FarmVille Crafting Buildings Guide

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FarmVille Crafting Buildings Guide

Posted on July 22, 2010 9:13 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

NOTE: FarmVille is slowly rolling out this feature for everyone over the next few days. Not everyone will be able to access Crafting Buildings at this point.

Crafting Buildings are a more complex feature in FarmVille. It utilizes several existing FarmVille features such as Bushels, Farmer’s Market, and the usual harvesting and neighbor interactions. If you would like to understand how the Crafting Building works or for those of you who do not have access to Crafting Buildings yet, you can get a jump start by reading this FarmVille Freak Guide.

FarmVille Freak Crafting Building Guide

Previous to their official release, FarmVille and FarmVille Freak referred to Crafting Buildings as “Crafting Cottages”. The name was changed to Crafting Buildings upon their release.

Crafting Buildings are accessible to Level 25 Farmers. Level 25 farmers and above will be albe to turn their Bushels into Crafted Goods to use with the Crafting Building.

Upon logging into FarmVille, you will see a pop-up that alerts you that Crafting Buildings have arrived and if you did not participate in the “Crafting Cottage Preview,” you will have a new opportunity to pick your building.

Step 1: Pick your profession by choosing the coordinating Crafting Building.You have three choices:

  1. The Winery – Make Wine
  2. Bakery – Make Baked Goods
  3. Spa – Make Perfume
  • Each building has its own unique set of recipes you can use to create crafted goods.
  • You can view how many of your FarmVille neighbors picked each specific building (as shown below).

Clicking “What is this” will give you more detailed information on each of the buildings. Once you have decided on your profession, clicking “Yes, Place”  allow you to place your Crafting Building on your Farm for free.

For those who have already chosen a Crafting Building by participating in the Preview, you will be prompted with a different pop-up. At this point you will have the chance to change the Crafting Building you initially selected or keep the one you already chose.

Step 2: Placing your Crafting Building on your Farm.

Upon placing your building, you can share a FaceBook newsfeed that will inform your friends of your new business and give them the opportunity to adopt some supplies. The first 5 neighbors who click on this feed within 24 hours will receive 1 of the following items: (Note: Item depends on the Craft you have chosen).

  • Baker : Level 10 Triple Berry Pie
  • Spa Host: Level 10 Relaxation Candle
  • Wine Maker: Level 10 Tropical Wine

Your Buildings Recipe menu will automatically appear after posting the newsfeed notice.

Step 3: Making Goods

  • Everyone will start with one Level 10 Good that is 1 minute from completion.
  • Clicking on “Make a good” will bring you to your recipes menu.
  • Your recipe to make a Good will depend on the profession you selected.
  • Click “Make it” from the bottom of the menu to create your Good.

Recipes will require you to have Goods. Goods will require you to collect Bushels from your friends, because Bushels are the key ingredients for Goods. Remember, that you can obtain Bushels the following ways:

How to Obtain Bushels:

  1. Harvesting your own Bushels from crops you have planted.
  2. Visiting your neighbors’ Market Stalls.
  3. “Adopting” Bushels via the Facebook newsfeed from your friends.

After “Making your Good” it will need time to Cook. Clicking the “Finish it” button will complete the Level 10 Good. It is now ready to use for your Recipe.

After completing your Good, you will receive the pop-up below and also have the opportunity to share a newsfeed and give the first three neighbors who click within 24 hours to get 1 type of Good made.

Step 4: Selling Goods

  • Clicking on “Goods I am selling” from the crafting menu displays the goods you currently have for sale.
  • Selling goods improves existing Recipes and unlocks new ones!
  • Each time you sell a good to your Neighbors, you will receive 1 Recipe XP.
  • Access your “Sales Report”at the bottom of the menu. This report shows you what Goods you have sold and how many were purchased.
  • If neighbors purchased from your store while you were away, a bouncing arrow will appear over your building. Clicking on this will show the following menu:
  • You earn 90% of the sale price of items sold.
  • The Daily Sales Report will display the amount of total coins and experience earned in your absence.

Leveling Your Crafting Building

If you wish to make a successful and thriving business, you must Level-Up your Crafting Building.

  • The level of your Building determines the number of crafting spots you have available for use.
  • Leveling your building will also unlock new recipes.
  • You can level your Building with Farm Cash or coins by unlocking the option.
  • To unlock the coin option, you have to level a certain amount of recipes. (See requirements below):

Amount of Recipes Required for Crafting Building

  • 1 Star: Level up recipes 6 times + 50,000 coins
  • 2 Star: Level up recipes 18 times + 100,000 coins
  • 3 Star: Level up recipes 27 times + 400,000 coins
  • 4 Star: Level up recipes 36 times + 1,000,000 coins

Recipes are leveled up by fulfilling the requirements above. Basically each time you make a recipe it will count towards your level up progression.  Continue making the required Goods your Recipe requires.

  • The higher level your Recipe is, the better your crafted Goods will be.
  • There is no limit on how high you can level your recipes!
  • Currently Crafting Building can only be upgraded to 5 Stars. Once you have a 5 star Building, the buttons to level with coins or cash will disappear.

When you level your Building, you will receive a pop-up below and the opportunity to share a FaceBook newsfeed with your friends that will allow the first three neighbors who click this feed within 24 hours to receive a level 3 crafted good.

Step 5: Trading Goods for Rewards:

In addition to selling your crafted Goods to your friends, they can also be traded for rewards. To access Goods that you have in your inventory, click “Use” from the crafting menu and select “Goods”.

This menu displays how many crafted goods you possess.

  • You can only have 200 Crafted Goods in your inventory at a time.
  • This capacity limit only pertains to your Crafted Goods.
  • Your Bushel inventory does not count towards this capacity.

If you click the “use” button underneath a good, you will trade it for fuel.

  • The higher the level of the crafted good you use, the more fuel you will get.
  • You can see your fuel gauge increase within the inventory menu.

Step 6: Purchase or Sell Goods

You can purchase or sell Goods from your FarmVille neighbors.

You can purchase/sell by visiting your neighbors by two ways:

  1. From the Crafting menu, click “Buy”. You will then see the option to select “Shop for Goods” or “Shop for Bushels”. Clicking “Shop for Goods” will bring up the following menu.
    • From this menu, you can select the type of good you would like to purchase.
    • Clicking “select” underneath a good triggers another menu that automatically displays the highest level goods for sale first.
    • Select the good you want to purchase and you will be brought to the following screen:

2. By visiting a neighbors farm.

  • Simply click on their Crafting Building to see what they have available for you to buy.
  • Upon purchasing an item from your Neighbor’s store, you will receive a pop-up allowing you to post a feed to their wall informing them of your actions.
  • The first 3 Neighbors to click this feed within 24 hours will receive 1 good of the same type as the one you purchased. (see below)
  • Goods purchased from your Neighbors can also be traded for Fuel.

Deleting Your Crafting Building and Buying a New Crafting Building:

If for some reason you wish to delete your Crafting Building or purchase a new one…

  • All progress on the level of the Building and Recipes will be saved.
  • You will lose all Goods that are being sold in your store at the time.
  • If you wish to purchase a new Crafting Building, it can be purchased from the “Buildings” section of the Market for 100,000 coins, provided it is the same building you initially signed up for.
  • If you wish to purchase the two Buildings you did not sign up for, they can be bought for 80 FV$ Farm Cash each.
  • You may only own one of each type of Building at a time.

* Facts were sourced directly from the Official FarmVille Forum.

So what do you think? Do you like this new Crafting Building feature in FarmVille? Do you invite new complex features like this or do you find yourself wishing for the simplicity of the beginning FarmVille days?

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189 Responses to “FarmVille Crafting Buildings Guide” »

  1. tony Says:

    First !!!!!!!!!!!
    No crafting cottages for me at the moment ;-(

  2. Mouflon Sheep Says:

    oh joy another project

  3. Ulises Says:

    Just another waste of time, they should give us better prizes, just fuel and some XP’s I don’t think so… Won’t do the stupid crafting thing

  4. Ilona Says:

    Would be great if I could try it… but I don’t even have the organic bule berries…. guess it will last ages untill the crafting buildings will show up in my farm… anyway I like this idea and I’m looking forward to it…

  5. Sofie Says:

    we have 4 farmville accounts here and not 1 crafting building at the moment.

  6. Tipsy Says:

    This is even more confusing than I first thought it would be. Be nice to have a recipe to aim for so you can get teh bushels in. Not keen on this

  7. jacobk Says:

    I’m not starting a crafting building or any part of this for a while. I want them to work out the bugs first before I lose access to FarmVille again like what happened with the Wedding Tent.

  8. Shahzade Says:

    oh complicated but interesting..

  9. Ann Says:

    Thanks for the great detail. Helps a ton, I still don’t have mine yet, but I am looking forward to it. Gives us something else to do with all our extra bushels.

  10. Karen Johnson Says:

    I signed up for a crafting building but did not have a pop up telling me it was ready. I do have “make use and buy” in my farmer’s market. ?????

  11. Kristinn Says:

    Could this GET any more complicated?

  12. Farmer Donna Says:

    I have some neighbors that for whatever reason they have not gotten the crafting cottage for their farm yet. All reasonable options were checked as far as checking out the market stall for an option to obtain the building, collecting a crafting cottage sample, as well as checking the market under the buildings heading. Have any of who experienced the same dilemma, and if so have you gotten it fixed, and if so how? The only other option I can think of is if they do not get their crafting cottage within the next couple days to contact Zynga support. Any help/input about this subject would be very appreciated!

  13. Jenni Says:

    I never got the pop up when the crafting buildings where finally released! I did pick a crafting cottage back when they allowed that a few months back. Now I have NO idea what the heck is going on. I don’t know where to go to figure out how to get the building since the pop up never showed up for me to place it. I’m lost.

  14. penny Says:

    it sounds very complicated im not sure ill like it .its all about coins or farm cash instead of hard work.

  15. Ethan Says:

    Do u need to master the organic blue berries to do that or do u just need to use them

  16. Jennifer Says:

    I would like to get the winery .. but it wont let me

  17. Informed Misery Says:

    I just wanna master all the crops and design my farm. lol. This might be fun, but it seems way more involved than I want.

  18. Stanley Says:

    What if I don’t receive the pop-up to get started? I am way past level 25 and I did participate in the preview, and chose a cottage.

  19. Joelle Says:

    This seems good in theory, guess we’ll have to wait to see how it all works out. I was so hoping they’d give us a second chance at the gnomes though!! ;) I never did manage to get the baking gnome., Oh well…

  20. tHc Says:

    Some Info People Might Find Important and Craft Buildings

    There is a level limit and there is a max set price too.

    Max Level = 55 Max Price = 10900
    formula = basePrice + (recipeLevel * Multiplier)
    basePrice = 900
    Multiplier = 100

  21. Cheryl Says:

    make sure you make your building choice either the 1st or 2nd time the pop up comes on…otherwise, you’ll be screws and paying for your “free” building. Just bring on the storage cellar, for Pete’s sake!

  22. Barb Says:

    How large are these buildings? Now to find room for it, sound like fun, every new idea needs time to tweek and get familiar with.

  23. Shelley Says:

    Really? Sounds too complicated. Just another thing to they will have to “work out the bugs” on. Can’t we just go back to farming?

  24. Richmond Valledo Says:

    yes!!..i like this one..but i don’t have it now!!..

  25. Amy Says:

    I have NO idea what the benefit is to this. Why would someone want to buy your goods?? Does it help them? What is the benefit to collecting items off the feed. What the heck do I do with them.

    This is beyond confusing.

  26. pipthefarmer Says:

    oh that exsplaines the laggynes on the farm and the frontier

  27. Sheri Says:

    I wish I could hold more than 50 bushels.

  28. Ann Says:

    Too much like FarmTown’s set-up which I’m not doing either. I just want to farm and collect mastery’s, new items and work on my farm. This is too much, no thank you.

  29. waldo Says:

    How many plots of land does the crafting cottage require to place it on my farm?

  30. FarmGoddess Says:

    Stanley you may have not received the pop-up because not everyone has access yet and looks like you are one of those farmers.

  31. jus Says:

    ok FVF guys im confused, is the terrible use of the english language the fault of Zynga? ie. “buy a good” or is this just a typing error on your part? nobody goes shopping to buy a good no matter how many items they buy, the word is goods, or at least it was in the last century. whats wrong with the words “item”, “product”, “produce”or “ingredient”? if this is Zynga, please pass this on, it just does not look proffessional, p.s. 3 days into the cacadian promotion and i still dont have them available in my market, anyone know why?

  32. Lettie Says:

    I have been using it since last night………I actually like this one. And it really is not that complex.

  33. Ney Says:

    I like the idea but I wish FV would think of something more unique than FUEL to reward us with.

  34. Jenericname Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful information. As always, I can count on FVF to provide an explanation to the new convoluted items in FV.

  35. The Unknown Girl :D Says:

    What if I didn’t signed up for a Crafting Building ?? :(( :((

  36. crashmussen Says:

    Once again. I’m a level 81 daily player, been stockpiling stuff I had to guess I might need, and can’t access the crafting factories, but my lamest neighbor, who plays once a month, if that, at level 41, and constantly needs reviving, has one. Nice job Zyngidiots!

  37. Lesley Says:

    I will use this as soon as it shows up on my farm. They did say they were rolling it out gradually, so I’m not upset to have to wait a bit, I’m hoping that any early bugs will be worked out before I get it! Also, I like the idea of getting fuel, that’s something I can always use and it’s basically a way to pay coins for fuel, which a lot of people have been asking for!

  38. Vivian Says:

    I havent received a crafting building. I did choose winery and got a gnom but now…..nothing……..

  39. Amanda Baby Says:

    For all the ppl on here freaking out cuz they don’t have it,, U should have Read it better it says is Rotation to everyone, slowly but surely. I dont have one either yet, but it will come, calm down!

  40. Rose Says:

    What do I think? I think that I have a law degree and I still don’t understand how these stupid things work! I hope they’re easier to use than the instructions make them seem!

  41. Sarah Says:

    people! KEY WORDS: ROLLING OUT. most of us don’t have them yet because they aren’t releasing them to everyone all at once. they release it to a portion of people, then a new portion a bit later.. eventually, it will be all rolled out and we will all have the opportunity to get one. just be patient. :)

  42. Lynn Says:


  43. annoyed Says:

    srating to get annoyed with FV…

    so Dear FV,
    first u spam my giftbox with 50 Botanical Garden items (still there!!!) while i lost my Japanese Barn stuff.
    then, god knows what happened to the whole Gemstone collection.
    now, after god-knows-how-long since completing my beehive i have yet to get a Queen Bee even though i plant flowers & fertilize friends’ flowers on an almost daily basis.
    not to mention i still hv no access to the Organic Blueberries thing,…
    and as of today, still no wind about the crafting cottage (Spa)…
    I’m on FV like twice a day (very loyal!!) and now just reached level 51…..
    at least, prioritize your loyal players is nothing else…..

  44. Angel Says:

    I don’t mind it, it will give more depth to the game instead of the same old:, 2. click/plow, 3. click/plant. I’ve done the crafting features in other games on Facebook, so this won’t be new to me. Plus people that are new to it, its a breeze once you get the hang of it all.

  45. christy Says:

    I am level 41, and I can not find the cottages. They do not show up in my buildings list or anywhere else. Why?

  46. Klippan Says:

    I want one please! but not sure about which one.. originally wanted the winery but its so ugly when reaching 5 stars!.. at least on previews i have seen.
    anyone upgraded a building to 5stars? if so does it look like the previews?


    also its not as complicated when you can go in and look at it your selfs. i have seen inside my boyfriends building and it didn’t take that long before i understood it

  47. Farmer Says:

    I still DONT HAVE ORGANIC BLUEBERRIES!!! Whats up with that??? And they have new building???

  48. Angel Says:

    I would like the option of having more than one craft building going at a time. I at 1st said I wanted to do the wine building, but seeing the pictures, I’m leaning more toward the baking.

  49. Mirco Says:

    hi… How many bushels per day I can get from my friends? (in total, not per friend)


  50. sandra dewalt Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! Ive been waiting forever for the crafting to start…….YEEHAW!

  51. Cee-Jay Says:

    Wow!!! I’ve been offered this crafting thing but yet can’t access it..Great!! The usual from FarmVille. I have a full beehive that won’t allow me to pollinate either…Silly me, what did I expect that something they offer would actually work….

  52. Rob Says:

    To those of you griping about it being complicated, maybe Zynga is realizing that they are turning everyone into drones, and they actually want to make us think and use our brains a bit when we play this game?

  53. Ethan Says:

    The baker is so stupid u should check it out in the market is so dumn i have the winery and i am almost on the second star

  54. Sam Says:

    yesterday it popped up on my farm that I could choose (& keep-as I already decided a while back when they were giving away the gnomes)the Spa; a big problem I see is that they need to allow more than 50 bushels in the stalls-plus have to wait until a neighbor (or you if you have the level) can grow the bushels needed ; have noticed there are Two available items to give away free-it gets posted- when someone purchases a good from the spa; I haven’t used the sachet yet nor the rejuve. oil that I rcd. when bldg-don’t know what they do?

  55. Rammy Farmer Says:

    yes, it is more complicated than planting crops, but all in all it isn’t really that complicated.

    * harvesting sometimes gets you bushels, also you can get them from neighbors
    * bushels can be used for:
    - bypassing level restriction for seeding
    - increased mastery or xp when harvesting
    - crafting “goods”
    * “craft” a “good” by using a recipe (specific bushels + time)
    * you can also buy goods from neighbors (for coins)
    * use goods to get fuel

    your “goods” get leveled up each time you use a recipe,
    your building can be leveled up,
    your amount of available recipes gets increased by your building level

    any questions?

  56. Richard Says:

    Sounds a little too confusing to me, and I don’t have any room on my farm to put the darn building anyway!

  57. Noel Marie Says:

    #45. I use my brain all day long. The attraction of this game is that it is brainless!

    I do not like co-opping, but I have done a few for the cool rewards. Others I avoid because the rewards ar stupid. The only reward to this is fuel, so I won’t be eating up allot of space to put an ugly building on just to earn fuel.

    I do think that some people will enjoy this which is great! I will opt out though.

  58. harvey Says:

    have mastered 52 crops out of 60or so,still doesnt help in this game to much work to get nothing . i like farmville when less complex. thank you ,have a nice summer

  59. Warren Says:

    So… there’s no benefit to having one over the other, all the recipes do the same thing… and it’s all for fuel. Seems like it’s still very much in a beta release.

  60. Farmer Says:

    I am so PISSED OFF!! People keep gettign Matery on Organic Blueberries and improving Winery and Spa on my Facebook homepage and I CAN NOT GET ANY OF THOSE!!!

  61. serspense Says:

    I got a sample from the feed when a friend placed her bakery, and it is not triple berry pie. It is a level 10 pumpkin bread, as opposed to the level 1 pumpkin bread I got from her first recipe posting on the feed.

  62. Shelly Says:

    Fuel is not a good reward. We already get so much of that just by playing. I haven’t gotten mine anyway.

  63. Steve4310 Says:

    I agree with Noel Marie (#56). I play this because it’s basically mindless fun, and lets me be a little creative. This whole crafting thing seems too complicated to be fun. And the last thing I need is more fuel (over 700 tanks at present). I keep accumulating fuel faster than I use it, and I plant daily crops!

    Also, I really don’t have the space for the building. I just spent over a million coins and 200 FV$ to make my farm into an Alpine village/farm. My growing space is at a premium, and none of these buildings fit in with my current theme.

    I’m passing on this sillyness…

  64. CyberGoofy Says:

    This is a clone of the FarmTown factories. It succeeded there, so will probably succeed in FarmVille also. FarmVille is moving more and more in the direction of plalyer interaction that FarmTown utilizes.

  65. deb Says:

    anyone know what the animals are on themystery game? are they the same as last week? cause i got all the animals last week and they no longer show up on the bar at the bottom. i amwondering if they are the same LOL. the loading screen looked like it had a new horse but i wanna know before i waste my cash LOL

  66. CyberGoofy Says:

    Most FV players do not have any unused space. We use every square for SOMETHING.

    Information on the ‘footprint’ size of these buildings would be VERY helpful. All of us have had the experience of ‘using’ something out of our gift box, only to find that it is bigger than we expected and we have no place to put it. The frustration is then complicated when the item is not allowed in storage.

    I would be wonderful if FVF would publish craft building sizes. Or maybe pictures of the buildings surrounded by crop plots. This will allow us to make a space of appropriate size available in advance. We will have to rely on you to do this. FV’s history says that they would never think of doing it.

    It would be nice if FV would make this information a part of the Market Place description for everything. Alas, that would require that their developers actually THINK and maybe LISTEN to what the players say. — Not much hope of that.

  67. Angela Says:

    What do the organic blueberries have to do with the crafting buildings?

  68. Jiska Says:

    I Don’t understand what tot do…

  69. AlysseMacGregor01 Says:

    I have not received the craft building I chose way back when either. (the spa) I am thinking that the people that had not received a pop up prior to the ones that have just appeared to choose their craft building are getting theirs first. Those who chose prior have to be fitted with the one that they chose and I’m sure that is a little more complicated in the roll out. I could be totally off base here, but seems to be what is happening to me.

    Good luck and I as well think there should be more choices for the products you make and sell.

  70. SuzieO Says:

    While the prize is fuel for now… they did say that it will change to other “geat” prizes in the future, lol… so NOT just fuel. My bakery started last night and I’m already on 2 stars and have posted 2 strawberry cakes and one pumpkin bread to my feed. I’ve been saving wheat and strawberries waiting for this to come out. I did get bushells that I don’t need and just posted them to the feed and got others that I did need from neighbors farm… this could be fun and easy.

    It is not that compicated and it shows you the ingredients you need so you know what to plant and what bushells to buy from friends or get from the feed. For bakery, you need lots of wheat, and strawberries, pumpkins, carrots and like that. The bakery isn’t that big but not small either.. about 3/4 plots. I’m looking forward to the prizes this will give in the future.

  71. Warren Says:

    Quick related question: if you buy a second market stall, do you get 50 more inventory spaces?

  72. Devin Says:

    Why can’t you buy another one for 1,000,000 coins or so, instead of 80 FV :(

  73. SuzieO Says:

    I bought another stall for 50,000 coins. I was harvesting carrots when this offer popped up… now the second stall is selling carrots BUT even though my stall in not full… 39/50 when I try to get wheat from neighbors it says I am out of bags! What are bags and how do you get them?

  74. Trish Says:

    Too complicated. Don’t like it at all. Will not participate. Am interested in Farming, and, there’s already enough complications to the game without adding this one. imho…..this takes the game from FarmVille to CraftVille. So, since this is an Optional participation complication, I will be passing this portion of the game, and, will continue to play as I have been for the past year.

  75. Robin Says:

    Haven’t gotten them yet..I can’t wait to try them but I don’t like the idea that I have to give up space on my farm for the buildings/cottages..whatever you want to call them.

  76. Trish Says:

    oh…and, just an after thought…a few comments made about this being similar to something in FarmTown. Wish FarmVille would concentrate more on being it’s OWN game, instead of trying to mimic something else.

    FarmVille won AWARDS this past year for being such an Outstanding Game. Why are they mimicing features of another game that did NOT garner such fame? Just boggles my mind.

  77. Farmer Says:

    How is that new English theme is for EVERYONE and these Building only appear to SOME PEOPLE?????

  78. Brad Says:

    Never got the popup..

  79. Kumar Gaurav Says:

    Cannot see the new building mentioned in the market
    I do see the crafting tab but it only have market stall!
    am over 25 level!

  80. Samantha Says:

    I’m starting to get super mad at the flaws in this game. >.<

  81. Hannah Says:

    My son got the bakery , clicked ‘place’ & found that he didn’t have enough room for it. He shoved it into the multitool box [top left] & it went to his gift box. It needs 3×3 squares but leaves room enough in the 3rd for the stall. He say it’s too complicated, & so are the bees. I would much rather have another chicken coop or a sheep or goat building or another horse barn or the promised 9 sq. seeder & harvester or…

  82. Jody Says:

    I don’t have my crafting cottage yet so I’m not sure how I’ll like it, but fuel as a reward just doesn’t excite me. They need to make it something unique if they really want everyone to participate. Getting more fuel, which I get every day anyway, is not tempting.

  83. Farmer Henk Says:

    People, READ! First of all, and off-topic: Organic Blueberries are US only. Anyone outside the US who can plant them is simply lucky. Crafting Buildings are sized 9×7, that is 4 or 6 plots depending on where you put it. They are being rolled out gradually, so not everyone will have access (I don’t atm). It says so in the post! On a personal note, if the reward is fuel, I’m game, for I am always low on fuel (less than 300 atm..argh!).

  84. Jaymes Says:

    this crafting thing is basically for buying fuel with coins instead of FV cash.for me its great because i use alot of fuel soo now i can buy it with coins.

  85. pafarmgirl Says:

    I have 2 farms. I got the spa on one, and it’s kind of fun, but also kind of tedious, if you can’t find all of the bushels it takes a while to grow stuff, like a whole day for sunflowers, for example.
    In anticipation of my winery on my other farm, can anyone tell me what the ingredients are for the first few recipies? (obviously, I know I need grapes and white grapes), but what else should I be planting…(and hoarding, hahaha)?

  86. Motown Says:

    For what reason would anyone buy this stuff? It’s not like you can use anything in the game.

  87. Julie Says:

    So, I picked the Spa it never asked me to place it :( this stinks, anybody got some advice?

  88. Linny Says:

    i cant wait ,pity i have only one neighbor to sell it to but who cares this still its gonna be awsome

  89. Farmer Says:

    Organic Blueberries were only for USA????? How do you know. FarmGoddess never said that!!

  90. vickie Says:

    i don’t have it yet, so i will have to wait and see. from what i have read, i don’t see the benefit.
    as a side note…don’t people read at all before they post?

  91. Shane Says:

    Just an “FYI” about the fuel you receive when turning in the “products” that are from the Crafting Buildings. I had products available to purchase through the Farmer Market stall from each of the new crafting businesses ( spa, bakery, winery). No matter which product I turned in, only the “level” made a difference in the amount of fuel I got …

    Product Level: Fuel:
    Level 1 …. 30 units
    Level 2 …. 35 units
    Level 3 …. 40 units
    ….etc… up to…
    Level 10 … 75 units

    1 unit of fuel = 1 plot plowed/harvested/seeded

    Hope this helps!

  92. John Says:

    FarmVille has become Cafe World…. such FAIL

  93. Tiffany Says:

    Something wrong cuz I got the pop up, the stuffs to select but the Spa to place on my farm disappear!

  94. Kristie Says:

    To those of you who do not have the organic blueberries. I do not know if this is the case with all of you that this seed is not showing in your market seeds, but I have three farms therefore I use three browsers to play. I have been planting the blueberries on all three farms. The second planting I had all three browsers open and logged into all three farms, rather then just one browser and logging in and out for each farm to plant. I became frustrated because on one of my farms the organic blueberries were gone from my market seeds, They were there the day before and I planted them, but now were gone..or so I thought. Turned out crazy as this is and who knows why the heck it is…that the blueberries do not show up in market seed on that particular browser I had open for that farm. I kept frustrating over it and a bit later I opened that farm in one of the other browsers and looked again and there the blueberries were. So then…light bulb came on..I loaded the browser I was using when they disappeared and checked all three farms on that browser and on all three farms the blueberries were missing in that browser, but they were present in the other two browsers for all three farms. It is a browser issue..yea crazy I know..but true. Not sure what zynga did to cause this one?? If you do not have the blueberries in your market seed, then download and use a different browser. I will tell you right now that they are missing in safari browser for sure! I see them and can plant them in chrome and firefox, so those are ones to use to plant the berries. Hope this solves the organic berries issue for some of you.

  95. Kristie Says:

    As far as the crafting building. Yes, some need to really read the entire article on this so the repeating upset and asking where is come I do not have one, stops flowing here. It states clearly that it is being given to portions of players at a time, not everyone will have it available at the same time. I do not have mine either, on all four farms that I do, three mine and tending one right now for a family member while ill. My peeve here is I wish that zynga would not roll out features to portions of players. It is not a fair practice to do it this way, that puts the players lucky enough to get started in the first roll out advance on others. And I have six hundred playing friends and it seems it is always the same ones that get in the first group to receive. I agree with the one comment up above, I too play every is like a full time job for me in fact sad to say, yet friends who just tinker with it are receiving first. I spend real money with zynga, for fv dollars, but seem to always be last in getting these roll out things. It is frustrating. I would ask, if that was possible and it isn’t because no one is really reading our comments but some of us that take the time to puruse them, that zynga would get it totally together and intro things to all players at the same time so everyone starts on the same playing field in the feature being intro’d.

  96. JasonW Says:

    I’ve got additional information on the Winery now, the 3 and 4 star recipes. I’ll also repost the Spa info for 1-4 stars so that it is all together.


    * 1 Star
    Sweet Sake: 5 Rice, 3 Cranberry
    White Sangria: 3 White Grape, 2 Sugar Cane, 3 Strawberry
    Red Table Wine: 2 Grapes, 5 White Grapes

    ** 2 Star
    Fruit Wine: 3 Raspberries, 3 Blueberries, 2 Sugar Cane
    Spicy Tomato Juice: 3 Tomato, 1 Pepper, 3 Carrot
    Dry Sake: 4 Rice, 2 Green Tea, 2 Lilac

    *** 3 Star
    Blackberry Wine: 3 Blackberries, 1 Grape, 3 White Grape
    Strawberry Cranberry Juice: 3 Strawberries, 2 Raspberry, 3 Cranberry
    Raspberry Wine: 3 Raspberries, 2 Blackberries, 2 Grapes

    **** 4 Star
    Blueberry Wine: 4 Blueberries, 2 Blackberries, 2 White Grape
    Herbal Elixir: 3 Basil, 3 Ginger, 2 Green Tea
    Pumpkin Vinegar: 4 Pumpins, 2 Acorn Squash, 2 Rice


    * 1 Star
    Fresh Sachet: 3 Pumpkin, 3 Cranberry, 1 Sunflower
    Floral Perfume: 4 Blueberry, 4 Morning Glory
    Herbal Lotion: 4 Aloe Vera, 4 Green Tea

    ** 2 Star
    Relaxation Oil: 4 Blackberry, 4 Morning Glory
    Devotion Perfume: 3 Blueberry, 3 Lilac, 2 Basil
    Petal Sachet: 1 Iris, 2 Sunflower, 1 Peppers

    *** 3 Star
    Energizing Lotion: 1 Red Tulip, 3 Aloe Vera, 3 Blackberry
    Restoring Candle: 4 Green Tea, 2 Ghost Chili, 1 Sunflower
    Lily of the Valley Soap: 1 Lily, 3 Blueberry, 3 Morning Glory

    **** 4 Star
    Iris Soap: 2 Iris, 3 Aloe Vera, 1 Sunflower
    Fresh Breeze Candle: 3 Lemon Balm, 3 Green Tea, 2 Ginger
    Pick Me Up Sachet: 3 Lemon Balm, 2 Coffee, 3 Basil

  97. Sue Says:

    My brain hurts

  98. JasonW Says:

    Well, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the 40 FC to upgrade the Winery once more, so here are the 5 Star Recipes:

    ***** 5 Star
    Cucumber Wine: 2 Cucumber, 1 Squash, 2 Acorn Squash, 1 Rice
    Rose Petal Water: 1 Pink Rose, 1 Lavender, 2 Morning Glory, 1 Sunflower
    Melon Juice: 1 Yellow Melon, 1 Watermelon, 2 Carrot, 1 Strawberry

  99. grant Says:

    Ummm Idk how this works i got the gnome for the Spa like 4 months ago but dont know how to get it on my farm

  100. JasonW Says:

    You’ll know when you get it, you’ll get a huge popup reminding you that you chose the Spa, and asking if you still want to make a Spa or something else. It’s just being rolled out to people slowly, your turn will come.

  101. Pat Says:

    This is really crappy! You have to buy the bushels you don’t have, and there are never enough bags so you can’t finish the recipe for many, many hours. Just a waste of time! FV is becoming more of an effen job, than a game!

  102. Pat Says:

    What is the incentive for other farmers to buy these goods? I just don’t see that crafting buildings play any part in the game!

  103. dimmy Says:

    I somehow got some golden start finishing some crafts.
    What do they mean? greetz Dimmy

  104. Hanz Says:

    nah, this is too involved. i just wanna farm and master all the crops for now. who has time for this anyway?

  105. Annie Says:

    I’ve read all the posts and I’m still not clear about how much space the buildings need. Hannah said that the bakery needs 3×3 squares but leaves room enough in the 3rd square for the stall. But Farmer Henk said “Crafting Buildings are sized 9×7, that is 4 or 6 plots depending on where you put it.” What does that mean?

    Then again, is it worth doing until they offer something other than fuel as a reward?

  106. Leni Says:

    didn’t henk talking bout the small plots? can’t find his post though

  107. Annie Says:

    In reply to Leni (post 101) Farmer Henk’s post is number 83 and what do you mean by small plots. Surely all plots are the same size?

  108. dark5 Says:


  109. Dave Kelly Says:

    Still haven’t got mine yet?

    have u just got 2 wait 4 farmville 2 let me start or is it another buildin project?

  110. josiah Says:

    i sighned up along time for the craft cottage and i havent seen nothing yet i chose the bakery and got a gnome when i did

  111. Heather Says:

    Thank you JasonW for the specifics on the recipes. Don’t have access yet on my 3 farms and this helps me figure out how much of each bushel to have saved.

    With more than 600 plots and an average of 2 crops per day I use something like 24 tanks of fuel per day….so anything that allows spending some of my 9M coins on fuel is beneficial for me – I understand that’s not true for everybody.

    Less than 10% of my neighbors have the cottages at the moment, hopefully sometime this weekend I will get started. In the morning when I harvest the trees and animals I hit the market stall and purchase every crafted good that I can. I am up to 5 tanks per day in crafted goods I buy and grab from the feed…once this gets rolled out I bet I can get 10-20.

  112. cheribrady Says:

    I would like to get the popup for the dang building!!

  113. JOJO Says:


  114. Paulinarubia Says:

    I still cannot find my spa so I can place it on my farm!!!
    Where the hell is it??????????
    Cannot make anything for it either

  115. Charlotte Says:

    Ugh, again, I don’t get something. I also never got the organic blueberries, and I live in the US and am Level 58, so no clue what happened there. I also haven’t got my crafting building yet, but I remember selecting one when they originally had a pop-up to ask what you wanted to do. I don’t know if its just my account, or if other people are having these troubles, but either way, as an avid farmer, it can be very annoying.

  116. Leni Says:

    @103 Annie: thanks for searching for his post :)

    he said “Crafting Buildings are sized 9×7, that is 4 or 6 plots depending on where you put it. ”

    well, this isn’t very helpful, at least for me.
    a very, very, very few of my fv neighbors were able to get the cottages and since im curious bout their size too, i’ve visited their farm. all, except one, have chosen the winery which seems to take 3 plots width and at least 2 plots in height. same for the bakery.. but all I do is guessing, since none of my neighbors with crafting cottages have had put them near plots :/

    ps: sorry for crappy grammar/spelling. english is not my native language and I hope you understand what I’m trying to say :)

  117. RIZMI Says:


  118. powzie Says:

    While I actually applaud the slower roll out of the craft buildings (so much smarter than the constant crashing of everyones game that we were growing used to) I wish they would announce the footprint size of new buildings like this so we can prepare space for them.

    I understand these grow in size, so the final size would be handy to know….

  119. Dee Says:

    I think this is complicated and will take up valuable space. I have way more fuel than I will ever need or use, so at this point, I’m pretty disappointed with the whole process. I do like the Farmers Market.

  120. KATHRYN Says:

    i have just one question…… was referred to that ur neighbors would/could buy your product. what i’m wondering is WHY would you want to buy someone elses product??? what will it do for you?? unless, of course, you’re ‘crafting’ the same items. any ideas????

  121. fryfryfry Says:

    Love FarmVille Freak! Great site!

    Any word on if the crafting gnomes will be available again?

  122. Christine Merten Says:

    I have not recieved my Crafting Building… Can anyone help me? I did the questioner for my husband Farm as well as mine with in 1 hour of each other… HELP HELP HELP PLEASE!!!!

  123. Christine Merten Says:


  124. Mercedes Says:

    Dee give me some lol Why did they change the look of the bakery? Now I don’t want it. >;(

  125. cindy court Says:

    idea is good, but items are useless I do not need anymore fuel. Cant we make stuff that we can feed our animals and they grow into super animals or different coloured animals or give us tokens to get unreleased animals. Come on Zynga be a little creative



  127. Roweida Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for bein very very useful, I havent got the pop up to start my spa yet (I liked the idea of makin perfume I like all sorts of flowers in the market :-). The best thing abt this craftin buildin thing is htat u dont hav to go around askin fot items n giftin them, because that was pretty annoyin :-s well the annoyin thing in here is all the unnecessary complication but its fine :-D

  128. halfping3 Says:

    2 of my 7 farms got their crafting buildings…what in the world is going on here? Where are my 5 other crafting buildings? I want to start this thing already!!!!

  129. Blane Says:

    This seems like a great idea. yeah there will be bugs, but it’s free so I really can live with that. This answers all the posts I’ve seen about wanting to buy fuel for coins rather than farm cash (aka credit card) — you can farm the bushels, make the goods, and trade for fuel OR buy goods for coins and trade for fuel. Good solution, filling the need for cheap fuel and adding a new dimension to the game. It’s a feature for whoever wants to do it, but plain ol’ farming is always there. But now the bushels have a point and a use.

    I do think Zynga should have thought out their deployment a little better – nobody should have to wait a week to get their crafting building, wondering if they missed it due to a bug (yeah I know – Zynga never has bugs :p )

    Also, I’d like to see a recipe guide as long as I have to wait for this — at least I could be collecting the right bushels now and get back some of the time I’m losing while I wait for the roll-out to get to me.

  130. Jordan Says:

    I logged onto my farmville and I was not prompted to put my crafting building out. How do I get it??

  131. Susy Says:

    HOW CAN I GET IT????????!!!!!!!

  132. Alice Says:

    I chose spa, but I haven’t got build, how can i get it?

  133. JENNIE Says:

    Why cant everyone access it, seriously this isn’t a good thing for loyal farmville fans. :o(

  134. Guajira Says:

    As I’m scrolling thru the comments, I’m LMAO. People aren’t realizing that the answers to their repeated questions are in previous comments. HELLO!!!!!!!!!! Before criticizing- skim thru other comments. I’ve put together some answers all in one:

    FIRST, many ppl are wondering why they haven’t received their crafting building yet. Many reasons-

    1. Zynga is slowly releasing it- I know – not fair! But, if they do it all at once, they’ll be overloaded.

    2. READ!!!! At the top of THIS website it claims that the minimum level is 25, and according to comment #20 by THc, the MAXIMUM is 55. I don’t know where (s)he got the info. but it seems like that the majority of my neighbors that are in that range (including myself- one of my farms is at level 36) has received a building. If this info. is true, I don’t know why. Maybe Zynga wants to give the lower levels a first chance at it. Who knows?

    SECOND, if you didn’t receive the preview pop-up with the chance of the gnome, you won’t be able to get that gnome when you finally receive the pop-up for the crafting building. If you DID, then you have the option of changing your mind of which craft building you want. If by any chance, you hadn’t made room for it at the time (which isn’t that much) DON’T FREAK! I know because I was looking for it and thought I lost it, because it wasn’t in the market under the buildings tab. It was locked, saying the limit was one. Finally found it in gift box.

    Now, if you want to change the building AFTER you already got it from the pop-up, and it was in the gift-box (in other words, you sold it) you can only BUY another one for $80FV, and can only have ONE at a time.

    All this information I’ve obtained thru this website, as well as others. If I am wrong, in any way, please correct me! I’d like to know. Thanks!

  135. Guajira Says:

    Oh, something I forgot. Zynga hints that there are going to be better prizes than fuel, for all of those complaining about that. Some of you might have a gazillion tanks of fuel, but others might need it (which is probably why they started with lower levels or those ppl that aren’t as active in FV).

    I can’t wait, just like the rest of you, to get the buildings on all my farms!

    I’d like to thank Jason for his *sacrifice* (LOL) in sharing the recipes with us ahead of time so that we know which bushels to keep, and most importantly, how many! THANK YOU!!!

  136. febe Says:

    Why can’t people read before they start complaining? As for myself I do not yet have my spa, but with time it will come. As fuel as reward I say Great, I never have enough. I seam to find it a bit dificult to follow just by reading the instructions, but it is a good start, thanks for the explinations. I am shure it will be verry easy to follow ounce I receive it.

  137. JULJIL2006 Says:

    Too complicated for me. I STILL can’t figure out what they are talking about . I tried to male something twice and thats it! On to the next – am not interesred.

  138. hakan Says:

    ı dont like this. after 1 day I am bored. this not usefull. everyone forget this feature and plow peas and make money.

  139. Thitirat Says:

    i don’t even get the message about the craft building …will i get it …i’m not level under 25, what’s going on with farmville !!!???

  140. Sandy Says:

    I selected Winery when it first came out alot of my neighbors that didnt have it all ready how do we check on ours??

  141. kgonzo Says:

    What do you use the goods that you have for… are they only in there for you to trade for fuel or is there another use?

  142. Ulla Says:

    well, I have not seen any of this on my farm…at level 57 . how long will it take to get the popup ?

  143. pramod Says:

    well, I am at level 77 now… and i Had signed up for SPA.. I have also not seen any of this on my farm… When should we get this?… Is this a bug.. with farmville?

  144. dadada Says:

    Do we get the craft building when the spa gnome grows into spa gnome senior? Those gnomes seem to grow fatter.

  145. Trae Says:

    I do not have the crafting buildings yet but have been buying goods and trading them in for fuel :) So the benefit of buying ppls goods is to trade in for fuel! Everyone can use extra fuel so they can harvest plow and seed!! I like this game alot even with the glitches it has. Zynga is doing there best to make everyone happy but if u really think about how hard it would be to create a game that has millions of ppl around the world playing, then you would calm down and realize that it is fun and to just relax when things dont work PERFECTLY everytime! Lighten up ppl afterall this is A GAME!!!! I can just imagine how the complainers are in their everyday life if they whine and complain about something that is made for fun…ridiculous!!

  146. neha Says:

    hey guys… i hvnt recievd any pop up of crafting building… :(
    m waitng… wen will i got dat….

  147. Shannon Says:

    Several days later and I still do not have a crafting building yet. I am level 87 and chose my crafting building around a month ago. Would be nice if they could not prolong the roll out of this. Frustrating that most of my neighbors have been crafting for several days and I have nothing.

  148. Amanda Baby Says:

    Im soo ready for my Crafting Cottage, Crossing my fingers mine comes today… ;)

  149. Amanda Baby Says:


  150. Amanda Baby Says:


  151. Amanda Baby Says:

    Srry i was playing with the smileys.. lol :)

  152. djmiller Says:

    the crafting buildings have been out for quite some time and i still haven’t gotten mine some of my neighbors are at level 5 on it and alot of people have come to my market to buy things and i’m sure i won’t get any credit for that this is ridiculous come on farmville don’t release something and don’t come through. so unfair!!!!

  153. Kira Says:

    I’m still not being given the pop-up. :(

  154. djmiller Says:

    don’t feel bad Kira i don’t either

  155. Blue water Says:

    this gets me angry…ok so i am one of those people who makes mistakes often….and i ABSOLUTELY HATE IT when i cant undo a mistake. i got the pop up today, and i wanted to look at what each building had to offer, then, by accident, i clicked that i wanted a spa when i wanted a winery. the spa ended up in my giftbox and i was disappointed. i looked at how much i could sell it for and it was 5000 coins, so i sold it and DID NOT RECEIVE ANY COINS. then, i checked the price (because i simply wanted to buy a winery) and guess what? IT COSTS 100,000 coins! Grrrr. This is absolute rubbish. anyone know if i can get a second chance?

  156. Joey Black Says:

    Not interested. Gift Box sux, takes hours to return gifts, slow slow slow, can’t on friends farm, lucky to get on mine! Have 2500 gallons of gas and can earn more xp in a few mins than it takes to collect bushells ect and all the work involved. Zynga START LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE! You have lost 4 of my pages…get a grip guys before 4 pages turns into 4 MILLION like a few months ago!!! Your on my LAST NERVE!

  157. eugene Says:

    where is my cottage/building i didn’t encounter a pop-up regarding this crafting :(

  158. desi Says:

    I am also waiting for my crafting building.

  159. Bill Says:

    I have a bakery. I planted and harvested the crops needed.

    But nothing goes to my market or my bakery. Where does it go?

    Out of three planted fields of pumkins I get one bushel in my market.
    If I harvested enough pumpkins to master level one why don’t I have more pumpkins in my market or in bakery?

    Same with wheat. I had already mastered wheat. I have planted it 3 times- None went in my market and none in my bakery.

    That doesn’t make sense.

    And a senseless game is not fun.

  160. Amanda Baby Says:

    I want my DARN cottage…. i have 80 plus friends and out of them, about 4-5 of us don’t have one yet.. THIS IS BS!!!! And most of them DON’T even play anymore and they’re able to get one… This Random CRUD is BS… i get like a day, But now its just becoming ridiculous….. i Have made FarmVille my Hobby, i spend my time and money on this game, and this is really starting to make me mad.. Once again i think its some BS!!! :(

  161. frances cunningham-harte Says:

    I’ve had my winery for three days is good fun, and I have made a lot of money from it , I have leveled up 3 times. but I find tonite it wont let me make wine. I have 4 empty barrels, I need the ingredients, but it wont let me buy them from my neighbors…i have emptied my market of all bushels that I do’nt need, but it still wont let me buy…any ideas ?

  162. Rex Says:

    I guess i’m a FarmVille freak, level 73 in 5 months ! I waited and waited for my chance NOW I’ts here and I have a million questions !

    Are people around the world able to help me Real time?

    Short list:

    1 How much room does each factory take up? I hear 4 to 6 plots but I don’t know which is what !

    2 I saw the Vintner (Winery) list. It looks like my speed most crops under a day to harvest ! I don’t see any others Here.

    3 I have mastered most of wine list. Probably not so with other Factories. Is that good or bad, lol :)

    4 The question Who’s to ‘buy’ my products and for what reason? The fuel units listed are very tiny to a 600 plot (Unit) farm !!

    TY, I hope I a reply SOON ! Rex

  163. Rex Says:

    I found a google doc of recipes Not complete except for winery :)

    Bakery with a 4hr harvest for a pie ( cooking times I don’t see.) Looks very good now !?!
    The more I know :) , is the less I know :( That’s life :) Rex

  164. Spa Hater Says:

    I got the spa and I placed it but I don’t want it there anymore. I actually don’t want it anymore. But, if I click on it, it takes me right to the recipe and selling tabs. Does anyone know how to move or delete a crafting building that’s already been placed?

  165. Bob Says:

    I have never gotten my free crafting building but I do notice today I can by one

    not that i cant afford it but whats up with that

  166. Ethan Says:

    Do the cottages get bigger or do they stay the same size the whole time and just look big

  167. Ethan Says:

    r those new cottages different then the other old ones

  168. Nancy Abbott Says:

    I have the bakery and it is going along fine except there really is not much advantage to selling your goods which I haven’t done much of yet.The fuel is not really a lot for the coins spent to purchase goods. My pumpkin bread is just piling up right now. I have only sold two loaves. I guess when my friends get going we can buy each other’s goods. but I really don’t see the point as the fuel allotment is rally minimal so far. Anyone else having trouble selling their products?

  169. Stephanie Says:

    @Spa Hater: You need to select the Move tool from the pop up menu on the bottom right of your screen. Then you can move your building with it.

  170. Axelito02 Says:

    Can we sell our building, like winery and after buy a spa for coins ?
    because i’m really not happy of what my winery will become … Because i don’t care of the money but i would like to have one for a decoration … And the spa looks really AWESOME !

    someone can tell me if i can ?

    THX !

  171. Nox Storm Says:

    Hi guys ..
    any one can explain why i can shop for anymore bushels since more than 12 hours now

    1- i still have more than 20 bushels i can buy (20/50)
    2- when i navigate my friends stalls i choose the bushel and i find (3 bags left ) for every friend
    3- the (get one) button is always dimmed and i cannot get any bushels anymore

    is that a game rule or what … i spent all of yesterday making goods and recipies but i cant make anymore goods now

    thanks for helping .. good luck to all of u

  172. Jarhoops Says:

    From what I understand there is no limit to the level for your goods. My best wines are level 8 right now. What’s the highest level anyone has achieved so far? And how much fuel do you get for using it?

  173. SWEETIE1982 Says:

    Is there a limit to the amount of goods we can but from our neighbors per day…I thought we could buy from every friend once but after a certain amount I cannot buy from any friends….maybe there is a limit as I have not counted exact number I can buy. After then I have to wait 12 hours before buying more.

  174. Kulan Says:

    I wanted also know if I can change the craft building. “Blue water” (Posted on July 26th, 2010 at 2:55 pm) says that she/he sold the one craft building and could buy another vor 100.000 coins. Is this true? I don´t want to sell my building, if I´m not sure I can buy another (with coins, not with farmcash).
    Please help…

  175. Lily Says:

    Well, the menu of the goods, when we want to buy some of the 3 types: winery, bakery or spa, there were the pictures of the good my friends are selling. Now there aren’t the pictures…only the photos of my friends. I think it was better to see the goods. The pictures are so beautiful.

  176. farmermama Says:

    I can’t figure out the bushels either, don’t seem to be getting any on certain crops, this is what I am researchign right now.
    But for the complainers that don’t have crafting yet: I am pretty sure things get rolled out according to when you joined Farmville. Therefore those of us who joined up earlier get new items earlier. If you’ve only been playing for a few months then you are going to have to wait. Early adopters get some advantageous but they also need to test things on those of us who are more familiar with beta testing (in general) so I hope that helps your understanding. I wasn’t in the first wave but got mine on the second release day.

  177. Nickster tennents Says:

    Crap i had all crops mastered till they added 3 more now working on them lol at least the higher level of an item you make the higher the fuel in return so we dont have to level up all items woot.

  178. Monique Gambriel Says:

    I have all the fuel I will ever need. Why should I buy any goods? We need other incentives to buy these products crafted. Money is also not a good incentive.

  179. Nogie Says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with their crafting cottage running REALLY slow? It’s taking me forever to make & finish items as well as view recipes.

  180. Robert Says:

    I can’t upgrade my spa. I have the ‘coin upgrade’ button active, but when I click it nothing happens. I’ve been trying for several days already… :-/

  181. Anna V Says:

    For some odd reason, every time I purchase a second building (I have a winery and am trying to obtain a bakery as well) it allows me to purchase it with my 80 FV cash, but then it says my game is out of sync EVERY TIME (over a dozen times now) and once the page is refreshed my money is restored (thank goodness) but I do not have the bakery. It’s extremely frustrating! Help please?

  182. maureen Says:

    Giving up on the spa. Have paid coins three times to upgrade. I have a level 22 sachet for sale and the other three original things that you can make in the spa. I can’t figure out what to do to be able to make soaps/candles. Getting boring making the same four things. Add to that, I’m going broke buying from all my neighbors, as most won’t buy anything back. Also spending too much time planting crops that I already mastered.

    Gonna recycle the spa into the trash!

  183. Carter Says:

    Do not worry about the issue, there is not much about the rules of the game and to win big money. All it takes is strict standards, some of which you must comply. Many people have asked several questions about the possibilities of earning more money without being expelled of Farmville. Some even want to know if the gain of cash is very different from that of popular plays Farmville we all know.

  184. Anne Johnson Says:

    My market stall and my inventory is full in Farmville could you please tell me how do i sell some items.


    Anne Johnson.

  185. Ask me Anything Says:

    I’ve been using the bakery for a while.. if you have goods made you can trade them for fuel, depending on the good and the level. My pumpkin bread is up to Level 7 and I think I get about 120 plots worth of fuel.

    You can take bushels of goods from friends and use them to make something in the oven. You can also buy goods like (wine, baked goods, etc) You can also trade those items for fuel as well, so it is all beneficial for you and your farm.

    @Anne johnson – if your stalls are open and you have items made and ready to sell/goods baked, wine made, etc. you just have to wait for one of your farmville friends to buy it!

  186. Alfandi Says:

    I’m spa because I like relaxasing,mixed of mind and body and quietness although I am boy. I want Indonesian and Islamic event,
    Why are you don’t risen it,Is it in your country US enemies it? or not it/another problem?but my sister and another account I open for mine…….please,arisen it and Indonesian flag because I is it…..please don’t enemies another religions and country because differentness is beauty.Try this,when All people have same religion,country,flag,face,language,home,characters,and anothers things.Do you like it?????My level is 37…..

  187. Connie Peurifoy Says:

    I have 6 gold awards for crafting mastery and etc. I CANNOT GET MY REWARDS , MASTERY SIGNS TO PUT ON MY FARM they used to put the award into your GIFT BOX and now they say it is in your CRAFTING INVENTORY. I cannot find out where it is ( CRAFTING inventory) I have looked into everyplace possible and no result, this is starting to loose my intereset with any CRAFTING MASTERY. I have invested alot of time and interest in this game (WHERE ARE ALL OF MY AWARDS ANY OF THEM … STILL WAITING) I am at level 77 and am a faithful player of 10 mos. please respond now! FarmVille is vastly changing which is fine but I would appreciate the earned AWARD AND THE ABILITY TO RETRIEVE all of them. THANK YOU

  188. lightning Says:

    i went upto level 25 and got the bakery, i placed it and then the page froze. i refreshed and since then the bakery is not in the market, nor on my farm and i dont even get a popup menu saying that i havent placed my bakery. Plz helppppppppppppppp!!!

  189. H Says:

    You freaking mornons. Quit posting your troubles here nobody cares! Rarely does anybody repsond but you people keep posting your drama punks.