FarmVille Hanging Garden Farm Arrives: Everything you need to know about FarmVille Hanging Gardens!

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FarmVille Hanging Garden Farm Arrives: Everything you need to know about FarmVille Hanging Gardens!

Posted on April 3, 2013 7:54 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Hanging Garden Notice

FarmVille Hanging Garden Notice


FarmVille Hanging Gardens farm is here and it’s available for free! Please note, this feature is on a slow roll out to all farmers. If you do not have access yet, hold tight as you soon will.

Here’s a first look at FarmVille’s upcoming Hanging Gardens farm.

In FarmVille Hanging Gardens you are invited to help  restore the gardens and get exclusive rewards such as Instant Grow and other fun prizes for your farm. Think of Hanging Gardens as a new take on a FarmVille mini farm. It’s sort of like the mini farm expansions, but with more details. Each time you plant and harvest crops, harvest your animal pens, or harvest your Orchard on any of your FarmVille farms you will receive Golden Trowels. Golden Trowels are then used to uncover rewards in FarmVille Hanging Gardens.

Hanging Garden will also offer its own unique items such as animals, treesdecorations as well as treasures and also some exclusive rewards for you to unlock. Of course with any new farm, there’s also new crops and recipes to master. Oh yeah. Even more exciting there’s something special for FarmVille Pegasus lovers- a new Pegasus Breeding Pen for all your FarmVille Pegasi.

Check back for the complete FarmVille Freak guide on Hanging Gardens farm!


FarmVille Hanging Garden Intro

FarmVille Hanging Garden Intro

What is FarmVille Hanging Gardens? 

Wait, hold on. Another FarmVille farm already? Sort of, but not really. Think of FarmVille Hanging Gardens as a new FarmVille experience. It’s a new mini-expansion like FarmVille Sunflower Meadows and FarmVille Angler’s Pond. In that it’s a new FarmVille expansion that serves a special purpose. Hanging Gardens offers a place for you to uncover special rewards that you can’t find anywhere else. You can opt to decorate the space however you wish, but once you are done clearing the Hanging Gardens stages, you will be able to harvest Hanging Gardens once a week for Insta-Grow.

Traveling to FarmVille Hanging Gardens

Once you have access to FarmVille Hanging Gardens, there are several ways to travel there. The first piece of good news is that everyone can travel there for free. There is no Farm Cash early access and soon everyone will be able to play in Hanging Gardens.

To visit FarmVille Hanging Gardens there are several ways that you can travel to the new FarmVille farm.

  • Click on the Hanging Gardens icon on your in-game FarmVille Neighbor Bar
  • Click on the Hanging Gardens quick button found on the right side of your in-game FarmVille screen
  • Find the Hanging Gardens image in the FarmVille travel menu and click on the “Travel” button found on the Hanging Gardens farm


FarmVille Hanging Gardens Loading Screen

FarmVille Hanging Gardens Loading Screen

Arriving in FarmVille Hanging Gardens

Once you arrive in FarmVille Hanging Gardens, you will meet Farmer Bob, your guide to Hanging Gardens. He’ll show you how Hanging Gardens works and he’ll help you clear your first space with the Golden Trowels you are given.

All About Golden Trowels

In FarmVille Hanging Gardens you will find that tall grass covers most of the farm. It will need to be cleared with Golden Trowels. Only Golden Trowels will work at clearing tall grass. To start out, every farmer will be given free Golden Trowels that they can use in Hanging Gardens. At first, you will have enough free Golden Trowels to clear two spots of tall grass.


FarmVille Small Square Treasure

FarmVille Large Square Treasure

Getting Golden Trowels

You can “find” more Golden Trowels just by farming on any of your FarmVille farms! There are a few ways to get Golden Trowels listed below.

  • Plot, plant, harvest any crop on any FarmVille farm
  • Harvest animals pens and Orchards on any FarmVille farm
  • Craft Golden Trowels in the Garden Tool Shed found on your Hanging Garden farm

Crafting Golden Trowels

Although you will find most of your Golden Trowels just by farming in general, you can also opt to craft some in your Garden Tool Shed (read more about the Garden Tool Shed here) on your Hanging Gardens farm.

To craft a Golden Trowel you will need the following ingredients for the Golden Trowel recipe.

  • Turmeric: harvest bushels or get from friends
  • Amber Grain: harvest bushels or get from friends
  • Golden Ore: you can only get Golden Ores by planting and harvesting on your own farm*

Note, in the beginning you will be able to craft only 20 Golden Trowels at a time. As, you continue to craft Golden Trowels, you will be able to unlock additional slots in your farm’s Garden Tool Shed. Also, as you unlock more levels in Hanging Gardens, you will unlock the ability to craft Golden Trowels in batches of 40 and 80. (See all the Golden Trowel recipes here.)

Whenever you have enough ingredients to make Golden Trowels recipe, simply click the “Make It!” button. Golden Trowel recipe takes 16 hours to complete. Of course you can opt to pay Farm Cash to speed up the process, but what’s the fun in that?

Clearing Tall Grass

Tall grass works similar to “treasures” found on other FarmVille farms. Once you have enough Golden Trowels, you use them to clear plots of tall grass on your Hanging Gardens farm. Simply hover over the plot of tall grass that you would like to clear and use the Golden Trowels to get rid of the tall grass.

Each time you clear a plot of Tall Grass, you uncover a prize. The gift that you’ve uncovered will go to your FarmVille Gift Box. Sometimes, you will also uncover more treasures that were hiding in the tall grass which you will see on your farm.

For the complete rundown of all the Hanging Garden treasures, click here for the FarmVille Freak guide!


FarmVille Hanging Gardens Treasure Information

FarmVille Hanging Gardens Treasure Information

Many Worlds of Hanging Gardens 

Hanging Gardens isn’t just a farm or just one garden. It’s actually a series of stages that you can unlock as you progress on the Hanging Gardens farm. Each stage will require more Golden Trowels than before, but you’ll also have to restore broken bridges that connect the stages to make it to the next one. Hanging Gardens isn’t just one garden—it’s a series of stages that, as you unlock, you progress. Broken Bridges also require Golden Trowels.

Here’s the breakdown of the different stages of Hanging Gardens and the order in which you will need to unlock them:

Hanging Garden Stages

  1. Botanical Stage
  2. Aztec Stage
  3. Jade Stage
  4. World Stage
  5. Gem Stage
  6. Final Stage

Golden Trowels Required to Open Stage

  • FarmVille Aztec Wall – 170 Trowels Required to Open
  • FarmVille Botanical Wall – 160 Trowels Required to Open
  • FarmVille Gem Wall – 400 Trowels Required to Open
  • FarmVille Botanical Bridge – 150 Trowels Required to Open
  • FarmVille Jade Bridge – 210 Trowels Required to Open
  • FarmVille World Horizontal Wall – 310 Trowels Required to Open
  • FarmVille World Vertical Wall – 240 Trowels Required to Open

Each Hanging Gardens world or stage has a different theme. The treasures that you uncover match the theme in that specific stage. For example in the Aztec stage, you will uncover Aztec themed gifts. 

Farming & Decorating in Hanging Gardens- No Shipping Licenses Required!

In FarmVille Hanging Gardens, you can, plow, plant, and harvest crops just like you would on any other FarmVille farm. You can also decorate your Hanging Gardens farm space however you’d like. In Hanging Gardens you will find a Storage Cellar that is linked to all other storage buildings on your other FarmVille farms, so there is no need for a Shipping License! Yay! This means that you can decorate your Hanging Gardens farm with items that you already have or get new ones. Thanks, big Z. Good move.

Beating Hanging Gardens

You can finish Hanging Gardens by getting enough Golden Trowels fo finish the stages. You can work your way through Hanging Gardens at your own pace. Once you complete and finish all the stages, you will be able to harvest your Hanging Gardens farm for Insta-Grow once per week. Insta-Grow is used to instantly grow your FarmVille crops.

Are you ready to explore FarmVille Hanging Gardens farm? What do you think about this new FarmVille feature mini expansion, FarmVille Freaks? Tell us your thoughts/feedback in the comments below! 

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  1. Cearise Says:

    Thank you for the information!! This actually looks fun :)

  2. Selena Says:

    Anyone have any idea as to which crops might produce more Golden Trowels than others? Harvesting my strawberries gave me none as well as the peppermint.

  3. Mac Zeff Says:

    This one is going to take forever, unless you dedicate your 36×36 sized farm to it for about a month or two.

  4. Mac Zeff Says:

    Good question Selena, I was just wondering about that myself.
    I was wondering of I would get as many or more trowels, for the same number of plots, just different grow times.

    Say, a tomato that takes 4 hours verses something that takes 12, or 24.. Humm.. may have to clear out my farm and do a little experiment to find out..

  5. Rain_drops Says:

    The gold ore ‘crop’ gives you the shovels.

  6. danelle Says:

    now im getting ticked cleared all grass in aztec still says im not done how do you finish it????????????????????

  7. danelle Says:

    never mind found it lol

  8. Mac Zeff Says:

    Well, Seems like everything else, this one has issues too.
    No, I was not charged farmville bucks for openening a 2nd or 3rd craft area. I have met minimum requirements to expand them. However, next time I am ready to do so I will have my camera rolling to capture the event incase they try to charge me Farm Bucks for it.

    And No, I have no idea which crop produces the most trowels. My gowd even with 300 plots of all 3 items, it is very very slow going and unless you want to spend the next 6 months doing this, only those with a big farm should try to do it.

  9. Angie Wortman Says:

    I have cleared all the Jade stage grass, but when I try to go to the next stage. It says must finish Jade stage first. I know on Botanical I had to clear bridge, but I can’t figure out what else I have to clear on Jade stage. Does anyone know? I ran my cursor over near the bridge looking thing on right as well as the stones, but nothing.

  10. Mac Zeff Says:

    OMG, I just did a 823 plot crop of Lemon balm and got 14 trowels.
    going to try something a little beefier next time, like square melons.. maybe that will do it..

    Or maybe I should just do it all as gold ores.

  11. nancy adkins Says:

    Why am I having so much trouble getting the second wall in Hanging Gardens to highlight to use my trowels??? Been trying for over a week now,

  12. Boston Charlie Says:

    All levels are complete. It says I should be able to plow 300 plots but I don’t see 300 plots. I thought the clouds would separate and reveal more plots. What’s going on?

  13. Robert Shedrow Says:


  14. Brenda Darwin Says:

    I have finished the Gem and can’t get into the next level. I have been around the whole wall and it won’t light up for me. Anyone have any ideas??

  15. hilde Nahr Says:

    Hi, I see nothing left in the world stage in Hanging Gardens to harvest, but I cannot get to the next step. Any advise? Thanks soo much. Happy monday Hilde

  16. Mac Zeff Says:

    DONE, April 7th to June 11th, using 2 farms, with 1020+ plots on each one.

    Ive got the “insta-grow” fountain, but it won’t let me move it to my home farm, where I want it to be.

    and 1 per week? this was almost too much hassel.. Would be better off harvesting the moneybags gopher.

  17. Hanna Says:

    help! I don’t have it! Did I miss it cause I hope not! Help!

  18. rainbow Says:

    I have finished hanging garden what do I do with the 2000 plus gold shovels.

  19. Katie Green Says:

    Once completed what use are the excess Golden Trowels ?? Is there a plan for them ?