FarmVille Turns Snowman Back “On” (For Now)

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FarmVille Turns Snowman Back “On” (For Now)

Posted on February 3, 2011 8:30 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Snowman

Recently, the FarmVille buildable Snowman that produced Watering Cans when harvested was turned “off” by Zynga which explains why many FarmVille Freaks reported finding their Snowman 100% ready, but unable to produce any Watering Cans. No, this is not a glitch.

As you know FarmVille Watering Cans are utilized as water supplies for growing Mystery Seedlings. When the Snowmen stopped yielding Watering Cans, many farmers were upset over the time they spent building and collecting parts for the Snowman or the investment of Farm Cash when they assumed that their Snowman would always yield Watering Cans. However, we told you yesterday on FarmVille Freak that Zynga announced via their official FarmVille Blog that Snowman would stop producing Watering Cans and that the Orchards would be upgraded soon to yield Watering Cans.

Fearing a possible FarmVille drought and farmer backlash, the Z gods decided that we could harvest our Snowmen for another 3 weeks. They will also proceed with their plans for the Orchard. If you accidentally deleted your Snowman already, you will be able to get it back and will need to contact Zynga Customer Support.

From Zynga Community Manager, Stumpgrinder

“We’re about to make an official announcement about Snowmen, but basically:

1) Yes they are harvestable again (for another 3 weeks).
2) If you deleted yours, please contact CS and you can get them back.
3) Plans for Orchards are still moving forward.

Happy farming (or, um, watering)!” (Source: FarmVille Official Forum)

FarmVille Stumpgrinder Official Snowman Announcement

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38 Responses to “FarmVille Turns Snowman Back “On” (For Now)” »

  1. stephanie Says:

    oh my gosh, they listened for once. i’m…impressed.

  2. BS Says:

    I hope they don’t take away my water from the snowmen on my farm…I like knowing that I can ask for other gifts while I’m working on growing my seedlings since I get water from the snow..

  3. Julie Smith Says:

    Maybe they should develop a well(s) that we can put on our farm

  4. Kevin Says:

    @stephanie pitchforks and torches work well :) look what happened when they got the breeding community irate

  5. beaufleur Says:

    I’m DELIGHTED!!! I threw a FIT with the Zynga rep on live chat last night …. glad they’re paying attention! Told her a bunch of my friends have already quit (they have) and that the ONLY reason I’m still playing is to build my orchards which is true. ’bout time Zynga!!

  6. cindy brick Says:

    ok…i worried about no water when the snowmen did not come through…so i went dumpster diving and maxed out on my 125 limit…this is so sad to have to take in water and not get anything else. i have 60 orchards….so the usual is 30+ seedings. so do the math. i have 30 snowmen. so that adds up to 90….add on the 125….so that leaves with a deficit of over 200…keep the snowmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Derrick Says:

    After I deleted 8 out of 10 snowmen because I couldn’t collect or store them, 2 hours later they extend it. And I spent around 20 FV dollars tp finish them a couple days ago before they announced that they would be ending….less than 24 hours later they stopped giving me watering cans. Yeah I am a bit upset.

  8. Laura Says:

    How do you get your snowmen back after you deleted them..? I had 17 and depended on them

  9. Reonarudo Says:

    They are vital!! i get 92 watering cans from them! believe me, they are vital!

  10. Angel Says:

    Great but now I harvested my 5 snowmen at the wrong time and I hate that. I want everthing to be timed on my farm!

  11. GothicHippy Says:

    Not like you cant ask for them now is it.

  12. lindalinda Says:

    1st: People have more than 10 orchards on their farm
    2nd: orchards takes a lot of the space and how about the expansion???
    3rd: avoid gift limits by builiding more than 5 snowmen so people can do valentines since a lot of people don’t want random neighbors and most likely majority of them are not active player
    4th: make at least 250 gift limits not 125 it’s not enough especially builiding orchards, watering cans, valentines
    5th: I AM THANKFUL FOR MY NEIGHBORS WHO BOUGHT RARE PONIES, HORSES, AND COWS SO THEY CAN GIVE US CALFS AND FOALS because I feel like people spend money not just for themselves but for their neighbors. So please don’t call them stupid for spending money on a game.

  13. Stu Says:

    That’s lame. I thought they meant that you wouldn’t be able to build any new snowmen (reasonable), not that the ones already built would stop producing watering cans. I’ve got over 40 snowmen on my farm. Lame.

  14. Judy Says:

    I am always amazed at how inconsiderate Zynga is and wonder if they ever think things out before they proceed with things that have an ill effect on their players. I have to delete seedlings all the time as I cannot get enough water to grow them. Farmville is becoming a chore rather than a fun game. A little genuine consideration and better communication would go a longway to improve the situation.

  15. Pop Eye Says:


    agreed.. i too thought that the TIME LIMIT was for building snowman, NOT FOR HARVESTING SNOWMANS FOR WATERING CANS.. snowmans should produce watering cans FOREVER considering the difficulties we went through building it.. come on zynga, make this happen.. i do appreciate the extended time to harvest watering cans but u know.. i really expect a lot from the snowman..

  16. Pop Eye Says:


    agreed.. i too thought that the TIME LIMIT was for building snowman, NOT FOR HARVESTING SNOWMANS FOR WATERING CANS.. snowmans should produce watering cans FOREVER considering the difficulties we went through building it.. come on zynga, make this happen.. i do appreciate the extended time to harvest watering cans but u know.. i really expect a lot from that snowman..

  17. jackie cooper Says:

    what a crock! spent coins and tons of time for the snowman, for the purpose of the watering cans! why turn them off? Why not just keep snowmen watering cans, and have orchards provide some sort of water, jeez, how hard would that be?

  18. Pop Eye Says:

    hahah.. sory i spammed there (11 & 12)..

  19. Jim W Says:

    I’m working on building up my orchards and have invested a lot of time and quite a bit of Farmville Cash in building up 7 snowmen so I would have an adequate water supply. I hope the orchards can at least match the production or I’ll be more than a bit griped.

    AND they need to make the snowmen storable!!! After this much trouble I want to be able to pull them out once in a while and not have to lose them if I change my farm season theme.

  20. BS Says:

    if they aren’t going to change the way the seedlings grow…Zynga, please keep snowmen to be harvestable for water.

  21. Echo Says:

    i was so bummed yesterday when i could not harvest my snowman. i think it really sucks that they are going to render them useless. one of the better thing that they’ve done for us and now they are going to take it away.

    i am slowly getting fed up with zynga and their jerking us first one way then the other.

    sure takes a lot of fun out of the game and my game.

    It’s the biggest reason i no longer play Yoville. all the crap has really ruined the fun. and the energy thing makes it even worse…….

  22. GaAnne Says:

    Glad they are still giving us watering cans, at least until the orchards start giving water…I never seem to get enough water, even when I try to send out as many SD boxes as I can, hoping to get as many back so I can get cans. I am one of these who likes to get rid of things (store) when it’s time for the season to end, and so I am ready to put my snowman in cold storage until next winter. I don’t feel like I can while he’s still producing because I need the water!

    Also, I got an offer to throw snowballs when I visited other farms about 20 min ago. Did that happen with the return of the watering cans in snowmen? Uggh!

  23. Mark Says:

    Why were they in such a hurry to disable it anyways? The stupid turkey things still give out fruit cakes from Thanksgiving, and nobody cares about those. I have 24 snowmen built, and I would have been pissed if I did all that work to have it not work anymore.

  24. Sonia Says:

    Moi je n’ai qu’un bonhomme de neige,alors je serai bien contente d’avoir la possibilité d’avoir plus d’eau.Mais je suis contre ,qu’on enlève la possibilité aux bonhommes de neige de produire de l’eau,surtout ceux et celles qui en ont beaucoup et à qui ces bonhommes produisent beaucoup.

  25. ruSh.Me Says:

    I <3 Snowmen!

  26. Tala Says:

    My snowman still needs his magic hat. My neighbor tried to send it to me last night, but I didn’t receive it… was it too late? Now when I click on the Ask For More button, the window freezes. =(

  27. Nq. Says:

    read the damn intro people!

    When you deleted your snowman; send an e-mail to the support, they will give it back.

  28. FloydieGirl Says:

    #25 Tala don’t worry contact Zynga tell them they will send you one, exact ting happened to me XX General now, my God, I was fuming at the snowmen last night having the previous night spent a fortune on finishing my 6th snowman off with FV cash, I love my trees and buy 3 of each 1st stage one as and when they come out so have some lovely trees and always post them to my wall when they are grown (I think my neighbours like me for it) I have 8 orchards and get quite excited when they are due for harvesting (note to self~get a life, LMAO!!) but seriously what on earth do Z think they are doing taking away the cans from snowmen when we’ve spent real money on them, the reason I did it was so I didn’t have to hassle friends to keep sending cans and nabbing them from the wall so others could have them instead of me pinching them all XX THE CANS FROM SNOWMEN SHOULD BE PERMANENT, I do like the idea of getting them from non producing orchards though :P

  29. Another Dawn Says:

    OK, I posted this on another thread, but I’m still a curious semi-newbie.

    Can a single item be both a storable item and a harvestable item?

    The podcast says the snowman will be storable when the snowball fight ends. Doesn’t that sort of hint that it will NOT be harvestable?

    I thought it was either or. Are there things that can be put in storage and brought back out and harvested???

    Just curious.

    Anyway, Zynga should have had another water source already set up if they were going to disable the snowmen. First they make us use 20 cans for the duckpond, I could have grown 2 seedlings. And now my snowmen are going to stop producing soon. What are we going to do for water? The feed or more begging, and neglecting all of our other buildings?

  30. marie Says:

    i deleted all 34 of my snow men got in contact with customer support this morning and only got 5 back, but they did say they would pass it on to the higher support team on getting the rest of them back still waiting though and believe me those watering cans came in very handy as i have so many orchards and always get loads of seedlings, today i reached my rewards limit at lunch time cos i had to collect watering cans from my neighbours it’s a night mare and i hope i do get the rest of them back

  31. Kathy Keefe Says:

    Zynga sold us these snowmen WITH NO INDICATION that they would stop producing watering cans. They sold parts to build snowmen for FV cash. They have taken our money under false pretenses, which is a form of robbery, knowing that these items would not perform as of a given date (information that was not given to us before or when we purchased/built). I have over 60 snowmen on my 2 farms, many orchards, etc. Trees were my favorite part of farming. I am completely outraged by what Z did. I note that last night, the market shows that snowmen are available for another 118 days. Is this real?
    The point is, Z has to come up with an alternative for those of us who spent time and money to make our snowmen work, so that we could grow seedlings. Either keep the snowmen permanently working, or exchange them for something else (a water well?) that gives us additional water commensurate with the number of snowmen that we have built. Do that, zynga, or else face not only a major loss of your players (including the $ that they spend), but also legal repercussions. You cannot steal from us and get away with it.

  32. Stacey Price Says:

    I agree with Kathy. Zynga was being dishonest when they did not reveal that harvesting watering cans would expire. I spent a lot of FC on building snowmen because throwing snowballs didn’t work half the time. This could end my farming habit.

  33. Gina Says:

    Just noticed on the market (Sun Feb 6th) that buildable snowmen have 116 days left.. do you know if they have extended it past the end of Feb or is it a glitch “teaser” to build more snowmen?

  34. Christy Says:

    I had 24 snowmen, fully completed on my farm. I sent an email to customer support and they put 5 level one snowmen in my mailbox (no buttons, no magic hat, plus the 7 snow piles). I was producing 72 water cans a day. Now I produce 5. Thanks for the help Zynga.

  35. Tala Says:

    To # 28 FloydieGirl: Thank you for the advice. I wasn’t sure how to do the live chat, so I filed a report on the error. A Zynga support representative e-mailed me back the next day, apologizing for the problem, and awarding me 30 FC and 60 watering cans. (But not a hat!) After a two days of the Complete Now button resulting in “out of sync” errors, tonight my snowman finally accepted a purchased hat and now my own little Frostie can dance!

    Happy Ending! Thanks again!

  36. sunday Says:

    Well I do know this, when I didnt know about the link for the snowman I bought parts with my farmville cash and I expect a refund!

  37. Wendi Says:

    Spent alot of time and effort on these snowmen. I don’t think the orchard watering cans are anywhere near as good as a snowman. But if you must take them away, please make them storable! I just have to keep one of the little guys but I don’t want him sitting on my farm if he doesn’t do anything anymore. :(

  38. Josie Says:

    I am freakin’ upset that these Snowmen give no more watering cans. I have 21 of them on my farm and I paid for some FV cash to build some. That is not cool! This was my main source for watering cans instead of begging for them. I am very sad that I will have to delete them! :( I always looked forward to harvesting the snowmen for the water but you took something away, that I loved! Really they were awesome! I hate you Zynga!