Top 18 Alternative Games Like the Sims to Create Your Own Worlds

The Sims is a game series published by EA Games that centers around the life simulation genre.

In The Sims, you will be able to control and manage all the characters (these characters are called Sims), including the aspects like personality, activity, dating, traits, and many others.

You can also direct them to do various things, which can help them enhance their life further, such as having better grades, better careers, building their own business, achieving their goals, and so on.

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, the expansion pack for The Sims 4, is the latest release in this series, allowing you to manage Sims characters in such an environment that makes it possible for them to improve their bad and unhealthy lifestyle and transform it into the eco-lifestyle that is good for the environment.

If you like playing The Sims series, whether you like playing it on PC, Mac, or console (PS4 and Xbox One), there are other games that have similar gameplay elements to The Sims series.

Best Life Simulation Games Similar to The Sims!

Here are the top 18 alternative games like The Sims, which are the games that allow you to manage your virtual characters and create your own ideal world:

  • Garden Paws – Games Like Sims For PS4

Garden Paws gives you a colorful world with a relaxing environment, allowing you to control an animal-like character in your quest to build your town. In this game, you will need to build and decorate your house at first, before you can expand your skills in building the town where you live. You will be able to interact with other characters in this game and experience the life simulation that takes place in your garden.


  • You can freely explore the islands where you live and interact with the characters living there.
  • You can plant the seeds in your garden and watch them grow into vegetables and flowers.
  • You can manage and run your own shop so that you can sell your crops, items, and valuables.
  • There are caves and dungeons where you can explore to fight monsters and obtain rare materials.
  • It has an overall calming and relaxing atmosphere so that you can enjoy the game at your own pace.

Official Website – Garden Paws

  • Staxel

Staxel is a multiplayer farming game that allows you to manage your own farm and connect your experience with other players online. In this farming and life simulation game, you can easily farm various kinds of crops, as well as nurture your favorite animals and livestock. There are plenty of resources that you can find in this game, which can help you to survive the village lifestyle with other players worldwide.


  • It gives you a sandbox gameplay experience along with a life simulation aspect that allows you to explore the game freely.
  • You can build and decorate your house, as well as your village, to make it better.
  • There are plenty of characters that you can meet in this game.
  • There are also plenty of activities that you can do, such as farming, tending to your animals, as well as various rewarding hobbies.
  • You can plant various types of crops and sell them to your customers later.

Official Website – Staxel

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that allows you to enjoy a peaceful life on an island of your own. You can do various fun activities in this game, as well as meet other characters online. You can also decorate various aspects of your island and have some relaxing time by yourself or with others. It is the latest Animal Crossing title released for Nintendo Switch in 2020.


  • There are lots of charming and unique characters that you can meet and interact with in this game.
  • Animal Crossing gets regular updates and new quests.
  • You can create your own dream island as a place for you to relax and chill, either by yourself or with your friends.
  • You can buy various things to add your own personal touch to your island.
  • You can explore your island in any way you want.

Official Website – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Stardew Valley – Games Similar to Sims

In Stardew Valley, you can experience your own life as the villager and farmer who needs to tend the land located in a valley called Stardew Valley. This game has simple 16-bit style graphics that gives you the fun experiences of managing your farm and doing lots of things in-between your daily routines as a farmer.


  • You can do various farming activities, such as planting crops and tending to animals, so that you can take some profits from your activities.
  • You can make friends with the residents of the town, as well as create romantic relationships with them.
  • There are caves that you can explore, which are full of mystery, monsters, and rare materials.
  • Plenty of customization options can be found in this game, giving you endless fun in customizing your characters, house decorations, and many other aspects of your farm.
  • You can create your own dream farm in this game.
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Official Website – Stardew Valley

  • Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

This is a life simulation game that is a bit weird for most people, but you can experience a different kind of life simulation element when you play this game. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor gives you the experience of a spaceport janitor, which allows you to keep the spaceport clean from various types of trash. It emphasizes your daily routines as the spaceport janitor with the various challenges that you need to face.


  • Your main job is to pick up trash mostly in the place where the alien bazaar is taking place.
  • A number of new and interesting quests are at your disposal in this game.
  • You can incinerate various types of trash in this game.
  • You can explore the nook and cranny of the spaceport where you work.
  • You can buy various types of guns to make your job easier.

Official Website – Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

  • Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a farm simulation game that belongs in the Harvest Moon series, which was made to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary. This game is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, consoles, and mobile, and it still retains the core gameplay aspects commonly found in Harvest Moon games. This game gives you the role of a farmer, and you will manage your farm, do your daily routines, and make friends with the villagers in this game.


  • There are various requests from the villagers that you can complete.
  • You can manage every aspect of your farm and make money out of it.
  • There are plenty of decorations that you can apply in this game, whether for the farm, structures, characters, and other aspects.
  • You can befriend the villagers and get married to them.
  • You can gather various materials that you can use to build your farm further.

Official Steam Link – Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

  • Minecraft – Games Like Sims

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to build your own dream world. With the Voxel graphics style, you can build your own world in any way that you want, block by block. There is also a survival element in this game, which allows you to defend your buildings and creations from the attacks of monsters at night. The worlds are connected online, so you can see the creations of other players if you want to.


  • It offers endless possibilities about what you can create and how you will explore the world.
  • You will build your world block by block so that you can get to each and every detail of your world.
  • You can fight monsters at night to defend your world from their attacks.
  • You can connect with other players anytime you want.
  • It is always updated with new tools for you to create a better world.

Official Website – Minecraft

  • Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is the title in the Story of Seasons series released for the 3DS in 2016, which allows you to build and manage your own farm. In this game, you will live in a place surrounded by three towns (called Trio of Towns), namely Westown, Tsuyukusa, and Lulukoko. Each town has its own characteristics, features, and attractions. You will live your daily life as a farmer in this place, and you will need to interact with the residents of the three towns every day.


  • There are three towns that you can explore in this game.
  • You can do your regular farming activities like growing crops, raising animals, shopping, and so on.
  • Each town has its own attractions and types of people that you can interact with.
  • You will need to make a living from your farm by managing it properly.
  • There is a multiplayer mode where you can connect with other characters online.

Official Website – Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

  • Ooblets – Games Like The Sims For PC

Ooblets is a life simulation game that focuses on farming activities with various features that are not usually available in similar games. Aside from farming, you can also do normal activities in your town, grow your own pals, as well as perform dance battles with your pals. Your pals can be upgraded so that you can give them more abilities.

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  • You can grow your own creatures in this game, as well as upgrade them and perform battles with them.
  • You can also explore the normal life in the neighboring town aside from doing some regular farming activities.
  • You can customize your character and befriend other characters in your town.
  • You can join any club and become a rival for other clubs.
  • You can do some regular farming activities as your daily routines in this game.

Official Website – Ooblets

  • Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital has similar gameplay as The Sims series, but the difference is that it is focused on the hospital as its main theme. In this game, you will be able to manage the various aspects of your own hospital, as well as manage the staff and the patients. You can build new facilities for your patients and cure more diseases this way.


  • You will be challenged with various new illnesses that you need to cure.
  • You can train your staff and improve your room facilities to help more patients.
  • You can build and design your own hospital in the way that you see fit.
  • The new Off the Grid expansion gives you more access to new hospitals, illnesses, and more features.
  • You can expand your health organization around Two Point County.

Official Website – Two Point Hospital

  • Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is an open-world adventure game with life simulation elements embedded into it, making it a unique game to play. In this game, aside from being able to take on the main story adventure, you can also manage your farm and do various relaxing activities like cooking, fishing, and crafting. You can also explore the vast open world to discover various new things in this game.


  • It is a mix of adventure and life simulation elements that are set in the visually appealing fantasy game world.
  • Plenty of beautiful landscapes are available for you to explore in this game.
  • You can do various life simulation activities, such as farming, fishing, crafting, and more.
  • The world is divided into 8 different regions with their own unique landscape, flora, and fauna.
  • You can take on an adventure that will uncover the mystery behind Yonder.

Official Website – Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

  • Fantasy Life – Games Like Sims For PC

Fantasy Life is a 3DS game that allows you to create your own dream life and embark on your own adventure. In this game, you can make your own life choices, which will affect the growth of your character as well as the direction of your life journey. You can also explore the vast landscapes of a fantasy world where various wondrous things and vicious challenges await you.


  • There are 12 classes that you can choose, which will give you various abilities that will aid you in your adventure.
  • This game allows you to shape your own life story and create your own dream life with your adventure.
  • The life choices will affect your personal story in this game.
  • You will be able to do various activities, such as crafting, mining, fishing, and many more.
  • You can also buy a house in various towns and decorate your house in any way you want.

Official Website – Fantasy Life

  • Avakin Life

Avakin Life is the game that offers the life simulation of our everyday life, and you can play this game online with other players worldwide. You can create your own dream life in this game, as well as create your own 3D avatar character, interact with other players in real-time, and do many other fun activities together. It is available for Android, Amazon, and iOS.


  • It is an online multiplayer life simulation game that you can play anywhere with your mobile device.
  • You can buy various fashion items that are based on real-life brands.
  • You can customize your 3D character to resemble yourself in real life, with lots of customization options to choose from.
  • You can interact with other players worldwide in real-time.
  • You can join various in-game events and have fun together with other players.

Official Website – Avakin Life

  • Dream House Days

Dream House Days is a mobile game that has one focus on it, which is to create your own dream house. In this game, you will be able to build, furnish, and decorate your own house in the way that you want. Not only that, you will also play as a landlord, allowing you to offer your house to various tenants. This way, you can earn more money to buy more houses and decorate them.


  • It is a life simulation game that focuses on the activity of building, furnishing, and decorating your house.
  • There are plenty of customizations that you can apply for your house to make it your own dream house.
  • You can also rent your houses and make money to buy more furnishings and decorations.
  • You can have various characters as your tenants, including celebrities and sports players.
  • You can add various things in your houses, such as arcade rooms, piano, electronic devices, special furniture, and many more.
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Official Android Page – Dream House Days

  • Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 is a life simulation game that allows you to manage your own family and help them to face their challenges throughout their life. It is the successor of the previous Virtual Families game, and it adds more features when compared to the previous version. In this game, you can manage and customize every aspect of your family life in any way you want.


  • You can start by adopting a little child and raising them, helping them find a match and start their own family.
  • You can help them throughout the stages of their life, making sure that they are healthy, happy, and successful.
  • You can decorate your own dream house and add various items to your house to make it better.
  • There are plenty of items that you can shop for, such as different types of furniture and various types of house renovations.
  • You will have various random events and challenges that you need to face in order to keep your family in good standing.

Official Steam Link – Virtual Families 2

  • Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a city-building simulation game that allows you to build and manage your own cities and control each aspect of your cities in detail. However, unlike traditional city-building games, this game offers you various new features, such as the realism in building a city, various challenges in your city-building process, and more. It gives you plenty of possibilities to build your own dream cities.


  • The city-building process is made to resemble the city development process in real life.
  • You can meet various real-life challenges in this game, which will hinder you from completing your cities.
  • There are endless possibilities on how you can build your own cities and expand them.
  • You can customize every aspect of the city building experience, including how you handle the security system, citizens, traffic, and so on.
  • You can also establish some monumental buildings, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and so on.

Official Website – Cities: Skylines

  • My Time at Portia – PC Games Like Sims

My Time at Portia is a multi-platform fantasy life simulation game that allows you to start a new life in a fantasy town where you can create the life of your dream. In this game, you will meet various characters that you can interact with, as well as befriend and do business with them. You can also do some farming activities and take on your own adventure to define your own story.


  • There is plenty to explore in the enchanting town of Portia, where fantasy becomes the main theme of this game.
  • You can interact with plenty of characters and enhance your relationships with them.
  • You can build the workshop left by your father and make money out of it.
  • You can also do various farming activities, such as raising animals, growing crops, fishing, and so on.
  • You can create your own personal story in this game.

Official Website – My Time at Portia

  • Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory 4 Special is an enhanced version of Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS, which offers better graphics and new features for the Nintendo Switch console. It is a spin-off to the Harvest Moon series where you can do the usual farming life simulation activities as well as battle monsters throughout your adventure. Not only that, but you can also tame the monsters that you have defeated in this game.


  • It is a game that offers you a mix of fantasy adventure and farming simulation elements.
  • You can battle and tame various monsters, as well as embark on your own adventure.
  • You can do fishing, farming, and other regular fun activities in this game.
  • You can customize your characters and improve your battle strategies.
  • You can choose between a male and female character and build your own romantic story in this game.

Official Website – Rune Factory 4 Special


These are the games like The Sims that you can play right now. If you like the life simulation elements of The Sims series, you can play these alternative games to discover different themes that you can explore in the life simulation genre. Enjoy!