Free Fuel for FarmVille Email Users!

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Free Fuel for FarmVille Email Users!

Posted on June 10, 2010 9:23 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Free Fuel Email Giveaway

Some farmers received a popup tonight asking them to sign up for two weeks of free fuel! Some farmers who enabled the email feature should be receiving daily free fuel emails for two weeks.

“FarmVille wants to thank our users for signing up for email! For a limited time only, we will be giving out fuel that you can only claim through email.

You will receive 1 email a day for the next two weeks containing free fuel. Make sure you claim your offer quickly because each fuel bonus expires within a day. (24 hours)

To participate in this feature, you must be level 12 or above.

The best part of this special promotion? You can get up to 3 tanks of fuel each time!

Please note: This feature is currently only available to a certain group of randomly selected users. It will be available to all users in the near future.”

Source: Official FarmVille Forums

Did you receive this message about claiming free fuel? Have you received an email yet?

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27 Responses to “Free Fuel for FarmVille Email Users!” »

  1. Timothy Says:

    I’m getting tired of all the email junk. They’ve asked me to sign up for email 10 times now.

    Does anyone have 7-11 codes? I’d love to trade! I only need a couple more.

    Contact me – Timothy Mouseman on FB

  2. Joyce Says:

    I got the notification on my account today. I signed up for the email delivery of free fuel. I’ll take any I can get.

  3. vinnie Says:

    i will trade 7 eleven codes it depends on which ones you have though

  4. Aelita Says:

    I’ve signed up for e-mail multiple times, but it continues to ask for my e-mail and never sends me anything!

  5. mike si Says:

    I have more fuel than I know what to do with and I dont need anymore junk e-mail

  6. tammy hailey Says:

    thank you yes i love to have some free fuel

  7. luisa davila Says:

    i havent received it yet

  8. tam Says:

    i hope i start to get it. i hardly get any fuel and i have a huge farm and loads of plots. won’t let me go over like 10..such a pain. i’ve been signed up for emails for some time now. i really hope this starts soon!

  9. SayWhat! Says:

    Havent recieved no pop up. Shame i need some fuel.

  10. mrs. dunn Says:

    i haven’t received mine yet. and i have said yes to every darn thing they have asked me to do… email me about everything! especially fuel… i have noticed that i am running out quickly.

  11. Theresa Terry Says:

    ABSOLUTELY HATE the fact of having to check email everyday for gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually only check every few days!

  12. Trisha Lintz Says:

    I just wish they would let us use the airplanes with our fuel that would be so cool

  13. Falguni Says:

    i agree with Trisha :) the airplane is useless…with 10 fv cash :P

  14. Robert Says:

    I did not get the pop up notice nor did I get an e-mail of fuel I have downloaded the tool bar to both of my computers and have yet to receive my 10 free farmville cash for doing so. This is getting OLD!

  15. shiloh Says:

    I can’t even access FV tongiht – I’ve been trying for 3 hours.

  16. liudmila Says:

    I wont a free full

  17. Wendy Says:

    I got the fuel pop up on two farms, one hasn’t received an email, the other got one and when I clicked on it it said the reward was not for me. Who was it for then?

  18. Rose Says:

    I’m getting the emails about every three days. I thought they were supposed to be daily! How come almost nothing works right on Farmville?

  19. loves2jam Says:

    For Wendy. You have to be logged in to the correct farmville account at the time you try to get the fuel. If you are logged in to “A” and you go the the email for “B” it will not give you the fuel. You have to be in the farmville account for “B”

  20. Hannah Says:

    Can u still subscribe for the free fuel?

  21. Vinocent Says:

    How do you sign up for the daily email for the fuel boost? I cant seem to figure that out! Any help? I need a link or something! HELP!

  22. jerrywyley Says:

    i need fuel

  23. veekesh Says:

    I am crezy of farmville games, which played on facebook…

    I need fuel daily by mail. please help me.

    your always

    veekesh agrawal

  24. linda Says:

    I sign up for email fuel boost why can i not get it? need fuel bad,

  25. stella chaput Says:

    no email yet

  26. jane Says:

    have quit recieving e mail fuel boost

  27. Connie Boothe Says:

    I was getting fuel by e-mail but I have changed servers. old e-mail was now my new address is did change it at facebook log in. now how do I get it restarted.