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New FarmVille Constructible New Year’s Ball Barn and Party!

Wed ,22/12/2010

FarmVille Party Barn

FarmVille New Year's Ball

A new constructible building has premiered, you may have seen unreleased images for the New Year Ball on FarmVille Freak. There are several layers to this new feature: Prep Work, Party Invitations, New Years Party & Rewards.

FarmVille Party Barn Constructable Notice

New Years Ball Prep Work:

When loading your farm you will be able to place the frame of the New Years Ball Barn for free, you can also purchase the frame for 5000 coins in the FarmVille Market. Similar to other constructible buildings you will need to collect construction materials to complete it. You can collect these as free gifts from neighbors or as a bonus from neighbors posts on Facebook.

You will need to collect 24 parts in total:

  • 8 bricks
  • 8 nails
  • 8 wooden boards

FarmVille New Year's Party Build

FarmVille New Years Ball Party Invitations:

NOTE: You only have until January 1st 2011 to invite guests to your party

From the moment you place your New Years Ball Barn you have the option to invite guests to your party. The more guests attending your party the greater rewards you can redeem.

You can invite neighbors to your New Years Ball by clicking on the frame and going to the ‘View Guest List’ tab. There you will see all of your neighbors which you can then invite to your party by clicking the share option. An invitation will be sent directly to your neighbors wall, they will need to click ‘RSVP’ to complete the process.

After a neighbor RSVPs to your New Years Ball you will see ‘coming’ below their name!

Don’t forget to check your Facebook wall to RSVP to your neighbors party’s as well!

New Years Ball Prize Redemption:

You can check the status of your New Years Ball Party by going to the ‘Progress’ Tab of the barn’s menu. You do not need to collect any special items like basket type events in the past.

When you have the number of needed guests for a specific level upon logging on your farm you will be notified. Your reward will automatically placed in your gift box and you will be prompted to share one with your neighbors via sharing to Facebook Livefeed.

FarmVille New Year's Party Progress

There are 4 levels to the New Years Ball, each with its own special reward:

Level 1: Fireworks Finale, You will need to invite and have 5 guests RSVP

Level 2: Balloons Crop License (Please click here to find more information), You will need to invite and have 10 guests RSVP

Level 3: Party Dress or Party Tuxedo, You will need to invite and have 20 guests RSVP

Level 4: Disco Pony, You will need to invite and have 40 guests RSVP

Level 1: FarmVille Firework Finale

Level 2: FarmVille Balloon Crop

Level 3 (Female): FarmVille Party Dress

Level 3 (Male): FarmVille Tuxedo

Level 4: FarmVille Disco Pony

FarmVille New Years Ball Drop Notes:

  • You only have until January 1st to invite your neighbors to your party
  • You will be able to purchase the rewards from the FarmVille Market for the month of January
  • The New Years Ball Barn is STORABLE!

What do you think of this new party feature? How many neighbors will partying on your farm for New Years?