FarmVille Horse Hall Arrives!

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FarmVille Horse Hall Arrives!

Posted on April 5, 2013 11:23 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Horse Hall Notice

FarmVille Horse Hall Notice

FarmVille released a new Horse Hall building with purpose feature!

The Horse hall is a harvestable laboratory type building that can be harvested for Horseshoes. You can then use Horseshoes to unlock new mystery Horses.

For a sneak peek of some possible Horse Hall Horses that you can check out on our FarmVille Freak unreleased post, click here.

The Horse Hall Stages are shown below along with the completed Horse Hall.

FarmVille Horse Hall Stages:


FarmVille Horse Hall Stage 1

FarmVille Horse Hall Stage 2

FarmVille Horse Hall Complete

Here’s a look at the Horse Hall’s required construction materials. You will need to collect the following parts: Fancy Hay, Pretty Saddle, and Hightech Salt Lick.

FarmVille Horse Hall Parts Required to Build:

To complete your FarmVille Horse Hall you will need to collect the following parts:

  • FarmVille Fancy Hay
  • FarmVille Pretty Saddle
  • FarmVille Hightech Salt Lick

FarmVille Fancy Hay

FarmVille Pretty Saddle

FarmVille Hightech Salt Lick


FarmVille Horse Hall Information:

In the Horse Hall you will use Horseshoes to create new types of FarmVille Mystery Horses. The “recipes” for creating new Horse Hall Horses are shown below.

FarmVille Horse Hall Information

FarmVille Horse Hall Information

Here’s a look at the various Horseshoes that you will harvest from your Horse Hall and use to create or unlock new Mystery Horses.

FarmVille Horse Hall Horse Shoes used to unlock Mystery Horses:


Silver Horse Shoe

Black Horse Shoe

Red Horse Shoe

Blue Horse Shoe

Gold Horse Shoe

Space Horse

Plains Pony

Forest Horse

Desert Horse

Jungle Stallion

Grasslands Pony

Savannah Pony

River Horse

Sea Stallion

Snow Pony
What do you think about the FarmVille Horse Hall feature, FarmVille Freaks?

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5 Responses to “FarmVille Horse Hall Arrives!” »

  1. Jon Says:

    Several harvests in and not a single shoe. Zynga really needs to get these right before launching them.

  2. Mac Zeff Says:

    Sounds to me like another version of the Dinosaurs. I finally gave up on that one and got rid of it.. mght as well avoid this one too from the sound of it.

  3. Maja Says:


  4. Riitta Pulliainen Says:

    I haven´t got any horse shoes harvesting my horse hall several times. It´s more than frustrating!


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