FarmVille Mini Orchard Glitch

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FarmVille Mini Orchard Glitch

Posted on February 15, 2011 2:52 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Several FarmVille Freaks such as FarmVille Freak Nelson, have reported seeing “Mini Orchards” on their farms. This is one of those FarmVille size glitches similar to the Giant Cupid’s Castle except well it’s a miniature Orchard of course. Although the Mini Orchard is much smaller than its normal size, it is still completely functional. Usually glitches like this are harmless and are eventually fixed by Zynga.

Hi, I was tending my farm when I came across this lil bugger. It’s my Confetti Orchard but MINI, with one regular sized tree it seems. Wonder if this would mean anything or not. After refreshing, and even leaving my farm for the night my orchard is still mini. Kind of funny! I compared it to my other Orchards, normal sized, and it is still smaller than them by a lot.
Strange stuff….
Farmville Freak Nelson!

FarmVille Freak Nelson Mini Orchard

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47 Responses to “FarmVille Mini Orchard Glitch” »

  1. Dess Says:

    i have same problem

  2. Elise Says:

    I have this already a very long time, if you refresh your farm it’s gone. No big deal?

  3. Pareja Cr Says:

    that’s happening in my farm days ago

  4. Lia Says:

    no i didn’t ☼

  5. karen Says:

    I wish they would stay that small! :)

  6. FarmBoy Says:

    elise ofcourse its not big deal cs glitches are for showing off not for thinking oh no my orchard is so small im gonna **** my pants

  7. Bonnie Says:

    Hey I’d love if our orchards were small like this. Especially with the number of orchard I have lol.. They really should think about shrinking them by half if possible. I for one would applaude them !! :-)

  8. LadySorrow Says:

    No, but I did have an instance where my orchard grew to larger-than-life size. It was creepy and weird, but upon going out and coming back into the farm, it went back to normal size.

  9. cheryl Says:

    Can someone please tell me what those green trees are in the picture that are mixed in with the disco ball trees?!

  10. Alina Says:

    I’ve seen it also several times. It would be actually good for the orchard to be smaller …LOL….Less space taken!

  11. Maggie Says:

    This has been happening since orchards first came out. It makes it hard to place them but clearing both caches usually puts them back to normal.

  12. Rogue Robot Says:

    A monkey banging on a keyboard for a million years wouldn’t create as many issues as a Zynga developer.

  13. SsSs Says:

    Cheryl it’s the chinese lantern tree ^_^ sometimes it happens when i move my orchard and put it in row then after F5 everything back to normal :)

  14. JNB Says:

    @Cheryl: Chinese lantern trees, it’s a level 2 (produced by the money tree).

    On-topic: This is as old as the orchards.

  15. jezzy Says:

    Cheryl: They’re the new chinese lantern trees, or whatever they are called. The level 2 that comes from the money tree.

  16. Adam Says:

    the green “disco ball tree” is really the Chinese Lantern Tree

  17. Bajan Queen Says:

    I have had that problem since the orchards came out. I simply remove a tree and then put it back in then the orchard is its usual size. I also get the giant size cupid house. The past week I now have mini and I mean very mini snowmen. I thought Zynga was going to take my snowmen, and deleted two of them since the other three were missing. the next day, the other three reappeared. Now, these same three are mini.

  18. Elise Says:

    They are small, but still take the same space on your farm – so it’s not better to have them this small.

  19. dali-farmer Says:

    has any one else been getting trees that are not in their orchards i have coin trees that have been giving coin seedlings

  20. vicky Says:

    cheryl there the chinese lantern tree’s

  21. Dan Says:

    It happens sometimes when moving your orchards, you can take a tree out and put it back in and it will be back to normal or as in stated above refreshing will do it as well.

  22. dali-farmer Says:

    sorry i have been coin seedlings from cash trees

  23. Patti S Says:

    well they better NOT mess with my orchards too.. a friend just lost her stable over nite… WHY is it.. certain things are fine…working well.. then they come out with something totally UNrelated… things get all screwed up then ? I will never understand this….” glinch” my BUTT !.. thats an excuse for … ” We have no clue what we screwed up this time”…… well.. its TIME for NEW programmers at ZYNGA !~. many people out of work… that are prob much more competent than these.. grrrr

  24. Rachel Says:

    My orchards were super-sized the other day…LOL, they’re back to normal now though

  25. Lindsey Says:

    Cheryl- The green trees are chinese lantern trees, u can buy them or they are made from the money trees…hope it helps :)

  26. Gabriele Says:

    today I saw that my orchard is enormous, but now it’s normal :)

  27. Sherry Tucker Says:

    I didnt have a shrinking orchard, but mine did enlarge when i clicked on it ! happened to the others too, but went back to normal size when i refreshed! weird! first a HUGE cupid caste then a huge orchard!

  28. Sherry Tucker Says:

    oops castle!

  29. Sharon Says:

    It is just because the trunks are smaller. It just goes to that size because of the sizes of the trees. no biggie!! Mine did it too!

  30. TikiKrissy Says:

    Sometimes I have teeny tiny snowmen too!

  31. Gurk Says:

    have had this happening for weeks…

  32. Ginseng Says:

    thats a small orchard if you want to see a mini orchard look on my profile page ginseng sullivan haha

  33. lucky me Says:

    i dont get all the seeds from my orchards.i have 4 orchards and when i harvest them i get lets say 3 and than i find only two in my gift box.why is that?

  34. kathy Says:

    Ive always had this problem if i have to harvest before moving. then when you go to move the orchard, it never lines up right until you reload…and we all know how tricky that can be.

  35. Allie Says:

    if they stayed that small, then we would have more room for our planting :) & the all extra stuff they keep throwing at us….we really need bigger farms with all the new stuff they are releasing..anyone agree click like.

  36. Deb Says:

    Do I have a bad memory but I thought before the orchards you received experience each time you harvested a tree. Can someone let me know if that is so or if the experience was just granted when first set on your farm. That is the only time I see experience granted and am trying to confirm if it has always been that way…

  37. cristelmoon Says:

    i have had this to if you take 2 trees out and then put them back in it usually
    fixes it hugs all hope this help you all

  38. z man Says:

    this happened to me like half a year ago but never reported it.@ allie: it takes the same amount as it is big so no much room is givin.

  39. Jason Arencibia Says:

    I’m not sure how to get them mini like that but I can get them super sized easy enough! :/

    If I put a 100% ready tree into a new orchard the orchard and tree will be super sized.

    of all the glitches why can’t my number of farm cash get super sized ^^ hehe

  40. Doug Says:

    It’d be neat to have smaller orchards.

    I’d love an orchard where I have 4 to 6 trees taking up a quarter of the space.

    Just a thought.

  41. Sunnie Says:

    I have had my orchards disappear altogether. Of course, after refreshing, they are back. According to Zynga, they are not gone, just invisible. If I try placing something else in the same place, I can’t. So I guess invisible is correct. As for the orchards being smaller, I notice some of mine are like that when they are not completely full. If I place all 20 trees in them, they are the same size as the rest. I can’t tell in the featured pic if there are indeed 20 trees, if even 19 are there, it can appear smaller. It’s no big deal though. As for these things that disappear and such, if you are gonna get your panties all in a wad, all you have to do is a live chat with a Zynga rep, and they will give you things. I have a friend who got 200 watering cans because some of hers disappeared. The first time 2 of my orchards disappeared, I was given 2 full orchards and 2 each of the giant heart trees and giant candy hearts. Just for my trouble. I have seen others get 100 free farm cash. They do try to make you happy, you have to appear really upset sometimes, but whatever works!!

  42. John Says:

    I have the big Orchard
    I wish I can get both them

  43. Valerie Haney-Austin Says:

    My castle does the exact opposite…I will go to my farm and my cupid castle is huge…it is kind of bothersome when doing my fields cuz I can’t see around it but other than that it goes away, usually, when I reload my farm….

  44. Mystery person Says:

    Are you sure thats not just one of his trees [the middle one to be exact] that needs harvesting?! :p

  45. Victoria Voinikova Says:

    Same as Elise +1

  46. Marcus Says:

    ha ha yes i have seen this many times. but to fix the problem all you have to do id to go in to your mini orchard and remove one of your trees and place it on to your farm, and then put it back into the orchard and presto regular size orchard is back. ohhh happy days :)


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