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FarmVille Freak Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest Master Guide

Mon ,14/04/2014

The FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 quests arrives on Monday, April 14th, 2013 and ends April 21st, 2013. This marks the first quest during regular free access to FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera farm.

Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share the news with your farmin’ friends!

Please note, the information in this guide is accurate at time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Master Guide

*Note, Zynga has increased the  numbers for some of these quest parts, but you will also note the recent pattern of “freebies” given to you already when you start a quest. Those numbers are reflected in parenthesis.

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest 1: In Character
Requirements: Get 7 Spartan Helmets, Harvest 35 Rosemary & Make 5 Large Foutnain Spouts in the Azure Emporium
Rewards: Black Miniature Donkey

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest 2: Tour De Past
Requirements: Get 8 Ancient Maps, Harvest 50 Brush Olive & Craft 2 Chickpea Risotto in the Blue Sea Cafe
Rewards: Masked Rose Duck

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest 3: History Lesson
Requirements: Get 9 History Books, Harvest 60 Sea Holly & Harvest Masked Rose Duck 2 Times
Rewards: Blue Flamenco Flower Tree

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest 4: Foreign Relations
Requirements: Get 9 Book of Languages, Harvest 70 Aqua Cantaloupe & Make 5 Large Fountain Bases in the Azure Emporium
Rewards: Rome Gnome

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest 5: Planning the Past
Requirements: Get 10 Ancient Blueprints, Harvest 85 Flamenco Anemone & Master Masked Rose Duck to 1-Star
Rewards: White Riviera Toy Cow

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quest 6: Partners
Requirements: Get 12 Work Gloves, Harvest 100 Mediterranean Buttercup & Craft 2 Pasta Salads in the Blue Sea Cafe
Rewards: Masked Rose Pegasus

What do you think about the FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quests?

FarmVille Hanging Gardens Tool Shed Crafting Building & Crops

Mon ,01/04/2013

FarmVille Garden Tool Shed

Here’s a first look at FarmVille Hanging Gardens’ Tool Shed crafting building, recipes, and crops!

FarmVille Hanging Gardens is a new upcoming farm. You can read more about it here.

FarmVille Hanging Gardens Garden Tool Shed Recipes:

Ingredient 1
Ingredient 2
Ingredient 3

4 Gold Ore

3 Turmeric

3 Amber Grain

Trowel Bucket (20 Trowels)

8 Gold Ore

5 Turmeric

5 Amber Grain

Trowel Chest (80 Trowels)

6 Gold Ore

4 Turmeric

4 Amber Grain

Trowel Crate (40 Trowels)
FarmVille Hanging Gardens Garden Tool Shed Crop Recipes:

XP Gained
Buy (Farm Coins)
Gain (Farm Coins)
Harvest Time
Mastery Levels

Gold Ore
1 Day
Level 1: 600
Level 2: 800
Level 3: 1000
Total: 2400

1 Day
Level 1: 600
Level 2: 600
Level 3: 600
Total: 1800
Are you excited to craft new recipes and master new crops in FarmVille Hanging Gardens? Tell us what you really think in the comments below! 

FarmVille Freak A Spring Hiro Master Quest Guide

Wed ,20/03/2013

UPDATE: This series of quest was delayed and did not come out on Thursday as planned. Note, Zynga has lowered the requirement of the first quest. Now, you will only need to collect 1 egg for the first part.

FarmVille A Spring Hiro quests arrived on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 Friday, March 22, 2013 and end Thursday, April 4th, 2013.

Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share it with all your farmin’ friends!

Please note, the information in this guide is accurate at time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 1:  Think Small
Requirements: Get 1 Chick Eggs, Harvest 60 Tomatoes & Harvest Chicken Coop 2 Times
Rewards: Rabbit Ears Chicken

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 2: Funny Rabbits
Requirements: Get 8 Bunny Eggs, Harvest 90 Wheat & Harvest Rabbit Ears Chicken 2 Times
Rewards: Rabbit Ears Gnome

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 3: Eggs in the Nest
Requirements: Get 9 Tree Eggs, Harvest 120 Peanuts & Craft 1 Arborist
Rewards: Sprinkled Egg Tree

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 4: Edible Eggs
Requirements: Get 10 Chocolate Eggs, Harvest 150 Peppermint & Master Rabbit Ears Chicken to 1-Star
Rewards: Unwither

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 5: Animal Cooperation
Requirements: Get 10 Pig Eggs, Harvest 180 Cabbages & Craft 1 Farmhand
Rewards: Spring Rabbit Fountain

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 6: Dairy Delight
Requirements: Get 10 Cow Eggs, Harvest 180 Sunflowers & Harvest Cow Pasture 3 Times
Rewards: Rabbit Ears Cow

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 7: Scare Tactics
Requirements: Get 11 Snake Eggs, Harvest 180 Squash & Harvest Rabbit Ears Cow 2 Times
Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbos

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 8: A Rabbit’s Reasoning
Requirements: Get 12 Carrot Eggs, Harvest 180 Cotton & Craft 2 Pumpkin Bread
Rewards: Book of XP

FarmVille A Spring Hiro Quest 9: Golden Opportunity
Requirements: Get 14 Golden Eggs, Harvest 240 Broccoli & Master Rabbit Ears Cow to 1-Star
Rewards: Rabbit Ears Unicorn

Will you be working on this series of FarmVille A Spring Hiro quests or skipping? 

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Arrives!

Sat ,05/01/2013

A new buildable Penguin Skate Park finally arrived today in FarmVille.

The Penguin Skate Park is a multi-stage building with at least six stages. You can see a sneak peek of all the construction phases below. Once the first stage is completed, your Penguin Skate Park will be harvestable for free Farm Coins! The bigger your Penguin Skate Park, the more Farm Coins.

You can harvest the Penguin Skate Park every 12 hours for Farm Coins. Remember, bigger Penguin Skate Parks produce more Farm Coins!

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Stage 1

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Stage 2

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Stage 3

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Stage 4

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Stage 5

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Stage 6

 Constructing Your Penguin Skate Park

You can complete your Penguin Skate Park using friend help or purchasing parts with Farm Cash.

Each stage requires three different building supplies which include the following:

Penguin Skate Park Materials

  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Snow Machine
  • Icicle Ramp

Penguin Skate Park Stage 1

  •  Corporate Sponsor x6 (Request via Facebook News Feed)
  • Snow Machine x6 (Request via Facebook News Feed)
  • Icicle Ramp x9 (Request help from specific friends)
Remember, when you click on a friend’s share you will receive a part for yourself too!

FarmVille Penguin Skate Park Complete

What do you think of the FarmVille Penguin Skate Park? Will you make a place for it on one of your FarmVille farms? 

FarmVille Freak Thanksgiving Hungry Hungry Herd Giveaway!

Wed ,21/11/2012


FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd Game Box

[This contest has ended and a winner has been announced. Thank you to everyone that participated!]

Happy Thanksgiving, FarmVille Freaks!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to give thanks and appreciation for all the blessings in your life. We here at are grateful for our FarmVille Freak readers who rely on us for their FarmVille news. A special thanks to each of you who have shared, liked, or commented on any of our posts and taken the time to send us an email.

We hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family and that your Thanksgiving feast is plentiful and delicious. We’d like to invite all of you to participate in our FarmVille Freak Thanksgiving contest where you can win your own copy of the Zynga FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd game. No need to fight the crowds Black Friday shopping when you can try to win this game for free!

Zynga and Hasbro sent us over some swag of their new FarmVille inspired games and we’re eager to share with our FarmVille Freak readers!

We have a copy of FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd game as well as  some of the other Zynga Hasbro FarmVille card games that we will be doing some fun giveaways with next.

Giveaway Rules

Contest is open to any FarmVille Freak readers as long as you follow the rules below.

1. “Like” FarmVille Freak on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to double your chances of winning!


2. Like and Share this post on Facebook

3. Leave a comment on this article (here on telling us why you are thankful for FarmVille. You can also tell us what makes you a FarmVille Freak or  some other FarmVille related story! Either way just leave a comment so that your entry will be counted.

Deadline for entries: Friday, November 30th 2012 11PM (CST)


1 Winner will receive:

  • Hasbro + Zynga FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd Game
  • 50 Farm Cash (included with game)
  • FarmVille Freak T-shirt

Zynga’s teamed up with the famous toymaker Hasbro and released a FarmVille inspired board game of Hungry Hungry Hippo with some favorite FarmVille characters. This classic game is the perfect treat for your favorite little FarmVille Freak or even yourself!

 Thanks, FarmVille Freaks and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

FarmVille Freak Tips: Share 2 Danomire Dragons for FREE!

Sat ,15/09/2012

FarmVille Free Danomire Dragon Notice

Free Dragons!

For a limited amount of time you can share 2 Danomire Dragons with your friends for free!

To access the offer look on your in-game left side bar, where the quest icons appear. Simply click on the image of the Danomire Dragon to get started. You will be prompted to post a share to your Facebook News Feed to share two Danomire Dragons with your friends. Whenever your friends click on your share, you will also receive a free Danomire Dragon for yourself! 2 for the friend that clicks and one for yourself.

Happy sharing! Remember, to be a good neighbor and click on some feeds. Help a friend, help yourself!

FarmVille Free Danomire Dragon Share Claimed

Will you be sharing Danomire Dragons with your farmin’ friends? 

FarmVille English Countryside, Where do you stand?

Sat ,26/03/2011

FarmVille English Countryside

The FarmVille English Countryside has been live for a few days and available to almost everyone. Since we’re all having fun in England, enjoying the new features, and finally experiencing it for ourselves, FarmVille Freak is curious to know what you think! Where do you stand when in comes to English farming?

First, let’s recap a few key notes, both good and bad, about the FarmVille English Countryside.

  • Available to farmers Level 20 and above.
  • Brand new farm in the English Countryside acting as a second farm with a complete fresh start.
  • Exclusive new English Countryside crops with Crop Mastery.
  • Exclusive Sheep Breeding with endless offspring.
  • New Crafting Building, the Pub, offers new recipes and new Crafting Mastery.
  • You will need to re-build (or purchase) new buildings with purpose including storage, animal housing, and vehicles.
  • English Countryside is quest driven.
  • Quests are optional and offer rewards such as XP, Farm Coins, and even some Farm Cash! There’s also other rewards such as free animals and buildings with purpose like the Pub.
  • There is a Pause feature that means you can only work on one farm at a time. If you are active in the English Countryside, your original home farm will be paused and visa versa.
  • Storage is not transferrable from one farm to the other.
  • Items you buy in the FarmVille Market will only exist on the farm you place them on.
  • Gift Box offers a small loophole to get “existing items” already in your box on your English farm. Notice that some items from Gift Box are exclusive to home farm.
  • Collections are exclusive to your home farm and do not work in the EC.
  • Your monetary accumulation or bank including Farm Cash and Farm Coins is the same for both farms, meaning you have one bank account for both farms.
  • Fuel Supply is the same for both farms.

We have to give props to Zynga, from a technical perspective the transition to the English Countryside has been fairly smooth. Of course there are a some players experiencing issues, but that’s understandable considering the EC is such a huge feature.

Even though grass may be greener on the other side of the fence with lures of richer soil and more XP, many FarmVille Freaks reluctantly remain “on the fence” about the English Countryside because of a few issues. A handful of diehard players refuse to travel to England or have given up farming there because of the abandonment of their home farms caused by the pause feature.

Pause Feature

By far, the biggest complaint is the Pause feature. Why’s that? Because as dedicated farmers we want it all. We have a ravenous appetite for more land and now that Zynga has given us more land with a new farm, our precious original farms that we’ve labored and toiled over aren’t “working” and thriving as we’d like them to when we’re away in the English Countryside.

What are your thoughts, FarmVille Freaks? What do you love about the English Countryside? What do you hate? What would you change? Take our polls below to leave your feedback.

FarmVille Freak Poll: Are you excited for a second farm?

Sat ,05/03/2011

FarmVille English Countryside Coming Soon

There is one thing we farmers may all agree on: always needing more land. With each new LE theme, new Building with Purpose, or feature, more and more precious land space is taken up. Zynga has done a great job at adding new and exciting layers to FarmVille beyond crop mastery such as, co-op farming, breeding animals, crafting and tree mastery. A large percentage of farmers participate in most if not all of these FarmVille activities. Between animal storage, crafting buildings and even lots of mastery signs, our growing space is impacted.

FarmVille English Countryside will premiere sometime this year as confirmed jokingly by FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious when she was asked directly about it by an avid FarmVille player:

No. Our release is planned for 2012.

Just kidding. :)

Yes, It will be released this year.

Source: Official FarmVille Forums

Very early on in the FarmVille English Countryside advertising campaign we learned that it will serve as a second farm. Throughout the history of FarmVille players have always speculated about how a second farm would work or even how it could best serve us. Players seem pretty evenly divided, some wanting more space on their original farm and others wanting a second farm altogether.

FarmVille Freak wants to know:

Do you have any guesses on how FarmVille English Countryside will work?

FarmVille English Countryside New Letter from Lily

Sat ,05/03/2011

FarmVille Freak Craig's New Mail Delivery

Yet another wonderful letter from our FarmVille English Countryside friends!

This time from Lily, who has news of a new “craft!” Soon we will be able to make cheese from the FarmVille English Countryside dairy barn. As a thank you, Lily has provided us with another reward, a free Farmhands for you and to share with your friends and neighbors.

FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid's English Countryside Lily Postcard

As these new tidbits of information become available we will do our best to keep you up-to-date. Check back often for more information on the most popular social game on the internet. Don’t forget to share this with your FarmVille friends and neighbors!

What has you most interested in the FarmVille English Countryside?

FarmVille Freaks Spot Chinese Lantern Tree

Wed ,09/02/2011

FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree

FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree Mastery Sign

FarmVille Freaks such as Marvin30 are reporting that their Mystery Seedlings’ saplings are growing up to reveal a new FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree.

No doubt this special tree is in honor of FarmVille’s Lunar New Year celebrations. This means that perhaps we can expect the Chinese Lantern Tree to also hit the FarmVille Market sometime very soon since new trees are often first introduced via Mystery Seedlings.

As always, if your sapling becomes a fully grown Chinese Lantern Tree, you can also share this same tree with your FarmVille friends via the Facebook news feed.

FarmVille Freak marvin3O's Chinese Lantern Tree Notice

FarmVille Freak marvin30's Chinese Lantern Tree FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Freak marvin3O's Chinese Lantern Tree

What do you think of the FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree? Will you reserve a spot for it on your farm? Do you have a Lunar New Year themed farm or section of your farm dedicated to Lunar New Year, then show us! Send pics of your farm to and we may feature them on FarmVille Freak.

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