20 Best Free NFL Streaming Sites, Apps & Services in 2022!

The National Football League is one of the four big sports leagues in America. The league isn’t only famous in America and Canada but also it is loved all over the world. The NFL games are on-aired at four-time slots on various cable TV channels and sports networks. Many streamers buy the rights to stream the NFL games live.

Not everyone has access to the networks and channels on which NFL games are on-aired. The good news is that you can stream the NFL games through your browser without any subscription fee. There are various NFL free streaming sites that either host the NFL content or feature the link for other streaming services. Knowing the most reliable and functional NFL streaming sites ensures that you don’t miss any game. In this blog post, I’ll share the 20 best free NFL streaming sites.

Our List Of 20 Best Free NFL Streaming Sites


USTVGO is on top of the list of best free NFL streaming sites for many good reasons. It can be accessed with a VPN and help you stream a wide range of sports, news, and entertainment channels for free. It is not just an NFL site and features around 93 American channels. In addition to the national sports football league, you will be able to follow the NBA season, college sports, annual ice hockey, NCA basketball, and much more. This is a user-friendly site to stream sports and your favorite news channels.

The site contains a list of all the programs and sports events with a proper schedule. It means you can go straight to watch your favorite content without digging into complex broadcasting schedules. The stream opens up within the site and helps you get rid of ad riddles, online detours, and pop-ups. The design of the site is simple and intuitive. The homepage has a simple black background with blue text and red accents.

Unlike other IPTV ad-laden websites, you will be able to watch the desired channel by clicking a simple text on the homepage. The site is pretty easy to access and navigate. When you type free USA channel stream in the search engine you’ll see it in the first ten options. To watch the live stream you need a VPN. If you forget to use a VPN you will be redirected to NordVPN’s website. Once you get the VPN you can enjoy 80+ channels without any trouble.


  • User-friendly site design
  • Stream within the site
  • No ads and popups
  • Full content schedule


  • Requires a VPN

Read our detailed USTVGO Review here.

2. 123 TV – Free Live NFL Games

123 TV is one of the biggest entertainment sources for NFL lovers. It is a big free streaming platform allowing you to stream a wide range of series, channels, and sports. The best part of this site is that it contains a dedicated subpage for NFL. Streaming is organized by channels rather than programming. It is a big perk since you don’t have to collect information about various stations that allow you to stream the NFL.

The site lets you stream sports and your favorite TV shows without invasive ads, and pop-ups. It opens the stream within the site making it one of the handiest streaming sources for football lovers. In addition to the NFL network, you will be able to stream various channels like NBC Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, and CBS sports.

There is no need to install an APK or App to access 123 TV. You can access this site through Mac, Windows, Android, and Amazon devices. You can open and stream the site without a VPN, but to keep your system safe from viruses and malware I recommend you get a VPN before streaming with 123 TV.


  • Doesn’t need a VPN
  • Dedicated NFL subpage
  • NO apk is needed
  • Streams within the site


  • Web connection isn’t secure

3. Live Soccer TV – Free NFL Streaming App

Live Soccer TV is another great way to stream the football leagues free of cost. The site contains schedules for TV, Seattleite, and online streaming schedules of the famous football league. The site gives you access to the NFL and contains a dedicated page for Football lovers. On opening the site you will see multiple streaming and broadcasting links on the homepage.

If you are only interested in the NFL, you need to navigate to the American Football option and then to a Free Football TV page. Since the site is not only limited to NFL, it allows you to stream other sports like rugby, cricket, and baseball. The user-friendly interface makes navigation easy and helps you find the desired stream within seconds. It has been divided into various subpages and subchannels so that you can narrow down your choices.

In addition, to live streams, you can also find a wide range of sports events and TV shows that are available to browse later. It is a great option for people with busy schedules and helps them enjoy a weekend full of fun and entertainment. It is a geo-restricted website and you will need a VPN to access the site and NFL streams.


  • Full NFL coverage
  • Browse later option
  • Limited ads and riddles
  • User-friendly interface


  • Need VPN

4. Live TV – Free NFL Live Stream Websites

Live TV is a Russian-based NFL streaming website. It is one of the oldest and most trusted streaming sites on the Web. Since it is a Russian site it opens in the Russian language. A few years back multiple language options were added to make it work globally. You can select various language options including English. The web interface isn’t very simple and you may face issues accessing the NFL through this site. However, with a little research and online support, you will be able to figure it out.

It has schedules of various upcoming broadcasts including sports and other global events. You will be able to see multiple sports icons on the homepage. On clicking the soccer or football icon you will be redirected to a sub-page containing a wide range of football content and upcoming broadcast schedules.

You can also locate the American Football option to stream all the NFL contests. It is a smooth and high-quality stream. The website is not only limited to streaming sports and t you will also get other benefits like betting odds. To enjoy extra features on the site you need to register yourself by creating an online account. Since it is a Russian-based site it has multiple unlicensed streams which are probably its biggest limitation.


  • Smooth high quality streams
  • Full coverage of NFL contests
  • Multiple language options


  • A little hard to navigate

5. Stream2Watch – best free NFL streaming sites

Stream2Watch is an IPTV TV stream site that gives you full coverage of news channels, NFL games, and entertainment channels. The website has an extensive content lineup allowing you to stream your favorite content free of cost. Stream2Watch is one of the very few IPTV websites with a simple layout and intuitive interface.

Unlike UTVGO and 123 TV, it doesn’t stream within the site. Instead, it contains links from other websites. It offers full NFL coverage and the streaming is pretty smooth, but you have to deal with a few ads and some annoying pop-ups. The best part of this site is its search function. When you visit this site, the landing page is opened. On this page, you can see a search bar on top.

You can trace the broadcasting and sports tracing schedules on TV channels and search your desired streams accordingly. It features a wide range of famous sports channels including ESPN and FOX sports. The sports library is extensive and you will also get access to other sports like rugby, cricket, ice hockey, and basketball. To stream through this site or round up the link you need to create an account. No registration fee is required to create an account, but this site has plenty of invasive advertisements during some streams.

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  • A reliable and smooth stream
  • Extensive sports content line up
  • Simple landing page interface


  • Plenty of invasive ads

6. NFLBites – websites to watch NFL games for free

NFLBites with full NFL games coverage, news, schedules, and rumors is one of the best free NFL streaming sites. This is one of the very few free NFL streaming sources that are legit. It does NOT contain insecure links and illegal streams making it the best option for football lovers in America. The stream goes live half an hour before the kicks off and gives you access to the live tremas of all NFL games.

The site is created by the founder of Reddit creators. Once the NFL streams by Reddit were taken down by the owners this legitimate NFL streaming site was launched. The site contains a long list of online stream channels. It contains streaming links for various streamers around the globe. The site claims that all links added to the list are legit, which isn’t true. It often contains links by the streams that don’t have the right to stream.

The site gives you free access to all NFL games, but it isn’t free of invasive ads and pop-ups. Invasive advertisements in a few links can be seriously annoying. Also, the site is vulnerable to malware and virus attacks. You can access the site and stream content without a VPN. However, I highly recommend getting a VPN before you stream NFL games through NFLBites. It will keep your system safe from malware and also help you maintain your anonymity.


  • Dedicated NFL streaming platform
  • An active social community
  • Live scores, news, and schedules
  • Several full coverage links
  • User-friendly interface


  • Vulnerable to virus tracks
  • Plenty of ads and pop-ups

7. NFLWebcast – best sites to stream NFL games

NFLWebcast is another free streaming platform that is only focused on the NFL. It is one of the most organized NFL streaming platforms that is managed by clubs. The site has the best homepage interface. It is a one-stop site for the NFL that contains everything from live streams to live scores, news, and schedules. The best part is that it streams within the site. It reduces the ads and pop-up load on the viewer. To access your favorite NFL live stream you need to click on the logo of your favorite team.

It streams around 20 minutes before the first kickoff. The homepage of the site is well organized and refreshed every week. A full schedule along with the game timing is available on the site. There is no need to create an account or get yourself registered on the site for free access to the NFL streams. However, unregistered users only get access to the streams in Standard Definition.

If you are interested in HD quality content, you need to get yourself registered on the site. After registration, you will be able to see the links from various streamers that stream NFL games in HD quality. On clicking these links you will redirect to another website where you can see the stream in the best quality possible. Remember HD content isn’t hosted by the site and there it is vulnerable to malware attacks, aggressive advertisements, and annoying pop-ups.


  • Well-organized landing page
  • User-friendly interface
  • Schedule, news, and live scores


  • Aggressive ads and pop-ups

8. Buffstream – free NFL streaming websites

Buffstream is one of the largest sports streaming platforms that take you directly to the live stream from the homepage. The homepage of the site contains icons of multiple games including soccer, cricket, baseball, WWE, basketball, and many more. You can go to the Live Stream option to see all the live sports streams at that time.

A sports schedule including the NFL schedule is available on the site to help you get trouble-free access to the game you want to stream. This site is easy to use and access but offers content in standard definition. You can stream games on this site, and therefore there are very few pop-ups in the stream.

However, it isn’t an ad-free streaming site and you will be asked to disable your ad blocker to stream NFL games or any other sports through this site. For high-definition streaming quality, you need to create an account. It gives you access to HD streaming links. Also, all the streaming links on this site are reliable that provide streaming with little buffering.


  • Wide sports coverage
  • Dedicated NFL subpage
  • NFL schedule


  • Plenty of ads

9. SportsLemon.TV

SportsLemon.Tv provides you with plenty of live sports streams including the best of soccer, American Football League, basketball, and much more. This is the best source of free NFL streams as it offers full coverage of NFL games. The interface of the site is simple and old. You will see multiple sports tabs on the homepage of the site. For the NFL you need to click on the US football.

The site is accessible without a VPN and also you can keep your add blockers on while streaming through this site. It doesn’t offer all streams within the site, so you have to deal with multiple pop-ups and invasive advertisements while streaming through the site. The biggest perk of the site is that it always works for NFL free streams and most of the streaming links on the site are safe and reliable.

It doesn’t host the content so we cannot say that the web connection is 100% secure. You can make your experience perfect with your site, by getting a VPN before streaming through SportsLemon.Tv. You will not find any NFL schedule on the site. You need to click the live stream of a particular game 15 minutes before the game starts.


  • Old-school simple interface
  • Full NFL coverage
  • Reliable and trusted links


  • Invasive ads and pop-ups

10. BossCast – best free NFL streaming website

BossCast gives you access to both prime time and local market NFL games. It features various sports channels including ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports and NFL Network, and NFL RedZone. In addition to football, you will be able to access all the sports events around the country through various links. It covers NBA games, college sports, rugby events, and much more. The best part of this site is that it gives you access to Sky Sports channels. The landing page interface is intuitive and navigation is super easy.

You can see the American Football tab on the homepage of the site. The tab will take you to an NFL subpage that contains a rundown of all the upcoming games with a proper schedule. All that you need to know is the channel on which your favorite team is playing. The navigation is easy but since it doesn’t host the content you will have to deal with invasive ads and pop-ups. An ad-blocker or VPN will enable you to minimize the advertisement and pop-up load during the streaming.

If you are unable to find the link for NFL games you can also use the search function of the site. You can search the desired stream either by game or channel. It covers almost all the famous sports channels. BossCast is also a social community platform on which you can interact with NFL fans. How they have a strict policy and the site can restrict any user from using its social platform if he/she doesn’t follow the guidelines.

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  • Access to all sports channel
  • Easy to navigate
  • A useful search function


  • Needs a VPN and ad-blocker

11. Sport Surge – stream NFL games free 2022

Sports Surge is quite similar to the SportsLemon.Tv. The site covers a wide range of sports streams including cricket, rugby, ice hockey, NBA events, basketball, and NFL. The site doesn’t host the content and contains the links for various streaming services. Almost all the links on the site are reliable and functional. However not all the links on the site are legit and the web connection is not always secure.

The site has a simple landing page with various links to the upcoming streams of various sports. In the American Football tab, you will be able to see the NFL streaming links. These links will redirect you to the pages with live stems of NFL games. The site doesn’t offer ad-free streaming but unlike other IPTV platforms, it doesn’t offer too many invasive advertisements.

Ad and pop-up load are manageable on the site and you will be able to get rid of the invasive advertisements by using a good ad blocker. The best part of the site is that it doesn’t require you to sign up. You can also use the VPN to maintain your anonymity on the site. If you want to stream NFL games on mobile devices you can download the SportsSurge app. It is the world’s first sports streaming app that is free and lets you stream a wide range of national and local sports events.


  • Manageable ad and pop-up load
  • Easy to navigate
  • Dedicated sports streaming site


  • Illegal links

12. SportPAR – free live NFL games

SportsPar is a relatively new yet reliable site on which you can watch the NFL live games for free. The Site doesn’t require any sign-ups or subscription fees. It is a simple streaming website that contains links from various other streaming services.  The site can be a little hard to navigate since it doesn’t offer any specific tab or subpage for NFL streaming.  You’ll See the links to all the upcoming streams on the homepage.

You need to filter out your desired streaming link for the page. It is crucial to collect information about the NFL game schedule and channels before going to the site.  The site can be accessed without a VPN but to maintain your privacy it is highly recommended to use the VPN. Since it doesn’t host the content you will see plenty of invasive advertisements and pop-ups while streaming through the site.


  • Cover all NFL games
  • No need for a VPN
  • The site is easy to access


  • A little tricky to navigate

13. WatchESPN – live football games free

WatchESPN is not entirely free but lets you watch the NFL live games with a minimal subscription fee. The best part of this site is that it is reliable and always works. With a very intuitive interface and multiple game tabs, it allows you to access your desired live streams with maximum ease. ESPN is one of the biggest sports platforms on which you can find a wide range of sports converge. From news to schedules and live streams, you will find everything about the NFL on the site.

The free seven-day trial is available. Later on, you can enjoy all its features with a subscription fee of $4.99/month. In addition, to live stream, you will be able to watch the matches that have streamed in the past three days. Also, you can see the comparison cards, score cards, points tables, and video highlights of the league. It covers more than 100 channels and you will not miss any live sports moments if you choose this site.

All the links on the site are legit and legal. NFL games stream within the site allowing you to enjoy a stream free of pop-ups and ads. Also, you do not need to use VPN or ad-blocker to access this site. You can access the site through all your Mac windows and android devices without any issue.


  • All legal links
  • More than 100 channels
  • Highlights, news, score cards, etc
  • Easy to navigate


  • Subscription is required

14. VIPLeague – free NFL streams 2022

VIPLeague is next on the list of the best free NFL streaming sites. This is one of the most trusted sports streaming services that give you access to various sports events including NFL, WWE, UFC, Boxing NBA events, and many more. The site covers a wide range of sports channels allowing you to access all the NFL games. You must know the channel on which your favorite team is playing and a search function on the site will enable you to find out the desired live stream.

You can either search the stream by channel name or your team name. The site is simple and pretty easy to use. It has separate tabs for all the sports making it easier to reach the desired content. The site does not require any signup or subscription fee. However, for some channels, you may need to create an account to watch the live stream. No registration fee is required for an account and all that you need is a valid Email address.

The site is accessible all over the world through any browser. You can watch the live streams on your mobile android devices, mac devices, and Windows devices making it one of the best free NFL streaming sites. Since it is a free streaming site, it doesn’t offer high-definition video quality. The ads and pop-ups can be a little annoying since it does not allow you to use an ad-blocker while streaming.


  • 100+ sports channels
  • No VPN is required
  • User-friendly interface


  • Don’t Work with ad-blockers

15. PlayStation Vue – free NFL stream sites

Playstation Vue is not a free NFL streaming site but lets you watch live NFL games in HD quality with a very minimal subscription fee. PS Vue is one of the most trusted sports streaming platforms that allows you to watch and record your favorite games. The site lets you stream live NFL games for 5 days in a free trial package. Later on, you have to buy a plan starting form for $44.99 per month.

The best part of this streaming service is that you can select a plan of your choice. There are no hidden charges or no compulsion to buy annual plans. You can upgrade, degrade or cancel the subscription package at any time as per your budget. PS Vue gives you access to a wide range of sports channels including Sky Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports.

The site enables you to stream matches through your PlayStation gaming console. In addition, to live streams, you will also get other services like recorded videos, featured videos, video highlights, and many more. Since the site hosts the content, you will not face pop-up or invasive advertisement issues while streaming NFL games through this site.


  • Access to 100+ sports channels
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • Simple interface


  • Subscription free

16. CricFree TV – Best NFL Streaming Sites

You might be surprised to see CricFree Tv in the list of best NFL streaming sites. Although this site is created for live cricket streams it also covers a wide range of other sports. From football to basketball and baseball it will enable you to stream all your favorite games.

The site is intuitive and on-page you will see multiple tabs of different sports. NFL fans can see the American Football icon on the page. This tab will take you to all the live broadcasts of the National Football League. CricFree TV does not host the NFL live stream so you will have to deal with invasive pop-ups and ads.

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Almost all the links on the site are reliable and that’s why sports enthusiasts love this site. However, you will find some geo-blocked links on the site. To get rid of the restricted content you can pair it up with a VPN. The VPN will allow you to access US-based servers for a safe and secure streaming service.


  • Free NFL coverage
  • Easy to access
  • Most links are reliable


  • Needs VPN for smooth operation

17. FuboTV – streaming apps for NFL games

FuboTV is another cheap streaming site that gives you access to 100+ sports, entertainment, and news channels. FuboTV covers all the NFL games throughout the season and gives you an ad-free streaming service for football games. The site offers a 7-days free trial. Later on, you need to buy a subscription plan to stream live NFL games through the site. The subscription fee is very reasonable and it is probably the best alternative to Cable TV.

The site gives you access to the schedule and live streaming links of the NFL matches. The best part is that it hosts the content and therefore there are no annoying pop-ups and invasive ads. It offers a secure web connection and even without an ad-blocker and VPN, you will be able to get the best possible experience.

In addition, to live to stream, it allows you to record the content. The recording limit is up to 30 hours and the site is the best way to make your weekend full of fun and entertainment. The intuitive homepage layout combined with all reliable streaming links makes it a great option for NFL fans.


  • Intuitive homepage design
  • Schedules, news, and streams
  • 100+ sports and infotainment channels


  • Needs monthly subscription

18. Reddit Streams – best streaming service for NFL

The presence of a Reddit stream can also be a little surprising on the list of best free NFL streaming sites list. Reddit streams are the subpages under the Reddit umbrella that contains various NFL live streaming links. These links let you stream the football games for free. Reddit is one of the biggest community-maintained platforms on the internet and therefore most of its streaming links are dependable. The Reddit subpages contain NFL live streaming links and are updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

To access these pages you need to do a little research since none of these pages host the content. They use links from other streaming services. The streaming is free but the chances of invasive advertisements and pop-ups are high. Since the links in these pages are not legal they can be blocked at any time. You need to use a VPN to avoid the geo-restricted links on the pages.

Reddit Streaming does not require sign-up and offers free live streaming for the NFL games. You may or may not find the schedules and I recommend doing research about the schedule and channel before finding a live streaming link on these pages. An ad-blocker may work for some pages but in most cases, you need to turn it off to get access to the streams.


  • Updated regularly
  • Easy to access links
  • No sign-up is required


  • Plenty of ads and pop-ups

19. Sling TV

If you are unable to access any free live streaming service for NFL, consider Sling TV. It is not an entirely free streaming site but lets you watch Live NFL games with a very little sun fee. It lets you customize the subscription plan as per your needs and budget. You can start from as low as $20 per month for 31 channels. Sling TV gives you access to hundreds of sports, news, and entertainment channels.

It covers all the famous sports channels giving you full coverage of the NFL games. It is an intuitive streaming platform that contains the icons of the channels on the landing page. If you know the channel on which your desired game is being played, it will take you seconds to go to live streams.

A direct link will take you to the live stream without annoying pop-ups and invasive attacks. It offers a secure web connection and there is no need to use a VPN since it contains only legal content. You can upgrade, degrade or cancel the subscription at any time and there is no restriction to buying annual or 3-month plans.


  • All legal content
  • Customizable subscription plans
  • No ads and pop-ups


  • It isn’t free

20. DirectTV

The final on the list of best free NFL streaming sites is DirectTV. This is another subscription-based streaming service that lets you stream full NFL games with very okay pricing. DirectTV has multiple subscription plans allowing you to access various live and on-demand streams.

The best part is that it has a flexible subscription plan. In total it offers access to 145+ channels. You can select channels of your choice to make them fit your budget. Like IPTV free streaming sites, you will not face issues like malware attacks, viruses, insecure links, aggressive advertisements, and pop-ups. You will be able to stream the content within the site. it offers streams in HD Quality.

The subscription to the DirectTV services has many other perks like internet packages and NFL Sunday Season Tickets. It gives you access to all the sports channels including CBC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and Sky Sports. In addition, to live streams, you can record videos. The time limit for recording features depends upon your subscription plans.


  • Customizable subscription plan
  • Secure and safe web connection
  • Direct access to sports channels


  • Needs subscription


What sites can I stream football games for free?

USTVGO, Soccer TV, and NFLBite are the best sites where you can watch football games for free. USTVGO is one of the best football streaming sites that host streaming content and help you enjoy an ad-free ad pop-up free streaming experience.

What website can I watch free live sports on?

Stream2Watch and SportsLemon.Tv are the two best websites that allow you to watch live sports for free. These websites cover a wide range of national and local sports events. You can live stream various sports like boxing, rugby, NBA games, NFL games, ice hockey, and many more through this website.

Where Can I stream NFL live?

You can stream NFL.live on various sites like ESPNwatch, Hulu TV, Live Soccer TV, and NFL bite. USTVGO and NFLbite are free but for ESPNWatch and Hulu you need to buy a monthly subscription plan.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of sites that offer free live streams for NFL games. However, you need to find one that is easily accessible and lets you stream your favorite NFL games with minimum ads and pop-up loads. Also, you need to ensure that the site is accessible in the part of the world in which you live.

The right options and the subscription fee is another plus if you are planning to take your NFL streaming experience to the next level. What is the subscription fee that you are willing to pay and if it’s worth it are the right questions to ask yourself, before diving in?

USTVGO is the best free NFL streaming site since it is safe and offers streaming without ads. ESPNWatch is the cheapest and most reliable NFL streaming site that lets you stream all the NFL pages with a very low subscription fee.