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FarmVille Limited Edition Winter Holiday Buildings: Mountain Cabin

Sun ,25/12/2011

FarmVille Mountain Cabin

FarmVille’s Sunday night updates continue with both Limited Edition Winter Holiday and New Year’s themes.

This Mountain Cabin is part of the Winter Holiday collection and can be purchased with Farm Cash for a limited amount of time via the market.

FarmVille Limited Edition Winter Holiday Buildings (Released: December 25, 2011)

  • FarmVille Mountain Cabin – 30 Farm Cash

FarmVille Mountain Cabin

Will you be making room for this building on your farm?

New FarmVille Animal: Jackrabbit

Tue ,27/04/2010

A new animal was added to the FarmVille Market tonight, the Jackrabbit can be purchased for 12 FV$ and will be available for 30 days. Jackrabbits were named for their long ears and tall hind legs. They are considered hares, which are larger than rabbits.

FarmVille Jackrabbit

FarmVille Freak Giftable Hanging Tomatos

Wed ,07/04/2010

FarmVille introduced a new free giftable item on the FarmVille Gifting Page- the Hanging Tomatos!

FarmVille Hanging Tomatoes Giftable

You may remember seeing the Hanging Tomatos on FarmVille Freak featured as an Unreleased item.

Remember, the only way to get Hanging Tomatos is to receive them as a gift from one of your FarmVille neighbors.

FarmVille March 5th Official Podcast!

Fri ,05/03/2010

The Official FarmVille Podcast was on time as scheduled for March 5th!

FarmVille Freak Summary of Podcast

-Pot of Gold

  • For every 5 pieces of gold you collect, you will be able to post a “sharing” option in your Facebook newsfeed that will allow your friends to collect.
  • Collect gold from neighbors gifts and newsfeed. Up to 10 people can collect from one sharing gold link.

-Fuel Changes

  • Free Fuel can be found while plowing, fertilizing neighbors’ farms, and in Mystery Eggs or Gifts.
  • You are limited to finding fuel on your farm while plowing once per day.
  • When you find free fuel on your farm you can share by posting a link in your newsfeed, up to 150 neighbors can collect free fuel. The amount of fuel they get depends on the size of their farms. (More plots, more fuel).
  • While fertilizing you can find free fuel once per neighbor. At a certain point of fertilizing you may notice that you are no longer finding fuel and will need to use up some of your current fuel, to find more.
  • The rate that fuel naturally regenerates has been changed to slow down.slowed down. The bigger your farm, the faster it will regenerate.

-FarmVille Game Cards

  • Now available at 7 Eleven and Best Buy

-Player Submitted Questions

  • Farms of the Week (Zynga’s) are selected based on being “good looking” designs, hay bale, etc.
  • FarmHands are a consumable item that harvest all animals that are not in a building instantly. One time use.

COMING SOON to FarmVille:

  • New feature that will allow better in-game communication with your FarmVille neighbors.
  • Fine tuning Mastery, Achievements, and Leveling. There will be permanent changes made to Mastery and Achievement requirements.
  • More St. Patrick’s Day themed Mystery Box and Limited Edition items.

You can read the official transcript here: