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FarmVille Freak Techie: Beware of Pink Unicorn Scam

Sun ,23/01/2011

FarmVille Pink Unicorn

There is a new FarmVille Facebook scam out offering unsuspecting farmers a free adoptable FarmVille Pink Unicorn. First of all the Pink Unicorn is still an unreleased item (that we featured on FarmVille Freak) and secondly, it will not be adoptable as it is projected to be a Mystery Game featured item. (Note, this is subject to change.)

More importantly, remember, that any Facebook groups or fake new feed shares that that offer free FarmVille items and are NOT from official FarmVille sources are both untrustworthy and unfruitful. Please share this information with your neighbors, especially those who you have seen fall victim to these scams.

FarmVille Pink Unicorn Scam

FaceBook FarmVille “Free Puppy” Scam

Fri ,16/04/2010


The FarmVille Freak website or Facebook fan page has NEVER offered a “free puppy” to anyone. Please note that these Facebook groups that offer free FarmVille exclusive items are most likely scam groups. They will never be able to provide you with free Puppies, other free FarmVille items and especially those costing farm cash. Zynga and the official FarmVille game do not endorse these scam groups and neither does FarmVille Freak. We are not affiliated with any such groups.

Please DO NOT join these fake Facebook groups that promise you exclusive items. They simply do not work and are nothing but scams!!!

There are only two places to go for FarmVille Freak updates: (Official FarmVille Freak Website)  (Official FarmVille Freak Facebook Fan Page)

*****If you were directed to this website ( by a “Free Puppy Offer” please email us more information to so that we may report this fake scam group to Facebook. ******

Thank you,

FarmVille Freak Team