FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Arrives!

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FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Arrives!

Posted on December 7, 2012 7:34 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille’s Santa’s Sleigh is back this year just in time for FarmVille’s Christmas Holiday celebrations.

The Santa’s Sleigh feature works the same as it did last year and in conjunction with the 2012 FarmVille Holiday Tree. As a buildable multi-level feature, the Santa’s Sleigh allows you to collect more presents for your Holiday Tree. The bigger your Santa’s Sleigh, the more gifts you can harvest for your Holiday Tree.

There are a total of six stages as shown below as well as the what the Santa’s Sleigh will look like when completed.

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Stage 1

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Stage 2

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Stage 3

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Stage 4

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Stage 5

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Stage 6


FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Complete

Old vs. New Santa’s Sleigh

Although you can still harvest your last year’s 2011 Santa’s Sleigh it will no longer be harvestable for presents. Instead, you will receive Farm Coins when it is harvested. This means, that you will need to build a new 2012 Santa’s Sleigh to get more presents for your 2012 Holiday Tree.

So if you were thinking of moving your Santa’s Sleigh from Winter Wonderland- it doesn’t make much sense, since you will need to rebuild a new 2012 Santa’s Sleigh anyways. In that case, you minds well build a new one for your Mistletoe Lane farm.

FarmVille Santa’s Sleigh Construction Materials

The complete list of parts needed for the 2012 Santa’s Sleigh are shown below.

FarmVille 2012 Santa’s Sleigh Part Requirments:

FarmVille Jingle Bells

FarmVille GPS

FarmVille Holiday Lights

FarmVille Reindeer Treats

FarmVille Milk & Cookies

FarmVille Holiday Cheer

Part 1 Needed
Part 2 Needed
Part 3 Needed
28 Jingle Bells8 GPS8 Holiday Lights
310 Jingle Bells10 GPS10 Holiday Lights
414 Jingle Bells14 GPS14 Holiday Lights
518 Reindeer Treats18 Milk & Cookies18 Holiday Cheers
624 Reindeer Treats24 Milk & Cookies24 Holiday Cheers
732 Reindeer Treats32 Milk & Cookies32 Holiday Cheers

Will you build a Santa Sleigh for your FarmVille farm?

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