FarmVille Winter Olympic Decorations Set:

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FarmVille Winter Olympic Decorations Set:

Posted on February 19, 2010 2:14 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Finally the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have made their way to FarmVille!

On 02.19.10 FarmVille released a limited edition set of Winter Olympics Decorations that includes items purchasable with farm cash only as well as some coin items.

These decorations will be available in the FarmVille Market for the next 4 days.

Winter Olympics Decorations (farm cash only):

FarmVille Award Stand

FarmVille FV Bobsled Team

FarmVille Ice Skate Ring

FarmVille Ski Jump

Winter Olympics Decorations (coins):

FarmVille Game Torch

FarmVille Snowboard

FarmVille Skis In Snow

What is your favorite Winter Olympic themed item? What Olympic themed item do you wish FarmVille would release?

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19 Responses to “FarmVille Winter Olympic Decorations Set:” »

  1. Jadd2000 Says:


  2. cstewart Says:

    jadd you are sad

  3. Justin Says:

    luge track…and a mystery box…the “new” 1 is the same items as teal n red

  4. Noah Says:

    Don’t forget about the farm hands and tree harvester things.

  5. Jim Says:

    FYI – the IOC will not allow you to say 2010, Vancouver, or Winter Olympics while the games are on. They are claiming trademark on this. For real.

  6. Yaniv Sims Says:

    Jad2000 do you REALLY wait until all the article are published just so you can comment on them even if you dont have anything to say ?

    WOW – you just got a blue ribbon of “lifeless lump”

  7. Tony Says:

    Congratulations Jadd2000! Lighten up people, it’s not like he shot a cow or something.

  8. janice901 Says:

    Jadd – OMG get a life!!!!!!!!

  9. Justin Says:

    The farmville items hav just “snow” not olympic, vancouver, 2010

  10. Olga Says:

    Snowboard is cool, and almost free :=)

  11. Nathan ward Says:

    Why havnt they released new limited edition animal because they could have done animals in bob sledges or like a duck on ice skates or a sheep on skiis

  12. Laurie Says:

    I love the torch, which can be used after the Olympics too, as a very attractive decorative element.

    Wish they had a set of Olympic rings!! They went all out for the “Peace” decorations (?!? anybody know why?) but the Olympic rings would be uber-awesome.

  13. Hello Says:

    we need screenshots of these items. cause i wanna see how they look in the game.

  14. Levi Says:

    Okay, I saw the Ski Jump, and I HAD to get it… the duck does a backflip in the air… it’s really awesome.

  15. Puzzled Says:

    Levi – could you post a link to your farm – I would love to see it – sadly one can’t watch it, when you just put it on your farm without bying it

  16. Lynn Says:

    I’d like to see the skating rink and know how big it is before I buy it.
    Anyone have a photo?

  17. DC Says:

    Thanks Jadd for letting everyone know your age, eh…

    The torches are magnificent. The bob sled is very expensive for the size… jump awesome.

  18. Hello Says:

    finally, because i love you guys. i finally got enough farm dollars together to buy the winter olympic set and i took a screenshot of it. i put some hay bales near the items so you can get an appreciation of their sizes.

    the ski jump is cool. it has fast rotors on the ski lift with the duck doing a wicked aerial. the ice skate rink looks nice. with the 3 judges giving a cow a score of 3 10′s for doing a figure 8 without moving its legs.

    and the bobsled team is awesome at working as a team leaning left and right.

    maxed out:

    maxed in:

  19. WeeChi Says:

    Whoa whoa whoa this ice skating rink is animated?!??!! Does the cow do figure 8′s?