

    I can see all my Farmville game requests but I can’t accept any of them. Very frustrating to watch them accumulating but not get at them!

  114. Mary Burns Says:

    I cannot get my requests from neighbors. I would like to be able to get them all but for some reason I cannot.

  115. Vince morton Says:

    Over 100 requests a day going into Facebook, and none of them making it to Farmville.
    If I try to accept them it takes me to Farmville, but no request activated.
    This bug makes it impossible to get anywhere in the game, because you need the special deliveries etc to build your farm.
    Is this Zynga trying to get cash, as the only other way to get ahead is to buy Farmcas and put extra Dollars in Zyngas pockets.

    Zynga should either fix the problem, or just start charging for everything so we can all stop playing.

  116. Miranda Says:

    Each day i get told on Facebook that someone and 24 other people have sent me new gifts for farmville…which are always special delivery boxes. I click accept through the message center on farmville and my inbox is always empty. Although i can send all my friends gifts with no problem…I’ve missed out on over 100 gifts that i could have used for my building projects. My sister on the other hand has no problem with this, so i thought it was just a problem with mine…is it? And when should this be fixed? Will i and anyone else with this problem get all the gifts we’ve missed out on?

  117. Beverly Says:

    can not retrrieve my game requests…frustrating can”t get anywhere with building all these new pens and such without help,,getting no where and about to stop playing again

  118. beverley Says:

    keep not getting gifts when clicking on them also ,when clicking on requests not posting on wall

  119. Angela Says:

    I have been having a problem with accepting my Farmville requests. It seems as though I can only accept 1 request each day. I have 46 built up in my inbox right now, but each time I click on “accept” it loads right to the Farmville play screen without actually accepting the gift. On top of that, only a couple of my requests are being sent to the in-game inbox. Why is this happening?

  120. Barbara Baldwin Says:

    Why do my game requests keep disappearing? If they are showing up in game request and farmville requests-can they be deducted as they are accepted from one or the other-it would stop a lot of this useless clicking??? I know everytime you add a new game it goes haywire before and for quite a while after.. seems the water and feed are always their in either request–so why aren’t the rest of them working?
    I have posted this on my wall to let my neighbors know that I’m not trying to ignore their request-FIX IT ONCE AND FOR ALLL!!!!

  121. Debbie Postlewait Says:

    ican not get my gifts from the game request page on facebook. Please Please fix this problem as i have lost hundreds of gifts and can’t finish quests. I’ve even gone in and ignored them all only to find them still there and not in my gift box on my farms. Help Help Help Help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. lori Says:

    not impressed; lost over 200 game requests.. get it together facebook???????????????????????????????????????????????

  123. YOLANDA RAMOS Says:

    want requests on feed back

  124. Rosina Coulombe Says:

    I have over 200 requests but can’t open them. I use to have an icone (enveloppe) that i clicked on and all the requests were there i just had to click on each one, it was so easy but now it is been a while but it is not working, I can’t advance please help me if not I give up

  125. lynda Says:

    can’t get my requests that you ask friends for in the games

  126. Lyda Barnes Says:

    For almost a month I have been unable to receive gifts sent by my farmville neighbors. For a while when I would go to fv there would be a small envelope at the top of my screen and I could click on that and my gifts would come in bulk, but no more. I can get only one gift,, that is very seldom, from fb page. I have sent this message several times and I have receive no response back, what is going and how can I fix it???? Please answer this email

  127. Lorie Alyea Says:

    i have had this problem now with no answers for months have been missing my gifts and requests since before christmas

  128. Katrina Johnson Says:

    I have about 250+ special deliverary gifts, can’t get them threw the apps and games they dont come to my mail on the game, I just can’t get them, the game freezes
    all the time, i get really upset over this,because when i try to get the gifts by tring to click on the picture of the person it’s coming from it starts the game all over and than it might freeze it might not. I know people that play and get all thier gifts, so what is going on? is there anyway to get them, so i can put my farms together? I would be very greatful if anyone has an answer for me.

  129. nirsa maldonado Says:

    farmville does not let me send my request lots of my friends are having the same problems and have stopped playing the game if this continues i am also going to stop playing and going to play other games and not going to waste my time om farmville.

  130. carole Says:

    requests are not getting to my farmville. New members are sending things and shows on message on facebook but nothing in the inbox on farmville. frustrated.

  131. Bonnie Solomon Says:

    can not post task requirements like I need 6 snug sweaters ect.. not fair you only have so much time to complete task’s how can ya if you cant post your request’s please help

  132. ZFaith Baxter Says:

    everytime a new quest comes up on my page i click on ASK FOR HELP to let it post to my page so they can send me what i need to complete my quest and it’s NOT posting on my page….gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s sooooooooooo frustrating……. i need 6 glitter jars to complete 1 quest and another quest i need 6 firecrackers to complete another quest and it ends tonight… it’s hard when you do everything you can to finish your quests and harvest all these crops and things…. then you have to ask for these items from your neighbors and it won’t even post on your page…..please help me…. i don’t want to have to quit farmville… other friend are having problems also!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

  133. joann Says:

    I never had this problem until this week…but when I accept them they don’t appear in the gift box. Really annoying.

  134. Sherry Says:

    For a week now My gifts have been coming up missing. I read the forums some people said it was because we clicked on the facebook accept and the farmville mail accept. So I stopped clicking in the facebook accept. Still when it says I have so many I only get 3. Then they said it was because the mail will only hold 25 requests . So I have been checking and keeping them below 20 . Still only getting 2 to 3 out of 20 I did get lucky with the lucky horseshoe and get all 9 once . That was the only time. I know you are working hard to fix the issue . I hope you can fix it today. Still love you support team good luck.

  135. Jasmine Says:

    This problem is also happenin 2 me right now…
    I cant open my farmville requests..
    I really want it back..:S
    And my sister also cant open it…. -.-

  136. Kathy Carte Says:

    I cant collect my farmville requests at all now. For the last week I havent been getting even a fourth of the things people have been sending me, but as of tonight i cant get any at all. Getting tired of all the problems with the game.

  137. Cathy Postell Says:

    When I load Farmville, my gift request page does not pop up and my envelope is gone from the top right with the number of requests…..how can I fix this?

  138. crystal watkins Says:

    where did our lil tasks go like what to plant and complete tasks,the tasks on the left side of the game is gone? thanks crystal

  139. David Garrity Says:

    My quests have disappeared,the only feeds I’;m getting are”example”-so many friends have plated,send them gifts now.Or, example,- for a limited time you can send friends 2 blue benches

  140. Deborah Fitts Says:

    I woke up this morning with farmville and hidden chronicles missing from my facebook. Why is this happening?

  141. marie bailey Says:


  142. Susan Says:

    My fv cash went missing today,plus my fw bonus is not working have wrote them they said cant six every problem:-( plus on fw bonus a app is missing and I dont know how to bring it back up,I would try to install it but its not showing up on how to restall it Ive used it for years and I cant keep going back in forth to grab things on friends wall do to health problems with my hands


    i have not been able to get on my farm for 2 months now

  144. DD Says:

    Happened again – my Requests are missing. The envelope with numbers in red is not even there on FV page. I missed probably 150 to 200 free gifts.

    Something making it happen again? I’m not making much progress by missing my free gifts!


  145. Lorraine Says:

    all my special deliveries have gone missing, l want them back…….

  146. Joyce Bosik Says:

    We keep writing in and you keep saying we are working on it ! But it is our money and really why should you care because you are still making your dollar. I think we should be reinbursed in some SMALL way for all we have lost not only money but faith that it ever will be fixed, i don’t know about other people but i am on a very limited budget and i enjoy playing the games very much but i am not going to wait forever for the issue to be fixed.

  147. Chiranjeevi Says:

    Actually You guys can find those missing gift requests from some neighbors in the Requests section of App-Center. Some how they will not appear in game Inbox. Even you All the game inbox request will appear in app-center but few of them will never come to inbox. Even accepting from there will not help.
    It looks like some integration issue with FB & FV..

  148. shelley donohoe Says:

    I cant receget all my gifts people send me,it takes like 20 minutes to receive 1 gift!

  149. Kim Thompson Says:

    When I click on requests it takes me to the game. It will not let me claim my requests, they don’t disappear they are there I just can’t claim them. I wrote farmville and they told me to contact facebook.

  150. jessica Says:

    my animals disappeared from my barns, and my request envelope wont show up

  151. jennifer Says:

    I can see that I have game requests, but am not able to accept them or to help other friends. Please let me know how to get them back

  152. Angel Hallee Says:

    I’m not getting my Farmville request, I’m frustrated, because I can’t fill my neighbors requests!!!!! HELP!!!!!!
    THANKS, Angel

  153. Margaret Says:

    I have been trying to get on gift request on FarmVille since Dec 2013. The envelope disappeard for a few weeks. Now it is back but still cant get my gifts. Please fix this. I losing friends and cant lose too many more. If not fixed soon I will quit FarmVille.


  154. Tiffany Says:

    Hello, I play farmville2 on facebook and I am recently having issues getting gifts and my posts arent getting posted and my requests arent getting sent out.I tried resolving the issue my self and I cannot so if there is anything you can do to help me I would appreciate it. momster22@hotmail.com is my facebook addy.