An In-Depth Study of Education Mobile Application Development

Online education apps have spread all over the globe with the dawn of online classes. Information technology has infiltrated every sector of learning and teaching ways.

Not only schools and universities, but educational apps have also been disturbed by the way corporate training is being conducted.

The conventional way of education is giving way to new technologies evolving every day.

How Educational Applications Work?

Using electronic methods, educational applications work on home-based education. It basically becomes a virtual classroom using school practices, study materials, quizzes, grading assignments and exams, live video, and audio streaming to conduct classes.

Let us read some of the educational apps that make the education procedure better day by day. These apps can really prove useful.

  • Audio and Video Streaming: this aspect gives the feel of a conventional classroom even through an app. Through this app, training sessions are conducted online and are very similar to the conventional method of teaching. Recorded materials can also be found to use after classes for academic help.
  • Quick Grading: checking and grading might feel hectic as it is time-consuming but it is made easier with this app and by using this the teachers can explain the student’s drawbacks while grading itself. Real-time grading is practiced with this app that makes learning more interesting because the communication between the mentor and the ward improves drastically.
  • Online Quizzes & Exam: questions and quizzes help to evaluate how much the student finished learning. This educational app will definitely help in keeping a record of the performance. The session conducted through this will show students 100% engagement.
  • Custom Reporting: areas of improvement along with proper grading of the student’s performance are capable with this app. Reports are directly sent to the parents so that jointly they can work for the student’s betterment.
  • Learning Management System: online administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses and programs have never been this easy. The pre-built templates and modules are a savior.
  • Gamification: it is difficult to have the student’s attention to a virtual education system and for that purpose, you must make statistics homework help that you get on the apps, fun and interesting. The various gaming components developed by the developers make learning fun and easier.
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Core Features of Educational Mobile Applications

There are numerous features that can make learning interesting. Let’s read some of these features.

  • Virtual Classrooms: just like the conventional system, virtual classrooms also use whiteboards, audio-video conferencing to impart knowledge and communicate with the students.
  • Push Notifications: automated push message is a new technology used by most educational apps to work as reminders for students about a time-to-time update on studies, notes, and lectures. It helps to stay connected and well-informed.
  • Standardized Evaluation Process: testing is the major concern to find out how much knowledge you have gathered, it is beneficial for both the teacher and the student to have transparency about the student’s growth.
  • Access to Offline Information: download once and browse whenever you want without exhausting your data. Everyone cannot afford 24X7 internet service so this feature is the best in this scenario.
  • Institute-Management: it is important to monitor the activities of both the teacher and the student so that the app can learn if they are facing any issues and work for its progress.
  • Private Messaging: to solve issues you must have the ability to make communicate with the teachers or other students to solve problems related to academics.

Some Innovative and Engaging Features That Attract Users

Every educational app ever developed had the target to attract students and teachers to use their platform and experience everything they have to provide. These innovative features are present in one or the other apps you choose, so let us discuss them briefly.

  • Search: this helps the learner to choose the desired subject and grow interested in new ones.
  • Wishlist: this helps to save courses you wish to try and learn according to your convenience.
  • My Account: The account helps you manage opted courses/content as per personal preferences, certifications, handling fees, and other transactions and personal information.
  • Dashboard: With this feature, the learner can see where he stands with his performance and see how much progress he is making.
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To conclude, learning at your own pace should be the main concern. With online educational apps, education is in the palm of your hand and you can learn and practice all according to your pace.

Improvement should be kept in mind and it is likely going to happen if you can utilize these educational apps to its best of your ability.