FarmVille French Chateau: Chateau and Hill

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FarmVille French Chateau: Chateau and Hill

Posted on March 23, 2010 6:12 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Continuing with the French Chateau theme, on March 23, 2010 FarmVille has added some new limited edition French Chateau decorations- The Chateau and Hill.

FarmVille Chateau Limited Edition Items Icon

FarmVille New Chateau and Hill Notice

Both the Chateau and Hill can be purchased in the FarmVille Market during the next 7 days. After this time frame, they will retire.

The Chateau building, a massive mansion, costs 60 FV$ or farm cash and the Hill can be purchased for 6,500 coins.

FarmVille Chateau

FarmVille Hill

FarmVille Freak Mohamed's Chateau

FarmVille Freak Xavier's Chateau

Do you like these new French Chateau items? If you bought them send pics of to and we will feature them on FarmVille Freak.

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41 Responses to “FarmVille French Chateau: Chateau and Hill” »

  1. paul Says:


  2. Henry Says:

    Hill? Lame. Will not be spending 60 FC on the Chateau either… saving for my dog.

  3. onetwo Says:

    I really thought they’d give us this one for coins :(. What else can I spend this copious amount of coins on? Still, looks pretty sweet though..

  4. Vanessa Says:

    Who cares if you’re first or not? Make a comment on the Chateau or Hill. That’s what you’re doing, not trying to be the first person to put something under comments.

  5. Laura Says:

    I like the hill, makes for more realistic scenery areas. I put on in my ‘park’ area, looks nice to to the lavender knoll.

  6. xavi Says:

    i already buy one and have save for 2 dogs :)

  7. Davinya Says:

    At last the chateau, im really pleased with it after waiting so long, now I just need to find somewhere for my estate which it has replaced lol

  8. camden Says:

    Just bought the waste of coins. Looks crap and takes up too much space, just like the greenhouse.

  9. Emma Says:

    SOIXANTE?!?! SOIXANTE?!?! Ils sont vraiment fous!

    There is no way in hell I’m paying 60 FV.

  10. steven Says:

    thi is stuipd i just want the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. joemomma Says:

    a hill for 6000 coins lol

  12. SM Says:

    Wow, Vanessa! So harsh………

    60 FV for the Chateau is waaay too much! Greedy! which is par for the course these days I suppose, but why does Zynga need to go down this path. I could see maybe 30 FV cash tops so Zynga can earn a little. (I really think all should go for coins but I guess they do need to make some money…. but why get greedy)

    If it were going for say 10 FV cash, don’t you think Zynga would make more money? Lots might pay 10, but how many want to shell out 60 FV
    I’ve got the FV cash but think I’ll pass just on principle.

  13. surfnspy Says:

    It doesn’t matter.
    After playing for a while I have nearly ten million coins and nothing to buy with them.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could transform coins into fv$? Even trading ten for a million coins.

    Anything! At least it would provide some incentive to grow and harvest crops, animals and trees.

  14. MooMooMoo Says:

    Amen surfnspy. I have millions as well and nothing to spend them on. I cleaned out my storage space yesterday and am back to very near the max again.

  15. jacob Says:

    i agree, trading is probably THE best thing fv could do right now!

  16. joemomma Says:

    yes im glad the hill is for coins but i mean even in coins its kind of expensive 6500 for a plain hill but i dont mind however its tough for new players who hardly have coins

  17. Tigereye Says:

    Seriously complaining about how many coins something costs? At least they are offering things in coins!!!

  18. Heather Says:

    …Wow. I really didn’t think the people who complain about the people who complain about cash items would be right, but they were… =/ People will complain about everything. We get a coins item, and it’s “not worth” the measly 6500 coins? It’s a large item- it’s not going to cost 1000 or lower.

    I, for one, am happy for the hill and the small hill. They’re a nice nature-y decoration to seperate my bulls and my horses, who share the same pasture. :D

  19. stephania Says:


  20. xavi Says:

    hey mi farm looks good :) xavier’s chateau

  21. Jem Says:

    O the chateau is awesome..m definitely getting it. I had been holding back on buying fv cash but the chateau has made me cave in..i really love the french theme..wil get d patissierie as well

  22. Jem Says:

    I love the french theme and the chateau is best item so far..m definitely getting it. I had been holding back on buying fv cash but the chateau has made me cave is so pretty and perfect..

  23. sir Oliver Says:

    wHEn i was A nEWBie i always wanted a Villa, now i got 4 of them..until Chateau showed up..and cost a lot of FV cash….only got 34 Fvcash..i think it will be much better if FV make chateau is a ready to build bUilding lyk la Maison…

  24. Farmaniac Says:

    @surfnspy – 1000000 coins = 1 villa = 10000XP = 1 level = 1FV$

    therefore 10m coins = 10FV$

    Now, you may say “what do I need 10 villas for?” well that’s up to you but I’d store a few for trading and sell the rest.

    I am sorely tempted by the Chateau as it looks s-w-e-e-t and I shouldn’t have bought the patisserie when it came out (stoopid player!). Maybe I’ll just wait until I can afford a villa and settle for it instead.

    I’d prefer a hill I can put things on the top of like my totem pole or a statue.

  25. Khan Says:

    Yeah, I do the same thing. Save one million coins and then buy a villa. Increase in one level will enable you to get one FV. So far i have bought three villas and then sold them.

  26. Ursula Says:

    Any screenshots of the hill?

  27. Farmaniac Says:

    The hill’s similar to the lavender knoll but a bit more domed and takes about 1 crop plot’s worth of area. Nothing special and wont appeal to everyone but at only 6500 coins it’s worth a try :)

  28. angela Says:

    wow… they have to stop going to crazy with the farmville cash releases, it’s getting really old and increasingly irritating. i WANT THAT CHATEAU… it’s not really a chateau, but i still want it, but i can’t get it because i don’t have 60 farmville cash at my disposal, i don’t even have 6.

  29. Jo funny.onion Says:

    I bought the hill and am disappointed with it. However, the free giftable small hills are excellent. I have placed 12 together in the garden of one of my cottages and they look fab!

  30. Jo funny.onion Says: not sure if my above link came out as it’s the first time I’ve done a link to my farm. Hopefully the link to the small hills will show on this post. I think they look great placed together.

  31. Farmaniac Says:

    now those are SMALL hills. More like mounds. Or bumps. But, yes, they are quite decorative.

  32. Debbie Says:

    absolutely love it…..paid the 60FV and was worth every dollar!! Mystery box is also the best yet…bought them all :)

  33. AISHI Says:

    Now in Farmville, you must be rich ! very rich in the real or crying … it is not fair ! it is too expansive with very bad servers and too much bugs !!

  34. Farmer Cubical Says:

    How about the other stuff in those screen shots? Where do you get an Eiffel Tower? the rock garden w/ water? Whatever is to the left of the Eiffel Tower? Haven’t seen these yet.

    I bought the Chateau and all the other French items so far (barn, shed, Maison, etc). I love the French theme…

  35. tootee Says:

    I love the chateau .. it’s like a villa, estate n maison all in one, it’s beautiful =)
    the french theme is by far my favorite .. so far ;)

  36. Yaniv Sims Says:

    Vanessa you couldn’t be more right …. some kids here really need to grow up and get a life than to fight about who is first

  37. VanessaRMS Says:

    All, just a tip a neighbor of mine gave me. You can select buy in the Market for these items and put them where you want them, to see what they’d look like. As long as you don’t click on the spot, you won’t get charged either the coins or the farm cash. It helps if you want to see what something looks like in a certain spot on your farm, but you’re not sure if you want to buy it or not. If you change your mind, just click on the arrow and the items goes back into the market and you don’t get charged for it. I do that all the time. I only accidentally bought something once. And I just bought it sooner than I wanted to. Just an FYI.

  38. SM Says:

    Wow, you guys are tough–poor Paul — all he did is say “first?” didn’t “fight” Give ‘im a break! LOL

  39. narducci Says:

    Can I still purchase the chautau?


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