Signature Generator – Create Signatures Online for Free

Technology is changing virtually every aspect of daily life. Today, you sign documents online, thanks to online signature generators.

These allow you to sign any softcopy document without printing it first. 

One popular signature generator is CocoSign. The software allows you to sign any document from pdf to doc and xls online.

What’s more, the software integrates Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to make it easy to sign documents in the cloud. 

With CocoSign, you can create a signature in various ways. The signature generator allows you to upload an image of your signature, draw it, or write it. 

CocoSign – Reputable signature generator

With CocoSign, you get a globally-acclaimed signature maker.

The software has even been featured in popular platforms such as TechCrunch and Buzzfeed. Businesses and individuals alike use CocoSign to ease their workflow. 

The program provides its users an excellent free plan. Above all, it is safe, user-friendly, and reliable.

CocoSign provides users with free templates and forms to fill in, sign, and submit. 

It allows you to customize the templates in various sectors such as real estate, business, personal & family, and financial.

The user-friendly interface makes it possible to sign documents online using your smartphone, PC, or Mac. 

Create Signatures Online for Free

Using CocoSign to create signatures online for free 

With CocoSign, creating your signature online is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps you can follow to create your signature. 

Step 1: Click here to visit the CocoSign signature generator page and select the option to draw or type your signature. The draw option lets you use the mouse to draw your signature the same way you draw on paper. 

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On the other hand, the type option lets you type your signature using the font of your choice. 


Step 2: Based on your decision in step 1, now you need to draw or type your signature. With CocoSign, you get various fonts and styles to choose from. Once you are satisfied with your signature, hit the Save button. 

signature generator

Step 3: Now, download your signature by clicking the Download button. You can archive the signature in CocoSign for future use. Best of all, you won’t have to sign up, and the entire process is easy to follow. 

Popular CocoSign Features 

As a reliable signature maker, CocoSign offers a lot to its users. CocoSign follows the best practice in the industry, which makes it trustworthy and reliable. Below are some of its popular features: 

  1. Secure

Always your connection to CocoSign is secure since it uses the HTTPS protocol. So, you won’t have to grapple with the thought of hackers or spyware. Also, with PCI DSS certification, CocoSign is among the most secure signature makers available. 

  1. Complies with data privacy laws 

The signature maker complies with data privacy regulations in the US, Europe, and other countries across the world. It is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. It is used for professional and business purposes across more than 180 countries. 

  1. Private 

CocoSign protects both your signature and document. You are the only one who can access them. As well, CocoSign encrypts any information you store on it and keeps it separate from other users. 

Benefits of using CocoSign 

Using CocoSign comes with its perks. Here are some of the benefits of using CocoSign. 

  1. Customizable

With CocoSign, you get access to various customizable templates in various sectors. The program allows you to create file templates for frequently used documents that you sign digitally. Besides, you get to save your signature for future use. 

  1. Offers free version

CocoSign lets you use the signature generator without paying a dime for it. So, you can create an account and start signing documents online. With the free version, you can create templates, access notifications, and reminders.  

  1. Allows multiple signatories 

The program lets you add multiple signatories to your document. What’s more, you can determine the sequence in which each signatory will append their signature. This way, the head of a department will only sign when other department members have signed. 

  1. Legally valid 

Any signature you append on a document will be legally valid, just like an inked signature. The signature maker offers an audit trail by recording timestamps and other essential details that can be used for verification. 

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The signature generator is legal in 180+ countries across the globe. 

  1. Easy to use

To use CocoSign, you won’t need any training because of its intuitive user-interface. As an online-based signature maker, you and your colleagues will find using it to be straightforward. 

The process of signing a document online occurs in three easy steps. It starts from signing up for an account, followed by uploading the file and then signing it. Once you are done, download the file. That’s it. 


A signature generator provides a convenient way of signing documents online without printing and scanning them.

With the right signature maker, you can sign documents on the go. For reliable service, check out CocoSign.