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FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Market Update

Wed ,12/09/2012

Halloween is in the air! The Limited Edition Magic theme continues tonight in FarmVille with round two of Magic market items. There are four new trees, a batch of animals, decorations, and two Bloom flowers.

You will be able to purchase these Limited Edition items during the next 13 days via the FarmVille Market.

FarmVille Owl Tree

FarmVille Magic Wand Tree

FarmVille Magic Crystal Tree

FarmVille Magic Lamp Tree

There are four new Limited Edition Magic Trees that can be purchased directly using Farm Cash. You can also “adopt” these trees from you tree-breeding neighbors via the Facebook News Feed.

FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Trees:

  • FarmVille Owl Tree – 6 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Magic Wand Tree – 12 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Magic Crystal Tree – 8 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Magic Lamp Tree – 14 Farm Cash

FarmVille Fire Pegasus

FarmVille Witch Sheep

FarmVille Dorper Sheep

FarmVille Magic Tiger

FarmVille Black Dolphin

There are several new animals which include a Fire Pegasus, Witch Sheep, Dorper Sheep, Giant Magic Tiger, Magic Tiger, and Black Dolphin. The Dorper Sheep has an optional Farm Coin price tag or it can be purchased with Farm Cash. The Black Dolphin is a water-only animal that needs to be placed in the water feature area of your farm.

FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Animals:

  • FarmVille Fire Pegasus – 30 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Witch Sheep – 16 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Dorper Sheep – 16 Farm Cash or 2,200,000 Farm Coins
  • FarmVille Giant Magic Tiger – 16 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Magic Tiger – 14 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Black Dolphin (Water Only) – 14 Farm Cash

FarmVille Fire Raven

FarmVille Creepy Willow Tree

FarmVille Floating Candles

FarmVille Crystal Ball

FarmVille Wizard Statue

There are new Magic decorations which include a decorative Fire Raven and decorative Creepy Willow Tree. Each of these items are decorative only and cannot be harvested for Farm Coins. There’s also a Wizard Statue available with Farm Coins.

FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Decorations:

  • FarmVille Fire Raven – 14 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Creepy Willow Tree – 3 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Floating Candles – 1 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Crystal Ball – 1 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Wizard Statue – 50,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Full Golden Lotus

FarmVille Small Golden Lotus

The new Bloom flowers include a Full Golden Lotus and it’s smaller version the Small Golden Lotus. These flowers can be used with your farm’s Bloom Garden.

FarmVille Limited Edition Magic Blooms:

  • FarmVille Full Golden Lotus – 4 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Small Golden Lotus – 2 Farm Cash

What do you think of the new Magic market items? Will you be purchasing any of them for your FarmVille farm?