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FarmVille Game Cards Free “Fertilize All” Perk

Sun ,26/09/2010

FarmVille is now giving away free “Fertilize All” with the purchase of FarmVille game cards! This announcement can be found above your FarmVille screen.

You can purchase FarmVille Game Cards at these local retailers:

  • Target
  • 7-Eleven
  • Best Buy
  • GameStop
  • Wal-Mart

FarmVille Game Card Ad Banner

Is “Fertilize All” a good enough perk to get you to purchase a FarmVille Game Card?

FarmVille Fertilize All Giftable for Limited Time Only

Sat ,11/09/2010

FarmVille Fertilize All Icon

You can now send “Fertilize All” for free to your FarmVille Neighbors for a limited amount of time!

Fertilize All is currently featured on the FarmVille Gifting Page as a free sendable gift.

Whenever you utilize Fertilize All, you can fertilize your entire crops at once.

You can send up to 50 free gifts per day. Be sure to send and ask for your Fertilize All, while you can because it will only be on the Gifting Page for a limited amount of time.

FarmVille Fertilize All Notice