FarmVille Celebrates April Fools’ Day with Toilet Paper!

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FarmVille Celebrates April Fools’ Day with Toilet Paper!

Posted on March 31, 2010 7:55 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Toilet Paper Roll Icon

FarmVille Toilet Paper Roll Notice

April 1st is April Fools’ Day and FarmVille is in the spirit of trickery by gifting every farmer free Toilet Paper!

Toilet Paper can be found in your FarmVille Gift Box and every farmer will receive one roll for free.

FarmVille Toilet Paper in Gifts

FarmVille Freak Xavier's Toilet Paper a Friend Notice

You can then use your Toilet Paper to TP a neighbor’s farm, specifically their Barn. You are only able to TP Barns. Nice job Zynga gods. :)

In the United States, Toilet Papering or is considered a prank or a joke. You use the Toilet Paper to “wrap” someone’s house, trees, or buildings. Read more about it below.

“Toilet papering (also called TP’ingHouse Wrapping or Yard Rolling) is the act of covering an object, such as a tree, house, or another structure with toilet paper. This is typically done by throwing numerous toilet paper rolls in such a way that they unroll in mid-air and thus fall on the targeted object in multiple streams. Toilet papering is not uncommon in the United States and frequently takes place after the completion of a school’s homecoming football game and graduation, as well as onHalloween.[citation needed]

In some states in the United States, such as Texas and Virginia, toilet papering is considered an act of mischief or vandalism. Yet in some states, such as California and Minnesota, it is legal and cannot be fined.[citation needed] Toilet papering can be done as an initiation, joke, or as a somewhat malicious (yet generally harmless) prank. Teachers, friends, school buildings, and other figures are popular targets for toilet-paperers. Although typically a homecoming prank in many areas, TPing is done all year round and is especially tricky to clean up after it has been rained on.[citation needed] Ring of Honor wrestler Jimmy Rave has fans who throw toilet paper whenever he makes an entrance. (Source: Wikipedia)”

What do you think of this April Fools’ Day treat? How will you celebrate April Fools’?

Farmville Freak Xavier's Toilet Papered Psychedelic Barn

FarmVille Freak GotEgg's Toilet Paper Barn

FarmVille Freak ExtremeFarmer Toilet Papered Weathered Barn

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78 Responses to “FarmVille Celebrates April Fools’ Day with Toilet Paper!” »

  1. Clay Says:

    Just TPed my friends barn…it was AWESOME! lol

  2. Eskalabekbek Says:

    i sent you pictures!

  3. Laura Says:

    Lol, i think its great.

  4. Tooth_Aches Says:

    I loooooooved it!! My favorte enhancement thus far… ^_^

  5. zema oregon Says:

    ours disappeared before our neighbors could see it! what’s up with that??

  6. Victoria Says:

    So awesome..did it to my friends barn…hoping to have someone do it to my barn Did anyone see the new chocolate rabbits available in the market under animals?? They look so yummy! APRIL FOOLS!!

  7. brett Says:

    very creative!!!!!!!

  8. GotEggs Says:

    haha thx goddes for using my pic!!! :D

  9. jessica Says:

    it was a cool idea but when you tp your neighbors barn and when they got to their barn they dont see it. would of been better if you actually saw your barn with the tp on it.

  10. kgonzo Says:

    Is there a way where we can get multiple toilet paper for multiple neighbors?

  11. AMY Says:


  12. stephanie Says:

    love it…i hope this is a free gift rather than farm bucks

  13. Rebekah Says:

    I think it’s lame. It didn’t work for me, but I think they could have come up with something better for April Fools.

  14. Barb Says:

    I want more rolls – any way to get more? This is great fun.

  15. virgoboy Says:

    i LOVE IT and i Hate April Fool’s Day!! This game never ceases to surprise us, huh?? :-)

  16. Michael Says:

    Can it be used to clean up the sh1t hole that the game is at the moment? No wait that would take a lot more than one roll!

  17. michael Says:

    this is cool and all, but where the heck are the dogs!?

  18. FarmGoddess Says:

    The TP-ing seems to be a little glitchy. I TPed Dr.GreenThumb’s Barn and it disappeared before he could see it too. Although I was able to see how it looked on a Groovy Barn. I think it was a neat idea.
    Maybe there will be more stuff tomorrow?

  19. Tricia Says:

    I TPed someone, but when i went back to look at it — it disappeared?

  20. Tagranor Says:

    I did my neighbours barn and it had gone in 10 mins she is asleep she’ll never know

  21. Steve4310 Says:

    I was shocked when I saw toilet paper in my gift box. Especially when it gave me the option of “use”. Of course I use toilet paper! WTF?

  22. Yu Ma Ma Says:

    “In the United States, Toilet Papering or is considered a prank or a joke. “

    …In countries outside the US and Canada, Toilet Paper is unheard of. Except for Iran, where I hear the used kind is considered both a floor wax and a dessert topping.

  23. Cholora Says:

    I think that it must only work on barn-shaped barns, because my sister just tried to do my Frenchy one and she said that it wouldn’t work.

  24. PAT Says:

    That was FUN! Too bad you can only do one barn.

  25. stephania Says:

    mines gone in like 2 mins :S shouldnt it stay for the whole day?

  26. Robyn Says:

    I LOVE it -probably because they didn’t talk it up for months so it was fresh and a nice surprise – unlike the dogs….

  27. dawn Says:

    Maybe the April Fools joke is it’s gone right after you do it. Like so many other things on FV.

  28. LNZ Says:

    Did my sister’s and it disappeared too… Sad day.

  29. Edward Says:

    Im wondering when the april fools mystery box is coming out, it was mentioned in the recent podcast WHERE IS IT?… ohh i hope its not fv cash

  30. Laurey Says:

    Mine disappeared before my neighbor even saw it. What a diasppointment!!!

  31. Muffy Says:

    AWESOME!!!! I tp’d a friend…took a snapshot and tagged her in it….muahaha

    Somebody better tp me at least twice! Love the look!

    Fab, FV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jon Says:

    they tricked you. april fools

  33. Linda Says:

    That was all kinds of fun until my neighbors & I discovered it can only be seen by the tper, not the tpee. VERY disappointing. Would be a great idea if it actually worked. And I’d love to be able to get more rolls.

  34. Steve Vegas Says:

    Can’t be seen by the other neighbor you just TP’d .. not working or only can be seen be yourself, no fun in that. I want more rolls too, maybe buy them for coins would have been cool.

  35. Muffy Says:

    WTH? What do you mean? I got a snapshot of it and posted it on her wall. So the trick’s on us? We think we do it but we don’t? Yep, that’s an easy cleanup alright!!!! muahahaaaaaaaaa


  36. Anthony Says:

    Fun idea, but it wouldn’t let me TP a friend how had the new french cottage style barn

  37. Dianne Says:

    This is a GREAT idea. I was disappointed to find out – after I had already used the TP in my gift box – that you can only do it once. Why not others we could buy or gift? And if it’s true that the person who gets TP’d can’t even see it, I guess that’s an April Fool’s joke on US by Farmville!

  38. Diana Says:

    I’m glad I took a picture of the barn that I TP’d cuz when I went back again the barn was back to normal. At least I got a laugh out of it..too bad no one else got to see it!

  39. Jensen Says:


  40. Muffy Says:

    Wait a minute! My tp job is still on my friend’s farm and it’s been like 2 hours already. Or, am I the only one who can see it????? darnit. lol

  41. Kira Says:

    My feature doesn’t work at all. Guess I’m missing out. Or not. :P

  42. stephania Says:

    anyone seen the naco plant lol

  43. vside Says:

    nachos crop and mini villa are available at the market her is nachos mini villa

  44. FarmerSarah Says:

    It’s lame you can only TP one neighbor!!!

  45. Lynn Shio Says:

    It was fun to do, but why do you only get one roll of tp??? Plus, farmville said go to your neighbor’s farm and push the tp roll to do it, really making it sound like you could do it anytime. So, once I did it to one neighbor, I was all excited about doing it to another; and couldn’t! I wish that would’ve been explained better BEFORE I used up my roll. It was a really fun idea though.

  46. S Says:

    Fools Day Items available in the market now!

  47. Polly Says:

    I loved this but it was gone so fast that it was never seen by the recipient. Totally wasted my one roll! I am so disappointed!!

  48. Kassy Says:

    my tp finally showed up on my barn when i went back to collect my eggs. :)

  49. Grace Says:

    They shouldn’t release it until it works right. I t’pd a friends barn, she can’t see and when I went back to look . . it was gone.

    Great April Fools SCAM

  50. titania Says:

    Someone TPed my barn and I can see it. Maybe they’ve fixed the glitch?

  51. Kristy Says:

    I want more than one roll!!!!!!!!! One wasn’t enough! This is fun!!!!!

  52. Kristy Says:

    It disappeared in a matter of minutes!!!! Grrrrrr…. What’s the point if the person never sees it????????

  53. vickie Says:

    gone WAY to fast. my friend is asleep, and never got to see it. sad that we only got one shot at it too. fake toilet paper too expensive to give us a couple extra rolls??

  54. Linzfarm Says:

    well i did it too my friends and she did it to mine and neither of us saw it but when i was on game feed somethings would come up that people cleaning tp off their barns. also people have said u can only do it once but ive gotten a second tp which im gonna save it for now. i wouldnt put it past fv to be tricking us all with glitchy tp.

  55. Niall Says:

    how do you do it?? my gift box doesn’t show up when I go to other peoples farms!!

  56. Jocke Says:

    I’ve got 2 toilet papers, becaouse i was in farmville this morning and then it cames up that farmville has been changed, and when i refreshed i’ve got one more! ;D

  57. knottydon Says:

    how can you find out who TPed your barn? i wanna know who did this to my barn so I can return the favor. it’s cute though.

  58. anne Says:

    Silly nonsense. Loved it! lol

  59. ToniG Says:

    Many ppl CAN see their barns being tp’d by their neighbors. you can even clean up after them and it lets you post this message to your wall:

    (name) came back to their farm to find (name) had covered their barn in toilet paper! They spent all day… cleaning it up, but now it’s clean and purdy once again.
    This message comes up when you click on the barn and you choose the option Clean. I think it’s a cool idea!! ;)

  60. kitkat Says:

    When i woke up this morning, my barn was tp’d and how funny that was, great idea!!

  61. mjluvah Says:

    they couldnt spare a square for the toilet paper incident LMAO!!!!!

  62. Jessica Says:

    It won’t let you TP provencal barns!

  63. anca lupanescu Says:

    I want more rolls – any way to get more? This is great fun.

  64. Jennie Says:

    2 ppl tp’d my barns. And every time i try to ‘clean’ them well the tp disappears for a while (about 5 seconds), then it pops back up again. Maybe that’s the whole pranking idea of it…

  65. Sharon Smith Says:

    I love it! I want more TP. How do we get more? Ive searched for more TP in eggs, crops etc… Its not nice to give us only one roll.

  66. Jenny Says:

    i got two toilet paper rolls.

  67. Sage Says:

    I for some reason got 2 roles..


  68. Muffy Says:

    I got one roll last night, used it, and got another this morning, used it. Maybe another will pop up this afternoon.

  69. Donna SF Says:

    That would be great except I have been trying for over 8 hours to get to my neighbor’s farm but can’t get to any of them. ;-\ Just show’s “farm loading…” and doesn’t..wait for over 5 minutes at times but still nothing…bummed

  70. Rob Says:

    Someone did mine and I can see it. Just great. These are the kinds of things that make the game fun.

  71. Rob Gould Says:

    I cleaned my barn off and then it came back like 2 minutes later…it says the same person TP’d me…is that the APRIL FOOLS JOKE?I have to keep cleaning the barn???

  72. De Says:

    I am not able to get to my neighbors farms to try it out:( I can go to their farms but the loading farm box will not go away:(

  73. Val Says:

    I can see where my friend TP’d my barn.. Thought it was a really cute idea! However, I’m beginning to think, as some others have stated, that the whole joke is the fact that it takes forever to clean up! Lol.. I have tried cleaning my barn over 10 times now and it pops back up a few seconds later.. Nice joke FV!

  74. Mike Hunt Says:

    Two of my barns got TP’d! I plan on keeping them that way for a kind of crazy theme
    I want to have!

  75. Pharmer Says:

    I wish there was a way to opt out of it. There were a lot of people on my friends list who just wouldn’t give it up already and it got really annoying with the posts on the profile page, having to go in there to clean it up, etc.

    I’m not saying “stop all of it” , because there are people who truly enjoy it. I just wasn’t one of them.

    But there *should* be a way to not participate if you don’t want to.

  76. Boris Says:

    YAY!!! It’s PERMANENT :D

    I love my TPed farm :)

  77. Monika Says:

    I love it! I’m not cleaning mine off!

  78. jazz Says:

    ppl can still do this, how can i?