20 Free Payroll Softwares to manage Accounting & Payroll

One of the most time-consuming activities in any business is managing the payroll for your employees.

Depending on the size of your business, managing payroll and completing the related tasks such as tax filing, accounting, and others can be tiring and stressful to do.

Not to mention that you need to do it accurately, meaning that you must not make any mistakes in the calculations of payroll or accounting in your company.

This is why it is important for you to use a good payroll software that can help ease the work that you need to do.

Moreover, a good payroll management software can help you save time and money in managing the payroll aspects of your company.As a result, it will become less stressful for you to do.

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Our List Of  free Payroll Softwares

Here are the top 20 free payroll softwares that you can use to manage the accounting, payroll, and other HR aspects of your company:


TimeTrex is an open-source payroll software that handles various aspects of your business, such as attendance, time clocks, scheduling, payroll, recruitment, and more.

Free Payroll Softwares

With this software, you can manage your company better by keeping track of every aspect of your business.

The payroll data can be integrated with the other employee data to give you the big picture about people who are working in your company.


  • It uses the integrated employee data that you can combine with the payroll data easily.
  • It allows you to send the paychecks through direct deposits to your employees’ accounts.
  • It provides the payroll tax calculator that can automatically calculate various types of tax for your employees.
  • You can easily generate tax reports based on the payroll data of your employees.
  • You can also integrate this software with various other payroll service providers.

Paycheck Manager

Paycheck Manager is a payroll management software that is designed to be simple and easy to use for small businesses.

Paycheck Manager

It provides the accurate calculations for both your payroll and tax, along with the detailed reporting for the financial aspects of your business.

Processing your payroll can also be done easily with this software.

While this software is offered at a low monthly cost, the first three months are available for free.


  • The software is designed to manage your payroll and tax easily with accurate calculations.
  • You can print checks anytime, and you can run unlimited payroll units.
  • Taxes and forms information are also automatically updated as you add more data to the system.
  • Free Paycheck Calculator is included, and you can use this tool without signing up to the service.
  • You can input detailed payroll data for each employee, such as salary, pay cycle, allowances, marital status, and more.


ExcelPayroll is a payroll software based on Microsoft Excel, which you can install and use for free without any monthly subscription fees.

Free Payroll Softwares

You just need to have Microsoft Excel ready on your device to start using this simple software.

It includes a full set of tools that you can use to manage the payroll in your business, with accurate and reliable calculations.


  • It is simple to install and run, only requiring you to have Microsoft Excel installed on your system.
  • It is designed to manage the payroll of small businesses with 1-50 employees.
  • It is completely free to use, and you can use this software offline.
  • You can find various payroll management tools to ease your payroll calculations.
  • It has various Excel functions that ensure accurate and reliable calculations for your payroll.


OneWave is a suite of business apps that you can use to run and manage various aspects of your company, including sales, purchases, accounting, banking, and payroll.


You can access all available functions through the OneWave dashboard.

This app is completely free to use, and it is accessible via the cloud.

It means that your data will always be saved on the cloud, and you can sync it between different devices easily.


  • This app doesn’t just handle payroll, but it also handles various other aspects of your business.
  • You can use it for free from any browser or mobile device.
  • The dashboard provides you with the necessary data that you need to know about your business, such as accounting, purchases, profit & loss, and more.
  • The reports are provided to make it easier for you to monitor the progress of your business, especially in the financial aspects.
  • It can also be integrated with other similar apps to enhance its functionalities.


HR.my is a suite of online tools that are designed to be used by HR managers of any types of companies that want to manage various aspects of their business easily.

Free Payroll Softwares

This platform is completely free to use, with various useful features available to keep track of various employee-related activities.

This includes leave management system, time clock and attendance, document sharing and workflow, expense claim, as well as online HR and payroll.


  • It helps to manage various aspects of your HR and employee management of your business.
  • You can manage the payroll system of your employees online for free.
  • This platform is completely secure and private to use.
  • You can add multiple users to manage the same HR aspects of your company.
  • Your employees can also have access to this platform to see the data related to their activity in your company.
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Payroll4Free provides an online platform for small businesses to manage their payroll and other employees’ activities within the company.


With this platform, you can manage various aspects of your business, including payroll, tax calculations, vacation time tracking, and more.

It includes the detailed reporting for the data that you have included in the software on a regular basis.


  • This online service is completely free to use if you have 25 or fewer employees to work with.
  • It includes the Employee Portal to let your employees know about their payroll and other relevant data.
  • It is also connected with the payment system that allows you to pay your employees via checks and direct deposits through the software.
  • It also allows you to submit tax forms and calculate various taxes for your employees.
  • You can exchange your payroll data with other software and services that you are using.

eSmart Paycheck

eSmart Paycheck is an online payroll management service that allows you to record and manage payroll information for your employees and store the data on the cloud.

Free Payroll Softwares

It also includes a free tax calculator tool that you can use to calculate the taxes that need to be deducted from your employees based on their salary and hours of work.

This service allows you to manage payroll for multiple companies in one account, and it offers 3-month free trial for the use of this service.


  • It offers a free tax calculator that you can use to calculate various types of taxes for your employees for free.
  • It manages the payroll information for your employees and send payments when it is due to them.
  • It allows you to manage payroll for multiple companies at the same time.
  • You can view and edit the summary of paychecks and payroll for your company.
  • You can file the tax information to the government directly from the software, and this process is authorized by the IRS.


Gusto offers a full-service payroll management system and HR management system for your company.


It is a great software to help manage various aspects of your business and centralize the data collection process for your employees.

The full-service payroll system allows you to manage all the payroll data of your employees and connect it with various related services.

So, you can pay your employees directly from the software, file the tax forms, and more.

It offers a one-month free trial for new users.


  • The software automates the filing process with the government tax agencies.
  • You can centralize all HR management and employee information with this software.
  • It provides detailed and accurate calculations that comply with the rules and regulations of the government.
  • You can let your employees to log into their own Gusto portal to access their data.
  • The software is designed to be easy to use and switching from another payroll software is a quick and easy process.


Xero is an online accounting software that offers a range of tools to manage the finances in your business.

Free Payroll Softwares

This includes asset management, invoicing, inventory, bank connections, and much more.

These tools are designed to keep the accurate records of your business finances and monitor your business health.

This software can also be used to manage your business payroll. A free trial is available for first-time users.


  • It offers a range of accounting tools that are designed to keep accurate records for your business finances.
  • It can be used to manage your business payroll and pay your employees on time.
  • You can integrate it with various third-party apps to add more functionalities to this software.
  • The dashboard shows your business cash flow in a quick glance.
  • You can also use this software on your mobile devices, making it possible to manage your business on the go.


OnPay provides an online payroll service that is geared toward small businesses to help them manage their payroll information, tax calculations, employee payments, and more.


With this online service, you can easily pay your contractors and employees immediately when the payment is due to them, as well as automate your payroll form filings and taxes.

You can also sync this service with various time tracking and accounting software.

You can get the first month for free with this service.


  • It is a full-service payroll software that can help you automate all payroll-related processes in your business.
  • You can use this software in any states, as well as automate the tax filings for your employees.
  • You can send payments to your employees and contractors directly via checks, debit cards, or direct deposits.
  • It is designed for small businesses, growing businesses, and accountants.
  • It also provides various HR tools that you can use to manage various employee activities.


Zenefits is the platform that can help you manage the HR aspects of your company better, minimizing the time required for you to deal with various HR-related stuff.

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You can manage your employees and their payroll with this platform, putting all the important and relevant information on your dashboard.

Paying your employees can be done easily in a single click and keeping track of your payroll can be done as your company gets larger.


  • It offers a complete HR platform for your company, which can help you deal with various aspects of your company’s HR department.
  • You can streamline and organize various types of employee information in one dashboard.
  • You can manage the payroll of your employees and pay them automatically.
  • It helps save a lot of your time in managing the HR aspects of your business.
  • It can also help you to improve the employee experience and productivity.

Rise Payroll

Rise Payroll is an online platform that provides accurate and reliable payroll software for Canadian businesses, as well as various HR-related tools.

The focus of this software is to make payroll management as easy and seamless as possible for you to do, while keeping the best accuracy of your data.

Also, it helps to automate the payment for your employees and ensure that all payment data is provided accurately.

Not only that, it can also integrate with the HR tools provided by Rise to make the HR management of your company even more organized and easy to handle.


  • It keeps payroll management simple and easy, while keeping it accurate all the time.
  • It can be integrated with the HR tools provided by Rise to deliver the all-encompassing HR management platform.
  • You can add various data related to the payroll of your employees.
  • It can help you to automate the payroll system in your company and pay your employees on time.
  • You can see all the payroll information in one simple dashboard, giving you the big picture of your company’s finances.


Fingercheck provides the all-in-one HR management software that allows you to manage all human resources aspects of your company, including payroll, employee information, work performance, and more.

The good thing about this software is that it makes all the seemingly complex HR management tasks to become simple and easy to do.

You can manage all aspects of your employees using this software, starting from the hiring process down to the payroll process.


  • It provides the all-in-one HR management software for your company, which includes payroll management and more.
  • You can automate the employee payment and minimize data entry by using this software.
  • You can add various employee data to gain a more complete view about each employee.
  • You can also track your employee work performance and schedules.
  • Your payroll and employee data are stored with secure and private encryption.

PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll is the payroll software that makes it easy for any business to manage their payroll information accurately.

It is designed to be used for Canadian businesses, and it can help you cut the payroll management time in half by simplifying all the related processes.

The Lite version is available for free for small businesses with up to 50 employees.

Companies that are located in all provinces in Canada can benefit from the use of this software in their business.


  • The built-in calculations make payroll management simple for any type of business, small businesses to big corporations alike.
  • You can preview results before sending payments to your employees to ensure the accuracy of the payroll data.
  • You can track the accounting data for your employees to track their liabilities and expenses.
  • You can send payments automatically via checks or direct deposits to your employee’s account.
  • It has a detailed reporting system that allows you to view all the payroll and tax information in easy-to-read reports.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll provides payroll management and related HR services to run your business more efficiently with the right tools.

This software helps to save your time managing the payroll information for each employee, and your employees can also access their relevant HR data to know about their performance and other important information within the company.

You can set it up for the first time and run the payroll system automatically afterwards.

A 30-day free trial is available.


  • This software allows you to manage payroll as well as other relevant HR information for your business.
  • It is easy to set Auto Payroll after the initial setup, and you can also get alerts and notifications for each payroll activity.
  • It can also help calculate the taxes for your employees and rectify any errors if necessary.
  • This software can help you manage the accounting and payroll aspects of your business in one dashboard.
  • The data is updated automatically online, and your employees can access their payroll data anytime.

CheckMark – free payroll softwares

CheckMark provides an intuitive suite of software designed to streamline various aspects of your business finances, including payroll, accounting, and tax reporting.

No matter what type of business you have, this software can handle most of the payroll and accounting processes for your business.

It is equipped with the cloud backup solutions that allow you to back up your data on the cloud, ensuring up-to-date data for your company, which are safely stored online.

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Free trial is available for this software.


  • It not only provides the payroll management function, but it can also handle your business accounting and tax reporting as well.
  • It has the online payroll portal that you can access anytime and anywhere.
  • You can ensure that your payroll process is in compliance with the government rules and regulations.
  • You can store your data securely and safely using the cloud backup solutions provided by this service.
  • It helps keep all payroll processes smooth, timely, and accurate for your company.


SurePayroll provides a simple online payroll service for households, small businesses, and many other types of organizations.

The simplicity of the software makes it easy for you to set up the payroll system for your organization in just a few steps.

There is also the Auto Payroll function that is designed to make everything automated, so that you can save a lot of time in managing your payroll processes.

A month of free trial is available for this service.


  • This software is designed to be simple, and it can be used by any type of organization.
  • You can automate the entire payroll process using the Auto Payroll feature.
  • You can also manage the HR and accounting aspects of your business using this software.
  • You can use this software online, meaning that your data is safe, secure, and up-to-date on the cloud.
  • You can manage payroll on the go by installing the app version of this service.


Aruti combines the payroll and human resources management of your business into one simple and intuitive platform that you can use without hassles.

This platform helps keep your employee data in check, as well as keeping their productivity, performance, and payroll data on track.

It is designed to be cost effective as you can manage various aspects of your company just by using one platform.

You can try this service for free for the first 30 days.


  • It integrates payroll and other aspects of HR management into one unified platform.
  • You can easily manage your payroll, savings, and loans in a single database.
  • You can also store the employee bio-data and recruitment information on this platform.
  • You can also let your employees to participate in the HR activities with the self-service function.
  • It can speed up your payroll processing and minimize any errors in your payroll management.


BambooHR is a human resources management software that takes the focus on the people who work at your company, i.e. your employees.

This software can help you gather data about each employee for the whole life cycle, from recruitment to retirement.

You can manage various HR aspects of your company, as well as manage aspects related to accounting and payroll for your employees.


  • It focuses on gathering important data related to your employees, including payroll and other human resources data.
  • You can track employee performance and determine their paychecks based on their activities.
  • Employee payments can be done swiftly and securely.
  • It is fully customizable, and it provides detailed reports for each employee in your company.
  • It has the apps marketplace that allows you to add more apps to the main software for enhanced functionalities.

Simple X Payroll

Simple X Payroll is a simple payroll software that can be used to help run your business simpler and easier.

You can handle all the management process online, so you don’t need to keep track of the data entry manually.

It also includes the full-service mode, which allows you to get all the benefits of payroll management process in this platform, such as automation, form filing, and much more.

It offers a 30-day free trial for new users.


  • You can manage your data online with full encryption and security for your account.
  • You can keep track of your employee’s time and put their active work hours into their salary calculations.
  • You can pay your employees on time without delay.
  • All calculations are done online, so you just need to put the data into the appropriate fields for this software to do all the calculations necessary.
  • You can get custom reports for your employee payroll and other HR-related information.


When it comes to managing your employee payroll, it is important for you to use the right software for the job.

It can make the difference in the time required for you to manage the payroll and accounting information for your business.

The good software can help you save your time and money in the payroll process.

It can also help you fill out the necessary forms for tax purposes.

These are the payroll services that you should try.

Some of them offers a free trial period that you can use to test their service.

Some others offer a completely free payroll service for your company.

You just need to pick the right one that fits best for your business.

So let me know, which one of all these free Payroll Softwares you chose for your business and why?

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