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Zynga Founder Mark Pincus is Bored With Games, Longs for Old FarmVille Days of Addiction

Thu ,10/10/2013

Zynga Pincus Bored

Zynga Pincus Bored

Zynga founder, Mark Pincus says he is bored with games today and longs for the olden days of FarmVille.

Pincus was on tour in Israel where he was meeting with local startups. When asked during a Q&A session what his favorite game was, he replied “Right now, I’m pretty bored with all games.” He declined to retract his statement when given the chance and further explained that he had been addicted to games such as FarmVille and even CityVille when they were released, he’s waiting to rekindle that gaming obsession or passion, whichever you prefer, “I want that addiction again.”

We hear you, Mark. And so do we.

He seems to be referring to the golden days of FarmVille where the engrossment of players on the farm borderlined addiction. Sighs. As FarmVille Freaks we all know those days and sadly they seem a sweet memory of the past.

Pincus continues to be hopeful of the gaming industry estimating that “It will become normal for all of us to spend $5 every couple of days on a game that we love, and I think that the gaming industry will grow to $25 to $30 billion in annual revenue, from $4 billion today”, he said.

Zynga has declined further comment.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

What do you think, FarmVille Freaks? Do you agree with Mark Pincus, are you bored with the current state of games? 

“Inside FarmVille with NBC” Sneak Peek

Sun ,15/01/2012

Inside FarmVille

NBC’s Kate Snow took a tour “inside FarmVille” at Zynga headquarters in San Francisco and now you can also catch a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite farming game.

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Want to see more? NBC will air the rest of Kate Snow’s tour and the first television interview with Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus since the company went public.  You can watch the profile on FarmVille and Zynga tomorrow, on Monday night, January 16th at 10 PM (EST)/ 9 PM (CST).

What do you think about this sneak peek? Are you excited to see more of NBC’s interview at FarmVille’s headquarters?

New York Times Asks if Zynga Will Become the Next Google of Games

Mon ,26/07/2010

Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga

The New York Times featured an interesting article about the future of Zynga. The article questions if Zynga will become the next “Google” of Games. In other words, Zynga founders and current C.E.O, Mark Pincus, would like to see the future of Zynga Games become what Google is for searching.

Mark Pincus recently told Zynga employees in a pep talk earlier this month that, “he had set out to build an enduring Internet icon, one that was synonymous with fun.”

In 2007, Mr. Pincus was quoted as saying, “…this can’t be all that the Internet is meant to be,” there has to be more than a garage sale, a bookstore, a search engine and a portal,”  jokingly referring to internet giants, eBay, Amazon, Google, and Yahoo. It is very clear as to which company he would like to see Zynga match, as he said, “the opportunity to build an online entertainment empire was like search before Google came along.”

Whatever the case, the future for ZyngFor now, Zynga remains a privately owned company whose revenue for this year is estimated to be around the 500 million mark.

(Source: The New York Times)

What do you think? Is Zynga destined to become the “Google of Games”?

FarmVille for iPhone & iPod Touch Official Demo

Tue ,08/06/2010

Here is an official demo video of FarmVille native iPhone & iPod Touch App by Zynga as demonstrated at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010. FarmVille for iPhone  is said to be released by end of June 2010 just in time to celebrate FarmVille’s one year anniversary, as announced by Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus.

Highlights of FarmVille for iPhone

  • You will be using your same existing FarmVille farm, now accessible through your iPhone.
  • You will have access to the same friends and neighbors as on FaceBook.
  • There are “push” notifications that will alert you when your crops are ready to be harvested.
  • Improved plowing, seeding, and harvesting functions that will allow you to work with multiple plots at the same time (more than even the Hot Rod tractor).
  • Exclusive animal for FarmVille on iPhone only is the Snow Leopard animal.

FarmVille Comes to iPhone!

Mon ,07/06/2010

FarmVille has finally made its way to the iPhone!!!

FarmVille on iPhone! Photo Credit:

At Apple’s WWDC 2010 event, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus took the stage and announced that FarmVille would be introduced to iPhone very soon within the next month, just in time to commemorate FarmVille’s one year anniversary of the game’s release.

According to Kotaku the FarmVille iPhone application will significantly contribute to your farming addiction allowing you to be “even more obsessive about your farm, as the app will send you little reminders when your crops need tending, your cows milking, or someone sends you a gift,” there is also the introduction of a new iPhone application exclusive animal, “the Snow Leopard, exclusive to the iPhone version of the game.”

(Source: Kotaku)

FarmVille Loses 4 Million Players Last Month, Why are Farmers leaving FarmVille?

Fri ,07/05/2010

While FarmVille is still without question the number one Facebook game, consisting of a strong 78 million active users, over 4 million farmers left FarmVille last month. It is important to mention that at least 18 out of the top 25 Facebook games also experienced significant decline in users. So why is it that most games are losing active users? Are farmers leaving the farm for treasure hunting and island adventures?

While many people are adopting the virtual life in Treasure Isle, the fastest growing game of 2010,  it is unlikely to contribute to the entire loss. Many farmers can enjoy farm life and simultaneously search for treasure due to the nature of Treasure Isle’s energy requirements. While providing a nice distraction when waiting for your crops to grow, unlike FarmVille, Treasure Isle  and games like Mafia Wars are not always available for play since they are dependent on energy packs. So what is causing the decline in most of Facebook’s  top 25 social games?

Part of the explanation could be Facebook’s regulation of developers, thus affecting gaming applications like FarmVille. For one, Facebook removed third party notifications which limits social gamers’ communication abilities. Many disgruntled farmers were upset over the changes made to gifting, the new collapsible styled newsfeed shares,  and email notification requirements. Another factor contributing to the decline in users could be the unreliable Facebook instability as a platform in general. Many users do not understand this and instead place the blame on developers for issues they have no control over.

While Facebook provides the platform for social gaming interaction, the contributions of social games is unprecedented. Games such as FarmVille encourage routine visits and consistent logins to Facebook. Some people are using Facebook as a sole avenue for gaming, registering for accounts just to play games like FarmVille, Bejeweled Blitz, and Zynga’s newest child Treasure Isle. As the relationship between Facebook and developers like Zynga remain unclear, Zynga continues to add new games.

Facebook and developers need to get along and work out solutions appealing to everyone. Facebook should appreciate the growth and the revenue that Social Gaming has provided them with. As mentioned by Inside Social Gaming, it is their opinion that,

” Facebook and the industry need to see organic growth of some form if the industry is going to survive. Despite what some developers might say, the company does want social gaming to continue to exist. Among other reasons these games bring users back to the site, and make it more generally interesting and meaningful; they also present a new opportunity for Facebook to monetize, via the company’s budding Credits virtual currency product.” (Source: Inside Social Gaming)

MTV asked Zynga C.E.O Mark Pincus about his thoughts on the loss of active players and he suggested “this drop in numbers is only for the  short term as FarmVille wasn’t the only game from the company to lose some followers.” (Source: MTV Mutliplayer)

FarmVille Top 25 FaceBook Games for May 2010

What are your thoughts? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Zynga’s CEO, Mark Pincus, continues to deny rumors of IPO.

Wed ,21/04/2010

Despite, his company’s success, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus continues to deny rumors that Zynga is going IPO or “going public”.

IPO: Initial Public Offering. A company offers its stock or shares to the public for the first time.

Mark was interviewed while attending Facebook’s third annual Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Everyone attending was eager to hear from Facebook’s most successful developer and future plans he has for his applications.

Watch the video below of CNBC representative Julie Boorstin interviewing Mark Pincus, provided by CNBC.

Mark mentions that most of Zynga’s revenue comes from the purchasing of virtual goods by its players (as much as 90%). He also says that he predicts large future growth from international contributions. Despite all the rumors, he confirms that he has no current plans with Zynga rushing for an IPO.

CNN Video Interview with Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus

Tue ,09/03/2010

The CEO of Zynga Games, Mark Pincus, did  a video interview with CNN reporter Pauline Chiou.

Mr. Pincus, the Zynga god himself,  says the large number of Zynga players is due to the appealing nature of the games themselves, that he describes as,

“Short form, easily accessible, and social. Everyone needs five minutes of fun”.

Zynga games such as FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Cafe World and FishVille all have similar competitors. However, the Zynga games have the upper edge when compared to their non-Zynga counterparts. Why is it that Zynga games seem to be more successful than competitors?  He credits a team effort with the success of his franchise games and the investment and commitment of providing new content that keep players happy.  FarmVille alone updates and adds new content at least two times per week, always bringing something new and interesting for its virtual farmers.

When asked, “When is the IPO!? When will Zynga go public?”,  he responds with:

“We are a young company at only three years old. It’s amazing that people are asking us when we are going to go public…it’s flattering,”

There is no set date or time frame when Zynga will go public.

To watch the interview, please see CNN video below: