Farmville Levels Chart

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Farmville Levels Chart

Posted on October 13, 2009 4:22 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Levels
Level Points Title Abilities
1 0 Field Hand Buy strawberry, wheat, eggplant, soybeans and cherry, apple, orange trees
2 20 Kinderfarmer Gift or purchase plum tree,  buy hay bale.
3 40 Amateur Farmer Send fig tree as gift, buy barrel.
4 90 Able Farmer Buy squash, peach tree (gift or purchase), chicken, rest tent, and crate.
5 200 Handy Farmer Buy pumpkins, send avocado tree as gift. Buy white or brown stool.
6 350 Nimble Farmer Buy artichoke and mailbox.
7 550 Savvy Farmer Buy rice, well, butter churn. Purchase or gift sheep and lemon trees. You can now sell trees, building, decorations, and anmals.
8 800 Fancy Farmer Buy raspberries and tool shed. Send apricot tree as gift.
9 1300 Sophisticated Farmer Buy cotton and wagon.
10 1800 Splendid Farmer Buy lime tree, fruit stand, bike, and picnic set. Send pig and lime tree as gift.
11 2300 Farming Magician Buy bell peppers, stone mailbox, send grapefruit tree as gift.
12 2800 Farming Wizard Buy peppers, vehicles, and wheelbarrow, send rabbit as gift.
13 3300 Jolly Rancher Buy grain silo and wood bench.
14 3900 Produce Professional Buy aloe vera. Send banana tree as gift.
15 4500 Professor of Agriculture Buy pineapple, workshop, and covered wagon. Send duck as gift.
16 5500 Hot Shot Farmer Buy Lil Red Wagon.
17 6500 Super Shoveler Buy blueberries, BBQ, and send passion fruit tree as gift.
18 7500 Super Grower Buy watermelon and hay wagon. Send goat as gift.
19 8500 Professional Plower Buy grapes, cottage (any) and hedge.
20 9500 Green Giant Buy tomatoes, barrel wagon and date tree. Send date tree as gift.
21 11,500 Rockstar Farmer Buy potatoes and lawnmower. Send horse as gift.
22 13,500 Barnyard Behemoth Buy carrots wagon wheel and windmill.
23 15,500 Magnificent Farmer Buy coffee and water pump. Send pomegranate tree as gift.
24 17,500 Cream of the Crop Buy corn telephone pole and log cabin.
25 20,500 Sensational Sower Buy sunflowers and light post.
26 25,000 Sultan of Soil Buy farmhouse.
27 30,000 Thrill of the Till Buy cabbage and iron bench.
28 35,000 Master of Pasture No changes.
29 40,000 Plantation Sensation Buy blackberries.
30 46,000 Lord of the Plow Buy red wheat and greenhouse.
31 53,000 Bastillion of the Barn Buy sugar cane.
32 61,000 Ace of Acreage Buy peas. Send olive tree as gift.
33 69,000 Livestock Lord Buy yellow melon.
34 78,000 Practiced Farmer Buy onion and villa.
35 87,000 Skilled Farmer Buy broccoli.
36 97,000 Green Ribbon Farmer No changes
37 107,000 Clever Farmer Buy asparagus.
38 117,000 Great Farmer No changes **
39 127,000 Smart Farmer No changes **
40 137,000 Model Farmer No changes **
41 147,000 Frugal Farmer No changes **
42 157,000 Hot Shot Farmer * No changes **
43 167,000 Proficient Farmer No changes **
44 177,000 Sophisticated Farmer * No changes **
45 187,000 Accomplished Farmer No changes **
46 197,000 Brilliant Farmer No changes **
47 207,000 Prominent Farmer No changes **
48 217,000 Expert Farmer No changes **
49 227,000 Genius Farmer No changes **
50 237,000 Big League Farmer No changes **
51 247,000 Master Farmer No changes **
52 257,000 Grand Master Farmer No changes **
53 267,000 Farming Authority No changes **
54 277,000 Yellow Ribbon farmer No changes **
55 287,000 Farmer Cashcrop No changes **
56 297,000 The Real Deal No changes **
57 307,000 Killer Tiller No changes **
58 317,000 Farm-o-saurus Rex No changes **
59 327,000 White Ribbon Farmer No changes **
60 337,000 I can Haz Farm?! No changes **
61 347,000 Old Mc-Who?? No changes **
62 357,000 Educated Farmer No changes **
63 367,000 Red Ribbon Farmer No changes **
64 377,000 Hay Roller No changes **
65 387,000 Farming Virtuoso No changes **
66 397,000 Blue Ribbon No changes **
67 407,000 Purple Ribbon No changes **
68 417,000 County Fair Champ No changes **
69 427,000 State Fair Champ No changes **
70 437,000 World Fair Champ No changes **
* Some levels have duplicate names and need to be corrected.
** Higher levels are new and there are no known abilities at this time.

This handy chart was provided by Farmville Freak “Uncle Joe” via his site at Thanks Uncle Joe :)

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  1. Aivy Tsin Says:

    level 28 does change
    you can buy green tea and send people some type of topiary.

  2. Chris Says:

    I see farms on intro pages with terrace levels. I am at Villa yet have not seen this possibility. Thoughts?

  3. KO Says:

    you can send buffalo topiary at level 40

  4. lyladianne Says:

    The “terrace levels” you speak of are actually optical illusions. Most people have staggered hedges or fences to make it look terraced, when in reality they’re just really clever. If we could rotate the farm and see it from the back it would look just like rows of fences. Hope this helps!

  5. cristian Says:

    pls add market place to hire player to harvest and plow..ang add new house..tnx..

  6. stephanie Says:

    im on level 12. lolz :)

  7. mesut Says:

    my level is 63 :D

  8. mesut Says:

    and gonna 70

  9. Mean_E Says:

    On the chicken coop cheat video, there is a watertower. When was this available?

  10. Lisa Says:

    So what’s the motivation to keep leveling up? I’m on level 39 and just noticed that nothing new will ever happen again. Bummer.

  11. Cool Games for Girls Says:

    Awesome guide. I am new to playing and saw in some charts that a cow was shown but don’t see them here.

  12. Ruthi Says:

    We need to be able to harvest in one click with a harvest tool. It takes ages to go throw all the animals and trees and makes you want to sell them all as its so much work.

  13. Allen Hatfield Says:

    How many coins are yield from harvesting Banana, Passion Fruit, Pommegranate, and Olive Trees? And, How long is the growth period?


    what happens when you hit level 70?

  15. Sue Brown Says:

    I want a dog..Dogs do belong on farms…please put one to many cats :)

  16. antz Says:

    Ribbens fly out and say WELL DONE! YOU HAVE REACHED THE MAX LEVEL! choose one of the following gifts and u get 2 choose 1 gift out of every last thing they have made for free

  17. Sally Says:

    there is a rumor that says

    “Every level 70 farmer will automatically, in the moment he got level 70 transfered back to level 1 with just 4 plots and nothing else, it will be as he never been level 70″

    not very good i mean we all start with 4 plots and all of us want to continue on, staying level 70 seems bad for zynga so they put the players back to the start
    dont know if this is true but i’ll check as soon as my level 65 neighbor gets level 70 or level 1

    @ Antz
    very funny but cool in the same moment too lets see what happens in the future

  18. Mike Says:

    At level 70 you just stop leveling up. You do still get experience points, though.

  19. Kixxbutte Says:



    of course there is a catch :p

    i bought and sold 8 log cabins to do the “trick”

    started off with 1,500,000+ coins to start off with and ended up with 300,000+ coins after.

    just got bored and thought “what the freak! what am i going to do with all this cash?”

    enjoy your farm, farm freak. lol ;)

  20. art-mao Says:

    hi, i want expand my farm 22X22, i have enough money but there saying that i have to purchase FAMILY FARM level, and can you tell me which level is it? cause i can’t find in the list any level named like that…

  21. dushy Says:

    am in 54 level

  22. Keith Says:

    We are all such losers! LOL

  23. colin Says:

    when is the 24 x 24 opening?

  24. Gail Says:

    Please add some dogs! Why so many different kinds of cats? Level 43 and no changes ever again? Not even a bigger piece of land?

  25. Ruthie Says:

    Chris, it’s an optical ilusion. I’ve been able to create that appearance. Give it a try.

  26. sel Says:

    Kixxbutte are you a fool ?
    With that money i could do 150000 xp .
    That’s 15 levels hahahahahahaa.
    Use bot /

  27. sel Says:

    You have to buy all the expansions before you can do 22×22.

  28. ThePimp Says:

    -Kixxbutte Says:
    -Posted on January 9th, 2010 at 12:03 am
    -of course there is a catch :p
    -i bought and sold 8 log cabins to do the “trick”
    -started off with 1,500,000+ coins to start off with and ended up with 300,000+ coins after.
    -just got bored and thought “what the freak! what am i going to do with all this cash?”
    -enjoy your farm, farm freak. lol

    I could of been level 70!!!!! I would of had 5 xp per 10 gold….

    On one of my accounts im level 40 at the moment a day ago I was level 26!

  29. daniel Says:

    im on level 31

  30. Jr Says:

    Are you able to store Vlla(s) in a RED BARN ??? Want to trade in 5 million coins for Villia XP to LEVEL UP but still want the room to farm,”LOVE MASTERY SIGNS”

  31. sel Says:

    -Kixxbutte Says:
    -Posted on January 9th, 2010 at 12:03 am
    -of course there is a catch :p
    -i bought and sold 8 log cabins to do the “trick”
    -started off with 1,500,000+ coins to start off with and ended up with 300,000+ coins after.
    -just got bored and thought “what the freak! what am i going to do with all this cash?”
    -enjoy your farm, farm freak. lol

    I could of been level 70!!!!! I would of had 5 xp per 10 gold….

    On one of my accounts im level 40 at the moment a day ago I was level 26!

    That’ s impossible. You can do 3 xp with 30 coins.
    10 coins isnt 5 xp . Learn to play nuub

  32. Robby Says:

    About 2,250 xp from level 70 and 19 crops mastered already. I’ll quit playing this after I’ve mastered everything. Won’t be too long now since I did all the hard ones like blackberries and raspberries that take forever.

  33. Sasha Says:

    level 33 now ! i’m addicted ! to make the haybale look stacked, just put it on step back, just play around you’ll get it , (:

  34. kunal Says:

    I M AT LEVEL 67

  35. Orospu Liseli Says:

    I m level 69 !! I need 9000 more xp and then end of the line lol

  36. farmer x Says:

    Level 61 is reached at 343000….. this seems to be new… Level 62is at 353000…. seems strange…means that between Level 60 at 337000 and Level 61 at 343000 are only 6000 points…. anyone else had that experience?

  37. abuissa Says:

    Yes, i’ve reached level 66 with 393,000 XP

  38. Kyt Says:

    I reached level 60 and am continuing to earn XP but not leveling up. What gives?

  39. hayabusa Says:

    the levels have changed , u need to upgrade it

  40. Dinakar Says:

    Yes.. Hayabusa is right..all the level experience points are changed…

    Level 1 requiredXP=0
    Level 2 requiredXP=10
    Level 3 requiredXP=30
    Level 4 requiredXP=70
    Level 5 requiredXP=140
    Level 6 requiredXP=250
    Level 7 requiredXP=400
    Level 8 requiredXP=600
    Level 9 requiredXP=850
    Level 10 requiredXP=1150
    Level 11 requiredXP=1500
    Level 12 requiredXP=1900
    Level 13 requiredXP=2400
    Level 14 requiredXP=3000
    Level 15 requiredXP=3700
    Level 16 requiredXP=4500
    Level 17 requiredXP=5400
    Level 18 requiredXP=6400
    Level 19 requiredXP=7500
    Level 20 requiredXP=8700
    Level 21 requiredXP=10000
    Level 22 requiredXP=11500
    Level 23 requiredXP=13500
    Level 24 requiredXP=16000
    Level 25 requiredXP=19000
    Level 26 requiredXP=22500
    Level 27 requiredXP=26500
    Level 28 requiredXP=31000
    Level 29 requiredXP=36000
    Level 30 requiredXP=42000
    Level 31 requiredXP=49000
    Level 32 requiredXP=57000
    Level 33 requiredXP=65000
    Level 34 requiredXP=74000
    Level 35 requiredXP=83000
    Level 36 requiredXP=93000
    Level 37 requiredXP=103000
    Level 38 requiredXP=113000
    Level 39 requiredXP=123000
    Level 40 requiredXP=133000
    Level 41 requiredXP=143000
    Level 42 requiredXP=153000
    Level 43 requiredXP=163000
    Level 44 requiredXP=173000
    Level 45 requiredXP=183000
    Level 46 requiredXP=193000
    Level 47 requiredXP=203000
    Level 48 requiredXP=213000
    Level 49 requiredXP=223000
    Level 50 requiredXP=233000
    Level 51 requiredXP=243000
    Level 52 requiredXP=253000
    Level 53 requiredXP=263000
    Level 54 requiredXP=273000
    Level 55 requiredXP=283000
    Level 56 requiredXP=293000
    Level 57 requiredXP=303000
    Level 58 requiredXP=313000
    Level 59 requiredXP=323000
    Level 60 requiredXP=333000
    Level 61 requiredXP=343000
    Level 62 requiredXP=353000
    Level 63 requiredXP=363000
    Level 64 requiredXP=373000
    Level 65 requiredXP=383000
    Level 66 requiredXP=393000
    Level 67 requiredXP=403000
    Level 68 requiredXP=413000
    Level 69 requiredXP=423000
    Level 70 requiredXP=433000

  41. Gina Says:

    I think Zynga should add new crops to be unlocked at higher levels like level 40-60. I’m level 64!!! so excited lol

  42. James Graves Says:

    The issue to me is petro. I’m a level 40 and it really irritates me to see what the FV cost is for a tank of gas. My farm is 22×22 (I’m not using any real money) and it seems that there is no relationship value wise for what it costs for the fuel and what you get. I mean being able to do 150 plots with a tank for a cost of 3 FV is crazy. It takes about a minute to use the gas and it takes a lot of farming to get 3 FV. Now I have three expensive pieces of equipment that I hardly ever use. That sucks.

  43. Menachim Horawitz Says:

    The chart is incorrect. Level 21 = 10100 points, not 10000 points. This website can’t be trusted.

  44. john mccabe Says:

    im lvl 69 just 1k more xp to 70 :)

  45. Esther Says:

    i am now on level 70 but nothing has happened. the game still goes on….

  46. daniel Says:

    im on level 51

  47. Danny Nicholas Says:

    There is a new group with almost 150,000 members petitioning for new levels. I’m going to create a “Pseudo-level” page on my website so I can “properly label” my level 70 buddies that would actually be up to about 87 by now.

  48. Ankit Francis Says:

    I m on level 42

  49. Stina Says:

    What level can you do co-op farming ?

  50. chris Says:

    co-op farming starts at level 20

  51. Ryan Says:

    How to make tons of money in FarmVille.
    To be successful, you must know many things. First off, you must know how to organize your farm. One tree can ruin a whole crop square by not giving it room. Crops are more important than than trees. So sell all trees and limit yourself to two buildings. Have as many crop squares as possible. [Don’t keep any animals.]
    Now you must know what to plant. Depending on your level, plat this:
    Levels 1 – 11 Plant : Soybeans
    Levels 12 – 18 Plant : Peppers
    Levels 19 – 31 Plant : Grapes
    Levels 32 – 70 Plant : Peas
    Planting these will make you rich quickly!

  52. mervin espiritu Says:

    few days ago..ive reach level 70.. you can buy now a mansion worth 5million.. and as i open my farmville now its starts to level up again.. now im in level 75.. add me up

  53. Delta Cougar Says:

    I just got to level 76. I wish I knew how many levels there are now.

  54. tina Says:

    there are new levels 70-90 yayayayayayayaayya


  55. roy Says:

    this informisn is not velid i am on level 80

  56. aha Says:

    is it not updated?

  57. Andy Says:

    The level information is incorrect. I’m at level 71 now! Level 71 = 443500 XPs and it goes on until level 90 !!!

  58. Jean-François Gagnon Says:

    how many XP to level up ” 100 ” ?

  59. myro Says:

    I m level 105 and i have 1 900 000 XP

  60. mehar Says:

    i have seen a lady at level 87 and 70′s the last 1??

  61. keiji Says:


    1280 coins a day = 16 calves = what seed cultivated an entire day on 1 plot?
    so… yeah… don’t keep any animals :)

  62. farmer Says:

    myro your lieing
    1,203,790 and that level 97 right now

  63. HIBA Says:

    i can see people on level 76 and 74 is that possible when the highest level you can reach is a 70 =S

  64. prynz Says:

    they recently added new levels, first till level 90 and now they upgraded me to level 95 so i’m guessing it’s now till like level 100 or something

  65. Jacketboy Says:

    Zynga recently made changes.

    “Levels 90+ have been unlocked! You can now level to 999. Please note that you will only receive 1 free farm cash per level until level 100.”

  66. carlito rafanan dela casa Says:

    I’m already at level 72. i’ve noticed that gamers with high levels have more but thin plots than those with lower levels. at what level could this be possible and how?

  67. hornyhunk Says:

    what the fuck im on level 454 and i unlocked all this food from china and japan its soooooo awesome so you should update this website beacuse level 70 is not the ENDDDDDD!!!!!

  68. peter Says:

    bull**** highest level is one hundred so stfu

  69. john Says:

    no highest level is 102 im at level 90 my friend is at 100 it still goes on to level 102

  70. katie Says:

    Does anybody know what the last level for each individual procuct in the winery is? Also, will it eventually make it’s way to be a two star winery, or do I have to do a coin upgrade? Thanks :)

  71. Russel Says:

    I’m level 90 but nothing happens but m money is 33,654,987

  72. Russel Says:

    sorry my level is 100 my xp is 525,000 and my cash is 789 you can cheat at cheat engine

  73. Zalvaje2k4 Says:

    When will this level chart be updated?

  74. Jenny-Marie Jones Says:

    Wish I had kept better track:

    Level 93 – 967,500 XP (?)
    Level 94 – 1,012,000 XP
    Level 95 – 1,064,000 XP
    Level 96 – 1,120,000 XP

    Wish they would update and let us know. Also need CURRENT values of crops, trees, and animals for when we “assist” neighbors so as to get the max coins & XP available for us both.

    Will NEVER get to level 999 in this lifetime :(

  75. kymz67vn Says:

    I have a neighbor who is at level 101.

  76. Peggy Says:

    I have a neighbor who just reached level 155. Where can I find a new list of all levels in Farmville?

  77. tempy Says:

    I’m at level one….!!!!!!!!!
    he he he………
    from 70th one……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. pete Says:


  79. mikey Says:

    I’m at level 98 and have masterd all seeds available so far electric lily the last one I only have 2 friends that play so made with little fuel I now have strong fingers lol

  80. ??? Says:

    Now at level 86

  81. Anurada Says:

    From lvl70 it’s more than 10 000, it took me 12 000 xp to go from lvl72 to lvl73!