Browser and Internet: 5 Great Tips, Tricks & Hacks

It is no secret that people spend a lot of time on the internet. No one can blame them for the screen time because the World Wide Web is indeed a big pool of knowledge and information, plus there is something or the other to learn. 

There is also something incredibly personal about web browsers because each individual customizes their browser as per a different set of priorities and preferences. You can easily get yourself to be all creative with your browser. 

And if you do not know about the multiple things that you can do with your browser, then here is a list of 5 handy tips that can make your browsing experience super seamless and cool at the same time.

Block Websites and Ad Pop-Ups

The digital world is quite complicated because it gives so much valuable information. On the other hand, it can also lead to some issues. It is easy to lose track of the time you spend browsing the web. But, it is very important to cut through a healthy balance between using the internet for work and leisure. 

It also helps to take some time and improve the overall internet browsing experience. For example, if you have a MacBook, you can learn how to block access to website mac users–you—do not want to visit, but would rather block it because it continues sending annoying pop-ups and requests.

In a similar vein, you should also consider downloading and installing an ad blocker browser extension to stop online advertisements.

Dark Mode

If you want to let your eyes have some peace, then take this point very seriously. According to the reports, screen glare is always at its bare minimum; hence the strain on your eyes is significantly less, and so is blue light. 

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The light-colored text on a dark background is efficient, especially when you are using your phone in dim or no light, meaning you can read better and that too without a headache. If you turn on the dark mode on your browser, you will also save tons of battery life!

Incognito Mode

Do you know that your personal mobile’s browsing history is being recorded at least somewhere on the earth? Well, isn’t that interesting? Because your search history is supposed to be very secretive. But sadly, your browsing history is always going to be floating somewhere in some booklet unless and until you go incognito. 

The incognito mode is great if you do not want your search history to pan out anywhere in the world. Your search history will never be recorded, not even on your IP address. With incognito mode, you can hover around any website, and no cookies, texts, or pictures will ever be stored on your computer.

Change Panel Colour

Most of the top browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox offer people a lot of choice and freedom with the help of which they can customize their browser settings. What is your favorite color? Is it mauve? 

Well, here is the good news, you can now change the color of your browser window to any and every color that you feel like. It is very easy, just look around for appearance from the settings option on your browser, and you’d get some crazy color combinations as recommendations. Along with the colors, you can also apply a particular theme to your browser, and you’re done.

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Cybercrime is a broad topic that cannot be packed in a nutshell and be explained thoroughly. There are multiple aspects of cybercrime that you need to make yourself aware of. If explained briefly, then cybercrime typically involves computers and networks along with the person who participates in the cybercrime spree. 

The financial status and security are often at stake for the victims. The intensity of safety on the internet is massive because cybercriminals often go to lengths to gain access to your account and slowly receive all the information about your private life. Sometimes, they would end up knowing way more than you think is on the internet. 

There have been identity theft cases as well, which becomes a major drawback for the parties involved. But to protect yourself, you can always use the strongest combination of passwords, strictly confined within a privacy list for your social media accounts, stay away from unfamiliar sites, and so on.

Final Words

The world on the internet has a lot to offer if you just keep your 5 senses open. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the way your browser looks, feels, and is used. With just a few of these things in place, you will be able to make the most of your time on the internet.