Farmville Gifting And Pop Up Fertilizing Fix

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Farmville Gifting And Pop Up Fertilizing Fix

Posted on April 1, 2010 5:36 pm by FarmVille Freak LinkThinksPink

Today Zynga has issued a new statement concerning the fertilizer pop-up as well as the gifting and feed issues. Hopefully this allows our game to load faster and more efficiently.

“New fixes coming out within next 24 hours. Includes fertilizer pop-up fix and tools to help us resolve gift/feed issues.”

What would you like Zynga to fix next?

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43 Responses to “Farmville Gifting And Pop Up Fertilizing Fix” »

  1. stephania Says:

    they should fix all the FV items to coins!

  2. daniel Says:

    I can’t see any of my neighbours farms it gets stuck on the “Loading Farm” window. it’s been like this all day. anybody else having this problem ?

  3. Tony Says:

    Just a note – this post is rather poorly written, with poor grammar and misuse of apostrophes. I recommend the author do a better job of checking this next time as to preserve the integrity of this fan site. Thanks!

  4. Airfarmer. Says:

    @ Tony….. Really? Who cares!

  5. Unicorn1 Says:

    whatever is going to stop working once the new fix is in. (we all know that they can never fix one problem without creating a host of others.)

  6. VanessaRMS Says:

    I think they should allow us to trade in our coins for Farm Cash. Every 1,000 coins gets you 10 Farm Cash or something like that. I also think they should give us another expansion instead of all these cool items, that we have no room for anyway. They should also turn the walk feature back on for the animals. I don’t know what to do with them now, they’re in the way. They were fine before when they could move, now they’re all in a jumbled mess.

  7. Unicorn1 Says:

    no oh, grammer police !! watch out. @Tony #2 – ARE YOU SERIOUS??????

  8. Brett Says:

    I think they should just release the &@”$$@”"&$$!!?!’&@”‘ DOG already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. golddustwoman Says:

    They need to fix the neighbours issue next… mine is still cracking up!

  10. Airfarmer. Says:

    They will probably give us a land and level expansion during their 1 year anniversary along with other things.

    Who cares about the dogs? You know they are coming, so just shut up about it and be patient!

  11. manlycow Says:

    Please allow the animals to walk around again. It’s boring having them stay in the same place.

    Thanks for listening!

  12. Stephanie Says:

    God people, the coins for Cash thing is never going to happen, and be just a little patient about the dog already – before we know it, we’ll have a whole new herd of people complaining about the prices for the dog.

    But I think having a stallion of their own is also on a lot of people’s minds.

  13. LoveThisStuff Says:

    Okay Tony… I agree with you completely. It’s so pathetic seeing how many people use poor grammar and spelling these days.

  14. Dave Says:

    Tony is okay. You guys need to be considerate.

  15. GotEggs Says:

    Are their going to be updates tonight

  16. Connor Says:

    well all i want to kno is where in the world is our april fools mystery box

  17. X Says:



  18. jackalope Says:

    they need to fix mine!…..the stupid pop up…saving ur farm pls. do not close your browser always pops when i harvest, plow or plant then my farm hungs……i haven’t played for 2 days bec. of this……

  19. rose Says:

    omg such good idea @VanessaRMS :)
    but there far too greedy and they will never let us trade our coins in for FV :( bastards

  20. Sporky Says:

    At least Zynga bothered to tell us what is going on…And Tony….Really?! Come on now.

    Great post Link!

  21. Diiego Says:

    [GotEggs Says:
    Posted on April 1st, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Are their going to be updates tonight]

    I hope that….

  22. phynce Says:

    i agree with num 12 that you should be able to purchase a stallion, people that joined after the gift box that contained the stallion are at an unfair advantage

  23. Stray Says:

    Aside from the @#%$@&^ DOG, I wish we could get an expansion or upgrade to allow the storage of plants in the Greenhouse. Red Maples just look embarassed in April.

    Oh, and why, oh why, WHY can’t a tractor be stored in a BARN?

  24. VanessaRMS Says:

    Thanks Rose. I mean, I’m sure we all have millions of coins and nothing we really want to spend it on. All the good and cool stuff you need Farm Cash to get. I know they just want us to use real cash to get the fake cash, but it should be fare for all.

  25. Emma Says:

    @ X
    This issue has already been resolved. Check it out.

  26. Unicorn1 Says:

    I so agree with the coins for FVC, if you notice Zynga charges real cash for both. So if they think the coins are so valuable that they charge 40.00 us real cash for 70,600 coins. I am pretty sure someone who is new to the game probably spends money for coins. So if they sell the coins, why can’t we convert our coins to fvc. After all that 40.00 can get us 240 fvc or approx 71 thousand coins.

  27. Pam Says:

    Please may we have the ability to trade things ? I have 2 granddaughters just started and they need the things i don’t need or have room for thanks,

  28. sue Says:

    I’m still getting pop up saying 809 people have done my crops & chickens :/

  29. cute Says:

    @Sue , also mine , 1400 people have done my crops & chickens

  30. Ray Says:

    I would like to keep just one of the rare foals, and share the others.

  31. pafarmgirl Says:

    I just fertilized many farms, and sections of the farms where there are no crops are sparkling, like the chicken coop does….what’s that all about?

  32. Brett Says:

    I agree I so think they should release the farmers market because there us alot of things I need that my friends are willing to sell however I feel it’ll be awhile because they tend to show things waaaaaaay earlier than they plan on releasing it, how long has the dog been on our loading screens and we still have no idea when they’re gonna release it

  33. Loveless Says:

    they should fix the problem about there being no Level 71, 72, 73, etc.. Seven of my neighbours and myself have already reached the top level and will probably stop playing very soon!

  34. Tommy Says:

    i lost 50 gifts :(

  35. ryukin Says:

    @sue mine too over 800 ppl fertilized but i cant give a bonus

  36. Sue Says:

    Neighbors farms not loading here either.

    What would I like them to fix next? Besides all the problems of this week?

    The gift boxes. They are a problem since the arrival of the arborists and help with animals. Especially with those items being in the mystery eggs from Easter gifts. I have tons of eggs laying around on my farm taking up already precious space because I cannot afford to load my gift box with more stuff that cannot be used for awhile. The gift box should be unlimited. But if not that it should be larger…or give us the ability to move the arborist OUT of the box like collectibles and fuel.

  37. Neil529 Says:

    Fix the neighbor problem.
    8:31pm PDT: Neighbor bar issues have been resolved. We are still investigating issues with gifts and feed bonuses.
    NO, they have not been resolved. ..
    Yesterday I had 301 neighbors, but they were all ghosts. (blank) Today I have only 8 (eight) neighbors on the neighbor bar.

  38. Neil529 Says:

    The starting pop-up. Mine is up to 1112 neighbors. This use to clear with each reload/start of the farm.

  39. Jane Says:

    @Tony, have you seen Zynga’s Poker posts? That’ll make you weep.

  40. terisa Says:

    i cant see any of my farmville feeds i feed so blind with out it…

  41. crazigyrl Says:

    my biggest FV problem right now is getting bonuses….nearly half of all bonuses I click on for collectibles, eggs and so forth, give me the error that I cannot collect from my own posting! but its not my post its many of my neighbors not just 1 or 2!

  42. chris Says:

    i think the need to hurry up and fix they neighboring issue so i can add neighbors.

  43. Jacquie Says:

    Very frustrated, it has been four days and I still can’t go to my neighbours farms, keeps saying “loading”!!! When is this going to be fixed?