Zynga puts an end to FarmVille link sharing

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Zynga puts an end to FarmVille link sharing

Posted on January 20, 2010 2:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

With Tuesday night’s updates Zynga has put a stop to FarmVille link sharing.

I assume that this link disabling was enforced because of all the “unlimited links” illegally bombarding FarmVille. By the way, these unlimited links are no longer working. Please stop asking for the unlimited links and please stop posting them in our comments section, fan page, and chat areas immediately as they will be deleted.

You will notice that you can no longer share Egg links, Collectable links, etc with people that are NOT your FarmVille neighbors. If you click on a shared link that is given by someone that you are not neighbors with, it will take you to your farm’s loading page.

This update has not affected normal link sharing that you would post to your Facebook newsfeed. You will still be able to share links with your FarmVille neighbors through this method.

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161 Responses to “Zynga puts an end to FarmVille link sharing” »

  1. Carter Says:

    Damn that’s too bad…

  2. rez_frost Says:

    well it was fun while it lasted =)

  3. Jessica Says:

    Anyone know if this includes barn raising?

  4. b Says:

    This makes me sad :( Oh well, bound to happen sooner or later. And yes it was fun while it lasted

  5. Sarah Says:

    that sucks :( I don’t have many friends who play this game and I don’t want to be facebook friends with people that I don’t know so this was a good option for me to have some stuff from eggs etc…

  6. Pam86 Says:

    Awww!! That’s too bad… Just a few neighbors really play farmville and gift stuff so having the opportunity that someone else helped you barn raising, gifting, sending links for mystery eggs and collectables was GREAT.

    At least they should have the send gift (fv cash gift) available again!

  7. joe Says:

    I complained directly to zynga about the link sharing – the golden eggs facebook group especially!

    wonder if they shut it down because of me?

  8. highlander Says:

    what happens with the seed for Haiti? i just buying FVcash for that seed and now its gone! Im so angry.

  9. Sam Says:

    That actually sucks. Like two of my friends play farmville.. and I dont want a load of random people on my list! Great…

  10. Char Says:

    I think it’s a good move. Every time they introduce a new feature, so many people try to find a way around it. The end result is that people level up quickly and then complain because they’re bored with the game.

  11. Ellen82 Says:

    I noticed more and more people started posting barn raising links on the official Zynga forums. Not very clever…Zynga was obviously going to find out pretty quickly. If the link exchanges had been restricted to ‘unofficial’ sites like Farmvillefreak it would have lasted a lot longer.

    Ah well fun while it lasted… :)

  12. Jeni Says:

    how about my neighbors’ pending?? or my some facebook’ friends who play fv but not my neighbors???
    it’s really not fair.
    better fix the unlimited links with limited links. but do not limited the links just for our neighbors. fv becomes a small ‘world’ for me :(

  13. Cata Says:

    Thanks for posting this. This is a clear statement on the issue and hopefully will stop many from asking stupid questions.

    Though it was fun while it lasted, it’s only fair to put a stop on unlimited sharing. This stop will only enhance adding new neighbours and thus FB friends.

  14. SarahS Says:

    I’m in the same boat as Sarah, Sam and Pam86. I don’t have many Facebook friends who play Farmville, or at least not actively. I don’t want to “friend” people I don’t know just to play a game. This was a great way to play the game, help others play it, and maintain my and my family’s privacy. Too bad.

    It would be great if Zynga and Facebook could find a way to have neighbors who didn’t have access to my Facebook info.

  15. Dawn Says:

    Jeni-it’s not just your neighbors, you can still accept from people on your facebook friend list. I have many farmville “neighbors”, but also many “friends” and I just accepted a thimble from one.

  16. nick Says:

    wow, i just found out about the link sharing today and now i cant use it
    wonder why it wasnt working. now we all have to add random people to get good stuff! im mad

  17. Gabe Black Says:


  18. Dawn Says:

    Also they knew about this before barn raising. I think it’s why they started limiting fertilizer. There were many fertilizer link that you could fertilize farms and not be on facebook friend list. That was fun while it lasted too.

  19. Farmer12345 Says:

    You can add FB friends and still protect your privacy by creating a List. I have a list that I add FV friends that I don’t know in real life. When I accept the request I add them to the list and then confirm the request. Once you create the list, you can edit your settings to exclude the farmville list from seeing your photos, info, email, etc. etc., without excluding the people you know.

  20. highlander Says:

    “The White Corn seeds will be available to purchase in the FarmVille Market until Friday, January 22nd, one week from their debut.”

    WRONG!!! the seed its out of the market and farmville freak its out of the news..now i pay for FVcash and dont want nothing more than seeds..

  21. Nicole Says:

    I don’t get how they put a stop to this, but yet people can have multiple chicken coops…

  22. MrPk Says:

    I have a great news, or a strange one.
    Just got FUEL from an Eggs (50% from a brown, 50% from a gold, no idea).

    The problem it’s that I found a tank without name (the camp of name it’s empty also in gift box), quantity x1. Never used, ready to send screenshot. In egg-reward page there was a link under the OK button, clearly something not loaded correctly.

    Who is interested?

    I made a screenshot, even if i know that can appear a fake but if you tell me how to contact you we can find a method to show you that with a webcam!


    Anyone had the same issue?

  23. Amy Says:

    This is such a bummer!! It was fun while it lasted though. It was fun to post a link on a board and have your barn raised in mere moments! It was also fun to help others and collect the 100 coins per barn! Now, if they would just put fuel back in the eggs and allow us to gift fuel… that would be awesome!

  24. Tony Says:

    I don’t really have a problem with zynga doing this but one of my neighbour’s links doesn’t work now, WTF?

  25. Bonez Says:

    DAMMMMM… boy that was fun…

  26. Casey Says:

    As for the Barn raising, I can speak from experience. Today a friend asked (begged) for help in their Barn Raising and like last week I copied the link and opened my mom’s FB account to help my neighbor out. The link copied but kept taking me to the farmville page. Last week, I helped out a friend that was 5 friends short of her barn raising and within minutes of her asking for help – I finished off the job!! I guess that a feature I won’t be enjoying anymore. Bummer :(

    In the past I would send a FEW (not all) GOLD egg links to my immediate family that worked during the day so they could partake in the JOY of receiving.

  27. Denise Says:

    People if you want to have people who are not your friends there are a few ways to do this. I have my main Facebook page where I talk to my family and friends everyday and then I have a page where its gaming only. I dont even have a picture on there. So the complaining can be minimized. Or simply use the “hide and friends list” features that facebook offers.

  28. disconnect Says:

    that sucks !

  29. madefreak Says:

    not anything to do with links but I just got a rock stream from a mystery box!

  30. Groggers Says:

    Good point Denise… I was also one of those Farmers with no active friends. Facebook allows you to be very specific with your privacy. Create a friend list with with VERY limited access to your profile and keep your FV only friends on that list. If you are diligent about your facebook you can break down your news feed the same way you organize your chickens and cows in coops and farms. :)

    I’m glad it’s over. I saw people jump 15,000 XP last night.

  31. FarmvilleAddict Says:

    deleting the unlimited glitch was expected and I have no problems doing it, but the link exchange was good, I wish they didn’t do that, I don’t like having strangers in my facebook, even with the privacy feature, it is still hard to manage, for everything you post i have to specify who i want to see or not, and besides the people who add strangers, they have like over 400 neighbors and my game feed will be bombarded with bunch of farmville links that i can’t get anything from them since the second they post everything gets claimed. I only used the links to get stuff from my mom’s homepage, because her friends didn’t have a lot of neighbors and i didn’t want to add them but we would exchage links sine we only had few active neighbors

  32. Ron Says:

    Zynga cleverly added a “friend ID” object to the link. Thats how it tracks whether you are receiving link from a friend or an unknown person. It all comes down to this, Zynga will fix glitches and people will find more glitches. Its a vicious circle. When a Windows OS is cracked even before its official release, a game on its beta version stands not much of a chance. Keep your eyes open and u will find more surprises. Finally it comes to whether u want to play according to the rules or not .:D

  33. Jenny Says:

    It would be nice if they do something similar to Super Poke Pets for Farmville. You can adopt a pet through Facebook and as long as you sign up for SPP membership (free) you can add friends through the spp website and they will not see your Facebook info. You can access your pet either through Facebook or through the spp.com website.

    This would be a nice feature especially for those that don’t have a lot of friends on facebook that play farmville. It will help with the barn raising as well as the dairy farm and chicken coop expansions (once they are availalbe.)

  34. Lynn Says:

    Well, guess i WONT be buying another barn & having fellow Farmville Freaks help raise it up.

    With my FV neighbors now, I’d never get it raised.

  35. ipomea Says:

    well it was fun as long as it lasted, and i’ve got several new friends through link sharing pages. don’t forget zynga’s new post office and general store, maybe zynga plan to use some of these features as i way to meet and share things with others and not only your friends.

  36. Rush Says:

    Well….. I was trying to “find a collectable” that one of my actual farmville neighbours was sharing, and it wouldnt let me have it.. It would just take me to my farm.. kind of unfair.. since they actually are my farmville neighbor :(

  37. Doug Says:

    The barn raising was a joke because you could just post a direct link on the forums and your barn was raised in a few seconds. I was thinking Zynga wanted that to last a little longer.

    Farmville has some balancing issues. I love the fact that the golden eggs thing is ruined.

    Remember when golden chickens were rare? I have collected about 30 of them this week. That really has run it’s course. They made a few of the $FV items available in the white eggs to try and balance it.

  38. Whale Says:

    $ynga should have fixed only the “unlimited links” problem. Link exchange feature was not really cheating, in my opinion, and it should have stayed.

  39. Josh Says:

    I tried it, it still works, at least the fertilizing does.

  40. Kim Says:

    Shucks..well it was all good while it lasted…got my barns and sheds raised, got loads of eggs and got one of the collection completed and traded 5x.

    No use complaining about something that should not have been after all I happened to benefit from those links

    I guess I will have to add more friends!

  41. farmergirl Says:

    i have over 1200 people on my facebook and i have them all in various lists(groups). they don’t see anything i don’t want them to. not my pictures, not my posts, etc. so it is possible to have strangers and not share your life with them. also, i don’t use my “real” facebook for apps. i have about 10 accts to tell the truth, lol. something for everybody to think about. and i know facebook frowns upon fake accts, but who cares? they never should have allowed apps on it had they wanted to keep facebook the way it was years ago. it’s mostly just a “game” destination now. like myspace. i can’t tell you how many people i have on there that are fakes, about 100 john smiths, with fake pictures, lol. it’s how a lot of us do it.

  42. joe Says:

    I got an email back from Zynga, thanking me for bringing the mystery eggs and barn raising fan pages to their attention. Sorry guys, but it was me who shut it down! It was cheating anyway.

  43. RWK Says:

    Joe….. They sent that same email to all the tattle tails that emailed them so get off your high horse! You were one of many… I took advantage of the unlimited links and got what I wanted out of it.

    It was fun while it lasted….. Ps Joe no one likes u quit bragging about being a tattle tail!!

  44. joe Says:

    I was only joking!

  45. Michael Says:

    OMG.. That really sucks.. Zynga kinda destroyed FV. It was their fault that some links were unlimited not ours and now we’re getting pinished. -.-

    And Joe what exactly is the difference of gettin links from strangers and getting links of strangers that happen to be your friends on facebook?

  46. Erwin Says:

    Actually, Joe, I do like it. Never felt right, the way some people clime to level 70 without playing the game is it was intended. The whole idea is that we get some new friends out of this, be social. Not this egocentric hording crap we saw lately… Good call, Zynga! Keep it up! :)


  47. Jen Says:

    Oh thank goodness. I can sleep tonight.

  48. Pam86 Says:

    OMG Joe how old are you? 5? because that’s what I heard from small kids…

    And BYI that’s not cheating, cheating would be downloading a software that would make you level up in minutes, plant and delete plots with soybeans just to get more xp, jack a system to get everything before anybody else, having multiple chicken coops (when you aren’t the one who wanted that, and so on.

    And you call cheaters to the people that share their links (not the unlimited ones) to other farmville players… Grow up.

  49. MTM Says:

    It wasn’t going to last forever, but I’m glad it was there while it lasted.

    Now if only they could of gotten rid of my Ghost neighbors while they were restricting things.

  50. Gabe Black Says:

    JOe your such a rat!! you belong in the cheese factory!1 you better hope the FEDS put you in the witness protection program you RAT!

  51. Tony Says:

    It’s wasn’t cheating, it was a different way to meet people that share the same interest.

    Erwin, don’t judge if you don’t know ALL the facts, stop stroking YOUR ego, The people in the forum were actually some of the nicest I’ve met, so willing to help, so willing to share, so willing to give. So quite frankly S*REW OFF with your sitting on the sidelines judgement of something you no or very little clue about.

    The way people treated each other on the forum is the way life should be, generous give and take. Asking, how can I give back to you, to others.

    Hording, lol. It’s called asset acquisition in the world of business and is standard practice. Just because you’re jealous don’t put down others who strive to get ahead and think big.

  52. Jen Says:

    Rats actually don’t eat cheese, they eat dogfood, though.

    Doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that the unlimiteds stopped at midnight PST, just like most any other glitch? It seems to me they were trying to get everyone geared up over it because it had such a lack-luster beginning, and that was one way to do it. I think the “glitches” are on purpose. I just got one out of Fish World (not a zynga thing) that gave unlimited frogs. And the gift box never gets full. I <3 reload.

  53. Dawn Says:

    Jen makes a good point. The glitches make the game fun, it’s not cheating-more like taking advantage or something like that. I think Zynga knows this, I probably wouldn’t still be playing except for the glitches.

  54. Lorena Says:

    LMAO @ Joe the wanna-be snitch, thinking that he single handedly brought down the link sharing empire…smh

    I personally dont see link sharing any different than buying dozens of resting tents to get the architecture ribbon, buying hundreds of fences to get the fenced in ribbon, or coop stuffing….

    OH well, it was fun while it lasted, I guess. :P

  55. Lorena Says:

    *I meant to add buying all those things at one time*

  56. scott Says:

    just another reason to move on — some of this is getting REAL boring! Chicken’s and eggs are getting old getting more chickens from the “speical” eggs….. and calf’s how many more do you need? Spending FV is a joke!!!!!! Get smart and don’t buy into these new WORTHLESS ribbons – pet “pussy” for money – give me a break! Lets spread some real shit and not play for a week and see what impact we have on their game.

  57. Annie K Says:

    we were just sharing our success without worrying about stranger danger with these links. This was a bad move for zynga… unless they give us the option to transfer our farmville onto a fake account of something- make an option to get a FREE farmville account so players can add you and not automatically know your details and what you look like e.t.c (unless you want them to)

  58. John Says:

    Joe, the guy that ‘thinks he shut it down’, you’re a whiney bitch.

  59. Christopher Chur Says:

    hey anyone know if farmville is still coming out with the rumored church building? ive been waiting for that..

    Also wondering if theyll ever bring elephants back.. its the only animal im missing!

  60. Lasseter1113 Says:

    I completely agree with you Jen, as a matter of fact somewhere else on this site, I believe it is in the comments about the barn raising/chicken coop glitch I said that I thought they did it on purpose. I mean it makes people have something to do and talk about. Gets more people interested just like you said. Plus when you get an extra coop the same color chicken that you put in is not the same color chicken the new coop came with. If it were a glitch it seems like it would have copied the coop just like it was. I mean what is that anyways, raise a barn and you get an extra coop? They totally did it on purpose and I am glad to see there is someone else out there who sees it that way too!

    And I don’t see why anybody would be happy about them stopping the link sharing? What did it hurt? Everyone benefited from it unless you were too stupid to know how to use it. In that case I can see why you would be glad it’s gone because you can’t stand to see anybody else happy but your greedy a#s stupid self!

  61. joemomma Says:

    i feel like im in highschool with zynga i mean its just a stupid game about farming they take away all major glitches and tricks out of the game.

  62. highlander Says:

    This game begin to sucks.. really.. im not in the hunting links, but like to share and help the neigb of my neigb..

    So ist a game! dont need the real life restrictions!

  63. Kenny Says:

    I can’t share anything atm let alone sharing items etc with random ppl… played farmville yesterday.. i could share my eggs… last evening and today… it won’t even post up the messages for me to share anything eg… sharing eggs… getting people to assist in raising the barn etc… what a load of crap… i know its not my macbook as i havent changed any of the settings… anyone have same problem ?

  64. monelise Says:

    Zynga needs to then follow through with the cleanup of this mess.

    1) I receive in my Facebook news feeds, Farmville updates from all my Facebook ‘friends’, including those who have not accepted me as a Farmville neighbor. This is a huge waste of my time.

    I have only 2 options for newsfeed blocks: the app or the person. If I block the person, I will get no notification message from Farmville that my request to be a neighbor was accepted, so I will not know to go unblock them from the Facebook newsfeed. If I block the Farmville application, well…. you can’t play the game!

    2) This one is really annoying. I have a lot of folks that accepted my Facebook friend invite but simply clicked the ignore button on the Farmville neighbor invite. These people are stuck at the bottom of my Neighbor list in a permanent state of purgatory. I cannot delete them and I cannot send them a follow up invite even when Zynga shows me that their neighbor count dropped below 300. I will see all these feeds from the folks in my purgatory status and waste my time clicking on a link that takes me to my own farm. Fix it already!!!

  65. JT Says:

    This is totally killing all my motivation to play since most of my neighbors are inactive… (an no, I don’t want stranger as neighbors nor will I force my force my friends to play) I am really unhappy with this news, I hope farmville finds a better solution to the “unlimited link” problem, whatever that means.

    This is to the farmville engineers: fix the bugs instead of killing the game!

  66. Nicole Says:

    This does suck. I didn’t care about getting unlimited anything, but I too have the problem with only having a limited amount of friends who still play farmville. My main concern aren’t the eggs, because now I can live without them (because of the new prizes), gifting links are closed with are sort of a bummer, but I can live without too, adoptable animals I can live without as well, but who is going to help me raise my dairy farms and chicken coop? I can only post the link once on the facebook feed, unless I put it in my facebook status, which would make my non-farmville playing friends quite angry. Each friend can only help once, so how can I raise my dairy farm or chicken coop (in the future) with 425 friends who would get angry, or with the 5 friends I still have playing farmville?

  67. Susan Says:

    I used to save my eggs and post little riddles so people could play a game to get them on the golden egg page– that was SO much fun. More fun at times than farmville. Well, maybe there will be some new fun loophole…

  68. angelaaaaax Says:

    I think we should strike to get MORE LIMITED EDITION ITEMS in COINS… NOT – FARM VILLE CASH – it’s ridiculous. Paying REAL $ for a few virtual items.

    Who’s IN WITH ME? IF WE GET ENOUGH, I’m sure we could MAKE A DIFFERENCE. o:

    Sometimes, people get crazy WHEN IT COMES TO $. FarmVille NEEDS TO CONTROL THEMSELVES, and STOP GRABBING/trying to grab CASH from our pockets!

    What do you think?

  69. Kira Says:

    $1 million raised for Haiti!

    I’m curious about the surprise but I’m much more excited and happy to see our wonderful community of gamers giving to a cause. :D

  70. bean Says:

    OMG its just a game! With video games part of the fun are the little cheats. I was on facebook way before I knew what farmville was. I don’t add people to facebook that I don’t know and I shouldn’t have to just to play this game. Why doesn’t Zynga spend some time figuring out a way to add neighbors without adding them to facebook? I have a farm I worked on for a long time and none of my friends play farmville even though they all know about it. I can’t make them play. So I can’t advance in the game or get any of the cool stuff unless I create another facebook page where I add people just for farmville freinds and start from scratch. Awesome. The game isn’t fun anymore. I come on this site everyday and see all the cool stuff farmville has added but I can’t have or won’t be able to get….who is that fun for?
    oh and I hope this doesn’t encourage kids to add strangers to fb just so they have farmville friends. I saw some weirdos trolling the fan page asking to be added but when you look at their page is obvious they dont even have the farmville app
    And whats up with the Haiti relief? I can’t buy the seeds anymore? I see people here accusing other people of being selfish because they dont think Zynga should charge dollars or should make it easier or whatever. I think Zynga used Haiti relief as a promotion/ advancement tool and took advantage of people. If they were able to hit $1 million in a matter of a few days imagine if they kept it going for a couple weeks? If it was really JUST about helping Haiti they wouldn’t have cut the promotion short. The seeds were supposed to be available until this friday but they are gone. oh well its a business people will be on to the next thing in no time

  71. Matt! Says:

    Awwww man now i got to scavage for friends to raise my barns…

  72. letty Says:

    i cant count the number of times i have recieved a gift from friends only to have it disappear when i try to get it on my farm, its crazy, and i have some neighbors that have so many fv neighbors that i can hardly ever get anything from them, sharing links was a good way to be able to enjoy the game and get what i needed, the way i see it they should have left it alone who is going to pay me back for the countless gifts that they lost

  73. Rob Says:

    Okay, guys – you go on strike. All ten of you. Like Zynga is going to miss ten out of 65 million players. Have fun with that. I’m sure you’ll bring Farmville to a screeching halt in no time. Plus, if you people going on strike are the ones who don’t pay any money for FV$ then how is that going to make a difference? No one will even know you aren’t there! I’m actually laughing out loud at the thought of a dozen people who don’t even buy FV$ going on strike! That’s really funny! Thanks for providing a little bit of levity this evening.

    @Nicole – if the raising for the dairy farm or the chicken coops works like it does for the barns ant toolsheds, you have three days to complete it, and each of your friends is allowed to do it once per day, not once total. So it will take you a bit longer, but if your five friends each do it twice, you will still get it done in two days.

  74. letty Says:

    btw did anyone see dr. phil today??? he told a lady to stop playing farmville and plant a real garden

  75. farmlover Says:

    @ Christopher Chur….baby elephants are retired.

    @ the whiners…..STOP CRYING!!!!! This is a free game that no one is forcing you to play. If you don’t like it, then move the hell on to another game. I get so sick of coming to this site for updates and all I see is constant whining. Most internet games has a fee. FV is free. You get what you pay for…..VERY LITTLE….so deal with it!

  76. Susan Says:

    How can she plant a real garden in the middle of WINTER? That makes no sense. (Can’t wait for spring!) At any rate– I love all of the fun of finding cheats and tricks– so let’s not get lazy, something new will come along–

    As for those who want to strike? You need to go look up how strikes work. You can’t strike from a free game.

  77. Rob Says:



  78. Nicklin Says:

    hey everyone check out this glitch: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=151823&l=990f602395&id=1751837285

  79. William McGuin Says:

    This just plain sucks as we did everything legal and still got stung . This marks the end of something good. Sonic’s Crazy Egg Give Away a lottery that we held every night from eggs collected in the day and held a lottery at night open to all is now dead. I made nothing from this other then friendship. The Sonic Team is deeply sorry that this has been done and wish to say on behalf of our fans Zynga you’ve crushed a total team effort for the good of all neighbors, shame on you for not opening your eyes!!!! The Sonic Team

  80. SarahS Says:

    To Farmer12345 — thank you for explaining how the lists feature works! I learned something new and can be more assured of privacy while continuing to play. I appreciate the help.

  81. Stacie Says:

    Now, when I click on my neighbors egg in my News Feed, it sends me straight to my farm. Is anyone else having this problem?

    It’s seems to only be happening with the neighbors I have added in the last few weeks.

  82. tlgrose Says:

    I agree with so many of the comments!!!! Most of my “friends” don’t play fm, and out of the 50+/- that do, they don’t bother to post their “finds” or “bonus”. This is a game, I know… but I believe that if they are going to not allow us to use the other users finds etc… then they should let us earn coins, and xp like farmtown and Hire ourselves out for harvests. I think fv is the one that needs to stop and say “Hey, this is a game… and more people will play if we make it easier and more fun”. I don’t want people I don’t know on my friends list, and I don’t want to have 2 different accounts. Yeah, I know, some will say “typical woman” who wants it all. And, maybe they’re right. I’m new to farmville freak, but want to know is there a way we can all voice our opinion? Or does our opinion not matter?

  83. tlgrose Says:

    *Oops… meant to say they don’t play fv!

  84. tlgrose Says:

    to @ farmlover: you can still come to the sight and not see our comments. If you don’t want to hear us whine, then don’t click on the comment button!

  85. keto-farmer Says:

    when you really think about it guys, what do they get out of this and expect to happen? they want us to add more friends and have more neighbors… right?

    well how did we all meet new people for farmville?
    certainly not from typing a random name in the search bar and then adding loads of people, seeing if they played farmville and then deleating the ones who didnt… haha that would be retarted, not to mention a complete waste of time.
    we all went to farmvilles page, or farmvillefreaks page and posted our ‘gift presents’ or ‘barn raising’ links so people could help us out and we could help them out in return. (which is all i used it for and i believe is fair, because TECHNICALLY anyone could have gone on my page and click on a link in something i posted, i jsut increased the chances..)

    anyway, without the ability to post these links, how are we to meet new farmville players. i dont see the point, nor do i have the time to go to farmvilles page and then go look at all the fans click and add them and then explain that i would like to be their friend because i am addicted to farmville. i feel some people might think im a bit crazy and need to get a life. plus im a business major, i want to add the people who are most productive to me. simple as that. it would be a waste of time to have people who wont gift/fertilize/help with other tasks.

    Zynga, i get where your coming from, i really do, but there were things that if you look at them logically TECHNICALLY werent cheating, jsut giving an improbable possibility a lending hand. and i will fully argue the point that posting a barnraising link on a page so other people could click on it is not cheating, and that ANYONE friend/neighbor or not could have TECHNICALLY gone to my facebook page and clicked on that link themselves.


    have a nice day

    (and i WILL be e-mailing this to them, i feel they need some logic thrust at them. )

  86. chrirobe Says:

    It was the frustration of trying to do a Barn Raising that drove me to a link share site.
    While I was there I met several very interesting individuals and was overwhelmed with the feeling of connected.

    Zynga, work harder to ensure a feature at least half works before issuing it. I was _never_ able to help a neighbor raise a barn on the second day.
    By-the-way What is your definition of a day anyway, I get get very confused if it is based on a clock cycle or if it is 24 hours since I last did the action? Each feature of the game implements the time concept differently and there is very little to be found about the subject.

    It was way fun, I’ll miss the rush.

  87. DC Says:

    I always thought it was dodgey. But i took advantage while it lasted. Thats how I clocked up over 30 gold chickens ( some from my friends of course).

    What they need to do is FIX the people who have like 20 chicken coops!!!!!

  88. Michael Says:

    Farmlover: So you wouldn’t complain about lets say rotten ketchup from a free bag of ketchup only because it was free?

  89. LINDA Says:



  90. Jas Says:


    How can you compare a possibly fatal food product to a game? Rotten anything could kill someone. If you are going to compare things, at least make it similar in cause & effect. Cause rotten ketchup, free or not, would make anyone mad.

  91. Brez Says:

    Yea, I like most others had fun with it.

    It’s probably a good thing they stopped “wall scavenging” in FB.

    Tho the cow links I found earlier worked so I’m not sure what’s up.

    Dam.. Now back to manual labor…click click clickty click.

    Oh wait.. Still got my mouse Tractor for that. The one click wonder.

  92. Brez Says:


    Yes I have noticed that…with new friends so I suspect the fix they implemented has in itself caused other issues.

  93. Michael Says:

    I meant it like you put it on your fries and you see it’s like green and smells strang or something and it stops you from enjoying your meal. This change can stop people from enjoying the game. Eating rotten stuff is a different story.^^

  94. Brez Says:

    Ahhh. That’s right William,

    The golden egg link sharing groups are now toast.


    Wasn’t part of one but If I were I’d be with ya on that one.

    I got lots of golden chicks…want one??? or two… or twenty? LOL

  95. tina bellis Says:

    i love this site as it gives loads of info on fv etc but i dont think the link sharing on here made zynga fix the glitch when u have sites on facbook itself and on the fv fan page doing all of what has been done on here right under the nose of zynga so i think its the people that abused the fan page etc thats to blame and i really dont think it was cheating as many have said on here it makes u add stangers to play the game and my friend only the other day had someone making rude , sexual and hurtful comments about her daughters picture which is sick she is like me u might call us thick but i really dont know how to put it that only my real friends see my facebook all info and keep farmville ones to a limted info i know how to do them all but split i do have all my fv friends in one list and all my real friends and family in another also i added a person the other day that was a friend of another fv friend so i added him as i did check he had fv app on his fb but as soon as i added him he asked how i was which i said fine thank you he then went on to say have u any pictures of urself which i answered yes as the only pictures i have of myself r silly fake ones my daughter has put up of me and my fake family all looking like hill billied which is funny so i have left then on when he seen them he said he would like to see me on the webcam when i said i dont think so and i dont have wecam on here it went blank and no more chat from him of course i deleted him straight away in shock i forgot to get his name but i would know if i seen it as surname was very short ie mo ,mio so i am with everyone on here that doesnt want to just add fv stangers and them 2 situations were in a matter of days so i too am worried about children playing this game and having to add people now its wrong

  96. Brez Says:

    Ok. Now lets compare the wright brothers craft with a UFO.



  97. Brez Says:


    So….. You love it?

    You hate it?

    You love to hate it?

    You love AND hate it?

    You love to hate loving it?

    You love hating it but yet love it?

    You hate loving it and love hating it?


    I got one question for you..

    Since I don’t play Mafia Wars why the heck wont they let me get one of those cool tractors.

    I love it, I hate that I can’t get it. I’m starting to hate that I’d love to get one but yet hate that I can’t.

    Now i’ve confused myself and I hate that.

    Ya gotta love it!!!

  98. Michael Says:

    Both fly.

  99. Xerye Says:

    At least animal adoptionlinks still work! :)

    That all other linksharing is so complex now is kinda sad.

  100. Brez Says:

    I just read more posts here and gotta say…

    If this is the fix to eliminate the “unlimited links” they sure fixed it BUT……

    at the same time they will now probably diminish interest in the game for many users who will now have no means at all to get the “limited links” that were the normal operation prior to the leak of unlimited eggs and collectibles that went on for only a day or two at the most.

    I think they overdid it by killing all links accessible to only neighbors.

    As stated they eliminated the link sharing groups or at least forced them to look for other solutions to get their links shared within the groups.

    But I truly believe a lot are going to now lose interest in the fact they have no neighbors or very little who post things to there walls for other neighbors to get.

    Not to mention the newly added friend posts to wall that do not work at all because of this “fix”

    Lets see what they will do next.

    All that to fix the one or two day unlimited egg/coin/collectible link leak that was probably just somebody playing with the html link and stumbled across changing the syntax so the counter of the gift taken was bypassed.

    But hey…It’s in forever beta for that very reason.

  101. Lisa Leckie Says:

    I have been trying to hatch eggs on a friends page who is also one of my neighbours and it just keeps going to my farmville and not opening the eggs, is there a reason for this, i haven’t been on any of the cheat pages to cheat.

  102. LINDA Says:

    HAHA..FARMVILLE, my news feed is dead, nobodys posting collections anymore, that part of the game is a gonner……..

    if i happen to get one i will not share it either nor will i share eggs ………..so kiss it goodbye
    hahahahahahahahaha serves u right,

    everyones looseing interest, cause theres nothing going on now

  103. tina bellis Says:

    @ brez u didnt read my post clear enough or i havent put it clear enough for u to understand

    1) i love this site……. clear

    2)i like it that we could share links….clear

    3)i said i didnt think it was the fault of anyone on this site that made zynga stop the glitch ……clear

    4)i said that i didnt know how to make my facebook safe from fv strangers…in hope maybe someone would of been kind enough to tell me……clear

    5)i was agreeing with a few comments on here saying that they didnt want to add strangers to facebook and i gave examples of what can happen when adding them …..clear

    6)i didnt think anyone would be so rude as u have been if u havent got anything nice to say dont say anything at all

    i suggest u go and play mafia wars and get ur hot rod tractor and try and be a little nice to people it does go along way as u r very rude and this matter is now closed as i will not respond to anything u have to write about me as i am not getting into a little tit for tat with u over a game and i am sorry that u are a confused person take care ans keep safe

  104. Greg Says:

    The fertilizing and gift sending links still work so i’m happy :)
    and i already raised 3 barns so idc about that.

    What else were there links for??

  105. Robyn Says:

    I personally think Zygna has a right to do whatever they want.
    They are a business and if they are a good one they do things that they think will make the consumers happy.
    Personally, I LOVED the forum links and I am disappointed.
    The unlimited thing was a bit out of control, but the rest was definitely not cheating.
    If you post a regular egg link and 5 or 6 people click on it, get a prize and then fertilize you back, where is the harm?
    So, their action has made me less enthusiastic, but it seems a lot of other people are thrilled to have the links gone.
    They can’t please everyone.
    So, we won’t know the impact of their actions for a while.
    For me though, it’s a loss.

  106. Yaniv Sims Says:


    i put all the neighbours i have in a diffrent account in order to keep my privacy since i dont want all kinds of people roaming in my personal account – now they say i need to let them in in order to play ?

    i mean WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT RULE ????


  107. tina bellis Says:

    i wish they sorted the problems we are having on the game ie gifts going missing only letting me fertilize 15 sometimes 20 farms as quick as they sort out glitches it funny that they can work so fast on that hhmmmm as they have put this collection in now i have only found 1 item while working on my farm and fertilizing other so the eggs dont have fuel in them anymore so give it a week and all the free fuel we had will be gone as we cant top up with fuel we find in eggs anynore sad but hey we are playing for free the only ribbon that cant be finished without paying for fv cash is the ribbon where u have to buy the boxs even if u have kept all ur level up fv cash u still would finish this ribbon until u pay for it with ur own money

  108. Jen Says:

    Tina, brown eggs give fuel now.

    And yeah, if it wasn’t on purpose, a lot more people would be banned from the game for having extra coops. I mean, come on, how does a glitch happen that if you put your coop in a certain spot while barn raising, it produces extra coops. And who finds that out and leaks it? hahahha. It’s so obvious. XD

    I love the glitches, but I am glad I got to sleep last night w/o fear of missing some other unending collections. *whew*.

  109. Paul Says:

    This is a great idea. sick of everyone nicking my golden eggs.

  110. Greg Says:


    maybe someone had there coop in the corner, barn raised, and then they were redecorating and noticed that they got 2 more coops… Then they sent it to farmville to fix the glich.

  111. Cheryl Says:

    This does affect the sharing links with neighbors. I have several neighbors that links do not work with.

  112. Gorgolo Says:

    It’s not really FIXED !!! Sharing links for lost animal is still working !!

  113. Ifat Says:

    “wow, i just found out about the link sharing today and now i cant use it
    wonder why it wasnt working. now we all have to add random people to get good stuff! im mad”

    You guys are something! Why are you mad, who ever said you have a right to get everything for free and easy regardless of the interests of the game developers?

    They have an obvious interest in connecting the game play with the amount of people one brings into the game and no one has a right to demand that they give it up just for the sake of getting things more easily. You want stuff? work hard to get them, play by the rules, stop whining.

  114. Barbara Says:

    Today nothing is working.
    Problems with the live feed, problems with getting bonuses and eggs and collectibles, problems with fertilizing.

    They must fix this mess…

  115. barbara parent Says:

    fyi…………two gift that were received from my neighbors this morning went to my farm instead of letting me receive them they looked like a regular gift that was sent and they bothe have been my neighbors for a lng time……………..also tractor would not unlock so i bought with fv dollars was at the proper leel in mafia wars only two hours later it unlocked

  116. joe Says:

    It’s just a game, calm down.

  117. Terri Says:

    I miss being able to send gold egg links directly. I had *just* got my neighbors sorted into 5 person groups so I could send a direct message to each group for their egg links. Now all that effort is wasted. It really was great to just send out a few eggs to my newest neighbors so they could get some gold eggs ASAP and then one every once in a while. It ticks me off that I can’t make sure the same 5-10 people take all my eggs. A lot of people became my neighbors *because* I am generous with the eggs. I was glad to share the wealth.

    Also I am furious I can’t send more than 24-30 gifts. I should be able to send as many gifts as the max number of neighbors. Now, if they want to restrict sending the gifts to those who play Farmville, fine. But sending people stuff they want from a game they play isn’t spam and Facebook is killing the game. Oh, and I was using the gold eggs to help make up for the lack of gifts!

  118. farmer Says:

    got this message while loading the farm

    Give your email address to FarmVille?
    Soon, applications won’t able to send you notifications on Facebook. If you like, you can start receiving emails directly from FarmVille….

    does this applications and facebook are parting ways??… interesting… dont knnow if would contiue playing then… hmmm

  119. farmer Says:

    and here is the link to the official announcement from Facebook…. well well…

    Communicating with Your Favorite Applications through Email

    hehehe.. pretty ridiculous for farm ville or any of the game apps.. as whats the point by the time you check your email.. your bonus would be gone… lol.. probably one of the reasons i liked Facebook was it wasn’t EMAIL.. it was in real time.. now.. definately would stick around on Facebook.. but may be not on Farmville!!! hahaa

  120. Liam Says:


    Has anyone noticeds, when the load page comes up, that there is a ROAD on one of the farms? It’s like a black strip with white stripes down the bottom of the farm.
    Are we not getting a Road to build?

  121. taylor Says:

    those are black and white haybales

  122. Kaycee Says:

    Liam, it’s a road made out of bales of hay.

  123. Kaycee Says:

    I have a question about setting up Lists and privacy. I set up my list and then changed my privacy settings to exclude everyone on the list from most things. Then I made up a fake Facebook person so I could go check it out. The fake person can only see stuff from me that shows up in his live feed. If he clicks on my name, the page he is taken to doesn’t have a tab for my Wall. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

    Thanks for any help….

  124. Laura Says:

    Liam… look closer. That road was created using black and white hay bales.

  125. txfireman73 Says:

    the road is just Hay… black and white to make a road

  126. Laura Says:

    Terri, you are still able to share the links with your neighbors. That’s the key. They have to be your neighbors to be able to accept them. The link sharing that Zynga disabled, is preventing people from posting/sending links to groups of people who are NOT your neighbors.

  127. Tony Says:


  128. Graham Says:

    I don’t understand this. Does this mean that we will no longer be able to post things like mystery eggs we’ve found, barn raising, adoptable animals, and ribbon bonuses on our newsfeed on Facebook? What is this all about? It will be stupid if we can’t post this stuff for our friends. How will we adopt animals?

  129. Susan Says:

    Graham, I think you can still share those things with your neighbor, if you post it to your newsfeed.

    Whale, I LOVE it: $ynga. If that isn’t the truth. They charge outrageous prices for things and now they are giving doodoo in the eggs. Farmville and I may have to part ways.

  130. Lasseter1113 Says:

    Zynga is a business and lets face it if there not going to make any money there is no point in running said business. I am totally cool with them making money. The problem that I have is when they offer things like this new “best of ” mystery box and they put a couple of really cool items in it like the stone well and the rock stream right? Then they put a donkey and a hot tub in there too knowing that at least 90% of the people out there got these items from the past couple of golden eggs. So as you spend your real money buying farmville cash to buy the new “best of” mystery box you have to spend a whole bunch extra to actually get anything cool and if you want one specific item like the rock stream you are going to have to spend a fortune and get a bunch of stuff you already have just to get it. The least they could do is put things in there that have only appeared in mystery boxes and not gold eggs too so your money doesn’t go to waste. Like I said I have no problem with them making money and I am willing to spend it as long as they are FAIR and they don’t try and take advantage of our love for this game.

    Getting back to the topic of link sharing. There are 65 million people playing this game right? That is enough to completely separate Farmville from Facebook. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about farmville friends seeing your personal business and you wouldn’t have to worry about your real friends getting annoyed with all of your farmville post. Then you could get all the friends and neighbors you want and this whole link sharing business wouldn’t be an issue. Does anybody feel me?

  131. Marilyn Says:

    Is there a way still to find the link for people that are your neighbors that you can email them the link and therefore not have to post it? Yes, I stuffed the coops…me and my family sent the eggs to each other. We worked for those eggs and bugs me to have to post those things to everyone. You have some people sitting on the site and pushing F5 (refresh) all day long and keep taking all of the stuff people work for and post. They don’t do anything else…….. That’s what bothers me with this. You can try and weed them out but anymore you can’t see who is taking your stuff anymore either. Right now I think I have a friend of my daughter who is doing this but I’m not sure so hate to delete her and cause feelings too. So if anyone knows how to get the link, sure would appreciate it.

  132. Greg Says:

    IF you want to get gold eggs heres a tip…
    make a secondary account, add yourself as a neighbour (ONLY YOURSELF)

    If you get a gold egg on your main account, accept with the secondary right away. Now take the gift receiving link with your secondary account, and ask people to send you chickens on farmvilles newfeed (GIFT ASKING LINKS STILL WORK)

    buy and chicken coop, and ONLY put gold chickens in it that you get from your main account. When the white chickens you got are at 100% , empty out your coop, put in a 100% chicken, it will say the coop is ready. Then put the golds back and harvest. If you get a gold egg accept with your main account and voila!

    I get 5-10 gold eggs a day with this trick, and it only takes me around half an hour
    I have 3 gold chickens and 20-30 white. If you have more time though you could get 100 white chickens and 20 gold or something and get 100 gold eggs a day…

  133. pamela Says:

    I have read all the post, and need to add one thing. I have friends that have added friends and then went to their farm to find out their farm had been “HACKED”, everything gone! So now I am worried that the person that I add may do the same thing to me. Instead of worring about the links to the eggs, and other things they need to fix this problem, could you see this happing to you lossing everything well it could so be careful.

  134. lulu Says:

    link sharing is lame. Its too bad people just cant have fun and not be greedy. Yes, sitting in front of FV is a drag, and most people dont have tons of time to do it. But when I do eventually get an egg its a suprise and means something. I only get about 5-6 eggs a week but Geez people how much virtual *stuff* does someone need.Seems only fair I take time out of the day to fertilize and share eggs with *everyone* and I get the favor in return! people that link share often have alt accounts and keep eggs for themselves, I think link sharing should be disabled period. It takes fun/suprize out of the game. Not to mention people abuse it.

  135. Newb Says:

    So if it is putting in a friend ID, could you change the ID number to that of one of your friends and then get it?

  136. Lynne Says:

    You dont need Facebook to play Farmville. Go to farmville.com and play from there. I dont think you have to link FB to that site.

    I have to admit, the sharing and the leaks that were sent out were a lot more fun. FB could definitely use it to their advantage if they thought about it. I actually played longer and learned new things that day than I ever have! It made me want to play even more.

    Now its back to the same ol’ same ol’.

    I’m really not complaining because I do love the game. I just never had had that much fun on it before. The game was fast-paced and the comeraderie was terrific! I would like to do it again!

  137. Lynne Says:

    A side note: :)

    I am complaining about this…

    I cant do anything on a page of a non-friend, even if it is on their profile page as a FV share site. No eggs, not even fertilize their crops. Thats how I decide who I want to add as a friend. I dont want someone random that seldom plays. I want to see what they do and how often they play, if they share, etc. That part needs to be changed back, definitely. Especially since I also lose several gifts between notification and acceptance.

  138. Diana Says:

    At least one of my neighbors’ link doesn’t work now! –I checked it again to make sure that he is my FV neighbor, not just my fb friend. He is my neighbor and I can’t even claim his FV rewards–it keeps taking me to my own farm! Oh well, gotta have a reason to leave FV anyway…

  139. lulu Says:

    I just realized how weird that all sounded with all the fertilizing and sharing of eggs…like some fertility experiment gone wild…

  140. PR Says:

    I loved the links, I knew it would get shut down at some point. Oh well. But as far as strangers being on your FB page, I am sure this is against the rules somewhere (seems like everything is nowadays) I made an identity up and no identifying information at all. Started my farm at level but with all the new friends, I leveled up right quick, legally, and have tons of friends from all over the world and kept my privacy.

  141. Connie Says:

    Well for all of you who limit yourself to players that you don’t know…you are really loosing out on some wonderful active players. I have over 250 farmville neighbours (200 active) and have made some wonderful long distance relationships all over the world…kids from 14 yrs old all the way up to 78 or so…they are an asset to my life…and I enjoy talking to someone who has different interest…helps me expand my own interests. Shame on you for limiting yourself.

  142. blue Says:

    They should have kept the sharing feature. Yes, some people were able to get a heads up but Farmville probably hooked a lot of people they otherwise wouldn’t have because of it. There are scores of people playing on their personal pages without active neighbors, and who do not want to befriend random strangers, who would have quit the game early on since they couldn’t advance.

    And, for all the spoil sports complaining about OTHER people leveling up, and getting rewards. Why do you care? This isn’t a competitive game (you click then come back hours later to click again). If you think the egg sharing and barn raising groups made the game too ‘easy’ then don’t participate. I don’t see how other people leveling up or getting a hand from non-friends could affect your game play.

  143. blue Says:


    If you go to your privacy settings there’s a section that allows you to control who can see your wall. You can limit it to only friends or allow everyone to see, if you so choose.

  144. Adin Says:

    Sorta off the topic but,
    I’m Just looking for some input here.
    Is the 24*24 worth buying? because you dont get any xp from it, and i could get like 6000 xp for buying an estate. I dont know what to do. Please help! oh, and i only have 657,479 coins

  145. Kaycee Says:

    Thanks Blue. Is it common for people to block their walls? I think I’d prefer it that way, but I don’t want to be the strange one. ;)

  146. lulu Says:

    Blue, you just dont get it. It might not be competitive but the game is about sharing. If you have 50 friends who come by to fertilize your crops, then share your egg links only with a select few (and perhaps your alt account) thats greedy, and not returning the favors. People take the time out to help you, but you dont care about helping them if you link share. Plain and simple. It may not be a competitive game but it is about making friends and sharing, returning favors and helping others. And for people that get thrills out of the glitches and exploits more than the actual game, you must really be bored…For those who say they have to link share because they dont have any friends, give me a break. Theres tons of active players out there to meet, by forums or however.
    The point of the game is to be social, help each out, share, etc. Duh.

  147. Luis Says:

    At least I think that Zynga could raise the number of neighbours to a higher one! I already reached the limit and I don’t know by head wich are neighbours or not so like this is a waste of time opening the links posted from someone that is not my neighbour because I haven’t add him/her!!
    Pls tell me how can I post this complaint directly to Zynga because if this remains I will stop playing and also delete my facebook account.

  148. NevaC Says:

    Is this the reason I can not get collectibles from the home page? I click on someone’s post to get a collectible and it takes me to my farm. No feather or other item…I watched as the 2 items I needed went right by. :(

  149. Karen Says:

    Anyone having issues today with not being able to accept collectables or bonuses? I am clicking on Farmville friends (listed on my neighbors site) and instead of giving me the accfept window it goes straight to Farmvilles face page. I lost out on the last of a collectable I needed this morning.

  150. Jill Says:

    Yes Karen, I am having the same issues. Yesterday I could collect from all friends whether they were neighbors or not, and today, I can’t seem to collect from anyone. My sister, who is my very first farmville neighbor has a bug on her wall, and I can’t get it…frustrating.

  151. Anna Says:

    So that’s not only my problem with FV – thank you for the information, Karen.

    I’m sure the links on my FB main page are posted by my FV mutual friends, but I can’t get any bonuses they’ve shared. I tried to solve this problem on my own, I’ve changed some settings and removed some cookies, but this simply doesn’t work. I still can accept the adoptable animals and receive gifts sent via FV Free Gifts, but it seems the flowers, eggs, coins and collectables sharing option is locked. And I feel really dissappointed. I’ve been just rewarded the “Local Celebrity” red ribbon and as a “bonus” I’ve lost the possibility to exchange gifts with my friends. Not funny at all.

  152. DM Says:

    Same problems here… I can’t collect anything anymore from my neighbors :(

  153. Laura Says:

    This is also happening to me and my sister. Fair enough if they are not your neighbour, but if they are then it’s really frustrating, especially when a rare collectable is posted and you can’t get at it. Ive lost several gifts as well. What a pity, I would rather Zynga took the time to fix all these glitches before any new features are released.

  154. Gom Says:

    Even me and my neighbour is having problem in accepting collectables from friends post

  155. dragonfires7 Says:

    ok I’m reading Zynga stopped link sharing then why was i able to post a unlimited gold egg sunday afternnon

  156. farmgoddess Says:

    @ Dragonfires: If you check the date on this blog, it is old and since then there has been a new one updating the status of links :)

  157. Fancy Says:

    This is sad to hear, but on the other hand it tells me which of my friends who still haven’t accepted my nieghbor request. ALTHO, I do seem to have some nieghbors that I can’t accept from. Like when they send me a gift and I accept off the 1st link but doesn’t take me to the gift itself.

  158. manga125 Says:

    tht is too bad for fv plaayer ecspecely me strugglin to go to lvl 50

  159. randy Says:

    they never worked to begin with . more impotantly if farmville wasd not stealing every other collectable and egg from you, you may not get mad and look to where you can recover these item.

  160. debbie miller-rockenhauser Says:

    I am at the end of my rope. If anyone out there can help me – I have e-mailed Zynga & FaceBook. with my problem & no one can help me.
    HERE GOES – For some reason the “Request” area in missing from my main page (my wall) it is the area where I can accept my FarmVille gifts & new neighbors. I can not play FarmVille without this . Does anyone know how I can get this back ? Please if you know – thank you, Debbie

  161. Ashlee Bennett Says:

    Maybe someone can help me…I’m having sharing issue like for my goals or other things. I can play the games and click on the goal and click on the button ask friends but a white box pops up and says sorry facebook isn’t working or something like that try again later..its been doing it for a month and I can’t figure out how to fix it:( Its keep me from completing my goals