Ultimate Guide: How To Choose Best Spy Apps For Mobile?

Smartphones have morphed into personal devices that contain both personal and professional information.

Some aspects that smartphones constantly collect information about include location and phone usage.  

Thanks to smartphone technology development, there are phone surveillance apps.

These apps allow anyone to spy on virtually any smartphone to learn about the user’s hobbies, habits, and whatnot. 

Spy apps can be used by concerned parents, business owners, and worried partners.

However, not all spy apps can deliver reliable service. So, in this guide, we will show you how to choose the best spy apps for a smartphone. 

Spyine – The best phone spy app

Spyine is a leading phone surveillance app that comes with over 30 surveillance features. The app supports both iPhones and Android smartphones. Spyine is popular with parents, spouses, and employers. 

The app has gained popularity across the world and is trusted by over a million users worldwide. It has even been in the headlines of major media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times. 

To learn how spy apps work, check out Spyine. With Spyine, you can spy on virtually any aspect of the target phone. It can spy on the phone’s location, installed apps, and SIM card. 

Characteristics to look out for 

The best phone surveillance apps make surveillance easy for anyone.

They don’t require technical skills from the user to be able to accomplish their needs.

Here are some of the things you should consider before choosing a spy app. 

  1. Undetectable 

The best phone spy apps perform their duties in stealth. Spyine is a good example since all its operations take place in the background to avoid detection. It doesn’t interfere with the target phone performance. 

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To accomplish this, Spyine uses very little phone resources like storage. For instance, on iPhones, no installation of the app is necessary. The app uses the iCloud backup to spy on the target iPhone. 

For Android smartphones, the app requires one-time access to install the app on the target cell phone. After installation, the app automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in the installed apps. 

Also, Spyine allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely in just one click. All these measures serve to ensure your phone surveillance activities are discreet. This way, your target phone user won’t suspect your activities. 


  1. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary

Reputable phone spy apps do not require technical know-how to use them.

Spyine is a jailbreak-free and root-free app. Jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android smartphone takes a lot of time and skill. 

To avoid this, Spyine uses cutting-edge smartphone surveillance technology.

With Spyine, you won’t have to compromise the security of the target phone. Also, jailbreaking or rooting a phone voids its warranty. 

  1. Safe 

Reliable phone surveillance apps should protect data privacy on the target phone.

With Spyine, data privacy is guaranteed since the app doesn’t have access to data in third-party apps. 

Also, you are the only one who can see the surveillance content on your Spyine dashboard.

Access to your dashboard is password-protected so even the developers of the app can’t access it. 

  1. Remote surveillance capabilities 

Most trusted phone surveillance apps support remote surveillance. Spyine is a shining example since it is a web-based phone surveillance app.

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To start spying on your target, you only need to log in to your dashboard. 

As a leading phone surveillance app, Spyine lets you use any web browser to access your dashboard. So, you won’t need special software to start spying on your target. 

What features do you get?

Reliable phone spy apps come with dozens of surveillance features.

So, you should look for a multipurpose phone surveillance app. Such an app provides you virtually unlimited access to the target phone. 

Here are some of the features you look out for if you need a comprehensive spy app. 

  1. Location surveillance 

The ability to spy on the whereabouts of the target phone is one of the popular features.

With this feature, you can spy on the location history and real-time whereabouts of the user. With Spyine, you get to access GPS coordinates. 

Also, the app comes with a geo-fence feature that is popular with employers and parents. It sends notifications whenever the target device crosses a set boundary. 

  1. Social media surveillance 

As a leading phone spy app, Spyine lets you spy on social media apps on the target mobile. It can spy on popular social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram among others. 

The app can spy on chats on these social media apps. This allows you to know who the user is chatting with and what they are talking about. Also, it can spy on all incoming and outgoing text messages. 

Best of all, Spyine can access deleted text messages. This is possible since it backs up all messages on its server including deleted chats. 

  1. Call log and contacts surveillance 

A good phone spy app should be capable of spying on all incoming and outgoing calls.

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Spyine can access the call log on the target mobile phone and contacts involved. You will know when the calls are made and their duration. 

  1. Keylogger feature 

Spyine can spy on every keystroke made on the target mobile including online credentials. The app captures them and sorts them by app to make it easy to access.

It allows you to know the usernames and passwords used on the target mobile phone. 


The best phone spy app is easy to use and makes surveillance activities undetectable.

What’s more, it should come with multiple features while supporting remote surveillance.

Check out Spyine for a reliable app.