FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge Quest Master Guide

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FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge Quest Master Guide

Posted on March 20, 2013 8:43 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge quests arrived on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 and ends April 16th, 2013.

Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share the news with your farmin’ friends!

Please note, the information in this guide is accurate at time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge Master Guide

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge 1:
Requirements: Harvest 1 Horse Paddock, Harvest 20 Horses & Harvest 20 Foals
Rewards: 2x Farmhands

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge 2:
Requirements: Harvest 3 Horse Paddocks, Harvest 40 Horses & Harvest 30 Foals
Rewards: Winter Horse

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge 3:
Requirements: Harvest 5 Horse Paddocks, Harvest 50 Horses & Harvest Winter Horse 2 Times
Rewards: Blooming Horse

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge 4:
Requirements: Harvest 6 Horse Paddocks, Master Winter Horse to 1-Star & Harvest Blooming Horse 2 Times
Rewards: Summer Horse

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge 5:
Requirements: Build a Horse Paddock, Master Blooming Horse to 1-Star & Harvest Summer Horse 2 Times
Rewards: Book of XP

FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge 6:
Requirements: Harvest 10 Horse Paddocks, Harvest 100 Horses & Master Summer Horse to 1-Star
Rewards: Autumn Horse

What do you think about the FarmVille Lios Horse Challenge Quests?  Will you be paying for early access or skipping these quests?

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10 Responses to “FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge Quest Master Guide” »

  1. Rod Clark Says:

    It’s a lot of horseing around and I will be away from my computer, so I know it cannot be done on Farmville Express, so I’ll have to give this a miss.

  2. faye Says:

    No I will not be playing this one..just too much

  3. Sue Gillen Says:

    The dates listed are incorrect…April 3rd is not a Monday.
    LOTS of horses, but I’ll give it a try :)

  4. Michele Says:

    This challenge requires us to harvest a horse paddock 25 times in 13 days which means having multiple paddocks or paying FC. I pass.

  5. Snappy Says:

    This doesn’t appear to show up as a “normal” quest nor an untimed quest within the Quest book. Any idea how to access and check progress on this one?

  6. DVSkitz Says:

    @Snappy – Not sure if you’ve gotten this one yet, but I started it by harvesting a Horse Paddock. If I click on a Paddock that’s not ready yet, it gives me the option to check “Challenge Progress”.

    You definitely need multiple Horse Paddocks for this one, especially as you need to master two different reward horses (5 harvests each) so Paddock swapping is a must. I’ve got 4 Paddocks on my main farm, and one on almost every satellite farm (I’m a Horse hoarder!) – along with shipping licenses for 3 of them, which is making this go super fast for me (just about done with Challenge 4 already).

  7. Blondie Says:

    Snappy – I couldn’t find the challenge at first either. My horses were ready and waiting. I stumbled across it today after I harvested a horse paddock. Perhaps that is what triggers the challenge to start. Good Luck. I wish that Zynga had made this more clear, but if wishes were horses. …Oh well, that’s for another day.

  8. Luicee Says:

    Wish i had checked you first!!
    Of course i waited to stage 6-
    only checked now cause i wanted to see how much more torture was left-
    and ugh! The grand finale reward is an Autumn Horse?

    Old News!!!!!!
    Daggone it- wasted all this time- because i forgot to check the Awesome Farmville Freak First!!!

  9. Luicee Says:

    @ Snappy-
    It wouldnt hurt to build an extra Paddock anyway- They come in handy to Master for Challenges ;)

  10. Luicee Says:

    @ Snappy-
    oops sorry- but you can build them with the contents of SD Boxes, so they are free to build too, they just take up space ;)