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FarmVille Winter Wonderland Theme Showcase 2 Video

Wed ,12/01/2011

FarmVille has released a new Showcase edition of the Winter Wonderland Theme is here.

In the video we see items that are yet to be released, but were previously featured as an unreleased item on FarmVille Freak. These items include the Bear Fishing, Fire Weed Flowerbed and the Icelandic Horse.

The showcase also features the newly released Duck Pond!

FarmVille Unreleased Icelandic Horse

FarmVille Unreleased Bear Fishing

FarmVille Unreleased Fire Weed Flowerbed

FarmVille Unreleased Alaskan Totem Pole 2

FarmVille Unreleased Log Cabin Visitor Center

FarmVille Unreleased Alaska Home

Are you excited to see these new items make their way into the FarmVille Market?