FarmVille Gifting Changes

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FarmVille Gifting Changes

Posted on April 20, 2010 11:55 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille New Gift Request Zynga Message

Tonight’s updates has also brought along changes to FarmVille Gifting!

Farmers will now be notified in-game whenever they receive free gifts from their FarmVille neighbors.

There is a handy gift count number located on your top right screen in-game. Clicking on the icon will take you to an in-game Pop-Up of your current pending gifts. You may also access the “Send Gifts” function through this new icon.

What is nice about this new feature is that you do not have to go through Facebook’s “Requests” section to accept gifts.

Do you like the new FarmVille Gifting changes?

FarmVille Requests Pending

FarmVille Gift Notification Top Right

FarmVille Gift Request View All

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81 Responses to “FarmVille Gifting Changes” »

  1. Jason Says:

    Srsly??? This update sounds epic

  2. gultus Says:

    really nice feature. currently it is in testing I guess since it shows some old gifts to me like the Paned window and Gold.

  3. jacob Says:

    i absolutley love this feature. thanks farmville/zynga!!

  4. gultus Says:

    or maybe as I was not having any gifts waiting to be accepted it showed some test gifts to illustrate the feature.

  5. Isis Says:

    When are we going to get bigger Farms…..

  6. zaroucitizen Says:

    it was about time they used it on farmville as gifting was so glitching theyactually used fishviille as a guinepigue

  7. Felix3322 Says:

    Bummer. I just sent in pictures and was all proud of my self. Oh Well. I am testing it with my 4 accounts. So far it is a little buggy bu it is brand spanking new so what can i say. I agree that it does show old items but I think they will fix it soon.

  8. mary france Says:

    Please Farmville…fix our farms first…i can’t log in….my peanuts are DYING!!!!!!

  9. Anaz Says:

    Finallyy!! I have about 60 gifts to accept… On like 10 accts! Lmao!

  10. Voiletmay Says:

    Not entirely happy, to try and return the gift it takes you to the general gifts page and doesn’t remember who sent you the gift or what it was. It is great for accepting gifts, but if you want to return, it’s a hassle. Ignoring gifts was blanked out for me too.

  11. F3A5T Says:

    OMG this is super epic. I will be testing but if your page will not load then just keep being persistent you will get on eventually lol

  12. pingdk Says:

    The receive gifts is an amazing improvement, but sending thank you gifts still needs work. Prior to this you could send back whatever it was you received, but right now, you can only send from your own gift supply. Hopefully that’s just temporary.

    Another GREAT change is something they started with the eggs, where it automatically keeps your Gift Box open until you’re done removing all your gifts from the gift box. What a great time saver – now you don’t have to keep clicking the gift box to reopen it!

  13. SeaBreeze Says:

    And in an unrelated matter….My puppy didn’t grow! :(

    Weren’t they supposed to grow up after being fed for 14 days ? I don’t get it…

  14. sam Says:

    i was wondering if anybody could answer my question please? ok so 14 days ago i adopted a coin puppy and now i’ve just fed it for the 14th time and i thought you didnt have to feed it anymore after the 14 days and i thought it grew up too!? has anyone elese had this problem and is this going to be fixed???

  15. FarmerBlobby Says:

    This is brilliant!

    I have been waiting for something like this so that I don’t have to go through the requests page every time I want to accept a gift, as with over 2,000 Farmville friends I get about 100 gifts a day and accepting them takes ages!!

  16. Kellie Says:

    haha i have a bunch of gold and windows!!!

  17. pafarmgirl Says:

    Yes, this feature is still really glitchy. I just opened my “gifts” and all 12 gifts were from the same person, and some were old, like maison parts and gold pieces….very odd.

  18. Sue Says:

    I am getting gifts from the past that I KNOW my friends did not send and NO new gifts. ALSO NONE of them are going in my giftbox AFTER I accept. I have had 10 gift boxes dissappear. Brand new is fine but I feel sorry for people still trying to build a nursery. They also are not getting the gifts.

  19. madde Says:

    My puppy didn’t grow up either after I fed it the 14th time.
    WHAT IS HAPPENING?? It just says it will be hungry again after 19 hours.. ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM??

  20. vickie Says:

    same here…old gifts and even a bunch of new ones vanished on the way to my gift box. i found it easier to open the return gift in another window so i wouldn’t forget who i was sending to.
    anyone else notice the gift box popping back up on it’s own? just like for the eggs, but with normal stuff. i hope that stays..i like it

  21. Erin Says:

    “Sam” I had the same thing happen this morning when I fed “Toby” Maybe it has to be fed 14 times and then when it gets to that next hungry stage maybe something will happen. At least I hope so…

  22. Yolanda Says:

    Sam, I’m having the same problem with my coin dog. Hope that Erin is right!

  23. Christina Says:

    it sucks. you can’t send thank you gifts without going to the gifts page. And if you have already accepted all gifts, then you don’t know who sent them! I had gifts in there from March! Maison parts and gold! I don’t like it. Zynga needs to fix it!

  24. minxie Says:

    Yup i’ve been losing my gifts for a while now. Seems that when I accept them and try go to the farm the whole thing grinds to a halt and when I refresh the pages the aren’t there. I’ve still never got my stable finished as all my gifts to do so keep vanishing. My mate has just started and I was going to ‘buy’ some farm cash and send a few bits to him but there’s no way I’ll do it incase they are lost too.

  25. IVIIXVII Says:

    I already fed my coin pet for the 14th time, does it mean it will not run away when I miss to feed it?? or I should keep feeding him??

  26. Trudeaca Says:

    Apparently it doesn’t work with, only FV accessed through FB. :(

  27. Esteban FMH Says:


  28. Melodie Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! i had gifts from ppl that i never knew sent me stuff! and i mean about 20 extra gifts! (some were old, like maison stuff) and u only have to accept each one, which is 2 less clicks per gift. to get them in ur gift box u have to refresh (press play again) and they were all there!
    i did notice the smaller size to animals, not just the white sheep but the valentines sheep as well. maybe this is to create more space on ur farm without making the land size bigger?

  29. Farmer Suz Says:

    It sucks! Looks like more steps to return the gift.

  30. Thorsten Says:

    None of the gifts that i accepted, including MAISON parts ( my maison is done but still ) and GOLD actually landed ni my gift box afte i accepted them

    And my coin puppy has not mutated either, says i need to feed it again although it says fed 14 of 14 times

  31. Rogue Robot Says:

    Just another step in the process of separating Farmville from Facebook. They can’t switch to pay-to-play until it’s complete. My guess is the transition will happen during the summer.

  32. misty Says:

    I found a glitch while on a friends farm. i purchased Fv bucks and was buying her things for her stable and nursery, just to get it done for her as a surprise and with every nail, blanket, board, etc i bought her FV bucks went up $3. it didnt stick tho, when i logged out and went back in a few mins later it was at the amount it should have been. darn it. it was up to like almost $200 at one point. i am a level 70, waiting for more levels and storage as patiently as i can. my storage is full, my farm is full! somethings gotta give! LOL

  33. WeirdJedi Says:

    Well this list may actually improve upon the gift request system, and not be as horrible as gifting via email. I wouldn’t mind if the gifts would just automatically given to us, but this could work. Right now, everyone seems to be getting the same weird, useless items. Oh well. Keep working on it Zynga.

    Does anyone else want to yell Jenga everytime they type Zynga?

  34. Anon Says:

    I really need a free storage system…

  35. Sharon Neva Says:

    I’ve only received one gift, but it seems like more steps to return the gift. It goes back to the gifting page & you have to remember who you are sending back to.

  36. Chardy Says:

    anyone else fed there dogs 14/14 times with no change??? not impressed. it says needs feeding again tommorow aswel,

  37. nate diggity Says:

    awesome idea with the new gifting thing..

    i had the same issue with the ‘old’ gifts, but no worries.. i’ve received 5-10 gifts since without issue, depending on how you bring up the gift thing, you may have to refresh to see it in the gift box…

    so much nicer than the way it was done before..

    now it would be AMAZING if they had another icon for

    ‘feed’ related to all your friends who posted stuff like fuel, requests, bonus’s, etc. then you could do everything from within the application and not have to scroll through a million status’s and other crap to find someone who posted fuel, eggs, sharing, etc.

  38. KIM Says:


  39. CUTIE Says:

    i think that is very stupid :( i dont liek a lot of changes ….they shoudl jus get better but not changing too much cause that makes the user stop playing at a certan time….

  40. CUTIE Says:

    and why cant we recieve no matter how many gifts some people have over 100 beighbours but they can jus send out 30 gifts ….

  41. 8384 Says:

    new to farmville, but any reason Iam not seeing this new feature ?

  42. Amy Says:

    It BETTER turn into a dog today!!! I fed mine last night and it says 14/14 and NOTHING. I am NOT feeding this stupid fake dog everyday!!! let the damn thing run away! PFFT hairflip

  43. Sam Says:

    This is a great feature for accepting gifts, but it will end up reducing the gifts you receive, as returning gifts is a pain. They should have just had a tick-box or something saying “send gift back”, so when you accept a gift it sends one back.
    It also changes what kind of gifts you can send. My friend needed nails for his nursery and I didn’t have any to give, so he would send me nails and I give him nails that way. Now that is not possible any more!

    Oh, and seeing so many comment on the frigging DOG. I am sure mine is broken, as I fed it yesterday and even saw it rolling of happiness, and this morning it was gone… for the second time!

  44. 1Kate Says:

    I really like this feature as well. Two thumbs up. Makes accepting gifts tremendously easier (though sending a gift back is still a bit cumbersome).\

    Also love the new Terrier dog as well. Zynga is finally coming through with some good stuff this week. The Far East theme has turned out to be a nice one that I’m really enjoying. Very colorful — though I can’t say I invested in the Mumbai house or the Rickshaw. Those aren’t the best features of India imho. Strangely, the sari clothesline is one of my favorite items. And the monkey is awesome (I like to think of mine as an homage to the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay – go monkey go!).

    Anybody have any clue as to when our Farm Animals are going to start wandering the farm again? I’m reminded every time my dogs follow me around the farm. I really REALLY miss that feature and it’s been turned off for MONTHS. I loved when my chickens got loose and hid in the cornfield. Anybody heard any rumors what the deal is with that?

  45. 1Kate Says:

    On the dog feeding and growing up issue, I have one $FV dog and one coin dog. The coin dog says 14/14 feedings, hungry in 16:43. The $FV dog says 13/14 days old. Both were bought at the same time, so… I don’t know. Must be they won’t “grow up” until tomorrow.

  46. Shahzade Says:


  47. Justin Says:

    OMG i love this…u used to have to do the go back to accept more gift thing….now its one click!

  48. Paul Says:

    #44- RE: Wandering animals. I read that they turned that feature off because it was causing the game to go out of sync. I miss the amusing wandering feature, too…but I don’t miss the stress inducing out of sync feature! lol

    My dog didn’t grow up after the 14th feeding either and now he wants to be fed again in 15 hours. I was hoping someone here would have the inside scoop on what to expect with our coin dogs.

    Here’s a new gifting glitch that had my hair standing on end. I went to my farm only to find that my gift box and my storage were completely empty!!! Much to my relief, the stuff all came back, but what a shock.

  49. Thorsten Says:

    everything i accept from this in game gifting still does not get into my gift box, it is basically lost

  50. Amy Says:

    this is much more convient, you don’t have to keep going back and forth.

    I LIKE IT :)

  51. filthyus Says:

    for me I think it’s useless and it suck I don’t go on my E-mail everyday and don’t think I will as for the gift thing …HOW ABOUT FIXING OUR FARM ONCE AND FOR ALL or giving us expension 26×26 much needed by the way but not useless crap like that it was working rather ok why change when not needed

  52. Jo Says:

    After accpeting gifts I had to reload the ogae then everything showed up in my gift box. I like this new feature.

    And yeah I came looking for info about the dogs because my dog, Whiskey, is now feed 14 of 14 times yet hungry in 23 hours. I need to know if I have to keep all the dog food in my gift box or if I can just go down to the 14 I need for my second dog, Hazel. :-)

  53. Summer Says:

    Warning!!!! I ignored some old gifts from the new gift message box and now ALL of my gifts AND my stored stuff has DISAPPEARED. I am in PANIC MODE!!!! HELPPPPPP

  54. jo funny.onion Says:

    My coin dog has had it’s 14th feed and nothing has happened, just say’s ready to feed again in the morning as usual.

    As for the gifting I would like all gifts to go straight into my gift box with an expiry date on them and you either accept or delete. The giftbox could have a limit of 50 items so that you regularly have to check up on your gifts.

  55. domi Says:

    this feature is relly bad :/ it delayed me finishing my nursery by hours couse my bricks disappeared! i go through facebook to make sure it wont happen again. why they keep relasing stuff that just doesnt work?!!!

  56. vickie Says:

    does anyone else feel guilty when they ignore a gift? i have been lucky enough to get my buildings built each time on day one. however i still get building parts. after sending a note in my return gifts and on my page i thought that it would stop. i have started ignoring just to avoid filling my gift box just to sell it for 5 coins. still feel bad when i don’t return every gift.

  57. Ben Says:

    Now it’s much faster to accept gifts but it has two problems:

    1. Returning the gifts as already said from other players is problematic and

    2. While accepting the gifts is fast it does not delete Facebook requests!!! Do we have to go and press the ignore button or it’s just a glitch?

  58. Justin Says:

    OMG to all the storage complainers! an awesome way to increase storage is to like for zynga to put a storage warehouse OUTSIDE of farmville and for every 10 item slots charge like 10,000 coins….

  59. Crissy Says:

    yea i received st pattys gold haha

  60. Amy Says:

    Vicki-Dont refuse bricks, nails, and boards. We always have something else new to build. You might need them down the road.

  61. Marty Says:

    Just accepted 6 gifts via the new gifting system, and there is NOTHING in the gift box. Also any bonuses I collected from white eggs to a bunch of flowers, etc, has disappeared. My gift box is empty. Are the gifts still going into the giftbox ??
    Am I looking in the wrong place ?? This gets more confusing every time they change something & with every change there’s always another problem.

  62. Kay Says:

    The gifting change pisses me off greatly, for one reason only:

    I loved being able to gift back whatever people gifted me. This especially when they gifted things I personally did not have as an option to gift to people.

    Being able to gift back things I could not gift was ridiculously useful with the stables, maison, and nursery barn. If one never would have been allowed to do so from the start, it would have been less harsh to suddenly be denied that great advantage. But then again I suppose any nerfing makes people resentful.

  63. TT Says:

    The gifting changes still need to be tweaked. If you click to send a thank you gift back it should open in a new window instead of opening in the existing one because it takes forever to go to the gifting page & then get back to the Farmville play page. Plus if you accept all gifts then click someone to gift back to when you come back to the main page all the people have disappeared & you no longer know who gifted you so you can return the favor.

    I right click the link to solve this problem but the new window takes you to the whole gifting page where you must select a gift to send & then pick who to send it to. I would prefer if the window came up & just offered you the opportunity to send back the gift I just received to the person who sent it like it used to do. All in all it still needs major tweaking I think. :o)

  64. TT Says:

    I totally agree with you Kay!!

  65. Katie24 Says:

    I have this on my game and i love it!! its easier to get all my gifts i have been waiting a year for something like this!!

  66. kristen Says:

    Thank you zanga, this feature is awesome!

  67. Shawna Says:

    My issue is I have 55 gifts i n my requests and I cannot receive them they just disappear when I click accept, and all the gifts I accepted from the new gifts system (approx 50) all disappeared too!!!

  68. The Taminator Says:

    I fail to see any improvement where I have to wait for the game to load every friggin time I want to accept & send a thank you gift. Half the gifts are disappearing anyway. :-P

    Still no keeping the rare foals & calves from the adults I used real money to buy, Still no Israeli flag, Still no building rotations on some buildings, no further expansions and no level above 70. If I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel pretty soon, I may defect to Petville and shut down the farm all together. The most insidious part of this is they KNOW they could have done better. They just wanted to see the lowest standard that people would accept.

  69. Kim Says:


  70. Tracey Says:

    I love the concept, however i have had nothing but probs since this was brought in. It takes you back to the farm between sending thank you gifts so it is very time consuming. not to mention your notices in FB are still their.
    I have not been able to successfully accept a gift (without losing them) since the change came in. I’m nope they make some changes to make is more functional.

  71. me2uaiorangi Says:

    i fully love it how easy it is to accept gift, ive had no trouble with it, the old way was so annoying :) i had 2 many gift in my facebook giftbox, it took up so much time :) now im happy with the new changes:) hopfully things get better :)

  72. Anna Turnbull Says:

    My gifting icon on Farmville has disappeared. Now I am back to toggling between facebook and farmville to receive my gifts. Can you help?

  73. barbara Says:

    How do I get rid of the FB notifications of gifts I’ve already accepted through FV message mail? They are still showing up.

  74. virginia t. turner Says:

    every farmville gift request that comes in i hit accept and it disappears,never get anything and i anant send thank, also i can’t send gifts. this has been for over e week. what can be done? i am also having a worse time on treasure isle, i can’t get any gems. please help me,

  75. jimmy Says:

    you is please help me is

  76. Audrey Says:

    I get over 100 gifts per day but the new gifting only shows 25 of them,

    also if someone sends me a message with my gift like please don’t send this back, because I don’t need one,
    I don’ get the message with the new gifting system.
    Other than that I think I am going to like it,,
    now that you don’t have to wait for the page to reload.

    I think it would be nice if we could see inside the unfinished stable, nursery and botanical gardens to see what materials out neighbors need, and to be able to gift them right from the building.

    And we should get 1FV Cash for doing our daily chores, (fertilizing and feeding the neighbors chickens)

  77. valerie Says:

    j’aimais bien ce systéme pour accepter les cadeaux mais malheureusement il n’

  78. valerie Says:

    n’as pas fonctionné longtemps

  79. Winfried Says:

    What can I do that this “in-game” gift request feature (same as the feature in Cafe World) will run on my wife’s and on my computer? When clicking on the symbol the game shuts down, the list of gift requests is shown and after all I have to re-start the game. The same happens in FronterVille.


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