Zynga on FarmVille Bee Hive Problems: Clear the Cache!

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Zynga on FarmVille Bee Hive Problems: Clear the Cache!

Posted on July 12, 2010 10:30 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Tonight’s FarmVille update that included the release of the Bee Hive feature caused quite a problem for many farmers.

After placing the Bee Hive on the farm, most farmers experienced crashing and accessibility issues.

Zynga address the technical issue and suggests the following:

Looking into a Placed Beehive Causes Screen to Lock

Clicking “Look Inside” from the menu on a placed beehive causes the screen to lock.

The cause of this issue has been identified to be browser related. If you clear your cache and reload FarmVille, you will no longer be impacted.

Clear your browser cache.

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.” (Source: FarmVille Official Forum)

If you do not know how to clear your internet cache or are unsure, you can consult the following helpful “How to Clear Cache” page.

WikiHow.com’s How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

FarmVille Grimwell on Beehive Causing Screen Lock

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37 Responses to “Zynga on FarmVille Bee Hive Problems: Clear the Cache!” »

  1. jona stg Says:


  2. jmartin4s Says:


  3. Vanessa Says:

    Where do you find the cache in google chrome?

  4. WeirdJedi Says:

    I guess that helps. I wonder what caused this problem in the first place. It is almost as helpful as telling someone to unplug and replug your router if it is having issues. Might solve the problem, but doesn’t help explain it.

  5. Ronni Says:

    Vanessa, go under “CHROME” and “CLEAR BROWSING DATA.” The option will come up for you to clear the cache. :)

  6. Tonya Says:

    I put my bee hive on my farm when I went to accept gifts for it it disappeared. I looked in my storage and it’s not there,tried to by one and says it’s locked. Can you tell what I need to do to get another one.

  7. Jill Says:

    I never had a problem in the first place. I hope i didn’t just jinx myself >_<

  8. dude Says:


  9. sharon spice Says:

    my bee hive is not responding >>>>>it’s not receiving the building material

  10. Mike Says:

    Got one in my gift box. Couldn’t get in. Your fix helped that. Could not save gifts to it… it say I needed to buy one. So, I sold it and bought one and still I can’t save gifts to it.

  11. Jerusha Says:

    Just as Mike says, I couldn’t get into my bee hive until I cleared my cache; after clearing it i could at least get into it to see the building requirements but whenever I try to use a gift to help build it I get an error message that says “whoa farmer, you need a bee hive first to use that” or something like that. I have sold and repurchased and still get the error message.

  12. Becci Says:

    cleared mine bk just 1 hour n now its as sweet as honey :)) me n my fuzzy wuzzy buddies r buzzin happily lol

  13. kristin Says:

    my beehive has disappeared. i can’t build it. but i can’t buy a new one. it must be there somewhere, but i don’t want to wait for it to reappear!!! :(

  14. Elle Says:

    Look at the message again– It says you need to BUILD a beehive, not BUY one. I bought 3 before I figured it out.

  15. Brenda Hollamen Says:

    cant put supply s in nursery or in beehive it freeze up on me

  16. Mike Says:

    I take it back… your fixed worked and I just can’t get the bees in. I’m not supposed to. Sorry and thanks for the early fix!

  17. Robin Brodkin Says:

    I added my behive from my gift box, but I can not add any gifts. I went to add the gift I had and it froze, when I refreshed the page, all it did was go to the point I started at before trying to add the gift ( a smoker) no bees, no nothing.
    When I first shared that i had added it the page froze and then the hive was there and all ok when I came back after reloading the page.
    What is with this.
    Zynga needs to quit telling us to clear our cache’s and fix the actual problem. I don’t think it is a browser problem it it a bunch of different browsers.
    When people say they go back an hour or two, what are they talking about.

  18. Giny Says:

    My behive won’t accept certain materials like bees and woodenboards.
    Clearing the cache didn’t help.
    What to do?

  19. madaky Says:


  20. Ruby Says:

    I accepted the beehive from my gift box; but, as others have posted — when I try to accept the “building materials” (bees, beeswax, etc) I keep getting a response that I first have to buy/build a beehive. My queue shows it as “locked” …. HIUH???? I can’t BUILD it if I can’t accept the items??

    What’s the FIX for this ‘hiccup’?

  21. Natalee Says:

    Placed my frame to begin constructing the beehive and when I try to add building materials to it, I keep getting an error message telling me I need to buy the frame first but I already have a frame?!!!!

  22. Cat Says:

    Cleared cache. Can add everything EXCEPT bees. When I try I am asked to buy and build another bee hive thingy.

    What’s up?

  23. Tiffany Says:

    i Clear the cache and was fine for couple minutes, after that the problem came back=( so i clear the cache again and again, restart my pc and still have problem!

  24. Crash Says:

    my Beehive is completed…… bought queen bee for 10 FV cash…….n started collecting honeybees……. bt … wat will they do guys ????

  25. juvy Says:

    i have same problems as of the above mentioned! whenever i store my materials in the beehive,,it says i need to buy a beehive, i sold the beehive(gift) and bought another one but to no avail, i even, tried to clear my cache prior to selling & buying a beehive, & restarted, but same problem that occured…please, help:(

  26. stephen puffett Says:

    I’m still having so much trouble trying to open my bee hive have cleared cache several times i really think this should be looked at as it is a bigger problem than just clearing browsers

  27. Melissa VanKeuren Says:

    Everytime I try to look inside my BEEHIVE or accept any gifts to build it, my farm freezes. I have cleared the CACHE numerous times, refreshed my page and restarted my PC just as many times….WHAT GIVES FARMVILLE??!!

  28. Tracey Says:

    my beehive is locked and i have not even purchased one…why can’t i buy one??

  29. barbara brewer Says:

    hello,i had my white owl my daughter jennifer daniels bought and sent to me go missing as of july 14,2010.my behive i finished also on the morning of the 14 also is gone and the unfinished frame back in my gift box and my little calf with the bell around his neck is gone.i would like my finished beehive and bees back and my white owl and my new little calk with bell round his neck back.i am so upset about my missing items to the point i’m sick about it!!! please zynga give me my farmville items back!!

  30. Yfat Says:

    I placed my beehive and already had a few things in it then I lost it !! I cant find it on my farm I can play everything else but cant buy another beehive cause its locked please help Thanks

  31. Carol Says:

    I cleared the cache and I’m still having trouble with gifting and farming in general. I keep getting digital freezes and then nothing at all. It turns to a white screen with an explanation point in grey on the screen. When the Beehives were placed, all the trouble started.

    If I sell the beehive to remove it off my farm, will the problem get better? Can I get another beehive in the future?

  32. Desere Says:

    I have completed my beehive so now i need to find a queen bee …. i have harvested flowers twice and fertilized the crops of 57 of my neighbours and still no queen bee what is going on Zynga where is my queen bee ?? How many flowers do i need to harvest and how many crops do i need to fertilize before i will have my queen bee or is this a temporary hiccup in the game??

  33. dodie Says:


  34. Tracy Says:

    My beehive is also locked and won’t allow me to buy one……does anyone know how to fix this?

  35. virginia Says:

    I can ‘t get a QB–I don’t want to spend FV

  36. lawk lambert Says:

    hey i got 650$ farmcash and it is not in my farm cash what i have to do ?


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