FarmVille iPhone & iPod App is Live: Exclusive Coins Items and Gifts

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FarmVille iPhone & iPod App is Live: Exclusive Coins Items and Gifts

Posted on June 23, 2010 10:38 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

The Apple device FarmVille Application has just gone live! You can download it for free on iTunes or directly on your ipod Touch or iPhone through the App Sore for free.

There are now exclusive Apple items in the Market while in the FarmVille App:

To purchase:

FarmVille Snow Leopard Rainbow Apple Tree

Rainbow Apple Tree- Cost: 500 coins, Harvest Time: 3 Days, Xp: 5, Sell For: 60 coins

Snow Leopard, Cost: 50,000 coins, Harvest Time: 2 Days, Xp: 500, Sell For: 300 coins

Giftable, White Apple Tree:

FarmVille White Apple Tree

The White Apple Tree can only be sent and received while using an iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

Farmville Freak Jeremy V's Snow Leopard and Rainbow Apple Tree

Have you downloaded the new FarmVille App? Do you have images of the new trees and snow leopard? If so, please email them to

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276 Responses to “FarmVille iPhone & iPod App is Live: Exclusive Coins Items and Gifts” »

  1. Steve Says:

    First…. Not that it matters…

  2. jerms Says:

    Just downloaded the App…wasn’t here about a half hour ago but now it is!!

  3. Felix3322 Says:

    Downloading now. I will send pictures in a few min.

  4. Knottydon Says:

    I’m surprised to see one in my App Store too. All Farmville & iPhone addicts in the Philippines are now rejoicing!

  5. Maji Says:

    it keeps crashing..

  6. jerms Says:

    This app is SOOOOO slow!!
    They need to step it up over there at Zynga!

  7. Jayman5446 Says:

    Downloaded it and all I get is “There seems to be an issue loading your farm. Would you like us to try again?” And then it keeps doing that

  8. ERic Says:

    lol already crashed three times still haven’t seen my farm yet. I think Zynga wanted to make it truly just like the PC version..

  9. Nugget Says:

    People who don’t have the app can;t accept the white apple gift.

  10. s_andy1 Says:

    mine kept asking me to refresh so i closed out of farmville on my computer and am just using my phone… it seems that being on both at the same time was the problem :D it is actually pretty cool and i already sent pictures and i hope they post them sooooon :) YAY

  11. Canary Says:

    Droid app now plz.

  12. cablegirl1976 Says:

    Will not load my farm

  13. Cookie Says:

    I’m bummed to be missing out on exclusive items.. :/
    I agree with Canary.. DROID APP PLEASE!!

  14. Falguni Says:

    vohoooo i got it…its awesomeee..was waiting fr long timeee…thnk uuu so much ZYNGA :) love yaaaaaa :)

  15. MAGGYE Says:

    Injustice with other players

  16. SMACK Says:

    not available in Canada just searched the app store and all i found were farmville secrets apps and guides

  17. jerms Says:

    sent a white apple tree to multiple friends, and none of them got the request…..bummer!

  18. Person Says:

    FINALLY!!!!! YESSSS!!!!

  19. Jedijson Says:

    Do the items show up in your farm on the PC after you’ve bought them on the iPhone/iPod?

  20. Jaana Says:

    I love it!!! My Snow Leopards are in :)

  21. Jen Says:

    I’m in the US and I can’t find it in the app store. All I see are the stupid guides and cheats and stuff. Help!

  22. Leah Says:

    Can only find podcasts so far (in Canada) but I will pay for now and wait for Jailbroken version.. later! lol

  23. Erica Ardali Says:

    It keeps saying it’s having trouble loading my farm. :(

  24. Rockiiii. Says:

    I’m so excitedd!

  25. Falguni Says:

    smack..its avaialble in Canada..i live in Toronto n i m using it rightnw :)

  26. Donna Says:

    I was wondering the same thing Jedijson…. Do the items show up in your farm on the PC after you’ve bought them on the iPhone/iPod?

  27. Diana Says:

    Keeps turning off after 75% download then it doesnt let me do anything…I’m getting annoyed. They need to fix this immediatly

  28. Jen Says:

    FOUND IT! I had to do a search for “Zynga” in the app store instead of “farmville”. Its taking awhile to download and I had to turn off facebook on my mac.

  29. sherrie Says:

    im in canada and i found it and downloaded it.

  30. natalie Says:

    crashes on my itouch too

  31. Falguni Says:

  32. Corrinne Says:

    This is BS I think. Argh. 7/11 I could work around by trading with people and other things. But I’m not buying an iphone since at&t doesn’t work in 90% of my area (and no, it isn’t the middle of nowhere). I know, you can’t make everyone happy. But those two items are some of the coolest I’ve seen. Darn it. I have itunes but you can’t use it that way. Unless I am missing something.

  33. Daviers Says:

    I can’t find the app on Itunes

  34. Jaana Says:

    It also works with iTouch…

  35. Corrinne Says:

    I found the app, which is free but I can’t use it anyway. lol I just went to search, selected “app” as the category. Put “farmville” as the keyword and “Zynga” as the developer. Came right up. And took like, 5 seconds to download.

  36. Purple Says:

    There seems to be an issue loading your farm
    would u like us to try again??

    That’s all it says =(
    anyone know why?? I logged out of FB

  37. Marcos Says:

    Not available at App Store Brazil yet…

  38. Andrea Says:

    It works with the itouch too for those who dont have a iphone

  39. Travis Says:

    if people want the limited edition items just have a friend who has an iphone log on using your account and buy u the items

  40. Maji Says:

    I got as far as sending out gifts! had everyone picked out and trying to send when it crashed again.. still working on it. frustrating!

  41. hcorea65 Says:

    This is GREAT!!! It work Fl,USA (*O*)

  42. Picosita Says:

    My boyfriend just download it the app on his Iphone for meeee!!!!!!! I Love you baby!!… Too bad he’s on Duty right now (he’s a Marine) so I have to wait for him to get home… I don’t trust him playing it for me cause he is not in to farmville, so he wouldnt know what to do…

  43. Józef Says:

    works perfectly — and i think you can only accept white apple trees through the app itself!

  44. Brenda Says:

    I downloaded it but it keeps saying it is having a hard time loading my farm… I keep trying…

  45. tam Says:

    ahhhh i put in my email and then it takes me to the facebook thing and it keeps saying there was a problem loading my farm. it won’t do anything even after i keep hitting try again!

  46. Desilolfarmvileefreak Says:

    I got it on my Ipod <3 I LOVE IT!!! It has its cons, But I love it! Zynga is on the ball!

  47. J Says:

    same thing is happening to me tam :(

  48. meo_Ow Says:

    But does anyone tried it on iPhone 4 or using iOS 4? coz i thought they’d introduce FV on iPhone 4? idk… ;)

  49. Józef Says:

    my snow leopards invaded my bird garden!!!!

    http:// img820.

    take spaces out :)

  50. Enolil Says:

    Love it! Downloaded fast….everything showed up….and the Rainbow Apple Tree I bought on the iPhone showed up on my PC when I logged onto FV there.

  51. Sarah Says:

    I am having the same problem!!! It keeps telling me there seems to be a problem loading my farm :( I hope they fix this soon. I tried and tried again and still no success!!! :(

  52. Rich Says:

    I am having the same “try again” issue, my girl friends account worked fine on my iTouch

  53. Gina Says:

    Downloaded and keep getting the ‘There seems to be an issue loading your farm…” message. How do I LOGOUT so I can try and log in with my husband’s account?!?

  54. Falguni Says:

    here is the pic of snow leopard n rainbow apple tree…

  55. BUSTA Says:

    jail broken version? lol its a free app wow

  56. Michele Says:

    My son has an IPod…He downloaded ,used my email on his IPod and got them both…WHOO HOO….What a GREAT KID I have…THANKS MARSHALL

  57. Brooke Says:

    I’ve downloaded it but it keeps saying trouble loading my farm! arg! I’ll keep trying tho!

  58. Listztoven Tchaichopin Says:

    Downloading appas we speak. 99% done.

    Opening for the first time,

    Putting in password

    Says thanks for you patience, it may take a while since its your first time

    Still Waiting, Still Waiting

  59. Ashley Says:

    WTH???? I play farmville EVERYDAY on my laptop, why don’t us loyal users ever get bonus items. Rainbow apple tree and a snow leopard for COINS???? Seriously this is NOT fair!!!!!!! I’m sorry I don’t have an iphone I have a plain old computer. I swear I’m gonna stop playing farmville because the farms aren’t big enough, all the good stuff you have to put money in and well I have 5 kids to take care of I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a stupid game, your gas runs out all the time and you have to pay cash to buy more. It’s like a chore and not a game!

  60. callie Says:

    Just got my rainbow tree and snow leopard!

  61. Listztoven Tchaichopin Says:

    And it just closed itself, of course.

    trying for the second time…waiting, wating

  62. Tori Says:

    for those of you having a hard time loading, make sure you don’t have farmville up on your computer, that messes it up somehow.

    On another note, I got my snow leopard!!! and the trees!! I’m so excited!! Mine works fine and doesn’t lag at all like the video from earlier…

  63. OOPSIE Says:

    i can’t even download it.. i have to have a verison of 3.0//. fuck.

  64. Chris Says:

    is here someone from Sweden or Finland that got Farmville working on iPhone? I just get that issue tringy, the app wont load! Please someone!

  65. alexl1985 Says:

    wow, i love this app. just harvested, plowed and seeded. it took slightly longer but its brand new, its going to be slow for a while. from what i understand, my neighbors did not receive the white apple tree. its pretty good for just being out for a few hours though

  66. Maji Says:

    Józef : LOVE IT!! made me laugh! ty :) your Leopards look awesome!!

  67. Lauryn Says:

    no iphone or ipod… i was so looking forward to the rainbow apple tree being released… how disappointing :(

  68. Donna Says:

    I got it loaded and just when I was about to buy the snow leopard it booted me… I tried for 30 mins to reload it and every time it was 75% down it booted me. :( Oh well! I’ll try it again tomorrow.

  69. Daviers Says:

    I found the app, downloaded it, opened the farm – no problem with loading, BUT BUT BUT I did not get the special items. Nowhere to be found in gift box :-((

  70. Listztoven Tchaichopin Says:

    mines still didnt open, do you need to download the Operating System 4 for the I Pod First?

  71. Knottydon Says:

    if I like to log my friend in so she can get the free stuff from iPhone, how can I log out from iPhone’s Farmville? I don’t see any option to do it. I even tried logging out of Facebook in my phone???

  72. rokoroko Says:

    can you barrow someone else’s iphone, login and buy the items?

  73. jerms Says:

    @Daviers…you have to buy them, in the market.

    they are not free

  74. Listztoven Tchaichopin Says:



  75. BUSTA Says:

    u can always collect items from the feed from the itouch/iphone/ipad

  76. BUSTA Says:

    knott u have to erase it and reinstall it

  77. Maria Says:

    Downloaded, running smooth and fast (in fact, faster than on my PC! LOL) and I LOVE IT!! You have to click on the store icon to BUY the special items (while leopard and rainbow apple tree), then you have to be very careful to find a room for them on the farm just moving your fingers on that little screen!! LOL. But I’m having a lot of fun!! Now I won’t sleep anymore, oh my!! LOL. Thanks, Zynga!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Jack Says:

    Found Some news On the Silver Pony Looks like it will be for the I Phone Only Also.

    NOTE: I Did not find this my self someone els did I’m just posting the Information.

    Copy Past URL.

  79. Maria Says:

    I’m here swapping from the Iphone to the PC with the farm open on both and no problems and conflicts, I guess I’m just lucky for a change! LOL

  80. The Freak! Says:

    already found a glitch. if you go to Pending Gift Requests, there should, at least for me, be a bunch of “unclaimed” gifts. I got a dutch rabbit the day they were released. it was the only one that i got. then i checked my pending gifts and found it “unclaimed”
    i also did this for my mangrove tree and the tuscan wedding.

  81. Joshua Says:


    1….dont run your Farmville on the computer at the same time as the App….you’ll get the “your game is out of sync” error

    2….to find the App in the first place…..use the link “itunes” that farmville freak has supplied at the top… it on your computer first then sync it to your device…..i couldn’t find it using the App Store on my iPod

    3….yes the game is kinda slow and buggy….i’ve had mine crash several times……a tip though….dont try to rush through it….let it load each screen as you click things….after the first time loading, it gets a lot faster each time you visit

    4….it’s way too buggy to send the White Apple tree free gift….i haven’t succeeded in sending one yet…..but i do have my Snow Leopards and Rainbow Apple trees on my farm already.

    have some patience guys….it IS an Apple product and a Zynga product in one….each have buggy issues of their own when they release things….give them time to update.

  82. Anthony Says:

    Why are some of us having this Try Again error, I just can’t seem to figure out why it’s happening PLEASE SOMEONE FIX IT

  83. Minami Says:

    Incredibly unfair…
    A snow leopard for coins? An awesome apple tree for coins?

    Thanks so much Zynga for rewarding all you loyal PC gamers!! (HUGE sarcasm there) >_:(

  84. Andrew Says:

    anyone else having problems getting back into the app? when i get into it the first time, it takes forever to load, than if i log out and try it again, it gets about 75% loaded than restarts…..

  85. sabrina Says:

    i guess now the iPhone is good for something because you sure can’t use it to talk to people! Waiting for the iPhone to go over to verizon.
    Anyone else having problems loading the farm on their computer??

  86. lomogeek Says:

    App has crashed about 5 times now. Still can’t get back in but was able to get my rainbow tree and snow leopard before the crashes. I hope the bugs get worked out soon.

  87. Jeffrey Says:

    To those of you not crying that you don’t have an iPhone, and that actually have the app working… are you on WiFi or 3G?

  88. Jessica Says:

    downloaded it on my iphone 3gs and all i get is there is an issue loading your farm try again? which really sucks because i’ve been waiting for this game for weeks! hopefully soon i will be about to use it. if not well i guess i won’t be able to use it!

  89. Brooke Says:

    I’m on wifi and it’s still not working. It keeps saying try again! Arg!

    @Sabrina I love my iphone. there’s really nothing I can’t do with it. Why would you want one if you don’t like it.

  90. Joshua Says:

    i’m on Wifi…..pretty good connection as well….and using an iPod Touch 3rd generation. …..i’m ok with the App….i have my leopards and my trees already…..numerous crashes trying to send the White Apple tree free gift….with no luck thus far….but i have faith that they’ll fix it. I’m happy with the App.

  91. Donna Says:

    @ Jeffery.. I got mine working.. =) and I’m on WIFI…

  92. geo Says:

    grrrrrr zynga gets worse and woese grr

  93. Melanye Says:

    I’m using WiFi and I had to reboot my phone to keep the app from locking up when loading.. I’ve purchased the tiger and the rainbow apple tree, but I can’t gift the white apple tree without it exiting the game. I’m going to wait until tomorrow and try again. It looks like it’s going to be a good app..after a few bugs are ironed out.

  94. Jeffrey Says:

    @Donna: Thanks for the info. I’m on WiFi now and got past the tutorial but then it crashed again. I had to restart the phone to get it that far.

  95. Roz Says:

    Got it here in Singapore but I’ve got nothing to harvest. Just got my snow leopard and rainbow tree heeheehee. My terrier reverted into a puppy and my farmer is missing but I’m sure they’ll sort it out soon. Can’t get items off my feed, though.

  96. Jessica Marie Says:

    OMG love it.
    On my ipad :) I wish I could log out and log onto my bf account so I could send myself the white apple tree… like it more then the rainbow.
    Tried to send all my friends the white but they dont get it :(

    very fast and nice on wifi i like the plow features :)

  97. zasa Says:

    It works for me! Great app! Just the important informations on the screen – and much faster than on the PC ;)

  98. Jessica Says:

    well 2 of my iphones (mine and my mothers) wont open the app. big shock there i guess.

  99. mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Minami, before this, all the people who had farmville played it on the PC.

  100. Jessica Says:

    any suggestions to getting farmville to load on my phone?

  101. michael Says:

  102. nick Says:

    yeah all i get is unable to load your farm. try again.
    works on my wifes iphone, but she has a seriously smaller farm than i do. maybe thats the issue? at any case, im annoyed i cant get on at all.

  103. wipp Says:

    In Thailand.. it keep saying Try Again ! 55

  104. GV Says:

    I tried downloading my farm and it gave me error…uninstalled and tried my sis worked perfectly fine…think it depends on the farm size?

  105. mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    OH and one thing… did anyone else get the pink carnation (Which was also given out at Mothers’ Day) cause I did, and I tried to plant it. In fact three times, and it still didn’t work. I’m thinking now that it’s a glitch, because when I look in the market (on the iPhone) its not there. But when I use the tractor (on the iPhone, of course), there’s a little icon below the area I’ve selected and below the tractor sign.

    Just curious…

    Has anyone else experienced it?

    Apart from that…

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Pacho Says:

    I’ve just tried (Spain Store App) but the farm doesn’t load. :(

  107. Yesenia Hicks Says:

    in San Diego, so i tried logging in for a friend and it kept saying “there is an issue loading your farm, try again?” and i tried several times and same thing… i deleted the app and downloaded it again and tried with my account and it works perfect…. i’m using my itouch with wifi… i got my leopard and rainbow apple tree but could not send the white apple tree =/ … othe than that it’s perfect, i fertilized neighbors farms way faster than my pc… I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  108. TJ Bear Says:

    The app works fine. still a bit buggy but its only a few hours old. Would be good if zynga could give people an icon or something so i know who can receive the exclusive gifts :O)

  109. FarmerFromKiwiLand Says:

    Im from Nz and in the store on farmville on my iPod Touch the market had old rares in the market. I wonder If anybody else have experienced it?

  110. Donna Says:

    @ Jeffery, I got the snow leopard and it crashed again.. haven’t been able to get it to reload.. Go figure. lol Let’s hope they fix this soon.

    Sadly none of my neighbors has an iphone, ipod touch or an ipad… =/ Guess I’ll be going back and forth from my daughters farm and mine to send stuff…. wow! talk about a headache.. LOL hee hee The things we do to farm. :D

  111. Mando Says:

    Turn your phones on and off after loading the application!!

    Works great!

  112. Jeffrey Says:

    @Donna: Yeah, mine is crashing repeatedly. It’s getting annoying. I’ve reinstalled and restarted… neither work.

  113. Jana Says:

    Silver ponies are already roaming people’s farms, can somebody explain where they came from? So far it’s a mystery to me and all of my neighbors.

  114. Maria Says:

    when can we get these on PC, not everyone has the iphone/ipod things they cost to much.. this seems unfair… but i guess its another way of paying the people that buy items… you guys really suck and piss people off that have been playing this game a year… you should look after them.. or more and more will leave and you’ll be left with noone playing…

  115. Jeffrey Says:

    Stop crying. They just gave you new levels FOR FREE. They give you the game FOR FREE. They give you plenty FOR FREE!

    It’s a game owned by a BUSINESS. Business make MONEY. If you don’t like it DON’T PLAY.

    It’s an iPhone promotion.

    Snow Leopard is the new Mac Operating System
    The Rainbow Apple is the old Mac logo
    The White Apple is the new Mac logo

    You people that are crying need to get a life. It’s A GAME!

  116. Li Li Says:

    @Jeffrey 113.

    You are SO RIGHT! I am disappointed that my App isn’t working as yet, however, I am prepared to wait! It is a FREE game, how often do you get that?

  117. Jeffrey Says:

    @LiLi: Yeah, I don’t get everyone’s problem. If this was a promotion that one of the people complaining could participate in but I couldn’t do you think any of them would be on here saying it’s unfair or would they be happy that they get something others don’t.

    I’m not HAPPY that they don’t get it, but i don’t see the point in complaining because you don’t get a virtual animal on a virtual farm.

  118. Jeffrey Says:

    @LiLi: I’m restoring my iPhone to apple specs. I updated to iOS4 about a week early… I’m going to see if that fixes it. I’ll let you know.

  119. Maria Says:

    FREE LEVELS?????
    I wonder how many would complain if they had to pay for the levels… free game.. it use to feel like a free game.. not anymore… all the best stuff are cash.. got millions and for what?? nothing to buy with them..

  120. MizuKagami Says:

    NOOOOOO! It’s not fair :( I don’t have an iphone and I won’t have one within the next few years. Why such great things go to only iphone users that cheap?!

  121. Jeffrey Says:

    @Maria: It’s still a FREE game. You don’t have a monthly subscription cost like a lot of games have. People should learn to be thankful for what they’re handed instead of always complaining for more.

  122. D Says:

    You can buy farm cash through the app, but does anybody know HOW you pay for it? I have like €6 credit left on my card and 25 fvcash is €3 Can I buy the cash with my itunes card?

  123. Maria Says:

    Jeffrey, I know its a free game.. it was put out as a free game like millions of others, but they just seem to be getting greedy, what started off as a few items for cash, have now turned into more items for cash and none for the coins people work hard to earn around the farms.. People asked for more levels.. and got them for free, i didnt ask for them nor needed them… people want more room/bigger farms, am wondering if they are sat in their offices trying to work out a way of charging people for extra space/room.. and how many would pay for it… it just seems the more they put out for cash, the more people buy, this will soon not be a free game.. and then how many will be playing… I dont need a bigger farm, i dont need more levels.. am not complaining for these things… but i do think and believe that they should put more items out for coins and not cash,

  124. Li Li Says:

    OK . . . I am now getting frustrated! I went to the iPhone support page on . . . and guess what? . . . Farmville is not listed as an available app! WT?

  125. csa Says:

    Maria, how hard do you really work for those coins? You click. You get a collection of pixels for it. You click more, you get more pixels. We don’t have 7-11, but I’m not whining that I couldn’t grow Goji berries. There are plenty of other collections of pixels I can buy with my fake, free, digital money. I’ve spent almost no FV cash because there may be something cool to get with it later…and all you get is a collection of pixels. Really…there are probably bigger issues in most peoples’ lives. Like me, I can’t download the app yet because I forgot to charge my iPhone last night. Or you know, people with cancer and stuff. Look at it this way…we all pay dearly for our snow leopards and special apples, and you can too…my iPhone and data contract cost about $1000 over the 2 years. Would you pay that for a collection of pixels?

  126. sharon Says:

    i downloaded app straight to ipod and i phone wouldnt load so deleted then downloaded while connected to comp working great everytime, apple trees not got to my friends yet though

  127. George Says:

    Its really slow on the Iphone, even on Wifi. It doesnt zoom out and crashes alot. Overall im really dissapointed with the app, they should have tested it alot more before they released it. Im using an iphone 4 atm.

  128. wipp Says:

    for the problem “there is an issue loading your farm, try again?”

    after trying load/delete for 3-4 account … i believe it depend on Farm size/Objects vs. iPhone memory that available to handle.

    my iPhone is 2G 8GB 3.1.2 [Thailand]
    1st account Level 90, 24×24, 3,600 object …not work
    2nd account Level 90, 24×24 1,600 object …not work
    3rd account Level 88, 12×12, <300object …work
    will try more ….

  129. Vaibhav Says:

    got it installed on iphone 3gs.. from itunes here in India, says farm can’t load.. damn

  130. Pacho Says:

    Finnally. 5 hours late. IT WORKS!

  131. Al Says:

    Is this application available in India…. please reply

  132. whystop Says:


  133. mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Yeah but Jeffery, you gotta understand, for the people who pay for $FV, whether it be for items or what-not, are the ones that the COMPANY wants. And if the people who don’t get what they want, they leave. and if the people leave, the company doesn’t get what they want. Maria’s basically trying to explain that she’s giving zynga a second chance, but if they don’t step it up soon, no one’s going to pay, and the company will go bankrupt.

    And one last thing, Jeffery, YOU should also be grateful for the people who pay for $FV, because they are the ones that make Farmville work (and Zynga!). People won’t pay for $FV if they don’t get what they want. And if people don’t pay, farmville won’t work. and if Farmville won’t work, you won’t be able to play anymore.

    BUT on the other hand,



    If I’m annoying anyone,

    To be honest, I don’t really care.

    Well that’s it.

    *Mystery Person vanishes in a poof of smoke*

  134. Skim Says:

    What I dont get is why they would release something that clearly isnt too good with the bigger farms, as I would imagine it would be JUST those people that would want it in the first place. Not complaining just voicing frustration. I did make progress though. Before when trying to go to my own farm from my partners account it kept crashing back to my touch home screen. Then I was able to get to my farm through his account. So I logged out of his and back into mine and I am back to square one!

    Just frustrated as I want the niceys too!!

  135. Kirstin Says:

    App is available in Germany too.
    Works fine… not very fast but reliable…
    Got the snow leopard and the apple tree :)

    You cannot collect or use collectable items… but that’s okay.

    Only thing I don’t like: you cannot logout and login – or am I too stupid to find it? Because we only have 1 iPhone but 2 Farmville Accounts in family… :-/

  136. Light Says:

    On my ipod touch 2g wont get past the “loading” screen

    While on my sister’s ipod touch 3g everything works delightfully, I bought like 20 snow leopards, and sent white apple trees to all my friends

    it seems they are silently ditching us old 2g users :(

  137. Skim Says:

    @ Kristin,

    If you go to the options bit, where you can adjust the push notifications, scroll down and it will say log out of facebook. That will take you to the start page where it will say ‘log into facebook’. Should work. (Except if you have a 24×24 & loads of stuff!)

  138. Farmer Says:

    Downloaded FV yesterday on Spanish Applestore and worked perfect. Today gives problems. The game keeps kicking me out to the main IPhone screen.

  139. Klippan Says:

    oh, i was looking forward to buying the leopard, but i don’t have a iphone :(
    oh well, looking forward to the new deer instead. hope no strings attach there

  140. Kirstin Says:

    I just found the logout, it’s in options – you have to scroll down there!

    But now – guess what – I have ‘an issue’ loading the farm… *lol*

  141. DerekC Says:

    I have an iPod Touch 2G (iPhone 3G Equivalent) and it is VERY slow. I don’t even have iOS4 yet, so i don’t know if i’ll get much use out of it. Hopefully it works well on the iPod Touch 3G/iPhone 3Gs.

  142. Korina Says:

    won’t load my farm….crashed like 10 times….I’m on wifi. Any ideas on how to get it to work?

  143. Maria Says:

    Csa… I didnt get the 7-11 either, and i didint complain about it…. i have 46 fv cash… took ages to get them.. ive spent a little.. and i got a stupid purple frog… did i drop by here to complain NO… as for the iphone and contract crap… No i wouldn’t pay for it.. if your daft enuff to pay for it, then thats up to you… it has nothing to do with me… as for other things in life… you dont have to tell me,, i know.. am not going on about life… we know its a game… we know its a free game… we are not stupid.. the thing we dislike are all the items they bring out that cost fv cash… oh and yes some people work hard growing and getting there crops in.. it might only be pixels to you.. but its not to others.. some people spend hour after hour on this game… they give you coins to spend in the shop.. why??? cause the new stuff dont cost coin… 1 in 5 new items are for coin rest cash.

  144. Sam Says:

    Even though the Application is very pathetic, slow and crashes every other minute.
    These items are totally worth it.
    Of course they show up when you log on to a computer.

    But seriously application is so slow and pathetic – could have waited another month for it if these bugs had been posted.

    For the guy that tried to get it while logged in on computer – if you try to log on to another computer the first will get kicked out – same principal here. just iApplication isn’t strong enough – so want overule existing application.

  145. Bötyli Says:

  146. Jaana Says:

    This is for anybody who is having loading issues etc. Make sure first, that you have the latest operating system. If you have a newer phone or iTouch, upgrade to iOS4, it’s been available since 21st.
    Make sure you’re not logged in on your computer *out of sync* is all you’ll get.

    There are several instructional video’s online, please view them first before you wonder how something works. so much easier that way.

  147. Jaana Says:

    I do have a question to those who have been able to login with multiple accounts. I don’t see a logout button anywhere in the apps? I’m automatically logged into my main account, the one I used when I installed the apps.

  148. Carlo Says:

    I want to know that too! I need to log off how do I do that? :)

    as for gifts, there are issues for now… you can only send the white apple tree to people who had their first access to iPhone app… as for leopard and rainbow apple, all fine :D
    I bought them through iPhone and of course found them in my Farm when I went to the web :D

  149. sharon Says:

    I cannot log out of it either. I would like to log into other farms that I have. I think they made it impossible to log into other farms because they dont want everyone to have the limited iphone items. Something I have noticed is that when placing items on your farm you dont have to use the directional buttons. you can click on the directional pad then drag the item where you want to drop it.

  150. Holly Says:

    I have just got hold of my iphone 4 this morning so i will be downloading this now! so exciting!!

  151. sharon Says:

    People are sending me the white apple tree gift but I cannot receive it on my iphone. I am not sure why. I have also sent the white apple tree to other’s iphones but they are not seeing it either.

  152. Mouflon Sheep Says:

    omg i dont have ipad phone or touch D: i sooooooooo want that leopard!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Lisa Says:

    you can get them……make sure you are signed onto, any neighbor you have that uses the iphone application will have a white apple tree there….it’s automatic, when they sign onto there iphone to they automatically send an apple tree to all their neighbors….. it’s like a reward from zynga, when they first sign onto the application. I got two already from 2 different neighbors!
    click on this link:

  154. fufu Says:

    great app..
    but i cant connect with ma friends account ?! theres this “theres an issue loading your farm…” problem.. i can imagine that it really depends on the size of the farm.. cuz my farm loads perfectly (It’s still very small) and his doesnt work at all.. probably cuz there are too many things to load? dunno.. perhaps they’ll get it done.. cuz i’d like to know if you can get the items for several accounts by deleting/reinstalling the app?
    did anyone already try?

  155. Patty Says:

    i’m having the same error of “can’t load your farm, please try again” (or whatever exactly the message is)

    i have an ipod touch (early version) and had no problem downloading the app or even finding it. i got to the log on page and then got that error. i do have the latest software and i was not on the facebook or farmville page on my computer.

    anyone find a fix for this problem yet? i see many have had it.

  156. Rob Gould Says:

    So is the snow leopard available on the ipod touch or just the iphone?

  157. fufu Says:

    i tried to log in with the app and being online in facebook on my computer at the same time – or even playing farmville on both.. you get a message if you’re out of sync – so that this cant be the reason..
    you could try starting a new account and a new farm .. try to log in with that account –
    i guess it’s the size.. :/ hopefully not!!

  158. fufu Says:

    huh – news?!
    i tried to visit the friend’s farm i tried to log in with..
    when i wanted to log in with his account – it didnt work (sum said is could be a size problem)
    but now i visited his big farm with my acoount and it works!!

  159. Kateisme Says:

    Well, I was able to buy the snow leopard and the rainbow apple tree, but absolutely NO luck whatsoever gifting the white apple tree. Damn.

    But it is a free application for the iphone/ipod, and Apple has pretty high standards, so I expect that a patch will be made soon to help fix the problems. I hope.


  160. Kateisme Says:

    Though the app overall has a 3.5 out of 5 stars, the most recent reviews in the Apple store for the Farmville App have been pretty bad, most complaining that their farm won’t load (mine only loaded part way), crashing issues (me too), “doesn’t work at all”, and “slow to load and keeps crashing”.

  161. PumpkinLover Says:

    I also got the ‘Farm can’t load” problem. Guess this is teething problem.

  162. BenMKM Says:

    I really wish the 2 year contract wasn’t so **** expensive! The IPhone and the IPad separately are very cheap so to speak, it’s the contract that is out of whack — what I need is an unlocked IPhone or IPad so that I can use a different service. Or maybe I can get the owner at the ATT store to allow me to purchase an IPhone with no commitment!

    What am I talking about, I don’t have the money right now — But I want it so bad!

  163. Brian Says:

    I am going to starting calling this game Bugsville

  164. Lindsey Says:

    Like everyone else is saying, It keeps booting me off about 75% thru loading, probably because everyone who has an iphone/ipod is trying to get on it:P

    I was very surprised that the app is free, and the leopard and apple tree being coin buyable..I kinda figured that zynga would want a little something for those.

  165. alex Says:

    My iPhone is refusing to play nice with WiFi. Great timing, eh…

  166. Mal Says:

    The white apple tree gift is not working at least not for me, I also do not like how you can only have one farm per device.

  167. Light Says:

    @Mal, you can have any numbers of farms in your device
    you simply have to open the settings menu, the one with the tool icon, and then scroll to the lower part of it and touch “Log out of facebook” then you can log back in with another account!

  168. Light Says:

    @Lindsey, thats not true, it isnt because everyone is trying to log in
    I have a ipod touch 2g and my sister has a ipod touch 3g
    after 20 attempts, in my ipod touch 2g all the 20 attempts were failure at 75%

    while in my sisters ipod 3g, all the 20 attempts were successful, I managed to plant crops, fertilize neighbors, feed other neighbors chicken coops, and even buy rainbow apples and snow leopards

    This proofs that its a fault from the development team for letting out the old 2g users, they are silently ditching us out.
    maybe they could release a version of the game with lowered graphics, but thats up to them.

    3g has 2x times the ram of the 2g
    But I think that most of devs have been recently coding games taking account of all of the 3g resources, making them unplayable on the 2g

    what they should do is make it run well in 2g and use the extra ram in 3g for more speed, but what we got here is something decently playable on 3g but nowhere near playable on 2g

  169. Hanna Says:

    Sweet! <3 Thinking of gettin an iPhone when my phonecontract expires, LOVE the snowleopard an trees!! I'm a HUGE Apple fan :D And would love to play farmville werever whenever.

  170. Emily Says:

    I don’t know If anyone has written this just ignore if someone has, but you can log out through the app and go in through other farms. Just go to the menu thing on your farm where the market is located, and click on options. There isn’t a “scroll bar” just take your finger and move down to the bottom of the list, and there should be a log out of fb option!

  171. icb130 Says:

    unless you have an ipod touch 3g or iphone 4g the app is unlikely to work as you dont have processor speed necessary to run the app

  172. Brooke Says:

    Wouldn’t work with mine but I tried someone else’s with a smaller farm and it worked fine!

  173. MacBook Says:

    it’s an Apple’s Promotion..Complain to Apple not to ZYNGA!!

  174. matt Says:

    my freinds got silver ponys is it a glitch or is it from app

  175. Cooligan69 Says:

    App is working on my iPhone and iPad!

  176. AllieMartin Says:

    for the people that have actually gotten into the app and played it…

    can you use bushels??? i couldn’t which really limits what i can do on my ipad…has anyone else had this problem???

  177. izzy Says:

    please if you could answer this question will you be able to use your farmers market on the app im having trouble with it

  178. Alicia Says:

    I have no fv friends with apple…can I send the gift from another farm to my farm?

  179. Noel Says:

    OMG I have the Itouch 3G and this new application ROCKS!! love it love it loveit

  180. Elgyfu Says:

    I am in England and downloaded this last night. It is working fine for me on a maximum sized farm – though it is very fiddly to harvest animals. I am using a 3rd gen iPod touch.

    You can’t send the leopard to anyone, as far as I can see. You can only send the white apple tree to other ipod/iphone users.

    I had an interesting glitch when i first logged in – in the market place I could see EVERY animal there has ever been for sale, yes, all the special ones, everything. I promptly bought a Fan Cow (for coins) and when I tried to place it, I could see the green placing square, but not the cow itself, though much of the farm had still not loaded at this point.

    I then purchased a ‘fan sheep thing’ (the one from the Superbowl, long before i started playing FV) for FV gold. Again I placed the invisible sheep. The gold did come off my FV total.

    Later when i checked on my main pc, the two new animals were not there, and my FV gold had gone back up to what it was.

    The complete animals are no longer showing in the iPod market :(

    Shame, if they had really let us buy all the ones we missed before we started, I may well purchase the necessary FV gold to do it, heh.

  181. zaroucitizen Says:

    i managed to buy the leopard with my desktop and recieved a white apple tree gift from a dear friend still not able even to see the rainbow tree using mozilla(the one hacked to buy leopard) and on I.E. it says just iphones.. come on find a way to crack it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Listztoven Tchaichopin Says:

    I downloaded it and opened, failed.

    I deleted and redownloaded it, failed.

    I turned my ipod of and on and tried opening it again, failed

    I deleted and and upgraded to the OS4 from itunes, downloaded it from the computer, synced it to my ipod…….failed

    nothing works, it wont open my farm

  183. xesianichole Says:

    if ne one will send me a friend request that uses the iphone,i am looking for a silver pony,i will trade 711 codes

  184. Tiffany Says:

    Cool, i got 4 leopard and 3 rainbow apple tree, from my son’s ipod touch! He download the app with no problem!

  185. Farmer Says:

    I deleted the Application but I cant download it again. It says “Already Installed”.

  186. Farmer Says:

    Finally managed to buy both Leopard and a Rainbow Appletree. Trying to send a White Appletree to someone but I cant. Its searching for friends during 5 min now.

  187. CYbanez Says:

    I have a question for the guys who are experts on this:
    I get my 8G itouch to download the Farmville app, to about 75%, I even hear the FV song. After that it just crashes, I’ve tried about 30 times…..HELP ME EXPERTS!
    My farm is pretty big, does size have anything to do with downloading?

  188. DJ Says:

    I will like to know if anyone is using ipod touch 2nd generation with the OS4, so far I downloaded this app 5 times and continue to get message: THERE SEEMS TO BE AN ISSUE LOADING YOUR FARM. WOULD YOU LIKE US TO TRY AGAIN?

    Does anyone knows a solution. I’m using Ipod 2nd Generation OS4.
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Helllllllllllppppppppppp.

  189. D Says:

    Can anybody tell me how you pay for farmcash through the APP??

    Does it come of your Itunes card?

    I never bought any farmcash before because I don’t have a credit card.

    But if I can pay with my Itunes I probably would.

  190. Brian Says:

    I got it to work once. I sent gifts out and it locked up. Now all I get is the red zynga screen. Anyone else having this issue? I tried deleting and downloading it and same issue.

  191. Sephiroth144 Says:

    Look, of course there will be exclusive stuff- marketing/cross-selling/selling out/getting bank- all the same stuff. I hadn’t set foot in a 7-11, (and there is literally one about 100 meters from my place- which is ironic, given the neighborhood), but damned if I didn’t make a list and collect it twi- well, once.

    Now, for those who are looking for a work around, there are two ideas-

    1) Does anyone you know use an iPhone, and you could maybe ask them to use if for a few minutes…?

    2) Is there someone on your friend’s list you trust (ACTUALLY trust)? Know they have one of the Apps, (say, they sent you a White Apple Tree) Ask if they would consider logging in as you one time, buying X amount of Leopards & Y amount of Rainbow trees, then you log on and change the pass (or not, depending on the level of real world trust you have with this person)

    3) Is there an Apple store near you, (about the same distance as the 7-11, ironically, in my case)- go “test” one of those iTouches or iPads…

  192. El Says:

    i got into it once… managed to buy snow leopard & rainbow apple trees…

    then it crash crash and crash all the time..

    i was wondering about the free gift.. on the screen it mention Send free gift to your iphone or ipod touch friends???

    does this mean only iphone/ipod TO iphone/ipod can receive it?

  193. Waleed Says:

    can anyone using the app tell me if the silver pony is on the market for iphone users?

  194. Melany Welch Says:

    Does anyone know if the app works in South Africa? I have an iphone but don’t really use the apps so not sure if I am doing something wrong when searching for it, could someone please help me?? :) thanks

  195. Tiffany Says:

    i didnt saw silver pony there on my market!

  196. Farmer Says:

    Silver Pony is NOT in the Market for me.

  197. Cls51175 Says:

    OK, so now I need to go but an IPOD, or whatever to get exclusive items, just when you thought that 7-11 stuff was bogus enough, you get this BS, I find it ridiculous, and a bit unfair because I for one do not have an IPOD, and my phone is a Blackberry Curve, they are starting to tee of a vast majority of their players, and making them want to just tell them where to stuff the flippin IPHONES, and IPODS.

  198. Tired of your crying! Says:

    whine whine whine… most of you people are GROWN UPS but you cry more than children.

    @Waleed I think the silver pony thing was someone just being dumb. I don’t think anyone has seen it.

  199. Roni Says:

    Downloaded it this morning and it worked fine, got my snow leopard and sent out the White Apple gifts.
    Now I’m getting the “There seems to be an issue loading your farm. Would you like to try again message?”

    Is it possible just too many people are trying to use it and it’s crashing??

    Also I never saw the Silver Pony in the market, so potentially they are releasing that later…

  200. jerms Says:

    @ D….Yes, you can charge it to your iTunes account using either a credit card or iTunes gift cards….just did it by accident. lol

  201. Desiree Paahana Says:

    ok now its time for the other platforms to get a chance to go mobile!

  202. kenny Says:

    it wont open my farm either… i think the larger farms with alot of stuff are getting errors. all i want is the friggin snow leopard. lol.

  203. FarmerPOP Says:

    I did what everyone else did… I have a 3G iPhone iOs4.

    Installed the Farmville APP… no error.
    Try to open it… keeps giving the “There seems to be an issue loading your farm. Would you like us to try again?” error…. again and again and again… and again..

    Tried to re-install it, no changes…

    Tried to install it, then shut down my Iphone and reboot it… no results no changes…

    The application still will not work.

    Come on techno people, I know you can find us a solution! (besides just giving up!)

  204. Jennifer Says:

    It worked fine for me! I downloaded it, and it took about two minutes to load, and then crashed once. I reopened it and it was fine since then! It ran a little slow in the beginning, but now it’s just as fast as PC. Very cool.

  205. Katherine Says:

    Help! I have all three devices and have been unable to load farmville on any of them….I keep getting a message that I need to update flash player. Which is silly since everyone knows flash player isn’t supported on any of the three devices. Anyone know where on the net I can find some instructions or help with getting farmville on any of the three devices? I was unable to find a thing!!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  206. Martha Says:

    Level 90 ….won’t load farm…have un-installed and re-installed several times. Am completely signed out of facebook on computer so that isn’t the problem.
    Sad that it is available but not working for all….maybe will be fixed soon.
    I would like free gift…..

  207. Randy Says:

    I am a daily player, level 82, neither me nor any of my friends seem to have an iPhone, and I’d really like to have a white apple tree. I can make rare calves and foals, right now I have only a Holstein Calf that I can offer.
    Please contact me if you might want to send me a white apple tree.

    Thanks a lot,

  208. Ale Says:

    I have an issue that you can’t log out. My friends use my phone to get on FB by me just logging out and them logging in. It seems that you can’t do that with iFV. If anyone has been able to log out to let someone else log in, please share.



  209. D Says:


    Thank you!!

  210. SMACK Says:

    loaded once about half way my fatm just had a bunch of arrows saying loading and then it shur down.

    now it loads about 75% and then always shuts down.

    this is my worst app by far

  211. AFWife Says:

    Hello everyone. I downloaded the app this morning onto my iPhone 3g and it was working fine until I logged into my daughters farm, now it wont load mine, but will load hers. Keeps telling me there was an issue loading my farm, and asks if I want to try again. Any clue as to whats going on?

  212. Ale Says:

    So, me again. The only way I was able to let someone else log on was to delete the app and then reinstall it. Then, whoever wants to can just put his e-mail in there and bam! It worked on my phone and we checked on the web and we both have the stuff we bought on the phone.

    Some of you who don’t have an iPhone can just have a friend do that for you OR you can go to an Apple store and mess with the working demo phones.


  213. lori Says:

    what about macbook? i own a brand new macbook pro? it’s an apple product, why can’t those of us who have a macbook or mac computer get these items as well? that’s so cheesy.

  214. CC Says:

    Hmmm…let’s see now…I live in Quebec, so no 7/11 here, I have a Samsung cellphone, a no-name brand music player, and my computer is a PC….any chance there will be exclusive items made available only to me and others like me?! Is farmville a social network game or a marketing tool trap?

  215. BUSTA Says:

    ale under option u scroll down n u can log out of it

  216. BUSTA Says:

    katherine if its asking for flash player you are doin it wrong u need to download the app from itunes !!!!! then once installled u run the app no the face book app

  217. Tina Torrez Says:

    Will someone with this app add me and send me a white apple tree? please

  218. flyerfan Says:

    great you have to and ipod to get some things and not others thanks

  219. Gillian Says:

    Jayman5446 Says:
    Posted on June 23rd, 2010 at 10:48 pm
    Downloaded it and all I get is “There seems to be an issue loading your farm. Would you like us to try again?” And then it keeps doing that
    i downloaded it on my dad’s iphone, and he keeps getting this too.
    why can’t zynga just do something properly for once?? me and my family all play the zynga games and are fed up of their rubbish!!!!

  220. allyn Says:

    i have iphone 3gs 32g theres no problem laod d game n up date d software but when i start to play d game keeps saying( there seems to be an issue loading your farm. would you like us to try again) ang i keep click d try aggain but keeps going back pls help

  221. traci Says:

    i keep getting “there seems to be an issue loading your farm. would you like us to try again?” and i keep clicked try again and the same thing happened..any ideas?

  222. Andrew Says:

    i have sent white apple trees to my friends, but they havent received them…..anyone else having problems with that?

  223. [kby] Says:

    Can’t get the farm to load from my primary account. Recently started a new farm to cash in extra 7-11 stuff; that one loads fine and it’s nice. I know (and even I think) it has to do with large farms, however, one odd data point I’ve noticed is when I am logged into my newer (level 11) account, I can visit my primary (level 64) account and see everything (albeit it takes a while to load). Whenever I try to log in on the primary account, it almost immediately goes to “there was a problem.” On initially running, you might see 5% of the progress bar but if you click “accept” to “try again” you don’t even see that; it almost immediately kicks you out. Since you can’t change accounts at that point, the only solution is to delete and reinstall; then can run on small account, log out, and try again with large account—but go back to the “there was a problem” loop. I allegedly have gifted the white apple to my primary account; ‘course I can’t tell until I can log on under that account. Grrr…and yes, it is just a game

  224. ian Says:

    omg it wont load

  225. ian Says:


  226. ian Says:


  227. Andrew Says:

    it wont load for me either….gets about 75% loaded than closes…..=(

  228. keda Says:

    i used my 3rd generation touch and it worked fine, if u want me to log into your account and purchase items for u and then you can change your pw hit me up at not too much though please

  229. Sara Says:

    I have the same problem with sending white apple tree

  230. Andrew Says:

    come on Zynga….get these glitches worked out….
    i can log into my farm on my ipod than when it closes, and i try to log back into it, it doesnt get past 75%

  231. Andrew Says:

    sounds like yours is doing exactly what mine is doing….i agree…its the worst app ive downloaded….

  232. stl Says:

    Downloaded it works at least … but unable to zoom out … i can’t handle my 22×22 farm with a big zoom in :( Does anyone else have the same problem ?

  233. MaryAnn Says:

    I’ve heard that if you don’t have an iphone or itouch you can retrieve the white apple tree through zynga message center.. has anyone tried that?

  234. OleMcJethro Says:

    ha ha I hope you choke on a white apple and have a rainbow one shoved up your…well you get the point =P… ha really I do find it rather an injustice that a large portion of farmvilles players do not have an I-pod or I-touch or I-whateverthehellitis so can’t get the trees…screw it ill go play frointierville..

  235. Jenny Tutone Says:

    How many times do I have to try beforfe it works or I know it will never work? Been trying for about a half hour?!

  236. Jenny Tutone Says:

    I get to the edge of the first rice bag then it shuts off! ARGH!

  237. keda Says:

    its work well for me but my 24 x 24 land is not zooming well but thats not a problem i was also able to accept the white apple tree today so its working well make sure you are not logged in same time on your laptop/pc

  238. ian Says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  239. Jenny Tutone Says:

    I logged out of my pc before I even installed the ap, I rebooted the phone, I’ve installed and deleted and reinstalled the ap. What else is there to do? I’ve been at this for hours?! Any ideas? I want my stuff man! Grrr

  240. Sunflower Says:

    How do we get the white apple tree ??
    Some of my friends have send me some and I’m on IPhone but can’t find the white apple tree gift they have been send to me…

  241. [kby] Says:

    Well, it loaded a couple of times consecutively overnight on my primary account. Enough to purchace a rainbow apple tree and a snow leopard, and accept what turned out to be both of the white apple trees I’d sent myself from my other account. This morning, back to “there seems to be a problem…”

    It was pretty good when it worked (and when it works on my secondary account). In a 3gs, it’s not going to burn any barns down but it’s acceptable.

  242. [kby] Says:

    Incidentally, to #237, if you look in the gift box there is a “pending gifts” tab. It actually showed a lot of old stuff the first time I went in. I “accepted” one of those (but I suspect it didn’t double receive), then decided I’d better just do what I came for given what I’ve read. The white apple trees will be in there. Accept them there then they will be in your “regular” gift box either within the app or if you go back to the web version on a computer.

  243. cindy court Says:

    great wont even load

  244. Deyana Says:

    dai mi takova bqlo jivotin4e

  245. [kby] Says:

    Seems to be more consistent about loading. Got the fuel giveaway this AM; who knows if I’ll be able to come back for the next few days but worked more or less most of today. Does crash randomly and now whenever it tries to send gifts (oh well). Got to give some before, though. One thing I noticed is it only would really give to the first two people you checked (no matter now many names you checked)…bug or feature?

    I have to admit using the vehicles is really cool on this app. I wish the web interface were as easy (hold to start the appropriate vehicle; it “knows” which one based on the state), then just drag over all of the squares you want to apply it to and it does the whole thing. I haven’t used it much for harvesting (at least not on the prime account) as I am using bushel mastery or xp and there’s no way to select a bushel in the app (known limitation). Not sure it would do the right thing if I set it up on the web and then used the phone to do the harvesting (it’s really that cool when it works—iPhone 3gs/OS4). We’ll see if I can still load tomorrow…Monday…etc.
    Note, if planting, after you drag over all the squares you want to apply to, it brings up the market (and remembers your last couple of choices) to pick seeds. Note, it’s not too smart about restrictions; it will “let” you do something you aren’t supposed to be able to do (in my case plant posole corn), then immediately complain it’s out of sync and reload, undoing the action.

  246. Jane Says:

    I am getting message “trouble loading your farm” too,I don’t have a great wi-fi signal at best( weekends are diobolically awful) so I hope its just that as I logged out of facebook. I would love to be able to play it.

  247. Jodes Says:

    For those of you who are having trouble loading your 24×24 farms!!

    I personally have only got a baby sized 20×20 farm and it took some time to load when I had animated decorations on the farm (windmill, fountain). Once I stored them I had no trouble.

    I am in Australia, I have a friend in America who trusted me to log in to his farm for him – Level 71 and 24×24 with STACKS of things on it.

    I tried for a whole day to load his farm but couldn’t get in, so he stored some things. Still no luck so he stored as much as he could. The bigger buildings and animated things.

    Success!! Bought him two snow leopards and gifted lots of trees.

    I think that is the key – you have to store as much as you can. I’ve had no trouble since then with his farm.

  248. Jodes Says:

    Oh, and as to how he received his trees – he got them through the zynga message centre.

  249. coachf Says:

    I purchased the snow leopard for 50,000 coins and it did not show up on my iphone or my web farmville. i also gifted the soccer sheep for 14 FVcash and it was not received by the giftee.
    I don’t think i’ll be using this app anymore!

  250. Li Li Says:

    I think the size of my main farm prohibits it from loading on my iPhone & iPod Touch, so I loaded one of my small farms and it worked. I gifted my main farm the White Apple Tree and then used this link to collect the tree on my MacBook Pro:

    You can’t accept iPhone gifts the same way as regular Farmville gifts, but this definitely works, so have your friends that are using the FV app successfully on an iPhone / iPod Touch send you gifts! PLEASE NOTE: You must have the Farmville App loaded on your own device.

    Good Luck!

  251. Daisy Says:

    You can get a white apple tree through the message center if you don’t have an iphone, but someone who has one sends it to you. I just tried it and it worked fine. You can also gift yourself the white tree if you have more than one account. Just log out of account 1, log into account 2, send to account 1 as a gift. Also tested and worked for me.

  252. Lololloloolol Says:

    can farmville be used on the iPhone 8gb

  253. Kylie Says:

    Um….I have it for iPhone but i need to log out because my sister wants the snow leopard but idk how to log out……please help!!

  254. Kylie Says:

    OMFG!!!!! My little sister just deleted my app!!!!!

  255. Farmer Jane Says:

    I was sent the white apple tree, however it wont stay on the farm. It goes back to the gift box every time.
    Can anyone explain why this happens ???

  256. Ginger Sharp Says:

    I need Farmville neighbors that can gift me ginkgo trees & dutch rabbits. I am level 53 so I can’t gift above the azaleas but I do gift often & can gift the white apple tree. If you send me an invite be sure to say you’re a Farmviller though or I may not accept.

  257. mariah miller Says:

    Kylie, go to options scroll down and log out. also now you can buy silver ponies

  258. SuzieO Says:

    I came back here to tell people that don’t have iPhones (like me) that if you have a friend who you trust you can get all the iPhone stuff too. I gave my friend my log-in info… email and password, she logged into her iPhone as me and she went to my farm and because it was through iPhone everything was unlocked and she bought me (with my own money) everything I wanted… so just wanted to share this as many people may be a able to do this too.

  259. Joana Says:

    hi there can some one please let me know how to fix the app on iphone keeps saying…
    there seems to be an issue loading your farm. would you like us to tru again? i try millions times and even delete and download farm application many times and nothing change, please some help… ;-)

  260. JOANNE Says:

    can anyone provide the “LOGIN AND LOGOUT” Link for IPOD??? I try to logout for another acc but i cant login anymore…

  261. Andrea Says:

    i dont know how to log out. :(. my mom has a farmville and i might get on hers and play farmville on hers. by the way i just started farmville a couple weeks ago and im at level 15!

  262. shellie Says:

    If you have two farmville accounts and your using an ipod touch how do you log out of one account in farmville and log into another. when i log in to face book with different account and i try to go to farm takes me to original account. not accounts farm i am logged in on. can someone please help. how do i log a differennt account in on the farmville app for ipod touch.

  263. Kathartis Says:

    I downloaded the App when it first came out…. I have never been able to get to my farm… keeps crashing, will not load my farm! Says same old thing about the errors and mostly just sits there trying to load… Might as well not even have it… I have did the update…. and I try every day hoping that something has changed… Nope still does not work… :O(

  264. AngelEyes Says:

    Very disappointed!! Downloaded it and all I get is “There seems to be an issue loading your farm. Would you like us to try again?” And then it keeps doing that. I have had it for a couple of weeks and it worked the first couple of times and that was it.

  265. Ashley Says:

    Worked until they made an update to fix it and it just keeps saying there was a problem loading you farm blah blah blah! I removed the app and redownloaded it three times. I got on Facebook and got on farmville with my computer and deleted all my crops fences buildings and animals. Signed out and tried app again and still won’t load! This sucks. I want to buy the silver pony!

  266. Chris Says:

    Want my special items for Farmville from my Iphone. But my 3G phone will not play the app. I get about 75% loaded and it shuts down. NOT FAIR – want my special items !

  267. Arvy Says:

    Nah bah.,.i downloaded this farmville app in my “2g”, “3g”, “3gs”, and “iphone4″ in does perfectly works in both “2g”, and “iphone4″ but it doesnt work in “3g”, and “3gs” it keep saying me ” your farm is out of sync to the server” , so does anyone know why?? And yea all of my iphone are jailbroken…..

  268. mokthar Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzz bay snow

  269. Chuck Says:

    So I went to the trouble of getting iPhone neighbors and they can’t send me the iPhone items because I don’t have an iPhone.

    Thats stupid.

  270. Melanie Says:

    Ugh! The app keeps crashing after it tells me that my farm is huge and will be hiding some items. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, tried 3G and WiFi with full signals, rebooting the phone, upgrading the firmware on my phone from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 to 4.1 and it still crashes. :( I’m using an iPhone 3GS 16GB and I’m not sure what else to try to get it working…

  271. donna Says:

    I think it’s so unfair for people who do not have an iphone—-we can’t get the snow leopard,the white o’lanterns or many other gifts…I spend slot of money on farmville and I think it’s very unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. donna Says:

    I mean I spend Alot of $$$ on FV

  273. bonnie Says:

    my friend send out the white apple tree from her ipod and i still didnt get. what went wrong why am i not getting it?


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