FarmVille Craft Building Recipe Spreadsheet

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FarmVille Craft Building Recipe Spreadsheet

Posted on July 27, 2010 8:36 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille’s three Crafting Buildings, the Spa, Winery, and Bakery each have their own Recipes.

If you would like to view all of the Recipes currently available for your specific building, check out the spreadsheet below.  It lists the Recipes for each Crafting Building and also the required ingredients, cook times, and yield for each Recipe.

You can view the spreadsheet on Google Docs, the author is unknown.

Link: FarmVille Crafting Building Recipes

FarmVille Crafting Building Spreadsheet

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48 Responses to “FarmVille Craft Building Recipe Spreadsheet” »

  1. Daisydog Says:


  2. Chris Whitburn Says:


  3. Daisydog Says:

    1st!! AwEsOmE

  4. Chris Whitburn Says:

    i dont really get it

  5. Marcella Says:

    awesome!!!!! I will defnitely be referring to this spreadsheet in the future. GOOD JOB! Thank you very much for sharing! <3

  6. Brandy Says:

    Thats so weird… I was literally -just- wondering if there was a list somewhere so I could clear out my Market Stall without tossing out Bushels that I’ll need later on. Thanks!

  7. Jan Smith Says:

    I haven’t been offered a crafting building like the other farms have but I can buy one in my market for 100,000. What the heck? I’m level 97, does that have anything to do with me needing to buy it and if I buy it is it fully build or the frame????

  8. Marion Cofala Says:

    Farmville ist Superklasse

  9. Donna Says:

    This is awesome! Now I know which bushels to start hoarding for my spa!

  10. HashslingerPatty Says:

    This is great. I got the crafting building, but I wasn`t sure how to make it click.

  11. dawn Says:

    No, level doesn’t matter. I’m level 97 and it was offered to me last night and this morn. It said if I didn’t choose I would have to buy one in the market.

  12. Sandbagger 6 Says:

    what you need is HOW many plots for a bushel, both mastered and unmastered.

  13. suzanne Says:

    I’m not getting it?? This farmers market was supposed to be a huge release. Is it just me or was i expecting something good? Okay, ive built the bee hive to get pollinated seeds to increase bushels, ( i have yet to gain anything from the bees) and ive had the 200 of them for over a week, and plant saffron and iris!! then when i eventually get a crafting cottage, and have to make stuff, in an over complicated and timely fashion, my reward is fuel or coins???? i can get more fuel from the feed or visting neighbours farms, the coins from harvesting..?? Is this it? is this big realease after months of hype a few units of fuel for goods??? seriously thinking about quitting at this stage.. also completed the gemstone collection with a lo of effort and got a gemstone throphy?????? not even 5 fuel refills as with the other collections…

  14. Faraj Says:

    mastered all bakery items, i already paid xtra 100thousand for bakery. f that bs

  15. crystaldawn Says:

    The main thing confusing me is the star level. I made a chart on microsoft office and I just put the recipe name and the bushels it needs so I would know what I need to collect. If I want to plant it I have another page that lists all of the crops at this point with their planting times and if I have mastered them and even on that page I have noted beside the crop which ones are used for my winery.

  16. Rose Says:

    I Guess I’m the only one that didn’t get the choice, I don’t have any of them……

  17. Lilli Says:

    You are a wonderful person for doing this. Really appreciate this info.

  18. poj216 Says:

    This is great! Thanks!!

  19. sta Says:

    I still don’t get the whole thing.
    I planted a field of pumpkins and never got a bushel.

    Now I’m hearing that it’s only bushels from others that you can use. Is that right?

  20. rward Says:

    Can anyone answer Jan Smith’s question ? I am in the same situation I still have not received one. If I buy one for 100k does that mean I cannot buy a 2nd (read we were going to get a free crafting and can purchase one more) ? How much longer should we wait ? Will zynga let us know when they are finished handing them out ? I have been frustrated with farmville before but this time they have gone too far with this waiting crap.

  21. Sheri Says:

    A little frustrated at first. Finally got the pop up for the cottages…but the next pop up never came up to let me select. It just froze (you know with that little guy on the side) So, I refresed the page…it did the same thing. Then I refresed again…and this time it said if I did not choose, I would have to pay. So, I said, OK….it froze up again…It just would never let me choose one for free. So, after I refreshed it again….I went to market and paid the 100K for it.

    Then had the largest farm of white grapes…and I only got 4 bushels!!! I mean, I normally get tons of bushels that it drives me crazy with all of the pop ups!! Oh well. I was just curious if this has happened to anyone else.

  22. sarah Says:

    I cant move my spa =(

  23. Shiloh4310 Says:

    I noticed something on one of my spare farms. The entire 20×20 farm was fertilized, but I haven’t started the beehive yet. I planted cranberries, and at harvest time – I ONLY GOT 1 FRIGGIN’ BUSHEL!!!!!!!!! WTF???

    The moral of the story is that the bees are very important to getting bushels!

  24. Shiloh4310 Says:

    BTW – I was a sceptic about the whole crafting thing from the get-go. But I was wrong – it’s a fun feature that is making the game more interesting for me!

  25. archie Says:


  26. Sheri Says:

    Harvested rice and got 16 bushels…harvested white grapes and got 4 bushels. I have the largest farm and did half rice and half white grapes. I also have a huge beehive…so not sure why the white grape harvest is always so low!!

  27. Pamela Rayner Says:

    This cottage thing is a joke!!!! A friend that just started and got the message about the Farm market came up and it says nothing about “BAGS”. Now you only get 3 bags to go and get what you need for your cottage. I have the largest farm you can get and I planted a whole field twice and still only got 2 bushels of the four I needed. I had to
    wait 20 hours to get more bags to get more bushels again and then 24 hours for the crops!!! I can make more from other crops such as grapes and buy more things and put me up higher levels then messing around with the likes of this!!!!!! I was excited about this business venture part of it because after all the Co-op doesn’t have any prizes worth all the time and effort you put into it. Unless something changes very
    quickly I will delete my Bakery which by the way you can’t even make any money on the crops you have to use to produce the “goods” like you can with the Spa and the Winery.

    And as far as the Gems go …what a waste of flippin time and what a Ugly Trophy!!!!!

  28. Pat Says:

    Ditto the gem trophy..ugly! Sold it in two seconds. Hate the crafting business. Visited friends cottages and bought what they were selling..Prices are crazy! A grand for most and sometimes even more…Spent over three grand.. went back to cash in my purchases..and for three grand I got maybe three gallons of fuel!!! They can keep those things..Am selling the winery I have in my gift box, as I hate the way this works. I want to help my friends by buying stuff, but sure don’t want to be taken to the cleaners by Zynga. Those developers have to be nuts…

  29. MaryBoyVictor Says:

    HELP! I hate the bakery. How do I REMOVE it from my farm? I can’t store it, move it or, more importantly DELETE it.


  30. memba Says:

    i still din’t receive my crafting building yet
    when will i get it?
    all others waiting to have one crafting building
    please please send it to me
    plz plz plz plz

  31. ellen Says:

    For some reason my spa thing was working fine except it would not let me upgrade my building. Now for the last few days the whole left side of the spa stuff like upgrade make and buy are all cut off any suggestions

  32. Shopaholic Says:

    I’m also confused with the whole crafting business….might just delete my spa. I have tons of fuel & dont really need anymore!

  33. KTKL Says:

    Does anyone know how many plots equals a bushel. I plant a field of wheat and get 40 bushels but a field of strawberries and i get not a single bushel…… This isn’t working at all.

  34. Kaz Says:

    Not happy, now have winery and cannot delete or store in barn… please. In fact if anyone from FV is reading this please get you act together as this is getting BORING

  35. Rose Says:

    I also would like to know how to delete the spa…

  36. Kevin Says:

    You can sell the bakery (or others I am guessing) for $5,000 coins by clicking on the recycle icon then click the craft building.

  37. lisa Says:

    whole left side of spa cut off cant make goods, upgrade, or buy bushels when it is like this

  38. jernald Says:

    whole left side of spa cut off cant make goods, upgrade, or buy bushels when it is like this

  39. Pamela Says:

    In this day and age of computers, having all of these “glitches” you have is a JOKE!!! Get a new programmer and stop adding things before you put more “NEW” things on more important CORRECT the PROBLEMS you already have !! People are getting sick of this. This is suppose to be for fun, something to relax you from everyday headaches and this has turned out to be one big HEADACHE!!!!!!

    You had better make some big changes on these Crafting Cottages FAST because if people are not going to get any money for doing them they’re just going to go back to what they were doing. As of right now they’re useless. Limiting people to the amounts they can take to 3 when in most cases they need four bushels is just plain ridiculous!

  40. Scott Says:

    Here is a tip to a problem I had with the crafting buildings. I have both a spa and winery on my farm. Too ofter when I went to get bushels for my recipes it said that there was XX many hours until I could get bushels from all my neighbors. The real problem was that I had a full 100 bushels in my inventory. As soon as I shared some of my bushels all was good again. Unfortunately the error message did not warn of the correct problem and simply left me frustrated and pissed off at Zynga……..

  41. MaryBoyVictor Says:

    Thanks Kevin (#36) – I FINALLY got the message “move, store or delete” on a left click, but this was clearly a glitch as it didn’t show up for weeks. Rose + Kaz, if you can’t just left click and delete, try Kevin’s suggestion. I have actually waited to delete it now that I can, but I don’t think I am into it (just like the “JOBS”) – way too little time and too complicated to get involved with…I just want to keep farming my animals, crops and trees, collecting collections and ribbons and getting my mastery signs for seeds. If it goes too gimmicky, I will have to drop out.

  42. Teresa Says:

    How many levels does the crafting build take to upgrade itself/does 1 have to pay cash/coins for upgrade?

    Also accidentally played dart game for fv cash, is there a way to be reimbursed for that(thought it was free-now am missing 20 fv cash-sorry for the ignorance)?

  43. Sharon Says:

    Thank You so much. I have all three crafting cottages and i have a 5 star bakery, but the other two are still 2 star, so i didnt know which crops i would need to master for 4 star winery and spa. This is SO amazing! Thank you for taking the time to do this. Saved me alot of aggravation!

  44. ailene Says:

    great! now i know the advantage of having craft building recipes…

  45. Elaine Says:

    Can anyone tell me, or point me to where I can find the info, which level for each bakery recipe give you the mastery sign? I got a couple so far after level 20, but I have a few that are way over level 20 and I haven’t gotten the sign yet.


  46. Alyssa Says:

    you spelled triple wrong.

  47. lightning Says:

    i went upto level 25 and got the bakery, i placed it and then the page froze. i refreshed and since then the bakery is not in the market, nor on my farm and i dont even get a popup menu saying that i havent placed my bakery. Plz helppppppppppppppp!!!

  48. Laura Adams Says:

    Absolutely, absoslutely work intensive and useful. Please update. I thank you so much.