Farmville Freak Exclusive: Crop Cheat Sheet

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Farmville Freak Exclusive: Crop Cheat Sheet

Posted on October 17, 2009 1:03 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Hello Farmville Freaks!

Are you interested in a nifty cheat sheet for Farmville crops?

Do you want to know which crop will yield the best net profit for your current level’s growing ability?

Well then look no further because Farmville Freak “Jason” has shared with us his very own Farmville Crop Cheat Sheet! Thank you, Jason.  :)

Unlike some other ones floating around the internet, this spreadsheet is current with updated Farmville information such as the newly added Crop Mastery (1,2,3 star) levels.  Enjoy!

Download Here: Jason’s Farmville Freak Crop Cheat Sheet.xlsx

Farmville Freak Crop Cheat Sheet

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36 Responses to “Farmville Freak Exclusive: Crop Cheat Sheet” »

  1. Lenon Says:

    I think there’s a mistake in the XP(PI) column..
    peas are not 3XP including the plow.. there’s 4.
    1XP for plowing and 3XP for planting.
    otherwise… very usefull this cheet sheet!! :)

  2. Chett Chaisson Says:

    Just noticed your chart has the wrong info for PEAS should be 3 XP then with plowing 4XP

  3. Dan Says:

    Actually Peas are 3XP plus 1XP Plow- For a total of 4XP…

  4. Someone Says:

    PFFFF idiot read only users….(the 2. and 3. comment…)

  5. Elisa Says:

    Very useful! Thanks! I was going to make one myself, but this looks very thorough and complete – I think I will not need a new one, for now.

  6. Jason Says:

    Hey, thanks for placing my cheat sheet on the site and sorry the peas XP was incorrect… I must have missed that in my research.

  7. Minh Says:

    Thanks to Jason for making this! I was going to make one, but now you have saved me the time and effort of making it. Thanks to Farmville Freak for posting this. Also, those people who made the comments about the peas…seriously, its one mistake, let it go!

  8. farmgoddess Says:

    Thank you Jason! Your chart rocks!!!

  9. Dan Says:

    Minh and Someone,

    Get over it, the other comments were not posted when I brought the Pea issue up, so don’t get your granny panties in a knot. Just an observation.

  10. Lucius Says:

    PEAS = 3XP


  11. wtf Says:

    wtf? WRONG WRONG

    aspargus is 16h <— best seed

  12. Risto Says:

    Kind a lousy excel sheet IMO. I have much more versatile one. Seriously. I can send it to you guys in FV Freak Family, if you wanna publish it. I’m reworking with it all the time. My sheet have data about trees, animals and some ribbons too.

  13. Risto Says:

    Okay, okay. It is not lousy. Sorry about that but mine is better ;)

  14. imoney Says:

    you can check the highest seeds in this link!

  15. Andrew Says:

    I have seen people have animals and trees on top of their crops. How do you do this?

  16. Sista Jue Says:

    Please have sheet amended to include flowers and new stuff
    Thanks a Bunch

  17. imoney Says:

    @ andrew:
    1: clear the spot you want to have this bug.
    2: put the object on this spot, for example a tree.
    3: restart farmville
    4: be sure the tree is on that spot.
    5(you have to do this very fast): put the tree away
    6(fast too): plow the spot
    7: (fast too): put an animal out of the giftbox, and click sell, and sell, so you can sell the animal twice. this should make an error and you have to accept the error, and if you have done everything right a tree will be on you crop.

    you can also do other things like:

    klick here, to see some examples:

  18. Andy Says:

    does anyone know where to find an updated mastery guide with flowers included? help would be much appreciated!

  19. v3rb4L Says:

    may I suggest profit/day, xp/day and xpplow/day? i’m not a per hour type of guy and think that per day analysis would be beneficial for many.

  20. Kat Says:

    Any chance Jason or some other volunteer could update this to include flowers and other new crops? I’m kind of addicted to this sheet and I have no idea how to make it myself.

  21. Blackend Says:

    This is by far my favorite Farmville crop sheet. It’s the only one I can find with the mastery data and the profit data in one sheet. It would be cool if we could start pulling in data to update for the flowers and new crops. Thanks a bunch.

  22. Saud Khan Says:

    hi, wats dat 1st star, 2nd star nd 3rd star n da chart ???

  23. Sista Jue Says:


    have Jason amend chart to include the latest crops and flowers

    I swear by this chart……

  24. maximus817 Says:

    what program opens the sheet i downloaded it but its xlsx format?

  25. Stephen Says:

    .XLSX is an Excel 2007 format. It’ll be impossible for anyone to open who doesn’t have Excel 2007, *or* a file viewer, which can be found here:

    This will let you view and print the Excel files.

  26. Shaggy Says:

    OpenOffice 3.1.0 will open these files, it’s a free office suite!

  27. marija'90 Says:

    hello .. sorry but i can’t now read everything here ,probably if i read i will find the answear
    .. I want to know how can j have chicken crops more than one :) .. can u help me ?
    thank u (i apologise for bad language,it isn’t my material language )

  28. afnrockers Says:

    hey a very bad site some wromg printing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Kathy Says:

    I have enjoyed your spreadsheet for a couple of months now and find it very helpful when planning my future crops. I am wondering if you have a more current or updated spreadsheet that includes more of the flowers on it? This one only has sunflowers. Thanks.

  30. SHAWNA Says:


  31. Arcturus Says:

    How do you open it? Says it is Excel but opens up winzip with nothging but a bunch of xml files…

  32. Smurf Says:

    @ post 30 & 31 – if you click on it, it should open in a new browser page as a .gif – at least that’s what it does on my Mac. :)

  33. j.b.wofford Says:

    I think this cheat sheet needs to be updated.. it only has thirty something crops my current list from another site has sixty six (66) crops and farmville is adding things all the time.. Keep it current Freak. Please :)

  34. adam Says:

    could you make a downloadable excel document available? I bet people would LOVE to customize it for themselves… i know i would;)

  35. Pragya Says:

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  36. akane Says:

    any updates on this?