How to get Farmville Cash?

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How to get Farmville Cash?

Posted on September 15, 2009 11:31 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Q: How do you get more Farmville cash?

A: Many people are asking this question and it’s understandable why. Who doesn’t want more cash, even if it’s Farmville dollars? In Farmville, there are some things that you can only buy with FV$ making it necessary to earn more FV$.

There are several ways to increase your FV$.  Sorry, no cheats or hacks are available.

Here are the 3 ways we are aware of:

  • Increasing in levels yields 1 FV$ / level.
  • Taking surveys or quizzes. You can gain FV$ by filling out surveys or quizzes online through sponsors affiliated with Farmville. You can reach these surveys by going to the “Get More Farm Coins” tab in the Farmville game.  The range in how much FV$ you will actually get varies, as well as your time invested in filling out these surveys. !!!! BE AWARE!!!! Many of these surveys are ” free”, but some ask for more information than you might be willing to provide such as cellphone numbers and mailing addresses, while others can be very time consuming and fruitless.   Choose the surveys carefully, as many seem to be scams to get you to buy a product or a subscription service. Spam alert, can your email take it? However, there are some virtually harmless ones out there, they’re  just a little more difficult to find.

Hint:  and offers FV$ for signing up for their email newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

  • Real $ Finally, you can get FV$ by purchasing them with a credit card or PayPal.  : (

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614 Responses to “How to get Farmville Cash?” »

  1. Sev Says:

    So since I am level 30 why is it that I only have ever had 16 FV dollars at the most? I haven't spent any, I just never get any when I level up anymore. Anyone else get this?

  2. Renee Says:

    You do get farmville dollars *sometimes* when you level up and *sometimes* when you earn a new ribbon. I'm pretty sure that this was implemented only within the past month or so as I had $5 for a long time no matter how many I levels I advanced then all of a sudden started getting more. I am at level 34 and did receive a $ when I leveled up to 34. I also know that I got a $ when I got the red zoologist ribbon. Hope that helps.

  3. nikki Says:

    I get farmville cash everyday!?!? im at atleast 75. ?

  4. Franko Says:

    How do you get cash everyday?

  5. Lindsey Says:

    How do I get to or to get them to offer me FarmVille dollars? I went directly to their websites, and they didn't offer it there…. Please, help me out.

  6. farmgoddess Says:

    Go to the "Get More Coins" tab and there you will see offers available for FV$ . At this post and had an offer where if you receive their email updates you get FV$, no purchase required. You may have to scroll through the offers to find them, as I'm not sure if they are still available.

  7. charlie Says:

    i just get cash randomly for instance one day i had 15 cash and i bourght a mystery box so then i left it and came back later and i had 3 cash

  8. Michael Says:

    Mine got disabled! anyone know how to get farm cash or get it back?

  9. rasit zendeloski Says:

    plis send me some fv cash this is posibile on this site

  10. farmgoddess Says:

    Don’t we all want FV$ ? :)

  11. sharada Says:


    I noticed that once you use ur FV$, it increases when you move a level up. Initially it used to increase everyday for me. But once i used it, it increased for every level.

    Can some one please tell me is there any other way apart from buying or surveys to increase the FV$

  12. Joel Says:

    If u want an EXTRA NEIGHBOUR then add me and i will send u giftz everyday ;)

  13. Farmfreak Says:


    I purchased some FV$ trough buko mobile payment..but now theres absolute nothing except the method to buy with paypal or credit card on the ”get more..blabla” tab . is there something wrong?

  14. Kyle Says:

    I don’t see anywhere that I can do surveys…. help?

  15. Gary L Says:

    I guess they took that whole offer thing off of there. I looked and looked but couldn’t find it. Oh well if anybody figures out exactly how it works let me know. Happy Farming!!!

  16. applepie Says:

    they removed surveys because of problems with scam etc.

  17. iRaVeR Says:

    about 95% of those offers that were free on farmville for earning farmville cash were scams. Thats why they took them off. people kept not getting cash for doing the quizzes

  18. Carla Says:

    I just buy my farmville cash…I used to go out to karaoke on Thursday and since becoming a farmville addict …I have no time for it so I use what I would have spent on a drink every other week $5 and buy some…it supports the game and I am thankful that they took down the scams for dollars advertising…so supporting this really entertaining game is what I do! Peace to all!

  19. armon Says:

    can someone PLEASE send me a link for a farmville survey or quiz? i promise if you do i will be your neighbor and send u a really good gift every day im level 26

  20. trina Says:

    i got 150 free when i joined netflix, but I don’t see the offer anymore.
    I wish they would bring back the legit ones!

  21. Ricky Verboten Says:

    I used to buy the FV cash by sending messages through me cellphone (ZONG) and I got 75 FV for each message… now it dissappeared… Actually I got more than 500 FV cash by doing this, but now I have no FV anymore, ‘cos I’ve spent it on many things… I want ppl from ZYNGA put ZONG back to buy more FV cash. (less than 2 dollars and I get 75 FV cash)

  22. Sebastian arze Says:

    Do you realize that putting normal hay bale is better than the whole soybean plant and delete because hay bales are easier to place and will tale leas time

  23. max Says:

    I get like 1 farmcash evry day… i just started and im only lvl 18 and i have 26 FC

  24. shikha Says:

    i started this game 4 mnths back…n had 4 fv at the start..4 every level up only one fv is added …like when i was at 18 i had 22 fv at level 41 ..i have 45 cash…means current level +4 ..fvs for every level…but i really wonder how ppl r getting fv cash everyday…all my friends r having current level +4 fv cash…n i never got any fv from any ribbon ..only coins n xp….n the other only method of earning fv cash is spending spme real cash..which i never did..if there is some survey or quiz earning method plz do inform …coz till date i have found none..only have heard ppl saying tht they earned fv by taking various surveys etc!!

  25. Pamela Says:

    What a bunch of hooey!!!! All the cool stuff requires FV’s but they’re not generous enough with ‘em….One more thing…all of the “gifts” you buy to send to friends can only be purchased with…guess what??? FV (Farm Cash)!!!!! Crapooooola!

  26. Pam Says:

    I love farmville, but very disappointed at no bonus after level 41, I am on level 45 and no bonus no bonus, no bonus,

  27. Pamela Says:

    hmmmm…guess the Z people are trying to make some money…imagine that! lol

  28. Mandi Says:

    i think farnville needs to come up with more ways for player to get farmville dollars. They removed to quiz and surveies, i have tried accessing them on the Zynga website and Facebook site guesss what they are not there…. they need to update their pages saying that you can go to place when really you can’t….. I totally agree with everyone, “farmville” will not loose anything by giving us a dollar a day…. it would mean more work for farmville developers but, it will be ok just a couple clicks of a mouse and keys on a keyboard they could make it happen.

  29. Yuki Says:

    I agree with the “Dollar a day” thing. Or better yet, why don’t they encourage people to check farmville daily by offering $1 for logining in daily, similar to eSpin?

  30. Mario Says:

    Who know How can i have More Fucking Farm Ville Cash $$$$$$$$????
    Some People Have millions of Fv$ Howwww can i know ????

  31. karen Says:

    i love playing this game ,but all the really good stuff is only available thru the fvcash. not really fair, i cant afford to buy cash, which makes no sense that you have to spend money to buy money. all i can buy is the same old stuff and really want to buy the nice stuff but cant. why not when u harvest a tree or something you get some fv cash. or sonething to that effect. dont know i work my farm evrey day and my neighbors and get no fvcash. maybe get fvcash forworking your neighbors farms…..

  32. imraan Says:

    Yeah farmville shud give us $1 a day or charge coins for everything

  33. Ryan Says:

    i know its pathetic
    should be a better way to get FV$
    again i agree about the one day a FV$ idea

  34. Eddie Says:

    i am Very disappointed they have taken away the survey/quizzes some surveys dident give the FV but it was worth the try some did and some dident at least there was a way to get them now i only get like 1 FV every 3days (takes me about 3days to level) leveling after level 29 gets pretty hard im at level 32 and i hardly get any FV after they taken away these surveys.
    i Hope Zynga consider putting the surveys back on or another way to earn FV as easy as it use to be.

  35. mark Says:

    i’m level 45 add me

  36. Jane Black Says:

    I’m at level 30-something and have had $3 dollars for at least 15 straight levels. This is not good.

  37. balakumar Says:

    Hey im in level 10 only, can any one be my friend and neighbour to give me gifts…
    Im a male 27 from coimbatore india.. im a entrepreneur, i play farmville during my office break hours…

  38. Jane Says:

    I got $1 in cash by posting on this blog. Wow.

  39. miley Says:

    hello……is every1 here interested in FV$ or what?!?!
    neway..even i need FV$….lol…
    sad dat they removed the surveys……
    neway..ne1 has any othr ideas 2 grt FV$
    n NO….I M NOT GONNA BUY THN….so amthing else.

  40. Shahzade Oglan Says:

    Where are those quizes? WHere is that newsletter, i dont see any mail in my mailbox? Can someone pls explain everything…Why is everybody hiding things? Noone will kill anybody! We are all Farmville freaks and we all need news and that answer… So pls someone answer how to get more Fv cash per those internet pages:

    On Snapfish they told me in LIve chat:

    Anil: I am sorry, that feature is not available at this time, but we are always looking for ways to improve our service.

    OH COM Onnnnnn…….

  41. farmgoddess Says:

    The offers are no longer available and have been pulled by Zynga due to controversy.

  42. TyLeR - FaRm FrEaK!! Says:

    i think the $ a day thing is a gud idea and i think we shuld get fv for lyk helping on neighbours farms that would be betta

  43. camelia Says:

    how do i get farmville cash, do i have to buy it by using credit card or handphone

  44. Shelia Says:

    I’m a very new player and was going nuts trying to figure out the CASH process. Thanks everyone, now I understand. I don’t like the answer, but understand now.

  45. Swapnil Kapoor Says:

    how can i transfer FV cash to someone else’s account for FREE

  46. ROCK Says:

    have a conversion from like 10000 coins= $1 FV cash….

  47. ROCK Says:

    maybe sell gas for coins

  48. varun Says:

    you can get farmville cash by buyin them frm the add more coins in the fv tab bar this can be useful

  49. dilan Says:

    im level 21 and have $25 because you get some when you get the blue ribbons i think.

  50. panwads Says:

    i want many FV

  51. adam Says:

    i think they should have a tree that gives you FarmCash. Anyone else agree?

  52. Yamsey Says:

    I really need FV cashh!!!!
    desperately! if u know how to get them, tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  53. Doug Says:

    Rumor has it I might get 1$ for posting? OK, worth a try. Wish there were more ways, like everybody, but they do have to make a real buck once in a while…

  54. gerrgey Says:

    i need fv how can i get it without buying it

  55. Djpapi2xXxx Says:

    I bought farm cash before but i reported my card stolen now zynga wont approve my purchases with my other Card what should i do ?



  56. ciaran Says:

    anyone know where to buy farmville cash on a mobile ?

  57. Mr.xPRess Says:

    Im level 23 and i have 9 FV$…… i never buy a mistery box or smthng….
    i started playing FarmVIlle a few months ago and i didnt knew that FV$ are so usefull……. :S
    i spent them on stupid items…….
    the quizess and surveys are no longer available!
    So… the only way to get FV$ is to level up or buy them via mastercard!
    And thats stupid! very stupid…..
    maybe its just Zynga’s idea to attract users to spend a real dollar or two…..
    After level 30 or something leveling up should be harder and getting FVs should be harder too…..
    Its not strange that Zynga has about 60 million dollars……
    each of their games is used to get some real money…… Nice idea though!

  58. Cupcake101 Says:

    They should atleast give us some 100FD 4 every five levels. CUz right now, their a rippoff. Love,
    Cupcake 101. Anyone have foopets????????????

  59. ButterCup Says:

    I agree with ROCK. There should be a convertion of something like 1,000 for $1 FV. Farmville needs to solve this problem of getting FVs or its popularity will go down very fast. It is not good to keep people disgrunted for long.

  60. David Says:

    How did that person up there get farmville $ for posting on here i hope i do?

  61. David Says:

    Like i dont understand how some people get a ton of $ and im on level 21 and i have probley spend 5 farmville dollors the entire time and i only have 4 now, it just sucks the game is being unfair to all players.

  62. lilgerbergrl Says:

    I need more FV badly. It makes me really mad that I can’t get any without paying, and I almost want to quit farmville

  63. Paras Says:

    I just had 27$ yesterday and i wanted to buy a barn but today i have 12$ i didnt spend any money at all HELP!!

  64. Sylvia Says:

    I’m considering buying FV cash, because I got some money for Christmas…although I’m not quite sure if it’s worth it? Any comments?

  65. Diane Says:

    I need FV cash, too. How soon do you get it after buying it with a credit card? It looks like that is the only way to get more.

  66. Kortni Says:

    completely *** , there is no way to get FV cash I want all these christmas snow / lights and will never get 30+ fv cash . i’am level 25 and havent even got more then 15 fv cash . how do I get more??? . I just found out you can take surveys but also just found out you cant do surveys any more , why would they make getting FV cash so impossible so all the cool stuff is pretty much impossible to get anything , any one have answers i’m very sad I’m never gong to get anything cool because its impossible !!!!!! if you got the answer please tell !!!!! ;)

  67. tete Says:

    i need some FD im on level 25 and i only have $1 i did buy one horse but thats it..any one have any idea were i can get fam cash???HELPPP

  68. Gabriel Says:

    Zynga would give us farm cash for new year!, You dont think so?

  69. Farmvilleismylife Says:

    I love farmville the animals are so cute but so is the new horse but it’s so hard to level up after 20 just need 2 move FV$ and yeh why are all the good things a rediculous amount of FV$ like the cat 9 FV$ for a cat what??

  70. Farmvilleismylife Says:

    Oh Forgot to say WOOO Go farmVIILE better than the other farm things like lil’ farm and farmtown

  71. sam Says:


  72. sam Says:

    some of the people who can get money the farm ville to get in fine rinti up farm ville to get monet.completely *** , there is no way to get FV cash I want all these christmas snow / lights and will never get 30+ fv cash . i’am level 25 and havent even got more then 15 fv cash . how do I get more??? . I just found out you can take surveys but also just found out you cant do surveys any more , why would they make getting FV cash so impossible so all the cool stuff is pretty much impossible to get anything , any one have answers i’m very sad I’m never gong to get anything cool because its impossible !!!!!! if you got the answer please tell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Im level 23 and i have 9 FV$…… i never buy a mistery box or smthng….
    i started playing FarmVIlle a few months ago and i didnt knew that FV$ are so usefull……. :S
    i spent them on stupid items…….
    the quizess and surveys are no longer available!
    So… the only way to get FV$ is to level up or buy them via mastercard!
    And thats stupid! very stupid…..
    maybe its just Zynga’s idea to attract users to spend a real dollar or two…..
    After level 30 or something leveling up should be harder and getting FVs should be harder too…..
    Its not strange that Zynga has about 60 million dollars……
    each of their games is used to get some real money…… Nice idea though!

  73. Catarina Says:

    I read all comments and i’m still confused. Can anyone resume FREE ways of getting FV cash, please?? Farmy hugs! **

  74. leah Says:

    im buying farmville dollars and i was wondering if it was safe???? will it steal u info????////////

  75. Annas Says:

    hey i need fv cash

  76. Deb Says:

    Farmville cash

    When they introduced the fv cash and everybody was given 5fv cash i was already on level 26 and i have received 1fv cash for each level obtained afterwards., so i feel really ripped off by farmville

  77. Kevin Says:

    yeah they should take back the surveys but i know this website where you can still take the surveys and get farmville cash. i got 500 fv for taking one survey and it was free and took me like less than 3 minutes.

  78. Tam Says:

    Where’s the website to earn 500fv for taking a survey?

  79. Mada Says:

    I still don’t understand if there is any way to get Free Fv cash :(

  80. Shravan Says:

    I love farmville add me as your neighbour i will send you gifts everyday

  81. adrian Says:

    Personally i think its all a get up!! Every time you get anywhere with farmville they chuck in more things you have to do, and as for the impossible to earn/get farmville cash please dont get me started! I am on lvl 31 now and see no increase in fvcash whats going on??????

  82. Loic Says:

    please add me as friend on facebook in order to be my neighbor on FV.
    I’m loic LE POURHIET from france

  83. Mitch Says:


  84. crystal werfelmann Says:

    OMG! I agree w/ everyone bout the farmville cash, but you know its still sooo fun to play im on leval 20! I neeeeeed more neighbors so ya’ll look me up please. I would really like to upgrade my farm and help other farmville freaks in the process.

  85. pinkalicious Says:

    for some reason i cant find that free offfers tab
    can sum 1 plz telll me hw to gt it bk

  86. RaidersFan Says:

    Love dat Farmville

  87. max superr hit Says:

    hello every body
    i am on level 22
    an having 10 fv only
    does anyone know how to get more fv and fast
    plz help help.

  88. Carol Smith Says:

    We should be able to purchase FV$ with coins. I was disappointed that there were no FV$ in all those Christmas presents.

  89. Carol Smith Says:

    FarmVille is fun but only for so long. Making FV$ available would make it more interesting.

  90. john farmington Says:

    has anyone noticed a correlation between getting people to use the app and receiving farmville dollars. when i first started using the app, i was sending a lot of neighbor requests, and sending requests to get people to use farmville. at that same time, i manged to get over 25 FV$. but after a while, i stopped sending those notifications to get people to join. once that happened, the farmville dollars coming in nearly came to a hault. so does anyone seem to notice a pattern here? but to sum it up, whenever you make posts or send a message about farmville, or bring attention to it in some way, you seem to get more farmville dollars. so by essentially “advertisng” for them, you get farmville dollars. so try this. leave your screen open to find animals, and send as many farmville notices to people as you can. so this is my solution. send as many farmville notices and posts as you can and you may be rewarded with farmville cash.

  91. russell miller Says:

    i need farmville dollars because everything good u need farmville dollars for

  92. Lee Russell Says:

    I wasted FV$ on chickens before I realized how Precious FV$ are. I would like to exPand my farm, but don’t know if I can ever to $20FV from $7FV.

  93. pansy roberts Says:

    I love Farmville but want more FV dollars..

  94. jake Says:

    those offers even though they were fake i always got fv cash at one time i had over 3000farm cash and i want the surveys back and i never signed up for any of the sites because all u really had to do was visit the site close it off and goto doubledings website and post a comment stating that you have visited the website couple days later you received the farmcash and now im down to like 12 farmcash so if anyone knows anyother way let me know please cause i need the fv dollers for one of the ribbons

  95. gamepoch Says:

    WAAHHHH!! You guys are a bunch of Obama babies. Like me you probably spend hours and hours on Farmville. If you are provided with something you love, shouldn’t you give the people that develop this thing a living? No. We’re entitled because we’re a bunch of babies. WAAAAHHH!!! I haven’t spent one dime on Farmville but I am grateful for all the fun I have for free. I also have no problem them asking me for money if I want to go beyond the free route. WAAAAHHHH!!!

  96. Patti Says:

    I’m at level 26 and still have my original tiny lot of land. No friends to add. I can only increase my lot size if I have $20 FV cash. I’ve been at $18 forever. Any suggestions. I have no place to put all the Xmas presents. It’s not fair!!

  97. fq Says:

    although i m a farmville addict but wont ever spend money on a game.. not my way.. i mean people in the world r dying of hunger and v spend dollars to buy dollars,, which are good for nothing.. spend some money to buy some stuff for ur home and u wll feel much more appeased. or give some money to a poor person and u may get rid of 1 sin of urs.. btw.. i play the game n although i do want to have that stuff which can onlyy be bought by fv but still i m not crazy for that.. i have nearly all that stuff which can be bough by coins and i m glad enough about that.. coz the other stuff is not approchable hence it does not exist:D

  98. Matt E Says:

    Hello everyone. Some are close, but nobody has gotten the right answer.


    To get farmville dollars for free:
    1. Sign in everyday. You get 1 FVD for every day you sign in. This has nothing to do with levels.
    2. Ribbons in DIFFERENT CATEGORIES. You get 1 FVD for the first (gold) ribbon in each category.

    For example. I have signed in once a day for 5 days, and have gotten 18 different categories of ribbon, and I have 23 FVD’s.

    It is NOT for every ribbon, it is for starting a new category of ribbon.
    Ex. If you get the gold ribbon as an Architect, you get a FVD, but when you get any other color, you just get exp and coins.

    Yes, you can also pay for them or do quizzes, but it is completely unnecessary.

  99. mja Says:

    I want to be able to play my way to more farm bucks faster. Also did anyone else fall for the ripoff of the special gift under the tree! Cost 5 bucks and 5 gifts to get a black chicken. They wonder why I don’t go for a mystery gift???? The new ribbons both require a player to use bucks to acheive them.

  100. vasia Says:

    dua fv coins te lutem o fejzbuk

  101. Di Says:

    Add me as neighboor

  102. Gab Says:

    Mja – yeah I was totally ripped off with that one too! I would’ve actually been happier with a black chicken! :) For my special gift (ie. traded 5 gifts and spent 5 FV which was all of my FV btw), I got a tabby cat when I had already received 5 of them as normal gifts! Grr!

    Matt E – it sounds like you know what you are talking about… but… I’m not convinced that I get FV for signing in each day… I’m about 200xp until level 26 and I sign in most days (if not multiple times per day). I spent 5 at the start on something insignificant then 10 when expanding my farm and 5 on the (rip-off) “special” gift and I currently have 4 FV (was 3 FV since Dec 26 when I bought the gift but got a new ribbon category today), so a total of 24 FV in my Farmville life. I also have at least one of the ribbons in 22 different categories (when I counted just then there were 24 available categories) so it sounds like I should have 5 FV when I joined +22 FV for the ribbons +??? for signing in each day, but unfortunately I guess I missed those FV. I’d LOVE to get FV for signing in daily because otherwise I am stuck at 4 FV since I can’t get the other ribbons without using FV to buy things to get the ribbons. Bummer.

  103. Gab Says:

    Oops, my mistake. When I bought the “special gift” it brought my FV total to 0… so maybe they started giving away the daily FV for signing in daily (or maybe 1 FV for signing in 2 days?) along with the daily fuel at the start of the year (since I have received 3 FV since Dec 26 +1 FV for the new ribbon category)

  104. Betsy Says:

    I need more neighbors. I send gifts & fertilize everyday. Please add me as your neighbor. Thanks!

  105. Jerry Ann Says:

    I don’t mind buying farm cash but, the links to buy more cash (on facebook), do not work……ie. paypal, gamecoins, etc. Been trying to get help with this issue but to no avail. Can anyone give me a safe site to go to ?? Appreciate the help.
    Thanks, Jerry Ann….;-)

  106. Anand WHY Says:

    I need more neighbors.

    Send me gifts & fertilize everyday.

    lets c who wil be no 1 in farmville

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz add me as your neighbor.



  107. youmakemelaugh Says:

    Matt E – you are an idiot. you do NOT get FVC for signing in everyday. you DO get 1 FVC EVERY TIME YOU LEVEL UP. You also dont get FVC when you post things either, like pet adoptions and asking neighbors to fertilize your crops.

    Farmville is a game. If youre really gonna waste your REAL money to buy FAKE money then you are an idiot. You people dont see that zygnas comming out with these new ribbons you have to spend FVC on like opening mystery boxes … theyre obviously raking in as much money as they can now, because they are going to come out with a way to get FVC easier eventually. So keep being dumb now and paying for it so youre kicking yourself in the a$$ later for wasting your money on a computer game.

    And by the way, alot of you people should go back to school so you can stop typing lyk thiis nd thattt plz … its really annoying.


  108. Todd Says:

    …I stopped getting $$ 10 levels ago!! …level 38, but only have $28 (I haven’t spent anything!

  109. Eric Paez Says:

    The way you get so much farmcash is you get 1 every time u level up or when you pass one of your friends in experence.

  110. kami Says:

    sometimes i dont get no cash when i go a level up or get a new ribbon

  111. kami Says:

    i just dont wanna buy the cash

  112. Jayy Says:

    :’( im not buying any.. im level 17 with 22FV$ but ive spent loads on getting ribbons and whatever.. it should be something like 1FV a day or 10k coins earnt/spent = 1FV$

  113. A.L.L. Says:

    I get Farmville dollars every time I level up. There should be other ways to get cash without spending real money.

  114. a person Says:

    im not buying cant do offers anymore… and i never got any fv cash when i lvl up i have 3 somehow but that it guess zynga just wants to make it real hard for u to get fv cash

  115. a person Says:

    and did tons of ribbons no fv cash accept for the 3 i have

  116. Naing Kiss Says:

    I spend $140 buying farmville cash because there are no more Offers.

  117. themurman Says:

    who ever bought a videogame? or gambled in vegas? isn’t that entertainment? and what is farmville after all? if they ask for some money to have more fun, why not?
    btw, i live in italy and the EUR/USD conversion rocks! LoL!!

  118. carcar Says:

    I sign in every single day and i do not get a FVD. that is a lie. you only get it for going up a level. Unless they just started the ribbon thing, you don’t get it for that either. I got ripped off on this game because I started it before all the ‘cool’ ribbons and when you didn’t get a dollar for even leveling up. Now i’m on level 46 without cheating and buying my $$$ and there are ppl that purchase $$$ and are catching up. I always keep my farm up to date and nothing ever withers on me. I’d like to know how to these ppl are catching up.

  119. Lou Lou Says:

    I have tried to figure out what getting FV$ coincides with but I haven’t figured it out yet. It seems that soon after I reach a new level I get one FV$ but this doesn’t happen straight away. It really is very queer how it all works and how they do not tell us so we can strategise a bit more…
    I kinda like that it keeps us guessing, although I’m stuck as I cant upgrade my farm as I do not have enough FV$ or neighbours so I’m getting a little bored of it :(

  120. jason greene Says:

    i like the idea of conversion or a dollar for signing in. They really need to do something because there are alot of people getting upset and bored with the same things and not being able to buy any of the neat stuff…

  121. Tamuna Says:

    where did u find those quizes u are writing about

  122. Al the pal Says:

    Okay – Here’s what happened to me – Yes I want more FV but the only way to get it is buy for real money or level up. I am level 39 at the present

    1 – I have never ever gotten any FV for buying any of the items in market place – no matter what the cost

    2 – You do not get any FV when you sign in every day – if you are getting it like some people they do above – it is a bug and count yourself lucky.

    **** By the way , I checked with Zynga official website – They say there are only 2 ways – Level up and buy for Credit cards

    3 – About 5 months ago, I took two different surveys for extra FV (These are not longer available or allowed by Zynga) I got the FV as offered with 20 minutes. But it took almost 20 minutes each of taking them and you have to use an active email address; and then , as a bonus (haha lol) you get about 100 to 200 extra junk emails every day – block them and more pop up – so it wasn’t worth it.

    4 – I joined a book club (which I was interested in anyway) and also got my FV with 20 minutes. There were lots of these back then ; now no more – too bad!!

    NOW – to all those you are BITCHING and COMPLAINING how unfair it all is.
    Enjoy the game!!!! It is free to use – Zynga doesn’t charge for this game that I enjoy and love. They make the rules. Get real – they are paying for “hosting” the game on servers (believe me this costs big, big bucks for something this large). So if they want to charge a “little” extra money for some special items – let them – their right.

    My only complaint – need more room – but again – I am having fun with the room I do have – for FREE – Thanks Al the Pal

  123. Al the pal Says:

    And one more thing – see a few of you are bored with the game because you can’t get more FVs – Really – so get get more FVs and buy a floppy eared rabbit (5 FVs I think) – Gee , I am no longer bored because I now have a rabbit — HaHa Face it , you won’t be happy if got all the animals you want – The grass is always greener on the other side of the fance – Speaking of grass , like the long grass available as gifts – send me some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Jiyo Ballesteros Says:

    I’m level 42 now. but my fv cash is 9 only. I did’nt spend any. Can you give me pleaseeee.

  125. Merwin Says:

    hey guys ! don’t know if this is already known, but I just found out I get cash when I send presents to friends too… might be helpful

  126. Dorinda Says:

    So i heard you get $1 in fv cash by posting so i’m trying it.

  127. 06johansenad Says:

    How about having a system where you can buy FV by spending the ingame coins on it?

    That might work.

  128. Beatriz Silva Says:

    So i heard you get $1 in fv cash by posting so i’m trying it too xD

  129. Sonia Says:

    My Fv go away or stolen, i don´t know

  130. Annie Says:

    im glad im not the only one who is confused on how to get fv$. i guess ill always have a tiny farm or maybe stop playing. its irritating.

  131. Mobler8 Says:

    I like the “dollar a day” thing. They need to make better ways to get farm cash. I would like it if it could be something like 10,000 coins could buy you 1 cash. I’m lvl 25, and i am still confused about getting them. If they do that idea, they could raise the price of everything, and it would make the consumers (us) happy, as it would be more obtainable.

  132. Mobler8 Says:

    Another thing they could consider would be if you signed in 3 or 7 days in a row, you get 1 cash or something. That way they would give out more, and still make it hard to get bigger more important items.

  133. khrystle Says:

    can anyone tell me how to buy a FV CASH? thanks!

  134. Jayme Says:

    Is it so wrong to just want a few farmville dollars? I have 3….thats all I’ve ever had and I’m a level 36. Its bull****! Gimme some dollars!

  135. Mr.Whoopee Says:

    Zynga is making a lot of money. Imagine 70,000,000 paying 3 bucks once a month or even once a year.Thats a lot of money people, so your “free” farmville cash would be ” expensive” for them – people which pay money for FV cash would never pay again if they receive 1 FV dollar a day.So it would be loss for Zynga.So 1 FV dollar a day would be total loss for Z people .

  136. emile Says:

    I think Z should offer 1FV$ if you log in daily. im a level 31 and only have 14FV$ and havent spent any at all! this is rediculous.

  137. dfunk Says:

    So i like farmville, it deff keeps me from getting bored at work , and ive gotten alot of friends to play andd i have many neighbors, although it takes forever to load sometimes, its fun to play , but FVC is bullshit , ill go elsewhere with my game playing if they dont fix the problem a sap , f*** spendin’ real money on this shit , YEA RIGHT ! hah

  138. jainy Says:

    imagine u cant help haiti coz u dont hv fv cash 25 …pathetic

  139. Val Says:

    Please FV come up with a way for us to get more FV$. Leveling up is OK, but once you hit higher levels it takes so much longer.

  140. brenda Says:

    Just trying to find a way to get FV cash

  141. Rick Says:

    Might as well try to get a buck for posting.

  142. Rick Says:

    Yeah…..that didn’t work.

  143. sabarmathi Says: in level 30 i already spent 20 fv cash and now i have 7 more..but i need more sad.

  144. wanda Says:

    i am at level 36 and i only have 5 fv$ whats up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Hall Monitor Says:

    Some of you are so bad at communicating it is nearly impossible to understand what you are trying to say. Please type better and be more clear for the rest of us who actually want to comprehend what you are trying to say. How hard is that?

  146. Daine Says:

    i think they should make it when you get a blue ribbon you get 2-4 farmcash

  147. jeff lee Says:

    Do I get a $1 for posting here???

  148. rohit Says:

    everybody needs fv cash…..

  149. Kistra Says:

    Blockbuster Offer – after signing up for the 4.95 offer, how long does it take to get my FV cash? If it’s supposed to be instant, I have a problem… is there anyone to contact?


  150. farmgoddess Says:

    @ Kistra, it is usually not instantaneous. Make sure that you have gone to Blockbuster and selected your movie choices. It can take a few hours to process your farm cash. If you still haven’t received it you can find contact information by visiting FarmVille Freak FAQ or you will see at the bottom of the offers there is information on contacting vendors when you did not receive your farm cash.

  151. annie brown Says:

    Went I logged on farmville yesterday morning I did not have the FV10 like it was when I logged off. I am a level 34 and 10FV is all that I have every had now I Do not have any thing. Where did it go I would like to know brcause I did not buy anything. It is at FV O now. can anyone let me know.

  152. smurfette Says:

    I”d love to have more dollars too, but remember it’s a GAME!!!! Just have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I really want to get those butterflies!!!

  153. niketa cavanagh Says:

    i need some farm cash please

  154. Kathy Says:

    I wish we could convert our farmville coins into fv dollars

  155. Lucas Says:

    I NEED MORE CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN ANYONE HELP????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  156. Sistahkuz Says:

    Kathy’s post is my thought as well, why can’t we convert coins into dollars every so often. A good idea, yes? Come on Farmville listen up!

  157. kindu Says:

    convert coins into cash :)

  158. LLoyd Says:

    hey guys i think this games is a Reap off don’t encourage people to play this game, it just makes you hang till you pay for a FV cash to go on with the game. they are more better game than this one….. @@@WAKE-UP@@@…

  159. Lori Says:

    Hey there,
    “Maybe it’s time to get a guide and get out of loserville” These were words of so called wisdom from a friend of mine, whom I will leave nameless as I don’t think it will be appropriate on here. He urks me and I just want to beat his assets. Oh and he also mentioned another thing, go to this site to find out what I did.

  160. grock Says:

    What happened to the surveys ??lol

  161. Dima Says:

    Well I sign in daily like 100 times!!!!!!!!!!! i am level 31 and i only have 8FV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. matthew Says:

    Im at Level 45 and am getting fairly sick of it at this stage..
    There are no rewards for nothing these days although i did get a FV$ for a mystery gift yokey!
    I only have FV$50 and am L45! Does not make any sense!!!

  163. Virginia Says:

    I agree with everyone that there should be SOME way to earn FV dollars. The method used now is so random, if at all. It could be a treasure hunt or something of that nature. It can be as hard and/or as long as Zynga dictates but we need something. Don’t think for a second that Zynga isn’t making a pile of Uncle Sam’s dollars with thier FV dollars.

  164. Heather Says:

    i agree 10,000 coins=$1 FV cash

  165. Clint Says:

    “FarmVille had given its users virtual cash for various advertising offers: for instance, you would get some virtual currency for signing up for Netflix. However, FarmVille has been accused of scamming its users through misleading offers, such as filling in bogus survey or IQ tests which in fact subscribe the users to an unwanted service which appears on the phone bill. In a video posted November 9, 2009, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus says “I did every horrible thing in the book too, just to get revenues right away. I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this Zwinky toolbar which was like, I don’t know, I downloaded it once and couldn’t get rid of it.” In
    regards to business practices. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch accused Facebook of allowing Zynga’s FarmVille to continue these practice because a great deal of the money it gets from such leads is reinvested in ads inside the Facebook network. In response to this negative publicity, Zynga removed all virtual cash offers on 8
    November 2009 , however as of January 2010, several such offers have been reinstated. Zynga is now facing a potential class action lawsuit as a result of these

    10. “Are You Getting Scammed by Facebook Games?” , Time, November 6, 2009
    11. Michael Arrington, “Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell” , Washington Post / TechCrunch, October 31, 2009
    12. Mafia Wars CEO Brags About Scamming Users From Day One By Ben Popken, 4:28 PM on Mon Nov 9 2009
    15. Henry. “Facebook and Farmville” . 3xGamer. . Retrieved 2010-1-9.

  166. Eve Says:

    I love Farmville, but I need farm cash. I agree with the 10,000 coins=$1 FV cash idea.

  167. maria Says:

    10,000 coins=$1 FV cash

  168. Sumaya Says:

    Some people said if I post i’ll get a $. I only need one to expand my farm. Hope it works!!

  169. sacha Says:

    cmon…. how much do these guys make anyway…. stop being f,,,,,
    ansd sort out a way to get fvcash…. how much do you need…. all that will happen is beople will just drop off with boredom……
    someone wrote that they have 60000000 bucks…. how much more do you want
    a bit of give and take is needed… not just take take take you capitalist f..ks

  170. Judy Says:

    10,000 coins=$1 FV cash

  171. Shannon Says:

    I will probably give in and buy som FV $. I have become obsessed and need to get items that I will never earn enough to buy.

  172. tincha Says:

    i need FV too

  173. Amy Says:

    How do you know, Judy?

  174. Mari Says:

    Wish we could turn in a certain amount in for 1FV

  175. Travis Says:

    I agree! I wish they would give you 1FV$ every day you log onto Farmville or at least let you buy them with your coins!

  176. audrey Says:

    Will I get FV$ for posting?

  177. maya Says:

    will i be gettin FV cash for posting here?????

  178. cecilia Says:

    comooonnn.. im sure there is some cheats to get fv – people has millions of money out there… im level 30- i want to buy villa… anyone knows the cheats?

  179. Zach Says:

    I think it should be 100=1 FC

  180. Zach Says:

    happy valentines day <3

  181. Alex Says:

    the only thing that zynga wants is $$$$$$$$$
    i have a great idea for them though……. u can chane coins into cash like 1000c=1FV

  182. Lugi329 Says:

    I only get 5 FV=’s. How can get more FV’s?

  183. Postcard Says:

    thank for information

  184. neven Says:

    a need a fv please cann anbody help me

  185. diana Says:

    I really wish there was some way of earning FV cash instead of buying them…

  186. chun Says:

    how can i get some FV in farmville :( hmm 1000 coins change for 1 fv? good idea..:) let’s try…:P

  187. Sarvjit Singh Says:

    old question; i need fv how can i get it without buying it

  188. sara Says:

    the suveys and quizzes aare not freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  189. siyana Says:

    a need a fv please cann anbody help me

  190. belle Says:

    i don’t seem to b getting any FV cash these days-in level 32 now -takes long time to go to next level too

  191. sherry Says:

    I just did this March 3, 2010, so I know it works!! Go to at the bottom of the page there you can become a fan of on FB.. once you click on the link and become a fan go back to your farmville account and refresh… you WILL get 3FV $$$.. I went from 8FV$ to 11FV$

  192. London Says:

    first off, it is total scam to have you pay for some FV cash to have an edge in the game. or even worse, you have to pay for some offers or survey. It is literally gambling. Someone gets hooked to game and blindly starts spending all the money for some stupid FV cash to buy new things in the game.

    FB and Zygna should be sued doing such a thing. Isn’t gambling illegal, if you are under 18. And this is nothing more than a gambling and fraud.

  193. Sharon Says:

    At the bottom of the page where you can purchase fv cash it has some offers. I just signed up for 14 day trial of Audible books and it gives 42 farm cash. It says it takes a day or two to credit FV and I will cancel the audible account withing the 14 day free trial period. Plus I get a free audio book!! Just don’t forget to cancel the account and it’s all free.

  194. bikr Says:

    wat sherry said is true u really get 3 farm cash wen u bcum a fan of

  195. Kelly Says:

    dont like that stuff in market is alot of FV$

  196. sadhana Says:

    Do you really get FV cash if you post here?

  197. allen Says:

    I tried the audible one it works within like a day got my 40 or so fv$ and a free audiobook :D membership can be cancelled easily

  198. Johnny Says:

    Cant find any Audible book offer…

  199. Hazeeq Says:

    I tried the coin freezer, it works. It freezes all your money and won’t take single cent from you. Actually, it is a type of hacker. Search for Farmville 5.5 Engine Hacks.

  200. LINDA Says:

    IF THEY give u free cash then how do they make $???????????????

  201. Bartholomew Says:

    Do you really get FV cash if you post here?
    I got $1 in cash by posting on this blog. Wow.
    So i heard you get $1 in fv cash by posting so i’m trying it.
    Do you really get FV cash if you post here?

    Come on! How were these people directed here? Through a text message forwarded by a friend most likely. At least Rick came back after trying it and said, “That didn’t work.” (post 141 & 142) Thanks Rick!

    To those that came here after Rick with expectations of getting FV$ just by posting a comment I pray you don’t open any of your spam emails and click on links. Especially if you have my email address listed in your address book. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Some of these comments really have me shaking my head with sadness. Seems a lot of people cannot even spell or take the time to proof read before they post and they should ask themselves, “Will I look like a true to life dummy if I press ‘submit comment’ right now?”.

    - Hey Hall Monitor. (#145) I agree with you 100%. Some people it appears cannot type a simple comment without using texting shortcuts and they do not realize how stupid it makes them look.


    I came wondering if there was a way to increase my FV$ and I am leaving with conclusions through the comments that:

    A: ZYNGA initially gave out FV$ more freely than they do now.

    B: ZYNGA wants to make real dollars not Monopoly money.

    C: If I want to continue playing the game I can expect to either pay real cash for FV$, wait until I earn some or DO WITHOUT until ZYNGA changes the rules again.

    D: I can wring my hands, piss and moan about it or I can go harvest some more crops and use the coins I am earning to continue playing the game within the parameters set by the developer…


    Until I win a lottery I’ll be doing without. Maybe even after I win a lottery. I’m having fun with Farmville without spending the big bucks both real and imaginary.

    P.S. To those asking me (and others) to make them my neighbor GET REAL! Like I’m going to trust clicking on links or giving you my email address. This is the Internet and those links & email addresses that are not malicious and really setting themselves up to be toasted by those that are malicious. – Good luck in real life.

  202. Bartholomew Says:

    I should have added – Thanks Farmville Freak for posting this. I learned a lot.

  203. JACK Says:

    i used to get FV$ per day till i was lvl 13
    its prety weird

  204. JACK Says:

    farm ville has started getting worse

  205. Josh Says:

    I had actually just found a site that explains how to get lots of Farmville cash without buying it:

  206. Liquid Says:

    Dont listen to josh, he is a dumb ass liar.

  207. kristopher saylors Says:

    I need more friends just so i can get a bigger farm. amazes me how they pretty much make coins useless and the game really relies on the dollars that are next to impossible to get

  208. Bou_msa3d Says:

    What is the best way to get FV cash for free??

  209. Khan Says:

    Come on people, its quite simple.
    As the farmville community grows, harder the ways of earning a quick money will get. So get a life and rely on the coins you get. Game can be played without having FV.
    Here I must mention that twice I opened a mystery gift and got an FV cash. From the very fist day, I pretty much liked the lake and since then I haven’t bought anything which would cost me a single cash. Seems like it may take a couple of week more but the lake worths it. Anyhow, from the “freaks”, I really don’t think I will start getting malicious e-mails just because I shared my email to tell people to get real.

  210. shannons225 Says:

    u guys need to get a life their is no need to cry about not getting fv because their is a big free game ur playing and all ur moeaning is u cant get money get a life and get a grip for all u no zenga or whateva its called could be going bankrupped to keep u happy playing their games so eithe rbu themor stop moaning ur choise :)

  211. shannons225 Says:

    u guys need to get a life either buy the fv or stop moaning ur playing a free game wich costs alot off money to make and all ur worried about is ur fv’s how bout getting off ur ars getting real mponey and buy them for f sake all im saying is its better to get off ur lazy but get off farmville and get some money for yourself and maybe just maybe u might make a farm off ur own ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………yeh right lol………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….getting closer…………………………………………………………………………………..:P sucker

  212. eternity Says:

    need a faster way of making FV money for free

  213. ariel Says:

    plzz tell if there was a way in getting FV$.

  214. Asif Says:

    To get 1 farmville cash daily you should fertilize 15 neighbours daily.
    I have experience.

  215. Joleen Says:

    how come I don’t get any? each time I level up???

  216. vincent Says:

    hi friends add me as a farmville neighbour i need 30 neighbours to extend my farm or give me the cheat fo increaseing fv cash or a method fo increasing fv cash

  217. rico Says:

    need more FV $…

  218. abc Says:

    thanks guys, i really got some good ideas out of this discussion!!!

  219. Abc Says:

    still waiting for the cash…! :-(

  220. Abc Says:

    hey… gr8 man!!! i really got one cash! but seems it was bcoz of level up!

  221. Skysun Says:

    i spend 587fv cash i bought lots of things and i have to buy it i spend way to much money

  222. Farmville Fanatic Says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  223. AWAIS Says:

    there is a cause in farmville it says 1 cash for 1000 coins join it there are 68000 members when there will 75000 we will be able to buy 1 cash for 1000 coins

  224. Jesse Says:

    there is a reason that zynga doesnt allow us to pay for farmcash with coins, they make money off of it and if they allowed us to get farmcash just by logging in everyday or pay for it with coins its because they will lose money. even though it ay sound coo lit will probably never happen

  225. ray Says:

    how do some have 1000 fv$ is a cheat because i only get when i level up

  226. Melissa Says:

    I am on level 68,and I never get FV cash !!!!!! l have 5 fv cash right now,and I never spend any..go figure? why is it so hard to get fv cash ?? AND why is all the good stuff have to be purchased with fv cash ?? we earn coins by farming,THEN we can’t buy the good stuff with our coins ONLY fv cash !!!! its so not right.

  227. Izabella Says:

    I’m a level 12 and i have 17 $FV

  228. Ixnay Hombre Says:

    post, I’ll try to get cash by posting here

  229. CerberusMA-39 Says:

    I just got to level 28 and didn’t receive my 1 fv$, is there a limit to your level?

  230. michelle Says:

    They should let you buy with coins only all the good stuff is with farmville cash :(

  231. sunkist_yummy_yummy Says:

    how do i get FV$ ??????

  232. yoman Says:

    10fv=10,000 coins … i agree

  233. Dee Says:

    Is is true if you fertilize 15 neighbors daily you will get $1 FV cash daily?

  234. lizaaaaa Says:

    can some help me i bought some cash farm in farmville i got charged but i did not get the cash farm!!! and i dont know what to do…

  235. iann..® Says:

    where do i get the surveys???

  236. marqwa Says:

    I think it is ridiculous that you have to pay real money to buy money in a game! it should not be like that!

  237. Vipul Says:

    add me I need eggs

  238. ricky Says:

    how i get fv cash withoiut paying money

  239. bandgurl Says:

    i need farmville cash :(

  240. Britches Says:

    I think they should make a way for you to trade in coins for dollars. Even if it was like 100,000 coins for every dollar I’d be happy with that. I have SO MANY COINS that I’m never going to spend, b/c like everyone else said all the good stuff costs *dollars*. I think that’s fair. :) I like that idea of giving us a fv dollar for every day we log in, too. I (I’m sure with many other people) don’t get to log in daily, so it’s not like they’d be giving THAT much. Plus it’s a *game*, so how hard can it be?

  241. Laura Rellins Says:

    I’m just trying to buy a dog, but i can’t because: number 1, there 65 FV cash. And number 2, puppy kibble cost 3 FV cash. I can’t afford to feed the puppy for 14 days without it running away. Desperately need FV cash…help!

  242. sura Says:

    me too like all need lots of FV CCCAASSSHHH…plz ppl send me some

  243. yasser el sherif Says:

    I need farm ville cash

  244. yasser el sherif Says:

    that is a realy usefull form

  245. sairah1234 Says:

    where can i put the answer in the few survey?? plss help mee..T_T

  246. Kate Says:

    Thanks guys :) This helped!

  247. Melissa Says:

    It’s a game, you dumbasses, it’s just a game! Play. Make pretty farms. And get a life!

  248. vaibhav mehta Says:

    man we only want cash ………..and there are many communities about 1,000 farm cash we join it but we do not get cash and who can wait for level up and after such effort we get i cash i want to say if you people understand”tum log humko loot te ho har level par ek cash………. lootne ki bhi hud hoti hai”if you give cash after every one day we would understand but you can’t you are afraid that everyone’s farm will be so good and best.and note this thing i am not saying this because i don’t have cash or i am in a condition of a begger in farmville i am in level28 and i am proud of it now what you do i don’t want know and “NAMASTEY”.

  249. tasha Says:

    there was a link floating around for a while that once clicked on you get a dollar a day. and so far since i clicked on it. i now get a dollar a day. but that was a long time ago and i cant seem to find the link anymore.

  250. mariqna Says:

    Thanks to everyone!

  251. daren Says:

    they should give us more ways for dollars!
    its not fair because all of there market items cost so much, and i no that no one is going to buy farmville cash with credit cards because there parents wont let them or something..

  252. Selena Says:

    tryi’n to get 1 FV$ …
    zynga will never change sth. i think. im disappointet… its so senseless.

  253. nubia Says:

    How do you get mare cash in this game , fertilizer and fuel?

  254. kylee Says:

    I dont ever get any fc. I need it because my dog gets taken away every few days =( Any ideas or help? I tried logging in everyday at the same time to feed but the one day, it had loading problems so that is when I lost my dog.

  255. Sara Says:

    Zynga makes it hard to get cash because that’s how they earn their money. It’s their job, if it wqs easy they wouldn’t be getting paid at all.

    So yeah it sucks, but you still have to understand WHY they make it so.

  256. deonna Says:

    love this website, keep up the good work!

  257. kate Says:

    zynga always shows new items in farmville.. and yes, these items are pretty and cute.. but some people only could buy these because all of these costs a hundreds of thousand or a farm cash.. maybe they should change it.. rather make the items not so expensive or much better if they change it to coins .. i also hope that zynga would take action for those farmers who wants to have a farm cash.. or they should make some quizzes that can be easily find for us to have farm cash easier

  258. Need $ Says:

    I so hope this works. Seriously need farmville cash

  259. docxnoel Says:

    postings here makes 1FV cash, let me try..LOL

  260. David Says:

    hmm how do I get farm cash?

  261. Jenn Says:

    My friend needs one fv to get his dog out of the pound…is there a way to get just one? He leveled up and did not get one!!

  262. melonseed Says:

    I think it teaches me an important lesson in life. There are things I vie for. In the end I settle for contentment with things I get at a comfortable pace, life’s a lot less complicated. I’d love to have a dog, but after paying a high price for it, I have to stress myself out to make sure the dog get full attention and never runs away…. I probably can apply this to marraige. I’ll take the dog if it enriches my life, not rob me off it.

    BTW I dun see how i can get a FV by postin here.

  263. melonseed Says:

    I kindda need neighbours. Anyone?

  264. Aimee Says:

    I want to either have the 1FVC per log in or you should be able to change your coins for cash >=/

  265. Tyson144 Says:

    im dissapointed 2 with this whole cash thingy, there is impossible to without paying via card to complete the they of mystery…

  266. kronomen Says:

    this sucks

  267. Sherry Says:

    I agree with you all. Getting FV cash is nearly impossible unless you are willing to pay real money. I won’t do that. So, my dog is gone and I can’t get one extra cash point to get it out. It would be nice if we could buy cash with coins.

  268. vandit Says:

    i love fv but i left it bec in other games there they give so much things free but in fv the y do not give anyting free

  269. Matthew Says:

    Where the hells mobile payment gone plz tell me!!
    If u want add me as neighbour i’m lvl 30..

  270. Test Says:

    Will this get past get a fv dollar ?

  271. tammy Says:

    Everyone can add me. I need more neighbours.

  272. hitesh Says:

    i am having 5000 fv cash…i want more.!!!

  273. vanilla22 Says:

    want cash:(

  274. Martin Says:

    HELP!! I used to buy cash via paypal, because I don’t have (and don’t want) a credit card. Now I’m trying since about 2 weeks, but whenever I get to the paypal page to confirm, I’m asked to enter a cc number!! Same with facebook credits.. but still works in other games.
    I wrote to fb and to Zynga, all I get is stupid answers that don’t help. fb even answered ‘you need a cc nr to buy credits via paypal..’
    Don’t they get the idea of paypal??
    So anyone can help me, please??

  275. Dean Says:

    I want more farmville cash can anyone help? Thanks

  276. Ibad Says:

    So not fair!

  277. test Says:

    Hi My Friend Gets 3XP when she fertilises someones crops and i only get 1 ?

  278. Tasha Says:

    If you download the Farmville toolbar, (which is free) you get 25 fv :)
    theres a link for it above your farmville game window.

  279. karl mark Says:

    it really sucks….they removed the surveys andit now really difficult to get more FV $ :(

  280. Charlie Says:

    I know how to get 25 free farmcash. All u have to do is download farmville toolbar and a week later u will have 25 free cash in ur gift box. I only downloaded this to see when my crops are ready. I have tried this. It really works!!!!!!! I started of with 1 farmcash when I got more!! Just try it. Its free no cash from credit u dont click get more cash and coins because u dont have to pay!

  281. martin luke Says:

    i want to get a farm cash in farmville if i can have some, please i leave in hear from U.S.A

  282. Jajo Says:

    let us stop playing farmville. farmville cash is sooooo hard to earn. they will just lure you into buying fv cash. this is where they earn while we play.

  283. The Great Farmer Says:

    I really enjoy this game… At the beginning I did not want to spend my cash but now I buy some cash every two three weeks… in case I really like something… anyway I really enjoy this game

  284. john Says:

    Im saving up for the Mason…already got 47 FV cash

  285. Mr cool Says:

    i just got 25fv$ for adding the tool bar.
    it is very helpful kus it gives away free fv$ wen it says bonus on it! :)

  286. Cee Says:

    Well, i dont agree with you all on the one day fv cash. Just because they would make everything more expensive and it would be just as hard to get things now. i know cheats, but i only share them to a close people who need them. You can download Firefox and then go to and download the farmville bar. When you do that , it gives you 25 farm cash for free! but you have to make sure you are logged in. I am on level 38 going on 39 and i have been playing for a while. I started in December and here i am now in may. i have a ton of limeted edition items. and a ton of things from the farmcash mystery box’s. But personally, I think farmville should have another ‘Level up day’ to help people on lower levels to get up. I also think that farmville should have a once a month gift thing. i think one random day of the month there should be something avalable in the freegifts to send to your friends including, 5-10 Fv Cash, 5 fuel, 1,000 coins, and some kind of decoration. I also think that farmville should have a free day everyday where something random in the shop is free, but you have to go and find it. and you can only purchase that item once every 2 hours.

  287. mseddawy Says:

    i want to get a farm cash in farmville, but it is very hard,
    i hear that somebody get 3 free cash every day, please help me… thanks

  288. COOLER Says:

    hey u can get 25 fc by just downloading the zynga toolbar.

  289. dan Says:

    how can i get fv cash pls. help me

  290. toniisa Says:

    its hard getting cash any one can plzzzzzzzzz tell bout any sites???? plzzzzfor free cash

  291. amber Says:

    W>W not cool

  292. Daniel Says:

    I started today a new game, and I am now at level 5. Now I see that it is very hard to get FV$. Can anybody tell me how to get this?

  293. Ben Says:

    In order to get a FV$ everytime you level up, you need to publish it. When ever you gain a level or ribbon, publish every time and you will get FV$

  294. Rakesh Says:

    pz i what farmville cash

  295. joy Says:

    Every one is mad to get fv. I just created some fake account installed gamebar which helped me to get some fv. then I send gift to my own farm.

  296. Sam Says:

    Need Farmvil caaaaashhhhh!!!

  297. ree Says:

    u know, i wish they would offer to buy some of the things via cash or coins. not the limited addition items such as the Tuscany things thats understandable. but like up grading your farm to a bigger size. they should offer it in like 50k coins and 20 fvcash. that would be fair. and as well as some of those buildings too. i just dont see why it all has to be farm ville cash. cuz lets face it that shit is hard to earn. i understand them making money and all….but why not make it fair for the little guys?

  298. Jake Says:

    I have read that some people here find it odd that paypal requires a credit card. THey use circular logic to explain why paypal doesn’t require a credi card. Well, if it didn’t then how would you fill you paypal account? Are you going to bill your home phone, use a savinbgs account, write a check? Of course not! What paypal is good for is that you can’t get bad credit if someone broke into your paypal account. Sure you might be out all your money, but at least the criminals can’t ruin your credit. I stopped using paypal after they started charging me a small fee to maintain a $5 balance. If you don’t want a regular credit card then get a disposable card. One that carries a small balance and expires after a month or two. Works really good.

  299. mimiku Says:

    more $

  300. becca house Says:

    i really need more farmville cash but i cant buy sme ne ideas ???

  301. tara Says:





  302. amir skate Says:

    i want farmville cash please help

  303. amir skate Says:

    im now level 31 but i just have 1 farm cash

  304. Ivailo Says:

    how to get 75 farmcash

  305. Melissa Says:

    I agree with the dollar a day for logging in and playing Farmville. I also agree they should get the surveys back… least the legit ones! I would love to get some of the items they have that are only available by purchasing FV cash…….

  306. Eweanana Says:

    I think that every week they should give us 1 dollar it would be easier.
    1 dollar every day is unreasonable tho…

  307. mcr Says:

    something needs to be done about the fv cash or they will start losing many players

  308. harsha Says:

    i went directly to but i didn’t find any cah help me out please

  309. harsha Says:

    i lost all my farm ville cash how to get more?

  310. zarah Says:

    i want to avail cash installing the toolbar. yet my internet explorer site is having an error everytime i attemting it. Can I install it on google chrome?

  311. rs Says:

    just starting playing and learning!

  312. Linda Says:

    I am on level 27 and only received 8 Fv cash. I found out that you can send an e-mail to them in regards to not getting FV cash. It takes 48 hr. and who knows? I just did it tonight. You will have to have a picture of your farm so they can see the FV cash. You also have to know your facebook ID #. I also heard that you get ! Fv when you do this. So here it is. I send my e-mail to emai support on facebook. Good luck

  313. Imdagurl Says:

    Ugh!!! its so frustrating! Its like i’ve been to hundreds of webites trying to see if there are any farmville cash cheats. well anyways im only on level 14, and yeah i get cash for every level i make it to. Its weird, because i also got some by helping alot of my neighbors, and i mean ALOT. So good luck to you all! I think i’ll give up trying to see if there are any fv cash secrets

  314. Jenna Says:

    I don’t know how to get Farmville & other than leveling up & collecting ribbons. If you spend a lot of money in at one time, you get a pretty penny ribbon & $1 FV $, but you lost more than you made. Also, if you buy a lot of fences at one time, you get the fenced in ribbon & it gives you 100 xp & $1 FV cash. Hope that helps.

  315. radhika Says:

    make some new trich to get farmville cash
    n giv me 100

  316. van Says:

    Posting to get 1 FV cash? Is this ALL you get?!

  317. Rjohns Says:

    Need FV cash?

  318. hooma Says:

    it is not working…….so dont try it

  319. Hiral paTel Says:

    say hw to get more fv cash

  320. kunal chavan Says:

    pls pls pls send me at least 50 fv cash

  321. rahul Says:

    hey zarah you should download it in only firefox

  322. meg8179 Says:

    How do u get FV Bucks?????

  323. Vanessa Garza Says:

    So I read some where that once we passed Level 34 that we would get $2 Farm-ville cash for every level passed , instead of $1 Farm-ville cash for every level passed. Well I am not sure if it was true however I did read it off of Farm-ville and I have passed level 34; & now at Level 38, But I Haven’t received the extra Farm-ville dollar . Was the post of the extra farm-ville dollar not true. Or is something messed up causing me not to get that extra farm-ville dollar?

    I would really like some kind of feedback on this issue. So you can contact me on facebook by post,message,chat

  324. bellerose Says:

    In regards to your question, I am level 50 and I still only recieve 1$ FVC when I level up. Same for everyone else that I know of, below or above me, on levels. So either that is untrue, or they have not implemented it yet.

  325. Raymond Says:

    Im at level 33 and with 29 dollars only…..I want that Manor but I need help on finding the cash woithout doing the surveys or spending real money on FVC. Where to find the free FVC ????

  326. pinkpoppy10 Says:

    godddddddd this is so annoying! all i want is some bloody fv cash. i would by it but im broke

  327. sanjay Says:

    require fv whitout spending real money.. do you know any method?

  328. Sushrut Says:

    I need FV cash desperately on farmville. I really don’t know how people make 580 farmcash in 3 days. If anyone knows the trick please tell me. My email is
    I know a trick to level up real fast. But for this trick you need to have a lot of coins in hand. And the trick is…….guess what. Buying hay bales. I know that this dosen’t seems to be a trick but it really works. Hay bales can give you much more XP than any other item on farmville.
    Here is the trick:
    You must have 1,00,000 coins in hand.
    Use them all for buying hay bales.
    I gives you 1000 hay bales and 5000 XP!!!
    Compare this to a building costing 1,00,000 coins which gives you only 1000 XP.
    If you are on a level lower than level 25 then this is enough for you to level up and get
    1FV dollar.

    Hope this helps.

  329. thefarmvillefreak Says:

  330. gautam Says:

    i m great fan of farm villa and i am in level 17 but i have only 10 dollars and due to less dollar i m able to buy something good…
    please give me good suggestion to increase this.

  331. Alli Says:

    I get dollars when I level up – I think you should be able to trade coins for dollars.

  332. Raymond Says:

    Yes….what Gautam says plzz i need Farmville Cash

  333. emily Says:

    i like the idea bout 1 FV$ everyday!!!!

  334. holly Says:

    I have recived 3 ribbons tonight and no FV cash, I did get coins. I also leveled up twice today and did not get FV cash. So what gives?

  335. Jody Says:

    doing this to earn a fv dollar.

  336. Jody Says:

    I really want to earn fv cash, but, I don’t want to invest money to do so. Afterall, farmville is just a game. Please, fill me in on an easy way to earn it.

  337. Tom Says:

    Just making a post to see if I can earn a FV $

  338. Taryn Says:

    i got this link from 1 of my friends that allowed me to get 3 free fv cash n a lot of other stuff lik the un wither spray ill c if i can get it again from her n ill post it here

  339. Taryn Says:

    here it is i hope it will help u just lik me by the way arent u guys tired of hearing u have to “level up” or ”earn ribbons” wat i want is to get off the bac lik this

  340. kaleb Says:

    how do u get the farm cash i don’t know how can someone tell me please i been trying to but it won’t!!!!!!

  341. kaleb Says:

    do it fast!!!!!!

  342. dinesh Says:

    add me as ur friend any one………………………………………………………

  343. Kumar Gaurav Says:

    Hi, please add as your friend and neighbor.

  344. laura Says:

    ok, have 8 FV$ now I’ll let you know if this post makes it 9

  345. laura Says:

    no, it did not!

  346. Jen Says:

    i think everything should be in coins! FD are so hard to get!but everything you have to purchase with FD costs 20-65 FD! That would take me a year

  347. Jen Says:

    They deffinatly make FD to hard to get !

  348. Jackie Says:

    I agree that FV dollars are almost impossible to earn. I like the idea about purchasing them with coins, which are much easier to get.

  349. joel Says:

    please add me i need more nieghbors ill try to send u a gift every day if im online add me

  350. Mary J Maier Says:

    Bought items with FV Cash and never recieved them! Now what?

  351. geetenah kharbanda Says:

    i wish if i got fv cash as coins

  352. sam (muppet) Says:

    I defo think u should be allowed to turn fv coins into fv cash .. it would be so much bloody easier :) … personally i dont have a credit card or anythin none of my family do so i cant get fv cahs at all .. its rubbish :( xx

  353. Derk Says:

    you really get a farmville cash dollar for posting here?

  354. helen Says:

    download farmville toolbar earns 10FV cash

  355. Maria Says:

    I agree with all above… Zynga must do something about giving us more Cash as a compensation of playing FV, spending hours at PC while working at our farms, helping friends, getting ribbons, golds on co-ops ans so on.
    The most contradictory 4 me is… the ribbon “They of Mystery”. To earn the 1st, yellow ribbon, you need 2 mystery boxes which cost 16 FV Cash each (dont know, how many boxes needed for white, red and blue)! So I would like to ask Zynga, how we suppose to complete all these ribbons, if we get only $1 and only by moving level up?
    Farmville is just a game, multinational and intra-continental FREE on-line game!!! And it’s ridiculous to push the players spend their real money to get FV money. So, please, do something!

    It’s a “New care package – 3 FV cash and other prizes (4/23/2010)” found from “Gamers Unite” site. I’ve got my $3, so you can get yours as well. Unfortunately we can claim it only once.

  356. Russell Pruitt Says:

    I need FV money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. ruth Says:

    i hear people get fv cash for getting ribbons well i have always got coins and xps mmmm wonder whats up with that

  358. Vivek Moyal Says:

    it works for me i got 3 farmcash

  359. Manish Kumar Sahdev Says:

    I started playing farmville few days back. Slowly and slowly I increased my FV. The day if reached 20FV, I purchased more space If was only 14 X14. After Two days I came to know that 16X16, 18X18, etc are available at the same 20FV price, which is wrong.

    So, somehow I lost my whole FV for a smaller space I purchased. This is really a bad option with farmville and should be changed.

    Manish Kumar Sahdev

    Add me as friend: send request at

  360. Carol Says:

    Do any of you people buy playstation or wii games ? were they free ? I rest my case this is free !

  361. nancy b Says:

    i think they should give free cash once a week dependind on our improvment

  362. Loid Says:

    yes it is true why it is there`s no fvs even when i level up ? :((((((((((((((( i think that they shall have a promo that will give us some fvs to spend to buy expansion or mansions I hope that they will have a promo

  363. jameema Says:

    in market there r to much rate how v can buy plz…………give us one day one fv plzzzzzz if u not giving it is boring fram ville

  364. Erica Says:

    I only need 2 more farmville cash, does anyone have a cheet code or somthing that i could use to get farmville cash instantly. I’ve looked on the internet but i don’t seem to understand any of it

  365. PENNY Says:


  366. manoj Says:


  367. jau Says:

    i think the $ a day thing is a gud idea and i think we shuld get fv for lyk helping on neighbours farms that would be betta

  368. Carol Norton Says:

    I have 35 facebook credits. I was wondering how I could turn them into FV cash? Can anyone help me out with that one?

  369. jodie Says:

    why dont thay just give us more free fv for joining farmville

  370. rune Says:

    trenger fv…noen som vet hvordan

  371. c05m1n Says:

    please help me to get FV$ ….i need them

  372. d Says:

    they should introduce some other ways to get more FV??

  373. Sandy Says:

    I was given 25 Facebook Credits. How can I convert them into Farmville Cash? Every time I try, it asks me for a credit card….

  374. Patrick Says:

    This game is a money scam buy i play for the coins. They put the squeeze on fv so you open that wallet or purse :)

  375. Sayan Das Says:

    Download the Zynga toolbar and enjoy free 15fv and many offers every 5hours

  376. Urusha Says:

    helo there

  377. san Says:

    Download the Zynga toolbar
    u may get 10 cash

  378. david Says:

    add me as a neighbor


  379. pems Says:

    add me in farmville.

  380. basil Says:

    How do I get to or to get them to offer me FarmVille dollars? I went directly to their websites and signed up, and they didn’t offer it there…. Please, help me out.

  381. Beli Says:

    I think there should be a special tree that you can only get if a friend sends it to you as a gift limit time only that when you harvest it instead of coins you get farm cash… Also you can get 2 farm cash if you make bing you default browser you can always change it later but it work for me I had 3 farm cash and when I did it I had 5 farm cash… Gonna see how many times I can do it but for now it work….

  382. vishu barak Says:

    almost every offer to get fv cash is fake

    but the ones dat cum under the game are real

    earlier on installing the game bar they gave 25 fv cash but now they give just 10

    to get fv cash decorations and buildings i have another idea
    i make other fv ids play fv on them gather enough fv cash and send my self a decoration or cash building coz cash buildings and decorations are giftable
    i am at 67 level and have stuff of around 800 fv cash

    the gifting thing really works

  383. raja abdullah Says:

    please send me an england inn

  384. siddhu Says:

    i want fv cash Please…………………………………………………………………..

  385. Shizuka Says: does work.

  386. utpala Says:

    i heard you get $1 in fv cash by posting so i’m trying it too

  387. adam Says:

    i need farville cash can somebody tell me how to get some please

  388. adam Says:

    Do any of the surveys work or are the all scam

  389. adam Says:

    and are their any more of those things like watching that ing thing to get free farmville cash

  390. jessi Says:

    you have to buy or get them in mystery gifts

  391. bethany Says:

    hello every one there was a thing and the acctually farmville game where them advertisemejnts are before it loads right at the begining 25 free farm cash and it did work any ways i wanted the 1 farm cash thats why i posted :) hope it helps

  392. Craig Says:

    “vishu barak
    Posted on July 25th, 2010 at 4:14 pm”

    You will get banned from FarmVille and Facebook for having multiple accounts.

  393. jabba Says:

    hey im lvl1 n hav recieved a gift of 1000 fv cash wat can i do wid it

  394. penny johnes Says:


  395. kev Says:

    love it

  396. dustin Says:

    love it

  397. Rohit Dharmadhikari Says:

    I m on level 16. Add me as your neighbour in FV. It will be Fun. I really didnt find any other way to get FV cash except working on farm or Credit Card.

  398. tatum Says:

    how do you get the free farm cash

  399. charz Says:

    how is everyone getting lots of FV cash. im a level 26 and i barely get any when i level up :( it sucks!!!! how do people do it???

  400. Terry Says:

    wish I knew…always looking for more FV cash

  401. garrett Says:

    i randomly got ten fv cash

  402. Vikram Ghoshal Says:

    Please join me as a neighbor in Farmville

  403. Vikram Ghoshal Says:

    I want more friends in Farmville
    plz join me

  404. Paula Says:

    Does anyone know a faster way to get FV Cash? Need FV Cash and can’t afford to buy it? Thanks!

  405. Luke Says:

    I wanted to get the new ufo themes but they are too much!

  406. Anuvinda Says:

    hey…i heard dat ull get fv cash by posting am trying it..

  407. ceegull Says:

    lol i think that it is rubbish how we cant get any fv cash anymore unless we pay.

  408. Zuly Says:

    so im a broke lil farmer and i spent 1000 coins on a lil piggy and i was so proud of it and when i logged in tha next day, my piggy was gone!!! do u guys know if your animals run away?? n if so, how do u get it back??? i want my pig back!!!!!

  409. Khan Sahab Says:

    If any one looking for neighbor in FV i am available. My id is see ya at FV.

  410. aman Says:

    Help me get more FV Cash

  411. jeoffrey apolinario Says:

    im a beginner of that game at level 18…i want to have more fv to buy anything that i want so pls help me..

  412. Kimmy Says:

    So if anyone has real tips on getting more FV cash please post

  413. Carol Says:

    Eat your veggies. Cash on the packages.

  414. Shaley Says:

    I need farmville cash I dont have any and I never get any when I level up and I am tired of it. I love farmville but all the nice stuff you need farmville cash for is there any quizes or surveys i can do?

  415. RAHUL Says:

    I want more friends in Farmville
    plz join me

  416. Gutta Nikhil Says:

    anyone send me 20 farm cash in farm ville if possible

  417. balpreet sidhu Says:

    by downloading farmvile gives 10fv cash smwht it really helps,bt any other method please??

  418. Rinny Says:

    OH WOW! I need farmville bar, I REALLY want the horse

  419. Wonka Says:

    Zynga should have an “Event” once a year where the crafts you make are sold for Farm cash instead of coins. I really like FV but the farm cash is really frustrating considering a lot of things can only be bought with farm cash.

  420. heather blackmon Says:

    i’ve tried everything to get more fv$- even selling my virtual body to other farmers- didnt work!

  421. Laura Says:

    I’m on level 26 and I’ve only got 12 FV$. I spend 1 every now and then for materials for buildings. Thing is, I never got 1 FV$ a day o_O I think that’s a good idea, it’s not like it’s gonna run them outa business or something… :P I only get 1 FV$ every while I move up a level or get a ribbon :( – Which isn’t often.

  422. ally Says:

    wth? FV $?????

  423. abdullah Says:


  424. Zack Hilty Says:

    ok anyone who reads this add me I just started playin farmville and so far I like it btw if its possible it would be great if someone could send me farmville cash I could use alot thanx 4 readin!

  425. ttaimoor khan Says:

    need a cash!!!!!!!!help mi plz………..

  426. Martti Says:

    i have found some causes on facebook about farmville cash but none of them have enough people, maybe if they do zynga will have to do something about it

  427. rajesh Says:

    i only have small amount of fv cash but my friend is having 50 fv cash i asked him to send me 25 fv cash but we dont have any idea how to transfor anyone please give me the idea how i can transfor fv cash ?

  428. NOT POSSIBLE Says:


  429. vinayak Says:

    I got $1 in cash by posting on this blog. Wow.

  430. david Says:


  431. Norm Says:

    I got $1 in cash by posting on this blog. Wow.

  432. polpper Says:

    plz send me 30 farm cash

  433. faris Says:


  434. Prabhakaran Says:

    Anyone has any tips for earning Farm Cash?

  435. scooby Says:

    I think Zynga would be doing themselves a favor if you could cash coins for FV$. Seems that people are getting dis-interested and not wanting to play much. I would like to get the Queen Bee now that I finally reveived all the materials for the bee-hive. It seems a shame that something can’t be done to exchange coins. I have never gotten FV$ for ribbons earned. Would love to have extra FV$!!!

  436. Satesh Says:

    Do you actually get 1FV if u post something here ?

  437. Mr_hoang Says:

    Hey guys. Please add me as a neighbor in farmville. I need more buddies. THanks. I will send you guys gifts each day I can. That I can do

  438. nashwan Says:

    there is some ways to get cash
    1.when u leveled up
    2.goto bing on facebook toolbar of farmville
    i know just that can u help me

  439. Mosk807 Says:

    No, it did not give me any FV $ for posting to this site. :0(

  440. HottY24 Says:

    I love farmville but when it comes to FV cash its a freaking rip off!!!! they r ridiculous in there prices for FV cash i know and under stand that they need to make money but they should really either lower there prices or helps us the consumer out alittle like giving at least 10 FV cash after upgrading levels or something.!!!

  441. HottY24 Says:

    lmao and on top they still have the nerve to ask the public for donations! HA!

  442. Catwoman Says:

    You can find 1 FV in the mystery gift,so open more mystery gifts and maybe you can find some FV cash……..

  443. perry Says:

    I really do want FV to expand

  444. Hellen Says:

    Hi..I am at leven 30 and .I noticed that the FV is really slow. As for two weeks now I did not get any FV. is the stinky part. I constructed a bee hive and finally finished it. Now I realize I need a queen bee… my friends have been sending me bee’s with as a result that I have 45 bee’s in my gift box and I cannot put the bee’s in my hive since I do not have a queen bee!!!!!
    A queen bee costs 10 FV and guess what….I have only 9 FV and do not find a way to get 1 FV. Did the same thing happen to anyone else? If you can…avoid building the beehive

  445. Co Says:


  446. Nandhu Says:

    this game is a lol

  447. Lily Says:

    I really want an easier way to get farm cash. There are so many things to buy, especially animals, but they are all in cash. I hope they will give us a chance to get more cash, maybe if we spend our coins to buy them….virtual coins, of course. For example, 3 millions to some farm cash.

  448. Mark Says:

    hi everyone… need more neighbors? i do! add me…

  449. Winglet Says:

    I have noticed that more and more specials etc. are for FV cash only. It’s obvious that they are trying to get more money. There are so many people playing that I don’t think that they care if people get sick of it because they can’t buy most of the stuff any more!

  450. amy Says:


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  460. Bettina Says:

    The only way i found to get a queen bee was to plant a lot of flowers on my farm.Does anyone know if the latest ‘official promotion to win 10 fvcash’ is a scam.

  461. hardeep singh Says:

    how to get farmville cash ?

  462. Natasha Says:

    i just need one farmville cash… how do i do it .. real quick ?

  463. Sachin Says:

    How Do i Get More Coins In Farmville??

  464. suriya rocker Says:

    please help me dear farmers..i didn’t get any farm cash while leveling up or earning ribbons…i can’t spend real life money to get farm cash…please help me by tellin me any links to get cash or any hints to get that..i could use more neighbours too..add me please if you like..( level 33 )..!! .

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    I have 12 Fv and I need 69 FV to purchase a building,anyone have solution..?

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    i m very happy that i purchase 240 fv cash every day im level 70 and i have :- 500783101 fv cash… hahahaha this is the best way to get fv cash and all of them are fake.. like this- get 22 fv cash just for joining.. thats fake the didnt give any fv cash they just wanna join the group… so be careful..

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  477. Soumen Das Says:

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  479. Jason Says:

    I have gotten FV cash from mystery boxes and eggs. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. I refuse to buy farmcash. This is a free game so earning a lot of cash should be free as well.

  480. Erika Says:

    I need 27 farm cash anyone know how to get it?? :)

  481. J Rod Says:

    I might be gettin in to this kinda late, but if anyone out there still needs neighbors i could sure use some. Add me anytime =) Good Luck gang!

  482. Akash Surwase Says:

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  485. Morten D Says:

    A couple of days ago i had 1 farmcash, but when i got on my facebook next morning i had 100 farmcash :D

    How could that happen?

  486. Barbara Says:

    how can i earn FV????

  487. alex Says:

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    if anyone has any REAL ways fot gettin cash add me on fb n tell me x cirsty-mitchells mummy hill

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  500. Hunter B. Says:

    There are some offers on the bottom that will give you a few farmcash. one was a bing survey(no phone # or email asked for) and another one was a best buy one(no purchase. phone # or email needed)

  501. daniel Says:

    yo im level 70 nd i have 5 mansions nd stuff nd i onlii been on it 4 a week

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  504. Kelsey Says:

    There are other ways that you can get your farmville cash. Buy selling your items inside FarmVille or you could work on your neighbors farm.

  505. sameer Says:

    hey download farm ville tab(option beneath the game).you will get 10farm csh as a gift.moreover that tab alst tells time remaining in harvest.

  506. jerick Says:

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  509. Kelsey Says:

    Why don’t you guys visit and try out FarmVille Game Cards for free. Now Zynga is giving away a free mystery dart when you redeem a game card! How cool is that.

  510. shaifali Says:

    i was so stupid to spend almost 10 dollars on a stupid queen bee. and that too,when i thought i couldn’t complete my bee hive, i sold it for some filthy 100 farm ville coins. now i am broke. :(

  511. Jami Says:

    1 FV Cash a Day I say would be fair!!!

  512. Taha Ameen Says:

    If I may suggest, perhaps there shud be a way of increasing FV$ with coins.
    For example, we can BUY 1 fv$ for say, 10000 coins or lesser. :)

  513. madhankumar Says:

    i reached 20 leveal but i want neihbour

  514. mariam Says:

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  517. Alan D Says:

    i got 1 farm cash from a mystery gift dat u get from free gifts today want candy cane chicken but not enough farm cash is it coming back again?

  518. Devil Says:

    i donno how but i got sum cash 3 days ago. now am in level 25 and i have 50 cash

  519. Devil Says:

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  520. Tomm Says:

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  523. dnp3146 Says:

    If anyone needs a neighbor, feel free to add me. Need more neighbors to expand!

  524. amanda Says:

    y should u have to give out ur credit card number to buy fv cash and i even think its so bullcrap for them to b hard to get(fv cash) i did a survey and never did get free 750 fv cash!!!!!

  525. kelvin Says:

    To get great items 4 ur farm simply make a new facebook acount.Then become friends with ur first acount.Next u have 2 start farmville and become neighbours.Finally when u need an item and fast u can log into ur new acount and send free gifts 2 ur first acount.
    1. u can only send one free gift each day.
    2. u have 2 make a new email address.

    This allows u 2 build buildings quicker,Get rare trees and 2 collect animals.

  526. michael Says:

    yea fv cash needs to be easyer to get

  527. johnny Says:

    i am posting and i need cash too but ive tried everything and seems to me like the only thing to do is buy the cash sucks i know

  528. raj Says:

    hey add me as your neighbour if you want 1 gift each day
    my i.d

  529. divya Says:

    hieee guy…can u give me some tips to increase my fv

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  531. C. Batiste Says:

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  535. DIVIK Says:

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    plz help me cannot complete survey not now how to do

  536. MikeW Says:

    I like the idea of getting a farmville dollar a day. Maybe this could be extended to real life too? I’d love to get free money for doing absolutely nothing. Life’s so unfair!

  537. totoha Says:

    i need farm cash…….

  538. Sick and TIRED Says:

    Yes, as someone said above THIS IS JUST A GAME, but ZYNGA is making UNTOLD amounts of cash from this “game”. Nothing wrong with making money but ZYNGA has made changes that force people to buy farmville dollars in order to buy ANYTHING OF WORTH.

    What kind of game is this becoming? A game where zynga is cleaning up with our money, unheard of amounts of cash.

    Sure they must brainstorm and design the game, but you are paying millions upon millions for FAKE homes, animals, etc. They’re making money off of fictional characters.

    The game can be fun, but ZYNGA needs to stop being greedy before they lose their user base, which, at this point, they probably don’t care as they’ve made multi millions selling us items that have no worth.

    STOP being greedy and forcing FV dollars for all the “good” stuff.

    ALSO, I bought cash ( yes I was one of the silly people who spent real money for fake items) and I NEVER recieved the money. This was before they added extra measures to the purchasing system.
    I called and talked to flunkies, to no avail, I eventually got through to the creators and they did help me, but I still never recieved all the money I was owed. Talk about greed…I spent real money for fake money, no skin off their arse to give me what I was owed, and yet they shorted me. I appreciated their help, but come on, make good on promises.

  539. fernando Says:

    in need FV NOW I Ran out of room for anything and need an upgrade

  540. justin Says:

    I want to unsubscribe from farmville.

  541. esteban Says:

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  543. LuLu Says:

    I could not find a survey

  544. carol Says:

    Hopefully this works by posting that I get atleast one farmville dollar. ;)

  545. jeff Says:

    how do you (if you can) give away fv cash?

  546. Jackie Says:

    My friend who recently started said she gets FV Cash everyday. Mine has not increased in months.

  547. Brandi Says:

    Wish I could find surveys to do for farm cash. I want to be able to earn it not have to pay for it with real money. Why spend a fortune of real money just to get an icon on your farm? Bunch of bull in my opinion.

  548. shakeelmscw Says:

    You are right, it is foolish to pay real money.

  549. Daaak Says:

    I was playing and feeling happy to be on 20 to increase my farm. I was shocked by seen they duduct 18 from my 19$ without purchasing anything. can some1 tell me how this could be?

  550. nikunj Says:

    i’ wan’t farmcash for unlocking england’s farm

  551. Gearhead995 Says:

    need more neighbors…please add me!

  552. jimmy Says:

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  553. Angie Says:

    The little Dance Revolution or whatever quiz that offers 2 farm cash works. I just did it and earned my free FVC. Just answer the questions, post the answers to FB and then refresh your browser and it’ll be in there…I wish I could find something better…20 for a chicken is a little crazy…

  554. sumesh Says:

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  559. verity756 Says:

    i recently bought 25 farmville dollars using my mobile phone and i receved a text comfirming my transaction code but i am now struggling to find somewhere to enter the code please help

  560. jklkjjkk Says:

    i do not get cash when i get ribbons. does evrybody have this problem and how can i solve the issue

  561. Shahmeer Says:

    I need a Manor. Darn 55 fv cash :(

  562. Swetha Says:

    give me an trick so i can level up and get more farm cash and coins without ant strain.

  563. hannah Says:

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  572. Paige Says:

    I am on level 9 and I have 1 FV$ and I have 1$ and spent non! I dont think that farmville should do this. They had offers A while ago but now its over. Most people from around the contreys used that. I am A very mad New Zealander! -_-

  573. lucas Says:

    i need fv cash bad please i no there abunch of pepole asking i just got to no

  574. robert Says:

    I think you should get 5 FarmVille cash for every level you go up and 1 farm cash every day you get on.My farm is crowded and i need farm cash to buy a bigger farm so my farm isn’t crowded

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  585. Jordan Says:

    you shpuld be able to get daily FC. Or at LEAST get it for signing on every day for a week. Like get 4 FC for that or something.

  586. shubh khatri Says:

    i like farm cash

  587. saqib Says:

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  594. tahlia Says:

    zynga are getting real greedy with how much FV $ you have to spend on things…they should give us more than 1 FV $ for levelling up

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    Please help straighten out my account.

    John Ewing

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    There is many things you can do to get farm$ including surveys and stuff straight from the website. Also, every time you leval up you get one more farm$. Also, if you play farmville with facebook you can use facebook credits to purchase farm$. Hope that helped :)

  606. jed Says:

    i think they should do somethinga bot farmville crashing all the time

  607. Rekso Says:

    Why every time I go up a level no longer get a bonus $ FV

  608. satish ashara Says:

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  610. susan turner Says:

    why can i not buy any farm cash it just keeps sitting there while i click on it but wont go anywhere or let me buy the farmcash could you please fix this for me tyvm susan turner

  611. mary Says:

    I agree with everyone. They need to get their act together and give you what you have earned, Also find another way to earn FV dollars as I have not gotten even one and I and level 28.

  612. olive Says:

    I get notification of Free Cash but can no longer open it.

  613. cwazy Says:

    i payed facebook to buy cash twice but got no response or cash my load was deducted