Zynga’s FarmVille Message Center Down, Accept Gifts through FaceBook

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Zynga’s FarmVille Message Center Down, Accept Gifts through FaceBook

Posted on May 27, 2010 1:12 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Zynga's FarmVille Message Center Down Notice

The Zynga FarmVille Message Center is currently down and being worked on to make improvements!

While they are working on making it better, during maintenance down time you will have to accept your gifts via the FaceBook Request page.

What new features to the Message Center can we expect?

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180 Responses to “Zynga’s FarmVille Message Center Down, Accept Gifts through FaceBook” »

  1. thomas Says:

    farmville toolbar gives out 10 farm chash now missed out on 15 farm chash

  2. Asako Says:

    No……I don’t want to go back facebook request page…..

  3. choesnah Says:

    1 click to accept and gift back!

  4. sasan Says:

    From this morning my modern house is missing!!!! What is going on?

  5. cute Says:

    first…. :)
    Hope they fix Mustang first !!!

  6. Anon Says:

    i used the message center for a while, and didn’t clean up my facebook request page for the same amount of time. how can i see the new requests now???!!!

  7. Frank B. Says:

    For a while now I accepted all the gifts through the Message Center and did not delete the requests on Facebook. Now I could accept all the gifts I already took a second time. That’s not too bad!

  8. alice Says:

    Is anyone else getting the “You have exceeded your limit of gifts” message? That said, I still managed to get quite a few twice!

  9. Darren Says:

    This is great! I can accept all my gifts again through the FaceBook request page that I accepted before through the Zynga message centre!!

  10. tomi Says:

    what’s this?

  11. Helen Says:

    Alice #7 – I too am getting ‘you have exceeded your limit of gifts’ most of the time – doing one at a time is better but time consuming.

  12. Farmer Dave Says:

    Dam Zynga xD

  13. vffarm Says:

    If you are like me and haven’t cleaned up all your past accepted gift requests, then get accepting now! All past requests can be re-accepted, even expired ones. I got about 30 mystery gifts and a whole bunch of stable items just now. I finally got cut off – not sure if it was a number limit or this glitch has been fixed.

  14. Dan Says:

    its working again now :-)

  15. Pogi Says:

    I hope everytime you accept neighbor request, there should be free 10000 coins for every neighbor! FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lula Says:

    This has meant a fab glitch – I was able to accept 43 gifts through the old right hand link on facebook which just gives a total number of gifts etc – I was able to claim for all those that I had accepted already directly through the farmville opening pages in the last 2 weeks ……………. amazing progress on my stables !!!

  17. Anna Says:

    thats great!!!
    Normally i accept all gifts via the message center (Zynga) and now i can accept all gifts a second time via facebook (no comments like-…”you already accepted this gift…”)

    Thank you for this

  18. Hal Says:

    Chinchillas disappearing? I have received 4 chinchillas from mystery gifts. 3 displayed for several days then mysteriously, no longer show up on the farm. Got a new one today and put it in place and it never showed at all. Anyone know about this problem?

  19. Gulfhills Says:

    I’m opening all the gifts I’ve already received. Lots of gas in them. When I get box is full message, I can go back and still get more.

  20. Rob Gould Says:

    I can’t enter in my game card info now.the page won’t load.

  21. Starscream Says:

    I got a note that my limit of gifts for the day was exceeded…. O.O I only have 12 in my box.

  22. Neo Says:

    Help! My Modern Home as desapeared from my farm.
    Could it be a glitch?
    Please help!
    I’m desperated.

  23. SuperAwesomeFarmerT Says:

    Yeah ok all gifts are valid but you get a error message after accepting the first gift telling you you have reach your gift limit to use existing gifts so you can accept more okay I only 24 gifts in my box what the heck?!?!?!

  24. Fade Says:

    can you make a little post about the vanishing modern home? it’s a big bug we have in many…

  25. Grax Says:

    Who uses the Zyanga message center!? It’s so SLOW and requires too many clicks. The facebook “way” is SO much better.

    The need to seriously reduce the amount of clicks, I would agree they need 1 click accept and send back.

  26. Chrissy Says:

    I wonder if 7-11 is down too cuz i just tried to enter codes and they sad the were already used and they were just purchased!! What The Heck!?!?!

  27. Farmer Says:

    I would like
    1 gifts that I accept via the MSG center to be automatically removed from my FB request page
    2 the ability to add/read personal messages when using the MSG center.

  28. Paula Says:

    I’m guessing it’s the Farmer’s Market that was released yesterday to SOME farmers….. or they’re just fixing the Mustang problem…..

  29. Janice901 Says:

    I find the exact opposite from Grax! With the message center I can click to accept each gift and then return each gift without having the extra click that I have more gifts to accept. So rather than having 3 clicks per gift there is only 2, one to receive and one to return.

    However with the message center down I began accepting gifts from the FB page and suddenly my gift box limit drops from 50 to 40, then it went to 30 and now it is in the 20s and will not hold any more. Whats with that?

  30. Juliette Says:

    That pic of the animals is so cute!

  31. Harvey Says:

    I had 76 gift requests on my facebook page that I had already accepted through the Message Center, so they weren’t valid gifts anymore but I hadn’t deleted them. When I went to accept my gifts from today I could also accept the gifts I had accepted through the message center. So, I basically got 76 gifts twice!

  32. Alex Says:

    People..you can fix the Mustang problem…don´t wait!!!!!!!

  33. r3534t Says:

    aefg 1st

  34. Chris Says:

    Not on the subject here, but my Modern House seems to have disappeared off of my farm and a few of my neighbor’s farms too. Does anyone know what is being done about this? I know if I contact zynga they will give me the standard problem solving speach of:
    1. clean your cache
    2. upgrade your flash
    3. remove and add again farmville application.
    none of which have yet to work…

  35. SachinIndia Says:

    Just about to reach home,

    is the glitch to accept repeat gift still persist? got loads on facebook

  36. Michael Says:

    Something I just discovered about the message center being gone is that the old multiple gift glitch is back. You can now send and receive multiple gifts to/from the same person more than once a day. Google it for a detailed explanation. Hurry, it will be gone once the center is back up and running!

  37. SachinIndia Says:

    20 minutes for home… gotta access facebook..

    lOl… ‘m really a greedy freak

  38. duthilleux Says:

    j ai plus ma maison moderne elle est ou

  39. WeirdJedi Says:

    Using the message center is a lot easier than going through Facebook requests. I had maybe 100 gifts that were piled up on Facebook. I just ignored them, seeing I couldn’t re-accept them anyways.

    When I read “All of your requests are valid”, I thought “Oh this is going to be good.” Went through and got about 75 gifts out of the 100. About 50 of them were mystery gifts.

    There were ones that stated “you have exceeded your limit of gifts” when in reality I still had room, but that was ok. There were plenty I still got.

  40. savvy Says:

    lol i accepted them all again cuz i didnt delete sum:D awesum !

  41. Stray Says:

    I can’t pull gifts from FB. Getting the message that my Gift Box is full with only 16 items in it – farmhands & arborists which I don’t want to delete!


  42. doug Says:

    Yeah, now I can collect all the gifts I received in the past few months all over again. I have 96 gifts justsitting! Too bad my gift box is nearly

  43. michael Says:

    i have like 243 gift in zynga centre.. and nothing on my facebook request page.

    Will i ever get these gifts

  44. Kerry Says:

    So i accepted a bunch of gifts and then i got a message that i had exceeded the limits, that was 3 am on friday morning. and still today i cant accept any gifts. how long will i have to wait if im able to recieve gifts at all? thanks

  45. Kerry Says:

    well a little edit to my last post. i went back to my page and it let me accept one gift and denied me on the second. i think i must wait 24 hours from the last gift i accepted. so i think i will just take care of my farm and wait on accepting gifts for around 1130 tmrw morning. but any additional information would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  46. Lisa Says:

    Is farmville totally down today? I haven’t been able to get on all day.

  47. Gordon Says:

    Though the ZMC was down, the number next to my envelope kept increasing till it hit the magic 50, where it now sits. Now I lose more gifts than I receive from the FB page as it is always saying I am full . My gift box isn’t full so is the ZMC saying 50 the problem, if so how do I zero it. It increased while you were down so I should be able to zero it while you are down. Any help appreciated

  48. jeanneb Says:

    I’m getting the “gift box is full” message since Saturday morning. Sometimes it lets me take one gift. I’ve lost dozens of building materials….Arrrggghhhh!

    Does anyone have a solution? I’m going to try accepting one gift, go back to FVille, click on gift envelope again, repeat ad nauseum. I need those bricks and boards!

    Boo Hoo.

  49. Jazzy Says:

    Zynga’s FarmVille Message Center Down, Accept Gifts through FaceBook>>>>”You have exceeded your limit of gifts. Be sure to use your existing gifts soon, or you can’t accept more gifts!” Could not receive any gift until today although there are 26 items in my gift box.

  50. Nigel Spoon Says:

    Same problem here and its getting progressively worse, is there any way to get the envelope back to 0, as I can’t accept anything now, have written Zynga and just got a token response about glitches, nothing to do with my question, I don’t want any old gifts back, I just want to be able to accept the new ones coming in……

    ….can’t send any out, because I won’t be able to accept the returns, therefore my neighbours think I’m a lousy player ’cause I don’t return gifts…..

  51. tlewis58 Says:

    farmville message center shows 43 gifts. when i click on the envelope it onlt takes me to the requests page. all of those gifts have been accepted. will this issue be resolved soon?

  52. Kirstine Says:

    I had noticed that the items requested for your stable expansions were going straight into the FV box & not FB box so I think I have got a few caught up in my 23 odd showing in the envolope at the top of my screen do you think these will ever be retrievable or will I need to request again when ever this glitch is fixed?

    Debating weather to continue as I have now got to level 70 :(

  53. Tink Says:

    I had noticed that the items that you requested from neighbours for your stable expansions were going straight to your FV box not into your FB box at all so these have now been stuck in my box showing as 34 at the moment! I grant this is not all requested items but I would like to finish my atable expansions at some point as every1 is now sending Tuscan wedding items not likley!! :(

  54. sapna Says:

    t m unable to accept gift through message center. help me

  55. sapna Says:

    farmville message center shows 34 gifts. when i click on the envelope it onlt takes me to the requests page. all of those gifts have been accepted. will this issue be resolved soon?

  56. ankeet Says:

    i have 20 gifts in my gift box..it says ur gift box is full…pls help me…

  57. GAIL Says:


  58. joyce Says:

    the envelope says i already have 50 gifts that’s why i can’t accept other gifts coming >..<

  59. Heather Says:

    Does anyone know when this will be resolved? This link allowed me to accept the gifts initially BUT new gifts aren’t showing up in my FV mailbox and I cannot accept any gifts from FB as it says I have exceeded the number of gifts. I am going to scream. Maybe this will work better for you.



  60. yvonne Says:

    When i click on the box that shows i have gifts . and when it takes me back to the home page it says i have nothing. and it also happens on my sons

  61. theresa Says:

    ya me to i can except anymore fv gifts its says ive exceeded my limit then when i click on the envelope it goes back to the main page on fb where you except the gift and there not in my gift box any ideas on how to get them?

  62. theresa Says:

    thanks heather i tried the link you posted ill tell ya in a few mins if it worked or not i hope it does

  63. Chris Says:

    Heather – that link directly to the FV message box did the trick! Within FV the envelope kept taking me over to FB but there were no Requests still there…

    your link allowed me to go straight to my FV message box, and process all the Requests….I didnt get to have the gifts a seconid time, but at least could clear out the message box….so the counter is correct again.


  64. wendy Says:

    its fine that the message center is down but i have over 50 things in there and it wont let me acceppt anymore gifts can you shut it down altogether until its fixed? thank you

  65. Rayne Says:

    I tried that link, it cleared my count, but then after I cleared it all, I recieved more gifts, and it still says I have exceeded, I am losing gifts.

  66. karl Ko Says:

    When will it be fixed ?

  67. Satu Cagle Says:

    Because of this mess I have lost about 82+ gifts and the wedding tent has rolled back twice to a previous favor without returning ingredients. Plus the load time is now ridiculous, I’ve had enough, never again Zynga games for me.

  68. Mary Says:

    It’s so dissapointing playing these kind of games. I liked farmville so far but I also lose gifts now and it takes forever to load.
    No more Zynga games for me too.

  69. Linda Grimes Says:

    hi could someone please help me i keep losing my farm

  70. diana Says:

    how long does it take to fix the messaging center, Zynga? i haveso many messages i cant accept them all! i dont get on here everyday and i get behind on my everything, is there another way to accept my messages other than facebook?

  71. CC Says:

    I dont even have the envelope anymore and have been having problems for days. I have been actively playing for only over a month but level 35. This is completely turning me off to fv.

  72. Antonella Says:

    I want the envelope back! I t take forever to accept the give with FB! Please hurry to restore it!

  73. Lil Says:

    When is the message center coming back????

  74. Edgaras Says:

    I hate when game go’es out of sinc or write saving your farm please do not close your browser when plow, harvest and seed.. :[

  75. Vilmer Pedersen Says:

    I have been on vacation and now need to accepts a lot of good gift that my friends have sent to me. (76 gift) It would be a lot easyere if FarmVille would make a button “accept all gift Please!!!!
    Best regards Mr. Pedersen

  76. Ivy Says:

    When is the Zynga Message Center going to work? Its been down for almost a month and now we have all this beehive stuff to accept too. I love this game but I don’t have time to accept 100 gifts a day. I have a lot of neighbors and this is very hard. PLZ! fix the Zynga Message Center. =(

  77. annie Says:

    I cannot accept or return gifts 10 – 90 % of the time. Today it is 90%
    Things keep disappearing in my animal storage.
    Sometimes when I fertilize, it erases a plot.
    What is going on Zygna???

  78. annie Says:

    I am losing 90% off my gifts on some days! Usually it is only 10% which is still frustrating.
    Please fix this Zygna !!!!!

    Also, why doesn’t farmville have a gamebar for Safari?
    Zygna please bring back the names of those who fertilize our land. This is how Safari people know who is “active.” It also makes gaming more fun.

  79. Mary Says:

    These zynga people are sooooooo……..malakes

  80. padmanibh Says:

    add me on yu neighbour list?

  81. Kerry Says:

    Any word on if this is coming back?? The fb request page takes TOO long

  82. jitesh garg Says:

    farmville is loading very late & also getting struck with that so please fix this problem so that we cannot suffer while breeding please fix the problem as fast as u can ……….!!!!!!!!!

  83. serkan aykirici Says:

    Hallo, habe ein Problem! Wer kann mir helfen? ich bekomme diese meldung und kann nicht in die FARMVILLE –>

    your game state is out of sync with the server. Please refresh the page to continue

  84. gaurav Says:

    by mistake i deleted all my bilding stuff jst for fun as i had logged out of my account
    but tmy all buildings were actually deleted …
    plz help plzzzzzz

  85. DIANA Says:

    farmville say i have 36 gifts, i go to accept them and never get them, them i go back to farmville where it still says i have 36 gifts and when i click on it, it tells me i have none. i am having the same trouble sending gifts. HELP I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON ALOT OF STUFF AND WORK HARD ON MY FARM TO GET IT WHERE I WANT IT……..PLEASE SEND ME A WAY TO CORRECT THIS.


  86. ANNA Says:


  87. chazo Says:

    facebook request sucks!!!!!

  88. JATIN Says:

    1 click to accept the is not working in my farmville plz tell me how to install or use zynga message center.

  89. darwin macasero Says:

    my message center is not working, tried my wifes account and it works, so its not my browser, anybody encountered this?

  90. Adrei Says:

    yes , i have the same problem :) I think we must chenge our sex, LOL!

  91. Sarah Says:

    Hey Everyone I am having the same problem as darwin I can go into my husbands account and Message center works I go into my account and it just take me to my fb request page does anybody know what is going on and if there will be a fix anytime soon.

  92. KME Says:

    I am having the same problem as well. When i click on my messages, it goes to the bottom of the page telling me who has planted what. Have to still accept my gifts through facebook, which takes FOREVER. However, my husband’s account goes right to the message center, and he can accept his gifts in 20 seconds. HELP! I have tried to install the farmville zynga bar. Doesn’t do anything.

  93. Kapil Says:

    i’m not getting the zynga msg center in farmville in my account whereas my sister’s a/c has it, why is it so?

  94. ana Says:

    i want the same then Kabil, the same way to open gifts by zynga msg center. i don´t have that way in my account :(

  95. Olga Aldea Says:


    Why with my account there is no zynga message center, but my boyfriend can use it, on the same computer?

  96. Amy Says:

    From Zynga.com: “In order to improve your game play Zynga has released the Zynga Message Center! This feature is currently available for a certain amount of players and will be soon available to all Zynga players.”

    This explains why some accounts have it and others don’t. It’s been driving me nuts b/c my account doesn’t have it but hubby’s does.

  97. alain nicouleaud Says:


    dans mes etables il me manque 50 vaches tuscun simantal ect……….

    comment faire pour les retrouver si elles sont plus sur la ferme

    merci de votre reponse



  98. Arka Dawn Says:

    I can not use this one click accept gift service while all my friends and neighbors are enjoying…I don’t wanna use that face book request page anymore…What should i do??

  99. secret Says:

    i instl d farmvill toolsbar, nd i got the 10fc i can buy a gift wd it but i cant send! i need to send a gift, can any1 plz hlp me.?

  100. S.Ashwini Says:

    I cant open my farmvilla page plz plz help me by this problem……..

  101. Gintas Says:

    Hello, you FarmWille game cheating. Market stall the proposed acquisition of the FV 0, and in fact read 20 FV. Yes I have been cheated and I did. My siluteszinios@gmail.com login, please to return my FarmWille account fraud or scanned money.

    Gintas Radzevicius

  102. jeffrey Says:

    hey i thought yuove just improve the fv message center! but wheres mine?
    idont have a FV message center all of my good friends sending me special delivery unless i have 2 accept it all 1 by 1 :’( im tired 100 request some are expired.

  103. tylor hoppes Says:

    why does it say ive collected all my reward when i try to get something someone postes? when i havent collected anything?

  104. sexyy Says:

    add me plz :*


    p.s. when you’re adding me, write me a <3 in the personal message so i can know you're from farmville :))) or just dont write anything :PP


  105. mackenzie Says:


  106. virat J shetty Says:

    i have lost my brown gypsy

  107. barbara parker Says:

    my gift tab and look inside items will not open

  108. pauline Quirey Says:

    All week have not been able 2 accept gifts, leave or send comments, or like a page, HELP

  109. linda Says:

    For the last 3 days my facebook is so slow I also cant comment or pick up gifts without it crashing. However the actual zynga games are loading fine. Is this anything to do with zynga doing repairs to the main gift page?

  110. Sarah Says:

    has anyone else got the problem where your accepting gifts from your games requests and then there still there when you go to accept the next one?? but it wont let you have them it says you have already accepted this gift there still in my games request box and wont go even if i press ignore they just come back to my gift box, its really anoying me because i need to collect or empty to start again and get new gifts?? thanks :) x

  111. Anna Says:

    I can’t accept gifts. I have 100 gifts but can’t accept them or delete them. Do you know when this will be fixed. Thanks

  112. Anna Says:

    Can’t accept Farmville gfist or Farmtown Gifts or any gift. I have 100 gifts and can’t accept them.

  113. Annette Says:

    Cannot accept gifts on f/b or on Zynga Message Centre. Please hurry up and get the pages sorted as my requests are mounting up fast.

  114. Beatrice Says:

    man I sure hope they fix it soon as it is frustrating

  115. Aroona Louis Says:

    I cannot seem to be able to clear my gift requests from the page. Even though I have accepted or sent the gifts, they are still on the page and now I do not know which ones I have accepted/sent as there are so many there and will not clear out. Please help.

  116. lily Says:

    i have accepted all my gifts on f/b but they keep coming back dose that have something to do with them fixing zynga message center?

  117. srimathi Rakemanaya Says:

    from this evening i cant access my market what is going on

  118. jodie Says:

    i cannot accept the 1-click gifts and they will not take them off what is going on will you please tell me what to do i cant get my gifts that is sent to me by my friends

  119. srimathi Rakemanaya Says:

    i cant access my market then i cant seed things and i always lost my farm cash. what is the reason for this

  120. selver Says:

    Hello please help me three days I can not help please post thanks

  121. silviq Says:

    Hello please help me three days I can not help please post thanks

  122. Lucrecia Elejalde Says:

    I cannot share anything with my neighbors. Everytime I do, the game freezes and I have to refresh the page. Pls HELP!!

  123. Darlene Says:

    I would like to let you know that my farmville on facebook is messed up. The request page for my gifts has 60 on it and no accept botton. My page is getting full and i can’t get my gifts. Please help me out and fix my page. All the other games work just not farmville. Please help me or let me know how to write to get help. Thank you!!!! Darlene C.

  124. gage Says:

    I lost 97 farmville dollars and i dont now why one day i got on and they were all gone.If you could get them back to me that would be great thanks.

  125. _08 Says:

    hey absolutely everyone,
    simply want to say “hi there”, anticipate to devote a lot of pleasant time with this in mind community ;)
    feel invited on mine www:

  126. selver Says:

    please return my dogs have taken them and feeds them one month and eggs that are not mission-open them and wait seven days already passed all limits and taking my dogs, why did you want 2 and CASH? and my dogs do not grow up and still grow and why I can not take pictures in your farm that passed all borders publications are wrong, and tell me what to do kill all interest in me please contact my attention !!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Brenda Says:

    When people send me gift REQUESTS I can send them a gift but I can’t receive gifts!!!!!! All the “Special Delivery” gifts are just a waste of time as the screen goes to FV instead of giving me the gift and going back to gifts!!! This has been over a MONTH…….when will this be fixed???

  128. Laurie Cole Says:

    I was really pissed this morning when I clicked on my dairy farms and they disappeared because you have decided to make cow breeding possible. I have been a loyal, daily player of Farmville for nearly three years. I have worked hard to set up and run my farm as I see fit and spent quite a few dollars on game cards to upgrade this and that and I don’t feel that you have the right to just decide for me how I’m going to play the game!! What if everyone does not want to breed their cows?? You deleted my dairy farms (2) and they are now not even available to re-purchase. That really pisses me off!!! You have to PURCHASE the pasture and then have to collect all the materials to build it. I call B.S.!!!!! I want my dairy farms back and if I choose to participate in a quest or not, that is MY choice!! I LOVE playing Farmville and this is the first time I have had any issues with anything to do with the game. Let the player decide how and what they choose to partake in. If this is the way you are going to continue to run the app, then I will stop playing. Dairy farms cost coins and I just lost out on 20,000 coins when you took them. At least put them back in the market inventory so they can be re-purchased. Thank You for your time.

    Laurie Cole

  129. tuba düzleme Says:

    Farmville ‘s submission for publication of wrongfully removing FarmVille I said, the publication does not check

  130. Ron Bahre Says:

    special gifts cannot be accepted for some reason on farmville click on accept and it goes right to playing farmville

  131. Mary Says:

    My gifts arent working when i hit accept the gift just sits there. My gifts are just pileing on me. I need your help.??

  132. shawn ronk Says:

    stupid farmville wont work and i have restarted my computer about 3 times i have open new pages to see if that will make farmville work but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the problem i have is that it freezes every time i click on a certain spot on the game and i cant plant any thing there and i cant harvest anything because my person doesn’t move around please some help me out or im just going to quit playing Zyngas games which i don’t want to quit playing them please help me out please.

  133. gosia Says:

    I have a lots of problem with my messages which not showing on facebook wall.
    I cant collect any of stuff because that messages is not loading to the page where I can send to my friends or post it on the wall if i need anything ex. doing “apple task” i need some “combs” but it doesnt showing on the wall for my friends to click on it.
    Please sort it out.
    Thank You

    Kind Regards

  134. karen hall Says:

    I have pressed to ask for centre piece on farmville 3 times now and it has not come up on mine or anyone elses wall .. This means i then have to wait 5 hours to ask again .. This keeps happening on different tasks and it is really annoying me now farmville on the whole is great but this is not good at all :( Please can you help me ?

  135. Ginny Says:

    I won a unwhitering ring on the spin game and it was in my gift box for about a minute, then it just disappeared!!!! Can someone please explain this to me??????

  136. gemma Says:

    I have got to level 5 in mafia….. no lion?????? I got to level 6 in adventure world no free limited addition lizards??????


    Not really fair promising prizes in a game you are dedicated to and not giving it!!!!!” where are they?????

    so annoyed and not doing it again!!!!!!

    come opn don’t let us down AGAIN!!!!!

  137. silviq Says:

    please fix my farm because the mission that pumpkin chicken heist I do not believe it fix

  138. jdeupree123 Says:

    Cannot accept gift request using facebook.

    Why can an ACCEPT ALL button be added, we have an ignore all button

  139. sabine Says:

    i can not receive my gift requests

    thank you

  140. veronica Says:

    I cant accept any of my gifts, when I try it sends me into my farm, I tryed the facebook request page and it still not working, with all the gifts that are just seating there I could have completed seveal of my projects.
    Please tell me what can I do, I even try installing the google chrome and it didnt make a difference.
    aaaaaaaagggggggggggggg frustrated…. :/
    thanks for your help

  141. padmakumar Says:

    it is very much sad to say that, farm ville now a days going worst. i cant even accept gifts from my friends and even i cant accept the friend request, i think, if this condition is going to continue means , farmville will lost lot of their fans, including me,

  142. padmakumar Says:

    i cant accept the gifts and friend requests, wat is going on actually? farm ville getting too boaring, really,

  143. Brenda Harrison Says:

    How do i get all my request on one page and can just go down the page and hit accept ? most of the time it does not even accept these request.
    I may have 150 request and having to go home and going to game request every time is annoying

  144. EarlLeejr Says:

    i cant do my games request in farmville when i try to do my games request it takes me right to the game then i lose out on them plz fix the problem ty vm

  145. Olívia Says:

    Gostaria de saber porque meu farmville requests é diferente, por exemplo, do meu filho. O meu tem um balãozinho vermelho com um Z, e o dele tem um envelope (caixa de entrada). O dele é rapidissimo recebe e envia ao mesmo tempo enquanto o meu faz separadamente cada etapa, ou seja demora um tempão.

    Como faço para mudar isso?


  146. selver Says:

    please help me last night I can not see the publications of my friends farmville please help me fast

  147. rabab yaghi Says:

    hi the farmville say i have gifts,in th games request i go to accept them and never get them,the number disappear from farmville request when i click to open them i go back to farmville says i have gifts and when i click on it, HELP I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON ALOT OF STUFF AND WORK HARD ON MY FARM TO GET IT WHERE I WANT IT……..PLEASE SEND ME A WAY TO CORRECT THIS.
    When people send me gift REQUESTS I can send them a gift but I can’t receive gifts!!!!!! All the “Special Delivery” gifts are just a waste of time !!! This has been over a week…….when will this be fixed???

  148. Debbie Rambo Says:

    I have not be able to post any thing I can not finish my missions with out posting them I click and it does not let me post not any thing please help or I am going to quit TY

  149. Jenn Says:

    The FaceBook Request page doesn’t work for me! If I try to accept a gift it says that it’s not available or it just bypasses and goes directly to the application, ignoring the gift. Anyone else have this trouble?

  150. neelam Says:

    nt able to post anything on my wall n frmvilla its hacked so wat shuld i doo

  151. selver Says:

    Hello, please fix that mission because I gave past 3 way to the end and again I returned to the 2nd mission, FV presents me with my friends who do not come please send me help. until you fix the mission will not come into play to his farm for 3 years until they fix it is not that bad

  152. selver Says:

    Hello, please fix and orchard crops because once again it all comes back to me is one that I’m not done anything I did not syala plate. During my free dry sown and trees where I did my master that I showed you please fix i

  153. June Burke Says:

    I can’t retrive my farmvillw gifts from gift request or my farms. Please slow down on the challenges until this problem is solved.Very aggrevating. HELP PLEASE

  154. Michelle Harris Says:

    I can not post anything from a game neither can i make a comment on my page or a friends page. If I can not post what I need for the Farmville quest then i will stop playing and spending money for Farmville cash.

  155. Michelle Harris Says:

    I would like to know what the problem is that my account has limited use of face book. I can not post nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t make a comment on, pictures, post, videos EXC…., I can’t even chat with friends, I can not post anything from Farmville!!!!!!! Also I can NOT even post a video from You Tube. This is NOT FARE!!!!!!!!!!! I have worked hard at trying to finish these DAM QUEST. There is NO way I can finish them if I can not post what is needed. I don’t mind buying, horses, trees, pigs, sheep, cows, Exc…… But I am NOT going to BUY my way through ANY DAM QUEST!!!!!! Of course when you decide to fix this problem it will be to late to finish them anyway.

  156. mary hartin Says:

    what is going on with farmville at minute, cant ask for anything on quests, same is happening on hidden chronicles, also having problems connecting to the game pages

  157. selver Says:

    go to my farm two days already closed

  158. selver Says:

    pls open may farm

  159. Amanda Says:

    I know that I’ve got gifts, but the envelope that you have too click shows nothing, and when you click on it, it doesn’t even open to say there is nothing there. On your fb page it says ex:50+. It’s frustrating to play like this because you’re excited to see what you’ve been sent and will receive. I also have lost a lot of challenge because of this. Please Help!

  160. selver Says:

    gnome garden I did not come please help me turn my attention to how much I have to wait to come!

  161. carol rains Says:

    i dont get half my gifts shows that i have 99 pluss to collect but when i go to get them off my facebook page takes me right to my farm and dont let me get them what can i do

  162. mary chapman Says:

    my volcano isnt showing up, and where my friends extras are posted isnt showing up..when i go to another farm my page starts all over.

  163. vena powell Says:

    i am not able to claim gifts that have been posted or to get my requests put on for other friends, please help, play all the time and am very upset, spend money on game always, please help!!!!

  164. barbara haskett Says:

    why on farmville do all my cows and horses grow up to be something that are not thay all grow up to be black cows or black horses why? I spend money to buy nice things and I get the bottom of the line back this is a rip off I am not pleased with any of it. pissed off and feed up with zynga games

  165. selver Says:

    Hello I am a 3 year farmer who loves farmville please help you write now for the seventh time and I do not pay attention. the last two missions could not pass them only one time why not give me the opportunity to repeat. at the end of a mission I do not accept this or go cansel and I can not go again. please fix it and give me that opportunity when I went to a mission second time as all other farmers. please help me! turn my attention!

  166. Linda Reddoch Says:

    I have bunches of gift notifications for Farmville, but when I click the “yes” button after the “Do you have more gifts to receive”..it takes me to the game. I never get all my gifts. Is there a problem here?

  167. selver Says:

    Hello I am writing now for 100 tanning time but please help me anymore. new mission came to 9 and not just gone her mission why some people make it at least 10 putt after this game playing it for 3 years stupid zynga holy shit

  168. selver Says:

    Hello zYnGa want to report a very big problem with my farm mission where mine once did I give it a second time mine why can my friends to go 3-4 times. came to 9 do not let me post and gives me CANCEL and ACCEPT so I can not mine please help me thanks in advance light day :)) I am writing you do not know which way is why paying attention to other people and I do not when it will be fine

  169. victoria miller Says:

    i can’t except my gifts from friends in farmville , zoo world 2, petville, Happy Aquarium or etc. Please help me with this problem. TY Vicky

  170. selver Says:

    Hello you people what you write you every day and I do not pay any attention to the new mission now has it gone now what is it what is it whenever a mission and now I no play this game for 3 years when I would note !!!!!!! Some people send gifts each day what I do
    wasting nerves so loaded you can see when I will note

  171. Jose Pereira Says:

    I would like to know if you could help me, that my friends are helping me on the FARMVILLE and i wont get any help….
    Can you tell me why ????????
    thank´s for your help

  172. georgena hill Says:

    was wondering were my summer fest mission is??? and i had a book of extra points, i decided not to use it at that time and clicked on cancel, its no longer in my gift box and did not move me a level up, i would like my gift back

  173. val Says:

    dear zynga please can you sort my farm out i started playing it after my daughter i was level 50 then i jumped up 2 level 59 i am now level 64 since this jump on my levels i can t expand my farm and its getting very crowded i would be very greatfull if you can sortm it out thank you

  174. Christopher Kojcevski Says:

    on farmville i had 100 farm cash and it just went away can u please give it back to me today

  175. Allan Meier Jensen Says:

    Who made the desission to change the way to water seedlings and post them. This person does certenly not harvest trees him/her selves. I have been taking time 1,5 our to plant, water and grow 75 trees – its completly crazy – change back to somthing much faster in a hurry …………………………………..

  176. Gloria Says:

    im not playing farmville 2

  177. Gloria Says:

    im not playing farmville 2 no more

  178. sandy davis Says:

    Some of my farm gifts go 2 app center & I cannot accept them …. Please help !!!!

  179. leeann Says:

    not getting my envelope on Farmville 2 need you to fix this

  180. Mary Smith Says:

    I am having a problem getting on keep having to recover web page says face book not responding I spend more time recovering web page then playing the game please fix this have no problem with other games Thank You