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Zynga 8-Game Challenge, Rewards $1,000 Every Hour Today!

Mon ,13/09/2010

Zynga's 8 Game Challenge Contest

Zynga announced their “8 Game Challenge” Contest that takes place today only and will give players the chance at winning $1,000.00 every hour during the next 24 hours.

From Zynga,

“We’re giving away $1,000 on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours! Enter the Zynga 8-Game Challenge by playing each of the 8 Zynga games on the Game Bar above FarmVille TODAY!”

You can participate in the contest by playing eight of the following Zynga games:

  • YoVille
  • Zynga Poker
  • FarmVille
  • PetVille
  • Cafe World
  • Treasure Isle
  • Mafia Wars
  • FrontierVille
By taking a trip across the “Zynga Universe” you play each game featured and then you can double check your progress on the Game Bar that is located at the top of every game. Each time you play a new game, your progress should be “checked off”. The check will appear after you have visited each game.
Once you have finished playing all eight games, you will be automatically entered into the next hourly drawing for the $1,000 reward.
The contest is for a 24 hour period starting:
Monday, September 13 at 12:01 AM (PST)  - Monday, September 13 at 11:59 PM (PST)

LINK: Zynga’s 8 Game Challenge Contest

Zynga's 8-Game Challenge Contest Details

Now that the Zynga 8 Game Challenge is over, FarmVille Freak wants to know what FarmVille Freaks participated?

FarmVille Freak Milla’s FarmVille & Treasure Isle Seagull Art

Tue ,18/05/2010

Remember the Treasure Isle Seagull that was available for a limited amount of time through the FarmVille gifting page?

FarmVille Freak Milla used her Seagulls and some hay bales to create a larger Seagull image on her farm! Thanks for sharing Milla.

FarmVille Freak Milla's Seagull Art (Click to Enlarge)

If you would like to share your own FarmVille inspired artwork, farm, poetry, video, or music send your submissions to and we may feature them on FarmVille Freak.

FarmVille Loses 4 Million Players Last Month, Why are Farmers leaving FarmVille?

Fri ,07/05/2010

While FarmVille is still without question the number one Facebook game, consisting of a strong 78 million active users, over 4 million farmers left FarmVille last month. It is important to mention that at least 18 out of the top 25 Facebook games also experienced significant decline in users. So why is it that most games are losing active users? Are farmers leaving the farm for treasure hunting and island adventures?

While many people are adopting the virtual life in Treasure Isle, the fastest growing game of 2010,  it is unlikely to contribute to the entire loss. Many farmers can enjoy farm life and simultaneously search for treasure due to the nature of Treasure Isle’s energy requirements. While providing a nice distraction when waiting for your crops to grow, unlike FarmVille, Treasure Isle  and games like Mafia Wars are not always available for play since they are dependent on energy packs. So what is causing the decline in most of Facebook’s  top 25 social games?

Part of the explanation could be Facebook’s regulation of developers, thus affecting gaming applications like FarmVille. For one, Facebook removed third party notifications which limits social gamers’ communication abilities. Many disgruntled farmers were upset over the changes made to gifting, the new collapsible styled newsfeed shares,  and email notification requirements. Another factor contributing to the decline in users could be the unreliable Facebook instability as a platform in general. Many users do not understand this and instead place the blame on developers for issues they have no control over.

While Facebook provides the platform for social gaming interaction, the contributions of social games is unprecedented. Games such as FarmVille encourage routine visits and consistent logins to Facebook. Some people are using Facebook as a sole avenue for gaming, registering for accounts just to play games like FarmVille, Bejeweled Blitz, and Zynga’s newest child Treasure Isle. As the relationship between Facebook and developers like Zynga remain unclear, Zynga continues to add new games.

Facebook and developers need to get along and work out solutions appealing to everyone. Facebook should appreciate the growth and the revenue that Social Gaming has provided them with. As mentioned by Inside Social Gaming, it is their opinion that,

” Facebook and the industry need to see organic growth of some form if the industry is going to survive. Despite what some developers might say, the company does want social gaming to continue to exist. Among other reasons these games bring users back to the site, and make it more generally interesting and meaningful; they also present a new opportunity for Facebook to monetize, via the company’s budding Credits virtual currency product.” (Source: Inside Social Gaming)

MTV asked Zynga C.E.O Mark Pincus about his thoughts on the loss of active players and he suggested “this drop in numbers is only for the  short term as FarmVille wasn’t the only game from the company to lose some followers.” (Source: MTV Mutliplayer)

FarmVille Top 25 FaceBook Games for May 2010

What are your thoughts? Share your opinions in the comments below.

FarmVille Freak Seagulls Resized

Thu ,15/04/2010

As per the request of many farmers, Zynga has re-sized the Treasure Isle promotional Seagull!

Notice the Seagull’s smaller size and less blurry pixel appearance.

FarmVille Freak Matty's Treasure Isle Seagul Resized

The Seagull is a free giftable item accessed via the FarmVille Gifting Page.

FarmVille and Treasure Isle Cross-promotion: Free Seagull!

Tue ,13/04/2010

FarmVille Special Visitor Icon

Zynga is promoting one of their new games, Treasure Isle, with a FarmVille and Treasure Isle cross- promotion!

You will be able to gift your FarmVille friends a free Seagull, accessible through the FarmVille Gifting Page. The Seagull is a Treasure Isle animal FarmVille exclusive and can only be sent or received as gift from your FarmVille neighbors.

FarmVille Treasure Isle Seagull Notice

Read more details from FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious:

“Starting with tonight’s release you’ll be able to give your friends and neighbors a free Seagull, courtesy of Zynga’s latest game, Treasure Isle!
Head on over to the Free Gifts page to check out the Treasure Seagull as one of the new items you can send. Once you’ve sent our new feathered friend to someone and they accept, they’ll be taken to this page. To give Zynga’s new treasure hunting and island living game a try, just click the banner below your gift information to be taken to Treasure Isle’s installation page (don’t worry, it opens in another window). If you’re lucky enough to have a friend send you the Treasure Seagull, it’ll be waiting for you in your Giftbox whenever you come back to the Farm! “

What do you think of Zynga offering FarmVille and other game cross-promotions?

FarmVille Freak Max's Treasure Seagulls